Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Captain Korea

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Newsline, and I'm Na Ha-young.
Here's the first report. Do you remember
the star director Ma Dong-chan
who disappeared 20 years ago?
There have been many guesses and rumors
as to what happened during that time.
Today, I have Mr. Ma Dong-chan,
the man at the center of it all,
in the studio with me.
He agreed to explain away
all those rumors.
Director Ma.
There's something you wish to say.
Ma Dong-chan,
the world's first cryogenic human.
In 1999, as a variety show director,
I planned to film
the cryogenic human project
and took part in it myself.
The experiment's planning and execution
was carried out independently by me,
separate from the broadcasting station.
I've proven the cryogenic human project
is no longer a dream but a reality,
because I, the test subject,
woke after 20 years.
But this project requires more research.
There's an unexpected side effect.
-Gosh. My Mi-ran.
-Are you okay?
It's my low body temperature.
A defrosted cryogenic person must maintain
a body temp of 31.5 degrees to live.
So until this project
is a perfect success,
I'll do all I can to the very end.
That's all I can tell you now.
He stands out even from a distance.
Why act like he wasn't here?
Doctor Hwang was looking for a solution.
To return the subject's body temp
to the normal 36.5 degrees.
Did he succeed?
Yes, he did.
The problem is,
only Doctor Hwang knows the solution.
We don't know when he'll regain
his memories. We can't just rely on him.
I'll find another way.
The world's first frozen human being
was resuscitated in South Korea.
This was announced last night
at 9 p.m. Korean time,
from their local station, TBO.
We have a news flash.
In South Korea, a mutant,
an ice man, is said to have appeared.
If I had known of this sooner,
I could have put my father
in a freezer capsule.
Isn't this the guy from yesterday?
I think it's Mi-ran's friend.
-It's the most-searched topic.
-This is so cool.
Ko Mi-ran.
You were frozen too, right?
I knew it.
You participated with him, right?
Shouldn't we present the frozen man issue
to the National Assembly?
The Cheongwadae website crashed.
Shall we have the frozen man
join our party?
He's a pretty face,
and it would improve our party's image.
Chief Secretary.
How about we invite
the TV show director to Cheongwadae?
Any questions about cryogenics
should be directed
to Cho Ki-bum's Cryogenics Lab.
Then due to the death
of Doctor Hwang Gab-soo
who headed the experiment at the time
That's right.
Then the person who thawed Director Ma
after 20 years was you, Doctor Cho?
Yes. After Doctor Hwang's death,
out of a sense of duty
that I had to awaken Mr. Ma,
I strived to continue the research.
It took me 20 years
to come up with the defrosting formula.
I see.
But there's a rumor
that Mr. Ma wasn't the only test subject.
No, there are no others.
Cho Ki-bum.
We must eliminate Cho Ki-bum
who woke up Ma Dong-chan.
Then Lee Seok-du won't be able to wake up.
Yes, sir. This time,
I'll hire professionals.
Wait for the public's interest to dwindle.
Everyone's talking about it now.
Yes, sir.
So the director guy's mom
runs a pork rib restaurant?
Oh, my gosh, welcome
If you feel hungry
Do drop by
You can eat and eat but still eat more
Pork ribs
My elder son is so handsome.
Don't hold back and eat good food
Empty soju bottles on a dream catcher
are a great look.
Aren't they?
Your aunt's full of ideas
and good at recycling trash.
I like pork ribs
I'm happy to eat it as much as I want
It's okay, have some more
For you, I'll give you everything
You're leaving for work late today.
Hey. Are you off to work, Son?
Yes. Anyway, Mom,
what's all the fuss about?
We're making hay while the sun shines.
We must get back on our feet.
Since you were on TV,
sales tripled in one week.
Soon, we can go back to how things were.
I like
Pork ribs
The whole family
likes it
If you sing so loud in the street,
you'll get arrested for being boisterous.
Stop it!
It's okay, have some more
For you
I'll give you everything
Oh, my gosh, welcome
If you feel hungry
You can eat and eat but still eat more
Pork ribs are the very best
When I was missing
did you ever think I was dead, Mom?
Not once.
Maybe you'd been in an accident
and lost your memories.
If that were the case,
you'd go around looking for
your favorite food, pork ribs.
Then maybe,
you'd end up coming to our restaurant.
Is that why you opened this place?
But this place doesn't really suit you,
right, Son?
Thanks, Mom.
Don't say that.
You look amazing even in clothes
from 20 years ago.
You're indeed my son.
I'm off to work.
And you.
Quit drinking.
And you, Seo-yoon.
Read the books I got you
and stop watching YouTube.
You can eat and eat but still eat more
Pork ribs are the very best
So you really don't know
the client's identity?
You never even saw his face?
That's the truth.
The 52-year-old director's address,
the TV station's address,
and his phone number were all we got
before taking on the job.
And we were paid in cash
which was brought
to our office by a courier.
Check for yourself.
I hurt all over.
They really don't know
who put them up to it?
They really don't seem to know.
Who could it be?
I wonder too. It's a closed case,
so we don't care about it.
That means they were hired by someone
who knows Doctor Hwang's alive.
By the way,
you're a star, Dong-chan.
Everyone around me is talking about you.
Can you spare me some time, Ms. Ko?
The cryogenic director
is her boyfriend?
He can't be.
Ji-hoon, have breakfast.
I'm not hungry.
-You should have it.
-What about Dad?
Don't ask me that. I don't know.
Ma Dong-chan,
the world's first cryogenic human.
Yes. The director
of Infinite Experiment Paradise.
Mi-ran worked part-time on that show?
Cryogenic humans.
That's it.
Mi-ran participated in the experiment too.
Frozen humans.
That was it.
That was it!
My goodness.
Ko Mi-ran!
-Hey, it's Mi-ran.
You left the North behind at last.
Are you feeling better?
I was worried when you got sick.
I'm fine.
When's the assignment due?
Next Friday.
I brought the summary
of my allocated part. Here.
You could've emailed it to me.
I'll text you my address.
Oh. Okay.
I'll do that.
TBO's Varieties Department
is hiring interns.
For undergrads over the summer break.
Oh, really?
Yes. I'm going to apply.
That's a great idea.
The guy from that day
that you talked on the Bench of Remorse.
-The cryogenic director guy.
Oh, him?
Is he your boyfriend?
He is not.
I have high standards.
What? But he's crazy handsome.
He's not my type.
Handsome, my foot.
He's pretty like a girl.
Dong-chan does everything he wants,
so he won't die of pent-up frustration.
You're right.
Those around him will die of that.
Anger usually makes you hot and bothered,
but his body's cold as ice.
I might make myself look bad
by saying this,
but I will say it
since it's just you here.
If I'd known this issue
would be so well-received,
maybe I should've
used Dong-chan to benefit myself.
Gosh. That's pathetic, boss.
Hey. Let's be honest.
I approved everything in the end.
I persuaded the CEO
and signed Ko Mi-ran's memorandum.
That's how the experiment happened.
Mr. Kim.
Let's not swim like a dog
just because we're drowning.
What, you punk?
Backing out when you must be responsible
and stepping forward to take credit.
Let's not do that.
Shut up.
I didn't live such a pathetic life
that I should take advice from you.
I have no regret or shame
about how I lived my life.
My gosh. I bet that's why
you lived the way you did.
If I were you, I'd have left the country
out of shame long ago
when the affair
with the Russian girl got out.
Hey, Son Hyun-ki.
Why are you always here?
Are you two dating?
Come on out. Let's work.
This is not right.
This is the worst kind of insubordination.
Oh, right.
The files on variety director
Cho Young-seok, put them on my PC.
I'm a chief now, Dong-chan.
I'm no longer your assistant director.
I get that the last memory you have
is of me working as your assistant,
but you must acknowledge the reality.
I'll find them and put them on your PC.
I'll work hard starting today.
I'll make a pilot episode.
Sure. Do everything you want
and let's see.
I'll work with Mi-ran.
I have another boss.
I'll quit as soon as
the Dubai investment comes through.
How long are you going to avoid me?
The woman I once loved
I'll protect her to the end.
For fear that I'll find out
what I don't know,
I don't want to look into it anymore.
That's how I'll protect you,
it's the best I can do
for now.
I'll wait.
I'll wait until you face me.
the best I can do
for now.
I'll wait in the small meeting room.
I'll pull it off on my own
and get a job here as a regular employee.
You can't do that unless you prove
to everyone that you're capable.
You need to do great.
Yes, sir.
Good. You're fine.
This watch measures your vital signs.
If your temperature starts to rise,
that watch will sound an alarm.
If a fever comes on, as soon as possible,
inject yourself with this fever reducer.
After my interview aired,
a US company called Biocode
made us an experimental drug.
But I don't like injections.
I'm sorry.
I'll just do it.
The needle's quite thin,
so it shouldn't hurt.
Okay. Well-received.
When you go anywhere
other than the TV station,
tell me at all times.
And download a GPS tracker on your phone.
Will you stop nagging?
And your heart rate, BP and body temp.
Text me the numbers every two hours.
And when you faint from now on,
get my permission first.
Because we share the same fate.
I hate interfering
and being interfered with.
So do I.
We can't just do what we like.
And we can't avoid doing what we dislike.
I can't apologize anymore.
You have one class today, right?
Come back here right after that.
We'll have a planning meeting.
You're my extra burdens.
Director Ma.
I'm Kim Woo-se from Shingi Media.
Wait. Is the rumor true?
After you left the cryogenic capsule,
you discovered a strange ability?
Anything you touch
goes cold very quickly. Is that true?
What the
How did you know?
It's true?
How does this feel?
It feels a bit
I feel a bit cooler.
Just three minutes of this, mister.
And you freeze to death.
Is that rumor true, then?
That the experiment was done
on one more person.
Do you write articles
based on guesses these days?
It would've been a career ender
20 years ago.
Be careful.
The trend these days is retro, you see.
Do we know each other?
Ko Mi-ran.
It's me.
Your first love.
Hwang Byung-shim.
I wasn't sure when I first saw you again.
Since you reappeared
after 20 years looking the same.
You took part in such a nonsensical
experiment because of me.
What are you on about?
I heard enough.
Let's never cross paths again. Okay?
No wonder the psychology lecture
was so darn boring.
You're a professor?
What did the students do to deserve it?
I never forgot about you.
Darn it. Why wouldn't you forget me?
What are you to me?
Who are you to not forget me?
Gosh, you haven't changed.
That tone of yours
Let's go back to 20 years ago.
-Let's go back
and continue the love
that was cut short.
Hwang Byung-shim.
How come you've not changed at all?
Are you insane?
No. I'm very rational.
You know I don't smoke or drink
or indulge in emotional entertainment.
Aren't you married?
I am.
But I'll get a divorce.
Because you reappeared.
Mi-ran. Let's
Get lost before I kill you.
-Oh, my gosh. Hey.
Hey! Darn you.
My goodness.
Screw you.
What the hell do you have against me
that even 20 years later
you show up again and mess with me?
Why aren't you here yet?
You're where?
A police station?
No way. It says she's 44.
-For real?
-She's 44?
Don't punish her.
I don't want her to be punished.
By the way, what's your relationship?
Please don't say we used to be in love.
Our love will happen in the future too.
If I'll be punished for assault,
I'll beat him up some more!
You can't assault someone
in a police station.
Don't call me ma'am!
Ma'am, calm down and sit down.
You can't hit someone
who can't defend himself.
You're here because you were reported,
but the victim won't press charges,
so we'll let you go home.
Sign here.
Ko Mi-ran.
If you were born a man,
you'd have gone to prison at least once.
I hate being locked up.
You think those in prison
love being locked up?
They're there because they couldn't
control themselves, just like you.
How could you assault a professor?
He's way older than you.
He's not. We're 44, the same age!
That age thing.
Don't go between both ages
just because it suits you.
Sometimes you're 24,
when angry, you're 44.
Don't do that. It'll become a habit.
If you keep getting angry,
it'll ruin your health.
You'll run a fever
and you'll have to be admitted.
I'm fine with ugly women,
women who eat a lot,
women who get the times table wrong,
even women with matted hair.
But women who curse and hit people
are just the type that I hate.
So please don't do that.
What are you on about?
Why did you hit him?
Why did you hit him?
It's not the first time
I've seen you beat up a guy.
Is it a hobby?
-It's the same guy.
That punk is my old boyfriend.
The darn loser ex.
He kept hitting on me.
He wanted to continue our love.
How disgusting.
If I'd had something sharp,
I'd have stabbed him with it.
Hey. You did the right thing.
You should've told me sooner.
I'm glad you hit him.
He deserved the beating.
Good for you.
You should've beaten him half to death.
I can't believe this bastard.
Hey. Where's that bastard now?
I should have some hemoglobin.
The frozen man?
Why are you trying to mess with Mi-ran?
Before we get into that, you
Why did you freeze my girlfriend?
Do you know how bad you messed up my life?
God. What's wrong with this bastard?
How dare you talk like that to your elder?
Oh, dear. This situation
I'm 52!
Who says you're 52?
You didn't live 20 of those years.
-Why you Look.
-Did you?
-Look at this.
Do you see this?
When did you start college?
-In 1996, you jerk.
-I started in 1987, you jerk.
I even went to your college.
How dare a way younger junior
act like he's all that?
I ate more meals!
You must be so proud of that.
If you ate a lot,
make the meals worthwhile.
Hey, 52 year old on ID alone.
This darn bastard.
Hey. Here's a warning.
If you bother Mi-ran once more,
I'll kill you.
With what right?
I'm partially responsible
for Mi-ran's life.
You're not just responsible for her life.
You're responsible for mine too.
Why you Are you crazy?
Why am I responsible for your life?
Because Mi-ran disappeared like that,
my life got into this mess!
You're not right in the head.
-Let go.
-Why you
-What's your problem?
-Will you stop it?
-Let go!
-You punk.
Two civilians are fighting
in a police station,
and the police stand and watch?
Is this what cops are like now?
-Let go!
-Darn you!
Come on, punk.
-Let go!
-Darn you, fool.
-Let go!
-We're done.
Come here!
-You bastard!
Let go.
Darn it.
Anyway, you, don't lurk around Mi-ran
and get her worked up.
Who are you to order me what to do?
How dare you, boy!
Hwang Byung-shim!
Shut your darn mouth.
And Director, you stop it too.
I'll take care of my own business.
Let's go and eat. I'm hungry.
I got worked up over nothing,
and it almost gave me a fever.
That's him, isn't it?
-The cryogenic guy.
Yes, that's him. From the news.
Darn it.
That rude bastard.
We're here, sir.
Today, we'll just eat.
Oh, gosh. It's a dolphin!
Oh, no.
I apologize.
Are you all right? Hey, you.
Leave it.
Hey, it's the guy that was frozen.
-The guy on TV.
-The director.
Isn't he the frozen guy?
-He is.
-It's him.
That's the guy.
-I don't believe it.
-Let's get back after this
and work on our show.
I haven't finished my proposal yet.
Not that one.
It's not like we can air your idea.
Don't say that. I'm working on
something huge. Wait and see.
Okay. I really hope it's huge.
If the darn loser ex bothers you again,
call me right away.
Forget it. I'll handle my issues.
When you're around guys,
don't smile.
Just don't do anything cute.
What do you mean?
Am I cute when I smile?
The punk could think so, not me.
I can't say anything around you.
-Hello, Chief.
Hi, Chief.
Oh, how colorful.
Can I take a photo for my blog?
It's so pretty.
Taste it.
-It's tasty.
-Is it?
There are lots of people here.
They say money favors the rich.
You'll buy this building at this rate.
Forget money. I'm jealous of Mi-ran.
She has the looks of a 24-year-old at 44.
Hey. Watch what you say.
No one can know about that.
Anyway, if she'd known
of that great experiment,
she should've told us to join too.
I know, right?
I'd have done it too.
Is it no longer on?
I'd love to climb into a capsule
with Brad Pitt and get frozen together.
I wish
I'd gotten frozen
the day before I met Byung-shim
and woken up 20 years later.
Then you wouldn't have
your handsome son Ji-hoon right now.
My goodness.
Cry of the devil.
It's "speak of the devil,"
you ignorant thing.
-My gosh.
What should we do about you?
Hi, Son.
What? Your dad was assaulted
by a female student on campus?
-How bad is he hurt?
Who was it and why?
Okay, I understand.
Hang up for now.
What happened?
I'm so embarrassed.
He gets into all kinds of trouble.
How can someone be so stupid?
He didn't say who hit him?
He can't say.
But he said he did nothing wrong,
and neither did the student.
That doesn't make sense.
Most of the stuff Byung-shim says doesn't.
Nothing makes sense.
Right. He tends to follow
his train of thought.
Anger will only make you feel hot.
Just call Mi-ran.
Say we're nearly there.
Hi, Young-sun.
You're here?
Ko Mi
I'll leave on time today.
The pretty friends you saw last time
are here for me.
She shouldn't be so generous
just because they're her friends.
Guys, do you know what was worse?
Do you know what the moron said?
"Let's get back together."
My gosh.
That's why today,
I taught that punk a lesson
by beating him up good.
By the way,
I wonder why he changed his name.
And his face looks somewhat different too.
Either he got surgery or he got beat up
and his face got mangled.
Good grief.
You're in shock too, aren't you?
-Yes, well
I don't know who he's married to,
but I feel so bad for her, I could cry.
I need to go to the ladies'.
He married Young-sun.
What Young-sun?
You know his wife?
He married Young-sun.
No way.
You can't do anything,
so I gave you the easiest task.
Why aren't you peeling the green onions?
You can't even do this easy job?
I'm sorry.
If you feel sorry,
get your memories back soon.
If you make my son
live without any side effects,
I'll forgive you.
I'll try.
Hey, my eldest son's home.
Yes, Mom. Doctor.
I applied for police protection.
But you need to be as cautious as you can.
From now on,
plain-clothed policemen will protect you.
I think
I was involved in
something dangerous
in the past.
Something I shouldn't have done.
I lost some blood,
and my bones and heart hurt.
I'm feeble-minded.
Get out.
Leave and live with Freud.
Don't do what you'll regret
Shall I burn your clothes and books?
Do you want to leave stark naked?
Unless you want your story
posted on the university's website,
get out!
Uncle, you're a "super insider" now.
What's that?
The opposite of an outsider.
Someone who's popular.
Did you read the books I told you to?
What book was that?
Three Little Porks?
We run a pork rib restaurant, after all.
I hope you understand.
Eat your rolled omelet and rice.
And Snow White? Did you read that?
You shouldn't read about princesses.
Snow White, Ariel, Thumbelina, Cinderella.
They all had lots of problems.
Landing the right guy
and turning their lives around?
That doesn't work these days.
We don't care for stories
of princes on horseback.
It's time to create stories
about a horse on a prince's back.
She doesn't have the mind of a child.
We tried to revive it but couldn't.
Eat your food.
Didn't you learn anything
from reading Three Little Pigs?
"It's best to be a landlady."
"If you don't have a house,
you suffer and struggle."
When the clock chimes midnight,
Cinderella rushes home,
and on the way, a shoe comes off.
The glass shoe shatters.
So Cinders hurts her foot.
The blood
It gushes out so bad.
So the CSI comes to the scene
and captures the culprit.
Cinders ends up in prison.
No. They test the blood, and Cinders
and the prince turn out to be siblings.
What? Then Cinders's mom had an affair?
No way.
Ma Dong-chan!
How much longer must I be your minion?
For how long?
You're here.
Yes, I'm here.
Do you want a drink?
Do you know or not that I can't drink?
I don't.
So what?
can't I talk down to you
like you're younger?
If you think about it,
I've lived longer than you!
Can I have some iced water?
Around my age, you feel something like
How do I put it?
A sense of futility to your life,
if you will.
Why do I live like this?
I got old, but I accomplished nothing.
But then, I don't want to die.
Because I accomplished so little,
it's embarrassing.
I'm afraid I'll be criticized after death.
If I look back on the days I lived,
the days to come seem even bleaker.
My body will rot once I die,
so I might as well waste it away!
That's the conclusion I reach.
-You've had enough.
-Don't take it.
Don't take my alcohol.
You don't get me, do you?
You'll get it
once you live through it yourself.
If you don't, you won't get it
even if I tell you!
You're just a kid!
Is there a pretty woman with a nice figure
willing to live the life
of a philanthropist?
-That's all I think about.
-It's Sohn Suk-hee with 99-Minute Debate.
South Korea's the first country
to successfully defrost a frozen human.
Behind me is Captain Korea,
who is all the rage right now.
This meme shows just how popular
the topic of the cryogenic human is.
What on earth is "Captain Korea"?
An imitation of Captain America,
the frozen man from the US.
If I'd gotten frozen too,
I'd be like his best friend Bucky.
The topic of today's debate
is whether we should calculate his age
as 52 based on his date of birth,
or if we should go
with his physical age, which is 32.
We'll start the passionate debate.
Stay tuned.
Descartes said,
"I think, therefore I am."
We can't say a man existed
if he spent time without thinking.
He spent time frozen in a capsule
without thinking,
so it makes no sense
to count those years as his age.
We must give meaning to human survival.
All things that live and breathe exist.
That means the time he spent,
he spent existing and living.
Doesn't he exist now
because he survived being frozen?
We must acknowledge the extra age.
Think about this, everyone.
Let's say a ten-year-old was frozen
and woken up after 20 years.
Is that child ten or 30?
Of course the child's still ten.
Because they think like a ten-year-old.
How are they a ten-year-old?
All their friends are 30.
Would you cut them off
from their social circle?
What do you mean, friends?
They can't communicate.
Why would age matter between friends?
-You don't have any, do you?
-Darn you.
-Excuse me.
Professor Kang Ok-bong.
Please don't malign others.
The time-based age doesn't matter.
To animals,
it's the physical age that counts.
Aging is more physical-based
than time-based.
That's why the frozen man
is currently 32 years old.
That's right.
He's 32.
Cable channels have debates like these?
Now, there's a need
to think about what age is.
-Douglas MacArthur said this.
"A person's age
depends on whether
their beliefs are old or young."
Just because someone is old,
can you call them a respectable adult?
Then you don't acknowledge
the age of an old man who aged
without beliefs or thoughts?
That's not right.
Do you want to
acknowledge the age of people
who think with their buttholes?
Sorry, Professor Kang Ok-boon.
Please don't resort to using slang
-during the
-It's not Ok-boon!
It's Ok-bong.
Professor Kang.
You speak too harshly.
Do you really think with your butthole?
Hey! How old are you?
Excuse me.
Since tempers are flaring up
among the panel,
let's get some viewers on the line.
What's your name and where do you live?
I live in Haengdang-dong,
and my name is Oh Maria.
Okay, Ms. Oh Maria.
It doesn't matter
how old the frozen guy is.
The government should provide support.
Let's be honest. He has no insurance,
and no medical law covers his condition.
Isn't that a more pressing matter?
Hang on.
Don't you think she sounds like Ko Mi-ran?
I called because I got so frustrated
watching you argue about his age.
The fact is, if the 52-year-old frozen guy
signs up with a matchmaking agency,
he'll be categorized as someone
who was married before.
How wronged must he feel?
Shouldn't the government
compensate him for that?
I believe laws should be made
regarding the frozen human issue.
Whoever this person is said great stuff.
She's smart.
I hope they'll give Dong-chan
a monthly pension.
Why would they?
It's not like he won an Olympic medal.
That all comes from our taxes.
You shouldn't say
just anyone should get a pension
because you don't pay tax.
You heartless punk.
Why are you against our brother
getting a pension?
Be quiet, brats.
I'm glad you said that.
It's hard to define that as being alive.
While he was frozen,
his body was shut down,
and he didn't even breathe.
We don't call that "being alive."
It's him.
All humans are given special numbers
at the time of birth
that define their fate.
He's not the cryogenic guy.
He's a look-alike.
It's not him.
A look-alike.
It's not him. Where are you going?
No, it's not him.
It's not.
Why don't you just go around
announcing that you were frozen too?
What did I do?
"Oh Maria"? That was you.
How did you know?
I chewed on a squid leg
and changed my voice.
Can you think before you act?
People can't know you were frozen.
How many times must I say it's dangerous?
Most of the people I know already know.
It's not something we can hide forever.
Some people knowing
isn't the same as the whole world knowing.
Okay, fine. Stop nagging.
why do you care about my marriage?
How is that just your problem?
It's my problem too.
I might have to date guys
who were married before.
Forget it.
What do I expect from you?
You're not sick, are you?
You just watch your health.
And call me if something happens.
What a psycho.
He's so condescending.
Who could My goodness.
Hwang Byung-shim. What are you doing here?
Can I warm up here for just an hour?
What do you mean? It's stifling hot out.
I feel so cold inside.
Hey, you can't
You're my friend, right?
I'm Young-sun's friend, not yours.
Stop saying my name.
I don't like the sound of it.
It sounds old.
-You bastard.
I told you not to.
Do you like it when I drag out your name
because it sounds like "moron"?
Will you set me up with Mi-ran?
-You know,
I love Mi-ran.
Are you insane?
What about Young-sun?
Why worry about her?
Her father's rich.
As you know, we don't love each other.
Did Mi-ran say she'd take you back?
It will take time.
But she will eventually.
Oh, God.
I get why she's acting like that.
She's reacting to her frustration.
She feels a strong sense
of betrayal toward me.
still loves me.
Oh, my gosh.
I'll put up with it all.
I must try to understand.
I don't get how Young-sun
stayed married to you for 20 years
without killing you.
Hey, I drink that only sparingly!
There's talk that a woman was involved,
meaning there was another test subject.
How about we run this first?
Even if we don't, another station will.
If another station runs this story,
we should prepare something to counter it.
Have you ever thought why Dong-chan's
protecting the other test subject?
Some scoops should not be reported,
and that's when the newsroom
decides to select and concentrate.
This story must never air.
Yes, ma'am.
Tell that woman to be extra careful.
And rethink whether it helps
to let her work at your department.
I heard.
Thanks for making the tough call.
What does it mean?
What do you mean?
That ring.
Let's start over from then.
not done loving each other.
He had a girlfriend before he was frozen.
What about me?
TBO's variety shows will be different.
Because Ma Dong-chan is back.
Why is your pulse suddenly going up?
-You felt butterflies?
-What's with him?
Are his hormones imbalanced or what?
So that you don't fall in danger again,
I'll protect you.
You've been in love before, right?
And had flings?
Have you had a fling before?
Help me protect them.
Starting with Ko Mi-ran.
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