Medium s05e17 Episode Script

The First Bite Is the Deepest

Previously on Medium: I don't know how to do it.
I don't know how to fire these people.
I want to buy back my company and my idea from you.
The business is not for sale.
Your idea is not for sale.
You are not for sale.
(phone rings) If you're still interested I'll sell you back your company.
If you can get together a couple of million dollars, wean figure out how you can pay me the balance over time.
I'm Cynthia Keener.
I'm an investigator with Ameritips.
I guess she's hoping I'll be able to help her with some of her cases.
According to this, Cynthia Keener had a daughter named Suzie who went missing in 1998.
I had nothing to do with her death.
If you think this is over, you're wrong.
Suzie it was my job to stand up for her.
And now I finally have.
It's all right, Allison.
I've called the authorities.
They'll be here in a moment.
(bird cawing) CYNTHIA: You should have that looked at.
Could leave a nasty scar.
(bag thuds on ground) MAN: You're late.
I was about to leave.
Oh, I'm not sure I believe that.
I think you'd have waited as long as you had to.
It's all there.
Unmarked bills, just like you asked.
No tricks.
No transmitters.
Where'Bethany? Down there.
(bird caws) Oh, my God.
What have you done? I buried her down there an hour ago.
Figure she has maybe five or six minutes of air left.
Bethany! Can you hear me? (thumping) Bethany! Bethany, I'm coming! (panting) Bethany! Can you hear me?! Can you hear me? I'm coming! Bethany! Can you hear me? (gasps) What do you think? Professional or funereal? (chuckles) Definitely professional.
Professional undertaker, maybe.
(laughs) You know what? You look like the kind of guy I would sell a company to.
Really? Well, that and two million dollars will get me a company.
Come on, you just need more time to get the money.
Terry will understand that.
Today's the deadline.
I mean, it's not like I have some of the money.
I don't have any of the money.
And the truth is, even if I do get an extension I don't know where I'm going to get this money from.
Which tie? Hey.
(whistles) Earth to Allison.
Uh no.
N-No tie.
Neither one.
Too much.
That's why I married you.
What are so taken with on my computer there? I had a dream last night about Cynthia Keener.
A "woman in prison" kind of dream? (laughs): No.
No, it was something that took place a while ago, and I just found this old newspaper article that makes it look like it actually happened.
Do you want tohare? Do you really care? No.
Fine, then ignore me.
(typing) Hi.
My name's Allison Dubois.
This is actually the third time that I've called.
I'm trying to arrange a a visit with a prisoner that you have there.
Her name's Cynthia Keener.
Yeah, I am calling from a city phone, but this is not official business.
You don't understand my wife! She checks in with me three times a day; I haven't heard from her! I'm a taxpayer! I see This ia crime! Look, all I know is, my wife has been missing for 12 hours, and nobody is doing a damn thing.
Sipes? Mr.
Sipes, what? DEVALOS: It's standard police procedure Uh-huh to wait 36 hours before filing a missing SIPES: Don't talk to me about 36 hours! If I'd have backed you in the election, I am sure that the National Guard would be out there right now looking for Amy.
Um I understand.
So, I'll just I'll just wait for your call.
Let me give you my cell number.
(knock on door) Yeah, come in.
(door opens) You okay? Oh you mean that little scene just now? I've been through worse.
Just not lately.
Who was that man? I thought you knew.
That was Christopher Sipes.
Why do I know that name? He's become a pretty big player in downtown Phoex re estate the last few years.
Has his name on a lot of buildings, or on the signs in front of buildings.
A real rags to riches story.
Although making a lot of money hasn't made him any nicer.
Oh, and here's a shock.
His wife disappeared, or so he says.
You think otherwise? (sighs) You're right.
Why would anyone leave the charming Mr.
Sipes and not tell him where they're going? Nonetheless, I'm going to ask Detective Scanlon to run her license plates, and check her credit cards, do whatever we can until the police can launch an official search.
Is there anything I can do? Hmm (ringtone playing) Hello? AUTOMATED VOICE: You have a collect call from an inmate at the Arizona State Women's Correctional Facility.
To accept the call, please press "one.
" (beep) CYNTHIA: You don't want to see me.
It's not like I have a lot of great stories to tell.
Sun comes up.
Sun goes down.
I know because I watch the shadows travel across my cell wall all day.
Now you know everything.
Why don't you save yourself the trip? I had a dream about you last night.
Was it good? Do I get out of here? Lie.
Give me hope.
I'm not going to tell you.
Not unless you let me come and see you.
(jet flying overhead) (sighs) Sorry I'm late.
It's fine.
Actually, I'm not going to be able to eat.
I only have a few minutes.
You look anxious.
No, no Well, maybe a little.
It's gone, Joe.
I sold it.
That deadline wasn't one I picked arbitrarily.
I needed to get your venture off my books.
I explained that to you.
I felt I owed you the opportunity to buy the company, and had you been able to come up with the money, I'have happily sold it to you, but here we are.
I didn't have much trouble finding a buyer.
You should be proud, Joe.
You've built an attractive little start-up.
Who's the buyer? It's an outfit called Tesseract Industrial.
Out of San Diego.
Coming on like gangbusters.
It's run by a fellow named Simon Burwell who's been on a bit of a buying spree.
What happens to me, Terry? Well, your contract is part of the sale, so it'll be up to Tesseract to either keep you on board or pay you off.
Well, that's between you and them.
Look (sighs) I know how much this project meant to you, and I know how painful it must be to realize you're probably not going to be able to see it through to the end.
My advice to you? Get a good lawyer and make them pay through the nose when they try to settle with you.
Money won't get rid of all the pain, but it'll help.
Waiter? Anything he wants.
(loud buzzing) (indistinct chattering) Thank you.
(loud buzzing) (indistinct chattering) It's wonderful to see you, too.
I wasn't sure what you wanted, what you needed.
(inhaling) You're going to make me the most popular girl on Block C.
(laughs) I've been dreaming about this, and I don't know why.
First time I met Bethany was when I pulled her out of that grave.
I saw it.
The man in the mask.
The bite mark on his hand.
The bite marks were courtesy of Bethany.
The night he buried her, she fought back.
She sunk her teeth in real deep.
She wanted to hurt him, mark him permanently.
The way he did to her.
They never caught him, did they? What about the girl? Did you keep in touch? I heard some things.
Nothing good.
The parents were quite well off, before the kidnapping.
The two million ransom rued them.
The father committed suicide.
The mother started drinking very heavily, started tang drugs.
She fell asleep one night behind the wheel.
Drove off a bridge.
I want to say Bethany was 15.
And after that? After that, there were more stories-- foster homes, drugs maybe prostitution.
(sighs) Listen, Allison.
I don't know why you're asking me all these questions.
I don't know why this girl is in your dreams.
And I don't know, for that matter, why I'm in your dreams, but I want to make one thing clear: I hate it here.
I pray every night that it'll end.
I don't want visitors.
I don't want friends.
So, if you call me, I won't answer the phone.
And I won't see you.
(ringtone playing) (ringtone stops) It's my husband.
Must be nice.
Bye, Allison.
(plastic bag rustling) Thanks for the things.
(elevator bell dings) (water running) MAN: It's open.
The concierge said you were looking for someone to show you around Phoenix.
He thought I might know all the places you were interested in seeing.
(water running) You in the shower? Need any help? MAN: Nah.
I'm okay.
The donati for charity is on the nightstand.
Can I get you a drink? Don't worry about me.
Just make yourself comfortable.
(water shuts off) (shower door slides open) (towel rustling) So, uh you're my guide? Anywhere you want to go, I'm sure I can get you there.
You won't be needing this.
(gasps) (sighs) I thought I told you.
I had another dream.
I don't care.
For God sakes! The only freedom I have in here is the freedom to decide whether I want to see other human beings or not.
And you've figured out a way to take that away from me! Who do you think you're kidding, telling them this is police business? This isn't police business.
No one's died, nothing's been stolen.
Bethany has crossed paths with her kidnapper.
Bethany recognized the bite mark on his hand.
Cynthia, I think this is why this is why I've been dreaming about her.
I mean, she recognized him.
Who's to say he didn't recognize her? And if so, he couldn't just let her walk out of the room.
I have been making calls all morning.
She hasn't used her credit card, her cell phone.
She hasn't picked up her mail in a week.
(sighs) You know, Allison after you left the last time, I used up almy phone privileges to try and get in touch with Bethany.
When that didn't work, I swapped all the stuff that you brought and bought myself some more.
I called every old number I had for Bethany.
Left messages.
I called every cop, every parole officer, every youth counselor.
And, you know (sighs) for those 40 minutes, it was like I wasn't in here at all.
Did anything come of it? Did you make any connections? No.
(sighs) (wheels rolling on floor) (elevator doors closing) (elevator whirring) (elevator door opening) (elevator door closing, elevator whirring) (elevator door opening) There's nothing left.
It's all gone, man.
You guys are done! (singsongy): It's all gone.
Just have the office furniture guy give me a call when you get to the warehouse with a figure, all right? This mine or this yours? Well, that depends.
Who are you? My name is Simon Burwell.
I own Tesseract Industrial.
You are? My name's Joe Dubois.
That's yours.
Just make sure you turn off all the lights when you're done.
Where are you going? Oh, I've been told I have to hire a really good lawyer so I can make you pay through the nose when you try to settle with me.
What if I don't want to settle with you? What if I wa to honor your contract, have you work for me? My wife put you up to this? I mean, frankly, I could hire a mediocre engineer at half wh you're going to cost me to see this project through to market, but I'd rather have a great engineer.
You know, I'd rather have the guy who cooked the whole thing up.
I hear a "but" in there.
Where's the "but"? No, no.
No "buts.
" None of consequence, anyways.
How do you feel about the ocean? You're going to drown me if I don't come work for you? (laughs) We're in San Diego, Joe.
We're all in San Diego.
It's beautiful.
You know, it's where we started, and it's, uh, it's where we're staying, and it's where you gotta be if you want to stay with your baby.
I've got a daughter who's halfway through high school.
My wife works for the local DA.
We have great schools.
I don't know what kind of work your wife does, but if she's good, we could throw our weight around, we could make some calls.
We're a big presence in San Diego.
It's not that simple.
It is.
We'll buy your house here.
We'll help you find a house there.
You know, we do this all the time.
Did I mention the ocean? Special delivery for Mrs.
What's this? It's all the files on the Bethany Simmons' kidnap from 11 years ago; I thought maybe you'd want to look through those.
I appreciate this.
I appreciate all of this, especially knowing how busy you are running around looking for that hothead, Christopher Sipes' wife.
Manny didn't tell you? All that went away.
Ol' hothead phoned this morning.
Turns out the wife's okay.
She called him last night from a resort in Ixtapa, Mexico.
Just felt the two of them needed a little break.
Are you saying that this woman left the country without telling her husband? That so hard to believe? You met the guy.
Frankly, I think she showed remarkable restraint by staying in the same hemisphere.
Hello? I'm home.
It's about time.
Your dinner's in the fridge.
Ah Where've you been? I was about to send out the Phoenix Mounties.
Mm, bookstore.
(drop keys on table) Who went to the Grand Canyon? Nobody we know.
"I have your daughter.
"I will return her in exchange for $2 million.
Contact the police and she will die.
" (shudders) Yeah, ransom note.
Pretty cute, huh? Bethany Simmons' kidnapper sent this note to her parents.
The police recovered a partial fingerprint, but they could never figure out who it belonged to.
So he just got away with $2 million? Yup.
What did you get, a set of encyclopedias? What's with all these books on San Diego? I met my new boss today.
What do you want me to say? Well, I don't know, Allison.
What do you want me to say? A guy offers me a job doing something that I desperately want to do at a time in history when no one, no one is getting offered any kind of a job.
And, yeah, holy crap, there's a little, you know, there's some inconvenience and there's, you know, some sacrifice involved.
No, you're right, you're right.
All right, you know, I'm sorry I brought it up.
Come on, that's not fair.
I mean, Ariel's going to be a junior next year.
She's going to be she's going to be applying for college in two years.
Okay, you're not saying anything that I didn't say.
And, you know, I have a job, too.
Do you think I forgot? He said he'd help with that.
(laughs incredulously) Uh-huh.
That's what I did.
I just I don't think that we can just say "no.
" I mean, it might be a beautiful, grand, wonderful adventure.
New house.
New climate.
New friends.
There are worse things.
I hear that.
I just I want you to sleep on it.
I mean, I want to sleep on it.
That's right, Mr.
Devalos, I, uh, I just got off the phone with her.
What did she say? Um She said that she needed a little bit of time to think about us, think about our marriage.
I don't know.
My head is spinning.
I'm upset.
I'm embarrassed.
I know, I made an ass of myself in your office.
No, no.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
I apologize.
I guess the important thing is, um my wife's just fine.
(gasps) Wait a second.
Now you're telling me that Christopher Sipes' wife, Amy, has been kidnapped? Yes, sir.
And I'm almost certain that she was taken by the same man who abducted Bethany Simmons 11 years ago.
The ransom note is almost identical to this one.
And not only that.
I think that the kidnapper may have recently crossed paths with Bethany Simmons.
I think he recognized her.
And I think he did something terrible to her.
Well, this is all very interesting, Allison, except for one thing.
Christopher Sipes has never contacted us about any kidnapping.
Of course not.
He's afraid to.
Read that card again.
"Contact the police and she will die.
" SIPES: This is ridiculous.
Amy is fine.
I discussed this with you yesterday.
She's-she's in Mexico.
And we heard you, but if, by chance, she wasn't fine, if, by chance, there was something else going on Well, there's nothing else going on, other than she's looking for a little bit of peace, little bit of solitude.
Then would you mind terribly if we contacted her, just to confirm that? Yeah.
In fact, I would.
The woman wants to be left alone.
She's trying to decide whether or not she wants to be married to me, all right? So, I think you two would understand that I don't want to upset her.
I don't want to jeopardize that.
If you'd like, when she get back, I'll have her call your office.
So Unless there's anying else, you guys Actually, there is.
We don't believe that your wife is spending time alone.
We think she may have been abducted.
We think the man who took her may have kidnapped someone else.
Sipes, if you won't involve the authorities with your wife's case, then it's far less likely we'll ever know what happened to this other victim.
I'm sorry to hear that, but what do you want me to say? My wife is not missing.
So there's no case in which to involve you.
(TV playing indistinctly) Hey.
I'm home.
You want to hear something weird? I want to the pizza store and they were all out of pizza.
He gave me this empty pizza box to take home so I would stop crying.
(gasping) Look, he tricked me! That's not funny.
Bad Mommy, right? Oh.
Ooh, bad Mommy! Uh-uh.
Hey, honey, where's Ariel and your daddy? Well, Ariel's in her room, and well, Daddy's packing for California.
Daddy's going to California? California? I thought we had this conversation.
Well, we said we'd sleep on it, right? Okay, so how did you sleep? I slept pretty soundly, actually pretty good.
I woke up pretty much convinced it didn't make a lot of sense to work for a company that was based in San Diego.
I mean, not if they were going to make me work there, too.
You know? 'Cause we got our roots here and the kids and the family and your job and all that, so Okay, that's kind of how I slept, too.
So why are you going to California? 'Cause this guy Simon Burwell called me.
I guess he didn't sleep as soundly as we did.
Well, he didn't call.
His office called.
I guess he's, you know, he's got a propositionor me.
He wants to buy me lunch tomorrow in San Diego.
He sent meyou know, a first- class ticket and everything.
Okay, but if you're not interested See, that is the difference between you and me.
See, I suspect a lot, but I know very little.
It's just a proposition.
I mean, there are almost, like, no jobs out there.
How do I how do I not even listen to this guy? I made it very clear that this family is not moving.
Okay, so, just let him woo you over the phone.
The whole trip is going to take, like, six hours.
I'll be home before dinner.
Speaking of whh It's in the kitchen.
It's the round thing in the square box.
My favorite.
"I buried your wife an hour ago.
She has approximately five minutes of air left.
" (gun cocking) Look, I don't I don't understand.
I did what you said.
I brought the money.
(gasping) (doorbell ringing) What the hell are you doing here? I'm sorry.
I just had to make sure I got to you before you left.
Left? Left for where? To pay the ransom.
You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Mr.
Sipes? Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do? I know who you say you are.
I know what you purport to be.
I already saw everything that's going to happen.
The spot in the desert where it all takes place.
The two green duffle bags that you're going to use to carry the money.
The kidnapper is going to double-cross you.
When you give him those bags, he's going to shoot you.
And he's going to leave your wife there to die.
Please, let me help you.
Call my boss.
Tell him everything you know.
Do you know what I do for a living, Mrs.
Dubois? I buy and I sell real estate.
I do it without lawyers, without bankers, without brokers.
Just me.
Staring into the eyes of whoever it is I'm doing business with.
And that's what got me here.
Now, I'm not admitting that someone has taken my wife.
But if someone ever did I'd look them in the eye, ask them what they wanted, then make the best damn deal that I could.
Now, maybe they'd shoot me but I doubt it.
It's bad business.
There'no upside.
But you wouldn't understand that.
That's why I live in this big house and you drive that piece of crap that you do.
Now, get off of my front porch.
(ringtone playing) Hello? AUTOMATED VOICE: You have a collect call from an inmate at the Arizona State Women's Correctional Facility.
To accept the call, please press "one.
" CYNTHIA: She called! Bethany? Yeah.
She called.
Her parole officer gave her the message and she called.
You're kidding.
What did she say? Where has she been? Off the wagon, doing drugs, worse.
She wanted me to know she was on top of it.
She started meetings yesterday.
She's 24 hours clean and sober and she sounded pretty positive.
Well, that's great.
I told her that, um, if she, uh, you know, felt like coming by, I'd like to see her.
And, um, same goes for you, if, you know, you'd like to drop by and visit.
Of course.
I got to go.
Oh, Cynthia.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, okay.
Am I late? No, no.
No, you're early.
Oh, good.
I'm just earlier.
Please call me Simon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Did I mention the ocean? I just, uh Oh, God.
I don't know how I'm going to make this work.
It's a family thing, right? Yeah.
Moving? I get that.
I just You know, I really hate the idea of doing this without you.
I don't know what to tell you.
All right.
We're engineers.
We're supposed to be problem solvers.
Solution brokers.
Let me let me hit you with a potential solution.
All right? You tell me what you think.
Don't leave Phoenix.
My God, you're a genius.
Yeah, hold that thought.
What I meant to say was, um Don't have your family leave Phoenix.
You know, they stay put.
You come here.
Like you did today.
You get on a plane.
You do your work.
Finish your work.
You get back on a plane.
So, I would work here for, like, five days a week? Yeah.
A lot of people do it.
Yeah, I know.
I know a lot of people do it.
I just I don't think that I could.
Being a husband and a father, you know, just for weekends, I don't think that's going to work for us.
I don't think that's going to work for me.
All right.
Let me reengineer this.
What if I said I want you in San Diego three days a week? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Then Monday, Friday you stay in Phoenix, telecommute from home.
Tesseract will pay all your travel, set you up with an apartment here.
And that way, you see your kids.
See your wife.
And you get to finish what you started.
And And I will still throw in the ocean.
(door opening) JOE: I'm home! Daddy's home! Hey.
I told you I would be home before dinner.
Hey, what's in the bag? What's in the bag? Oh, oh, oh San Diego? I got one for everyone.
(dog barking) You have to admit, this man is twisting himself into a pretzel to make this thing work.
Okay, I admit it.
Do I have to like it, too? Allison, this is a chance for me to see this thing through.
To its completion.
And this means everything to me.
No, I know that.
This could mean everything to our future.
And it's a chance for me to keep working.
I don't think you understand how bleak it is out there.
No, I do.
Okay, then.
Well, tell me that you're okay with this.
I'm okay with this.
Really? 'Cause you don't look okay, Allison.
I mean, I really I don't think that you truly understand.
I understand.
I understand.
Three nights and three days, each and every week, you're not going to be here.
And it's It's not that I'm afraid that my life is going to get that much harder.
I'm just sad about all the things you're going to miss.
The homework you're not going to be able to help with.
The tucking in, the kisses good night you're not going to be able to give them.
But I get it.
I get all the rest of it.
You have a dream.
We got a mortgage to pay.
I get that.
And even though I'm sad for them, and I'm sad for me, I really am happy for you.
You just can't see that.
Or maybe I can't show that to you right now, and I'm sorry about that.
Are you awake? (quietly): N No.
(sighs) I'll miss you.
I already miss you.
Well, that's your own fault-- I haven't even left yet, and you're already acting like I'm gone.
Shut up.
(grunts) (chuckles) We'll tell the kids in the morning? Tell the kids in the morning.
And it's good news, right? Not the going-away part, but the job part.
Seeing something through till its finished part.
It's good news.
So, what happened with the girl, the missing girl? Did you find her? Do you really care? Yeah, I care-- I mean, I care about you, so yeah.
I I care.
Well, turns out she never really was missing.
(laughs): I was wrong.
Seems like I'm wrong about so many things lately.
Hey, hey.
You all right? You look like you just saw a ghost.
You ever get that thing, um where you see somebody really familiar? For a second there in the dark you just looked like someone I used to know.
Somebody you like? Yeah.
It was a long time ago, though.
I'm sure he wouldn't recognize me now.
Yeah, I liked him.
I'm sure I'll probably like you, too.
Oh, I'm certain of it.
You know, seeing you like that, all wet, it's kind of sexy.
I was thinking I might need a shower, and a big, strong man to soap me up.
Let's do it.
How about you run on in there and get the water going, I'll be right behind you.
(shower running) (shower turns off) (shower running) (laughs softly) Christopher Dennis Sipes.
(gasps softly) Would you just give me a second? Hey, Allison.
What's with the armed escort? They're for you.
So's this.
(unzips bag) Clothes? Cynthia, the dream I told you about, it happened.
Bethany crossed paths with the man who kidnapped her.
Only he didn't recognize her; she recognized him.
Allison, calm down.
I told you, she called, she's fine.
No, Cynthia, she is not fine.
She's in real trouble.
The reason that she called you is, she wanted you to stop asking people where she was.
She didn't want anyone to know.
Know? Know what? That she had decided to get even.
She got his name and address.
She kidnapped his wife.
Cynthia, once this man, Christopher Sipes, makes that ransom drop, Bethany plans on shooting him and leaving his wife to die in a shallow grave.
I saw it, Cynthia.
Look, I'm worried that he has already gone to make the drop.
It-it's the perfect revenge.
She even has Sipes making the drop at the exact same place where he buried her, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere.
And no one who worked the original case knows exactly where that was.
No one really knows.
Except Bethany.
And you.
(shovel digging) (bird cawing) (birds chirping) CYNTHIA: Bethany.
(bird cawing) (laughs quietly): Well long time, no see.
Didn't I just call you in prison? What the hell are you doing here? I had a pang of nostalgia.
I told the police I'd be able to lead them to a scene of a kidnapping.
I told them that, uh, I could get the kidnapper to come with me quietly, stop her from making a terrible mistake.
(bird screeches in distance) Come on, Bethany.
You're many things, but you're not stupid.
They've got sharpshooters all around here, behind every rock, just waiting for an opportunity to pull the trigger.
It's a win-win situation for them.
As far as they're concerned, you've buried a woman alive.
But we know that's not true, don't we? We know you'd never let that happen, not after what happened to you.
So give me the gun.
Give me the gun and tell me where the lady is.
Why are you doing this? You know that he deserves to die.
Yes, and he will.
But not by your hand.
(cocks hammer) You know when I shot my daughter's killer, I was so certain of what I was doing.
But I was walking around with this big hole inside me.
And I thought if I killed her, it would all just go away.
But you know what? (whispers): I still miss my daughter every day.
And I've still got this hole inside me.
Now give me that gun, Bethany.
What about Sipes? What happens to him? Oh, he'll get what he deserves.
You know, he left a fingerprint on that ransom note that he sent to your parents, and we can match that bite mark on his hand to your teeth.
It's all over for him.
He already took your mother and your father.
Don't give him you, too.
(whispers): That's right.
That's my girl.
(sniffling) Good girl.
(sirens wailing in distance) Good girl.
(birds chirping) (indistinct radio transmission) ALLISON: Well, they just found Amy Sipes.
She was groggy, but she was stilalive.
She was exactly where Bethany said she'd be.
I knew Bethany couldn't hurt her.
Well, there's my ride.
Oh Thanks.
No, thank you for for doing this.
You have a parole hearing coming up soon.
My first.
Well, my boss wants to go.
He wants to speak on your behalf to tell the board about everything you did here.
If that's okay.
Tell him to come on by if he wants to discuss it.
Make sure he brings you with him.