Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Fling and Fight

So, we The
About the location scouting
for the pilot show.
Let's do that another time.
I'm looking around
And everyone's kissing
Am I the only one who's alone?
Everyone's hugging
Thank you.
Do you have anything to say?
-What? You don't?
Hey. Wait
This is ridiculous.
What's with her?
Dong-chan and that woman went alone?
You know location scouting
is the directors' job.
Chief Na.
Do you still have feelings for Dong-chan?
I don't have to tell you, do I, Chief Son?
Isn't it too disadvantageous to you?
I know it's a trend to date older women,
but the reality
Watch what you say.
Dong-chan's at the center of his world.
He doesn't care what the world thinks.
That's why I fell for him.
That's not a problem.
Right. That's not the real problem.
Don't think about anything else today.
Just rest up.
I'm sorry.
I really have no excuse for it,
but I thought I should apologize.
Wait. What are you apologizing for?
For kissing you.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
I thought we were dying.
I thought I should kiss someone
before I died.
But I didn't die. I got better, so
Okay, well
It's a relief you got better.
Well, so
Get some rest today.
We'll talk another time.
Why talk another time?
Let's just finish it here.
Will you accept my apology?
Well, it's not something
you should apologize for.
That's what I think.
You won't accept my apology.
You're so unforgiving.
I said I did it because I thought I'd die.
Hey, what
What the hell are you doing?
Okay. I'll wait for my sentence.
Do whatever you want.
Hello? What
What's up with her?
What does she want?
What do I do now?
I should've just died then.
It's so annoying.
It's so embarrassing.
What was that?
-Dong-chan, it's me.
Yes, hi. Did you meet the NIS executive?
I called to tell you about that.
Are you busy?
It looks like Nikolai died last year.
He was likely to become
the next Russian president,
so they're keeping it a secret
for political reasons.
But they think he was killed
by his opposition, extreme rightists.
That's what the CIA says.
Then Doctor Hwang's
car explosion at the time.
Was that Nikolai?
It doesn't seem so.
They say there's an early draft
of a memoir Nikolai wrote
that lists who he killed
when he was a Mafia.
It's circulated among the Mafia
like a collection of epic tales.
It wasn't published, but in it,
he wrote that in the attack
on Johnson-McCarthy,
he also killed Hwang Gab-soo,
the doctor's assistant at the time.
That means he thought Hwang Gab-soo
was dead and gone back in 1984.
It's as I thought.
The culprit isn't Nikolai.
Do you have someone in mind?
I'm not sure.
Doctor Hwang must regain his memories
for everything to become clear.
Thanks. I should go.
BALANCE: 7,005,821 WON
Should I look for
a studio apartment or rooftop room?
If possible,
I must stay close to the one I love
and see her often.
To get used to each other.
Destiny is created.
This is a God-given opportunity.
The rooftop room on Mi-ran's house
is available now of all times?
The gods are backing my love
Oh, this is unbelievable.
This is fate.
I called because I'm willing
to rent your rooftop room.
That was quick.
Hello? Yes.
We'd like to lease the room
to a college student if possible.
A female student would be even better.
Can I ask how old you are?
I'm 44.
I'm sorry, but we'd like a student to
I'm not a student,
but I'm a professor.
Oh, you're a professor?
I'm currently in the need
to experience rooftop room life.
I want to study the correlation
between the closed nature
of a rooftop room
and psychological liberation.
I'd like to visit you at home.
Can you spare me some time?
-Hey, Dong-chan, it's me.
Where are you?
Are you out on business?
How about we have dinner together today?
He'll come?
Of course, Assemblyman.
He does anything I say.
I practically raised him,
carrying him on my back, you know.
Don't be ridiculous.
Let's not bluff when it's just us.
Dong-chan's not the type
to get on anyone's back.
You need to get on his good side.
Let's get going.
Yes, sir.
It's an important day on which
we have an audience with our lifeline.
Politics isn't a mind game.
It's not about the heart either.
It's about money.
I see.
Why did he act friendly all of a sudden?
My gosh.
I wonder what she's doing now.
Is she feeling okay?
I worry when she's quiet,
I worry when she calls.
She's the center of my worries.
I thought I should kiss someone
before I died.
Don't tell me Was that her first kiss?
No way.
No. There's no way.
Mi-ran, we're having doenjang for dinner.
Nam-tae called and asked for it.
I'm infuriated,
so I'll go get some fresh air, Dad.
Let's go out together after dinner.
I'll go on my own.
I don't deserve to have dinner.
What's up? Is something wrong?
You'll crack a tooth. Chew gently.
A possible tenant
for the rooftop room's coming by.
Do the interview with me?
I'm a poor judge of character.
I'm trash.
You're here.
It's good to see you.
You know me, right? I'm Kim Ji-seok.
Hello. It's been a long time.
Have a seat.
I remember the fuss you caused
when you joined the company.
Saying a variety show director
better looking than an actor joined,
the female reporters and staff
all went crazy.
People even thought
we hired him for his looks.
Back when I was your chief,
and he was our CEO. Right, Dong-chan?
What will you have?
Why is this place so expensive?
I'll have "Today's Sushi."
An ordinary employee like me
can't afford such an expensive dinner.
Don't mind me at all.
You two can eat something nice.
I heard about this law. Officials can't
treat someone to a meal over 30,000 won.
The world really has gotten better.
Come on, Dong-chan
I will pay for my food.
By the way, Mr. Kim,
are you going to get into politics?
I'm not even in your constituency.
Don't try to win me over.
That must be him.
-I'm sorry I'm late.
Hello. I'm Kim Hong-seok.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
-Let's sit.
He's CEO Lee Seok-du of Unseong Group.
Hello. I'm Ma Dong-chan.
I know.
My daughter attends this university.
I know
Oh, really?
Actually, I have a son
whose physical age is over 30,
but his mental capacity
is around that of a ten-year-old.
He's the reason
we decided to rent the room out.
Bravo. What a good call.
Good for you.
You're very bright and cheerful.
I am.
You'll see as you get to know me better,
but I'm a real nice guy.
Let's get to know each other.
You can speak to me informally.
Let me call you that.
I'd like to.
They're so much alike.
The height,
and facial structure.
Right, I should've
cooled my room down first.
A new sun rises tomorrow.
Let's be cool and ignore him,
as Ko Mi-ran would.
We're awkward right now.
Darn it. I got distracted and forgot.
I'll text her.
You can get the fever reducer shot
just once a day.
Since you got it earlier,
you can't get more today.
I should've told you sooner,
but I took my time to tell you.
I had a lot on my mind today.
What does this mean?
Why did he have a lot on mind?
Because I kissed him,
is he offended?
I had a lot on my mind today.
did he like it?
I had a lot on my mind today.
Was he ecstatic?
What does this mean?
I have so much on my mind.
Let's go to sleep.
Oh, thanks.
Can I speak to you informally?
You already do.
I'll call you by your name.
If you'll let me?
Isn't that what you were doing already?
Let's get back to work.
What a joke.
You're here.
Ask for volunteers online.
You're in charge,
so ask Jung-hyun to teach you
how to use the website.
Good morning! Before you start work,
I have a special announcement.
So, last month
-Hand them out!
The Drama Department's molesting incident.
You heard about it, right?
The director union sent a notice.
Special instructions were given
to all departments.
From now on, when filming,
with the crew, especially female crew,
physical contact is prohibited completely.
Remember that.
I'm already being extra careful.
Director Ma's old-school,
so just in case you don't know,
I'll give some extra pointers.
Hey, Ms. So. You're wearing a dress today.
You should've done that so sooner.
My gosh, nice legs.
That's sexual harassment too.
Massaging female staff's shoulders
saying they did a good job,
that's a no-no too.
Drama director Jung Sung-ha
who was so popular,
he got drunk and kissed his assistant,
got suspended for it,
and might go to prison.
I need you all to retrain your desires.
Is it sexual harassment
for a man to drunk-kiss a woman,
but is it not for a woman
to drunk-kiss a man?
It's just as bad.
What man would get kissed
against his will?
A moron?
Right? Only a half-wit would be a victim.
I might become prey.
Will you be quiet?
-Everyone knows that.
Can you not say that?
-What I'm saying is
-It's so obvious.
-I got you red-handed.
Isn't this too much?
Let's talk.
Hey, you
Hey. Where did she go?
I'll be in the editing suite.
The editing suite?
I'm sorry.
Okay, so,
what are you sorry about?
Tell me.
I made physical contact against your will.
That's what I'm sorry about.
I bet you're the only woman in the world
who kisses a guy then apologizes for it.
So I'd like to deduct 1.5 billion won
from the bill.
-The TV station owes me 70 billion won.
I'm saying I'll dock 1.5 billion won.
One kiss is worth 1.5 billion won?
It doesn't have that much value.
That price is way over the top.
But I must do this at least
if I'm to feel better.
What, 1.5 billion
Do you think that little of me?
Am I a pushover?
It's not that.
Would I dock that much if you were?
I'd have offered 150,000 won.
Why not kiss me ten times
and dock 15 billion won?
Forget it.
I don't want more kisses.
My gosh. You
You're a real weirdo.
Are you making me a commercial sex object?
Heck no.
Do you think I felt great?
It was a waste of a first kiss.
I think I showed how I felt about it.
-Do accept it.
-Accept what?
Hey, accept what?
Accept what?
My gosh. She
Hey, come here. Hey.
Ko Mi-ran.
You can't just run off.
Come here. Follow me.
You ran away? Hey.
We're done talking. What's with him?
Let's talk about
how you sexually harassed me by trying
to be cool about it.
You're sorry about
the unwanted physical contact?
An apology like that.
It's for when you step on my foot
like this by mistake.
Or when you hit my head hard
with something.
Or when you get drunk
and bite my arm like this.
Isn't that an apology
for something like that?
A kiss
Is that what a kiss is to you?
A kiss is
A kiss is
It involves feelings.
It was
It was the first time
a woman forced a kiss on me.
I needed time to think,
but I see now
that you thought nothing of it.
Are you taunting me?
I didn't think nothing of it.
I was too embarrassed.
That's why I said that.
It's a bit weird
to apologize seriously or joke about it.
Yes, well
I'm sorry.
Not that "I'm sorry" again.
That same old apology.
Don't go and brag about it to anyone.
Who would I tell
when it's nothing to brag about?
You're the one who shouldn't go and brag.
I'm the one who
Who could I brag about this to?
A woman suddenly forced a kiss on me.
It's a darn humiliation.
They're quite similar in character,
so they fight like crazy.
They're both just the same.
I'm sorry
for humiliating you.
I apologize.
Let me ask you something.
You said you kissed me
because you wanted to before you died.
Then yesterday,
in that situation and time,
if it had been someone else,
would you have kissed him?
Answer me.
Would you have kissed someone else?
Does it really matter?
It matters because your answer determines
whether I accept your apology or not.
If it were anyone else
I wouldn't have.
It's fine, then.
You don't need to apologize.
You mean that girl Mi-ran
She was frozen in a freezer capsule?
You can't tell anyone else about it.
I won't.
Oh, right.
What are you doing?
Today's my vlog day.
The day I show people what I do.
Hello. It's awesomely funny Gengja.
Today, I'll introduce you to
my older sister Park Yu-ja.
She used to be a shaman,
but now she's a church deaconess.
She's leading a dramatic life.
Would you like to meet her?
Here's my older sister Park Yu-ja.
Say hello.
Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you.
I pray that God's grace
is with each and every one of you.
After we finish our tea and coffee,
we'll head over
to the broadcasting station.
You must take a call.
Someone saw yesterday's news report
and wanted to give information.
It doesn't sound like a prank.
Hello. This is she.
I know who's behind
Doctor Cho's car explosion.
I know who the culprit is.
You can't talk about it
over the phone, right?
I'll come to where you are.
No, don't do that.
I'll come to the TV station myself.
I'd like to meet with you
as soon as possible.
I have a condition.
I want to see you
and the director called Ma Dong-chan.
Since it's a project about going back
And with your phone,
you can manage it in the same way.
Confirm it soon and send me the list.
-Like this?
Thank you.
Can you manage?
Of course. It's a piece of cake.
Is everything cake to you?
Don't go online too much on your phone.
Why not?
Because of my body temp?
No, it's not that.
There's a Wi-Fi limit,
so if you use up too much,
the other people in the office
can't use the internet.
Losing service?
That's a dystopia.
-I'm telling you.
There's a daily limit
to the data we can use.
If you use up too much,
the others here can't use the internet.
-I've never heard of that.
Why was it set up that way?
The unlimited data package.
What's that, then?
It's not unlimited.
It's very restrictive.
So don't go out and about
and check the website.
Park yourself right here
and do it with your laptop.
Are laptops an exception?
It's a phone Wi-Fi thing.
You know,
broadcasting stations struggle these days.
And Wi-Fi seems to be quite expensive.
I should cooperate, then.
The willingness to cooperate
is a must for an intern.
So stay right here,
print out the applicants' details,
call them, and short list candidates.
Let's stay strong. Good luck.
It's me.
I want to talk to you about Doctor Cho.
Can you come to my office?
Hey. Take a look at this.
After the news yesterday,
an anonymous tipster sent this video.
How did they film this?
They don't want us to call the police.
It means they don't trust the police.
And they asked to meet
Director Ma Dong-chan.
When's the meeting?
They said they'd call again.
Then they hung up on me.
Was it a man?
It sounded like a middle-aged woman.
Can you get me some off-the-record info
on Unseong Group's CEO Lee Seok-du?
-What do you mean?
-It's what I just said.
Some unofficial details.
Other than what we already know.
Can I ask what it's about?
I'll tell you when it's time.
Right now, I don't know anything for sure.
You look like you're back to being
the old Ma Dong-chan.
It feels strange.
I remember when we first met.
After I decided to narrate your show,
we had a meeting.
When I think of that time,
I still feel butterflies.
What are your plans for tomorrow?
Location scouting.
With her alone again?
No. I'll go on my own.
I should go.
If the person calls,
ask to meet right away.
And call me.
It's so annoying.
So, is the work doable for you,
do you think?
Yes. I'm working hard.
That's good to hear.
I hope you do even better.
I'm rooting for you.
I must help the TV station do well
so you can pay me what you owe.
I'm working hard for everyone's good.
Okay, well, that's that.
By the way
You and Ma Dong-chan.
You don't see eye-to-eye, do you?
That's true.
If there's another director you prefer,
I can swap you around.
Just tell me.
I think Director Ma's the best
when it comes to directing.
Since Infinite Experiment Paradise
20 years ago,
I acknowledged and admired
his skills and passion.
I want to learn the ropes properly.
You fight that much
and you want to work with him?
It's not like I'll live with him.
If he's good at his job,
that works for me.
You're always fighting,
so why do you want her around, Dong-chan?
I think she dreamed of being a director.
She has what it takes.
She has the touch and the imagination.
Teach her well, and she'll be huge.
The bottom line is
that you don't get along.
Did I ever work with someone
I got along with?
I just worked with them.
That's true.
This girl.
Variety is in her DNA.
I've never met someone like her.
Anyway, keep an eye on her.
Admin asked for
her resident registration certificate.
It might be a problem if her age gets out.
Okay. I'll handle that, Dong-chan.
Look out for her for me.
She acts all tough,
but her heart right here
It's soft.
Like me.
This is the corridor of TBO
and this is where
awesomely funny Gengja's
closest friend works at.
What do you see behind me?
That must be
the broadcasting station restroom.
Did you see that?
The person you know so well.
Ma Dong-chan, the frozen man,
went into the restroom.
I got to see him in real life. Hallelujah.
Let's go in there.
My gosh.
Let's pray first.
Let's warm you up
since you were frozen for 20 years.
-Dear Lord.
Our Mi-ran came back alive.
Until the day the cold leaves her body
Amen. That's him.
I said 20 years ago that 20 years later
you'd meet the man of your destiny
after feeling very cold.
That is the man of your destiny.
What is this?
Why do I feel
the spiritual energy coming back?
And Sanjeong Lake.
-We'll move there. Okay?
We film in many spots,
so check them carefully.
Book the accommodation accordingly.
I'm fine as long as the AC works.
I got us a writer. I'll give you
their number. Try to get along.
-Go to Hongdae tomorrow
and see for yourself what's trending.
See what people in their 20s are like now.
You should
live like them now too.
I'll drop by the lab today
and do the location scouting tomorrow.
On your own?
Yes. On my own.
Be sure to carry your fever shot around
and stay in the shade.
And don't be sick.
I must bring
some important belongings like books.
So I'll move in the day after tomorrow.
Until then,
please keep my rooftop room as is.
Yes. Of course, professor.
I'll see you then.
Doesn't it hurt?
It hurts.
I hope I'm someone who researched
how to freeze people
so I could help cure sick people like you.
Not for any other reason.
Of course that's what you did.
You have such a pretty soul.
I'm home.
It's Mi-ran.
This looks just like me.
It's just like the inside of my head.
Mi-ran. Can we talk?
Hey. How are you?
I'm doing well.
And I submitted my assignment.
What are you doing tomorrow?
I'm working on a new project,
and I must go to Hongdae tomorrow.
To study the trends
of people in their 20s.
I called to ask if we could meet tomorrow.
Let's go to Hongdae together.
Can you really do that?
Of course.
Thinking of seeing you somewhere
other than on campus is exciting.
Okay. Take me around
and be my guide tomorrow.
I'll do anything.
Only Doctor Hwang knows their identities.
That's that, then.
Why did you say we can only
take the fever shot once a day?
The test drug will stop being effective
when your bodies become resistant to it.
Ultimately, we must bring your body temp
back up to 36.5 degrees.
In the current condition
If it stops being effective at one point,
does that mean
if things go wrong, we could die?
I only hope your body temp
won't rise too much.
You can get the fever reducer shot
just once a day.
Since you got it earlier,
you can't get more today.
Did he
inject me with his dose?
It's fine, then.
You don't need to apologize.
If it were anyone else
I wouldn't have.
We're giving away dry rose lipstick.
Play a game
and get a free dry rose lipstick.
Do they make lipstick with dry roses now?
-I don't know.
-It's free, right?
I won. I got one.
Thank you.
If you post the lipstick on social media,
we'll give you a blusher. How's that?
What's social media?
One, two, three.
#Pretty. #Hongdae date.
This is so fascinating.
My gosh.
You're so good at it.
Do you want to have a go?
-Stand still.
That's it.
-It's hard.
-Move forward.
-I'm moving!
-Are you?
This is a fling.
What? Oh, no.
He went on his own?
Do you know where he's staying?
I do. I booked it for him.
I don't want Dong-chan to know we talked.
I don't want him to know we talked either.
Does he still intimidate you?
That's why they say old habits are tough.
How cool.
Please keep smiling like this.
-You're checked in.
-Thank you.
Na Ha-young.
You really do love Ma Dong-chan.
That trip is the most memorable part
of university life.
Type up the logline and teaser punch lines
and send them to the assistant director.
Oh, did you talk to her?
Her age?
She's 24.
She hasn't graduated yet,
so she's an intern.
I'll call when I'm back in Seoul.
Dong-chan, it's me.
I'm at the same hotel you are.
I came to research a story.
I'm in Room 807.
Wow, Mi-ran. You look hip today.
Hello, it's TBO broadcasting station.
You applied to be on Go, Go 99, right?
Yes, I'm sorry.
What about tomorrow? What are you up to?
Good morning.
It's a fan that goes around your neck.
In case you don't know.
Oh, like this.
-Why did you lie?
-About what?
The Wi-Fi, total amount of data,
et cetera.
It was a lie.
How could something
so nonsensical be a lie?
-It was a joke.
-You shouldn't do that.
You know, yesterday,
in just one day,
I mastered almost all the 2019 trends.
I pick things up in 5G speed.
You don't know what that is, do you?
Of course not.
You're from the 386 generation.
Youngsters these days dress hip like this.
Do that thang. Swag.
Yes, hello. This is Ko Mi-ran.
Yes, that's right.
The date of the shoot's listed
in the announcement and notice section.
Thank you.
Mi-ran, it's Kyung-ja. Your best friend.
Do you have five million won?
Why do you suddenly need that much money?
Let's talk on the phone.
My phone's screen is broken,
so I'm texting you from a PC.
I need to pay the deposit for a studio,
and the deadline's today and I'm strapped.
I'll send it back
once I get my phone fixed this afternoon.
Please send the money to this account.
Thank you, Mi-ran.
My best friend.
But I only have 800,000 won in my account.
It can't be helped then.
Send me that at least.
Hey, I uploaded a video on YouTube.
I called to ask you to click "like."
You fixed your phone already?
What do you mean?
I just sent you 800,000 won.
Why would you send me money? What for?
Why? Did someone ask you to send money?
That's all for now.
What is she up to?
Where did she go?
Born in 1976
You're 44 years old?
She said she was my best friend.
So I thought it was my friend.
This is the text they sent.
But how do they know my friend's name?
Your phone must've gotten hacked.
It's called voice phishing.
What is that?
It's here.
Hey. Ko Mi-ran.
Hey. Mi-ran
I can't even run away.
Hey. Did you have a drink?
I think
this time and world
is a bit too much for me.
I live pretending nothing's wrong.
But I keep falling down
and embarrassing myself.
And I can't even go back.
You had a drink?
I had a drink.
I gave myself a shot before I drank.
I was so upset.
I wanted to do what others do.
So I had a drink.
Why are you tormenting me?
When did I torment you?
Even when you sit still
and don't do anything
You give me a hard time.
Don't suffer on my account.
Stop feeling responsible for me.
I made the choice.
It's okay.
Just ignore me and go on with your life.
Stop getting to me
with that guilty look of yours.
As of this moment,
you should
stop caring about me.
Even if things go wrong,
I won't ever blame you.
Don't be stupid.
I said don't be stupid.
If you keep acting like this, I'll just
fall for you.
You're a womanizer, aren't you?
I am not.
You're a typical player
who toys with women.
You make people happier.
The starting point of your dream
is the Go, Go 99 project.
They haven't worked with him.
He's such a torment.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to see
the 20 years you spent alone.
Be careful not to get caught.
I'd really hate it
if Dong-chan got in trouble.
I'll protect you.
So don't worry.
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