Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Destiny of 31.5 Degree!

Did you know?
Know what?
Did you know too,
but not look for me
like everyone else here?
When I was missing
what were you doing?
You think you have the right to ask?
You're the one who disappeared!
What should I have done?
I felt as if I'd been walled in.
Have you ever thought about
how I felt when that happened?
How I lived for 20 years,
how much I waited.
Have you considered how I felt,
suddenly left alone?
Some days,
I'd wait for a report that you'd survived.
Some days, for a news flash
saying you were abroad.
That's why I stayed in the newsroom, but
A year passed, and I heard nothing.
Then two and three years
But I thought at least you
would look for me.
do you know what shocked me the most
when I read the police case file?
The fact that you said nothing
about the cryogenic project
when you talked to them.
Shouldn't you at least
have been different?
Shouldn't you have been different
from the others here?
I kept my mouth shut
as if I didn't know you'd gone missing.
I did that.
And I spent the next 20 years
burdened with the guilt!
Do you think I spent a day in peace?
I even thought I'd feel better
if I read a report that you'd died!
are you disappointed I'm back alive?
I was wrong.
No one put me up to it.
I did it voluntarily,
so I shouldn't take it out on you.
Let's forget about it.
What do you want me to do?
What can I do
to stop you from being angry?
Why do you think I'm still unwed?
Be sure to come back alive.
From that experiment.
This is madness.
Gosh, it's hot.
What on earth
am I even doing?
It's so hot.
What? She wants us to give her a job?
She'll want us to marry her off next.
That's gross. Stop biting your nails.
I mean, once you start to indulge her,
there will be no end.
You saw her demand 70 billion won.
I haven't seen a psycho like her
in a long time.
But don't you think if we give her a job,
she might forget about the 70 billion won?
What do you think, Dong-chan?
Joining a broadcasting station is no joke.
Do you think
Ko stands a chance at passing the tests?
Every step would require corruption.
-That's right.
-You bet.
Not only does it mean robbing
someone qualified of the opportunity,
it also goes against
what we all believe in.
On top of that,
if we see her here every day,
dealing with her
will become even more complicated.
-That's so right.
So we should say no.
We should be fair and follow the rules.
I'll convince her.
-Will she be convinced?
-Of course not.
angry Ko Mi-ran will act out,
and chaos will ensue.
But nothing so bad will happen.
She'll send a legal document
demanding 70 billion won
and give an interview
to every media outlet.
"I was in a cryogenic capsule
for 20 years.
The broadcasting station TBO
did nothing but cover it up."
Plus, each time she fails to get a job,
she'll curse us
for putting her in that situation.
She'll continuously apply
for at least two years,
and each time, she'll express her anger
at every domestic media outlet.
Oh, right. She studied Chinese literature.
China's People's Daily
Hyun-ki, do they still publish that paper?
Anyway, it's clear as day
that she'll talk endlessly
to such Chinese papers.
Based on what she's like,
she'll even appear on TV.
If she does,
the chaos will start from China.
That shouldn't be a big deal.
I'll talk to her in person.
Why the shocked faces?
It's as if you didn't see that coming.
So you want me to do
a three-month internship
so you can see how things go.
That's it, isn't it?
It's not to see how things go.
You haven't graduated yet.
You can study and work at the same time.
I'm saying you should
weigh things up carefully.
Whether working at
a broadcasting station would suit you,
you need to figure that out.
Okay then.
I'll do as you say.
what do you want to do here?
Direct a variety show.
Why that of all things?
A certain variety show director
ruined my life.
Let's call it my own way
of overcoming a trauma.
I'll take it head-on.
I see.
Okay. Give it a go.
See if the trauma goes away or gets worse.
Don't you think I'd be so good at it?
Not at all.
Bring me proposals
for three new variety shows.
You can do that, right?
No, you must do it.
Of course.
Three ideas is a piece of cake.
Anything else?
All right. Be sure the cake's edible.
It's your first step as an intern.
Okay. Leave it to me.
Do you feel pain or anything?
I feel very hot.
I can't sleep without an electric fan,
and I struggle when I feel hot.
Listen carefully
to what I say.
When we thawed, our body temp
went down to 31.5 degrees.
If we don't maintain that temperature,
it's dangerous.
To solve the problem,
Doctor Hwang must recover his memory.
Because of the cold-active protein,
if our body temp goes up
it could be deadly.
must we live like this forever?
I'll do what I can.
Until Doctor Hwang regains his memories,
be careful.
I'm sorry.
You should be careful too.
I mean, think about it.
What did we do so terribly wrong?
I grabbed him by the collar
and told him not to do
the cryogenic project.
-You remember, don't you?
-You did that.
But he stubbornly insisted on doing it,
and it led to this.
So why should I tiptoe around him,
stay up at night
and suffer in torment?
I think it's because I feel
overly guilty for what I did.
Mr. Kim.
The core of the problem,
the actual thing that we both did wrong
is not that.
The core? What problem?
We kept it secret.
When Dong-chan went missing,
we covered it up to save our skin.
I was such a coward.
But even if I were to go back in time,
I'd do the same thing.
Me too.
In any case, if the urban legend is true,
how could he look the same
when he reappeared after 20 years?
He was born in 1968.
Is that why our chief
What on earth is going on?
He looks even more awesome
now that there's a story attached to him.
It's broken
because the condenser was overloaded.
The motor's gone too.
Oh dear.
What's all this?
Don't you think
something's wrong with Mi-ran?
There's no way she'd be normal.
I should go get
some herbal tonics for her.
Her hands and feet are cold as ice,
and it upsets me so much.
By the way, about the man
who got frozen with Mi-ran
The director?
Yes. I think we should see his parents.
Shouldn't we discuss this with them?
What's the point in doing that?
If they realize
we knew about it and kept quiet,
they'll froth at the mouth.
We had no choice back then.
I'm sure they'll understand.
Besides, their son planned the experiment.
If anyone should be angry,
it should be us.
You have a point.
Do you know where the director lives?
Darn it.
-My gosh.
Are you going to work?
Yes, ma'am. I mean, yes.
You're not the same.
You're somewhat different.
Can you please stop drinking?
It could kill you.
He's so rude.
Dong-chan left for work?
Do you still think he's our older brother?
How about we test his DNA?
Dong-ju, will you please get it together?
And stop drinking for God's sake!
-What's he doing?
-No idea.
Did he catch on?
He's on our tail.
What's he up to?
Oh, my gosh.
That was scary.
-You followed me, right?
-You did.
-We didn't.
Then why aren't you angry
that I got in your way?
-I'm about to get angry.
-I see.
-Are you a journalist?
Then why would you follow me?
I told you, we weren't following you.
You're pretty rude for a young man.
"Bubble Bubble Laundry"?
-Are you making a delivery?
-That's right.
We're making a delivery.
-Where's the laundry?
-We dropped it off.
Then why tail me?
I have no laundry for you.
I said we didn't tail you.
Don't make me angry.
My patience has limits.
Where have you been then?
Here and there.
You care too much about our business.
Why do I see the store name
but no phone number?
Darn it.
-What's your problem?
-Are you thugs?
How old are you to speak so rudely?
Would you respect me if I were older?
Show your ID, you b.
You first, Bubble Bubble.
-You first.
-You first, Bubble, darn it.
Here. Look.
DOB 850311
Now let's see yours.
"Kim Sung-doo, 850311-1726503".
If we meet again, you go to prison.
How are you so old?
Stuff just happened. Go on your way.
Mr. Client.
Stuff happened.
The director noticed us tailing him.
And the guy turned out to be 52 years old.
I had the fright of a lifetime.
It's so unreal, my sanity took a hit.
We can't leave it to some lame thugs.
Some better men
We can't make a big deal of it.
We want him to think nothing of it
so he doesn't get suspicious.
Instead of looking for Doctor Hwang,
CEO Lee Seok-du
Director Lee Seok-du,
it might be quicker to find his capsule.
Whether we find and kill Doctor Hwang
or find and smash the capsule,
our purpose is the same.
We'll get something
if we torture the director.
The fact is
someone out there woke him up.
I was tailed.
Are you sure?
This place might not be safe then.
Where is Doctor Hwang?
He's in the lab.
It's dangerous to keep him here.
I agree.
It would be safer to take him
where no one would expect him to be.
It has been 20 years,
so not many will recognize him.
Do you know of such a place?
Who are you?
You should have
told us about it back then.
You knew they were alive!
My husband, Dong-chan's dad,
he ended up dying of a stroke.
We didn't care about money anymore.
We got through each day like zombies.
You knew your daughter was alive,
so you must've lived with hope.
We did not know she was alive.
She was lying in a cold freezer,
and we didn't know
if she was dead or alive.
Do you think we enjoyed living?
You at least got to see her lying there!
You had hope!
We were told not to tell anyone.
That we'd all die if we did.
It's not ideal to get into
who's responsible now,
but if we must,
if it hadn't been for your son,
Mi-ran wouldn't have taken part in it.
What, sir?
You didn't have to say that.
I'm not wrong, am I?
Did my brother freeze her
against her will?
Your daughter walked in there for money!
Stop it, Dong-ju.
Did my brother shoot her
with a tranquilizer dart or something?
What? A tranquilizer dart?
How could you say that?
I saw your car.
It's a pretty fancy one.
We lost everything! We have nothing!
Stop it, Dong-ju. That's embarrassing.
My God.
We're not that badly off.
To be honest, back in the day,
we were pretty rich. Yes.
What happened to you
isn't our Mi-ran's fault.
If you'd told us our brother was alive,
we wouldn't have lived the way we did.
Think about it.
You knew your daughter was alive,
so with that hope,
you saved money and became rich.
We thought Dong-chan was dead,
so we fell into despair
and lost everything.
This is the drastic difference
between hope and despair.
Gosh. My older sister
said the right thing
for the first time in 50 years.
We came here
so we could come up with a solution.
Our daughter and your son
are in the same boat.
So shouldn't we discuss
this issue together?
Our Mi-ran.
I don't think she's physically normal.
It's all because of that crazy doctor.
It's that fool's fault.
If that fool shows himself,
you'll see what I become.
I bet you'll all be shocked.
Mom, stop it.
The doctor's the one who got him out.
He shouldn't have put Dong-chan in there
in the first place!
I will make him pay for what he did too.
I really can't forgive him.
Who's he?
It's the first week,
so lots of students dropped out.
That's always the case with you.
You, Mr. TA.
How about some consideration?
I get hurt too.
Don't assume that men like me
who have everything don't get hurt.
I apologize.
Ko Mi-ran.
What's the matter?
Yes, Professor?
Can you go to that student
and ask who her mother is?
Would that be too rude?
Then ask her
if her mother's name is Ko Mi-ran.
-Ko Mi-ran?
-You'll lose her. Go.
Excuse me.
What did she say? Did you ask?
Yes. She said she's Ko Mi-ran,
not her mom.
What is this?
What on earth is going on?
Is she a time traveler?
a reincarnation?
Mi-ran. To see me again, did you
Get up.
I was reincarnated because of you.
Just to see you again.
I'm not worth it!
You should've forgotten
a good-for-nothing like me.
Why would you go through
such an arduous life again for me?
You don't know when to give up.
Do you like me that much?
Even if I'm born again, I will love
only you.
General Mi-ran!
She's frozen stiff.
You're so hard!
Ko Mi-ran!
What's wrong with him?
So many students dropped his class.
He must be in shock.
He was walking just fine.
It's not the first time
students have dropped his class.
Why make a fuss now?
Who was it?
My husband's TA.
He fainted on campus.
I can't believe this.
He ruined his pants
and needs another pair.
They got ruined when he fainted?
Did he wet himself?
I don't know.
You should've asked why he fainted.
He has a heart condition.
I know what happened.
Why bother with the cause?
How do you not have
a single drop of humanity?
So he's alive?
I guess so.
No one told me to come to a funeral home.
Are you upset he didn't die?
Why stay with him?
He's been taking tonics
because he's been seeing things lately.
I say he fainted
due to medication abuse.
He has a drawer full of mysterious pills.
Mi-ran's back in school.
They might run into each other.
It's the same campus.
He goes by a new name now,
and he got cosmetic surgery,
so he looks different.
Mi-ran won't recognize him, but Byung-shim
will recognize her right away.
Oh, no. That's bad.
Byung-shim might have a heart attack.
Why didn't I think of that?
Speaking of which,
how about we go to the campus?
What for?
Your husband fainted.
It's an excuse.
I'm not a doctor. Why make a hut call?
It's "house call."
You visit patients at their house,
not a hut.
You're so ignorant.
I saw that online.
Isn't that a real rarity?
She must be into retro.
I think I saw you at the psychology class.
Did you drop it?
Yes. It was so boring,
I couldn't stand it. You too?
Well, yes.
This is great. I hope we can be friends.
Anyway, who should lead our group?
The oldest?
Were you born in 1996?
Just treat me like a friend.
Shall we exchange numbers first?
Let's talk in a group chat room.
And discuss assignments too.
But my phone limits
the type of messages I can get.
If you tell me where the room is,
I'll come right over.
But do we have to rent a room?
Oh, my gosh.
-Oh dear.
-You old fool.
Now, now.
As Director Ma said,
he must recover his memories
to make the cure
and come up with a solution.
If we must kill him,
let's do so after his memory returns.
We don't have room for this old man.
Then we'll take him in.
What on earth are you saying?
We should beat him to a pulp,
not take him in!
-Oh dear.
-What then?
What if he ends up dying?
You're all so dreadfully rude
when I'm sitting right before you.
-Oh, my gosh.
-What the heck?
-I can't stand this.
Let's do this then.
We take him at night,
and he stays here during the day.
Director Ma asked you to help out.
How can we let him stay here
when he's half out of his mind?
Mom, say we'll do it.
Sometimes even dog poop comes in handy.
I'm sorry, Dong-chan.
But we had no choice.
You'd have done the same if you were me.
Yes. Let's say I searched for you
as you say.
What would've changed if I had found you?
The doctor had died, and there was
no researcher to defrost you.
So? You didn't look for me
because that worried you?
Good grief.
I'll take responsibility for what I did,
and you for what you did.
Let's sort this out.
Wait. Sit back down.
Sit down. Please.
There are so many people involved in this,
like a long vine.
Assemblyman Kim Ji-seok
who's serving his second term now,
he made the final call back then.
You know he was the CEO.
He'd always wanted to get into politics.
His dream came true.
All the high-ups
at all the media outlets agreed
that we should cover up that incident.
Even the chiefs and CEOs of all
So what?
What's your point?
Don't make things worse.
It won't be good for you too.
Why don't you see
that kind of threat doesn't work on me?
Hong-seok. No, boss.
Have you forgotten what I'm like?
Forget all about the past
and start over.
We'll make it up to you somehow.
your outstanding salary
for the past 20 years will be calculated
and paid in full.
Plus, there'll be a 500 million won
one-off compensation benefit.
Put together, that will amount to a lot.
This is my car.
The broadcasting station
provides me with a car and driver.
I don't need this car.
So you can drive it.
The whole country's talking about you.
"The director that disappeared
20 years ago has returned.
Where was he and what did he do?"
I have a feeling
it might become a disaster.
What do you want me to do?
What's the condition?
Why would you use that word
when we're so close?
What I need you to do
is to have an interview with Newsline
and say this yourself.
"I got bored sick
of the same old variety show formats,
so I left broadcasting.
The executives
refused to accept my resignation,
so I left irresponsibly,
and for that I apologize."
Something along those lines.
Why should I do that?
Why would I tell such a lie?
Hey. You need to think of your future.
Darn it. What a joke.
Think of your mother.
Your family.
How much longer must they all work
at a restaurant grilling chicken ribs?
You need to face reality.
They don't sell chicken ribs.
They sell pork ribs.
What the
It should be
"Engine start."
Please insert card.
What's the '96 girl doing?
Why won't this go in?
What do you want?
Where are you?
Car What country?
No, I wasn't talking to you, Director.
-The carbonara.
-I'm at my college cafeteria.
Then I'll come to your school. Wait there.
Thank you.
Oh, not you, Director.
You're handsome and so kind too.
Not you, Director.
I ordered it because it had a weird name,
and it's just as greasy as it sounds.
I know it's rude to ask this, but
Are you
from North Korea?
This is your last semester, right?
You must be worried about getting a job.
I might get an internship
at a broadcasting station. At TBO.
For real?
It's really hard to get a job there.
Good luck.
You study Journalism and PR, right?
In my time, that was called
Newspaper and Broadcasting.
I see.
When our professor was studying here,
it was called that.
How is that in your time?
I think she's weird.
There's something about her.
Every prop looks so real.
You can speak freely with us.
If you were born in 1996,
you're four years older than me.
-Can I?
-Sure you can. Speak freely.
Okay, then. I'll really do that, okay?
To celebrate this moment,
can I have some of your bibimbap?
I can't stomach this. It's too greasy.
Better yet, let's just swap.
How nice of you.
What's your name again?
It's Hwang Ji-hoon.
I'm Baek Young-jun.
How are you so kind, Ji-hoon?
Your parents must've loved you lots.
How did you get it so perfectly
You moron.
What is she so happy about?
Can you spare me some time, Ms. Ko?
I'll text you. About the group assignment.
Sure. I'll wait for the text.
Okay, Mi-ran.
"Sure. I'll wait for the text."
-What year are they?
-Freshmen. Aren't they cute?
They are. But aren't they
young enough to be your son?
What are you saying?
I'm still 24 years old.
Don't add on the 20 years
I didn't get to live.
If you put it that way, you're
Ma Dong-chan?
Yes. Do I know you?
You majored in Newspaper and Broadcasting
from 1987, right?
I'm Seo Yoon-seok. Don't you remember me?
Not really.
It's great to see you, buddy!
Hey, don't.
There are people watching.
Can you get off me?
Hi again.
I saw you in the news. The director
who reappeared after 20 years.
My gosh. How do you look just the same?
How is that possible?
Well, stuff happened, you see.
How have you been? Are you married?
I got married then divorced.
Then I got remarried.
I see. You were busy then.
I had a full life.
I'm a grandpa now.
I married young the first time.
I see.
I have a lecture right now.
Let's meet up soon.
And you should come to the reunions too.
Sure, I will.
-Don't forget your bag.
See you.
It's just so weird.
Can a human being not change at all?
What the heck was that?
You studied here too?
Don't you remember I said
I was paying you extra because of it?
I don't remember.
I wonder if it's still here.
The Bench of Remorse.
No. I think it was this way.
We should accept the new culture
and live a more decent life.
Let's do that.
Are the proposals getting anywhere?
You bet they are.
When shall we have our first meeting?
I'm done for the day.
-Do you have the proposals?
You finished them already?
I told you it was a piece of cake.
Where? On campus?
My friends are here.
Then come to the TV station later.
You should meet my friends.
-What for?
-Come on.
My friends are real pretty.
Let's go.
They're my friends from college.
Oh, okay. Nice to meet you.
Hello. I'm Oh Young-sun.
Hello. I'm Kyung-ja Park. Park Kyung-ja.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Yes, hi.
I have a lot to do. I must dash.
Have a good time.
Hey, nice.
The license plate's a fake
with zero results.
I ran the resident registration number,
and he's a thug from a temp agency.
He has two priors of a similar kind.
They could have something to do
with the doctor's accident. Or maybe not.
Okay. Have a good one, Dong-chan.
I have to drive to the scene.
I can't drink.
Can't you get promoted?
You still work in the field?
Will you stop it?
Dong-chan's back now.
I'm sick of living.
I should be saying that.
What is the matter with you two?
Why did you get divorced
if you were going to meet this often?
Just get back together.
Young-tak, will you please take her back?
How could you say something that dreadful?
I left so I could live in comfort.
My gosh.
I'm finally living in peace,
so don't say something so terrifying.
Quit yapping like that
before I flip the table!
I told you not to speak your mind
in front of me.
I told you to stop after 20%!
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know who's with us right now?
Do you know Doctor Hwang?
Who experimented on Dong-chan?
He's here.
I gave you the onions hours ago,
and you're still peeling them?
Tears keep falling.
I can't peel them.
Oh, my gosh.
That's why you got divorced?
Yes. The fool had an affair
with a woman half his age.
She was just 24.
I'd had enough of it.
My eyesight's got worse.
I can't read small writing.
I can't thread a needle too.
Take supplements.
Okay, I will.
Hey. Do you know who she married?
I bet you'll faint with shock.
Who did you marry?
What? I left the pants with your TA.
What does your low blood pressure
have to do with me?
Don't you dare faint in the street again.
I'll dump you in the sewer if you do.
Shut up!
Who was that? Your son?
My husband.
No way.
Why would you yell
at your husband like that?
Did he commit a crime or something?
I know, right?
He's a troublemaking loser.
You can't yell at a husband with a low BP
who fainted in the street.
Be nice to him.
If I think about
how this guy ruined my life
Goodness. She ended up marrying
I guess we all lose our minds
once in a while.
I have a dark past too
that I call Hwang Byung-shim.
Even now, when I think about him,
I'm convinced he was a total psycho.
I pity his wife
more than anyone in the world.
So you should
treat your husband nicely.
You're better off than Byung-shim's wife.
By the way,
can you teach me how to use a phone?
Boss, I don't like this.
He caught us once already.
Aren't we going too far
by tailing him again?
You fight fire with fire.
He's let his guard down
because he caught us once before.
He'd never imagine
we'd be back on his tail.
Human beings should use
the brain they're given.
By the way, is he really 52 years old?
That's what's so fascinating.
I saw him up close,
and his skin was so smooth,
a fly that landed would slide off.
Anyway, what exactly do we have to do?
What's our task?
How many times must I explain, birdbrain?
We must grab him
and find out where Doctor Hwang is.
Who is that Doctor Hwang?
My goodness How would I know that?
It's the client's secret. Do you know?
Darn you.
Why did that fool go into a bookstore?
To buy books. Why else?
-You think?
You're getting on my nerves.
Do you want a beating?
He's come out.
Let's follow him. Keep it smooth.
-Thanks. Be in touch.
-Okay. Bye.
-Take care.
We should keep it secret
for a while, right?
That I married Byung-shim.
I think so.
I'm at the broadcasting station.
It's so cute.
I've been waiting
and was about to give up and leave.
What's this about?
The CEO filled me in.
It's today's evening news.
Are you sure you can do it?
It's the best for everyone,
so I should do it.
Are you busy tomorrow?
Let's have dinner together.
I don't think I can.
I plan to go home early
for the time being.
To get closer to my family.
Hey, Director.
Did you see this?
This is really fascinating.
If you press this, you can buy things,
and this app translates stuff for you.
And this
Let's see your proposals.
The proposals are a failure.
But you get the internship.
What kind of corruption is that?
I want both passes.
Are variety shows a joke to you?
No, but variety shows
should be funny like one.
What I'm saying is,
a proposal for a variety show
can't be made in just one day.
Why do I get the internship then?
I think highly
of your quick thinking and spirit.
By the way,
why are you suddenly talking down to me?
What did I tell you?
You got the internship.
-What does that mean?
It means you work for me.
And you're much younger than me.
I can't teach you the ropes
while talking to you so politely.
Point taken and understood.
I'll give you a week
to work on this again.
-Yes, sir.
-Let's go.
To where?
Doctor Hwang's at my place.
Let's leave so I can tell you.
I'll explain in the car on the way.
You see,
our families decided he stays with mine
during the day and with yours at night.
At my place at night?
But why at my place at night?
You walk too fast.
Director. Can't you tell me now?
Who said you could have it?
Director, phones give directions too
these days.
It's you again?
Do you know him?
Why did they take our phones?
I've taken lots of photos.
Because we might call the police.
By the way,
why did they lock us
in a freezer truck of all things?
I know.
I think they're incredibly stupid.
Mr. Client?
I'll call you back in ten minutes.
I'll send you Doctor Hwang's whereabouts
alongside my account details.
Yes, sure.
How long has it been?
Thirty-five minutes.
I hope they didn't freeze to death.
We don't want that, do we?
Let's go to a blind spot
with no Wi-Fi or traffic cameras.
-Be quick.
-Yes, boss.
Darn it. I'm starving.
Shall we eat that?
-It's beef tartare in its true form.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, dear.
Hope they're not dead.
My gosh, it's so cold.
What? Why do you still look so fine?
I don't know where Doctor Hwang is.
Look up old articles. He's dead.
I don't know about the dead Doctor Hwang.
Tell me where the living Doctor Hwang is.
Where's Doctor Hwang?
We don't know!
Don't talk like that when we just met!
How dare you yell at me?
You have the wrong mindset for a hostage.
-I ought to
Are you wearing a wig?
You are. You disguised yourself
so I wouldn't recognize you.
By the way, don't you two feel cold?
What's going on?
Aren't you cold?
I am. And I want to pee too.
She wants to pee.
Let her go. You can talk to me.
-I don't want to.
-Then let me go.
-Just joking.
You can't joke about that.
-You weren't joking, were you?
-I was.
How could you joke when we're kidnapped?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you live life like it's a joke?
Why are you so ticked off?
Can't you express anything but anger?
Why are you always angry?
When was I always angry?
Even if I am,
you're the cause of all my anger.
What? Why would I be the cause of
Tell me.
Where is Doctor Hwang?
-We don't know!
-We don't know!
-Let go!
-Give it back!
Give it back to me!
Give it
Let go!
You bastard
You bastard.
Not my hair!
What? Where did it go?
What the Give it back!
You weren't kidding, were you?
When you asked to be let go.
It was a joke. Come on.
You weren't joking
about the beef tartare, were you?
No, I wasn't.
God Are you an animal?
Having fun?
Bubble Bubble's in the back.
This is a real freezer truck.
There's a phone number on it.
Did you steal it?
I'll report you guys.
I'm a model citizen, you see.
By the way, where are we?
What is this place?
It's too hot.
Hey. Are you all right?
Director. I think it's because
it got hot suddenly.
Ko Mi-ran, wake up!
Ko Mi-ran!
Hey. Stop.
A hospital
Excuse me.
Sorry. Coming through.
Excuse me.
Ko Mi-ran. Wake up!
Don't take her temperature.
Just give her a fever reducer.
Check her temperature, nurse.
No! I'll take the blame for it.
Just give her a fever reducer.
Her temperature can't rise.
So, Ms. Ko, what's your dream?
To solemnly work and make a living.
To earn my keep without being ashamed
of myself and live happily.
I feel very hot.
I can't sleep without an electric fan,
and I struggle when I feel hot.
It's almost time.
You should be on standby.
Good luck.
Will you be okay?
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Newsline, and I'm Na Ha-young.
Here's the first report.
Do you remember
the star director Ma Dong-chan
who disappeared 20 years ago?
There have been many guesses and rumors
as to what happened during that time.
Today, I have Mr. Ma Dong-chan,
the man at the center of it all,
in the studio with me.
He agreed to explain away
all those rumors.
Director Ma.
There's something you wish to say.
Ma Dong-chan,
the world's first cryogenic human.
He stands out even from a distance.
Why act like he wasn't here?
You think he really doesn't know?
How about we run this first?
I'll pull it off on my own
and get a job here as a regular employee.
Have you ever thought why Dong-chan's
protecting the other test subject?
I'll protect her to the end.
I'm partially responsible
for Mi-ran's life.
If you bother Mi-ran once more,
I'll kill you.
Let's start over from then.
We're not done loving each other.
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