Medium s05e16 Episode Script

The Man in the Mirror

****** Hello and welcome to the Pageant of the Five Food Groups.
I'm a banana.
I'm in the fruit group.
To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you should have two, three, or four servings of me per day.
I'm a chicken drumstick.
I'm from the Meat and Poultry group.
To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you should have two or three servings of me each and every day.
I'm a pea pod.
I'm You're a vegetable.
You're a vegetable! I'm a veg I'm in the Vegetable Three to five servings per day.
What? Three to five servings per day.
Mommy, Mommy, wake up.
Oh, Marie, honey, you okay? Did you have another bad dream about the play? Can I sleep with you? Of course you can, sweetie.
Just as long as you say your lines right.
Come on, honey.
Let's hear them.
Marie, honey? We need you to say those lines.
Come on, honey.
We're serious.
If you don't say those lines right, you're just going to have to stand by the side of the bed for the rest of your life.
I'm a pea pod.
I'm a part of the vegetable group.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode16 The Man in the Mirror When I was in kindergarten, I was the tomato.
And Scottie Collins, he was the peanut.
And he got so scared, he peed right there on the stage.
And from that day on, we called him "pee-nut.
" And we still do.
Okay, Bridgette, that is enough.
- Mom? - You okay? - Hey, you all right? - Yeah, yeah.
- Let me give you a hand.
- No, no, I'm okay.
Just let me sit.
Let me just sit down for a second.
Whoo, I was feeling a little bit faint.
For a second there.
Honey, honey, I'm okay.
Just probably drank too much coffee.
Are you sure? You want me to call the doctor? - No.
- Maybe we should run you by the emergency room.
No, I'm okay.
Okay, well, let me take the girls to school.
That way you only have to worry about getting yourself to work.
A-ha, my master plan worked.
I'll be fine, honey, but that would be really nice.
Allison, I see you found me.
Went to the office.
They told me you wanted me out here.
What's going on? City Controller called me a little after 8:00 this morning.
Department of Public Works is laying some new underground power lines out here and one of their crews came across Watch your step.
One of their crews came across a body in a shallow grave.
Looks like the fellow was shot sometime last night.
What are you doing out here? I mean, until somebody's charged with the murder, isn't this really a police matter? Well, since the dead man met with foul play, the whole area is now an active crime scene, and that means that work has to stop until investigation of the death is completed.
And that means that the city's paying for all these contractors, workers to stand around doing nothing.
So, I was asked to help expedite things.
Naturally, he has no ID.
I'm guessing that whoever killed him saw to that.
We're running his prints and his DNA, but that's gonna take a while.
Also, we found some hairs on his body that don't belong to him and that might point to whoever did this, but I was hoping that you would just take a look at him and have one of your eureka moments.
No eureka.
No nothing.
Well, maybe this will help.
Ankle holster, but no gun.
- Was he on the force? - Nope.
Not police-issued.
All right, well, you'll let me know if any bells go off in your head, won't you? Of course, you'll be the first person I call.
Allison! Hey, can you hear me? Someone call an ambulance.
Get a doctor! Allison! Allison! Allison! Allison! Allison! Allison! Where is she? They took her in the back.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? My name is Dubois.
My wife, Allison, was just brought in here.
I just wanted to see her.
Uh, maybe I could talk to somebody about her.
The doctors are with your wife right now, Mr.
Somebody will come out and talk to you just as soon as they can.
Yeah, I just want to know what was going on.
You have to wait for the doctor to come out and talk to you.
I'm sorry.
That's all I can tell you.
- Okay, thank you.
- Come sit down, Joe.
It's all right.
I live around here.
Dubois? Yeah, hi.
Dubois, I'm Dr.
My my wife? Can I see her? I don't know what you know.
I don't know what you've heard.
Your wife arrived unconscious.
Unfortunately, she's still unconscious, and frankly, we don't know why.
What do you mean you don't know why? Well, there's no evidence of physical trauma.
A bruise to the head or any other kind of injury.
The CAT scan is negative, uh, no evidence of scarring on the brain.
So, for the moment we're a bit at a loss.
She's just not present.
I'm sorry.
You have to give me a better explanation than that.
I don't have a better explanation than that.
We've called several neurospecialists.
Your wife will be examined by one of them just as soon as we can get someone here.
Beyond that, I could tell you that when something like this has happened in the past, just comes out of it spontaneously.
Okay, what about the other, uh, 50 or 60% of the time? You just sit tight.
Leave your numbers at the desk.
And as soon as your wife can have visitors, I'll make sure we find you.
Okay, well, thank you, thank you, Doctor.
You all right? Yeah, I gotta go pick the girls up from school.
I can send a city car for them if you'd like.
No, it's okay.
Thank you, though.
Um, somebody's gotta, you know, explain to them what's going on.
Um, excuse me.
I have to give them my numbers.
I don't understand.
She got sick at work? I think that maybe she was starting to get sick this morning when she fell down in the kitchen.
But, you know, in any event, she's in the hospital right now and you know, they're taking really great care of her.
Can we visit her? Not today, sweetie.
Not right now, but soon maybe.
Well, can we talk to her on the phone? Like I said, not today.
Maybe tomorrow.
What's she sick with? I mean, you've gotta be awfully sick to go to the hospital.
Not necessarily.
Well who's that, Daddy? Great.
This is all I need.
All right, you kids wait here.
Ariel, lock the door after I get out.
Hey, no, no, no.
You can't stand here, man.
This is private property.
Come on.
Are you lost? You need me to call someone for you? Don't be frightened Joe.
Excuse me? What did you call me? Hey, listen to me.
I got kids in that car.
My kids.
This is my house; you're preventing me from getting my kids in my house.
What are you doing? Don't wave to my children.
Come on, I'm gonna count to three.
And if you're not off this lawn by the time I'm done, I'm calling the police, okay? - Not necessary.
- One two - Going, Joe.
- Come on.
Come on.
Thank you.
I don't know what to tell you, Mom.
By the time you get out here and get on a plane, you know, she might just be fine.
I think I just want to wait and hear from the doctors.
Daddy, he's back! Mom, let me call you back.
What's going on? What are you doing here in the dark staring out the window? The weird guy in the nightgown? He's standing on the sidewalk, staring at our house.
I'm sorry.
That's just creepy.
Go to your room and do your homework.
- Well, what are you going to do? - Go on.
- Call the police? - I don't know.
Go on.
Oh, God.
Oh, Joe, I'm so I'm so glad you finally came back out.
Right, that's that's really nice of you.
Listen, man, you got to I don't know who you are or how you know my name, but, uh, look, we're going through some stuff in our house, okay, - some difficult, painful stuff.
- I kn I know all about it.
And frankly, you're upsetting my children.
Oh, please, please, you've got to tell them everything's going to be okay.
Okay, you're upsetting me, too, okay? So, um, this is the last time.
Is there somebody that I can call for you? Do you have somebody who can pick you up? Because, look, if you don't, I-I'm, I'm going to have to call the police.
No? All right, well, I got to call the police.
Ask for my husband.
He'll he'll come.
He'll, he'll, he'll pick me up.
He'll figure this out.
That's my number.
That's because I'm your wife.
Dad? It's the hospital.
It's about Mom.
You stay here.
Where else would I go? This is where I live.
I'm not so sure about that.
- Hi, this is Joe Dubois.
- Can you please hold? Yeah, I'll hold.
Dad, why are you talking to that strange man out there? He scares me.
- Wait, wait, wait a second.
- I'm connecting you now.
- Doctor? - Mr.
Dubois? This is Joe Dubois.
H-How is she? I don't really have anything new to report.
Still waiting to hear what our tests today tell us.
But she's comfortable, right? Very comfortable.
- And sh-she's there, right? - Excuse me? I mean, physically, you know she's there.
I'm looking right at her; I'm in her room.
Okay, good, good.
So if you'd still like to see her, today makes no sense, but I'm sure you could come by tomorrow.
Okay, excellent.
Well, th-that's what I'll do, then.
Thank you, Doctor.
So? So yeah, uh it's like I said.
She's comfortable.
Everything's good.
Um, maybe she'll even come home tomorrow.
- Did you speak to her? - How do you mean? Did you speak to her? Did she want to speak to us? No, I guess they gave her something.
She was asleep.
Well, do you want me to go get Bridgette and Marie so that you can tell them? 'Cause I know that they're really concerned and that would make them feel better.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, let me just talk to this guy out front first.
Okay, what did you mean by that? What did I mean by what? That thing you said before-- that you're my, uh - Your wife.
- Yeah.
That's because I am.
I'm Allison, Joe.
How dare you? You are not my wife.
How c My wife is in a in a coma in the hospital.
She's fighting for her life.
Well, no, not really.
I mean, my body is there, yes, but y-you got to believe me.
- Joe, this is this is me.
- Come here.
Let me see this.
Okay, you are Todd Emory.
All right, here, Todd Emory, and you are obviously, clearly, deeply disturbed.
I am disturbed but not how you think.
I am disturbed because every time I pass a mirror or a store window, - I see a reflection, but it isn't me.
- Oh, my God.
I am disturbed because I have walked for miles and miles to get here and you threw me off my own front lawn this morning in front of my children, and I am disturbed because the person I am counting on to get me through this is acting like he is disgusted by me.
I don't know who this Todd Emory is.
I don't know why he's on my wrist, but I do know that's my home; you're my husband; those are my children.
I'm calling the police.
Good, call the police.
Better yet, call Scanlon.
Better yet, call Devalos.
Get the No, no, no, come on.
Stop, stop, stop, please.
I Come on, man.
Hey, hey, hey, sir, sir, please.
Sir, come on, Todd, Todd.
I-I Al.
Oh, my God, they're coming up to walk together.
I'm locking the door.
- No, Marie.
- No! Girls, uh, this is Mr.
uh Emory.
Todd Emory.
I'm it's very nice to meet the three of you.
I hope I not interrupting your homework.
He's, uh.
he's sleeping here tonight.
In our house? In this house? Well, hehe needs a place to stay, I don't want to go into all the reasons why, but, uh I think it's the right thing to do for tonight.
I can use the couch.
If there is one i-in, in a room in that direction.
Are you serious? That's crazy.
This is crazy.
You're crazy.
You threw this man off our lawn this afternoon.
Hey, hey, don't talk to your father like that.
Don't talk to me like that.
Hold on, hold on a second, young lady.
You know, if Mom was here, she would never allow this.
Yes, well, Mom is not here.
I am, and you need to trust me.
- Now, hopefully tomorrow, Mister - Emory.
Yes, Mr.
Emory will go back where he belongs and Mom will be back here where she belongs and all will be right with the world.
- Tomorrow.
- Right, if we live till then.
Well, I'm locking my door, and I am locking their door, and if you so much as walk down this hall past our rooms He is not walking anywhere.
He is staying in the living room on the couch.
He'd better.
That's your eldest daughter.
I think.
She makes me very proud.
What are you doing here? How did you get in here? That door was locked.
I used the key.
I know where the key is.
I know where everything is.
Are you forgetting? I live in this house, too.
What're you doing? What do you want? Joe, I think I'm a murderer.
Okay, there we go.
Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
How's that? A lot better.
Thanks, hon.
So start over.
Who is it that you think you killed? Well, I don't really think I killed anybody, but in my dream, Todd Emory-- the guy who owns this body I'm in-- was burying a man, a dead man, the same dead body I was looking at with Devalos when I collapsed.
Well, you know what we need to do.
We need to find out who the hell this Todd Emory is.
According to this, you were in the same hospital as my wife.
They thought he was in a coma, but then he disappeared, and they can't figure out how.
****** "Last seen shortly after 11:00 A.
lying comatose in his bed.
" that you, um, that you went into your coma? - Yes.
- Okay.
All right, our friend Todd got hit by a car two nights ago.
I guess he ran out in the middle of a dark road in the woods, and that's what put him into his coma.
"At this point,Emory has been officially declared" a missing person.
"Anyone who has information as to his whereabouts is urged to contact" the authorities.
His family is said to be offering a sizable reward.
" Wow, Joe, the whole city's looking for this guy.
Whole city is looking for me.
I mean, I can't leave the house.
I can't go anywhere or do anything to help myself get out of this.
What are you doing? Devalos told me that they found some hairs on that dead man's body that weren't his, so you give this to him.
You just ask him if they match the hair they found.
No explanations, no back stories.
Just ask him to test, and if he gets a match, then you can You tell him I'm here.
And all the rest of it.
Listen, if not, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Okay, I don't think that's such a good idea.
What do you mean? Well, because if I give this to Devalos, and this matched then who will implicating you you know, this new you, in a murder.
Oh, well, we have to do something.
What if I woke up as Todd Emory? Because I'm supposed to bring him to justice for murdering that John Doe.
But the way it stands right now, you wouldn't be bringing Todd Emory to justice.
- You'd be bringing yourself.
- No, I don't think so.
No, I-I-I think that if the police can prove that Todd Emory murdered that man in the park, everything's going to go back to normal.
I-I just I just have to believe that.
I mean, when the kids wake up, take them out to breakfast.
I-I don't want them to have to look at me across the breakfast table.
I frighten them.
You sure sound like Allison.
Going out for pancakes on a school day? Just when you think there's no such thing as miracles.
I don't understand it.
We're just letting that stranger stay in our house? Oh, hey, it wasn't my idea.
I mean, it was.
I don't know, sweetie.
I just.
I got an instinct about this guy that he's grateful for a place to stay, that he won't do anything, that he won't, you know, take anything or Yeah, well, I hope you're right.
Any chance that he'll be gone by the time we get home from school? Listen, Ariel, we all want the same thing here, okay? Marie, what's going on with you, sweetie? You're awfully quiet.
She's sad about Mommy.
She wants her to come home.
And she's worried that if she doesn't come back in time, then she won't have a costume for the school play.
Hey, maybe, hopefully, Mommy will come home today, huh? And if she doesn't then, you know what we'll do? We'll find somebody else to sew you a costume, okay? We'll do something.
All right, sweetie? Hey, you.
Don't you worry.
Everything's going to be back to normal real soon.
Well, I don't know how to describe it.
I mean, she's in the room, but it's as if she's not really in the room at all.
Well, I felt like I had to come and visit.
I agree with you now, dear.
It was probably pretty silly.
I'll see you at dinner.
I called your office, and they said you were here.
Uh, little visit.
Doctors are completely baffled.
Listen, I'll I'll leave the two of you alone.
No, no.
I-I need to give you something.
Um, you and Allison were examining a murder victim when she collapsed, and I know that you found some hairs on his body that weren't his.
Could you test and see if these match those? I'm sorry.
I guess I missed it, but where did you say you got these from? And how do you know about this murder investigation? I didn't.
What does it matter? If those don't match, we have nothing to talk about.
And if they do, I'll tell you everything you need to know.
Don't look so confused.
You've known me and my family for a long time.
You're quite right.
Well, if you need anything, just Todd Emory? I'm talking to you.
We haven't met, but I'm the landlord.
And I'm serving you with an eviction notice.
You've been warned.
- Daddy, I'm home! - Daddy, I'm home! Dad, I'm back.
I have the keys.
I've got the girls, and I've got Ashley with What are you doing? I'm trying to make a pea pod for peanut.
Do you actually know what you're doing? Well, let's see.
Come here, you vegetable.
Let's see what is looks like.
Come on.
Let's try this on.
There we go.
Now, was was that more like you had in mind? That looks almost as good as something Mom would do.
Well, I take that as a compliment.
- Do I know you? - No.
None of us know him.
Come on.
Let's get you changed, and I'll get you a snack.
Thank you.
You're very welcome, sweetie.
If Mommy's still sick and can't come to the play, will you come? Marie! You know what? No.
Come on.
You couldn't keep me away.
Bye now.
Who is it? - Hey, are you in there? - Yes.
Is there a problem? Oh, I've been looking all over for you.
Um, how did you get in there without the girls seeing you coming down the hall? I went through the sliding glass door in the kitchen, and I took the back way.
Well, why are you-you talking to me through the door? Why don't you just come in here? Ah, yeah, you know, if it's just the same, I-I think I'd rather not.
Oh, come on, Joe.
It's ridiculous.
There's nothing in here that you haven't seen before.
Oh, I beg to differ.
Um, here's the thing.
Is, I-I think have to take the girls to the hospital to visit you tonight.
Visit Allison.
Visit you.
I-I dot think that I can keep this thing under wraps for too much longer.
I think that I have to tell them about the coma.
About you.
And I And I just want to let you know, because things might get weird when we get home.
You're worried about Ariel, aren't you? Well, you think that she's angry now Oh, I don't know.
Maybe I should just leave.
And then all you have to explain is the coma, and you just you just spare them the rest.
Well, you know, I thought about that, but the thing is I don't think that I want you to leave.
Oh, my God.
Well, are-are you expecting someone? No.
Stay right here.
Don't let anyone see you.
- Joe.
- Mr.
District Attorney.
I'm sorry to show up unannounced.
First of all, for what it's worth, those hairs that you gave me this morning, they, um They don't match the hairs that were found on the body of that man in the park.
So whoever's hairs those might have been, they probably have nothing to fear from the police.
All right.
Well, I-I'm sure that's a relief to someone.
In the meantime, we have figured out just whose body that is we found out there.
Dead man was a private investigator named Porter Hayes.
Specialized in divorce work.
Yeah, I know.
You're thinking, "What does any of this have to do with me?" Have you, um have you ever seen this man before? Only in the newspapers.
The mother of one of your daughter's friends called the reward hotline early this evening.
Her little girl swears that she saw this man in your house today.
Like you said at that hospital this morning, I've known you folks a long time.
That hair that you gave me?I'm no psychic, but, um, I have a very strong feeling that it might belong to Todd Emory.
Joe, if Todd Emory were here, if he was hiding in your house, you'd you'd tell me, right? I'm asking you a direct question.
That man has been missing from the hospital for two days now, and I think you know where he is.
Is he here? Good evening, Mr.
District Attorney.
I'm Todd Emory.
I think you're asking some questions about me.
He's gone.
They took him back to the hospital.
Okay, so, why do you look so sad? I mean, you didn't even know him, so I think I convinced myself that if I could help this guy, that that somehow that would help your mom get better, too.
I know it doesn't make a lot of sense.
- No, it doesn't.
- No.
He took a picture of you guys with him when he left.
I'm sorry if this upset you.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, sweetie.
Todd? Oh, you don't know who I am, do you? It's me.
Samantha, your wife? Oh, God.
The doctors said there'd be some memory loss, but I'm sorry.
Oh, everything's just a It's a bit of a blank right now.
That's amazing.
Even me? I'm a blank? We've been married for seven years.
I'm sure everything is good will come back soon.
Oh, Todd.
Todd the night that you were hit why were you out there in the middle of nowhere? I'm sorry.
I just I don't I don't have any idea.
The police said that they found you in some strange family's house.
I can't explain that.
You don't remember anything? Anything at all? Dead man was a private investigator named Porter Hayes.
Specialized in divorce work.
Porter Hayes.
I think he was a private investigator.
Yeah, for some reason, that stuck in my head.
Excuse me? Sorry to interrupt.
I have a little something to help Mr.
Emory sleep.
Doctor's orders.
You did that really well, Todd.
Maybe you missed your calling in life.
Physical labor really seems to suit you.
You didn't have to kill him.
And you don't have to You don't have to kill me.
Well, you didn't leave me much wiggle room, Todd.
We could have had a wonderful life together, you and me.
You and me, me and my flings, but no.
You had to go and hire a private investigator, get him to follow me around town, taking all of those pictures.
Why? So you could divorce me and leave me with nothing? I don't think you understand how this game is played, dear.
Go on.
Get in the hole.
Well, lie down.
Make yourself comfortable.
You're going to be in there a while.
So, what are you going to do? Are you going to shoot me in the back of my head? Yeah.
But I am going to have beautiful thoughts about you while I do it.
Oh, you You shot me! I can't believe that you shot me! Well, you were going to shoot me.
- In the back of my head.
- No! No! Oh, goodness.
What's going on? Something wake you, darling? Oh, something's gone wrong.
Oh, please call for help.
Nothing's wrong.
It'll all be over soon.
That pain that you're feeling? That's just the air bubble that I've injected into your IV line.
In just a few moments, it will reach your brain, and all the pain will be gone.
No! No! No! No, no, it'll all be done by the time the nurses finish their shift change.
Don't fight it, Todd.
This is just the way that it has to be.
Please don't do this.
Please? Page Dr.
Ancheta at home.
His patient in 404 is coding.
Todd Emory.
I don't know what happened.
He just started convulsing.
Charging at 200.
Shocking at 200 Oh, God.
Get ready for some Epi Joe? Allison.
Actually, I'm Todd.
I'm Todd Emory.
- What? - I'm sorry.
I wish I could explain.
I just woke up.
It's like I've been asleep for days.
The things that I've seen.
Oh, the things that I've dreamt.
I know what your wife has done for me.
And I know what my wife did to me.
Come on, Mr.
Come back.
Charing at 260 Clear! - darling.
- Darling.
Shame on you! Shame on you! You damn near killed that man's wife! Excuse me? Are you are you talking to me? Who is this? Who are you? And who are you? He He is a wonderful man.
And that-that That is his wonderful wife! And I I'm your husband.
The one you've been trying to kill for the last two days.
Someone call security! This woman is crazy! I want her out of here! What is she doing here? Mrs.
Dubois, why don't we get you to your room.
You waited all night until the nurses went on their shift change.
And then you injected an air bubble into my I.
into his I.
And that was after she tried to shoot me in the woods, so she could bury me along with the private investigator she'd already killed.
Clear! I have no idea what this woman is talking about.
Tell that district attorney fellow who was at your house last night.
We have some new hair to test.
Her hair.
Come on! Come on! Give us some of your hair! If no one is going to escort these people out of here, then I am leaving.
She's leaving.
And she's taking her hair with her.
Allison? Todd? Anybody? He's coming back.
Take my wife.
Take my wife.
Be my wife.
Be my wife.
Please be my wife.
I would love to be your wife.
Wait a second.
I already am.
Samantha Emory, the young woman arrested at White Peaks Hospital earlier in the week for the attempted murder of her husband, was also charged today in the murder of private investigator Porter Hayes, as DNA tests place her at the location.
Girls! Hurry up! We got to meet your dad, and we're going to be late.
I'm just saying.
I hope the school play ends differently this year.
I mean, maybe this year, it'll turn out that vegetables are actually bad for you.
Yeah, I wouldn't count on that.
Well, where's Marie? I'm a pea pod I'm part the vegetable group.
To maintain a healthy diet, you should have three to five servings of me per day.
Yes! Honey, that was wonderful! Oh, sweetie, great! But we got to get going.
We're going to be late.
We have to pick up Uncle Todd.
Mommy, Uncle Todd made me my costume.
I know.
Wasn't that nice of him? He did a really good job.
Almost as good as you.
You don't say.