Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

All About Love

Body temp 31.5 degrees,
heart rate 160 per minute.
Even if I exercise,
as long as I'm in the water,
my body temp doesn't go up.
And my heart rate
doesn't affect it either.
Hey there, darling.
Look over here.
Darling. Mr. Frozen.
That was scary.
My gosh.
Look at my temperature going up.
There's a lot I want to do for you.
Give me a chance to do so.
I was never able to truly love anyone.
You said you were afraid
of finding out what you didn't know.
That it's the best you can do
to protect me.
face it head-on.
And let's struggle and get angry together.
Can't we do that?
You can ditch me on the way.
But I can't end it like this.
Do you think
we can overcome
the 20 years I skipped over?
I resent you for what you did,
and you must've spent
years in pain without me.
And you became a grown-up in 20 years,
but I lost the chance to grow up.
So I'm just an immature and selfish man.
I just think of myself.
Right now
I hate you.
Do excuse me.
This is my girlfriend.
The newsroom chief
was Ma Dong-chan's girlfriend.
Did she wait for him for that long?
She loved him that much?
He had a girlfriend before he was frozen.
What about me?
Oh, gosh.
Instead of trying to thaw my kid,
why does he go through our freezer
every night and leave this mess?
What on earth is this?
He must be suffering from
great psychological pressure.
That he must thaw the frozen people.
I want my hair up like a pile of poop.
Hey. Idiot Byung-shim's
passed out at my place.
Come and get him.
Just throw him out.
I'm thinking of divorcing your dad.
Are you okay with it?
Can you live without Dad?
I've always wondered since I was young.
"Why do they stay together
when they always fight?"
I get it a bit now that I'm older.
That you can't let go of Dad.
A happy divorce is
better than a sad marriage.
If it's for that,
I'll respect your decision.
It's your life anyway.
Why you
Oh, chief. My dear senior and boss. Hello.
Did you eat?
I eat one meal a day,
so I'm on an empty stomach.
Oh, your stomach's empty.
Then what is this?
-Boneless chicken meat?
-That hurts!
My cheeks are sensitive.
She seems pretty and fit
and looks like a philanthropist.
She's loaded too.
-What are you looking at?
-You looked at me.
Why did you come to
the edit suite yesterday?
I'd given you the wrong proposal.
I went to give you the latest version.
Why didn't you, then?
Considering the atmosphere
What was it like?
Well, you two
It seemed a bit
Anyway, it wasn't urgent,
and I thought it could wait, so I just
If it could wait, why did you come
all the way to the editing suite?
Why are you picking a fight?
I'm picking a fight?
This is how I ask people questions.
I'll get to the conclusion.
If you have business with me or a fever,
ignore my situation and mood
and report to me immediately.
Even if I'm at a hotel with a woman,
don't try to be considerate.
You must call or come to me.
I'm not that rude, you know.
I'd rather you be rude than pass out
with a fever. Did you get my point?
What's with him?
Are his hormones imbalanced or what?
You like that type of woman?
I don't like Korean women.
Is everyone here a weirdo or something?
Does that mean
he likes Korean men?
What did he mean?
Since Nam-tae started to
spend time with Doctor Hwang,
he got more social
and I think it's good for him.
You made the right call.
Now that Mi-ran's back,
let's not waste the rooftop room.
Let's put the room up for rent here.
I'll leave your phone number.
I have to go to the office today.
If someone calls, take it nicely.
I will.
Oh, hi.
Okay, we'll be right down.
The police are here.
You haven't left yet, have you, Doctor?
-Not yet.
-Then can you
bring the materials I'm about to text you?
It's for the journal.
Okay, no problem.
I just want to get Mi-ran
some herbal tonics.
Why are you so shocked?
You can't do that.
A frozen person's body temperature
must be 31.5 degrees,
and herbal tonics can cause it to spike.
You remember that, Doctor?
Your temperature's 31.6.
Heart rate's 107, 108, 110?
Why is your pulse suddenly going up?
Your body temp went up to 31.7.
It's because I was startled.
You felt butterflies?
-Listen up.
If our heart starts to race,
our temperature goes up too.
So don't do anything
that makes your heart race.
Like what?
First, don't run.
Second, don't get excited.
Don't watch porn either.
That applies to you.
If you think you're getting riled up,
wash with cold water
before you do what you want to do.
My pulse keeps going up
because I'm annoyed.
Hi, Young-sun.
Yes, I know the place.
See you then.
Your friend?
The pretty one?
Right. You always
carry the fever reducers, right?
I told you to keep it on you.
Okay, I'll carry it around.
Oh, right.
Your proposal isn't too bad.
It's not?
I think a variety show director
suits me perfectly.
Don't get carried away. You got lucky.
The rest were trash.
We'll have a meeting after lunch.
Keep it short with your pretty friend.
Got it.
He's so rude when he talks.
How could he call it trash?
That darn
That's what he's like.
He's a darn jerk.
You should tell people.
He really scared me.
Did I call you out when you were busy?
No, it's fine.
We had to meet to talk soon anyway.
Let's drink something. What do you want?
Anything with lots of ice.
-I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
For hitting your husband.
He deserved it.
How did it end up that way?
How did you end up marrying him?
I got pregnant.
It's so cliché and embarrassing,
but that was the reason.
The day we graduated,
Byung-shim came over on furlough.
He was dreadfully drunk.
I'm surprised. That's not like you
who made such a mistake.
It wasn't a mistake.
I liked Byung-shim.
Even before he dated you,
I liked him.
Since we met in class
studying to retake the CSAT.
You're surprised, aren't you?
What on earth did you like about him?
Why did you date him, then?
He was good-looking and was an oddball.
It felt like
he needed someone to look after him.
He was like that.
He was.
It was before we figured out
what we wanted in a man.
He was the type
you'd date out of curiosity.
He was so strange.
Yes, you're right.
A sensible woman in her right mind
would've found it impossible to love him
for that long.
You still love
Byung-shim, don't you?
He doesn't love me back.
We never cared for each other.
So how could I ever dump him?
You can't end what never started.
I ask those who are in love.
When did that love begin?
But when love begins is never clear.
From what moment
do you start calling it love?
It comes to you so vaguely
and causes a headache.
now I think I must end it.
Because of me, you two
It's not like that.
I wanted to talk to you
in case that was what you'd think.
But you still love him.
Can you end it?
I needed an opportunity to end it.
I'd always hated being like this.
I mean, how can you love a man forever
who doesn't love you back?
Fortunately for me, I still have
some self-esteem.
Also, love doesn't have a clear-cut end.
Because it's not over even when it's over.
What happened?
Your car exploded?
The heavens saved me.
If I'd moved just ten seconds later
I survived because I got out
leaving the car running.
The one who tried to kill Dr. Hwang
is not Nikolai.
Nikolai has no reason at all
to want you dead too.
If you were the target, why would they
use the same method
as Doctor Hwang's accident?
the plan was to put the blame on Nikolai.
Lee Seok-du.
He can't come back alive.
Then everything will be over.
I swear I won't make a mistake again.
The money I paid you is for your life.
If something goes wrong,
you're to take your own life.
That's the deal.
I'll remember that.
Doctor Cho's car blew up.
I'll fill you in when I'm back from
the police station. The doctor's safe.
Oh, no.
This is Hanguk University's
Professor Association.
Are you Ko Mi-ran who enrolled
in Chinese Literature in 1996?
-Psychology Professor Hwang Dong-hyuk.
You assaulted him on campus
in broad daylight, didn't you?
I need you to come in
so we can investigate the incident.
We ended the matter at the police station.
You might be done with the police,
but our association refuses to
dismiss this as a small episode.
Please come and see us.
I'm busy.
We're busy too, Ms. Ko.
A student assaulting a professor
is a serious infringement
of staff rights that we can't let slide.
They tailed me
thinking Doctor Hwang was alive.
He's a witness of a murder
that happened in 1984.
They still keep tabs on him in 2019
and try to kill him?
Let's say that's all true.
But why would they want Cho Ki-bum dead?
He has no connection to
Yes. That's it.
Doctor Cho.
The other four capsules at the lab.
The people who are still frozen.
Do you have
the files of those people?
Only Doctor Hwang knows who they are.
Have you heard from the informant
in the police force?
Ma Dong-chan asked
plain-clothed officers to guard someone.
Do you know who that is?
It seems to be top secret.
Only Lieutenant Baek Young-tak
from Mapo Police Station knows.
And he's Ma Dong-chan's ex-brother-in-law.
It's tangerine tea.
Chief Song.
You can leave.
I'm reminded of the time you were CEO here
though you're now an assemblyman.
It made me sentimental.
Now is not the time to be sentimental.
Ma Dong-chan gave us a new card to play.
A broadcasting station CEO who started
investing in science 20 years ago,
and the first varieties department chief
to become a CEO.
Let's get that story out.
I came to give you this.
Join my party.
They say a mountain's shadow reaches
far down the river.
I'm saying I'll be that mountain.
Follow in my footsteps.
I'm going to my school for a bit.
There's a disciplinary something
because I beat up a professor.
Her life is so eventful.
Where's Dong-chan?
What is it now?
I need to take a photo with him.
He's the cornerstone
of my political career.
A very important foothold.
You benefit a whole lot from Dong-chan.
What, punk?
You were the first
varieties department chief to beat
a newsroom chief to become CEO
purely because of Dong-chan.
Because you covered up his disappearance.
What's the matter with you?
Why would you mention that now?
You never used to talk back.
-Are you benchmarking Dong-chan?
-What did I
Hey, Dong-chan.
I'm glad you're here.
Let's take a photo.
I realized that
I didn't have a photo with you.
I'd like to talk about
Dong-chan, smile brightly.
We're close.
-Come on.
-It's important.
Okay, fine.
Today, a car accident
Will you take it already, you fool?
Smile, Dong-chan.
I don't feel like it.
First, I have a question
for Ms. Ko Mi-ran.
At around 14:00 on the 19th,
did you indiscriminately assault
Professor Hwang Dong-hyuk?
Yes, I did.
Then I'll ask Professor Hwang Dong-hyuk.
As the victim of the incident
that happened at 14:00 on the 19th,
do you admit the assault was warranted?
I deserved the beating.
I had it coming.
I want to be hit even more.
Dear fellow professors.
Ms. Ko who's sitting next to me
is my first love.
Back in 1995, when we studied
at Dongducheon to retake the CSAT,
we'd promised to build a future together.
But a fate that we couldn't fight
separated us.
And I ended up
entering a marriage I didn't want.
It's a love spat between a couple,
not an assault
between a professor and student.
-Hey, you
-Freud said
though he studied psychology for 30 years,
there was one question he couldn't answer.
"What do women want?"
Right now, I'm searching for
what it is
that my first love Mi-ran wants.
I'm looking for that answer.
Just like Freud.
That's all.
Hey. Hwang Byung-shim.
Stop right there.
Don't you hurt Young-sun.
You don't seem to know.
Nothing I do hurts her.
I'm the one who gets hurt.
You know me.
I have the muscly build of a manly man,
but a heart made of glass.
-I'll end it soon.
Wait for me.
Hwang Byung-shim!
I got the underwear
and clothes you asked for.
Thanks. Good job.
Did my ex-wife get annoyed with you
or throw anything at you?
She wouldn't have
given it to you willingly.
She told me to take what I wanted.
By the way, "ex"?
You got divorced already?
I will soon.
Calling her your ex-wife
when it's not yet legal is a bit
I want to get used to saying it.
Once you get divorced,
the hard reality hits,
and it's possible
to be reluctant to say "ex-wife."
That's the human psyche.
Let's say I'm working on my mindset.
Wait. You didn't pack
my blue striped underwear.
Darn it. That's my favorite pair.
Today, someone planted a bomb
on Doctor Cho Ki-bum's car.
It wasn't Nikolai.
He has no reason to kill Doctor Cho.
There's another suspect.
And I'm trying to find out who.
Before I do that,
we need to alert the public
that Doctor Cho's life
is being threatened.
Because he's in danger.
I thought of going to the CEO
to ask for station-wide cooperation
from all departments,
but I thought you'd be faster.
You're Newsroom Chief.
I'd like your department to look into it.
The fact that Doctor Cho's is in danger
Report that for me.
Okay. I'll do that.
I'll get the related files
from the police.
Don't worry.
So that
you don't fall in danger again,
I'll protect you.
I will
protect myself.
Help me
protect other things.
What other things?
Everyone related to this case.
Starting with Ko Mi-ran.
What are you doing here?
You don't have a lecture today.
Oh, I had something else to do.
I see.
Do you have class?
It's my busiest day of the week.
But it's lunchtime.
Really? Did you hand in the assignment?
Not yet. I'm reading yours.
Since I'm busy today,
I've only read the first part.
Did Young-jun get a girlfriend?
They're not dating yet. It's a fling.
-A fling?
They're not yet dating
but figuring things out.
She's a third-year sculpture major,
and they met at a university club.
I see.
A fling is something you do
before you date?
You don't know the word "fling"?
No. I've never heard of it.
Did you come from another world?
How can you not know?
Well Actually,
for a long time
I mean I was
Were you ill?
Oh, dear.
So that's why
Anyway, what is a fling?
It's something like this.
I like someone,
but does that person like me too?
That person's acting iffy,
but there definitely is something.
You know what I mean.
Yes, I do. The uncertainty.
Yes, that.
That's the fling stage.
Oh, I see.
You've been in love before, right?
And had flings?
I guess?
the guy I dated
was real lousy.
And he married my friend
and even had a kid.
Let's just say he was crazy.
Are you still on campus?
I'm heading back now.
The meeting was delayed
by two hours because of you.
I'm sorry. I'll be right there.
I have to go.
I'll read your assignment
and Young-jun's tonight.
-Okay, Mi-ran.
-Enjoy your lunch.
You're not going to eat?
No. I have to hurry back.
TBO announces the new interns
at the end of the month.
I hope I get to work with you there.
So do I. See you.
I told you not to run.
You told me to hurry.
That's why you should manage your time.
Your body temp will spike if you run.
Listen, I'm getting sick of that word.
This much running is fine.
Don't complain. Don't run.
-Did you have lunch?
-Not yet.
What did you do instead of eating?
I'm fine even if I skip a meal.
Who says you're fine?
Starving makes your temp go up.
Why would it?
Hunger makes you annoyed.
Let's go.
I'll keep you company.
Did you get off for hitting the professor?
I don't want to talk about that.
By the way, what do you know
about Doctor Cho's car explosion?
Let's talk about it later. Not here.
You looked like you'd eat your hair too.
Have you had a fling before?
What's that?
You don't know what a fling is?
What does it look like?
Does it have wheels?
God, you're so old-fashioned.
Didn't you have enough time
to get used to it?
There's way too much you don't know.
Have you been in one, then?
Where is it? Take me next time.
It's something you do
with someone you like.
Before you date.
Sit down.
I got this idea from Intern Ko's proposal.
It's a project about going back in time.
As you can see from the material,
Ellen Langer,
professor of psychology at Harvard
did an experiment
to turn back the mind's clock.
How do you turn back a mind's
Just listen.
Men in their 70s lived on a set
made to look like it was 20 years ago.
They listened to songs,
news, and movies from then,
and lived as they would have 20 years ago.
Everyone's physical ability
went back 20 years as well.
Intern Ko's idea was to get 27-year-olds
to experience life 20 years ago.
But getting adults to act like kids
is too forced.
So adults with established identities
will become younger adults.
People in their 40s
will go back to their 20s.
For the second time in their lives.
It's a good idea,
but the retro theme
of going back to the past.
Won't it be out of style?
The out-of-style touch
is the core value of the project.
Our job is to turn something out of style
into something new that people want.
We could also turn retro into newtro.
Worn down, exhausted people
in their 40s go back to their 20s
and break the limits of biological aging.
Creating something
all generations can identify with.
Relaying the message that we define
our own psychological age.
That's fun,
the basis of all variety shows,
plus heartwarming sincerity.
We can nail both.
Titled Reply 1999?
That's the title of
a massive cable drama show.
The Reply Series.
I know that.
How about Go, Go 99?
"Go, go" as in let's go back to 1999.
It rhymes too.
That's a killer title. Let's go with it.
Great. Mi-ran, awesome title.
We won't just have people in their 40s.
We'll mix in actual university students.
It would look nice if we could add
a few celebrities too.
Yes, that's a good idea.
I looked up a few filming locations.
Tomorrow, you and I
-will check out the locations.
I'd like to go with him too.
Eung-soo, you're on product placement.
In the second-half restructuring,
I'm supposed to start a new show Sir.
I read that proposal.
It's a 100-percent flop.
-Are you seeking
self-realization with our budget?
Come up with something else.
Help me in the meantime.
You might get an offer
from a cable channel.
Are you going to
slack off forever? No, right?
Chief Son, work on the budget.
It's a pilot, so it'll be easy.
I do that, sir?
Why me?
I'm a chief.
When you feel like you lived in vain
and are embarrassed
you accomplished nothing,
concentrate on work.
I'm young, so what would I know?
But that's what I think.
You didn't have to use
my drunken ramblings against me.
Guys, let's work together and forge ahead.
TBO's variety shows will be different.
Because Ma Dong-chan is back.
"The car of Doctor Cho who participated in
the cryogenic human project exploded"
No. We'll mention the case,
cause, and time,
so put them in detail.
And Mr. Park, I want you at the scene.
They cleaned up the scene already.
Go anyway.
We want the culprit to feel intimidated.
Yes, ma'am.
Ma Dong-chan.
Do I still love you?
have I fallen into
a new love?
Call the police!
-You fool!
-Darn you!
Ms. Ma.
The police is here.
What's going on now? Will you calm down?
He paid me
the alimony he owed every month.
You said you'd pay me
when your building is sold,
so why haven't you yet, you fraud?
The building ended up
getting auctioned off.
How much does he owe?
The court ordered he pay 20 million won,
and he didn't give me any of his assets.
And why won't you pay back
what you borrowed from us?
Dong-ju, we have to open soon. Stop it.
Don't wave around a soju bottle.
Hello, first uncle.
Hello, second uncle.
Was Dad at the music school?
No, he wasn't there.
The music school's
already this close to going under,
so why is the head teacher never there?
My older brother's back,
and I can no longer
leech off of my family.
Give me the money.
I don't have any. Do what you want.
Okay, I'll rip open your belly.
-Come here!
-Stop it. You're in the wrong too.
How did you live with her?
-What, punk?
Even love that boiled at 100 degrees
can go down to minus ten.
And when love comes to an end,
a price must be paid.
It's either painful, sad,
or expensive.
I pray that my older brother
can get through the infuriating life
without a rising temper.
I pray that my daughter grows well
according to her age.
My older sister.
Her alcoholism.
My mom.
My dad.
My wife.
And the music school I put up for sale
Dear merciful Buddha.
I trust you remember all that.
Let's all pray out loud.
-Dear Lord!
-Dear Lord!
-Dear Lord!
-Dear Lord!
-Dear Lord.
-Heavenly Father.
My poor sister Park Kyung-ja
is vain and she lives large.
Bless her with love and grace.
This poor child.
Her husband has been out of his mind
for the past ten years.
Show him grace to come to his senses.
The love between a couple comes to an end.
But the temperature they reach
is different for each person.
One of them might still feel the warmth.
But the other might be cold as ice.
That's why love is a problem.
My suits and striped underwear
in every color.
Send them
to my studio apartment by courier.
Here's the address.
Pay for the courier too.
I have zero cash.
We'll pick out two places.
In Gyeonggi or the outskirts of Seoul.
Varieties Team One, team dinner today.
Come here.
Come on.
Don't drink tonight if possible.
Say something stupid again
and it'll blow up in your face double.
You were a horrible drunk 20 years ago,
and that hasn't changed.
You've become a dog.
No one bails today.
-You're always so confident.
-No, seriously.
-Okay, I'll go slow.
-Take your time.
-Eat as you drink.
-Let's get some barbecue.
He's really good.
-Hand them out.
-He's good.
-Oh, right.
A variety show director
must be able to drink.
Drink up, intern.
She can't drink.
She has fatty liver,
though she's so young.
It's such a shame.
Oh, you have gout too, right?
Are you not well?
So early.
-What a pity.
-Oh, dear.
Have another drink.
It's so good.
Eat your fill.
It's a limitless barbecue.
That person can see me
But I do not know that person
The heart that beats within me
Pains me so much
But now
I no longer know you
I wished to see your face so much
But now it passes me by
I see you looking so dejected
News begins in ten. Be prepared.
You may know me
But I do not remember
My throat closes up
And tears flow
When love passes me by
So you need to be extra careful.
Who do you think is the culprit?
Someone who has a reason
to want Doctor Hwang dead.
And this time it's someone
who needs Doctor Cho dead.
They're one and the same person.
Who could it be?
I don't know.
I thought so.
Just don't think about it anymore.
Why not? Something was coming to mind.
No, forget about it.
-If you think too much
-My temp will spike?
You know well.
Bring the shot with you tomorrow.
Oh, my gosh.
You scared me.
That's my brother.
Oh, your brother.
Nam-tae, say hello.
The TV station I work at
Hey! It's the frozen man. The frozen man.
You're smart, Nam-tae.
You're right.
You saw him on the news, right?
He works with me
at the broadcasting station. Say hi.
Hello, Frozen Man.
Yes, hello.
I'll go inside.
Let's go, Nam-tae.
Do you really think
they could be healed?
Her brother was sick.
That's why
she joined the experiment so willingly.
Why are you eating snacks at this hour?
Uncle. I got 70 percent
on my dictation test today.
Good for you.
Try harder to get full marks next time.
It's fine. Dictation isn't important.
What's important to you, then?
To be happier than the kid
who got full marks.
How is work? Is it doable?
Yes, it's doable.
Is anything troubling you?
Not yet?
Need my help with anything?
Can you explain to me
what it means to have a fling?
You bet I can.
What is it?
-Snow White.
What she had
with the seven dwarves is a fling.
What? You're a real mess.
Why would Snow White
have flings with the dwarves?
She had it with the prince.
No, she didn't.
She had flings with the dwarves.
Goodness. Is this tasty?
-I'll eat it all.
Go to bed now. And brush your teeth.
And quit snacking, will you?
I can't.
Oh, dear.
Did you hurt your leg?
I have weak joints.
They make a creaking sound these days.
Since when? Get them treated then.
Did you see a doctor?
Do I lack calcium
or are my hip joints acting up?
I bowed a few times at the temple,
and they broke down after that.
But it can't be too serious.
I think it's just old age.
My dear brother.
When did you get so old?
Don't just look after him.
Look after me too.
I am hurt too.
Okay, you come here too.
Where are you hurt?
My heart hurts.
The world mistreats me.
Come here, my dear sibs.
It's okay.
There's not just the love of a couple.
The love of a family.
Don't cry.
About 36 degrees
is the temperature an egg needs to hatch.
Being able to love at that low temperature
is what makes a family.
Is this the place?
Yes, it is.
Follow me.
She's so out of it.
She left her bag behind.
Ko Mi-ran!
Ko Mi-ran!
Let's go that way.
The spot is about 800 meters ahead.
Okay. Let's go.
I think this spot works too.
Mark it down for now.
Shall we check out that side too?
There might be some nice camping spots.
Okay, let's go.
This place.
It's not a trail. There's no path.
Doesn't it make it even better?
We could cut down some plants
and set up tents.
Let's go deeper in.
Hey, don't go.
Why are you so fearless?
Wait up!
Hey. Let's get out of here. It's too hot.
Isn't it?
Let's go.
I don't think we're on the right track.
Mi-ran. Wait next to this tree.
I'll find the trail and come back for you.
Hey. Did you bring the fever shot?
Of course.
Can't I just come with you?
I'm okay.
Okay, then. Let's go together.
Hey, Mi-ran.
Are you okay?
Hang in there.
Can you keep going?
-Good. Let's go.
This won't do. You need the shot.
I don't have mine.
Ko Mi-ran.
Ko Mi-ran.
Wake up. Mi-ran
You need to wake up.
Director. Wake up.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Wake up, director.
Are you awake?
The temperature of my love
is 31.5 degrees.
It can never go above that.
Will I ever get to kiss
before I die?
I should get to kiss someone before I die.
I was born a human.
Dong-chan and that woman went alone?
I'm sorry.
You're so unforgiving.
I'll wait for my sentence.
Do whatever you want.
Was that her first kiss? No way.
Don't brag about it to anyone.
Why not? Did he like it?
You're a real weirdo.
You're always fighting,
so why do you want her around, Dong-chan?
They're so much alike. The height, build.
They asked to meet Director Ma Dong-chan.
In that situation,
if it had been someone else,
would you have kissed him?
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