Medical Police (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Everything Goes Back to Normal … or Do They??

On the ground! Everybody stay down! - Who is attacking us? - [LOLA COUGHING.]
He sent Collins and a strike team to finish us off and cover his tracks.
- [MAN.]
Move! Come this way! - Then Then we just need to find somewhere safe.
Somewhere safe to stay long enough so that I can figure out the cure.
- Okay, then find it.
- Okay, I have an idea.
Come on.
- [MAN.]
Get down! - Glenn.
Why are those doctors shooting at us? And why are those doctors taking off their medical jackets? And why do those doctors have tactical gear underneath their medical jackets? - And why do those doc - There's no time for jokes, - we're under attack! - I'm not joking.
I'm - Guys! - Val! In here.
We'll be safe in the fart room.
- The fart room! - [MAN.]
Let me see your hands! [VOICE OVER PA.]
Attention staff.
Due to the paramilitary assault on the hospital, the snack bar will be closing fifteen minutes early.
- That is all.
- There it is.
I think.
What are you doing? Taking us somewhere where we can work on a cure.
Somewhere where they won't find us.
- We need to get through.
- I remember this place.
- Can you get us in? - [MAN.]
Everybody to the nurses' station! - [LOLA.]
- [OWEN.]
Stand back.
Owen! - That's way too loud, they'll hear us! - Got it! [MUTED TAPPING.]
Better! Great! [OWEN GROANS.]
- Do you see how strong I am? - You're super strong, baby.
What is this place? It's an old lab.
Sy didn't wanna pay to have the asbestos removed, so he just walled it up back in 2015.
Equipment should be fully functional, just slightly dated.
And maybe covered with some asbestos.
As long as nobody finds us, we can work on the cure here.
We gotta work fast.
Yeah, for more reasons than one.
- What do you mean? - We're getting near the event horizon.
- What's that? - By our calculations, if total worldwide infections reach more than 31 percent, it'll be spreading too fast to stop it.
- Oh, my God.
- Here, you can use this to track it.
Twenty-four percent of the world is infected right now, and it's speeding up.
You better hurry.
I'm gonna go do some recon.
Good luck.
- [OWEN.]
- Yeah? What's recon? - Reconnaissance.
- Got it.
- Do you not know what that word means? - No, I I totally do.
- What is it? - It's like those fun festivals where people dress like knights and eat the big turkey leg.
Not even close.
First floor's secure.
We can't let these guys take over our hospital.
Smells like virus farts in here.
I like it, I really do.
Isn't that funny? Guys! We gotta do something! Well, what are we supposed to do, Val? They all have big guns out there, and all we have are our smarts.
We've got the home field advantage.
We know this hospital better than anyone.
Especially people who have never been here before.
- [GLENN.]
- You in? [FARTS.]
That baby did not want to be born.
Yes, I'm in.
We are blessed.
Okay, we're almost there.
- [OWEN.]
What's next? - Well, if I did this right, this paper should turn blue.
Dammit, that's barely blue at all! You're so close, don't give up.
No, I'm not any closer than Waters was.
- God, there's just something I'm forgetting about the cure, but it's just it's useless.
We're all gonna die.
- Fucking sucks.
- Wait a second.
What if I can help you remember? What are you gonna do? Hack into my brain? [METAL CLANKING.]
I got the urging to do some surgeon.
- [LOLA.]
Oh! - Ow! The hemostat got my eye.
- Oh, my God.
Ow, ow, ow.
- Are you okay? Hold on, - There's gotta be something.
- I nicked it.
These three wanted criminals are somewhere in the hospital.
Find them! Go! Go! Go! [COLLINS.]
You men stay with them.
Nobody moves.
Yes, sir.
This procedure's been called recklessly experimental in medical journals, but I've been doing it on monkeys in my spare time and it works.
Where do you get monkeys? I'm at the point in my life where I can get monkeys.
Now, is that local anesthesia working? I don't know.
Maybe you should tap my forehead.
I think we're fine.
- How are you feeling? - I don't know.
Wait, Owen, you look flush.
- No.
- Wait, are yo - You have the virus.
I'm fine.
No, this is insane.
Owen, you're in no condition to perform a surgery.
Don't think of it as a surgery.
Think of it as me sawing off the top of your head and sticking electrical pins into your brain.
- Whoa! Now let me see that brain.
Oh, boys.
What's going on? Chloroform works so much quicker in the movies.
Whoa, Nelly, we've got a fighter here.
- Submit! - Come on, baby.
Ah, man, we're gonna be here a long time.
- I mean - That was a close one.
- Nice moves, Glenn.
- Well, it's all about the hips.
- Yeah.
Let's go! Okay.
You're free, you're all free.
Now come on! Go on now! Get on! Get going now.
- Get out of here! - Go on! - Free! - Get.
You're free.
Hey, what's the matter? You didn't hear him? He said go on, get.
We wanna stay.
Let us join the fight.
- Seems like more people than we need.
- Yeah, it is.
It's like a lot of dead weight, but sure, whatever.
Let's do it.
Wait a minute, who are you? I'm here to help.
That's a weird name but all right, yeah.
You can join in.
All right, we have two guards down, four to go.
- We got two guards down.
- We've got 2 down, 4 to go.
We need to figure out how many are down and how many more to go.
- Let's go! - Let's go! - We can do this.
- Here we go! [GRUNTING, BANGING.]
Attention staff, there's a break-in - at the southwest emergency exit door.
No, the one next to it.
So what are you doing now? I'm connecting the unipolar brush cells in your cerebellum to your medial temporal lobe.
I'm gonna run a current through both of 'em and light up your amygdala like a Christmas tree.
What, that's my brain's emotional center.
How's that gonna help me remember? Well, you suppress some painful memories.
If you wanna find that missing piece of the puzzle, you're gonna have to dive into your subconscious.
Show time.
Excuse me.
Professor? No, I'm not a professor.
Sure you are.
And you wrote this amazing book.
- [GASPS.]
- Oh.
You don't need this.
- You already know what's in here.
- No.
No! Oh, my God.
Lola! Lola, are you okay? [ECHOING.]
Yes! I'm all right! I [HUMMING.]
Professor Waters? Lola.
My dear, call me Richard.
- Don't move! - Good, they're here.
Oh, thank God.
We need more hands.
Come on, get in here.
- Come on guys, we need your help stat.
- Come on.
Come on, hold this and put that in there.
Put your fingers here, keep pressure on it.
Right there.
- There you go.
- Great job.
You need to hold open the ventricle cavity.
Hold this.
Do not let go.
And I need three of you to watch this monitor.
You come and get me the minute this goes below 94, do you understand? A person's life is at stake! [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Only one more.
- [DORI.]
Lola, I missed you.
Come sit.
Let's talk like we used to do.
I don't wanna talk.
I just wanna find the missing piece of the cure.
Give it to me and let me go.
But I don't have it.
You do.
What? Everything you need is right up here.
- Boop.
- Stop doing that! Why are you so cross, Lola? Because one day I was your star student and the next day I was a failure.
And the next day after that was a totally normal day, but the day after that I was like, "Oh, yeah, right.
I'm a failure.
" I gave up my dream of becoming a virologist because you told me I couldn't achieve it and why, Richard? Why did you do that? Because I was threatened.
By your brilliance.
But you told my thesis was full of errors.
The only error was illuminating my shortcomings.
I think somebody's out there.
Stay right there.
McIntyre? Lavator! Oh, shit! Lola! [OWEN GROANS.]
There's something wrong with my penis.
The middle one.
Whoo! Okay, you found us.
You win.
We surrender.
Say your prayers, son.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said.
I have swimmer's ear.
Can you just come a little closer? I said say your prayers, son! Oh, okay.
Say my prayers.
Baruch atah ado now! [UPLIFTING MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Oh.
- Oh.
- That didn't work out.
- Yeah, that could've gone better.
Looks like somebody's gonna have to take a rain check.
Tibial nerve slice! [KNIFE CLATTERS.]
Oh, my God.
Are you there, Lola? It's me, Owen.
Come on, man.
What even are you? [IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE.]
I'm a professional killer! And I'm here to finish the job.
That's your voice? [YELPS.]
Rock and roll! [LAVATOR.]
Looks like somebody's gonna have to take a rain check.
Lola! Lola! Don't you die on me, Lola.
It's up to me to find the cure but I'm forgetting something.
There was a chemical compound.
I just I need to remember what it was.
- You have the answer.
- What? You've been carrying it with you the whole time.
- What do you mean? - It's time to say goodbye.
- No! - It's been truly such a pleasure, - Doctor Spratt.
- Wait! [SIGHS.]
Lola, don't die.
Not today.
I know you can hear me.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! [ECHOING.]
What did he mean, I'm carrying around the answer? Oh, my God, this is it! The missing compound! - [GASPS.]
Oh, my God.
- You're alive.
- Yeah.
Owen I got Be careful.
Your brain's out right now.
Oh, shit.
Really? But Owen, I found it.
I found the cure.
- How? - It was so weird.
In my dream, it was just tattooed right on my arm.
It was right here.
Oh, right.
Oh, my God, I forgot all about that.
- How long has that been there? - It's a long time.
I also have this one.
- I made some bad choices.
- [GLENN.]
They're in here.
Oh! Ew Your head is fucked up.
But you guys, I did it.
I found the cure.
- What? Yes! - That's great! - I never stopped believing in you.
- Thanks.
- Never once.
- Okay.
Other people stopped, - but I always believed - Okay, but let's actually synthesize the cure.
- [OWEN.]
Right! - Val, Cat, can you read this? - Yes.
- It's Okay.
- Makes sense.
- Got it.
- Get to work.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
You did what no one else could.
Now I feel like I can tell you.
I've had to pee since before we came into the hospital.
- Oh.
- So I'm gonna do that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Val, Cat, give me an update.
- We'll have it synthesized soon.
- I just hope it isn't too late.
Oh, it's too late all right.
- Director Patten.
- Well, aren't you all a bunch of busy bees.
What's the hurry? Is it the number on the counter? [LOLA.]
In five minutes, when that reaches 31 percent, the entire world will cough itself to death.
- Nasty.
- I'd say.
Let me give you a better way out.
Who's first, huh? You? - You? Queen bee? - No, Director Patten, we found the cure.
I found it.
- Any hope for a cure died with Waters.
- No! Waters didn't create the virus.
The person on the other end of your gun did.
Just keep looking straight ahead.
No, no.
Point the gun back at Lola.
Don't look at me.
- And then - No.
Point it straight ahead.
- Then look s - Look where you're pointing.
The first person you were pointing at, back I'm not trying to be difficult here.
- I'm simply not following.
- Point at Lola.
Look where you're pointing.
- It was me.
- Yeah.
It was her.
- You? - Yes.
Waters passed my research off as his own, and that's why he couldn't find the cure.
But I could, - and I did.
- It doesn't matter! If it's not this virus, it'll be another.
Mankind just isn't worth saving.
Well, maybe not.
But aren't they? [CHILDREN COUGHING.]
We're living in the world we created, but these kids didn't ask for this.
And they don't deserve it.
No, they don't.
Wow, he seems really moved by this.
- Does he have kids of his own? - How the fuck would I know? - [MACHINE BEEPS.]
- Ooh, cure's ready! You really think you can save these kids? I think we can save everyone.
Do it.
- Okay.
- Yay! All right.
Oh, yeah.
Mama gets the first taste.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Yeah, come on.
I still hate needles.
- So how long is this gonna take - Shh! We don't know.
Is it gonna take five seconds? Ten minutes? [OVERLAPPING CHATTER.]
- There's no way to know.
- [GLENN.]
All right.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Good.
- Yeah? - Blood pressure's rising.
- Yeah? - Temperature's dropping.
- Oh, my God.
It's working.
Okay, so ten seconds.
Just could have said ten seconds.
Is it okay if we go save these kids' lives now? - I'd also like to not die.
- Here you go.
I, Dr.
Valerie Flame, am gonna cure you, all right? - Do it.
- This hurts a lot.
- Okay.
- I wanted to make the world safe.
Oh, I'd love to listen to this, cause I like watching grown men cry.
But right now we gotta get the cure to the rest of the world.
I'm on it.
Beth, what are you doing? [LOLA.]
She's turning the cure into computer code.
We're 30.
6 percent.
What do you think, Beth? - I am almost done coding the cure.
- Okay.
That's right, I'm a coder and a woman.
I'll be damned.
And we did it.
What? [BETH.]
Wifi unavailable! My team cut the phone lines and fiber optics.
That could be it.
- Oh, God.
- That's a real possibility.
- Maybe.
- What should we do now? - The satellite! - Let's get to the roof! [SUSPENSE MUSIC PLAYING.]
We're at 30.
8! [DORI.]
What is going on exactly? The virus was transmitted via 3D printer and now the cure will be as well.
I turned the printers back on.
Well that explains it then.
- Okay, hand me the cord.
- Okay.
- [CAT.]
- [LOLA.]
Oh, God.
I need to get higher.
Help me pick her up.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm so close.
A little bit more everybody! A little bit more, guys! Higher! I'm almost there.
I'm like a centimeter away! - I can reach it now! - Yeah.
No, the plug goes in there.
No, not like that.
- [LOLA.]
This way? - [CAT.]
Woman, just do it.
- [DORI.]
Just do it already! - All right! - [GLENN.]
For God's sake! - [CAT.]
Try harder! Got it! [LOLA.]
Press send! [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
Currently receiving word that a cure has been delivered worldwide by a 3D printer Printers are being deployed worldwide - and authorities are - authorities are urging anyone who was infected to get to their nearest hospital the CDC say the cure is highly communicable and are urging those who have received the antidote to breath, sneeze, and cough anyone who receives the cure to breath breathe, sneeze, and cough on their friends and neighbors.
Sources indicate the cure is spreading The cure is spreading worldwide - an exponential rate.
- The numbers of infected worldwide - dropping fast.
- dropping worldwide are dropping fast.
- Humanity may be saved after all.
- Humanity may be saved after all.
It's working! It's spreading the cure! [ALL WHOOPING, CHEERING.]
Owen! We did it.
No, you did it.
Hubba hubba.
Hubba hubba, that's a good one.
- You wanna hang out later or - No.
So what are you gonna do now? - Go on a girls' weekend in Cabo.
- I'm gonna marry this woman.
- What Jesus, Owen! - What did you say? End of the line, Patten! You're fucking dead.
- He's on our side! - He changed his mind! - We gotta catch you up.
- Whoa! I missed a lot when I was peeing.
- Yes.
- However, we do need to arrest you for mass murder.
- That's more than fair.
- Yeah.
We don't have to put his hands behind his back.
We don't have any cuffs - No cuffs? Okay.
- We'll just walk downstairs and drive you downtown.
Attention staff, Taco Tuesday is being renamed Taco Saturday but will remain on Tuesdays.
That is all.
- [OWEN.]
- Hi.
Did you check out that broken arm in 306? Yeah.
Non-displacement fracture.
Gave her two hundred milligrams of Ibuprofen, splash of codeine.
Earlier today Sloane McIntyre, the new director of the CDC, described the heroic efforts of agency employees to identify, contain, and cure the deadly virus.
I'll be frank.
If we'd had more resources, we could've saved a lot more lives.
Director McIntyre, are you aware of an off-book military wing at your agency that was responsible for solving this crisis? I've heard those rumors.
And I only wish what we did was that entertaining.
But, we at the CDC are all hard-working doctors, scientists, and researchers.
Nothing more.
I guess I'll have to take your word for it, for now.
Well, I guess we should get back to it.
It's kinda nice.
Being done with all that insanity.
Just getting back to doing what we love.
Yeah, totally.
Meanwhile, a disturbing report from Paraguay, where captured gang members in the lawless triple frontier region were found in possession of gene-altering technology.
Both doctors and law enforcement agents say it's a dangerous new development in the converging worlds of crime and medicine.
Who is it?