Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Truth Too Late

It's nerve-racking, isn't it?
It's on at last.
I like the opening.
I Am Ground, Introduce Yourself.
What's going on?
-That's weird.
-It's not right.
Please save my husband.
The freezer capsule
That night in 2019,
what happened to her?
Shouldn't we stop playing?
No, keep rolling.
That night in 1999.
After a 24-hour experiment,
we were waiting to be defrosted.
What on earth happened to us?
At the center of
two seemingly unrelated incidents
is this man.
Unseong Group's CEO Lee Seok-du's brother,
Lee Hyung-du.
You're who?
Lee Seok-du's twin brother?
I never heard Lee Seok-du had a twin.
A transfusion?
To thaw a test subject,
I need the guardian's approval.
-What on earth is
You can't enter the cryogenic facility.
No, I'll
come to you.
Doctor Hwang Gab-soo left after that call
and got in an accident.
I am
the real Lee Seok-du.
Unseong Group's current CEO Lee Seok-du
is actually Lee Hyung-du,
the younger twin.
The CEO Lee Seok-du we know
is not the real Lee Seok-du.
When you're born a human,
you should make the world a better place.
How could you do something that huge
without saying a word to me?
What on earth am I to you?
If I'd told you,
would you have let me do it?
You'd have stopped me.
Why would I stop you?
I'd back you wholeheartedly.
It was revolutionary.
You can't consider it cool
to do stuff like that.
Here's some advice from a director.
Don't get in trouble.
It's something you must never do.
You're unbelievable.
Sorry for not telling you beforehand.
From now on, whatever it is,
discuss with me before doing it.
Whatever it is.
I'll discuss with you, whatever it is.
Smiling won't get you off.
Oh, my gosh.
He can sleep
after dropping that bombshell.
Could you look at the camera, please?
-Can you look over here?
-Turn around.
-Look at us.
-Can you look this way just once?
-Turn around, sir.
-Any comments?
-Let's take some photos.
I'm Ma Dong-sik who could've become
a world-famous pianist.
-Darn it.
-It's not him.
-We got the wrong guy.
-Too bad.
-It's not him.
Who's he?
I've never seen a fuss like this.
What's your uncle doing
while this is going on?
Sprucing up.
He's sprucing up?
Yes. Fine.
This is the beginning.
I'm Ma Dong-chan.
You went against guaranteeing fairness
in broadcasting
and influenced the public opinion,
so as the director in charge,
you'll be penalized.
Disciplinary action will be taken.
Do you object?
No, I don't.
I take full responsibility
for the broadcast.
Director Ma.
It's a shame you used a TV station
like a private channel.
Don't you regret it?
I don't.
I don't want to hide or ignore
the truth I know
worrying about my safety and well-being.
I did what I should have.
You called it a private channel.
I can say for sure that this broadcast
served the public better than ever.
We destroyed all those tapes,
so where did Dong-chan get them?
Back then, Kim Jin the floor director
had installed cameras on the ceiling,
and I'd forgotten about them.
I didn't think he'd have kept the tapes.
Oh, dear.
I guess there's no perfect crime.
If people dig really deep into
the case he broadcasted,
what do you think they'll find?
They'll find us.
Isn't that over?
It'll only end when we die.
You're together again.
I have
something to discuss.
It wasn't faked at all.
Lee Seok-du's awake.
I hid him somewhere safe.
Where is he?
How can I trust you with such info?
Conspiracy theories
and rumors are surfacing every minute.
So, you're trying to be smart?
And picking a theory to back up with?
It's not that.
Once the prosecution starts investigating,
they'll call you both in.
Just tell them the truth.
Don't get humiliated later on.
What kind of truth are you talking about?
You thought Doctor Hwang was dead,
so you covered up my disappearance.
The investigation won't progress
if you don't say that.
But don't worry too much.
I don't think you'll go to prison.
The statute of limitations expired.
Stay strong.
Cheer up.
Oh, gosh.
By the way, why didn't we know that?
Ma Dong-chan.
An emergency board meeting was called.
Is this actually true?
Look at the stock prices.
It fell even more.
How are you, everyone? I'm Lee Seok-du.
A variety show director spread
lies about me,
and the image of our company
and me are suffering greatly.
Do you have clear proof
to show what he said were lies?
How can you prove you're Lee Seok-du?
Who will provide proof
that I'm not Lee Seok-du?
That's right.
As you saw on TV, back in 1999,
I went to the cryogenic lab.
I was there to see my younger brother,
Lee Hyung-du, who was in a capsule.
A brother?
Who was the man on TV
who insisted he was Lee Seok-du?
That part of the video was made up.
It's a fake clip.
Then where is Lee Hyung-du now?
I'm glad you woke up
and are healthy and well, Hyung-du.
I am
Lee Seok-du.
My brother hasn't fully recovered yet.
You've been lied to.
I'm your real father.
My mother told me
my father was put in a freezing capsule
due to side effects of a bad transfusion.
When did you hear about that?
Before my mother flew to Korea,
she heard someone
who'd been frozen had woken up.
That's when she told me.
Not long after that,
my mother died.
You killed her!
Your mother lied to you.
She was severely depressed.
And she died of a heart attack
caused by a medical overdose.
Don't fall for his show.
Who on earth is the real CEO?
Who's who?
Who's the real guy?
-I have no idea.
-This is unbelievable.
I'm the company's legal adviser
who was present
when former CEO Lee Ham-gon bequeathed
the position
to his son Lee Seok-du 21 years ago.
At the time, the former CEO made
a very important entreaty to Lee Seok-du
as an entrepreneur.
You could never forget it.
Can you tell me what that was?
Even if we go into the red,
we can't sell Unseong Pharmaceuticals
to foreign investors.
He asked me to keep that subsidiary.
Father wanted me to keep
and protect Unseong Pharmaceuticals.
He's the real one, then.
Lee Hyung-du.
You're under arrest
for conspiracy of murder
of Park Hyo-woo and Jung Yoon-sil.
How could this be?
Are you all right?
How are Director Ma and Ms. Ko?
What about the side effect
of the mutating protein?
I found a solution for it.
I knew you'd find it.
Doctor, you should rest.
I must complete the drug that will bring
their body temp back to normal.
For Lee Seok-du who came to life.
And for the other two.
You spoke to Lee Hyung-du 18 times
and met with him more than three times.
And from your phone
that you submitted to us as evidence,
we found a recording from Lee Hyung-du.
What is this?
Put Ko Mi-ran back in the freezer capsule.
That is our deal.
Why did you say this?
Not answering will put you
at a disadvantage.
So, 20 years ago,
Lee Hyung-du called Hwang Gab-soo
and caused his accident?
Yes, that's right.
And the man who recently kidnapped
Dr. Hwang was the same Lee Hyung-du?
I'll hand in evidence related to it.
I'll also submit some extra material
that I couldn't squeeze
into the 55-minute broadcast.
There's no time.
Help me.
Why am I swayed by
just one phrase from you?
Your asking for my help
Why does it crush me
and shake me to the core?
Ma Dong-chan.
I want to break free from you.
Why on earth did you do it?
I couldn't stand it.
Unlike me who was always going to prison,
Father acknowledged you right away,
despite meeting you much later.
That's when I decided
I should become Lee Seok-du.
That I'd take your whole life.
That night 21 years ago,
I thought I'd gotten rid of you.
You had a rare blood type,
and Jung-woo and I were the only matches.
But Jung-woo was too young
to give his blood.
I thought you'd die
as long as I didn't appear.
I never imagined our mother and your wife
would freeze you in a cryogenic capsule.
But it was okay.
Because I'd already become Lee Seok-du.
But then,
that fool Ma Dong-chan woke up.
It all started to go wrong.
You should've stayed asleep forever.
Dong-chan's here.
-You're awesome.
-You're so cool.
We'll have Chinese for lunch today.
I'll take orders.
-I want japchae rice.
-Pork and jjajangmyeon.
Can I order a fancy dish?
-Fried rice.
Shall I have jjambbong or jjajangmyeon?
I sent you the file.
Should I print out the file
or just use my monitor?
I'm going to the restroom.
Should I go to the second floor or third?
Are you being rebellious?
This isn't the discussing I meant.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Shall I be honest or put it in a nice way?
Don't ask. Don't discuss anything.
Do whatever you want.
You told me not to ask
and do what I wanted.
You're helpless.
-You ate so much today.
-Not really.
What? Why?
What? Yes, we're dating.
So, what?
I bragged about my ties
with CEO Lee Seok-du to everyone.
He's Lee Hyung-du, not Lee Seok-du.
You got duped by a fake.
How could something
more dramatic than a drama happen?
I'm free of the matter now,
but you must feel troubled.
You're both here again?
God, why don't you two just get married?
What are you doing here?
We should wrap things up. I caused a mess.
Should I get fired or resign?
What do you think we should do?
-And when do you plan to get fired?
-Why me?
You sided with the fake Lee Seok-du.
I did not!
I cut all ties with him.
Will you please quit voluntarily?
I don't want to.
Anyway, here's my letter of resignation.
Why are you suddenly resigning?
Let's talk over a meal.
Ma Dong-chan.
Ma Dong-chan! You punk! This is
You resigned?
Without a word to me?
Yes. You told me not to discuss with you.
How is there no middle ground with you?
-My gosh.
Don't get angry.
Your temperature will spike.
Do you have a plan?
My niece told me to get into YouTube.
You never listen to anyone,
but you listen to your preteen niece?
Yes, I'll do as she says. She's so smart.
So, how about we leave together
and start a YouTube channel?
These days, TV isn't the mainstream media.
So let's quit TBO together
and create a new brand.
Do you want to suffer
as an intern forever?
I'm not sure.
-The thing is
-The thing is?
I'm an old-fashioned woman.
I have a conservative view
that TV's still the best medium.
Besides, I went on social media
and begged for a chance.
And more than anything,
one of us should have a stable job
You want to stay here
after Ma Dong-chan's gone?
Work and life should be kept separate.
You want me to quit,
leaving you here with that younger intern?
No way. I can't do that.
Don't do that. Let's quit together.
Throwing a tantrum doesn't work on me.
I will not quit with you.
You're so heartless.
You really are cold
because you were frozen.
I won't quit. I'll stay here.
The truth is,
the thorn in my side has gone.
And TBO's begging me to stay.
There's no vacancy anyway?
I won't move there! I won't!
Go, Go 99's actual pilot episode
will air this weekend.
Keep that in mind.
And also
The legend of our department,
our light and salt,
Director Ma decided to leave.
It breaks my heart,
but we should let him go.
Was Dong-chan let go or did he let us go?
How could he stay after what he did?
When you see him,
express your condolences
Why condolences, punk?
Am I dead?
Plus, I quit.
Who would dare fire me?
I'm Ma Dong-chan.
My dear junior directors.
This is my last day here.
I know it's quite late
to start something new at the age of 52,
but I'll try anyway.
Someone must do what others won't
to change the world.
What are you doing?
You're about to leave,
and I want to pack for you.
I'll pack everything
so you won't have to come back.
My gosh. That punk.
Mi-ran. What do you think about this?
There's not much else to it.
Can you handle the rest?
I'll try.
Hey, instead of asking questions,
read this book. It's all in here.
It's full of great wisdom.
Darn it.
Gosh, I'm tired.
Look, it's Dad.
-Bottoms up!
-Bottoms up!
That's how I looked like.
Yes, that's it.
Age is a mere tool for a vertical society.
It doesn't define you.
Forget your age and live happily,
like Peter Pan.
Bravo your life!
I taped for six long hours,
and you only aired two minutes of it.
The remaining five hours and 58 minutes
of footage you didn't use,
what will you use it for?
I won't let this slide.
Hey, 52-years-old on ID alone.
I'm not a pushover!
GO, GO 99
Where's Mom?
She went to dawn prayer.
Her son became jobless
after causing a huge ruckus,
and as a mom,
she thought she should do something.
-What will you do today, Uncle?
I'll go to the library.
But you went there yesterday.
Everything at the library,
you can now find online.
Conserve your energy. You're old.
starting tomorrow,
I'll create a YouTube channel.
Yes, let's talk about that.
-On what topic?
Beauty? Eating shows? Gaming shows? ASMR?
How about beauty? Will you put on makeup?
Makeup? Why would I do that?
As a person who's lived longer than you,
I'll give you some advice.
Listen up!
It's great to do everything you want.
But you should value your life.
You need to think of a way
to live a long, tenacious life,
though insignificant.
Even if you suffer and struggle,
it's better to live than to die.
So please,
don't risk your life for anything.
She's right.
I want to live a long life too.
As long as possible.
Even thinner and longer than microfibers.
A living snow crab is
better than dead Napoleon.
Listen to someone older and experienced.
It won't do you any harm.
Go, Go 99 was a huge hit, as expected.
I think it'll get a regular slot.
-Good job.
-That's more work now.
We haven't felt like this
in a while. Well done.
Why are you back here when you quit?
Just because.
Where did Ko Mi-ran and the intern go?
Mi-ran went to cast show guests.
-And the intern?
-I don't know.
I think he tagged along with her.
Why did he tag along?
Mi-ran, aren't you hungry?
Are you hungry?
A bit?
I can't let you be hungry.
Let's go eat something.
What do you want, Ji-hoon?
Are you my mom?
I know you're friends,
but don't treat me like a friend's son.
I'm just your college friend.
I'm your college friend,
but I'm also your mom's friend.
And we have special circumstances.
I'm the same age as your mom.
Do you know how much
the world cares about numbers?
Live with the spirit you had
when you got frozen.
That's why I like you.
Where are you going?
You said you were hungry.
Forget it. I don't want to eat
with my mom's friend.
Let's go. I'll buy you something nice.
Why won't she pick up?
What, really?
Didn't you quit?
Darn it. Why didn't you pick up?
You called? I didn't hear the ringtone.
What were you distracted with
that you couldn't hear that?
And you, intern. What are you doing?
Don't you have work? Or ambition?
This is a real important time for you.
You get to live your 20s only once.
You live your 50s twice then?
What? What did you just say?
I'm working real hard.
Gosh. Since I quit, you take me lightly
and talk back to me now, don't you?
What's with you?
Quit the jobless hysteria.
What? "Jobless hysteria"?
My goodness.
What's so funny?
Is it funny that I'm jobless?
I'm in my 30s, you know.
-Darn it.
-You know
-Stop it.
-I'm a healthy man.
What's with you? You're embarrassing me.
Why do you feel embarrassed?
Stop it.
I'll go get my bag. Wait here.
And stop being mean.
Why are you chatting him up?
Why would you call it that?
Don't use such old terms.
You're such a boomer sometimes.
A boomer?
That sounds even older.
Quit hanging out with young kids
and pretending to be young, lady.
Lady? Are you a mister, then?
Yes, I am, lady.
Why are you so cranky today?
I don't think
I can accept Dong-chan's resignation.
Why not? He wants to quit.
The board wants to just suspend him,
saying that we can't lose his talent.
That's nonsense.
Accept his resignation already.
By the way,
-are they dating?
-I'm a mister, you're a lady.
They're always together.
Yes. They're dating.
Hi, darling.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
I was waiting.
Eat this and fix my brother soon.
I should.
He lost his job.
Oh, dear.
It'll be hard to find work at 52,
and with his temper,
he can't work for others.
Welcome. How many people?
Are you here to eat?
Sit wherever you want.
Open wide.
Don't just eat. Feed me too.
Is your mouth a mouth and mine's a gob?
It's tasty.
I love your radical way of speaking.
Want to come to my place for noodles?
This is an all-you-can-eat buffet,
so we can eat lots. Why eat noodles?
-You moron.
-Sounds good.
I really don't like that punk.
His face, hair, clothes. Everything.
He looks way nicer than Chu Bang-nam.
I told you not to bring up Bang-nam.
Whatever you say, it's a true love to me.
Dong-ju, a table's leaving.
Could you stay at the counter?
Hey, you go.
Why should I go?
I appeared on TV.
I've always wanted to know,
why do you call
your husband's older sister "agassi"?
Shouldn't you call her "hyungnim"
since she's above you in rank?
"Agassi" is the term
for your husband's younger sister.
Yes, it is.
But Dong-ju told me not to call her that.
Why not?
Being called "hyungnim" makes her feel
like she's a thug.
I see.
It's hot.
I'll make you one.
Here you go. You eat so well.
That's disgusting.
Why did you spit it out?
Did Mom go to dawn prayer again?
Her eldest son is 52, single and jobless.
How could she sleep?
Dong-ju turned over a new leaf
and finally quit drinking,
and now you're the troublemaker.
-Hey, you
-According to Mom.
Hey, Dong-chan.
Our bathroom's drainpipe is broken,
so we need work done.
It will take about a week.
What will you do?
What do you mean, what will I do?
Where will you stay for the week?
We'll stay with her parents.
I'll stay with my friend Ok-jung.
Mom will stay with Auntie.
So she's asking where you'll stay.
What? I don't have anywhere to go.
I'm an outcast, aren't I?
Why would you put it like that?
Do you want to come with us?
No, thanks.
Then stay at Ok-jung's.
I'd like that even less.
Where should I go?
Don't you have friends?
Stay with a friend.
Uncle hasn't been in touch
with his friends for 20 years.
Who would put him up for a week?
His current status is like a pair
of underwear without elastic.
Besides, he's jobless now.
Staying at a friend's place would make
him look even more miserable.
You're who?
Have a seat, please.
You'll pay me how much?
There's also an incentive depending
on the sales and advertising earnings.
You'll have all the perks
of a board of directors.
This is the contract.
Read it through.
My gosh. This is
What the
I'm really sorry,
but I'll do what I want to do.
If I get tied down
with an expensive contract,
there will be restrictions,
and I'll be ruled
by the laws of capitalism.
You see,
I'm not good at doing what I'm told.
So, thanks for the offer,
but I must turn it down.
You'll have full authority and freedom.
Please reconsider.
And please call if you change your mind.
Okay. I'll do that.
You can't resign.
No evidence
directly connects you to Lee Hyung-du,
and you were acquitted.
Why do you want to resign?
I've done enough.
One of us has to take responsibility.
No way.
What's good is good.
Let's cover it up like we did before.
I want to be different from 20 years ago.
Each time,
because of the wrong decision I made,
I created a situation
where there was no going back.
This could be another wrong decision.
Is it because it's hard
to work with Dong-chan?
Dong-chan resigned.
I hope you live like a decent human being.
I'll try.
I won't take your professor title.
Call it alimony.
You're the spouse at fault,
but I'll give you the alimony.
In return, you lost my dad's support.
You must work hard
to keep that position now.
I divorced you because you were
a true dad to Ji-hoon.
Because you're not scum of the earth.
Why do you always look at me like that?
I'm a good catch.
Not really.
You look beautiful in a hat.
You look like a British royal.
He's still a nutcase.
Hello, Ms. Oh.
Your friend's waiting.
It wasn't me!
As if it wasn't you, you witch.
My boyfriend looked into it
before telling me.
You got a boyfriend?
Whatever. Let's talk about that later.
Why did you do it, you witch?
I didn't! Why would I do such a thing?
And why did your boyfriend look into me?
He didn't look into you.
He traced the IP address
that posted the post,
and it traced back to this café.
It wasn't me.
-As if.
We go back 25 years, and you trust
what a days-old boyfriend said over me?
I'm really disappointed.
I'm already in a funk.
I just got divorced.
It's the weekend tomorrow.
That's so awesomely cool.
Weekdays or weekends,
aren't they the same since you're jobless?
Hey. Jobless people have
their own life cycle.
Weekdays and weekends have
a different pattern.
I feel less psychologically intimidated
on weekends,
so I sleep in and stuff.
You don't know anything.
I heard the rumor.
Broadcasting stations are going crazy
trying to hire you.
It's nothing new.
It was always like that.
I need a place to stay for a week
while my house gets some work done.
Should I just move out?
You were apart from your family
for 20 years.
You shouldn't do that.
My rooftop room is vacant though.
For a week?
-The rooftop room?
-A renovation?
Is it vacant?
Okay. Me, please.
I heard it'll be for a week.
Make yourself at home.
Yes. I hope your stay's comfortable.
Thank you.
You can treat me comfortably.
Mother, Father.
Director, go on upstairs. It's clean now.
Okay, thanks.
I'll go upstairs then.
-Go ahead.
If only he doesn't get into trouble,
he'd be a catch.
Tell me about it.
He's good-looking
and seems like a good person.
But he just causes massive problems.
By the way, don't you think
he has the face of a playboy?
You'll get busy from now on.
A lot will happen.
Now that CEO Lee Seok-du's awake.
Things will change,
and there will be more for you to do.
You made me a promise 20 years ago.
That you'd help me freeze and thaw a man
with domestic funding and technology.
Yes, I said that.
I think it will happen soon.
I just need to get
your body temp back to normal.
Once I do that,
the experiment will be a complete success.
You did it.
It's just the beginning.
Anyway, Doctor,
when can we live like ordinary people?
What are you doing?
Getting ready for bed.
How can you sleep when I'm upstairs?
Don't just laugh.
Shall I come upstairs?
It's a bit hot up here.
-Will that be okay?
-I missed you.
So did I.
Hey. What were you thinking about?
Weird thoughts?
No way. Your watch rang first.
What were you thinking about?
Hey, let's
Let's go outside.
This place is a bit off.
Where shall we go?
Anywhere but here.
Let's go out.
It's so hot.
I want my body temp to go back up
so I can do the normal stuff.
Me too.
I want to feel cold in places like this.
Me too.
I want to drink
a hot Americano in five minutes.
Me too.
I want to love you passionately.
Me too.
Instead of just saying "me too,"
come up with something.
A woolen hat.
I want to wear long boots.
Me too.
-It's so cold.
My feet are freezing.
This is no joke.
Look at the wall.
This won't do. Let's leave.
Yes, let's go elsewhere.
That's an ice room. It's so cold.
How could they sit there so calmly?
-The drama's on.
Let's watch.
-The drama's over.
Shall we check out the ice room once more?
-Shall we? It's hot.
-That was nice and cool, right?
Were they here all this while?
-No way.
-They're really something.
Take off your hat.
I'm ready.
I'm leaving now too.
See you outside in three minutes.
I'm going out.
Wait. You can't just leave.
Have breakfast.
I don't usually eat breakfast.
Sit down.
-Join us.
You don't have to
Thank you.
This is the spoon the professor used.
Oh, the professor?
A professor lived in the rooftop room.
I miss him.
Oh, Professor Hwang Dong-hyuk?
I wonder how he's doing.
So, that rooftop room is a place
where men who have
something to do with you stay, right?
Can you not be like that?
The punk moved in without me knowing.
Are you upset?
Well, why would I be upset?
It's just funny.
God, that professor's such a character.
How could he think of moving in there?
And the young intern too.
His mom's your friend.
Her husband is Hwang Byung-shim.
I see.
His dad is Hwang Byung-shim.
Wait, what?
The young intern's dad is Hwang Byung
What is it with the guys from that family?
I mean
This ice room's supposed to be amazing.
Let's go next time.
Thanks for the ride. See you later.
Why are you getting out?
I'll do what I want.
Yes, work hard. Work hard.
Work hard.
You must work hard. Always.
Why are you back again?
I can do what I want.
Why did you resign in the first place
if you'd do this?
You're here more often now.
That's up to me too.
Do you know Chief Na resigned?
After it was revealed
that Lee Hyung-du was an impostor,
Unseong's stock price is plummeting.
I'm ruined.
I bought so much thinking it would go up.
By the way, did Dong-chan really quit?
It feels like he keeps coming to work.
Our web page is flooded
with people signing a petition
to demand we bring Dong-chan back.
His existence is a ticking time bomb.
I think we should wrap things up
with a suspension
and let him return.
You haven't approved his resignation?
The board says we should never let him go.
I can't fire him.
How long will you be the board's puppet?
Will you grow a spine?
-What, punk?
-Accept his resignation.
Why drag it out when he wants to leave?
Boss. Please.
Let Dong-chan go.
Why do you want him gone so desperately?
Do you know
how badly he's wounded my reputation
as chief since he came back?
It makes me not want to come to work.
The directors look down on me.
Then you quit.
How could you say that?
After all those years we worked together.
Who would you save
if Dong-chan and I were drowning?
Who could I possibly save?
I could end up in the water too.
Still, I want an answer.
Who would you save?
I'd save Dong-chan, okay?
Darn it.
I haven't been here in so long.
-Why not do this at home?
Why are you doing this here
when you resigned?
I can do what I want.
Anyway, are you really going to do this?
What trouble will you get into now?
I have a plan, you know.
By the way, Dong-chan,
there's something I didn't tell you.
It's weighing on me too much
not to tell you.
About Ha-young,
your girlfriend from back then.
After you vanished 20 years ago,
she came to see me.
What did she say?
She asked me to go to the police with her
to get your case investigated.
She said no one would help her.
I was too scared,
so I refused.
I'm sorry.
Let's meet.
-Will talking about it help?
How are you?
I don't think he quit.
I mean, do you call that quitting?
He's just like that.
You know, a ghost
that haunts a girls' high school.
They exist, but they don't.
They always hang around the school.
-What do you mean?
-Well, Dong-chan's on the roof.
The roof?
Why do you
not say everything you feel and think?
You were always like that.
When I got you so terribly wrong
why didn't you explain what had happened?
If you'd told me
you tried to tell the police everything
I waited
for you to tell me.
That your mom was ill,
and you needed money,
so you had no choice.
Stuff like that.
What I'd done wrong had snowballed.
I hated myself
for not continuing to look for you.
I thought
you'd given up on me.
Do you know what the hardest thing was
when I woke up after 20 years?
It wasn't the changed world
or the TV station
that hadn't looked for me.
It was thinking you'd never looked for me.
It was so hard for me.
It was so painful.
I should've stayed strong.
But I couldn't.
In the end, I didn't look for you.
I swapped you for success.
forgive me.
He's the man of my destiny,
but am I the woman of his destiny?
You bother me, chief.
You have that little confidence?
Do you still like him?
Is something wrong?
What's the matter?
A guy called Terry Kim hasn't been
arrested yet. He got away.
Look into his whereabouts.
You'll get something.
The shot. Give it to me first.
-Ko Mi-ran!
-Even if
I went into the capsule, don't join me.
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