Medium s05e10 Episode Script

Then... and Again

Previously on Medium Ashley's dad invited me, Madison, and Carla to go skiing at his cabin in Flagstaff next weekend.
So it would just be you three girls and Ashley's dad? Well, Ashley's older brother, Jamie will be there, and I think he's bringing a few friends, too.
- How much older is Ashley's - He's a senior.
- You've to let me go on that ski trip.
- Why don't we talk about this tonight - when your sisters are asleep.
- And tonight what? Your mind's made up.
Dad's mind's made up.
So just forget it.
- Okay, fine.
- Fine! Honey, could you go tell your sister in the kitchen that her room's ready? What are you talking about? She's not even home from school yet.
You know, it's Friday.
I bet she left school and went on that ski trip.
Ariel? Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing.
You can do anything you want with it but own it.
You can spend it, but you can't keep it.
And once you've lost it, there's no getting it back.
It's just gone.
Did you think I wasn't gonna come up there and get you? Did you honestly think that once we realized you were gone, that we were just gonna let you stay up there? That was the most humiliating experience of my entire life.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- The way you rang the doorbell? You woke everybody up, dragged me out of there in front of all my friends.
- I hate you! - Well, I can't do anything about that.
We told you you couldn't go, and you went anyway.
For no reason at all! It was just a ski trip! Yes, with boys! With 18-year-old boys! - So you don't trust me! - No, I don't trust them, Ariel.
You don't have to trust them! You have to trust me! I am older than you, I've lived longer than you, and I'd like to think that I've acquired a little bit of wisdom along the way that you might not have acquired yet! Couple years from now, you'll be old enough, you go out, you go to college, you'll be out of the house, you'll make your own decisions! Dad! It's your sister's birthday tomorrow, so when you get up in the morning, I don't want any attitude, okay? Well, how did it go? How do you think it went? Did you hit any rain? What are you talking about? We haven't had rain here for a month.
What did she say? She didn't say anything, not a word.
I couldn't get her to talk to me the whole way home.
How did we get here, Al? I mean, how the hell did we get here? No standing on tippy-toes.
That's cheating.
Oh, my goodness, I think we're looking at at record-shattering heights here.
Don't you feel dizzy being up that high? Ah, you, my dear, are officially five years tall! Happy birthday, baby! Can we have cake now? Cake for breakfast? No, no, no.
We must save that for later.
Don't you remember? You and your friend Lauren are gonna have a play date.
Then when Mama gets home, she and Daddy are gonna take you and your friends to the movies! Where are you going? I have to go to my boss's, do a little bit of work.
But it's Saturday.
Just be for a couple of hours.
You know what, by the time you get here, I'll probably already be home.
Happy birthday, sweetie! Hey, Ariel, can you help your sister with breakfast while I talk to your dad? Sure.
Hey, I'm going straight to Mommy Hell, aren't I? It's only for a couple of hours, and it's not like you could have said no.
You'll be here for all the important stuff.
Okay, if I'm not back by 10:30, call Devalos, tell him the house is on fire.
You know, you're a lot shorter than I was when I was five? Stop it.
What's the big deal? You were a lot shorter than I was when I was five.
Only a little bit.
Marie is alot shorter than me.
I think it's because they broke you before you were born.
- Who broke me? - Bridgette, why are you telling her things like that? It's her birthday.
What? It's true.
You know it's true.
That's why she's short.
That's why she has to wear glasses.
Somebody broke me? Who broke me? What's going on in here? Who broke me, Daddy? What are you talking about? What is she talking about? Bridgette's telling her about that car accident, before she was born.
She said you broke me.
Nobody broke you.
No, no, no, Mommy was in a car accident, and technically, you were, too, because you were just a little baby in Mommy's belly.
But nothing happened to you.
Nothing happened to anyone.
It was a long time ago, when Mommy was pregnant with you.
Really pregnant.
She was, like, this big.
She was driving through an intersection, and then a a car ran a red light, and actually, it wasn't a car.
It was a plumber's van, a Klog King plumber's van.
And it broke me? No, sweetie, you were fine.
At first we worried about you, but you turned out fine.
You weren't broken.
You were a perfect little baby.
And now you're a perfect little five-year-old girl.
Hello? Mr.
Devalos? Mr.
Devalos, it's Allison.
Sir, I brought those files that you wanted to go over with me.
Who are you? Please, she has nothing to do with this.
You came here for me.
Just let her go.
I asked you a question.
We work together.
Please, just put the gun down.
Let's let's talk about this.
There is nothing to talk about.
You took five years away from me.
Five years.
You ruined my life.
Now - I'm gonna ruin yours.
- Please No, no, no! Please! Please, please don't! Please! It's my daughter's birthday.
Are you okay? Can you hear me? Are you okay? I'm so sorry.
I thought I could make the yellow light, and when you pulled through, I I was going too fast, and Oh, my God.
- You're pregnant.
- What are you talking about? I hit a pregnant lady.
What day is it? Monday.
Why? What what year is it? Are you serious? You don't know what year it is? Maybe you should sit down.
- You want me to walk you to the curb? - Have we met before? Have we done this before? What do you mean, had an accident? - Who's the president? - Of the United States? Lady, you're scaring me.
Okay, forget that.
What what year is this? You know the year, right? It's 2004.
Bush is the president.
You had a bad accident.
Let me walk you to the curb.
I'll call you an ambulance, all right? You are a very lucky woman, Mrs.
The car accident seems to have caused no damage at all to the baby.
But just to be safe, I'm gonna speak to your OB-GYN this afternoon, ask him or her to keep a close eye on things.
Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be fine.
She's gonna be a beautiful, healthy baby.
I didn't realize.
You already know the sex? Are you okay? Oh, my God.
- I got here as fast as I could.
- She's fine, Mr.
And the baby appears to be just fine as well.
Thank God.
Look at you.
You're so calm.
Talked to the guy from the body shop.
Apparently, you know, a new windshield, which is pretty obvious, they're gonna have to replace the door and the front quarter panel.
They said they got to check the frame before they can give a final estimate.
What are you grinning about? You've just come back from the hospital from a horrific accident, Allison.
You could have been killed.
The baby could have been killed.
What? All of this.
This car, I never thought I'd see this car again.
And you like this.
Like what? Younger.
Younger than what? Allison, you're not making any sense.
All right, I know, I know.
You're not gonna understand, but this this whole thing, this being hit by the van, spending time in the hospital, you talking about the auto body shop right now.
All of it, it's like I've been here before.
Like, like I'm in the middle of this big déjà vu.
What? Honey, why do you suddenly look so sad? Everything's gonna be fine.
Come on.
I'm sorry, but I'm not good at this, you know? When you start talking about all this stuff, I'm not good at it.
I can't smile.
You could have you could have died today.
I mean, when they called me on the phone, I almost had a heart attack.
On top of that, I'm missing work.
I don't see the humor in this.
- Where's the humor in this? - There's no humor in this.
You mean this? Me saying this to you right now? This conversation, this is déjà vu, too? This is some sort of experience that you've had before? No, I've never had this conversation before.
Good, because I'm living my life, right now, this moment, for the first time.
And I'm, honestly, I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about our baby, and I'm worried about our other babies.
And I'm seriously wondering if I should turn this car around and drive you back to the hospital to have them look at you a little bit more.
No, no, no.
Honey, I told you, that is not necessary.
Everything is fine.
There's no more déjà vu.
The déjà vu is gone, okay? Thank you.
Now All right.
Listen, I called the university, I left messages for all your professors.
I told them that definitely you're not coming in till the end of the week and maybe even longer.
Okay? Now, promise me you're gonna go in the house and lie down.
I'm gonna go pick up Ariel from school and Bridgette from day care, okay? If anything happens, contractions, I got my pager, I got my cell phone.
Honey, nothing's gonna happen for weeks.
You don't know that.
You don't know that.
Well, it may be circumstantial, but it's also very compelling.
There's no doubt in my mind that this jury will find Nathan Hunsecker guilty of murdering his wife, none whatsoever.
As I'm sure most of our viewers are aware, Jessamyn Hunsecker disappeared almost six weeks ago.
Shortly after going missing, police arrested her husband, Nathan Hunsecker, and charged him with murder.
My God, that's him.
Mom! Are you okay? Dad told us what happened.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You feel okay? I need to talk to you for a second.
So, in the future, you work for the district attorney's office.
And, this guy, Hunsecker, who he's trying to put away right now, he's gonna end up shooting and killing you both, murdering you both in the district attorney's house.
In the future, five years from now, yes.
In the future.
I feel like I need to warn him.
- I'm sorry.
Warn who? - The district attorney.
Look, I see you're having a tough time with this.
I see that I'm upsetting you.
I'm sorry.
But maybe that's why this is all happening.
Maybe this is why I woke up in 2004.
You know, in the future, I talk to you about this kind of stuff all the time.
- What do you want me to say? - I want you to tell me what to do.
Darling, I don't think there's anything to do.
You don't know the district attorney.
And more importantly, he doesn't know you.
Hunsecker, you came.
- Against my better judgment.
- Come on.
Don't say that.
I don't know why you need to keep going around about this.
It's not like there were any surprises.
I couldn't have been clearer.
This thing we had it was all about having fun.
And we had fun.
- And we can have more fun.
- I don't think so.
Why? Because I like you? Because I care? I'm married.
I'm not looking to be liked.
I'm not looking to be cared about.
That I get at home.
- You know you love me.
- No.
I like you.
I've always liked you.
But I love my husband.
Just like you, love my husband.
So I need you to look at me and tell me you understand it's over.
- Please.
- Jess.
No more calls.
No more e-mails, or I'll tell him.
I'll tell Nate everything, and that would be bad for me.
But we both know that would be bad for you, too.
I understand.
But you don't have to go right now, do you? - As a matter of fact, I need to - Because I made us a picnic.
- It's the middle of the night.
- Yeah, it's a candlelight picnic.
- Candles, tablecloth on the ground - I'm sorry.
Please, will you just please come, just look at it? Spent the past 45 minutes setting it up I mean, look at me.
You don't have to eat or drink anything.
Just please, at least, come look at it.
Don't make me fold it up put it away and bring it home, knowing you didn't even see it.
I'll take a look.
But then I've got to go.
What do you think? I don't get it.
Where's the picnic? I don't see any candles.
What is this? This? Well, this is what you wanted.
This is me showing you I understand.
Please, please don't shoot me.
Please! Oh, my God.
My name is Allison Dubois, and I'm trying to reach the district attorney.
I have some information about the Nathan Hunsecker case, and I was given this number.
Good morning, Mrs.
This is Officer Scanlon.
So, what kind of information are we talking about here? Wait, I'm sorry.
Did you say Officer Scanlon, not Detective Scanlon? No, ma'am.
Detectives they don't work the tip line.
Officers do.
Now, what can I do for you today? Officer Scanlon, I have reason to believe that the district attorney is prosecuting the wrong man.
Actually, I know for a fact that Nathan Hunsecker didn't kill his wife.
Another man did.
I can give you a detailed description of what this man looked like.
I can even tell you where he buried Jessamyn Hunsecker's body.
So wait a second.
Are you telling me that you're a witness? You telling me you actually saw this murder being committed? Well, no, no.
Not exactly.
How is it you know what the real killer looks like if you didn't see him commit the murder? How would you know where the body was if you didn't see someone bury it? I'm sorry.
Could you please spell your name again for me, ma'am? Hello? Ma'am, are you there? You do understand it's a crime to knowingly provide false information to the police.
Don't you think you ought to have some breakfast? It's Tuesday.
It's waffle day.
Your favorite.
- Today's Tuesday? - All day.
Hhow would you feel about me borrowing your car? I could just give the girls a ride to day care and school.
And I could give you a ride to work.
What, are you feeling well enough to go to class? I just have a little errand I'd like to run.
Thanks, Lucy.
Excuse me, Mr.
District Attorney.
I'm sorry to disturb your lunch.
I tried to call your office, but they wouldn't put me through.
I have information regarding the Nathan Hunsecker case, information I think might help prove his innocence.
Really? I'm sorry.
Do we know each other? Have we met? Sit down, please.
You look like you should be sitting down.
I'm sorry.
I didn't catch your name.
It's Dubois.
Allison Dubois.
Okay, Ms.
What is it you wanted to tell me? I can give you a description of the man who shot Jessamyn Hunsecker.
I can even show you where she's buried.
Well, that's quite a tip.
May I ask how you came to know all this? Well, it'd be simpler if you didn't.
The important thing is I can take you straight to where her body is.
We can even go in the same car, if you like.
And did you tell the police all this? I tried.
What was the problem? They asked me what you asked me.
They wanted to know how I knew.
And what did you say? I hung up.
Are you afraid to tell me how you know? If you're involved in this crime, I may be able to offer you some form of arrangement, some leniency in return for your testimony.
I wasn't involved.
I saw it in a dream.
- Excuse me? - I know how this sounds, but I have them all the time.
Dreams that show me things.
And they're actually quite accurate.
So does that mean we're going? Does that mean you want me to show you the body? This means I'm going.
But, sir, he's gonna kill you.
- What did you just say? - Nathan Hunsecker.
In five years, he's gonna come to your house and he's gonna shoot you, and I'm guessing it's 'cause you convict him of a crime he didn't commit.
Okay, miss, look, my instinct is to turn and leave, but I can see you're very pregnant and I'm concerned about your mental health.
Are you under someone's care? Is there someone I can call? No, there's no one to call.
I just I need you to understand.
I see things.
Sometimes I even know things that haven't happened yet.
And I understand that that sounds crazy, but believe it or not, in a few years you're gonna come to depend on me.
We're gonna work together.
We're gonna be friends.
How do you think I knew that you were gonna be here? Because one day, years from now, when we're friends, you're gonna tell me that you come here every Tuesday for a carnita sandwich, that they are the best in the city, that they remind you of sandwiches that your Aunt Maria used to make when you'd visit her in Rosarita.
Please, sir, just just send someone to the entrance of Clove Lake Park.
She's buried in a shallow grave right inside the tree line.
She was shot once in the head.
Do you know where the extra toothbrushes are? Do you hear me? Oh, yeah, sorry.
I'm gonna have another baby.
Here I was thinking we were done with all this, but now I'm about to do it all over again.
For the fourth time.
Talk about being the last to know.
Do I feel dumb.
Here I was, I thought I was packing your bag for our 3rd baby.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Why are you doing that? Call me crazy, seeing that your due date is tomorrow.
- Do you have a preference? - Not really.
You know, you don't have to rush to pack this bag.
Marie's late.
She's not even gonna be here for three weeks.
We're having another girl? You know, I forgot that we weren't gonna find out this time.
Who could that be? It's almost 10:00 at night.
You don't know? You know everything else! - Can I help you? - Evening, sir.
We're looking for Allison Dubois.
What is this regarding? Our DA would like to speak to her about some information that she passed on regarding the Hunsecker case.
Are you Allison Dubois? Information? What kind of information? Do you have any idea what he's talking about? I know exactly what he's talking about.
Anyway, folks, we should get going.
It's important that the DA speak with her this evening.
As you can see, my wife is very pregnant.
Honey, can you stay with the kids? I'll just run and get dressed.
Appreciate your cooperation, ma'am.
Despite my better judgment, I sent a team of investigators out to Clove Lake Park this afternoon.
Jessamyn Hunsecker's body was exactly where you said it would be, shot once in the head.
You're very welcome.
I didn't bring you here to thank you, Mrs.
You're here because I still need you to tell me how you knew what you knew.
Notwithstanding our conversation earlier in the day, I need a plausible explanation.
I already gave you the only explanation I have.
Were you a witness? Were you an accessory? I promise you.
I had nothing to do with what happened to Jessamyn Hunsecker.
I'm sorry, but your promise is of no value to me and of no help to you.
I need an explanation, a real-world explanation.
You should know that when the body was exhumed the crime scene unit believed they found some DNA on Miss Hunsecker's clothing.
- What kind of DNA? - I'd rather not say.
Just that we suspect that it belongs to someone who had something to do with Mrs.
Hunsecker's death.
I'm sure that you won't mind providing a DNA sample of your own - to the police for comparison? - No, of course not.
That was easy.
Now if you'll just tell me how you came to know where the body was buried.
I already told you.
So your only explanation is that it all came to you in a dream? It's not my only explanation.
It's the only explanation.
Then you leave me no choice.
Officer, would you please take Mrs.
Dubois to the booking desk? - What are you doing? - I'm having you placed under arrest - for obstruction of justice.
- I haven't done anything wrong.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one Can I please just see my wife? She's nine months pregnant.
Your wife's in booking now, Mr.
She's being processed.
In the morning, she'll go before the judge.
In the morning? Didn't you hear the part about her being nine months pregnant? Her due date is tomorrow.
Look, I know that she can say some you know, some pretty crazy things, but there's no way that she killed someone.
Look, maybe she did.
Maybe she didn't.
I don't know.
All I know is she knew exactly where Jessamyn Hunsecker's body was buried.
And that can't be explained by hormones.
Excuse me.
Officer Scanlon.
I'm actually talking to the husband right now.
You're kidding.
No, I'll tell him, yeah.
All right.
That was the District Attorney's office.
Looks like you'll be seeing your wife a lot sooner than we thought.
Dubois, I'm gonna give you one last chance to tell me how you knew where to find Jessamyn Hunsecker's body.
It's like I said.
It came to me in a dream.
I saw her face.
I saw the face of the man who murdered her.
All right, then.
You're free to go.
Your husband's waiting for you.
I don't understand.
Are you saying that I'm no longer under arrest? That's exactly what I'm saying.
The case against Nathan Hunsecker is closed.
Well, how can that be? That is impossible.
He didn't do it.
He didn't kill his wife.
As it happens, Mr.
Hunsecker doesn't agree with you.
I just got off the phone with his attorney.
In exchange for reducing the charges to second-degree murder, Mr.
Hunsecker's changing his plea from not guilty to guilty.
You can't take that deal.
You mustn't take that deal.
This man is innocent.
Dubois, in my experience, innocent men don't typically plead guilty.
Oh, my God, Mr.
District Attorney, you're making a big mistake.
Maybe I am, and maybe I'm not.
But let me offer you some advice.
I think you're a deeply disturbed woman.
I believe you need professional help, and for the sake of your husband and your children, I hope you get it.
Until then, know this: if you ever interfere with another city investigation again, I will see to it that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I got Mrs.
Richards from across the street to watch the girls.
I told her you thought you were having contractions, so I put you in a cab.
Just so when we get home, we'll just tell her it was a false alarm, okay? - Thanks for coming to get me.
- Yeah.
Can I ask you something? That cop he said that you told the police exactly where to find that woman's body.
How did you do that? How did you know? So it's a girl? Marie? She's not coming for another three weeks? She's dead? Jessamyn's dead? I'm sorry, Nate.
They found her body out at Clove Lake Park.
Listen, I know this is difficult, but I need you to focus.
I need you to make some tough decisions here.
We have a window of opportunity, but it's going to close quickly.
I think it's time we talked to the DA about cutting a deal.
What? Why would I do that? Why would I make a deal? Manuel Devalos is going to crucify you.
You've already handed him the cross and the nails.
You don't even know where you were the night Jessamyn disappeared.
Now, this guy he means to win this case.
His credibility is riding on it.
He's a ruthless political animal.
Anybody who's ever gone up against him will tell you that.
He will go to any lengths to win.
And frankly it wouldn't surprise me if he had his detectives plant evidence on your wife's body to incriminate you.
And then you're staring at the death penalty.
God, I can't make a deal.
I didn't kill her.
We go back a ways.
I took this case as a favor to you.
I even waived my fee, but if you're gonna ignore my advice, then I have no choice but to recuse myself.
Call the District Attorney's office.
I'm sorry, Nathan, but this really is the only way.
Thank you, counselor.
I appreciate your cooperation.
District Attorney? Whatever you do, don't make a deal with this man.
Dubois, I had hoped that I'd seen the last of you.
I told you before, and I'll tell you again.
Nathan Hunsecker is innocent.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Dubois, but you are deeply misinformed.
Nathan Hunsecker himself just stood with me and his attorney here in front of the judge and pleaded guilty to second degree murder.
No, that can't be.
He didn't kill her.
His attorney did.
I beg your pardon? Who are you and how dare you level those accusations against me? Please, counselor, ignore her.
She's a public nuisance, but I promise you she poses no real threat.
Officer! He was having an affair with his client's wife.
- Please escort her out.
- She wanted to end it, and threatened to tell.
That's why he killed her! He should be the one going to prison! Don't do this! You're making a big mistake! - Let's sit her down over here.
- Oh, my Oh, my goodness.
Nice and easy now, nice and easy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Go call an ambulance.
Just do yourself a favor.
Sit still.
Your water broke.
This isn't right.
No, please.
Marie isn't supposed to come for another three weeks.
This isn't supposed to be happening.
Don't try to move, Mrs.
You're in labor and you've lost a significant amount of blood.
Unfortunately, your baby is in breach, and we're going to have to perform an emergency cesarean section.
We need to get your baby out now.
I'm right here, Allison.
I'm right next to you, okay? - Everything's going to be fine.
- Fetal heartbeat's dropping.
- What's going on? - Let's get her prepped! It's gonna be okay, Allison.
It's gonna be okay.
Joe, I'm sorry.
I screwed everything up.
It's all my fault.
Stay with me Allison, okay? You have to stay with me.
Stay with me Stay with me.
You're still up? I was sure you'd be asleep.
Yeah, I was, I mean, I guess I was till like a minute ago.
Who's the president? What? Just forget that question.
Is it Marie's birthday tomorrow? Yeah, number five.
And don't think I didn't remind Ariel of that out in the hallway just now.
Ariel, right.
You just picked her up at her friend's ski house? - How'd that go? - How do you think it went? She didn't say a thing.
Not a word.
I couldn't get her to talk to me the whole way home.
I mean, how did we get here, Al? How the hell did we get here? I know you're mad.
I know you're angry.
But Daddy and I didn't let you go on that weekend with those 18-year-old boys 'cause you're not 18 yet.
But you know what? Soon enough, you will be.
And then you're gonna be 19.
And then in a blink of an eye, you're gonna be 40.
And the chances are that you're gonna be sitting here with your 16-year-old, trying to explain to her why she had to wait to do something.
But all this time that you're choosing to be angry at Daddy and I, you know, it's It's time that you could have spent being happy.
Time It's just gone.
And you never get it back.
I mean, there, there, there's a second gone.
And you'll never have it again.
And there, there's another one.
It's just wasted.
We wasted it just holding on to anger.
Honey, am I making sense? I'm not even sure I'm making sense.
But honey, just know this: that tomorrow when you wake up, you're gonna be a day older, and you're gonna be a day closer to being old enough to do whatever you want.
And you're gonna get that whether you're angry at Daddy and me or not.
It's your choice.
Just know that I love you.
What are you doing? Setting the alarm clock for 5:30.
What on earth for? 'Cause I don't want to miss Marie's birthday.
What are you talking about? Just get up at 7:00.
You'll be at your boss' by 8:00.
You'll be here in plenty of time for Marie's birthday.
Just trust me on this.
If I'm not at Devalos' before the sun is up, not only am I gonna miss Marie's birthday, but I'm going to miss yours, Ariel's, and Bridgette's.
Okay, okay, do you have any idea what time it is? Nathan Hunsecker.
Five years ago, you convicted him of killing his wife.
- Do you rember? - Yes, of course.
Can I come in? I have a story I need to tell you.
Hunsecker? Congratulations on your early release.
- What are you doing here? - I came here to see you.
I know that you're extremely angry with me.
You've spent a lot of time in prison, and I'm betting that you spent some of that time thinking about me.
Thinking about what you might do to me once you were released, and I can't blame you.
I know now you shouldn't have spent time in prison and you didn't kill your wife.
I can't give you back the past five years of your life, sir.
But if you come with me, I believe I can give you back your good name.
Your friend and attorney, Michael Gilpin, was having an affair with your wife.
It's impossible.
He wouldn't have done that.
I've known Mike since college.
He was one of my groomsmen.
Hunsecker, he wasn't just having an affair with your wife.
He murdered her as well.
I don't believe you.
This morning we found Jessamyn's body buried in Clove Lake Park.
There was evidence on the body, a few hairs.
Preliminary tests indicate they're a perfect match for Michael Gilpin.
He already confessed to everything.
I'm sorry.
Four Five! Ready? One, two, three take your deep breath! Make a wish! Blow, blow! Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing.
You can do anything you want with it, but you can't own it.
You can spend it, but you can't keep it.
And once you've lost it, there's no getting it back.
It's just gone.