Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Between the Cold and the Passion

Don't be stupid.
I said, don't be stupid.
If you keep acting like this, I'll just
fall for you.
What? What are you looking at?
Is there something behind me?
Why? What are you staring at?
How dare
an assistant look straight back
at their mentor?
Come with me.
It's so hot.
Will you just stand there?
I'll leave on my own, then.
Here you go.
In case you were allergic
to strawberries, chocolate,
or kiwi fruits or something like that,
I just got you vanilla ice cream.
I don't have an allergy, but
But what?
I eat every ice cream flavor but vanilla.
What a mess.
Give it to me, then. I'll eat it.
Give me your ice cream.
I can't give you what I was eating.
I'll get you another one.
You ate the one I was eating.
Have you sobered up?
Let's go and work. We have loads to do.
If you drink during work hours again,
I'll fire you.
You answer perfectly fine.
I want to ask you something.
About the newsroom chief.
Long ago, the newsroom chief was
I mean, before the cryogenics experiment,
she was your girlfriend.
Are you still
dating her?
Wouldn't our relationship develop rapidly
if you were to ask that right now?
Did you ask because you want that?
No, right?
I just asked because I was curious.
We're not dating.
Don't smile.
Don't do or say anything
that could affect our relationship.
Why can't I do or say anything like that?
You really don't know?
We can't get any closer.
If one of us steps closer Good.
The other should step back
and maintain an appropriate distance.
We must maintain this distance,
50 cm, 0.5 m.
If we get any closer,
it's dangerous.
What's the 0.5 m about?
So you decided to jump in.
It so happened.
Isn't it something we all expected?
I guess you came to see me
because there's something I must do.
I need your newsroom
to back me up in secret.
Starting by saying the one who planned
the frozen man project
was actually me,
the then varieties department chief.
The project you worked so hard
to cover up 20 years ago,
now you'll pretend it was your idea?
This is a new phase.
The situation has changed.
The party selected an issue
I could use to appeal to the public.
I didn't come up with this picture.
The political scene, you know.
There are more writers and directors
there than here.
Everything is planned
and strategically played out.
Do you know why I moved to the newsroom
from the announcer department?
I was a so-so announcer whose spelling
and grammar always got pointed out.
Why did I shift to journalism?
Do you remember?
It was to find Dong-chan,
to look into his disappearance.
That's why I became a journalist.
I even took the reporter exam
behind your back.
That's what I did.
And because you did that,
you're now the newsroom chief.
Each time I tried,
I could never investigate anything.
A big mountain blocked the storm
from ahead and the breeze from behind.
You used to be that big mountain.
Can you pretend you never were one?
Do you think no one will care about
Dong-chan's disappearance
that you covered up?
The big mountain from back then is still
It's even bigger now.
I'm still a mountain
that blocks storms and breezes.
Times have changed, sir.
That's why I'm stepping aside
at just the right time.
So that you can become a bigger mountain.
It's almost a given
that the newsroom chief becomes the CEO.
But I could block all the storms
and breezes that come your way,
and you could become
the first female broadcasting station CEO.
That would be a new wave worth starting.
"CEO Na Ha-young."
Sounds nice.
It'll take the writers ages
to go through the applicants.
I think people are interested
because it's Dong-chan's return project.
By the way, why is the intern
assistant director never around?
Where is she?
Want to see
the applicants for the audition?
Yes, let's have a look.
Wow, this is so fascinating.
So many applied, right?
Do you know what actually rules our lives?
-The CEO?
-It's this.
Our phones.
Enough that I want to make a show
where people go a week without them,
people have become
enslaved to their phones.
Do you know how weak
relationships have become?
Without a phone or PC,
most of your relationships will end
right there.
Not to mention we're becoming more stupid.
In 100 years from now,
we might go back to being Homo erectus.
You're right. I realized
I hadn't memorized my brother's number.
Yes. Ko Nam-tae.
It's 010-349-1974.
Don't use that
to advance our relationship.
Just in case I couldn't reach you,
I memorized your family's phone numbers.
I memorize every number I saw once.
It might be a fascinating skill to you,
but to me, it's nothing.
Him over there. Park Eung-soo.
His number is 010-102-8771.
Do you think I know that
because I like the curly-haired fool?
It's all because I'm smart.
Is he exaggerating or putting up a wall?
Or is he trying to flirt?
They're the intern candidates
who passed the final round.
Let's allocate two to a team.
It's a desperate chance
to revive our department.
We will call dibs
on promising future workers.
But all the applicants said
their first preference is to work
on Dong-chan's team.
Because they haven't worked with him.
He's such a torment.
Did you hand in the budget proposal?
I was just about to.
Were you? Why not do it a month later?
I told you to do it long ago.
I know.
-Son Hyun-ki?
How long are you going to be here?
You should sit next to me.
Vacate the room.
"Vacate the room"?
Not even my landlord says that to me.
What's with him?
He does this and that.
Pushes me and pulls me.
"I'll just fall for you."
Then the 0.5-m distance?
Darn him.
I won't get dragged in.
Be careful not to get caught.
Other people can't find out
what happened to you.
I'd really hate it
if Dong-chan gets in trouble.
The intern must have
some great connections.
She texted the head writer just once
and never even bothered to say hi.
I wonder where she was all this while.
Mi-ran, a word, please.
Did you go to greet the writer?
I introduced myself with a text.
I thought it would be rude to just call.
She doesn't think so.
She doesn't think
texting is a form of communication.
She only acknowledges verbal communication
and she hates you now.
-What do I do?
-You have no choice but to suffer.
She looks mean, but she's actually worse.
I think she has some autonomic nerve
issues. She scares me too, sometimes.
Why do you work with her, then?
She's good at putting things together,
planning, and casting.
That's all I care about.
I'm not dating her.
I'll try to smooth things over.
I'm good at getting to people's hearts.
I know you are.
That writer's a hard-core fan of BTS.
You should study up on them.
If you don't know them and stumble,
you'll get pushed off to some corner
of the galaxy where I can't help you.
"Goodbye, Ko Mi-ran."
Who could that be?
Right Okay.
That facial expression and wording
makes it worse.
Well, you're working overtime today.
Kim Nam-jun, Kim Seok-jin,
Min Yun-ki, Jeong Ho-seok,
Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung,
Jeon Jung-kook. BTS.
Other than members of the public
in their 40s, we need celebrities too.
Do you have a list of singers?
We'll send out the proposal
to the agencies
and get the singers' schedules.
Let's call BTS.
Kim Nam-jun, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yun-ki,
Jeong Ho-seok, Park Ji-min,
Kim Tae-hyung, Jeon Jung-kook.
Let's call them all.
Is this a joke, intern?
It's not a joke.
I love BTS too.
Shall we get them all?
-They're not even in the country and
-But still
It's just that Intern Ko loves
and cares about the program so much.
I know BTS is huge worldwide,
but we could still call and ask.
Why are you all so shocked?
The budget We could call anyway.
-It's just a call.
-It doesn't cost much to call.
It'd be nice to cast BTS.
The agency staff will pick up.
Who else could we call?
Kwak Chul-yong.
-Park Chul-yong?
-Kwak Chul-yong.
The actor's name
-He's hot now.
Can we meet today?
Yes. I don't mind if it's late.
Let's meet. I'll be waiting.
Okay. I'll be in touch.
This kind of style. It's cool.
Nice and short. With hair gel.
-Good job. Bye.
-See you.
Is it good?
Contact them and check their schedule.
-And Seung-jin
Darn it.
Go home!
If you're going to yawn
and pick eye boogers, go home!
Finish up at home.
Go, now.
SEOUL 6BA 3904.
I memorized the license plate.
Text me that you got home safely
when you do.
Why does he keep changing
how he acts around me?
He wanted to keep a distance.
Is something bothering you, miss?
No. I was talking to myself.
I'll come to the broadcasting station now.
In 30 minutes.
I'll be waiting in the newsroom
chief's office on the seventh floor.
Security is tight, so they might stop you.
I'll inform the desk.
As I told you,
I want to see both you and Ma Dong-chan.
I'll arrange it.
She's on her way. The informant
on Doctor Cho's car explosion.
He's Unseong Group's
former CEO Lee Ham-gon's illegitimate son.
When the CEO was diagnosed
with lung cancer,
the company almost collapsed
because of the successor issue.
They were building a waterway in Libya,
and the deal moved the company up in rank.
But Lee Ham-gon's legal wife didn't have
a son,
so they adopted Lee Seok-du
who was born out of wedlock,
and trained him up as the heir.
We don't know anything about Lee Seok-du
before he turned 37?
It's on the next page.
He got an engineering PhD
from the University of Illinois
and lived an ordinary life in the US.
I think his wife's still there.
We should say they separated.
In 1998, after a group assault
left him in a coma,
he miraculously woke up
after 50 days in the hospital?
It was called a miracle.
He survived
when it was said to be impossible.
In 1998
After the close brush with death,
he has been making regular large donations
to the hospital that saved him.
That's all the information I could find.
Now you can tell me why you needed this.
In Doctor Hwang Gab-soo's lab,
a Lee Seok-du look-alike is frozen
in a capsule.
He's not just a look-alike. He's
identical. The face, build, everything.
You're a true variety show director.
There are so many look-alikes
in the world.
That day.
Why didn't you come?
We were at a hotel,
and it must've made you feel
uncomfortable. I just
You're still a woman to me,
but I don't want to start over,
and you called me to your suite.
I shouldn't have gone.
Do you know how a woman feels
when she gives a man her room number?
Did you stop to think?
That's why I didn't go.
Because I knew how you felt.
Because you feel different
from how I feel.
Here you go.
Did you move all your things, professor?
Yes. I came so late,
so I must've woken you.
I apologize, Mother.
It's fine. My daughter's not home yet,
and I'm waiting for her.
What do you think she's doing
that she's not home yet?
For a professor,
you're quite approachable,
you have a nice figure and personality.
I hope we get along
like one happy family, Mother.
Oh, you're home, Mi-ran.
This here is
What the
He disappeared like a gust of wind.
Where did he go?
If you keep acting like this, I'll just
fall for you.
Give me a moment.
Who are you?
What? Let go of me.
-Secretary Jung.
-Let me go!
Why do you think she wanted to see me?
The person who knows
who tried to kill Doctor Cho Ki-bum.
The person who wants to see me.
What's the connection?
I want to ask you something first.
Doctor Hwang Gab-soo,
is he really dead?
Please save my husband.
The freezer capsule
Long time no see, sister-in-law.
When did you
and Secretary Jung get so close?
What were you planning to do
at the broadcasting station?
Secretary Jung's body will
never even be found.
That's what they call a dog's death,
isn't it?
Why do you think
I let you live, sister-in-law?
Lee Seok-du,
where is he?
I don't know either.
How could you not know?
I was going to the broadcasting station
to find out.
I wanted to ask that director guy.
Please let my husband come back to life.
We'll live quietly, like the dead.
Just get him out of the capsule.
He shouldn't have given me
the taste of power and money.
Lee Ham-gon shouldn't have named
Seok-du his heir.
If Lee Seok-du returns alive,
where am I to go?
Just keep your title
and live as Lee Seok-du.
We'll let you.
If that were your plan,
you should've come to me!
Why go to the TV station?
The person who wakes Lee Seok-du,
whoever it may be,
will die a dog's death.
Listen carefully.
I'm Lee Seok-du, not Lee Hyung-du.
Anyone who causes a confusion
will all
end up dead.
I should call the police.
Not yet.
Don't think about it too much.
In the end, it's my problem.
It's just a scoop to you.
Do you think I'm like this
because I lost a scoop?
It's because I'm worried about you.
That you'll get in danger.
That you'll leave me again.
That's what I'm worried about.
It's late. Go home.
I didn't bring my car.
Okay. I'll drive you home.
I'll switch to your temperature.
I can manage.
I'm sorry.
What for?
I'm sorry I wasn't there
to see your 20 years.
The 20 years that felt like a day to me
really was 20 years.
The 20 years you spent alone.
I can't make it up for you.
We already
messed up the timing.
When I see you,
my heart
no longer beats fast.
I don't love you.
I think this is it for us.
The reason this is it for us
Is it because you like someone else?
Is it?
Let's see. It's perfect.
My goodness.
Hello, professor.
Who are you?
I'm Ko Nam-tae.
My gosh, Nam-tae. You're all grown up!
Do you know me?
I do know you. You ruined my first kiss.
You silly fool.
Anyway, it's good to see you.
Let's try to get along.
Who are you?
Well, I'm
This doctor
lost his memory
and is staying with us to get it back.
Did I really get in?
Thank you.
When do I start?
Then can I work on Director Ma's team?
Okay, I got it.
Tomorrow afternoon?
I'll come over after my class.
Okay. Thank you.
Are you off to school?
I'm fine,
so don't worry about me.
Are you really okay?
I'm fine.
I really am.
You said
a happy divorce is better
than a sad marriage.
It's not something a mom wants
to hear from her kid, though.
I got the TV station internship.
It's just for the summer break,
but it should be good for my résumé.
How do you know Ko Mi-ran?
I happened to see your phone.
There was a photo of you with her.
How do you know my friend?
She's no friend.
See you.
There's a limit.
When do you need this by?
The sooner the better.
Shall I finish it before lunchtime?
That would be great.
Include the shoulder pads.
I think we should put this person
and that person together.
They seem similar.
These two are married
and will have lots to say.
They lived abroad for a while.
They'll have a lot to talk about.
Let's give them a call.
From now on, if you have something to say,
write it here.
-Send it today.
Doesn't their character overlap too much?
This person has lots of hobbies.
Shall I mark this person too?
Don't you think this person would be fun?
I'll write it down and call.
I'll go through it.
Come to the editing suite now.
Do you really want to be
a variety show director?
It's a dream I came to have later in life,
but I'm serious about it
and want to do well.
Okay. Then the Go, Go 99 project,
let's make it a hit.
You said 20 years ago that your dream was
to solemnly work and make a living.
And you said back then
that we were on the same page.
Did I?
That 20 years ago feels
like it was yesterday.
By the way, why do you make variety shows?
When you're born a human,
you should make the world a better place.
I want people to laugh more.
If people feel happier today
than yesterday and smile or laugh more
watching the show I made,
what would be greater than that?
Rather than taking weapons to war
to start a new nation
or taking money to build a new building,
I think what I'm doing has more value.
Make people happier.
The starting point of your dream is
the Go, Go 99 project.
Make it a good one.
A solemn way to make a living?
It'll become more than that.
Even dog poop's never around
when you need it.
How dare he take the day off?
Doctor Hwang's not the problem.
Dong-ju's the problem.
She won't answer her phone.
Do you think she got drunk
and drowned in a ditch, Mom?
I don't care if that wench drowns or dies.
I won't mind her anymore.
She lived half a century.
That's long enough to grow up.
This won't do.
I should call Dong-chan.
It's a great idea. Good luck with it.
-Dong-chan, it's me.
Dong-ju ran away from home,
and we can't reach her.
She ran away from home? What
Did she ever leave home
and be unreachable before?
No. Until now,
we always knew where she was.
But we haven't been able to reach her
since yesterday.
Did you call the police?
Her first ex is a detective.
I called him,
but he doesn't care one bit.
He doesn't have one what?
I mean he doesn't care at all.
It's modern slang.
He's sick of it.
Let's wait until tonight.
She'll come home.
When she does,
I'll give her a good scolding.
Why won't she grow up?
Okay. Hang up for now.
What does a 50-year-old woman do at night?
What does she do
that she doesn't come home?
Who do you mean?
My younger sister.
Oh, right. Of course.
I don't get why she's like that.
It must be menopause.
I know that feeling very well.
You should pay her more attention.
She's my younger sister,
but one look at her face,
and you just can't scold her.
She looks like a great elder.
Talk to her like you talk to me.
You talk down to me just fine.
What's the problem?
Yes, right.
Why can't I do to her what I do to you?
I can't believe this.
Anyway, why did you ask to see me?
It can't be about the show.
Is your political backer
Unseong Group's CEO Lee Seok-du?
Well, I guess so?
Then when you meet him next,
take me with you.
For real?
Yes. I think I should get to know him.
And ask for some funding too.
You don't even have to ask.
By the way,
the CEO has a great interest in you.
-In me?
He's very interested
in the frozen man project.
I see.
The audition's tomorrow at 2 p.m.
You don't need to bring anything.
Okay, thanks.
Will blocking this space change anything?
Can we avoid seeing each other?
I can still see your face
through the margins.
You wanted to keep a 0.5-meter distance.
Will this kind of wall keep us
0.5 meter apart?
Were you bad at math in school?
Don't you have a notion
of up, down, 2-D, 3-D?
Weren't you talking about
a distance of the mind?
This isn't a distance of the mind.
It's a preteen tactic
of drawing boundaries.
I'm easily distracted
and can't focus well.
I'm not surprised.
I can't concentrate
if I can see you in front of me.
Why not?
I just said I'm easily distracted.
I don't get it.
Don't these books distract you?
I find it suffocating
that all this is here.
Don't pick on me. I can do what I want.
Yes. I can do what I want too.
And this is what I want.
Now I'm not distracted at all.
I feel much better.
-I'm going home.
-See you.
I have family stuff and am leaving early.
So, why don't you leave now too?
I'll go on my own. Don't mind me.
My mind doesn't stop minding
because someone tells me to mind or not.
Let's go home. I'll drop you off.
Why do you keep changing your tune?
It's confusing.
I said I'd go on my own.
You want to keep a distance,
but you worry about me.
How do you really feel, you jerk?
I have to sort out the audition material.
You summarized everything for me.
What more do you need to do?
Are you the type to study
after the exams are done?
Why not pretend you have no choice
and come along? Let's go home.
Hurry up.
Aren't we a bit too close
to steal a glance?
I didn't steal a glance.
Then why did you turn away when I looked?
You're a womanizer, aren't you?
I am not.
You don't seem to know,
but you're a typical player
who toys with women.
Goodness. You've never seen a player,
so you don't know what they're like.
Hey, Ji-hoon.
I got into the TBO intern program.
Really? Congratulations.
I hope we can work on the same team.
So do I.
I miss you.
Yes, okay.
I miss you too.
We can see each other
more often now, right?
We definitely should.
Mi-ran. I'll be at TBO tomorrow.
See you then.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
I should ask who that was
to smooth over the awkwardness, right?
No. You don't have to ask.
Then I must really ask. Was it a guy?
-He must be younger than you.
-Is he handsome?
-So very totally.
"So very totally"?
Why would a younger,
handsome guy call you right now?
What kind of question is that?
What should a younger,
handsome guy do to whom at what time?
I heard that kids these days
don't waste time
on meaningless things or people.
-What does that mean?
-You don't like him.
Why would he call an older woman
who doesn't even like him
to waste precious time and energy?
Why do you think I don't like him?
Tell me. Why do you think so?
Because you like someone else.
Can someone as easily distracted as you
like two people at the same time?
Who are you saying I like?
I'm just
saying random silly stuff,
so why are you so prickly? Are you hungry?
Yes, well, I am hungry.
Okay. Go home
and have dinner with your family.
I'll do that too.
It's because I promised to eat
with my family today. Go on home.
I didn't ask.
You're mad because you want
to eat with me, but I can't.
I'm not.
I think you are.
Hey, it's Mi-ran.
Hey. It's the frozen man.
That punk.
Fifty-two-year-old on ID alone!
Can you film me?
You, Ma Dong-chan!
Stay away from my woman!
In TV dramas or movies,
people usually regain their memories
after a hard knock on the head.
Something that dramatic didn't happen
just now, did it?
Life isn't that simple or easy.
It's not. It doesn't happen.
Anyway, if you're a doctor,
what did you major in?
It's a top secret I can't share.
Well, that's fine.
By the way, how do you know Ma Dong-chan?
Why do you hate him so much?
I won't forgive him. Ma Dong-chan!
It's good to know Dong-ju's safe.
Hey. You said it seemed like
she was with a guy, right?
I think I know who she's seeing.
I think it's the Chu guy she met
at Alcoholics Anonymous.
"Mr. Chu. Ho, ho, ho."
She mentioned him whenever she was drunk.
Do you mean she's dating an alcoholic?
He's willing to see Dong-ju
because he's a drunkard.
Why would someone
with no addiction date her?
Chu the drunkard?
It sounds like the title of an old novel.
The crazy witch.
If Dong-ju wants to remarry,
what do we do then?
I know. That's what worries me too.
Dong-ju marries like it's no big deal.
Like it's a hobby.
Why did Dong-ju end up like that?
What on earth happened
during the 20 years?
I don't know how to act around her.
Uncle. Let's take a proof shot.
-A proof shot?
I told my classmates
my uncle was the frozen director,
but they didn't believe me.
Why didn't they believe you?
Did you tell too many lies?
No. They've been lied to too often.
They were all scarred by lies.
Come here, my dear niece.
I can imagine
what adult woman you'll grow up to be.
What adult woman do you think I'll be?
There's this woman I know very well.
I think you'll grow up to be like her.
Is she pretty?
Yes, she's pretty.
Is she pretty just in your eyes?
She just has to be pretty in my eyes.
She's very pretty.
Mi-ran, do you know what Freud said?
He said that looks are fate.
I'm so glad we rented out
the rooftop room.
Nam-tae adores the professor.
He has a handsome face and a nice body.
He's so affectionate too,
he keeps calling me "Mother."
The rooftop room tenant is a professor?
He's not a psychology professor
at my university, is he?
He is. How did you know that?
This is madness.
Hi, Mi-ran.
I think you should know.
Hwang Byung-shim's at my place.
What do you mean?
My parents rented out our rooftop room,
and Hwang Byung-shim moved in.
I'm Mi-ran's friend Oh Young-sun.
I recognize you.
Mi-ran's friend
Let me borrow this, Father.
What? Wait, Young-sun.
Darn it!
Hey. 52-year-old on ID alone!
Stay away from my woman.
Don't go near my woman, okay?
You, Ma Dong-chan.
-You heard that, right?
-Ma Dong
You ruined my life.
Be a man and take responsibility!
With a married woman?
-How could he?
-It's insane.
What do you think
"stay away from my woman" means?
It means Ma Dong-chan is seeing
a married woman.
Will you stop it, Eung-soo?
It's just a stupid clip.
Let's not write a novel about it.
Why would Dong-chan need to do that?
It's unbelievable.
He sent that
to Go, Go 99's official email address.
He has to have a grudge.
How angry must he have been to do that?
Should I not have deleted it?
What? The chief would have a fit
if he knew. It should be deleted.
What would give me a fit if I knew?
You need to see this.
Hey. 52-year-old on ID alone!
Stay away from my woman.
Who on earth did you go after that
something like this would come by email?
I get you were starved for 20 years
and quickly needed
to restore your manly function,
but why go after a married woman
Is he really dating a married woman?
His looks are a curse.
Is that why he and Chief Na broke up?
They're so awkward now.
Twenty years is a big gap.
I guess.
Did you take the day off yesterday
to get your hair done?
Do you like it?
Well, you look cute.
I'll go back to the lab now.
I must regain my memories.
I think the lab would help me more.
But my son brought you here
because that place isn't safe.
I want to take it head-on.
I must regain my memories
for your son to live a normal life.
Please If that is possible,
do that for me.
I'll do anything.
Why are you wearing a hat?
The destruction of common sense.
A suit and a fedora.
Don't I look like Sirasoni?
It doesn't suit him at all.
I've been waiting for this moment.
Let's fight in earnest!
Come at me. Come on!
Don't you want to be on TV?
Why don't you relax your fists?
Let's talk.
Yes. TV.
Stay away from my woman.
Don't go near
-my woman.
-Darn it.
Ma Dong-chan.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I don't love you.
Mr. Kim.
Hold one final meeting then announce
the people who passed the audition.
It's out! Come to my office!
-Got it.
Who on earth posted this?
The editing suite.
Why do you always make me look for you?
Why are you crying? This isn't like you.
It's not something to laugh about.
I'll protect you.
What do you mean?
I was in charge of the project.
So whatever it may be,
I'll do everything
so you don't have to cry.
So don't worry.
You just do what you
want to do.
Just do that.
I'm sorry.
You did nothing wrong.
Just be the Ko Mi-ran you are.
Act proud and dignified.
You're pretty. So don't smile like that.
Hey, Ko Mi-ran.
-Come in.
Do you know the punk smiling
next to Mi-ran?
He's your intern.
Now stop looking back
and find a happier life.
What would it be like between us if I had
stopped you from doing the experiment?
I have
nowhere else to go.
Let's just go ahead.
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