Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

The People Who Want To Get Frozen

Please, live happily.
Did Ma Dong-chan actually resign?
I don't think so.
I love Dong-chan's craziness and spirit.
Not just anyone can do that.
That all comes from confidence.
Cable networks offered him ten billion won
desperate to recruit him.
I'm so darn jealous.
I'm jealous too.
It's me.
Do you want to have a drink?
The person you have called is unavailable.
You'll be directed to voice mail.
Mi-ran, you can have juice.
Let's toast.
She's dating.
-Someone you know.
-Chief Son Hyun-ki.
I see.
This brat got divorced.
Yes. I told you that I'd end it.
So, are things going well
with the frozen director?
You were told you'd meet
the man of your destiny in 20 years.
If you think about it now,
my sister really was good then.
He's the man of my destiny,
but am I the woman of his destiny?
Is something wrong?
What should I do in this situation?
You've lived longer than me,
so you must be wiser.
Living longer doesn't make you wiser.
Why do you think
so many elderly people get into trouble?
It's just that we've been through more,
so we know a few more solutions.
Why, what's the problem? Tell us.
I saw him
with his ex-girlfriend.
My gosh.
Does he still care for her?
Why do you think so?
It's just that he could.
They didn't break up
because they wanted to.
They say men
never get over their first loves.
Here's some advice from me.
If what you say is really true,
end it with him.
You must be with a man
who really loves you.
Hey, is the kid pretty? How old is she?
I don't know. In her 40s, I guess?
She's not a kid then.
She's pretty and looks cool.
She's successful too.
I'm no match for her.
Hey, what are you talking about?
However pretty or cool she looks,
think about her age.
You're much younger.
What if he's seeing me out of guilt?
Because he feels responsible for me?
If you want to keep him,
kick her butt.
What did she do wrong
to get her butt kicked?
Kick his butt for straying.
Then kick them both.
Love is war.
You must be tough
and overcome hardships to win it.
Dignity and class?
That's no good at all.
Keep that in mind.
Darn it.
Mr. Frozen Man.
What are you doing?
Is your sister home yet?
My sister's not home yet. Why?
I can't reach her. She's never like this.
Should I try calling her?
Where are you?
I see. Come home soon.
She picked up.
The call cannot be connected.
Transferring to voice mail.
What? What's with her?
Is she ignoring just my calls?
My gosh.
Why are you so startled?
What's going on?
Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
Why did you not answer my calls?
I didn't want to.
Why didn't you?
I think we'll fight if I explain why,
and if we fight, I'll lose.
If I lose, I'll feel upset.
I'll be the one to get hurt,
so I won't tell you.
No. You must tell me. I must hear it.
I'll try not to hurt you.
You can't do that.
Why can't I do it?
We can't fight.
I have a disadvantage,
so I'll always get hurt.
Why are you disadvantaged?
I like you more.
Is something wrong?
I'll think about it tonight
so we can talk.
I'm not in my right mind now.
I might mess up.
How could he not even try to hold me back?
What should I do?
What on earth is this about?
Why is she angry?
We'll soon have a place for you to stay.
You shouldn't use
the foundation's money on that.
Plus, I like staying here with Nam-tae.
I've grown to like him.
But you can't stay here forever.
Once I make the drug
that restores your body temp,
we'll discuss that then.
The shot
Give it to me first.
But Mi-ran said she wanted it first.
She fears nothing, and that's not good.
If you think about it, the fact that
she fearlessly hopped into the capsule
I could say the same about you.
That's why you two suit each other.
Please give me the shot first.
Okay, I'll do that.
She's so awesome.
And pretty.
About Dong-chan
Guard him well.
He's a man anyone would want to steal.
They started crowdfunding
for the frozen man project,
and it reached three billion won
in just one day.
Didn't Unseong Group offer to fund it?
Now that CEO Lee Seok-du is back.
They don't want to run the project
with money from a conglomerate.
Was it Ma Dong-chan
who initiated the project?
How typical of him.
Once they make the drug
that will restore their body temp,
the frozen man project
will enter a new phase.
Then Dong-chan and Mi-ran will be able to
live like ordinary people, right?
If the clinical test succeeds,
then I guess so.
Can you interview them?
I asked, but they said no.
Just as I expected.
This is more important, so put it on top.
We'll mention this later on.
Yes, ma'am.
Why are you still single?
Do you know that was very rude?
If that's how you felt, I apologize.
Did I not marry because of Dong-chan?
Is that what you want to ask?
If you'd put it like that,
it would've been easier to answer.
Do you still like him?
Ms. Ko.
You're so cool.
And you're still pretty.
More than anything,
Dong-chan loved you once.
bother me, chief.
You have that little confidence?
You have that little confidence?
I am not unconfident.
What are you unconfident about?
It's nothing.
We need to talk.
See? He didn't resign.
-Right. What was that about then?
-I don't mind at all.
Now tell me what happened.
I saw you on the roof
with Chief Na yesterday.
I see. So that was it.
Is that why you ignored my calls
What's going on between you two?
What was that yesterday?
I don't want to tell you.
And there are boundaries
I should keep for her sake.
We just
We sorted out
a long-held misunderstanding.
What misunderstanding?
Do you even like me?
I thought about it.
My ex-boyfriend
used to live in the rooftop room,
but you weren't even jealous.
You don't look smitten with me.
I wasn't jealous at all
because he just wasn't worth it.
I was still boiling inside.
I pretended not to be jealous.
Do you know how infuriating that was?
I didn't want to seem
small-minded around you.
I wanted to look cool,
so I laughed about it,
but the inside of my head was a mess.
Darn it.
I don't look smitten with you?
Okay, fine. To be honest,
it wasn't love at first sight.
I can't say what I don't mean,
so I need you to understand.
Keep going.
Why do you like me
when you weren't smitten?
I don't know why.
I don't know why I like you
and what about you that I like,
but I like you like crazy.
I'm old-fashioned.
This is too cringey, so I can't go on.
Let's stop here.
Are you using your advantage against me?
You've been saying since yesterday
that you're disadvantaged, but
However much you like me,
you can't beat me.
Because I like you more.
Don't be stupid.
What do you know to say you like me more?
Did you pluck out our hearts
and put them on a scale?
Hold on.
What on earth did you save me as?
I looked up "ma"
and got Mapo Broiled Pork,
Mandu Nation, Manseon Sashimi,
Matsawi Chicken, Matjib Street Stall.
Why do you have a street stall number?
There's no Ma Dong-chan.
Cold jerk.
My gosh. And you say I have the advantage?
Cold jerk?
What a joke.
That clears up who's above whom.
Can't you at least force a smile?
It's not funny.
By the way, you're cute when you're mad.
What a joke.
Why won't you smile if it's a joke?
Oh, right.
The disadvantaged me should hold back.
I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten since last night.
I told you so many times
not to skip meals.
You never listen.
Why did you hand in your resignation?
To take responsibility for what I did.
The TV station wants you to stay.
Must you leave?
I'm saying this as the one
who has the advantage,
so you must do it.
Okay, go ahead.
Can't you just stay at TBO?
Why? So we can be together all the time?
The dream
you talked about when we first met,
you haven't achieved that yet.
You should.
You started at TBO,
so isn't it right to wrap it up at TBO?
I think YouTube is a matter for later.
About the Lee Hyung-du case,
what do you mean
there's no evidence of Jung's murder?
A guy called Terry Kim
hasn't been arrested yet.
He got away.
He's a professional hit man
that Lee Hyung-du hired.
No passport number,
and his prints aren't on the police file.
He's impossible to look up.
He must've used an alias to work in Korea.
Look into his whereabouts.
You'll get something.
If you want the money,
even if I'm arrested,
no matter what happens to me,
kill that bastard, Ma Dong-chan.
If you can't do that, kill Ko Mi-ran,
his Achilles' heel, at least.
Hey. Do we have a date
for Lee Hyung-du's hearing?
Yes, Dong-chan.
Do you have anything
on the hit man who got away?
He's still in Korea.
He hasn't stowed away yet.
With Lee Hyung-du behind bars,
would he do anything?
Don't worry too much.
Why are you here after your resignation?
If you're going to do this,
at least pay rent.
Dock my severance pay then.
Seriously, you
Director Ma wants the shot first.
Oh, right.
A young man recently came to the lab.
He wanted to be frozen.
Do you know
Sunwoo Construction's Jang Ho-shin?
I don't.
How can you not know him?
Oh, right. You were frozen.
Sunwoo Construction is
TBO's largest shareholder.
To put it simply, they practically own it.
He's the chairman's son.
Young, rich and handsome.
Every woman in their 20s knows him.
What does that have to do with me?
He wants to meet you.
-What for?
-I don't know.
Go. He's waiting in the conference room.
Right now?
Hello. I'm Jang Ho-shin.
I'm Ko Mi-ran.
I know.
Why did you want to meet me?
I met Doctor Cho Ki-bum.
Doctor Cho?
I'm thinking of getting frozen.
There's this woman I love very much.
My family background
makes it hard for me to marry for love,
so we dated in secret.
And she's
very ill.
She has an illness that's hard to cure.
I see.
I can't let her be alone in the cold.
So you want to go
into the capsule with her?
I came to ask you something.
I'm pretty good at enduring the cold,
but would it be okay
for a woman to be in the cold
for that long a time?
Do you feel any pain in there?
Something like that.
I wanted to see for myself.
It doesn't hurt at all.
And you don't feel cold.
Just dream of a better world.
Can I do that?
I feel relieved.
Thank you.
But why do you want to get frozen too?
You could wait for her outside.
I want to share her space and time.
That's the only option I could think of.
I'm that simple.
-Hi. Work hard.
He's here again.
What do you want me to do about it?
Do you know what the board decided?
They want to make Dong-chan
the Varieties Department chief.
What? What about me, then?
You'll just be, like, out.
I can't believe them.
How could they do that?
Look, our TV station needs
something big to happen.
We're facing a serious crisis.
However serious it is, that's absurd.
You can't make a 32-year-old a chief.
Why do you walk on eggshells
around a 32-year-old then?
That's why I so desperately want him gone.
Why are you always here when you quit?
You want to work here, don't you?
Do you go to the toilet
because you want to work there?
Why do you keep coming here then?
You resigned.
The law of inertia. I just come here.
Does that mean
you don't want to work here anymore?
I'll finish what I set out to do
20 years ago and then I'll leave.
You've made the perfect decision.
You can't do that.
You should keep your word.
But I'll only do what I want.
I want no interference.
You bet. You can do whatever you want.
Oh, my goodness.
My gosh.
Mom, what are you angry about now?
Doctor Hwang said last time
that Dong-chan was seeing someone.
I've always wondered who she was.
And I finally asked him today.
Oh, gosh.
And, my goodness
Quit with the suspense and just say it.
The frozen girl.
-Oh, my.
The girl who participated
in the experiment with him,
he's seeing that girl.
I knew something was going on
between them.
Especially on set.
But can she have children
if she's that cold?
Dong-chan's the eldest male.
He was frozen too,
so it might be possible.
You be quiet.
I'll never allow it.
Why must it be the frozen girl
out of all the girls out there?
My Dong-chan's such a special boy.
-He was frozen too.
So you're taking a break from school?
Yes, to join the military early.
I see.
Good for you.
Do you have a girlfriend?
There's this woman I like,
but she's dating someone else.
Is that Ko Mi-ran? Your mom's friend?
You know it can't happen, right?
Find someone else soon.
That's none of your business.
I want you to be the assistant director
for my new project.
I already joined
the Go, Go 99 team with Mi-ran.
No, I'll handle that for you.
You're on my team now.
Even if I don't want to?
-Why me?
Well, because I like you so very much.
Hey, Dong-sik.
We have an emergency family meeting today.
We have such a thing?
We made it today.
I see.
Anyway, is the bathroom fixed?
Not yet.
We closed the restaurant early today.
What's the urgent matter?
Bring your girlfriend over.
Don't be nervous.
Mom must have something to say to us about
getting our body temperatures back up.
Let's take it easy, okay?
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mother.
He's staying at your place, isn't he?
I told him.
Our rooftop room was vacant.
-I see.
What a relief.
I thought you were sharing a room.
Quit the junk food talk, punk.
Why are you angry with me?
It's fine.
why did you want to see us, Mom?
I heard you two are dating.
You're not dating
with plans to marry, are you?
Come on, Mom.
Why would you suddenly mention
I'm still just 24, Mother.
I don't yet want to marry.
That's a relief then.
You two can never get married.
That's wrong.
We won't get married,
but can you tell me why it's wrong?
You don't suit my son.
I'm quite a catch.
Where do you get
the confidence to say that?
I work hard, eat everything,
and have a great personality.
Oh, I have lots of money too.
The broadcasting station
owes me 70 billion won.
Hey, that's No.
If you think about it,
your son's pay is part of it.
How does it work like that?
A woman who can put up
with Director Ma's peculiar ways?
There aren't that many in the world.
Am I peculiar?
You're really brazen.
By the way, in drama shows,
doesn't the mom always give an envelope
before saying stuff like this?
You're really something. She's funny.
I'm not asking for money, of course.
You don't fear your elders.
How could you
joke around in this situation?
I thought I should joke at least
to make you stop being angry.
When I get paid next week,
I'll come with some nice food.
What do you like, Mother?
Dad, what are you doing here?
Don't say that. It hurts.
How dare you come here?
Shall I report you
for breaking and entering?
Will you please?
So I can sleep in a holding cell.
Is something wrong?
I think my studio apartment's haunted.
Quit barking and get out.
At midnight,
I hear a woman taking a shower.
But when I check the bathroom, it's empty.
Isn't that chilling?
But if you hear someone showering,
why do you think it's a woman?
I wonder too.
Why do I think it's a woman?
It's not a ghost you hear.
It's your dissatisfied lust talking.
I'm scared, Young-sun.
So what?
Let me stay the night here.
Get out or I'll beat you up.
Leave for now.
Take appropriate measures to come back.
Such vague actions only work against you.
Gosh. You're real cold.
Did you learn that
from the 52-year-old on ID alone?
My mom and family upset you, didn't they?
They didn't.
I'd have felt the same
if I were your mother.
-On this planet,
her son is the coolest person to her.
No woman would be up to her standard.
Will you come upstairs?
Just you wait.
-My mom.
Guess who I met today.
did you meet your favorite singer?
A man whose girlfriend
has an incurable illness
came to see me.
He wants to join his girlfriend
and be frozen in a cryogenic capsule.
He wanted to see me
to talk to a woman who'd done it.
He wanted to know if I felt scared
or felt any pain.
Even if
I go into the capsule,
don't join me.
Why would you say that?
Why would you go back in?
Why would you say something
I don't want to think about?
If something like that happens to me,
protect me from the outside.
Don't worry about that.
Why would I go back into the capsule?
I won't ever.
That feels strangely upsetting.
So you're joining Director Ma's project
as an assistant director?
Do you know I kicked off my career
as his assistant director?
-I heard about it.
-What a beginning you'll have.
If there are any rules I must keep
while working as his assistant,
could you tell me, chief?
When it comes to Dong-chan
Now that I have a close look,
you look really old.
-How come everyone's like you? Hyun-ki.
-Don't say he's doing great.
-He gets angry you're stating the obvious.
-No, I mean
Don't say he's doing poorly.
-You told me to speak freely.
-Yes, speak freely! Did I complain?
He gets so angry.
-That's disgusting.
-Don't bite your fingernails.
He freaks out because it's disgusting.
Don't wear angora during the FW season.
He yells about the floating hair.
You can't wear tank tops
in the summer either.
He yells about the armpit hair.
Out of the applications
I received on YouTube,
I made a list of people
for the pre-taping interview.
What's it about?
People who want to be frozen.
We'll begin.
My cosmetic surgery.
It failed.
The stress is driving me crazy.
When I wake back up in ten years' time,
they'll probably
be able to make me prettier, right?
Oh, okay. You want to be prettier.
Let's Thanks. Good job.
I just have no zest for life.
I'm not cut out for the world I live in.
Getting frozen would be better than dying.
That's what I think.
-Next, please.
-Okay. The next person.
I don't want to take the SAT.
I really don't want to.
The SAT will probably be abolished
in 20 years, right?
You, out. Get out!
My business is about to go bankrupt.
I don't see a future.
This isn't a life worth living.
I just want to escape my reality.
I own a building, a house,
various bank accounts and bonds
probably worth about 30 billion won.
But it would be a waste to give them
to my kids or daughter-in-law.
I don't want to die either.
Will you freeze me?
-My life.
It would be a waste.
Is this the place?
Are you Nam Ki-seok's parents?
Director Ma Dong-chan?
Our son has a rare childhood cancer.
It can't be cured with drugs
that are currently available,
and the government stopped the subsidies.
A few new drugs are developed each year,
but our son has no time.
If we could buy him some time,
wouldn't the right cure for him
be developed?
I understand how you feel.
I'd love to do what I could to help.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
The thing is,
developing a cure for cancer,
it could take 20, 30, 50 years.
We never know
how long it'll actually take.
In the meantime, you'll lose the chance
to spend time and build memories with him.
When your son wakes up,
he will regret that a great deal.
Are you okay with that?
I know.
While our son's in the capsule,
something could happen to us.
Our son could be left alone.
But I can't just sit and watch him die.
I want to give
whatever life I have left to him.
There's so much he hasn't seen yet.
I can't let him just die.
It's heartbreaking.
Goodness. What's the right answer?
It's really tough.
If I were the son, I wouldn't do it.
But as a parent,
I'd make him do it to save him.
That's how I feel.
Such stories are probably
what made Doctor Hwang start his research.
As you saw from the interviews we did,
too many people think
being frozen is no big deal.
I should remind people of the concept
and goal of this project again.
I'll do my best to help.
You're so cool.
What? Why the sudden praise?
I feel honored
that I'm able to work with you on this.
What? Suddenly? My gosh.
I like your mind-set.
You can separate personal feelings
from a sense of accomplishment.
Let's go. You can go home.
Yes, sir.
Are you done?
Wait just a bit. I'm on my way to get you.
Ko Mi-ran!
I'll be right there.
I've asked security
to check the CCTV footage.
Let's wait.
So the motorcycle's not registered?
I understand.
Thanks, Detective Seo.
From what I saw,
the rider had a purpose.
It wasn't a mistake.
You know Doctor Hwang's kidnapper
is still at large, right?
Just in case, you should be more careful.
Thank you.
not someone you should thank.
Don't thank me.
I should ask Detective Baek
for police protection.
If it hadn't been for Chief Na,
something bad could've happened.
I was so shocked that I still feel hot.
Let's get something cold to eat.
What's taking him so long?
What's this?
I'm too worried and anxious.
Carry that around all the time.
Can I test it now?
I'm not kidding.
If anyone approaches you,
zap them with it right away.
Hey, don't.
What's with you?
You're the one who approaches me the most.
Don't be silly.
You have to keep this with you, okay?
Dong-chan, the bathroom's fixed.
You can move back.
Oh, it's not fixed yet?
Sure, I'm not surprised.
What are you on about? It's fixed.
What? It was supposed
to take a week to fix,
but it'll take another week?
Hello? Dong-chan, can you not hear me?
They said it would take a week,
but they fixed it in three days.
Why don't you all just move out?
I have to go. Bye.
What was that? Is he crazy?
What on earth?
Why does it take so long
to fix a bathroom?
They're not done. It'll take another week.
I see. It must be
taking longer than expected.
It involves water and what not, so
It must take a while.
He talked nonsense then hung up.
Don't let him stay there.
Tell him to move back soon.
We can't let a man and woman
stay too close.
There's not much they can do
even if they're together, Mom.
Their temperature can't rise.
That's why they can't
be together for too long.
What if Dong-chan suddenly dies?
No way.
Uncle got a Gold Button
as soon as he started YouTube.
He's going to rake it in.
I heard he got his job back at TBO.
-Said who?
-His chief.
We follow each other.
He wants to quit
now that Dong-chan's back.
He doesn't think at all.
Why would he say that to you?
Director Ma.
It's done.
Now the both of you
can live normal, ordinary lives.
You've been through a lot.
Great work.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's me.
Can we meet up?
I'll come to your neighborhood.
Give me your address.
Your girlfriend issue caused an uproar.
They fight among themselves without you.
My gosh.
How did they handle the boredom
when I wasn't around? Geez.
Hey, Seo-yoon.
Tomorrow, I'm getting the shot
to restore my temperature.
Really? That's awesome.
I'll tell Grandma.
No, don't tell her yet.
Let's keep it between us for now.
Okay. I'll tell you a secret of mine too.
I got a boyfriend.
Really? What does he do?
He's in elementary school, of course.
Would he be a lawyer or a judge?
That's right. You're right.
What does he want to be?
A lawyer or a judge?
What schoolkid wants to become that?
They want to be creators or singers.
Oh, really?
Anyway, come home tomorrow after the shot.
Quit being a nuisance to others.
Okay, I'll do that.
Go to bed.
Sleep well, Uncle.
Why did you want to see me?
I don't know how much you know,
but I made a deal
with Lee Hyung-du about you,
and for that,
I was questioned by prosecutors.
What do you mean,
you made a deal about me?
Literally. I made a deal
about you with Lee Hyung-du.
What deal did you make?
I asked him
to put you back in the capsule.
Why would you do that?
How could you?
The love for a man that never ended,
the obsession,
plus the jealousy about the woman
he loved.
I'm sure you don't get it.
That's how low I went.
Did you think
you could get him back if I disappeared?
I just
wanted him to feel the pain.
When time passes differently and he's old,
if the woman he loved
were to reappear still looking young
only to ignore him, that pain
I hoped he'd feel it.
Does he
know this too?
Not yet.
But he will soon.
I would prefer him
not knowing.
Let's keep it between us.
What are you up to? Are you asleep?
No. I'm out.
Come home quick. What are you doing?
I told you not to be out alone.
It's dangerous.
Where are you?
Don't worry. I'm near home.
I'll be back soon.
It's over now.
This will do.
I must've fallen asleep waiting.
What took you so long?
What did you do?
I met a friend.
The pretty ones?
Hang on.
What's this?
Is it a tear-gas gun this time?
We don't have to wear these anymore.
Let's hang in there a bit longer, okay?
They're so pretty.
Now that you put on the watch,
will you reconsider?
Reconsider what?
Do you really
have no plans to marry?
Do you want to marry me?
Then will you wait until I turn 30?
Gosh. Fine.
Okay. I have to then.
How lovely.
All right. We'll start the injection.
A week after the injection,
your body temperature
will be back to normal.
Dong-chan's meeting Doctor Hwang today.
Is it so he can get it first?
What is it? They said no backup.
Wait in the car.
It's a temporary reaction.
Yes, Detective Seo.
A police car?
Are you saying
he's driving around in a police car?
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