Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

To Die or To Be Mad

I looked for him everywhere,
and he was right here.
Where did you hide him?
Unless you want to die,
bring him here immediately!
Where are you, doctor?
I think the two will start mutating soon.
You must come here quick.
I trust in you.
Tell me.
The frozen man who was here.
Where did you hide him?
succeeded in defrosting him.
who took Lee Seok-du?
Don't kill Doctor Hwang.
Or your life ends too.
Take him away.
His body temp is 32.8 degrees.
He's not a patient we can treat.
-Did you call his family?
Doctor Cho Ki-bum
Call him for me.
The call cannot be connected.
Transferring to voicemail.
Which hospital?
Lee Seok-du has disappeared.
The fools hid him already.
Find him!
Isn't this Ma Dong-chan's number?
It is.
I'm a nurse.
Mr. Ma's at our hospital right now.
He's at a hospital?
Abnormal toxins are accumulating,
and they caused a shock.
This is a temporary antidote.
You will relapse in 48 hours.
This antidote won't work on you then,
and it could be dangerous.
Forty-eight hours.
will Mi-ran have these symptoms too?
It happens when cold-active proteins
mutate and become toxic.
It was mentioned in Doctor Hwang's notes.
He knew all about this.
We just don't have a cure
to stop the process permanently.
I'm researching that protocol now.
But I need Doctor Hwang's help
to complete it.
I need the code of the protein
he injected you with when you were frozen.
Where's Doctor Hwang now?
Are you okay?
What happened?
Did you have another fever?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
What's this?
Where did I get this bruise?
It's not a bruise.
Then what is it?
I think you started mutating as well.
Though we must observe to be sure.
Do you mean
we could die if something goes wrong?
I'll go to Doctor Hwang right now.
The thing is
I can't reach him.
He said something strange.
That he trusted in me.
-What are you doing?
-We must find him. It's urgent.
You can't go anywhere
after you just fainted.
You must stay here for observation.
I'll look for Doctor Hwang.
You should go home.
How can I go home right now?
We need your immunity to work well,
so go home and rest.
When did this start?
I didn't notice it.
How could you not notice this
when your body's not acting normal?
Go home now. Get some rest.
I won't go.
I won't.
Doctor Cho?
Could I have a word with you?
Are they in grave danger?
I must find Doctor Hwang fast.
Can you not cure them
without Doctor Hwang?
I am looking for the solution.
Where is Lee Seok-du?
Why are you asking me that?
Dong-chan told me
that Unseong Group's CEO
isn't the real Lee Seok-du.
The real Lee Seok-du
was in a freezer capsule.
Is that enough to explain
we're on the same side?
Go home. I'll call you a taxi.
Why are you so desperate to send me away?
I can't get better with you here.
My temperature keeps rising.
I really should go.
You keep worrying about me.
I like holding hands, looking at you,
and being happy together.
But not being ill together.
Fine, I'll leave.
But don't get any worse.
I'm all better. Don't worry.
Call if something happens.
Instead of a phone call,
let's do a video call.
You like me
to death, don't you?
Yes. I like you to death.
So do I.
I'm the professor of
culture and communication, Seo Hyun-jung.
Hello, professor.
I called to ask if you'd thought
about whether you'll write the essay.
I don't have the time
to think about that right now.
I apologize.
The call cannot be connected.
Transferring to voicemail.
I think Mi-ran started mutating as well.
It's Ko Mi-ran.
I'll write the essay.
You made the right call.
But why did you suddenly change your mind?
there's someone I like.
And we're in such a special situation.
We don't know what will happen to us.
I think I must do this
to leave a record of us.
I found my first love aged 44.
It's possible
this could be my last love.
Where are you going?
I told you to stay at home.
I told you to stay in the hospital.
Why did you come out?
Because I missed you.
Why did you send me home
only to see me again so soon?
I'm fine.
Shall we
have a drink?
Why are there so many things I can't do?
Why can't I drink alcohol?
Why can't I hug
the man I love whenever I want?
God's so cruel.
It's not like I've been in love a lot.
It's my first time.
Ma Dong-chan.
Why did you appear in my life?
Why did you
make me love you?
I was told great fortune
would come to me in 20 years,
and I'd meet the man of my destiny.
I just met him.
And now I must die?
Who says we'll die?
We'll soon die from the side effects.
Why would we die?
We won't die like this.
I'll drink alcohol with you.
I'll hold you all day long.
And I'll travel across Africa with you.
I'll do all that with you.
Why are you crying?
I think Doctor Hwang was kidnapped.
Will he be okay?
Lee Hyung-du wants Lee Seok-du.
Until he finds his twin,
he won't make a rash move.
That guy,
he lands tomorrow at dawn, right?
Lee Seok-du's our best bet
at getting Doctor Hwang back.
And to protect Lee Seok-du,
we need this guy.
Oh, by the way,
Chief Na Ha-young asked me
where Lee Seok-du is.
did you tell her?
If they defrosted him,
it means they found a way to revive him.
Is it
There's no time.
Ma Dong-chan's planning something.
Find out what he's up to.
Are you giving me an order?
If we weighed out what we both want,
which way would the scales go?
Have you
forgotten who I am?
Uncovering hidden truths
and hiding lies that should come out,
I can do both.
What's more, I have all the facts
the whole world will pay attention to
if I reveal them on TV.
Could you ever have a worse threat?
Even you have an Achilles' heel.
Ma Dong-chan.
I have Doctor Hwang.
Without Doctor Hwang, Ma Dong-chan dies.
And then
your other suggestion goes out the window.
Mr. Lee Jung-woo?
How is my father doing?
He's barely hanging on.
We must hurry.
I'm right behind you.
What about Doctor Hwang?
I have eyes on Lee Hyung-du,
but we haven't found
where Doctor Hwang is.
But my boys said Lee Hyung-du met
with Chief Na Ha-young last night.
Lee Hyung-du met Na Ha-young?
Hang on.
I have a tail, as I thought.
-Let's begin.
Hold on tight.
We're ready for the transfusion.
If you'd arrived any later,
it would've been bad.
Hey. How are you feeling?
Stay at home today. Don't go to work.
You can't come in here
Lee Hyung-du.
It's frustrating, isn't it?
You want to make a deal with me,
but you can't say you took Doctor Hwang.
How about I make an offer?
Doctor Hwang and Lee Seok-du.
How about a swap?
I need Doctor Hwang,
and you need Lee Seok-du.
How does that sound?
Isn't it tempting?
Think carefully.
Doctor Cho.
Is he recovering well?
Okay, great job.
Oh, and
about Doctor Hwang.
Lee will never hurt him.
Don't worry too much.
-Why aren't you here yet?
Go, Go 99 airs soon.
Make the final edits.
-I'm busy.
-Come on.
How can a director
be busy with stuff other than work
and tell his chief he's busy?
I can because I am busy.
When will you come in?
I'm on my way.
Go through the material
from the beginning.
-And come to me if you have any questions.
Do you have any other questions?
I'll see how things go.
I'll go through this first.
Mi-ran, let's have the dinner
we postponed last time.
Sorry, Ji-hoon. Can we do that
You've been looking a bit down.
I'll cheer you up.
You're so sweet.
What are you two doing?
Get back to your work.
And you, intern.
Didn't I tell you
to stay away from other interns?
They can't teach you anything.
I also told you not to smile like that
to the female staff.
Mi-ran and I were close
before I started here.
Don't think too much of it.
You're close? Who says you can be?
he's my friend's son.
Your friend's son?
Then why call her by her name?
You should call her "Ms. Ko."
I'm not at all close
with my mom's friends.
Why are you so close?
And you, intern.
How will you cheer up your mom's friend?
By the way, what did I do that's so wrong?
Do you think I'm joking?
I didn't say that.
I told you to stay home.
What's this?
I'm fine.
-Don't lie. Let's see.
-No, it's just
I said I'm fine.
I really am okay.
Hey. Yes. What?
-Yes, work.
We were discussing work.
-But your hands
-No, we were working.
Okay. Back to work.
My heart almost stopped.
He didn't see us, did he?
-We moved real fast.
-Right. He didn't see us.
What are you so busy with these days?
The IP address. I tracked it.
What IP address?
The IP of the person
who exposed Ko Mi-ran.
It took a lot of work.
You told me to track it. That you'd think
I made the post if I didn't.
Right. Good job.
-That's it?
-Is Chief Na in her office?
Dong-chan. I'm not her secretary.
-Is the CEO in his office?
Go ahead. He asked for you all morning.
You came in quite late today.
What did you do all morning?
Why do you want to know?
I'm curious too.
About what you did that night.
What do you mean, "that night"?
Don't you worry, Assemblyman.
Dong-chan directs variety shows.
What could a variety show director do?
CEO Lee thinks Dong-chan's a hassle.
How about we plan an overseas project
and send him abroad?
The thing is,
he won't go as I tell him to.
Or come as I tell
He's here.
I'll call you later.
Okay. Bye.
Were you talking about me?
You were visibly startled.
What are you on about?
Anyway, why are you here?
I don't have much time.
And I must separate friend from foe.
So I'll ask you point-blank.
You know of Lee Hyung-du, right?
Lee Hyung-du?
I don't.
Forget it, then.
You know Lee Seok-du
and Lee Hyung-du are twins,
and Lee Hyung-du's pretending
to be CEO Lee Seok-du, right?
You know the real Lee Seok-du
was frozen, right?
So there were other people in those
capsules, not just you and Ko Mi-ran?
Lee Hyung-du's your lifeline, right?
Your political backer.
I don't know what it is you're
You need to find a new lifeline.
Your current one is rotten to the core.
Mr. Kim, that guy
took Doctor Hwang.
You really don't know anything?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
What's that about twins,
and that Lee Hyung-du you keep mentioning.
Who is Lee Hyung
Where did he go?
Why do you want to know?
I'm curious too.
About what you did that night.
Hey. Are you working on
the closing credits?
I have the cast list.
Right. Give it to me.
You don't look fine.
No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry, Mi-ran.
It must've been hard for you.
What do you mean?
-My dad.
Why do you apologize for that?
Can you think of me apart from my dad?
Don't worry.
Hi, Young-sun.
Are you unwell?
You don't look great.
No, I'm fine.
Good, then.
You can't date my Ji-hoon.
-He's a boy in his 20s.
They're raging balls of fire.
If they like someone,
they don't care
if the woman's old or young.
He's at his most pure
and passionate time of life.
If a boy like that falls for you,
people like us who have lived
long enough should talk him out of it.
That's what we should do, as older people.
Your 20-year-old son is a kid,
and 24-year-old me,
am I an adult?
You're right.
You haven't lived all the years I have.
My dear Young-sun.
You've changed a lot.
You couldn't tell the difference
between desert and dessert.
Now you're so thoughtful.
You're a real adult.
You know.
I'm in love with someone.
Are you seeing someone?
Hey. So someone
who's located at the café here
made the post?
Okay. Got it.
This is it.
But how do I know who it is?
Is that important?
-It's important.
What are you doing here?
I'm meeting a friend
during my lunch break.
This is her café.
You know what?
Come with me.
-Where to?
-Follow me.
Where to?
Tell me where first.
Those two are
You said you'd come after work.
You're here already?
Wait. You were coming here too anyway?
The director has these now too.
They appeared at around the same time.
Doctor, do whatever it takes
to save him.
Cure him first.
There's no time.
This is a temporary antidote.
You will relapse in 48 hours.
Are you unwell?
Why did you see Lee Hyung-du?
Why do you want to know
where Lee Seok-du is?
Why haven't you reported on this case yet?
Don't do anything you're ashamed of.
Please, stop now.
You must feel it too.
I've grown old,
but the man I love still shines bright.
And he turns away from faded old me.
I've grown old,
but my heart
still beats like crazy for him.
You must feel
the pain.
Please leave.
I must find Doctor Hwang
as soon as possible.
There's no time.
Help me.
-I think
I learned something I shouldn't have.
And way too much of it.
Me too.
What do you know?
What do you know?
You don't need to know.
I must find Doctor Hwang
as soon as possible.
There's no time.
Help me.
It's me.
If you want to find Lee Seok-du,
send Doctor Hwang immediately.
Did Ma Dong-chan tell you to do that?
We'll report Doctor Hwang's disappearance
on the news.
All the facts connected to it will go out
in a special broadcast today.
if you release Hwang Gab-soo,
that program won't air.
Put Ko Mi-ran back in the freezer capsule.
That is our deal.
What are you doing?
You were blinded by love and too hasty.
I'm thinking of sending this to the media.
You must feel it too.
I've grown old,
but the man I love still shines bright.
And he turns away from faded old me.
I've grown old,
but my heart
still beats like crazy for him.
You must feel
the pain.
I added some rough pictures
and checked the timing.
Okay. Good job.
-I'll do the rest.
-Dong-chan, are you in here?
Yes, I am.
What are you watching, hiding in here?
It's just
What's up?
The person who posted about Ko Mi-ran
was her friend who runs a café.
I see.
-Are you sure?
Okay, I got it. You can go.
-That's it?
Are you worried
your girlfriend will feel hurt?
I'd felt something was going on,
but I didn't think you'd date her.
About her friend being the one
who wrote the post,
don't tell Mi-ran.
Or your girlfriend.
What are you talking about?
The three are friends.
Mi-ran's friend you saw in secret
on the Go, Go 99 set.
Your girlfriend.
I know everything.
Oh, no.
Your face shrunk.
-Sweet honey water.
Ma Dong-chan knows about us.
How did he find out?
-Do you know what's even more shocking?
Ma Dong-chan is dating Ko Mi-ran.
If two frozen people have a baby,
it'll be an ice baby.
Shall we go somewhere else?
There are too many people here.
Are you ashamed of me? I'm
It's not that, darling.
Oh, right. I have one more thing to say.
The person who wrote the post
that exposed Ko Mi-ran
is your friend, the café owner.
I thought you should know,
you call such a person a friend.
You mean Young-sun?
-No way.
Excuse me.
Hi, it's me.
I know. You witch.
You shouldn't live like that.
Even if you hated Mi-ran,
how could you, a friend, do that?
-Don't call me for a while, witch.
My gosh.
-Honey water.
Shall we go somewhere
for some hot fish cake soup?
With a shot of soju?
Shall we?
Do you know any nice place?
-I know many.
-Let's go.
What was that about? My gosh.
Ms. Oh, I'll clock off now.
Okay, sure.
You wanted to work here
to find work at the TV station.
Did you decide not to work there?
Yes. I don't want
to get a job there anymore.
I think
the people there are dirty and shallow.
Thank you for everything, Ms. Oh.
Sure. Thank you too.
-Log out of the system.
Leave it. It's not my ID anyway.
Put Ko Mi-ran back in the freezer capsule.
That is our deal.
You were blinded by love and too hasty.
I'm thinking of sending this to the media.
Find Doctor Cho Ki-bum.
He knows
where Lee Seok-du is.
I must find Doctor Hwang
as soon as possible.
There's no time.
Help me.
It's me.
What did you call to find out?
Doctor Cho's in danger.
I called to tell you that.
After his car was blown up,
plain-clothed officers guarded his lab,
so Lee Hyung-du couldn't touch him.
He knows the lab isn't guarded anymore.
Alert Doctor Cho.
How does he know that?
I told Lee Hyung-du.
It's me.
Hi, Dong-chan.
Can you go to Doctor Cho's lab?
Right now.
You, stand outside the lab.
The rest, wait outside.
Yes, sir.
Don't go anywhere. Stay with Doctor Cho.
You never know what symptoms might appear.
"Maito Magick"?
What's this?
Maito Magick.
I trust in you.
three, four.
Maito Magick number 34.
I moved out of Mi-ran's.
I'll stay only until I find a new studio.
No. Get out.
Hwang Byung-shim,
Hwang Ji-hoon.
Like father, like son.
You have the same first loves.
I wouldn't dare tell anyone.
It's humiliating.
I gave up Mi-ran.
That's because on my balance sheet,
the value of being Ko Mi-ran's first love
is less than the value
of being Hwang Ji-hoon's dad.
Thanks, Dad.
Can I date Mi-ran, then?
-Mi-ran is so my type.
You punk.
I gave up in a cool manner.
You should react equally cool.
How could you say you'll date her?
You didn't give up. You were rejected.
You can't date her.
Mi-ran's your mom's friend.
What's wrong with that?
It's better than dating a friend's mom.
What the
Did the internship
improve your sense of humor?
How is it better?
What's the difference
between Mom's friend and a friend's mom?
That's not what I mean.
Shut up, both of you.
It's a no.
Darn the 52-year-old on ID alone.
I bet he rubbed off on him.
Mi-ran is seeing someone.
You two can wait at home.
I'll stay up to complete this if I must.
I'll be in touch, Director Ma.
Sweet dreams.
You too, sweetie.
I'll pick you up in the morning.
My dad will take me tomorrow.
He wants to.
Go on home.
If we solve things like this, one by one,
we'll be able to live
like ordinary people.
Once we get the shot
and find Doctor Hwang,
we can get treated to recover
our normal temperature.
That's right.
Go in.
The problem is,
this drug wasn't clinically tested.
One of you has to get injected first.
I will
get injected first.
If I do and there are no problems,
inject him with it then.
Hello, doctor.
I'm on my way.
Is Mi-ran there yet?
she got the shot first.
We started two hours ago.
I think it worked.
Why did you get it first?
I did it to get better first.
Why do you
always do everything first?
I remember the day
I first met you both 20 years ago.
For 20 years,
you slept and didn't see each other,
but I watched you lying there,
side by side.
So it's not strange at all
to see you're dating.
Maybe we were meant to
be side by side like this.
You must remember
that this is an antidote.
It won't bring up your body temperature.
You two must still
maintain 31.5 degrees.
Today, at last,
the pilot of our show,
Go, Go 99, will air.
It's a historic day.
Intern Ko Mi-ran planned it,
and Ma Dong-chan directed it.
By the way,
where is Director Ma now?
Oh, I saw him in the editing suite.
He's been in there for days and nights,
and he's not done yet?
He really lost his touch. He's so old.
when dating a colleague,
be extra careful.
You can easily get ridiculed,
and every couple gets caught.
It's done.
Are you dating Mr. Ma?
I'll wait.
I have lots of time left.
-Watch it.
-Don't be like that.
We're only four years apart.
Go, Go 99's pilot will start soon, right?
Yes. Shall we watch it here?
Let's go to the lobby
and watch it with the staff.
Did you see the first draft?
Yes. It's great fun.
Ma Dong-chan made it, so it would be.
He's a stickler for details.
He's been editing it for days,
all alone in the office.
Hyun-ki, do you hear it?
The sound of the ratings soaring?
What's taking so long?
The pre-show ads are starting soon.
Sorry for the delay.
I just sent the file.
I thought you'd messed up.
We can go ahead. Be on standby.
It's nerve-racking, isn't it?
It's on at last.
I like the opening.
I Am Ground, Introduce Yourself.
Look at that. It has to be fun.
-To our youth!
-To our youth!
What's going on?
-What's that?
-Something's wrong.
-That's weird.
-It's not right.
Please save my husband.
The freezer capsule
That night in 2019,
what happened to her?
Shouldn't we stop playing?
No, keep rolling.
That night in 1999.
After a 24-hour experiment,
we were waiting to be defrosted.
What on earth happened to us?
At the center of
two seemingly unrelated incidents
is this man.
Unseong Group's CEO Lee Seok-du's brother,
Lee Hyung-du.
I am
the real Lee Seok-du.
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