Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Hot Guy and Cold Girl

Dong-chan's meeting Doctor Hwang today.
Is it so he can get it first?
What is it? They said no backup.
Wait in the car.
The call cannot be connected.
Why won't he pick up?
Oh, no.
We'll inject another dose on day six.
Whether we succeed
in restoring your body temp
will be confirmed 24 hours after that.
Are you filming all this?
Yes. Don't worry.
Can you lower the window?
So what happened?
How is Ms. Ko? Is she okay?
That's a relief.
I'll call you back.
Send more reporters
to Cheongwoon Police Station.
For breaking news.
Prepare a few good photos
of Terry Kim's face.
We'll make composites of him in disguise,
and I'll call the graphics team.
Have you calmed down a bit?
Yes. How is Detective Baek?
Luckily for him,
the stab wound wasn't deep,
so he was moved to the ward.
What a relief.
You're a freshman.
When did you learn to drive?
During the break.
But I didn't practice much,
so we might crash.
Leave it, then. I'll drive.
The doctor said no stress to the heart.
I'll go slow at 60 kph.
You called.
Is something wrong?
Why do you sound like that?
Are you unwell?
If you're fine, it's all good.
See you later.
Terry Kim.
His Korean name is Kim Hyun-do.
He's lived a double life
by stealing the registration number,
starting with 801204, of Jung Ki-seok,
a missing homeless person.
Report his face and personal details.
It's our main report.
Let's move.
We must get him.
-Ms. Ko?
Yes, doctor.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't keep my word.
Dong-chan got the shot first.
This morning.
Dong-chan got the shot first?
I'm sorry for not telling you.
He pleaded with me.
Is he all right?
What's with your voice?
The bastard got me.
I'm in the hospital.
You're what?
Are you badly hurt?
I feel much better now.
The punk
somehow got a police car
and pretended to be an officer.
Just get him already.
And that bastard
tried to attack Mi-ran.
-Let me finish.
fought back and he failed.
What about Mi-ran?
Is she okay?
Eat first.
And then we'll fight if we must.
Take time off work for the time being,
until the jerk is caught.
You're the one who needs a break.
I'm fine.
You don't seem fine.
No. I really am fine.
I don't think I can eat yet.
Why didn't you tell me about the shot?
You do everything first.
I thought you'd go first if I told you.
I chose the date to get the shot first
and even took the day off.
I'm sure you did.
You should take time off and stay home
until the guy's caught.
I can't do that.
I will catch that punk.
What's that?
The guy is after us.
I'll spray this if he appears.
Forget it.
Don't be reckless. That's
Let's leave it to the police.
But he even got a detective.
You just focus on recovering
your body temp. I'll catch the guy.
I got him once with the Taser,
so he won't take us lightly now.
You watched too many blockbusters.
You're not Wonder Woman.
Stay at home and don't even go to work.
You can't catch him.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm useless at dating
but worth a hundred at everything else.
I was on Infinite Experiment Paradise
so many times.
It's all about nerves.
The more I fear him,
the easier target I'll be.
Don't go overboard.
You're worth a hundred?
He's a trained hit man.
Get a better grasp of the situation.
Let's get you home. I'll drive you.
You can't drive me home in that condition.
I'll go alone.
Do as you're told.
If Dong-chan's test results are good,
will you inject the other two right away?
CEO Lee Seok-du decided to wait
until he is stronger.
But Mi-ran should get it soon.
She'll grow a tolerance to the fever shot.
I hope to see Dong-chan
and Mi-ran return to normal.
You will soon.
Were you here all this while?
I wish I were sick instead of you.
in just one week,
we can do everything other people do.
We can ride the Tagada
you wanted to so much.
we can drink hot Americanos together.
By the way, it won't be one week from now.
It'll be two weeks.
Doctor Hwang told me to wait another week.
I'll be done in two weeks.
Even if you feel nauseous, you should eat.
I asked Doctor Hwang,
and he said you must eat what you can.
It's day one,
12 hours after the first shot.
As you can see,
my body temperature's still the same.
My heart rate's a little irregular,
and I have a bad headache.
My chest still feels a bit tight.
And I no longer feel nauseated,
but I still need to drink iced water.
I'm still a frozen man.
Did you sleep well?
Yes. Did you sleep well?
Shall I return to the rooftop tomorrow?
Do you need to?
Our bathroom's not fixed yet.
I used your bathroom last night.
It's fixed.
Day two after the shot.
My temperature is 32.8 degrees.
This is day three.
The headache and chest pains are gone,
but I feel slightly dizzy,
and my body gets hot and cold repeatedly.
But it feels good.
It feels like
the drug is really kicking in.
-The changes
-Come and eat, Uncle.
Okay, I will.
Hang on.
Let's go.
Why don't you go to work these days?
Is something up?
What would be up?
Nothing's up.
Poopy, will you
keep working at the restaurant?
I have to. What choice do I have?
There's nothing else to do.
Hey, listen.
How about you teach men how to sing?
There must be guys who want to learn.
I woke up after 20 years
and realized all singing classes
are for married women.
Stuff like that flops.
Men only sing after drinking.
Okay, then.
You should consider getting back
with Young-tak.
Don't be so flippant about it
because it's not your life.
I'm saying this
because you seem to have calmed down.
You need someone like Young-tak.
Plus, he's the best match for you.
Young-tak's not a pushover.
He wouldn't take her back.
He would not believe
what you've just said to her.
Shut up. I don't want him back either.
I have high standards.
Young-tak's in hospital.
He was hurt in an accident.
Pay him a visit.
Why did he go and get hurt?
I just don't like it.
Quit dating weird guys
and get back with him.
Anyway, when will you get married?
Me, get married?
I should, right?
You should. You're 52.
You'll turn 60 in no time.
Is the air conditioning on?
Yes. I turned it on for you.
It's cold. Turn it off.
Turn on the camera.
Is it on?
My current temperature is 33.3 degrees.
It passed the critical point.
My heart is just fine.
My hands and feet
are no longer numb or tingly.
And what's important is,
I've started to feel cold.
What are you staring at?
Why did you participate in the experiment?
Don't you regret it?
You're suffering so much.
If you could go back in time,
would you do it again?
I should.
-Because no one else would.
To make tomorrow better than today,
attempting things no one else wants to,
that's a director's mission.
Can I call you by your name?
By my name? Forget it.
I'm older than your dad.
Then shall I call you "old man"?
Yes. The old man's off to see the CEO.
You clean this up.
Save Mi-ran as Auntie on your phone now.
The Washington correspondent?
I told you I'd resign.
Yes. I know how you feel.
But if you drop it all and quit now,
that's even more irresponsible.
Of course,
the Washington correspondent spot
is a demotion from newsroom chief.
So consider it a way
of taking responsibility
and take the job as a demotion.
Stay there for about two years.
Wouldn't that make you feel better too?
You'll be back in two years?
When I come back, I hope we can
see each other again as friends.
Is that too shameless of me?
Okay, let's have a drink then.
As friends.
Take care.
Look after yourself.
Be happy.
I will.
I'll be even happier.
I really hope so.
Hey. What are you
What are you doing here?
I heard from Dong-chan that you got hurt.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
Dong-chan said he'd give me 500,000 won
if I sent him a selfie of us.
Stay still.
I'm in lots of pain.
Smile anyway. I'm taking a photo.
You want to put his face in a commercial?
Do you know how much that will cost?
Not to mention it'll get censored.
It can't be done.
We need that man caught.
He's a ruthless killer of two.
Even so, we can't do it.
That's nonsense.
Are you still on Lee Hyung-du's side?
Lee Hyung-du, that bastard, is after us
even from behind bars.
He almost got Mi-ran.
Do you know what that means?
Hong-seok, how about you have
a conscience for once?
Show some remorse
and a sense of responsibility
for what you did.
-Ma Dong-chan.
-Darn it.
How could you say
-I'm your
-Hold on.
My body temperature isn't going up.
This is
My heart rate increased,
but not my temperature.
What's up with him?
My temperature doesn't go up
even when I'm angry.
I'll go and see Doctor Hwang.
Don't go home. Wait right here.
Don't go anywhere on your own.
Let's film a teaser first
to promote the show.
You want to film a teaser
for something a month away?
It's our revamp strategy.
We'll air a teaser for TBO's
new variety drama for a month.
We'll shoot
an ordinary opening segment outdoors
and get people interested.
We'll show the celebrities we cast
only from behind
so people wonder.
Then, Mi-ran,
list up some possible celebrities.
-Okay, will do.
I'd like it if the cast
looked slightly similar.
You're back. What did Doctor Hwang say?
Let's go. I'll explain on the way.
You feel cold?
Yes. Isn't it amazing?
Should I get the shot tomorrow?
No. Wait a few more days.
It's not over until it's over.
Doctor Hwang said
I need to get the last shot
and see how that affects me.
You really feel cold?
-It's fascinating.
I feel the cold even more now.
I think the drug is showing
more and more effects.
That's the most dramatic change so far.
My current temperature is 34.7 degrees.
Oh, gosh
Mi-ran's smart
when it comes to everything else,
but she loses control
when it comes to the frozen director.
She should have the man whipped,
but she just can't do it.
That's because she likes him.
I think she likes him a lot.
Does she?
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
Hello, sweet honey water.
I'm with a friend,
and we're talking
about life, society and culture.
I love you too.
Work less and make lots of money.
I'll call you later.
My goodness.
You just started seeing him
and you "love him" already?
When we were young,
there were a lot of guys to date,
but it's hard to date at our age.
We must move fast.
-Mom, I'm home.
-Hi, Auntie.
-Did you eat?
I ate with the team and Mi-ran.
Mom, auntie and an older friend?
It's complicated, isn't it?
Do you enjoy the work?
I do.
I love directing.
I'll become a great director.
Like Ma Dong-chan.
Ma Dong-chan?
Mi-ran's boyfriend?
What a web.
What do you think about
getting frozen in a capsule?
What do you mean?
It's just that
you're going through a rough patch.
Don't you ever think
you'd like to escape this reality and
start over in a slightly better future?
I might be divorced, but I'm happy now.
I have you.
Watching you live
is a great happiness to me.
What's the point
in waking up after 20 years?
I won't get to see you live, then.
Plus, do you think
the future 20 years from now
will be any different?
It's just like putting off your homework.
Life is stressful
but you get through it anyway.
What about you?
Would you get frozen?
I'm happy
living the same timeline as you too.
I raised a great boy.
I even went jogging today and I'm fine.
I'm serious.
it's our day off. What shall we do?
-Are you okay?
-It's nice and cool in here.
-Don't you feel cold?
I don't.
It's freezing cold. Close the door.
-It's cold.
-What are you two doing?
-We're freezing.
We waited so long.
What is the matter with you?
You feel very cold?
You can wait outside.
No. I don't feel cold.
You can't be alone.
Wherever you go, I must be with you.
Even when you get rice punch.
You're still trying to recover.
What if you catch a cold?
I can't.
-Wait outside.
I can't do that either.
I'll warm myself up.
No, it's not working.
This won't do. Let's go somewhere else.
-Follow me.
Is there anything else you want to do?
There's a lot.
Like what?
I want to take you around on a bike
and go to a sauna instead of the ice room.
And I want to go and see the stars.
Wait a little longer,
and we can do all that we want.
Don't do that.
Your temperature will spike.
I got a hot coffee.
It's nice and warm.
That must be so nice.
You traitor.
-This is good too.
You'll soon drink hot things too.
You should go home now.
You want to go home already?
The Go, Go 99 shoot's coming up,
and there's a lot to do.
I have to get back to the office.
You go home and play by yourself.
Go home and play by myself
Wow You're so cold.
Of course I am.
I'm a frozen woman.
Right. I should get drinks for the team.
-Thank you.
-Enjoy the coffee.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
I'll pick you up later.
Don't. I have a police escort.
You don't have to worry.
Still, be sure to go home before midnight.
Am I Cinderella?
Go on inside.
Let's wait like students
waiting to take the college entrance exam.
-See you.
Day five.
My temperature doesn't go up any further.
My temperature's been the same
for two days.
Will it be okay?
You just got the second dose.
Let's see how this works.
It's the last hurdle
to making a full recovery,
so today might be quite rough.
You can't use
or take any more medication today.
You must get through it on your own.
Don't worry.
I'm regretting it now.
Regret what?
I should've gone with you anyway.
I should've been there for you.
Hang in there, even if you miss me.
Don't even worry.
And go home early.
Tell me if you feel ill.
I'll come right over.
I feel no pain at all.
Are you sure?
I feel a bit sleepy.
I need to nap.
Tell me if it gets rough, okay?
This is for you.
-Thank you.
Dong-chan has been a bit weird lately.
He stays in his room
and mumbles to himself.
He sleeps a lot too, doesn't he?
He sleeps like a baby
that's just a few months old.
You know,
in movies about frozen people,
they suddenly age.
It's not that, right?
I hope not.
It can't be that. That would be so unfair.
Mi-ran, I
Right now, I
My temperature's 36.5 degrees.
It's really 36.5 degrees?
That's great.
That's just great.
I'm sorry, and thank you.
At first,
I felt so lost, wronged and upset.
But now that I think about it,
there were some positives.
Like what?
Thanks to the experiment,
we got to experience a time
no one ever could.
we fell in love.
Just wait.
Soon, we'll be able to live
just like everyone else.
I have the results.
Everything's normal.
It's done.
You're really an ordinary man now.
Thank you.
Can Mi-ran get the shot right away?
I'll get it ready if she wants it.
Okay. I'll tell her.
After I tell my family.
You were born again today.
Now eat.
It's so good, Mom.
It doesn't feel hot at all.
Thank you, my son.
Thank you too, Mom.
For waiting.
Congratulations, Dong-chan.
You didn't drink a single drop of alcohol.
You went through a lot.
Oh, well. You're no longer a frozen man.
You should forget about YouTube.
Let's go to a nice and hot sauna.
We can scrub each other's backs
and sweat everything out.
Let's do that.
Yes, that sounds great.
After that, let's drink together.
Make up for the drinking you missed out on
and get crazy drunk.
Don't even think of using that
as an excuse to drink.
I'll tell Grandma.
You shouldn't be so mean.
Be quiet, everyone.
Let's keep it down so he can eat.
Eat some more.
Dig in.
Get the shot tomorrow.
We film the teaser tomorrow.
I'll get it the day after.
Work's more important?
Who gave me
the passion and heart of a director?
Then I'll be your bodyguard
until the jerk's arrested.
Tell me where you're filming.
You'll come to the set?
Yes, I'll be there.
Watching your team work
is so frustrating, you know.
By the way,
why are you wearing this watch?
You don't need it now.
Let's put on our matching watches together
when you reach 36.5 degrees.
Oh, gosh.
Check the timing on all these videos.
Are you going somewhere?
Yes. There's somewhere I have to be.
Are you saying
you now have
a normal body temperature?
My gosh.
Your hand's actually warm.
It's warm.
Once Mi-ran gets the shot,
in a week, just like me,
she'll have a normal temperature too.
Great! Then my sister
won't be a frozen woman anymore?
It was hard on you too, wasn't it?
I was too ashamed
to even apologize to you properly.
Now Mi-ran
can live an ordinary life.
Give us just one week.
Thank you.
All the resentment
and hatred I showed you,
please forget it all.
No. It's fine.
Mother, Father.
Ma Dong-chan,
the world's first cryogenic human.
I'd like to request a delivery.
The recipient's name is Ma Dong-chan.
Yes. I'll give you the address.
-Bring everything behind the cameras.
-Move these too.
-Get the shot from up there so we can
-Check this one thing for me.
-Are you more relaxed now?
Later on, you can use the whole stage.
Can you step back a little?
Goodness. Why film a teaser
when the show's so far off?
I guarantee
the actual show
will look nothing like the teaser.
-What happened?
Are you okay?
Ko Mi-ran!
Hey! Wake up!
Mi-ran. Come on.
-We need help.
-Call 119!
Help her!
Watch out.
Go that way.
Stop the bleeding
and check her blood pressure.
I hope the wound's not deep.
She can't be operated on.
I agree.
The anesthesia will expand her veins,
lowering her temperature.
Restoring her body temperature
is a week-long process.
I hope Mi-ran can wait that long.
If she can't
The wound's quite deep.
Doctor, it's 31.5 degrees.
She needs emergency abdominal surgery.
You can't operate on her.
She's a special low-temperature case,
and she can't be anesthetized.
Can you operate on her
if her body temperature returns to normal?
Can that be done right away?
Wait. Even if it's not the normal range,
isn't it possible to operate on her
if it's around 33 degrees?
We can't if she can't be anesthetized.
If she can't be operated on,
how long
can she wait?
Her heart might stop
in the next 24 hours.
-Oh, gosh, no.
Director Ma.
There's only one option.
The decision must be made.
The only option
is to put her back in the capsule.
Doing that
will stop all her blood from flowing.
We can prevent her from bleeding out
without having an operation. But
she'll bleed again once she's thawed.
The biggest issue
is how we make it
so she can be operated on
as soon as she's thawed.
She won't have
the right body temperature then either.
So we'll develop a drug
that restores her body temp as she thaws.
I'll make it.
I risk all I have
to do it.
We believe in you.
I put my trust in you, Director.
I'm sorry, Mother.
I'm sorry.
I'm really
I'm so sorry.
Any updates?
They put Ms. Ko back in a capsule.
Her body temp was too low
for her to have surgery.
Okay. You can go.
Yes, ma'am.
Even if
I go into the capsule,
don't join me.
If something like that happens to me,
protect me from the outside.
Don't worry about that.
Why would I go back into the capsule?
I won't ever.
You can't beat me.
I like you more.
Sorry I'm keeping you in the cold alone.
Is Mi-ran well?
My love for him
is the reason I came to this world
and what completes my life.
I like him that much.
If only I could go back to that day.
I miss you so much.
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