Messiah (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

We Will Not All Sleep

1 [SIGHS.]
Jibril Jibril [JIBRIL, IN ARABIC.]
Mother? Imam? - [HELICOPTER ENGINE.]
- [MAN.]
I heard it clear as day, a gunshot.
Despite increased police presence, tensions continue to rise between the growing number of pilgrims and Dilley residents.
At the center of all this, there are now rumors that the man they are calling "The Messiah" fired a gun.
More law enforcement were ordered into the area, - as this phenomenon continues to grow.
- The National Guard - The influx of people into the township has reached a critical level.
We're asking people to go home.
We're asking people not to drive here [WOMAN.]
It's hard to tell where it will end, but for those of us who remember Waco, the potential is frightening.
I'm just wondering who's gonna stop this guy? Our provisions are for Dilley residents only.
If you weren't affected - by the tornado - I know.
This is a disaster zone, it is not a fairground! We're the ones that are suffering! I can't stop people coming here, Luis.
You're the one that brought him here! This is on your head.
This place.
It's going to hell.
- [MAN.]
Take him! Take him down! - [MAN 2.]
Get him! Say it again! [EVA.]
Nutjobs fighting nutjobs.
It's no coincidence he picked Texas.
I'll try not to take offense.
Ah, you don't go to New York or LA.
You start where people are poor, where everyone's got a gun, where the Bible still means something.
There's a lot of sick and needy out here too.
Yeah, collateral.
- That's how he'd see them.
I gotta take this.
- Eva, you there? - Q, yeah.
The line's bad.
I'll be quick.
- I have a name.
- You have a name? Payam Golshiri.
Payam Hold on.
Go ahead.
There's a man here in Tehran, he's been talking a lot, making a lot of noise.
His name is Adar Golshiri, Payam's brother.
- He has a brother? - Yeah, that's what I'm telling you.
Adar is Payam's brother.
al-Masih's brother.
Hello? - Eva? - Q? Yes Eva? - [ENGAGED TONE.]
- [SIGHS.]
There we go.
- Hey.
Everythin' okay? - Yeah.
I'm good.
Felix? It's time to go.
Go? Wait.
Go where? Wait.
Go where? What is your purpose? Why did God give you this life to live now? God is speaking to all of us, Felix.
Let him speak to you.
You decide where we go.
I'm a minister, Anna.
What am I supposed to do, ignore him? He came to us.
You believe that? - He came to us? - I have to.
You're a minister.
That's right, Felix.
And there's a whole town that needs ministering to.
You wanna do the work, or do you wanna chase a dream? Just for once, can you not judge me? [BOTH SIGH.]
Can you give us a moment? What's goin' on? - We're leaving.
- Nothing.
Seriously? - Oh! Could you please just do as I ask for once, and give us some space? Please.
What about her? Rebecca is your daughter.
You don't even know this man, and you want to take her on some crazy crusade with him? To follow him where? We're not following him.
He asked me to decide.
- Decide what? - Where we're goin'.
He asked me.
He trusts me, Anna.
Where are you going to go? Where are you taking these people? [SIGHS.]
This is important.
- Look, I know how it sounds.
And I - I don't think you do.
You [SIGHS.]
You're not well.
You're exhausted.
You're not making good decisions.
You almost burned our lives down, remember? What if I'm right? I haven't said you can go.
I'm goin'.
What do you imagine is gonna happen on this trip? I don't know, but it's outta here.
Are you seriously gonna make me stay here? You hate this place.
You've wanted to get out of here since forever, and now you wanna stay? Life isn't always about getting what you want.
You don't know the first thing about what I want.
You know what I was doin' the mornin' of the tornado? Do you have any idea? I was runnin' away.
From this place, from you and Dad, from everything.
That's how much I hate this place.
And you try and keep me here, I'm just gonna run away again.
I'm not gonna make the same mistakes you made.
Look around, Mom.
Don't blame me for wantin' somethin' better.
Follow us.
a message from the Reverend Come on, hon.
Look like they were gonna Now, where are the headed? How long [MIRIAM.]
Maybe you were right, Larry.
Maybe we are the rats.
A convoy of hundreds of vehicles is making its way across Eastern Texas, following a church van from the town of Dilley.
But who's in the van - is at the center of the fuss.
- [MAN.]
The man they call al-Masih is apparently leading his followers, but where to exactly, no one quite knows.
Catholic? It's complicated.
Why is it complicated? Lapsed.
So, what's that? Window dressing? No, that is a very long story.
Well, I sense we have the time.
Yeah, but I doubt you got the patience.
Divorced or separated? Her or the job, right? Really wasn't that simple, but the job didn't help.
Just a cold and lonely - Empty-hearted woman - [SIGHS.]
Took me a long time to take mine off, too, of course.
Where do you put it? [PHONE RINGS.]
On the road.
I don't know.
I I don't know.
I love you too.
Got a girlfriend.
Here on AM 1060 and FM 91.
1, KWTZ.
- Daddy! - Sweetie? Where are you? - Driving in Mommy's car.
- Give me that, sweetie.
Can I talk to Mommy real quick? Staci? - Before you start - Have you lost your fucking mind? No, that's not fair.
She's missing every appointment! You realize that, right? Because it was killing her, and because we can't afford it! She needs her treatment! She's lost 20 pounds! She's so tiny to begin with! We knew that would happen.
They told us! We promised each other that we would do this together.
Well, I changed my mind.
And abducted our daughter? When are we going home? [MAN ON RADIO.]
Speculation has begun about what the move means.
No destination has been revealed as far as anyone can tell.
But his supporters seem happy enough to follow for now.
Why don't you GPS it? [FELIX.]
We need a destination for that.
I'm sure he doesn't want his photo taken every minute.
It's just a photo.
- I'd prefer you don't.
- It's for Instagram.
It's what you do.
I don't mind.
What's your 10-13? [MAN.]
Approaching state lines.
Uh, returning to base.
They're all yours, Arkansas.
I'm hungry.
We'll stop in a while.
Not yet.
Crossing into Arkansas this afternoon, the caravan has attracted a lot of [WOMAN 2.]
its way across the Bear State The caravan seems to be fading in numbers, as well as attracting a good [WOMAN 3.]
Spectators are lining highways, coming out in large numbers to support or protest the convoy and the man leading them.
The question is building.
"Who is this man?" [MAN.]
Who is this man? We didn't invite him here.
What are they doing here? [WOMAN 4.]
There hasn't been this kind of fuss - since Billy Graham died.
- [WOMAN 5.]
as the Dilley cavalcade continued on throughout the day, more cars joined the parade, heading northeast on I-35, and into the heart of America's Bible Belt.
[MAN 2.]
On today's program, you'll discover some exciting truths and powerful insights.
More Honey from Heaven, teaching you how to receive your miracle from God! [BABY CRYING.]
It's not your ration! This is ours.
You can't take it! I have three children.
Need all call records for public phones between Dilley and Nashville along the I-40.
Yep, calls in as well as calls out.
Yes, that's what you said.
Car 382, Feds estimating Dilley convoy to reach Durham tonight.
Maintain escort and inform of any direction changes.
Uh, roger, maintain Dilley escort.
What is he planning? [SHUTTER CLICKING.]
Let me see.
You've got a good eye.
- Thanks.
I like this one.
Yeah, the light is cool.
develop new combat capacities for armed forces since 2016.
[MAN 2.]
We've got breaking news for you now.
Palestinian leaders are calling on other Arab leaders in the region to condemn Israel's position.
An emergency meeting of the UN has been scheduled for two days' time.
Though the US stance is in agreement with European leaders who call for a cease-fire, President Young himself has not made any statement.
To make matters worse, many relief workers have been pulled out of the area despite the desperate need for aid.
Moscow claims that its military buildup comes in response to Western actions.
Speaking in a meeting with Russian Defense Ministry leadership on July 24th, the Defense Minister said that, quote, the situation that develops Holy shit.
I need a shower.
Thank you.
You gonna wash those or burn them? We have his name.
the number of cars joining - Room 442.
I know.
three ways to the turnpike had to be shut down.
Traffic redirected [RECEPTIONIST.]
Here you go, Reverend.
So you're off to DC, huh? - Whatever you call it - Sorry? the question remains.
Where is it headed? Mystery solved.
The Dilley caravan revealed its destination this morning through a cryptic Instagram post.
Its target? Washington DC.
It's estimated the caravan of hundreds of vehicles will be arriving in the nation's capital sometime But its agenda still [REBECCA.]
So, it's true, then? Everyone's just goin' off my picture? Do you think we'll live there? Let's just get there.
What is that taste? Destiny.
Destiny - [PHONE ALERT.]
- [WOMAN.]
Now, Ali was murdered in 661.
- The Caliphate passed to Muawiyah.
Ali was buried in Najaf, now Iraq.
And the place of Ali's burial remains a holy site for Shiites to this day.
- So for a moment - [MURMURING.]
- Come on, people! Phones! Phones! - [PHONE ALERTS CONTINUE.]
So, for a moment, imagine the feeling of Saddam's presidency among the people of Iraq, given that he was a Sunni.
A Sunni, leading a nation of Shiites.
So - [BOY.]
What do you think? - [BOY 2.]
I know, it [EVA.]
Massachusetts? Holy shit.
What? - Where the hell have you been? - [EVA.]
I'm on my way to DC.
- I hope you have a damn good excuse.
- I've got his name.
Payam Golshiri.
He did a semester at Williams, political science.
He's been here before.
Well, that's the FBI's job.
Oscar Wallace was lecturing there at the same time, ma'am.
- Wallace? - 2004 to 2008.
A year later, he hacks the stock exchange and defects to Russia.
If Golshiri is associated with an international terrorist, that makes it my job.
That's a long bow you're drawing.
Golshiri quoted Wallace when I interrogated him.
I just I didn't make the connection.
I'm not sure I'm making the connection.
Wallace is bent on social disruption.
If this guy really is his protégé, he is two hours from DC, with hundreds of followers.
Who knows what he's got planned? [WILL.]
We can't touch him without a warrant.
Ma'am? Keep on him.
Listen, this is on the local authorities now.
I need immediate access to DCPD.
Maintain crowd control.
Let everybody through.
Gonna need some backup.
Get as many people back here as we can.
Look around you.
What do you see? Is your world good? Is it evil? Ask yourself who is guilty? Who is innocent? What are you? Now look at your neighbor.
Look at your neighbor.
Be brave enough to see yourself.
Your own reflection cast back at you.
Each reflected in each.
Look where you stand.
In a shining city on a hill.
In the land of the free and the brave, standing for liberty and justice.
How true do those words ring for you? When did you bring liberty? Where did you cause justice? I stand at the gate of a nation a nation where power is not invited.
I stand at the gate.
And I look out upon you.
And you look back to me.
But all I can do is reflect what I see.
If you have come to receive, you will go away poor.
If you have come here to understand, you will leave here lost.
For those who have understood for those who have received it is time.
Returning to your scripture will not save you.
Bending to your knees will not please anyone.
That time has passed.
This time is now.
You are the judged.
You are the chosen.
I'm here to break the mirror, so you shall see on what side you stand.
What you see will be your choosing.