Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

DECEMBER 21, 2021
People ask me
if I
regret taking part
in the cryogenic experiment
back in 1999.
never regret it.
Why do you always make me look for you?
Why are you crying? This isn't like you.
It's not something to laugh about.
I'll protect you.
What do you mean?
I was in charge of the project.
So whatever it may be,
I'll do everything
so you don't have to cry.
So don't worry.
You just do what you
want to do.
Just do that.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Do you regret it?
Stand up straight.
This is me standing straight.
When you walk out of here,
walk out proudly
like the Ko Mi-ran from 20 years ago.
You did nothing wrong.
I'll try to sort it out
as Ma Dong-chan would.
Let us both take on life
as we would, with our usual attitudes.
Then it'll be okay.
Shouldn't we mention
the Ko Mi-ran post on the news?
Let's think about it.
I knew something was off
when she mentioned BTS.
Something didn't feel right.
TBO gave her a job to silence her.
I think it's just not right.
Then all the urban legends were true
that there was a female test subject.
-How do you think
Dong-chan will handle the situation?
How can he? Can this be handled at all?
Let's continue.
We haven't finalized the locations.
Director Ma.
The post on the web page,
is it all true?
Part of it is.
Is it also true you hired Ko Mi-ran
as your assistant director because she
took part in your frozen man experiment?
Her abilities, major, work experience,
you didn't consider any of that
and hired her for that one reason?
On a show I directed 20 years ago,
Ms. Ko took part in all the experiments.
She has a unique career.
The greatest weapon
of a variety show director
is the spirit of challenge, I believe.
To go down paths others don't.
To dream things others don't.
To dare do things others don't dare.
Who of you here
if you heard about the cryogenic project,
would voluntarily take part
in the experiment?
According to my standard, Ms. Ko
is a rare kind of person at TBO.
Still, you can't hire just anyone.
You're right, I can't.
So she's an intern.
Variety shows are about a trend, director.
She was cut off from society for 20 years.
How could she take part
in planning a show?
What did you say in our first meeting?
You said you'd join the team for me.
That you believed in me.
I was also frozen in a capsule
for 20 years.
Why believe in me
when I can't follow the trends?
-The reason I chose you
out of many others
when you had less experience
was that I saw something convincing.
Assistant director, writer, camera,
and sound,
who I work with, I choose carefully.
I'm very picky.
If I didn't think you could do it,
I wouldn't have picked you.
If you decided to believe in me,
believe in my eye for people too.
And then give in to your prejudice
or misapprehensions.
Don't say with your faces,
say with your mouths.
If I catch you talking behind my back,
something very unpleasant
will happen to you.
I'm pretty good at verbal abuse
that makes you feel like crap.
Does that make Mi-ran
our senior or junior?
If we go by age, you know
Why does that matter?
Our world is based
strictly on achievements and performance.
She's 44 with a long career break,
an intern with zero experience in TV.
Think only of
how not to get crushed by her.
Let's resume the meeting.
I'm Assistant Director Ko Mi-ran
of TBO's Go, Go 99.
Yes. I called to ask about filming there.
As soon as it's set,
I'll email you the full schedule.
Mi-ran, we need to talk.
Ms. Ko.
Before TBO makes an official statement
on the whole matter,
I need to hear what you think.
What do you want to do
about the situation?
I will take care of it.
I'm 44 years old.
Why would I leave it
to someone else at my age?
But this isn't just a personal matter.
You have quite a few concerns, don't you?
You're worried about what I'll say,
and you're worried about
the many things you did back then.
I will take care of everything.
So, what did she say?
She doesn't seem to plan
to use this to her advantage
or to make a huge fuss to profit from it.
There are dark clouds in my future.
How am I to clear them?
The dark clouds are everywhere.
You're surrounded.
It looks like it'll rain soon.
You can't avoid rain, so get an umbrella.
Stop with the metaphor!
Quit trying to sound smart.
Did puberty hit you at 50?
What's the umbrella you're talking about?
Let's just tell the truth.
How should we do that?
Two people disappeared
after getting frozen,
and the then chief and assistant director
covered it up,
penalized everyone who brought it up,
fired others, and bribed the police.
And that's how one became CEO
and the other became chief.
POSTED AT 12:32:45, SEP. 27, 2019
What are you trying to say?
You just breathed into my ear.
And the office is empty.
You don't have to whisper.
Just say it.
Where did they go?
They all left to work.
The person who exposed Mi-ran.
We have the result of the ID trace.
It was a girl from class 2-3
at Mahyun Middle School.
-A teenager?
at the time the post was uploaded,
the girl was in class and fast asleep.
What are you saying?
Was her ID hacked or something?
We're looking into it in more detail.
The person knew so much about Mi-ran
and how she got her job here.
It was someone who knew a lot
about Mi-ran and the freezing project.
They called her a shameless human.
This jerk has a grudge against her.
I swear I'll catch the punk.
By the way,
where's Mi-ran and what is she doing?
Social media's in uproar.
Hello. I'm Ko Mi-ran.
Twenty years ago,
I agreed to a 24-hour experiment,
but due to a fateful accident,
I woke after 20 years.
I went from being 24 to 44.
No one in the world
would give me a job.
The TV station and I
had to reach a reasonable agreement,
and as a result,
I joined TBO as an intern.
The opportunity to skip
the usual hiring process
felt like something I deserved
after being frozen for 20 years.
I must confess I considered it
rightful compensation for the 20 years
I believed I'd lost.
But what I got
was only an opportunity.
I'm not a regular employee.
I'm an ordinary intern
who must prove my worth.
Through this opportunity,
to catch up with
the 20 years I slept through,
I will live and work harder.
Could you please give me a chance
and watch how I do?
The 36.5-degree warmth
that you ordinary people have
would be a huge boost to me.
From frozen human Ko Mi-ran
with a body temp of 31.5 degrees.
Our Mi-ran is a great problem-solver.
Who the heck
would post this on TBO's web page?
What would they get out of it?
I should crush the person to a pulp.
Did you and Mi-ran make up?
There was no making up to do.
What will you do about Byung-shim?
I was going to divorce him,
but I've changed my mind.
I'll never divorce him.
He's out of his mind.
We'll see who wins.
What does Byung-shim think
he wants to do with Mi-ran?
How could he move in there
in his right mind?
Let's be honest. Mi-ran's not that pretty.
So why is everyone crazy about her?
It's so annoying.
What do you mean?
Who's "everyone"?
I think Ji-hoon likes Mi-ran.
-I was too scared to ask,
so I didn't ask,
but I found a photo
they'd taken on his phone.
Ji-hoon and Mi-ran?
Oh, my goodness.
Father and son into the same woman.
-What a mess.
Don't jump to that conclusion.
I'm dead serious.
So did you
write that post?
On TBO's site?
What do you take me for?
Do you think that's the extent of my fury?
The truth is, I'm Mi-ran's first love.
You're what?
My goodness. You could get someone killed.
Cut the crap.
How dare a married man move in here?
I'm not a true married man.
I'm married on the outside.
I'm preparing for a divorce.
What are you on about?
Darn you!
Will you calm down?
Don't use your feet.
It makes you look uneducated.
Let's hear the professor out.
What's there to hear?
I'll get divorced.
Discuss that with your wife.
I'll divorce my wife
and start over with Mi-ran.
I'm serious.
Father. You know,
I want to get Mi-ran back.
Why you
-Oh, gosh.
Hey, you cheater of a professor.
-I'll call the police!
Don't stop me.
-The internet's crazy about Mi-ran.
-Let go.
People know she was frozen.
But people are rooting for her.
The number of likes is
two, one, four, seven, three.
Gosh. Mi-ran's awesome.
The headlines for tonight's news.
What's this?
CEO Lee Seok-du's wife?
Yes, chief. Today at dawn,
Lee's wife Park Hyo-woo
died of a heart attack.
How strange.
The wife of the man
you asked me to look into suddenly died.
Oh dear. I should attend the funeral.
The funeral is family only.
There are no other details.
We got this from an unofficial source.
I find it odd
the police won't investigate
her untimely death.
Did you record the woman's voice?
I did.
Play it on air.
She asked me not to.
-She swore me to secrecy
If that's kept a secret,
there won't be an investigation.
We must find out who she was.
Did you regain your memories?
It's just a partial memory I got back.
I only remember such a thing existed.
I haven't regained every memory.
Something bad
could happen to me.
You should keep this.
I need to go somewhere.
But the defrosting is
less than two hours away.
I'll be back before then.
Help me, Doctor Yoon.
Keep it a secret that I'm here.
Even from Director Ma?
He must know.
I must tell him.
I must tell him what I couldn't then.
Who it was that tried to kill me.
Doctor. You regained your memories.
Doctor Hwang Gab-soo is alive.
Doctor Hwang must regain his memories
for everything to become clear.
Detective Baek requested security
for none other than Doctor Hwang.
Where was he until now?
Doctor Hwang has US citizenship,
so he has no address in Korea.
He was hiding at the home of Ko Mi-ran.
Ko Mi-ran?
The frozen woman.
Here's the list of confirmed cast.
The assistant director's job
is to manage their schedules and pay.
Let's make it work, Ms. Ko.
Ko Mi-ran. Well done.
This Hwang Dong-hyuk
isn't the Hwang Byung-shim I know, right?
It can't be him.
No way.
I got the phone number
and address you asked for.
Did you really?
Yes, I got it.
Then can you text me
the number and address?
I'll call when I'm in the area.
Hey, Ko
Who's that punk?
What is she doing smiling at just anyone?
Why isn't she working?
Ko Mi-ran, you
I'll look so pathetic. Darn it.
Those two
Should we keep tracking the suspicious ID?
You startled me.
Make a sound before talking to me, idiot.
You scared me.
This is me making a sound.
Did you expect me to holler,
"Attention, please"?
Hey, over there.
Do you know the punk
smiling next to Mi-ran?
He's your intern.
One of the ten interns we hired.
He's really smart and hardworking.
We summoned them today.
How old is the punk?
He's a university freshman.
What? He's 20?
By the way, why are you calling
someone's precious son a punk?
Why is your character going downhill?
Hey. Look at her grinning,
walking next to a younger guy.
The teenage schoolgirl.
I talked to the owner of the ID
that exposed Mi-ran.
I've never been so badly cursed at
in my life.
I got called sons of everything.
She said she'd find whoever used her ID
and gouge their eyes out.
She'll catch the culprit then.
-It looks like it.
-What do you mean, it looks like it?
Will you leave your job to that kid then?
I'm glad we get to work together.
I'll still call you by your name.
I thought you were special
when I first saw you.
You weren't like the girls these days.
I liked that.
Were you surprised?
Mi-ran, I'll help you.
Who cares if you're 44 or 24?
I'll treat you as I always did.
Thanks, Ji-hoon.
My mom knew you.
I didn't ask
because I didn't want to somehow,
but I think I get it now.
You're my mom's friend, aren't you?
Your mom?
I think she told me.
Along with Aunt Kyung-ja,
she was one of a trio.
And one suddenly disappeared.
Aunt Kyung-ja
Is your mom's name Oh Young-sun?
You're Young-sun's son?
Yes, Mi-ran. Isn't it funny?
Then is your dad Hwang Byung-shim?
Yes. That's my dad's old name.
You know my dad too?
Were you friends with him too?
you're Byung-shim's son?
Ms. Ko.
Pull up a chair.
I have something important to say.
This might come a bit late,
but as someone who used to be
Dong-chan's assistant director,
I have some advice for you.
I like that you're taking notes.
Ma Dong-chan's assistant director
must not be honest at certain times.
If he asks, "Are you tired?"
-Good job.
-Well done, guys.
Good job.
-Great job.
-Well done.
Are you tired?
Yes, I'm tired.
It's just you who's tired?
Wouldn't I be tired too?
What did you even do?
If this tires you out,
how will you do the rest of the shoot?
You might as well quit directing
and be a viewer.
Go home and watch TV.
You must never say
you're tired.
If he asks, "What percent do you think
the rating will be?"
What percent do you think
the rating will be?
Fifteen percent?
We air three months from now
and your goal is only 15%?
You have the amazing resolve to make
a show with just 15% of effort?
No, I mean
Do you work with me to make a 15% show?
What do you take me for?
Do you want me to retire?
-It's not
-It's not? It's not what?
You must say a number
that's stupidly high.
At that moment,
he'll feel good enough to praise you.
If you get used to surviving each moment,
he'll get sick and tired first.
Dong-chan won't last as long as you think.
I see.
Dong-chan's questions
are like the Sphinx's riddles.
Even he doesn't know the answer,
but he asks anyway,
and if he doesn't like the answer,
he kills you.
Okay. I'll keep that in mind, chief.
who hired
Professor Hwang Dong-hyuk and why?
Oh, him.
After seeing the baffling video
he sent to the Go, Go 99 email,
Director Ma decided he was entertaining.
You see, collecting peculiar organisms is
the job of a variety show director.
Still, that organism
I don't think it's ideal.
Do you know that organism?
Well, he was
Listen. Could you recon
The stock price went up today?
Darn it. It hit its lowest?
You said this one was good.
One, two.
Kim Jin?
I was so curious about you
and wanted to call.
But the chief back then Oh, right.
He's the CEO now, right?
-I promised to take the secret
to my grave.
I know. You needn't explain.
It's so fascinating.
The experiment was no joke.
How can you look like you did
20 years ago?
I told you it was no joke.
To be honest, I wasn't sure
if the experiment would actually work.
No one was.
You taught me back then
how to properly use a camera.
That changed my life.
I'm a pretty well-known photographer.
It was a top secret project.
I couldn't hire a cameraman.
You looked like you'd keep a secret.
I was right about you.
Though I didn't think
you'd keep quiet for 20 years.
Anyway, why did you want to see me?
Do you
have separate copies
of the stuff you taped back then?
Okay, I'll call you back.
What's wrong with me?
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Na Ha-young with a Newsline special.
An online post exposing
female cryogenic experiment test subject
Ko Mi-ran caused a great controversy.
Why did the broadcasting station
not say that she existed?
It was to protect her
from an unknown danger.
This is a video of a car exploding
that belonged to Doctor Cho Ki-bum
who was part of the experiment.
At the informer's request,
our newsroom kept this a secret,
and we didn't even request
a police investigation.
However, on Newsline,
we believe the safety of those involved
in the cryogenic experiment
is of the upmost importance,
and so we have decided to reveal
a recording of the informer's voice.
I know who's behind
Doctor Cho's car explosion.
I know who the culprit is.
No, don't do that.
I'll come to the TV station myself.
-What's this?
-I have a condition.
What's going on?
I want to see you
and the director called Ma Dong-chan.
Please save my husband.
The freezer capsule
This was our last contact with her,
and we have not heard from her since.
This voice is the only clue
to identify the danger,
so if you know who this person is,
please contact TBO's newsroom.
The call cannot be connected.
After the beep
Why can't I reach her?
I saw the news.
You're thanking me?
A variety show director
thanking the newsroom chief?
-20 years ago,
if I'd stopped you from doing it,
and if you hadn't done the experiment,
what would it be like between us?
That's pointless talk.
Then what isn't pointless?
Can't we
discuss anything but the news now?
Do you know what my only regret is?
It's that I didn't stop you
from doing the experiment.
Don't you
regret it?
stop looking back
and find a happier life.
Ko Mi-ran.
Ko Mi-ran.
Where did she go?
I think I caught a cold.
I'll go take a nap.
Is it
a cold?
And the shot?
I had it.
That's a relief.
We too,
just like everyone else,
catch colds.
We too,
just like everyone else,
can feel cold.
you can't fall ill. I told you not to.
You never do as I say.
Shouldn't you be 50 cm away?
You're too close to me right now.
I have
nowhere else to go.
Let's just
go ahead.
Let's quit pretending,
denying, putting up walls.
Let's just
go ahead.
can I like you?
If I say you can't,
you won't?
Why do you
always do things first?
How could you say that first?
What do I do then?
Here's what you do.
You just
like me back, that's all.
Go ahead.
You have something to say.
You go first.
You have something to say.
There's so much to say.
I don't know where to start, so
How do Dad and Mi-ran
know each other?
How come Dad and Mi-ran
She's your dad's first love.
Your dad wants to divorce me
because of the Mi-ran you call a friend.
Do you like her?
No, right?
You're not pretending
it doesn't work, are you?
I don't resort to such lowly tricks.
-It's so stiff
-Hang on.
Just a second.
There you go.
During the day
it's fine,
but don't give me that look at night.
I'm much more
much more virile a man than you think.
Hey, Ko Mi-ran.
The face
you see in a mirror
isn't the face I see.
You're pretty.
So don't smile like that.
I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning.
Sleep well tonight.
And bring your fever shot.
He called me pretty.
I'll put it simply.
The power of the cryogenic capsules
in the lab,
I want it all cut.
I need the cryogenic experiment
to be a failure.
I can't do that.
Then you die.
You'll freeze to death in a real freezer,
not in a capsule.
Why are you
doing this?
You don't have a choice.
Do as I say.
If you don't do it, I will.
The two who survived the experiment,
Ma Dong-chan and Ko Mi-ran,
their lives will end as well.
Good. Let's go.
Is this Ko Mi-ran's number?
Yes, it is.
I'm a professor
of culture and communication,
Seo Hyun-jung.
Oh, hello.
How are you?
Okay. I'll think about it.
I'll call you at this number.
Thank you.
Was it a nice call?
It must be. You're smiling.
Not long ago,
I submitted an assignment for a lecture.
The professor read it
and praised me for doing a good job.
Professors these days are so sincere.
They call to commend you
for an assignment?
It's not that.
She's publishing a collection of essays,
and she wants to include my work.
She asked me for a contribution.
I've been good at writing
since I was a kid.
What does she want you to write about?
An essay about love.
Do you know love?
I don't think so.
You've never even kissed a guy before.
That was a kiss to me.
Not to me.
I'll wait on the first floor.
When you're done unpacking,
come downstairs.
Come in.
Will you shower first?
I mean, before we check out
the filming locations.
No, I'll shower before I go to
Right, you would shower
before bedtime.
Don't look at me like that
in places like this.
Even during the day.
Don't come here again.
-As of today, you're fired.
From now on, I'm in control of this lab.
Just a moment, please.
Chief. You should take this.
Hello, this is Na Ha-young
from the newsroom.
I know that voice.
Okay. Go on.
Do you think this is a picnic?
Did you bring a portable charger?
I have everything
to take pictures and notes with.
I'm a well-prepared assistant director.
Sure you are.
Your hat
is covering your face.
Let's go.
From there to there,
we can film people walking
-Shall I take photos?
Here the lake and mountains
are so beautiful,
so we should take it all in the shot.
Can you give me time to take a photo?
-It's me.
Three people called in to identify
the voice. They gave the same name.
That means it's a positive ID.
Who is it?
Unseong Group CEO Lee Seok-du's wife,
Park Hyo-woo.
Yes, okay. I'll come over.
Doctor Cho.
I think I have something.
It's one of the people in the capsule.
-Director Ma.
I think Doctor Hwang has regained
his memories.
I need to get back to Seoul.
Is something wrong?
A lot is going on.
I'll tell you when I'm back.
Stay at the hotel.
-I'll come with you.
-You can't.
Stay at the hotel
and rest until I get back.
Don't let anyone in your room.
Then I'll check out
the location on my own.
No. What are you talking about?
You can't be out alone.
Let's go.
Did you hand everything over
to the police?
Not yet.
Good. I want to check something first.
Oh, and
There's something I didn't tell you.
Doctor Hwang.
He's alive.
But he's acting a bit strange.
He won't let me come to the lab.
What are you doing?
I must get rid of these capsules here.
They failed.
They're all failures.
You will all die eventually.
You can't live a normal life.
You can't!
It's all
save us.
That woman and me
Let us
live like ordinary people.
Let us love all we want
roll around and sleep together.
Just like everyone else.
Let us live like that.
Who is it?
Is it you, Director?
I told you not to let anyone in.
Is something wrong?
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