Messiah (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Force Majeure

This will be a confidential conversation.
I'm sure you understand.
You think it would reflect badly on you to meet with me.
But still, you're meeting with me.
You don't seem at all surprised.
- By any of this.
- You are why I came to Washington.
So you knew we were gonna come take you in the night? We would always find this moment, one way or the other.
This is our destiny.
Is it? Why? We are sitting here, aren't we? What is it you want? Your consideration.
Well, I'm sitting here, aren't I? You were once a warrior.
You have seen the pain of war.
Up close.
And you know the cycle of history.
Blood brings blood, on and on for generations, until it is an ocean.
So you've come with a prepared speech, have you? Is that how this will go? Tell me why you've come here.
How far would you go to bring about a thousand years of peace? I would do anything, but it is impossible.
Not only possible but simple.
Withdraw all American troops.
- From where? - Everywhere.
Are you serious? Bring them all home.
Every man, every woman, every person.
If you do this, you'll be remembered as the president of peace.
This is very naive.
Our troops abroad for the most part, are a peacekeeping measure.
To withdraw them would be disastrous.
It would only encourage rogue states and marauding groups to strike.
Where I am from, a hundred years ago Europeans drew lines on paper and called them borders.
America has enforced those lines and given strength to brutal dictators.
- You know that to be true.
- You can't hold Americans accountable - for the actions of other leaders.
- My Lai.
No Gun Ri.
Abu Ghraib.
Your forces haven't always kept the peace.
Those are all deeply regrettable and isolated incidents.
Our presence on the world stage has always been a stabilizing influence.
And always will be, you can't deny that.
Just one example: Russia has been massing forces on their border with Latvia and Estonia.
If we were to evacuate our forces nearby, Russia would be emboldened and might invade Eastern Europe.
- You don't know that would happen.
- I've got a pretty good idea.
- History tells me.
- There is no more history.
History has ended.
There is only now.
I don't think you understand what you're asking.
I understand perfectly well.
Well, then, if that's true, I question your motives.
I only have one master.
We know a lot more about you than you think we do.
Whatever you know, it doesn't change a thing.
The world is about to begin again and you need to do your part.
I can't see how what you're asking would help.
You cannot see what is to come, you have to act on faith.
If you don't a heavy price will be paid.
Is that supposed to be some sort of threat? A warning.
Ah, this is nonsense.
Let me ask you this.
Do you call yourself a Latter-day Saint? [SIGHS.]
I do.
Do you believe in God? Yes, I do.
So these are the latter days? They are.
Do you believe God would go silent? That he would abandon you? Or do you believe he still speaks to humanity? I believe he still speaks.
He's speaking to you now.
So, Golshiri is a trained magician? The brother also claimed that he was involuntarily committed at the Tehran Psychiatric Hospital.
What for? I have an agent looking into it.
That's just the kind of stuff Collier's looking for.
Let's just keep it in house for now, though.
- Thank you.
- Where are you now? Digging a little deeper.
I don't see the connection.
He was only a student here for one semester.
I don't see anything with Wallace.
No, uh courses.
No social clubs.
No study groups.
You're sure? It's a wholly unremarkable record.
Two intro survey courses, one seminar on international relations.
Reasonable grades.
There's no other documentation on Golshiri? Well, he was in an advanced seminar, which requires a final term paper.
40 pages minimum.
We We, uh have them bound to keep them all in the library.
So you'd have a copy of Golshiri's paper.
I'd like to see that.
Now, please.
"Transformational Politics: A New Era," Payam Golshiri.
Golshiri, let's see.
It should be right It Huh.
seems to be missing.
It probably got moved somewhere.
Don't worry, we'll find it.
No, I don't think we're supposed to.
- Hey.
- [MAN.]
Just saw your text.
Yeah, sorry.
I I know it was late.
It's fine.
What's up? I just think I'm lyin' to myself.
What do you mean? [SIGHS.]
I just When I stopped pretendin' about who I was, I I just thought everythin' would become a lot easier.
A lot of things are easier.
We're just tryin' to make our way.
You and me.
It's not the answer to everythin'.
Never said it would be.
Bigger things than us.
Well, I forgot that.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, I just needed to talk.
I I should go.
Well, good talk.
I love you.
I love you too.
Did he really walk on water? It happened far away.
It's difficult to know.
We are here now, aren't we? And there are problems right in front of us.
The other refugees, the ones you led and the rest of Palestine I would ask you to read this statement in public.
You are a hero, Jibril and your voice can be powerful and influential.
You want me to say all this? I urge you to look it over.
We believe that we have the right of sovereignty and the right to be free of occupation.
This is something you must understand after living in Yarmouk your whole life.
We need to be recognized, as a nation.
Hm? What's wrong? Do you not agree? I don't know how to read.
There's only one book.
It's time to put away childish things.
Listen, I know there was Secret Service in the hotel last night.
So, either you give me a statement that helps shape the narrative - [COMMOTION.]
- [MAN.]
al-Masih! - Guys, guys - al-Masih! - [MAN 2.]
- [MAN.]
We have questions for you.
- [WOMAN.]
al-Masih! - Come on.
- I hear you have some questions.
- [WOMAN 2.]
Why Washington? - [MAN.]
Who do you represent? Did you really walk on water? Don't you trust your eyes? What did you see? A lot of people are calling you a hoax.
Do you have a response? I am real, if that's what you're asking.
You can touch me if you need proof.
- I can confirm he exists.
Are you a Democrat or Republican? I am not running for office.
Why do people call you "al-Masih"? Because it's what they've chosen to call me.
- [MAN.]
Why have you chosen - [MIRIAM.]
Are you the Messiah? I am a message.
No, answer the question.
Are you the Messiah? I am here to bring about the world to come.
- [MAN.]
How do you like DC? - [WOMAN.]
But that's vague.
You said you stand at the gate of a new nation.
Was that a metaphor or a call to arms? It's not a metaphor.
Is that why you brought all these people here, for revolution? I I didn't bring them.
They followed.
That's semantics.
They're here now.
Why come to DC? What are you going to do here? Last night I met with President Young.
- [WOMAN.]
Wow We discussed how to achieve world peace.
- [WOMAN.]
Where did you meet? - [MIRIAM.]
What did you say? - [MAN.]
Alone? - [WOMAN.]
Why wasn't the press invited? It was a constructive conversation.
You'll have to ask the president - to elaborate on specifics.
No, why was Why was this meeting held in secret? [COLLIER.]
Tell me this isn't true.
- I'd hoped he didn't go public.
- Why didn't you consult me? 'Cause I knew what you'd say.
We have to put out a statement.
Damage control.
Distance you from this crackpot.
We don't know what he wants.
We don't know who sent him.
- Think of the optics.
- I don't care about the optics.
Ball's in our court now.
I need to take some time and think about how to respond.
Maybe we can make some good out of this.
Are you kidding? "Good"? What, did he offer you some golden plates he dug up? You need to pull yourself together.
I'm sorry, Mr.
You know that I respect your faith.
I accept your apology.
- Let me put out a - I need more time.
- You're dismissed.
- [WOMAN.]
The White House is clearly caught flat-footed here, the press secretary declining to comment this morning so far.
This is far from normal protocol for any president.
To actually How the hell did this happen? - Who are you? - Agent Rhymer.
- Where's Mathers? - He left.
- So you've been on Golshiri, then? - Yeah.
So tell me, how is it possible that he met with the president? He moved around a lot last night.
Left the hotel.
We were on him until Secret Service took him for a couple of hours.
- Why wasn't I notified? - It was need-to-know.
Well, now the whole goddamn world knows.
You didn't tell me you saw the president! I know.
You know, I I I could have at least set up the press conference for you.
We could have had more reporters there, a bigger audience.
God's message is reaching the world.
You asked me to guide us from Texas, and we ended up in Washington.
That feels like it was the right move, right? - It was.
- So you trusted me with that, but now what, I'm out of the loop? I didn't need you for this.
Why not? What are you asking me? - What is my part in all this? - Only you know that.
- And how do I know that? - Pray.
Pray? To who? Aren't you supposed to be God? Do you believe that? Then kneel down, Felix.
Wh what are you doing? Goin' back to Texas.
Why? Did they ask you to go back? No.
It was my choice.
- Just done all I can do here.
- No.
I need you to stay here.
You've been watching Golshiri, you know what we're dealing with.
Yes, I do.
And I believe him.
- [EVA.]
What did Mathers find? - Nothing.
Nothing? What was he working on? What's this? Call logs to and from phone booths from Texas to DC.
- You asked for those.
- Can I get them in digital? That's what they gave me.
You're a guest in this investigation.
That invitation can be revoked.
Is it true? Yeah, it's true.
Why do you think I'm calling you? This is a diplomatic nightmare.
I advised the president against it, but he's his own man, as you well know.
You could have given me a warning.
Well, it's happened already.
It's time the two of us dealt with this ourselves.
What does that mean? You do want this problem to go away, don't you, Danny? You know I do.
Then I need you to set up a back channel to Israel.
You smoke? It's very expensive here.
No, thank you.
You didn't tell me you had a brother.
Adar? Hm? What, you like making speeches when everybody's watching and now you have nothing to say? There is no crime in having a brother.
So you don't deny having a brother parents? No.
What, so so you're not who you pretend to be? I do not pretend to be anyone.
Are you Payam Golshiri? I have been known by that name.
"I have been known by that name.
" It's your fucking name.
Oh, my God, you're so full of shit.
No? Go ahead, walk across it.
Show me a miracle.
Prove yourself to me.
If you want, you can open it in two.
No? Wow.
Wonder of Wonders.
Why do you think you're still here, Aviram? In America? I'm sightseeing.
Let me know when you have seen enough.
And you should call your daughter.
I thought we had an understanding that our meeting was to be just between us.
That didn't suit my purposes.
Why did you want to see me again? Has the angel not visited you? I have seen no angel.
Has he not told you of the one mighty and strong? I I don't understand.
Have you made up your mind, John? I just need a little more time to think, - I need time - There is no time.
The massive tidal surge is unprecedented, and, for the moment at least, unexplained, as meteorologists scratch their heads over the phenomenon.
The National Weather Service suspects the underlying cause may have something to do with the low pressure system that brought about the recent spate of tornadoes in the coastal plain region.
The flooding began early this morning, forcing hundreds of thousands of residents along the coastline to leave their homes with no warning, given no time to pack personal belongings.
The extent of the damage is currently too hard to assess.
It's estimated to be at least 25 billion dollars in property damage.
What happened? A vase broke.
- How? - [SIGHS.]
Where have you been all morning? I've just been thinkin'.
Dad, there's somethin' I need to tell you.
- It's important.
- What? Remember that trip Mom and I took to Austin last year? Rebecca.
I went to Austin to get an abortion.
What? What are you saying? I got pregnant.
I was scared, and I told Mom, and she took me to a clinic.
Is this true? - Is it? - Yes.
You knew? And you lied.
- You kept this from me.
- I thought it would be better.
- Who's the father? - It doesn't matter, Dad.
How could you? I don't need to be ashamed of it anymore.
Why are you telling me now? - [ANNA.]
- No, you don't get to "Felix" me.
Now you tell me? How am I supposed to stand next to him with all of this? My own family What am I supposed to do? It's okay, Dad.
None of this is on you.
What's that supposed to mean? He didn't come for you.
He came for me.
You've reached Zelman Katz.
Please leave a message at the little sound.
Dad, where are you? I've been calling.
I need you to call me back.
I see Edgewater's on the evacuation list.
God, I hope I hope you're out of there.
Look, I'm gonna call the police if I don't The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time.
God damn it.
And you admit to this freely? Yes.
Why? Why do it? Why would you let him go? Because he is the Messiah.
I want to talk to Ellie.
Where the hell have you been? It doesn't matter.
Work? That's not what I heard.
It doesn't matter what you heard.
So you didn't get yourself suspended? I didn't call to fight with you.
I just want to talk to my daughter.
car got towed, by the way.
Eh-hey-hey! - How's my girl? - Daddy! So are you learning lots of things in school? I haven't been going.
Why not? We're doing emergency drills.
You are? But Ido taught me how to draw a cat.
"Ido"? That's what you call him? Yes It's what he likes.
I bet you draw the best cats.
You'll have to show me.
Can you come over now? I can't today.
I'm sorry.
When are you coming home? I'll be back home just as soon as I finish a couple of things.
You promise? I love you, my princess.
I love you too, Daddy.
Yeah I got a lock on his phone.
Here for another shower? [EVA GASPS.]
What? Are you married? I don't know anymore.
You should probably figure that out.
- What about you? - This can't happen.
Why not? It just can't.
You're just as fucked up as me.
Who are you? I will be your wife.
So what did you want? Take it.
I don't want it.
It's all there.
'Cause you didn't do your fuckin' job.
I don't want you to call me ever again.
Are you really so stupid as to believe him? Can't you of all people tell when someone's faking it? Doesn't matter if he's real.
He's good.
What the fuck do you know about good? [DOOR OPENS.]
My heart breaks for those whose lives have been affected.
Beyond the physical damage to infrastructure, to businesses, to homes the human cost is staggering.
In order to free up funds, I've declared a federal state of emergency.
We're doing everything we can.
I ask that we all pray, and ask God for uh for, uh I ask that you all join me in praying for those in danger.
May God guide us and protect us during these difficult times.
You wanted to speak with me? I want to know who you really are.
You don't know who I am? Actually, I don't.
And that's really starting to feel like a problem.
What are you afraid of? Why did you choose my family? Why are we here with you? Your faith.
Our faith? Maybe we have you fooled too.
Faith can be found in the most unlikely places.
Is that what you see in my daughter? Faith? Rebecca - is at the beginning of a long path.
- That's not good enough.
I need to know what you want with her.
She's just a child, you know.
You are a mother lion, Anna.
You want to protect her and keep her close, I understand.
But she will be her own person one day soon, and you will need to let her go.
What do you want with her? Are you worried about your daughter? Or are you worried about yourself? I'm worried about you.
About what you want.
I only want what God wants.
And what is it that God wants? [CROWD CHANTING.]
al-Masih! al-Masih! He wants the flood.