Medium s05e08 Episode Script

Truth Be Told

The question we need answered, Julie, is if it were a matter of life and death, could you kill another human being to protect your family? Think carefully before you answer, Julie.
Of course I could.
My family? Of course.
How could I not? Let's see what the polygraph has to say.
You know what that sound means.
Let's hear it again.
That is the sound of a lie.
II don't know what to tell you, Julie, but,uh,it would appear that the truth has not been told.
But don't feel bad.
I've been married to some people I'm not so sure I would kill for.
We'll be right back with Julie, and more Truth Be Told right after this.
He had that all planned.
He had all of those jokes on one of those,uh-- on a thing,a - Teleprompter.
- On a teleprompter.
- Sure.
- This is so cool.
Yeah,very cool-- if you're going to make a fool of yourself on national television, that's the show to do it on.
I think we're going to need some more wine.
Oh,good, you're back.
It's about to start again.
I know you're going to think it's the wine, but I could swear I heard something outside.
Maybe you shouldn't go out there.
Maybe it was all in my head.
We're just going to take a look around, alright? We'll be right back.
Now,where exactly did you hear the sound? I was standing in here.
I didn't even put the lights on.
I grabbed some wine at here.
I don't hear anything outside.
It-It's more like it's coming from What is going on? What are you watching? The news just got boring and you were asleep and I found this.
Oh,this was so scary in college.
Could you shut it off and we can go to bed? Your bad movie is making its way into my bad dreams.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode08 Truth Be Told God,I hate having to wake you up like this.
I'm so sorry to stick you with the kids and breakfast.
and getting everybody ready for school.
But I really have to get in early and catch up on some things.
I love you.
I love you.
Girls,come on.
Girls,let's go.
It's time for school.
Mom,I need to talk to you.
Uh,well,honey,look at what time it is.
You know what? Let's talk in the car.
It's about Hannah's sleepover this Friday night.
I need to let her know if I can make it.
And it's all fine with her parents,right? They know.
It was their idea.
What was that? - What was what? - That noise.
I think I heard it earlier.
Well,I didn't hear anything,so can I go? Well,who's going to be there? - Me and Hannah.
- And no boys.
No,of course not,Mom.
You didn't hear that? That sound? It sounded like a buzz.
Beep,Beep! Coming through! Urgent business.
Time for school.
- That one? - No.
I don't know.
You know what,Ariel? Let me think about it, and I'll tell you later tonight.
Can I help you? You have business here? I don't know.
That depends if you're Joe Dubois.
Yeah,I'm Joe Dubois.
Dubois, you've been served.
He had all of those jokes on one of those-- on a thing,a - Teleprompter.
- On a teleprompter.
Thanks for making the trek all the way out here.
I know it's a little outside our jurisdiction, but the,uh, the mayor has a weekend house out here,and when he heard that something horrible happened, he called the local sheriff,who was only too happy for the help.
- You all right? - Yeah.
What happened here? Married couple.
Shot to death.
Lindsay and Paul Burke.
I saw this place in my dream last night.
Looks a little different during the daylight.
Where is the other couple? What other couple? There is no other couple.
Lee has been conferring with the local authorities.
The sheriff seems pretty certain it's just a robbery gone bad.
TV equipment is gone, jewelry box is empty.
Other than that,looks pretty small-time.
No signs of forced entry, although nobody around here seems to keep their windows and doors locked, so I'm not sure what kind of force you'd need.
The couple,the,uh, Burkes,were weekenders.
Theory is,the robbers probably got surprised when they showed up unexpectedly.
Robbers,as in more than one? Deputies found two distinct sets of boot prints throughout the house.
Size ten,size Neither match the victims.
I also found some hairs that don't appear to belong to either the man or the wife.
We're going to bring those back to town with us, see if they yield some DNA that might already be in the system.
Since the Burkes lived in Phoenix full-time, they're going to hand the body over to our coroner for formal identification.
Does any of this match up with what you saw? Well,yes and no.
I mean, I only saw one armed man, and he was wearing a skeleton mask.
And,as I told you,in my dream, there was another couple, an interracial couple.
The husband was white.
The wife was black.
Um,her name was Julie.
They were friends of the Burkes'.
Well,no offense, but right now we're dealing with a crime scene with one couple, two killers.
I'll ask these guys if they'd be interested in trading for a two-couple, one-killer crime scene, but I'm betting you'll get no takers.
Please don't fight,kids.
We're guests here.
I'm being sued.
I'm being sued.
I'm being sued.
Well,I don't understand.
Who would want to sue you? Brantley Atkins.
He worked at Aerodytech for,like,six months.
He worked on a couple projects underneath me.
But,you know,he just he really wasn't that impressive.
But I never did anything to hurt him.
I mean,why would he file a suit like this? It just makes no sense.
He's basically calling me a liar.
A thief.
He's saying that it was his idea for the whole solar amplification technique and that I stole it from him.
I mean,it's absurd.
Yeah,but you didn't, so calm down.
Well,but still, I've got to call Terry.
I left him a message that said, "Hey,you know this-this "idea that you've invested millions in? Well,I'm sorry,but there's some guy out there who thinks I stole it from him.
" Hey,Mom,it's Hannah.
She really needs to know if I can make it over on Friday.
We're hungry.
Is dinner ready? Ariel,honey, this is not a good time.
It's a bad time.
Tell Hannah that I'll call her mom later.
Wait,why are you going to call her mom? Well,make sure she's okay with everything.
She's totally fine with it.
I told you.
Ew, Bridgette's drinking from the milk carton.
I am not.
Oh,come on.
Didn't anybody hear that? - Hear what? - That sound.
It sounds like something you'd hear at a carnival or a or a game show.
Oh,Mom,she's doing it again.
I am not.
- You're lying.
- I am not.
I was just checking the expiration date.
Do me a favor.
Tell me that you drank out of the milk carton.
But I didn't.
No,I know,honey.
I heard you say that, but just do me a favor.
Just,just say that you did.
I want to see something.
I drank from the carton.
Now say you didn't.
Wait,Mom,what are you doing? Hey,Hannah,I'm going to have to call you back.
It's kind of weird over here.
Bridge,just say you didn't.
Okay,I didn't.
Which is the truth! As seen on TV.
Hello? I know it's late and I know I gave you kind of rough time today, but is there any way I can get you to come down to police headquarters now? Once we got the Burkes' bodies back here, we needed someone to make a positive ID.
Coroner called Paul Burke's place of business.
His partner came over.
Brought his wife.
I thought you might find them interesting.
Allison Dubois.
Julie and Michael Skahan.
They've been kind enough to come down and identify the Burkes' bodies for us.
Well,I know it's late, and I know you've been through an awful lot this evening.
How close were you to the Burkes? Close.
Very close.
Paul was my,uh, my business partner, and,uh,Julie and Lindsay were good friends,too.
Have you ever been out to their weekend house? Sure.
A couple times.
But not for months now.
Months? Um,five,six.
So you weren't just there watching television, drinking wine? Watching television, drinking wine? No.
And they never said anything to you about anyone they had an issue with-- anyone who wished them harm or No,not to me.
Did Paul ever say anything to you? No, no.
Anything else? No.
I think I have everything I need.
Thank you.
Again,I'm so sorry about your friends.
Like I said, happy to be of help.
That's okay.
I'm still awake.
Lawsuit on the brain? Something like that.
You hear from Terry yet? No,and I left him another message.
That doesn't mean anything,right? The boss not calling me back? No,of course not.
He's just busy.
And he knows it's a nuisance suit.
I'll buy that.
I like the sound of that.
What was Scanlon's big surprise? You remember that other couple in my dream? It turns out they really do exist.
They were friends of the Burkes'.
They were down at police headquarters helping identify the bodies,but - But what? - I don't know.
I don't think they were telling the complete truth.
About what? About what they know.
I mean,it doesn't make sense, because they're not really in a position to know about anything anyway.
Then why do you think that they're lying? This is going to sound crazy,but I've had this buzzer in my head all day.
And whenever I hear a lie, it buzzes.
You do.
You think it's crazy,don't you? No.
No,I-I believe you.
Don't do that.
Don't patronize me.
What? I'm not patronizing you.
I'm just trying to support you.
Come on.
After everything that we've been through? You say you got a buzzer in your head you've got a buzzer in your head.
Look,it's nice of you to say that, but I don't really think you think it.
Well,I can't control what you think, but I do-- believe you that is.
- I don't want to talk about this anymore.
- Why? I do.
I mean it,I'm happy to talk.
I'm happy to stay up as long as it takes to work this out.
What? Okay,fine.
All right.
But if you change your mind,if you if you feel like talking, even if it's in the middle of the night, just wake me up.
I mean it.
I love you.
I know.
How we doing in there? All done.
It was right there, where we left it.
I'll gather up my tools and we'll get out of here.
Whoa,whoa,wait a second.
You hungry? I'm hungry.
What are you talking about? We ate just two hours ago.
No,no,not that kind of hungry.
Cover me.
Do you smell that? Smells good enough to eat.
You stay away from her! - Get up! - No,please! No! No! No,please! Please! You're hurting me! Keep an eye on these folks,huh? I'll make sure I leave some nice,hot leftovers for you.
Have you ever heard of Truth Be Told? I'm sorry? Well,it's a television show.
Okay,if you say so.
It went off the air about six months ago.
Remember when we were at the Burkes' cabin, I told you I had a dream about them and another couple? At the time,I thought the things I saw in the dream took place the night before-- that they had something to do with them being killed.
But now I'm thinking the things that I saw in my dream took place at least six months ago.
Okay,two couples get together to watch some television.
Six months ago,six days ago-- what's the difference? The difference is,on that night there was a home invasion.
Two men wearing masks, they were looking for something-- a satchel.
They found it,and then they tied up both of the couples, and I think that they raped Mrs.
Well,I don't know what to tell you,Allison.
I would think if there had been a report of a home invasion or a sexual assault for that matter, that the sheriff's department would have mentioned it to me.
And even if there were, what does any of that have to do with the killing of Lindsay and Paul Burke? I don't know.
But I keep having these dreams.
I mean,maybe the men who assaulted all four of them six months ago came back and murdered Paul and Lindsay.
And maybe Julie and Michael aren't saying anything 'cause they're afraid they're going to be next.
I'm not sure.
The only thing I'm sure about is, we need to bring them back in here.
We need to talk to Julie and Michael again.
Can I help you? Mr.
Dubois, I'm Jack Herkosh.
I'm an attorney.
I work for Terry Cavanaugh.
At Aerodytech,we were always encouraged to present our ideas to our project manager.
And one of the ideas I developed was this concept for a solar cell that used reflective mirrors to amplify its power.
And you presented that concept to your project manager at the time-- Mr.
Joseph Dubois? That's correct.
I presented Mr.
Dubois with my idea.
He said the concept had potential, but no one ever followed up with it.
And now I realize that's because he was planning to appropriate the idea for himself.
And how did you present your concepts to Mr.
Dubois? Through an inter-office memo.
That's standard procedure at Aerodytech.
The piece of paper that you're holding in your hand, is that the same one you gave to Mr.
Dubois? It is.
That is just not true.
He never gave me any memo about solar cells.
This is the copy of the memo that his attorneys sent to us.
"There might be some potential here.
"Let's run it up the flagpole and see what happens.
" - Isn't that your handwriting? - Yeah.
- Aren't those your initials? - Yeah,yeah,yeah.
I understand that this may not be an easy time, but we just have a few more questions.
- Anything.
- Absolutely.
This may seem a bit far afield, but we're investigating the possibility that a home invasion took place at the Burkes' cabin approximately six months ago.
Do either of you have any knowledge of this? No.
Uh,Paul certainly never mentioned anything like that to me.
Skahan? No.
I never heard about such a thing.
So,that being the case, I assume it's safe to say that neither of you were there on this particular night? Where? The cabin? No.
Again,this home invasion you're talking about-- I don't think it ever happened, much less our being there.
Skahan,forgive me for asking this, but the scar above your eye-- how long have you had that, and how did you get it? This? Uh,about about a year.
I go mountain biking.
Took a tumble last year.
What does this have to do with Paul and Lindsay? I'm not at liberty to say at the moment.
Skahan,this is a delicate question, but have you ever been the victim of a sexual assault? Mrs.
Skahan,I really need you to answer.
I've never been sexually assaulted.
You're lying.
Skahan, I know what happened to you was incredibly personal, incredibly painful, but we need your help.
And we've offered to provide it, but these questions are nonsensical.
This stuff has nothing to do with Paul and Lindsay.
I know this must all seem terribly cryptic to you, Mr.
Skahan, but we really are trying to find out exactly what happened to your friends and who's responsible.
I want to thank you both again for coming down to meet with us.
I'm sorry if we said anything to upset you.
And I promise you, we will get to the bottom of this.
They're lying,both of them.
He didn't get the scar from riding his bike and she was assaulted and doesn't want to talk about it.
None of that is against the law.
They know more than they're telling.
Maybe and maybe not.
What else do you want me to do,Allison? I just questioned two citizens without cause, without a shred of evidence and without an attorney present.
That's all the risk-taking I'm prepared to do for you on this case.
And by the way,I've nothing to show for it.
I think you and I are done for the day.
- Daddy,we need to get to bed.
- Okay.
But Mommy isn't here, and we need our kisses.
Well,can you come over here and give them to us? Oh,well,I kind of can't right now,sweetie.
Well,then,can we come over there and get them from you? Not unless you could fly.
- I could fly.
- No,you can't.
Mommy! Hey,whoo, what's all this stuff? This is my whole life at Aerodytech.
It's everything I've ever worked on,every memo, every file,every project.
Mommy,can we have our kisses now? Of course.
And you.
All right,you little, little sweet things, go on,go to bed.
I'll be in in a minute.
- Okay,Mom.
- Oh,and brush, brush your teeth.
- I will.
- I will.
I take it things didn't go well with the lawyer.
This guy has a memo.
He's got a memo of a schematic of a solar cell just like mine.
It's got handwritten notes all over it in my handwriting from me.
Problem is,I don't remember ever seeing this before today.
I don't understand.
I know I didn't steal this idea.
Hey,do me a favor.
Say that again.
Say what again? Say,"I know I didn't steal this idea.
" No,I didn't.
I know.
In fact,I'm certain of it.
You're just saying that 'cause you're my wife.
True,but I'm also saying it because I didn't hear that buzzer go off in my head.
The piece of paper that you're holding in your hand, is that the same one you gave to Mr.
Dubois? It is.
So? So I don't know what to tell you,Joe.
I don't hear a thing.
He's not lying,Joe.
Neither one of you is lying.
What'd that idiot do? Okay,don't shoot.
I beg you.
I'm putting down my weapon.
I don't know what happened in there.
I don't want to know.
I'm not a killer.
There you go.
I'm unarmed.
Ma'am,you don't want to kill me.
I mean,him,that was self-defense,but me I'm standing here with nothing.
I had nothing! Oh,I know.
That wasn't me! I beg you.
Let's not make this any worse.
You put down your weapon.
I'll leave.
You can call the police, you can give them the other guy.
Come on now.
Help me out.
Tell your friend here to lower her gun.
Tell her to let me leave.
Ma'am? Sorry to interrupt.
I think I know why the Skahans lied to us about the home invasion, about the rape,about the scar, about all of it.
Julie Skahan shot and killed her attackers that night.
That's why they never reported it.
The Burkes were there, Michael,they all saw it.
Now,how that ties into the Burkes being murdered last week, I'm not sure yet,but Allison,we already know who killed the Burkes.
DNA came back.
It's a perfect match.
Two ex-cons named Zachary Giltner, Jacob Vallillo, they work as a team.
Each one has a laundry list of breaking-and- entering charges, armed robbery.
This one even has a history of sexual violence.
Been out of prison a little over six months now.
No,no,these men couldn't have killed the Burkes.
Definitely not this one.
Allison,how can you be so sure? I'm telling you, Julie Skahan shot this man and probably this one,too.
Only it was six months ago.
It wasn't the other day.
Then how do you explain the DNA? How do you explain the hair? The DNA's wrong.
It's not just the DNA.
The bootprints we found at the scene matched the shoe sizes of both suspects.
The medical examiner also recovered a bullet fragment from one of the victims.
The ballistics match the same unrecovered weapon they used in a series of robberies four years ago.
This doesn't make any sense.
I saw them in my dream.
Allison, we have everything we need to issue a warrant on these two guys.
The only thing we don't have is the two of them in custody.
So,if you happen to have a dream about where the two of them are hiding, that's something I'd like to hear about, but short of that It was self-defense.
We're all clear on that,right? Julie had no choice.
We all get it.
It was self-defense.
Anybody look in this bag? This is what they were ripping up those floorboards to find.
This is why they were here.
Looks like there's almost a million dollars in here.
Are you kidding? All right,stop handling it.
Getting your prints all over it is just gonna complicate it for the police when we call.
Is that what we're doing? Calling the police? I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm talking about a million dollars.
You want to call the police? What for? These two are already dead.
It's not like they can be punished any further.
The whole self-defense thing, why even open it up for discussion? I mean,think about it.
Maybe we Don't call the police.
Nobody asks about who killed who, and we split this money.
Paul,that's insane.
There are two dead bodies in our house.
I'm just saying do you really want to put Julie through any more than she's already been through? The questions,the lawyers? Look at her.
All we have to do is clean up, get rid of these two.
There's a lot of money in that bag.
Michael? You were gone so long, I was worried.
You didn't answer your cell.
How'd it go? Oh,my God.
What happened? Nothing.
Just ended up being a little more complicated than I had planned, that's all.
What do you mean,"complicated"? Just got, you know crazy.
No,I don't know.
Didn't they understand? Didn't they see our point of view? No not at first.
They didn't understand.
They did not share our point of view.
But then You did it.
What is that? Where'd you get that? You know exactly where I got it.
You took it? You took the gun from that night? You took that with you? Why would you do that? Thought I might need it.
Turns out I did.
My God,Michael, what did you do? Did exactly what I said I was gonna do,Jules.
I explained that with the doctor bills and your therapy, we'd gone through our share of the money, that we need more.
But when I think about what you went through that night, we should have taken more from the beginning.
What happened? I don't know.
Paul got angry.
He started saying that,uh,what happened to you wasn't his problem.
Told me if I ever tried to strong-arm him again, he'd tell the police how you killed those two men.
How the one guy was unarmed and pleading for his life.
So,uh so I left.
And then I came back, pulled the gun made him show me where he hid his share of the money.
Oh,Michael Michael, Michael It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Not my gun.
Not my anything.
Before I went back there the second time, I dug up our friends, put on their clothes, their shoes.
It was like it wasn't me.
The two men who attacked you, what did you do with their bodies? You must have done something with them.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Did you bury them,yes or no? Did your husband bury them? I don't know what you're talking about.
How could he have buried them if we've never met them, never been in the same room with them? These people killed our friends.
It's cruel of you to come around here this way.
Did he bury them near the cabin? Did he bury them in the front or the back? I'm closing this door now, and if you don't get out of here, I'm calling the police.
I mean that.
Yeah,I believe you.
Is that a yes to the front? It doesn't matter.
We'll figure it out.
Sir,we're gonna need some bloodhounds.
I thought I made it abundantly clear to you that you were to have no more contact with the Skahans.
Yet not ten minutes ago I received a phone call from their attorney, - threatening to file a harassment suit against this office - Sir,nothing is as it appears to be.
because one of my employees paid an unannounced visit The people that you think murdered the Burkes have been dead for months and months! Dead! For months and months-- how could that be? Their DNA was found all over the Burkes' bodies! Yes,those two criminals' DNA was found all over the Burkes' bodies because someone dug them up and spread their DNA all over the Burkes' bodies.
And who would do that? The Skahans! They murdered those two men six months ago.
Then they buried their bodies nearby the Burkes' cabin.
Then they dug them up,so that they could plant evidence after they murdered the Burkes three days ago.
That is why we need these bloodhounds.
Sir,if we don't waste time arguing, those graves will still be fresh.
They shouldn't hard to find.
- Allison Dubois.
- Allison Dubois? Well,what are the chances? Do you know? We have the same last name.
What do you say we get married? No,I can't-- my kids are home alone, my husband's working late,sorry.
Well,actually, I'm going home.
I finally spoke to Terry, so I'm gonna get out of here.
Oh,by the way, I,uh,I called the girls, I spoke to Ariel, everybody's fine.
Yeah,I know-- I talked to her,too.
So,wait a second,you said you talked to Terry Cavanaugh? What did he say? Oh,it was painful.
Um,I tried to convince him not to settle.
I told him I thought we should fight, and he said I should worry about building solar cells and leave all the business stuff to him.
I'm so sorry.
They start negotiating with Brantley's attorney tomorrow, and he says he thinks the whole thing'll be over in a week.
Joe,I-I got to go; Devalos is calling me.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
I owe you an apology.
We found them.
Zach Giltner and Jacob Vallillo.
Both bodies were buried in the woods behind the Burkes' cabin.
So what do we do now, we pick up the Skahans? I don't think I can-- there's still no evidence to link them to any of these murders.
Uh,unless something new presents itself, I have no grounds to go after them on.
You know,if the Skahans did do this, they did a terrific job of covering it up.
I'm starting to think they might even get away with it.
Do you know it's 5:00 in the morning? What are you doing? I'm trying to find a logical explanation for something that seems to defy logic.
What do you mean? Well,if this is every piece of paper that ever crossed my desk while I worked at Aerodytech, and this is a copy of something that I apparently saw and commented on, then how come I can't find the original, how come I can't find my copy? Well,maybe you made your comments on the one you gave to Brantley Atkins and he has the original.
No,'cause I have everything.
I have I have a I have the bulletins that they announce the specials on at the cafeteria, I have it all.
I mean,he's swearing that I did this.
You're swearing that I did this.
No,I didn't, I didn't say that.
I'd never say such a thing.
I know you're not capable of such a thing.
I just said,whatever he's saying on that tape is the truth.
And you don't see a contradiction in that? Not necessarily.
The piece of paper that you're holding in your hand, is that the same one you gave to Mr.
Dubois? It is.
No buzzer,right? No buzzer.
But all he's saying is, the piece of paper he's holding in his hand is the same one he gave to you.
He's not saying that paper and this paper are the same paper.
I can't even see the paper he's holding in his hand.
You mean,you think he's talking about a different memo? Hello, Brantley.
I have to say,this is highly inappropriate,Joe, meeting like this, given our current situation.
I realize that-- I just thought perhaps we could make a little more headway if we met face-to-face.
I know this has been difficult for you.
I've always liked you.
It's just business; this is nothing personal.
Yeah,I've been hearing that a lot this week.
So I must admit,I mean, this whole thing had me really confused.
I watched your testimony over and over-- I was convinced that you were lying.
You said that you gave me this piece of paper, this memo.
But you weren't lying.
I mean,not technically.
You did give me that piece of paper.
The only problem was, it didn't look like that when you gave it to me.
It looked like this.
H- How'd you do it? Is it like check-washing? How much time did you have to spend doctoring this memo? This doesn't change anything-- I'm not dropping the suit.
That's up to you,man.
I don't care.
I'm confident this idea is mine and mine alone.
But when people find out what you did here, and it ruins any semblance of a reputation that you might have, it's not business, it's personal.
I'm sure by now you've seen these pictures in the paper and on TV.
These are the men who killed the Burkes? They were also the main suspects in an armored car robbery five years ago.
We found their DNA at the murder scene last week and assumed that we had our killers.
Funny thing,though, yesterday we found their bodies in two recently dug graves behind the Burkes' cabin.
And based on the rate of decomposition, the medical examiner is fairly certain that they've been dead several months.
We believe whoever killed the Burkes would've had to have known where these bodies were buried in order to plant that DNA evidence.
I - I'm sorry,what does all this have to do with us? You don't know? It means that we're looking for a person or persons who killed not just two people but four.
These two men five or six months ago, and the Burkes earlier this week.
And we think we found them.
Really? Wha You mean us? A - Are you suggesting the two of us are responsible for these killings? No,Mr.
Skahan,we're not suggesting the two of you, just Julie.
You see, the killer took great care in planting DNA evidence at the Burke murder scene, but what he,or she,forgot was to take equal care after killing these two men.
And we believe the killer's DNA is still on one of them, left behind after a forcible sex act.
Even if it were, that hardly proves Well,it proves that both of you lied-- about that night, about being there, about what happened.
It gives me means and motive, at least as far as the murders of Vallillon and Giltner are concerned.
And since the attacks and murders occurred at the Burkes' cabin, it's not unreasonable to assume that they were witnesses and killed to assure their silence.
Skahan,I'm in possession of a court order compelling you to provide us with a DNA sample.
Detective Scanlon here will escort you downstairs.
I'm sorry,Mr.
Skahan,you you have something to add? I killed the Burkes.
Julie wasn't even there.
I killed the Burkes.
Well,that's very noble, Mr.
Skahan, but I need more than your word, I need proof.
- In the garage.
- No.
Under the drain in the floor.
That's where I put the gun I used to kill them.
And those two bastards who wanted to rape my wife.
And I'd do it again.
Oh,Michael He's lying.
Skahan? I'm prepared to dictate a confession right now.
Get a stenographer up here,please.
You can't do this; you can't let this happen.
Say something.
You have to say something.
I love you.
You all right? Yeah.
It's like she said on television.
She would do anything for him.
And I guess he'd do anything for her.
Take the man's confession.