Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Family, After All

Then can we live like
ordinary people from now on?
might take a little time.
Doctor Hwang's being threatened.
I wasn't going to tell you
because you'd get scared.
Don't try to do everything on your own.
Let's do it together now.
It's our problem.
I want
Ma Dong-chan to be happy.
Here's how I feel.
The difficult, hard,
scary and painful stuff
I want you to feel none of that.
I want you to not have to think,
and just be joyful and happy.
For now
I think that would make me the happiest.
Let's dry our clothes in our own rooms.
Sleep well.
Have you two fallen in love?
You're Adam and Eve.
The first frozen man and woman.
It's a subminiature camera.
Tell me everything honestly.
What on earth happened?
It's him.
The person who tried to kill me.
The accident 20 years ago.
Before the accident,
he called and asked to meet.
It was that very voice.
It was so unique,
I just couldn't forget it.
He covered my eyes
so I couldn't see his face,
but he felt familiar,
as if I'd seen him before.
Are you still looking at the first page?
Do you even know what that book's about?
Here. Look.
"This is the unique reason of humans."
"Unique." "Ko Yu-han."
This is my dad's name. It's interesting.
You found that interesting,
so you kept staring at that word?
If a long time from now,
a medicine could be made
that would make you
as smart as other people
so you could read this book to the end,
you think you could go into
a freezing capsule to wait until then?
Nam-tae will become smart?
Someday, that day will come.
I won't do it.
Why not?
Because I won't be able to see
my mom, dad, sister again.
Even though I'm not smart
and I get teased,
I like living with Mom, Dad
and Sis a hundred times more.
after Mi-ran disappeared,
right here
It hurt so much here, I almost died.
Even though I took medicine,
it kept hurting.
So Nam-tae cried.
You're the best.
You brought my sister back.
That's why
even when you snore, it's not noisy.
It's as nice as a TWICE song now.
I had a family,
then maybe
I wouldn't have done the experiment.
I never thought how the family would feel.
I had
never thought about that before.
Doctor, I'll give you a hug.
I will be your family.
Report that your informant, Park Hyo-woo,
was Lee Seok-du's wife.
And that she's now dead.
CEO Lee Seok-du is behind all this.
I'm sure of it.
I told you before
that Lee Seok-du was kept frozen
in Doctor Hwang's capsule for 21 years.
From 1998 to now.
What does that mean?
Are they
Yes. And that means
one of them is a fraud.
The Lee Seok-du in the capsule is real,
and the current Lee Seok-du's an impostor.
no source out there
mentioned Lee Seok-du had a twin.
It's something people in finance
would know and care about.
The fake one must've deleted
the information.
Delete that and only keep the fact
that he was born out of wedlock,
it sounds more credible.
How could that be?
You said Doctor Hwang's alive.
Then was it Doctor Hwang
who woke up both you and Ko Mi-ran?
It was him.
So that was it.
Okay. I understand.
Mr. Kim, it's Lee Seok-du.
Yes, sir. How are you?
Let's meet up today.
Yes, sure.
I'll see you later. Bye.
That it was Lee Seok-du's wife's voice,
keep it to yourself for now.
I'll meet Mr. Lee first.
Find out why he wanted to meet you.
Then discuss it again with me.
Mi-ran. Can I have a word?
The non-celeb cast.
Did you call them all to confirm?
The intern starts today.
The intern you kept calling a punk.
The kid?
Do a real good job this time.
You must have the ambition to create
one successful show before you die, right?
Oh, you don't?
Do I expect way too much from you?
Why are you picking on me this early?
Did you find the one
who stole the teen's ID?
Well, the police said
we can't sue them without proof
That's why I told you to catch them!
Why should I track someone
who stole someone else's ID?
I have a lot to do as a chief.
You even want me to work on Go, Go 99.
Son Hyun-ki.
You wrote the post, didn't you?
I'm not crazy enough to do that.
Prove it then.
Find out who used the teen's ID
and prove it wasn't you.
Until then, I'll assume you did it.
This is just unfair!
You're making no sense.
How is it nonsense?
I'm Hwang Ji-hoon, the new intern.
You'll sit next to me.
I cleaned the desk for you.
Let's have a meeting.
Hey, Ko Mi-ran. So
I got the wrong printout.
-That can't be.
-Sit here so we can talk.
Look at this here.
Is this the right photo?
It's all right.
It is.
I was confused.
I like the photos from the field survey.
Let's film here.
Okay. Let's schedule a shoot
for three nights and four days.
We'll film the pilot here.
By the way,
one of the cast's appendix burst,
so they can't shoot.
Their appendix burst?
Yes. We must find a replacement.
I'll look for someone.
I know someone who would fit.
I should have come to the funeral
to pay my respects.
I was unable to
because there was no official notice.
Are you all right?
How could I be all right?
My wife died.
Right. Of course.
Did you identify the woman
who tipped you off?
Well, about that
The voice you played on the news,
it sounded like my late wife's.
Did anyone call in to say
the person was my wife
Park Hyo-woo?
You're still grieving,
so I wasn't going to mention this,
but we did get such calls.
I'm grateful you brought it up first.
I would like that
never to be mentioned again.
People talking about my now dead wife,
I don't want that.
But the newsroom must follow through
with a story once they've started
That case
Cover it up.
If you insult my wife's memory,
I will see that you pay for it.
It's not just about your political career.
Do you know how much money
I have given to our political party?
Mr. Kim, you and I
are already in the same boat.
You and I must be on the same page.
If you stand opposite so it's unclear
whether you're friend or foe,
you could end up dead.
Think wisely.
it's really simple.
Think only of joining
the National Assembly.
Any other thought,
you kick to the curb.
I got the message.
-It's me.
We received no tips on
who that voice belonged to, okay?
That's the newsroom's
official stance right now.
If I help you,
what will you give me?
I took you in
because the station decided to
accept interns as a strategic move,
I don't exactly need
an extra pair of hands.
Oh, okay.
"Oh, okay"? Okay.
For the month that you're here,
you can't get too close
to the seniors you work with.
You'll be branded.
Keep a slight distance,
especially with the female seniors.
Do I visit
the Go, Go 99 set too, Director?
Why would you go there?
-Just work and act like you're invisible.
Okay. I'll do my best.
No, don't do your best.
Act like you're invisible, okay?
Do I learn the ropes from Ms. Ko?
Why would an intern learn from an intern?
Do you even think?
What do you think she could
possibly teach you? Goodness.
You don't even know the basics.
Why did they hire you as an intern?
See that man over there? Learn from him.
-What are you staring at?
-It feels like a dream working with you.
-A professor of mine said
you were different even at college.
Well, I was a bit
You put up a poster titled
"Renewed I Wail Bitterly Today,"
and that united the students.
I heard it caused an uproar.
Yes, well, it did.
You're my life's role model.
I'll work and learn each day
with a full heart.
Okay, you do that.
Do that.
The kid's a good judge of character.
No one knows about us, right?
Shall we do something tonight?
But can we even think
about doing something else?
There's Doctor Hwang's case,
and then there's the show.
Well, that's true, but
We could just
No. I mean
Set up a meeting or something.
I can act like I have no option
and take a pay cut.
I can't stand working here.
Ma Dong-chan?
They're all exaggerations.
As if he's good at his job.
He may be thawed,
but his touch is still frozen.
I'm teaching him everything
from one to ten.
I'm about to collapse from overwork
teaching him everything.
He's so much trouble and so much work.
I'm his chief, so he can't mess with me.
put in a good word for me.
I want to start over at a cable network.
I'm pretty good at what I do.
Your director doesn't seem to want me?
Then I'll bring you three programs
we're working on right now.
Yes. Yes.
That psycho.
He's like an onion
with an infinite number of layers.
My gosh.
I was so startled.
I want to kill him.
I don't know how to organize this.
So what? Is the price rising?
Should I sell it or what?
Director Ma told me to learn from him.
Did he really?
I bet there's nothing
worth learning from him.
I took care of it.
Good job.
Now that his identity is exposed,
he must be around lots of people.
Gab-soo. Let's eat together.
You worked hard serving all the customers.
Please make sure
my son can get through the winter
without air conditioning.
I have no regrets
even if I were to die today.
I don't have to live any longer.
But so I can see my son
back to normal before I die,
I take special tonics these days,
and I care a lot about my health.
What kids mean to you
You wouldn't know.
After my son disappeared,
I never slept through the night.
I'm sorry.
I didn't say that to make you apologize.
For all the verbal abuse
and everything I did to upset you,
I'd like you to forget all that.
I'm sorry about that.
Not at all. I understand.
you ever need someone
to test something on
test it on me.
But keep it a secret from my son.
Don't ever
test anything on my son first.
He and I
must have similar genes.
Do we know each other?
I'm not sure.
You do look familiar.
-Was it at a cabaret?
I only go to clubs.
Then, it must be because you look generic.
I'd like to see Director Ma Dong-chan
from Varieties Team One.
How do you know Director Ma?
I'm his younger brother.
Don't we look alike?
Do you know him?
-Of course I do.
I'm his junior.
Hey, Poopy.
He's my brother.
She packed her stuff, stole Mom's jewelry,
and moved in with the guy?
Dong-ju has lost her mind.
Has she gone mad?
Do you know where she is now?
Yes. Young-tak told me.
He married the wrong woman
and got stuck with all the aftercare.
This is insane.
Let's go right now. Lead the way.
-No. I'll lead the way.
We need a plan. We can't just
Dong-chan, it's not that way.
Who is it?
Darn you.
Ma Dong-ju! You
Let us in.
You really
I think I've ruptured a disc.
My goodness.
He's Dong-ju's older brother.
And I'm her younger brother.
Oh, okay.
Nice to meet you. I'm Chu Bang-nam.
What do you do?
We're sitting and talking with you.
No, that's not what I mean.
What do you do for work? Your job.
I sell products by the freeway.
You mean you drive around
in a truck full of stuff?
That's right.
-Can you make a living doing that?
-Come on.
It's illegal,
so I don't pay tax, so I make a lot.
By the way, where are you from?
I ran a restaurant
in Garibong-dong for nine years.
The chef and customers
were all from Yanbian,
and I picked up the accent.
I'm Korean born and bred.
I have my ID here.
Cheorwon, Gangwon Province
-Is your name really Chu Bang-nam?
It's not a nickname?
Because you got kicked out of Yanbian?
Don't joke about my name like that.
I told you I'm not from Yanbian, didn't I?
My name means "flower-bud man."
My father named me that
so I'd be a pretty flower boy.
Forget about that.
What's your relationship with my sister,
and what do you plan to do from now on?
Do you want to talk over a drink or two?
Why did you shift to the Gangwon dialect?
Let's forget about that too.
It's not something to discuss over
a drink. Just tell us what your plan is.
I got lonely as I got older,
so we plan on being like good friends.
We get along well,
and we have similar values.
We're in it for the sex.
Darn you!
You crazy dog of a
-Don't get overheated.
-You're in it for the sex?
I won't go home!
My gosh.
Why are you living
so thoughtlessly at your age?
Speaking of which,
why do I have to let you
tell me what to do at my age?
Let's talk about that.
What did you ever do for me?
What did you do for me
while I got married twice?
My friends' brothers
bought them houses and cars.
But you got me nothing.
Why are you acting like a big brother now?
Hey, you
How can you say that?
I'm most upset that you got
so messed up in the past 20 years!
You can't say that, Dong-ju.
Think of all the money
you took from us to start businesses.
You lost everything,
so we even had to sell the house.
You're the reason I got depressed!
That really hurts.
Your business flopped too.
What I did was art.
-Forget it.
Stop it. Let's talk it out at home.
Let's go. Both of you.
No. I won't go.
I'll do as you say, sweetie,
and leave for now.
Find out about him in detail
before you date him or something.
Okay? Let's see what he does.
I wanted to be loved.
No one loves me.
You don't know how seriously I suffer
from lack of affection.
No man has truly loved me.
Your life's a mess.
What man would truly love you?
You must love and cherish yourself
if you want men to respect you.
I think
I shouldn't have been born.
Hey. You were born a long time ago.
Why would you say that now?
You've lived long enough.
So what?
I've lived long enough,
so I should die now?
-Hey, don't.
-I'll die.
-Kill me.
Will you stop it, seriously?
I have a herniated cervical disc.
Dong-ju, will you pull yourself together?
You can't live like that!
I'll marry Bang-nam.
-You can't!
-I will.
Go ahead. Whatever.
What do you like so much about him?
He's so full of energy.
I just want to talk work today.
So do I.
Read this first.
The questions we need your input on
and the expected answers.
Your name, occupation and university
will be mentioned in graphics.
Do you object?
This script was written by people
who know very little about
the relationship between age and society.
Do I have to stick to it?
It was written
with the show's purpose in mind.
That age doesn't define a person.
We want comments that fit.
You can't just say what you want.
It's quite a heavy topic,
so the show will be less entertaining.
Do you know Ji-hoon's working here
as an intern for a month?
Hwang Ji-hoon, your son,
is an intern here.
To gain experience.
Ji-hoon's an intern here?
He's future-oriented, like me.
A freshman gaining experience
with a career in mind.
Does Ji-hoon know about me and you?
What are you and me?
There's nothing, punk.
Don't denounce my pure love.
Give me a chance.
Cut the crap, you stupid dimwit.
Why did she become so feisty?
She went from being a doe to a T. rex.
Is it a side effect of the freezing?
I thought you dreamed
of being a journalist.
I didn't know you'd apply
for a variety show internship.
Let's go somewhere and talk.
Did you date her?
Yes. She's my first love.
She's the woman who defined my youth.
Do you know
what a first love means to a man?
You haven't loved yet,
so you wouldn't know.
Why wouldn't I know that?
Why must it be
Report that your informant Park Hyo-woo
was Lee Seok-du's wife.
And that she's now dead.
We received no tips on
who that voice belonged to, okay?
Hello, Chief.
Welcome. Take a seat.
I came to thank you.
I'm trying to figure out what you'd need
to thank me for.
When the whole world
talked freely about me,
you reported the story from my standpoint.
I felt the power of news then.
Thank you.
I just did what the newsroom should do.
You don't need to thank me.
It wasn't to protect you.
I only relayed the clear facts.
And that's
my job.
Not everyone does what they should.
From my position,
I should thank you for what you did.
In that case, you're welcome.
You can go now.
If you came to say thank you,
I heard it more than enough.
You seem busy, so I will go then.
About Dong-chan
Guard him well.
He's a man anyone would want to steal.
Yes, my touch has peaked these days.
That's why I'm asking for a favor.
Yes. Okay.
My gosh.
I'll call you later.
What do you want, Dong-chan?
Teaching me must be tiring.
I'm so troublesome.
I reappeared after 20 years,
and I lost my touch.
All I do is torment you.
if you must leave, leave empty-handed,
you immoral bastard.
I want out of Go, Go 99.
-Why so suddenly?
-I just
I have to help Hyun-chul
with Show Music Tech's year-end special.
I'm busy.
That hurts.
Without you, Ms. So, I'll be stuck.
I'm really disappointed!
Why In me?
Were you going to steal her ideas?
-She's really upset.
But I
How come
Let's do it together.
You'll have stuff to learn,
and I'll have stuff to learn from you.
Let's try to sympathize
as fellow directors.
As the ones from back then and now.
Can I put you on the crew list?
Darn it.
It's so annoying.
I shouldn't have fallen for him
from the start.
I like him even more
now that I know he won't be mine.
What are you doing? Shooting a monodrama?
Shoot. I can't believe
who I'm talking to instead of him.
With whom?
My name is Ko Mi-ran.
I'm 44 years old.
I'm currently dating.
Buy me dinner today.
I have plans.
Can we do that dinner tomorrow?
You're going to Pocheon tomorrow.
Right. You're going too, right?
Director Ma said no.
Really? But why? There's enough space.
It's fine.
I'm going to be loyal to Director Ma.
You're so cute.
Ma Dong-chan,
the 52-year-old single guy Mi-ran chose.
What's this?
Let's go on a date today.
I'll text you the location.
She does everything on her own.
It's our first date.
We could've come together.
Why did she leave
-Did you get it?
-Is it 260 mm?
You got the right pair.
Hello. I'm Ko Nam-tae.
Hello. I'm Ma Dong-chan.
You should've told me.
I'd have picked him up.
-It's firm?
All done.
My ID card says I'm 52,
but physically, we're the same age.
-We are?
Gosh. That's exciting.
Nam-tae has a friend now.
Be careful, Nam-tae.
This is our first date,
and I'm 44-year-old Ko Mi-ran.
I want to describe my life,
but there's nothing to show for it.
As a person, I'm awesome.
But I wasted a lot of time,
and I'm stuck right now.
I don't mind that at all, Ms. Ko.
But I'll do my best from now on.
Watch me.
An integral part of my life
is that kid.
If I met someone I really liked,
I wanted to introduce him
to my brother first.
This is a huge deal, isn't it?
I need to make a good impression.
I hope he likes me.
Now you've taken a step into my life,
and I'd like you to see my brother too.
Thank you.
And of course,
I'll gladly look out for him with you.
Thank you.
You're a great skater.
Give it back.
I can't sleep.
Still, you can't drink.
But I can't sleep.
When you were a sophomore,
do you remember
I beat up my friend Choi Yoon-seok
half to death because he took you
on a two-day trip?
Why mention that now? It's embarrassing.
You were that precious of a sister.
Whenever a friend came over
and said you were pretty,
I cut them off right away.
Do you know why?
Because you were too good for any of them.
That's the kind of sister you are to me.
You still are.
Why say no one loves you?
I love and care for you so much.
You can't date Chu Bang-nam.
No matter how energetic he is.
Why not?
Because you deserve better.
Oh, gosh.
I ache all over.
Hey, you're up?
You're in pain again?
My knees feel much better,
but now my wrists hurt.
God, I want to forget that I'm aging,
but I just can't.
My body keeps breaking down.
I'm still young at heart,
but my joints ache.
I'm not sure how to survive
the rest of my life.
How about a field trip?
-We must start now.
-Head count's done.
Let's go, then.
-Let's go.
-This is my friend.
I'm Kyung-ja Park, Park Kyung-ja.
So that the time we spend together
is bling-bling, shiny and beautiful,
I'll do my best.
We need the AC on full blast,
so we should sit together.
-It can't be helped.
-No one asked.
Why do you talk to yourself so much?
I'm getting curious.
Use me if you're lonely. Free of charge.
Don't mind me.
Don't show any interest in me.
I have a slipped cervical disc.
My neck bends to the right,
so I must sit on the left.
Can we swap seats?
What style would you like?
So the world will love me.
So it won't mistreat me.
Make me look like that.
Because I'm so very precious.
I'm very precious.
Hello, everyone. I'm the director
of Go, Go 99, Ma Dong-chan.
You're so handsome!
On Go, Go 99,
we want you to forget your age
and go back to your youth.
Now we'll do some time traveling.
Here, we don't care about age.
Just remember we're all young
and of similar ages.
Once the experiment's done,
we'll test your physical age again.
If you become younger at heart,
you'll also become younger in body.
That's what we'll prove.
The dancing thing!
-Yes, DDR.
-I am ground, introduce yourself!
-I am ground, introduce yourself!
Se-young, the youngest.
Twenty-year-old Dong-sik.
Kyung-ja, Kyung-ja.
-Bottoms up!
-Bottoms up!
-Bottoms up!
-Bottoms up!
Get Kyung-sik!
Kyung-ja, here!
Aim for Kyung-sik!
I got Kyung-ja on the spine!
Hey, beware of Dong-sik.
-To our youth!
-To our youth!
GO, GO 99
It was an awesome pass from Se-young.
-Stop grilling and eat.
I think it'll be great fun.
Tonight was really the best.
I felt 1999 and 2019 in one hour.
Go and get some sleep.
I don't feel sleepy yet.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
I can't sleep.
Neither can I.
Come outside.
When we actually become 52 and 44,
how will we look?
With less hair and a bigger belly,
you'll be a mean-spirited middle-aged man.
And you'll be a woman
who's much louder and full of anger.
Even if Ma Dong-chan ends up like that,
I'll like him.
Things we never expected will happen.
And so will sad things we never imagined.
But even then,
I hope we'll be 52- and 44-year-olds
who got through them well.
By then,
do you think we'll be at 36.5 degrees?
I'll make it so that we are.
So don't worry.
Seeing that you wanted to see me
outside at this hour,
it must be about something important.
What could it be?
The TV station has too many watchful eyes.
Lee Hyung-du.
I have two cards to play.
Do I report what I know,
or do I not?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Twenty years ago, three days before
he was to become Unseong Group's CEO,
Lee Seok-du was lynched by a mob
in suspicious circumstances.
So Unseong needed a fake
to temporarily replace Lee Seok-du.
Unofficially, of course.
It had to be secret.
are not Lee Seok-du.
Do you have proof?
How dare you do this?
Do you even know who I am?
Of course I do.
You're Lee Hyung-du,
Lee Seok-du's hidden younger twin.
I've worked in the newsroom
as a journalist for 20 years.
It so happens that the cryogenic issue
is very close to my heart and life.
So I've looked into it thoroughly.
Now I see who the culprit is.
The man who feared Lee Seok-du
would wake up and leave his capsule.
The man who had to kill Doctor Hwang.
Lee Hyung-du.
It's you, isn't it?
Secretary Jung.
Lee Seok-du's wife Park Hyo-woo.
Who's the next target?
The man you meant to kill but couldn't.
Doctor Hwang would be it.
Name what it is you want.
Ma Dong-chan.
-Excuse me.
-Thank you.
Professor Nunchucks from the rooftop room
is gone.
There was just this letter.
To grow old
means to face time, which is cruel.
The fact that time and life is finite
makes some feel sad,
but to others,
it offers a chance to be free.
For example, problems that tormented me
when I was young
could have a lesser effect on you
as you age and accept such things happen.
You become more understanding.
Old age in which you accumulate wisdom
in due time is definitely a blessing.
The problem is when you age without it.
That's why the way you look at life
and the attitude you keep
is more important.
That's why people say
age is just a number.
Everything about life is a number.
Numbers are important.
So then, how should we live?
You're not done yet?
He just won't stop talking.
He's like a fish in water.
I'll wrap it up.
-Go take a break.
-Between the maturity of your mind
-Good luck.
-and your age, a gap forms.
Did living according to your age
make you happy?
Society isn't responsible
for your happiness.
He's just perfect for entertainment.
All you have is maturity.
Age is a mere tool for a vertical society.
It doesn't define you.
Forget your age and live happily,
like Peter Pan.
Bravo your life!
Good job, everyone.
Well done. You can all go home now.
Great job, people.
Good job.
I think I invested too much of my time
for a one-hour show.
It's quite regrettable.
But you, 52 on ID alone,
will benefit from my services.
we should keep work and life apart.
What's up with you and Mi-ran?
You're not dating, are you?
Casting me to appear on your program
while you're dating my ex-girlfriend,
wouldn't it be preposterous?
It would.
-It'd be preposterous.
You know,
to be honest, I don't care much for women.
Why do you think I asked you
to come on?
-I got the text.
-Did you really find the tapes?
-You bet I did.
I went all over Yongsan
and converted the film too.
Okay. I'll be right over.
Only related personnel can enter my lab.
Please leave.
I am related personnel.
I'm looking for someone.
If only you'd cooperated,
this wouldn't have happened.
Where have you hidden him?
Unless you want to die,
bring him here immediately!
Hey, hello?
No, it's nothing. What are you up to?
I'm organizing the payroll.
Good for you.
You should work hard.
Why did you call?
Do I need a reason to call?
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Shall I sing for you?
The LAP's mutating.
Where are you, Doctor?
I think the two will start mutating soon.
You must come here quick.
I trust in you.
Do whatever it takes to save him.
Are they in grave danger?
I like holding hands, looking at you
and being happy together.
But not being ill together.
I think you've started mutating as well.
Do you mean we could die?
Why would we die?
We won't die like this.
Why did you see Lee Hyung-du?
Please, stop now.
You must feel it too.
My heart still beats like crazy for him.
You must feel the pain.
-Why did you come out?
-Because I missed you.
We're in such a special situation.
I don't know what will happen to us.
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