Midnight, Texas (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Angel Heart

1 Previously on "Midnight, Texas" - Joe is an angel.
- Fallen angel.
Did not suspect that.
I found this.
Someone could have seen you.
The veil that Midnight sits upon, it's fraying, and evil is being drawn here.
He's a killer.
That's who he is.
He was my son.
I used my light to save her, which means they will be coming for me.
You chose to protect all the evil things that he did.
You're all I have left.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Chuy, it's not safe for you in Midnight anymore.
Stay away.
[EAGLE CRIES] - [BREATHING DEEPLY] - So, how'd it feel? I don't know.
How should it feel? Oh, for me, there's nothing better.
Definitely didn't feel like that.
[SIGHS] I've been fighting demon for millennia.
First time's hard, but you do it enough, you gain skills, confidence, and then it gets fun.
[CHUCKLES] This group, out of the veil, they were they were rough, and you handled them bravely.
Appreciate you saying so.
Our first battle together.
It won't be our last.
[LAUGHS] I taught him everything I knew, and he left.
He just up and left.
But he popped up on my radar recently.
I think he's here.
So, what are you doing in these parts? The pull.
I was laying low in Shreveport when I felt it this powerful pull telling me to get my ass to Midnight.
Well, I'm afraid you're not gonna make it.
I'm not? Nope.
[SIGHS] Because you're a demon.
You're the scourge of the universe.
[LOW GROWL] I do believe that if you're all exterminated, this world would be a better place.
Who the hell do you An angel? Give the man a prize.
You're dressed.
And showered.
You feeling better? I am.
I'm going to work.
You sure? It's it's only been a few days since, um um Since I found out my life was a lie, my brother is a serial killer, and my dad protected him? Yeah.
Yeah, since that.
You need time.
Time for what? To go over what happened again and again? No.
What I need is a distraction.
Hey, you're not alone.
That's the thing.
I kind of am.
My family is all gone.
That is the new normal, and right now I'm done wallowing.
You got time for breakfast? Sorry.
I don't.
Just tell me what you need.
Just put me to work.
Midnighters' Room if you want to be around friends.
If you want the opposite, inventory in the back.
Inventory sounds perfect.
- She's back so soon? - She asked to come in.
But I agree with you.
It doesn't feel right.
Sometimes it's good getting out of the house.
Being out in the world could be a good distraction.
This isn't out in the world.
This is inventory.
You weren't just talking about Creek, were you? The Inquiring Mind's not all that pleasant to be in right now, especially for me.
You still hear it? The demon? Sometimes it calls my name.
Sometimes it laughs.
When I don't hear it, I'm just waiting.
I liked it better when I thought I was going crazy.
I could watch you do that all day.
Damn it, Chuy.
I told you to stay away.
Yeah, well, I missed you too much.
- It's not safe for you here.
- It's not safe for either one of us.
And I'd rather be not safe together than safe apart.
So, you're out now, to the entire town? - I had to.
- Of course you did.
Being an angel that's what saved Creek.
And it's also very possible that they'll track me down.
And what are you gonna do? Wait here until they find you? - That's the sad plan? - You have a less risky one? Yeah.
Now that everybody knows about you, I say we come clean about all of it, and we ask for help.
Yeah, and then we put everyone else in danger.
They're already sitting on a veil to hell.
- That ship has sailed.
- [SCOFFS] It's been just the two of us for so many centuries.
I think it's time we ask for help.
I reach out to the spirit world.
Show yourself.
I ask for help.
You've been at this a while.
Whoever you're looking for has left the building.
New client? No.
It's Creek's.
Belonged to her mom, and I thought You'd get some wisdom from the great beyond? Come on, Manny.
You know better.
Her mom could be as nuts as the brother.
I guess I just wanted help.
Any help.
I don't know what to do for her.
Only thing you can do: be there.
[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Why are you here? I don't need a babysitter.
No, no.
I know.
It's just there's a lot of ghosts at home, and, you know, more people, fewer ghosts.
Just how it is.
I thought I'd work on my website from here.
I shouldn't have jumped all over you.
It's all good.
I'll be in the back, working.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, um, how's she been? Really.
She seems okay.
She's quiet.
Everything's quiet.
Ever since what happened with Connor, the town's different.
Folks are keeping to themselves.
Have you seen Joe since, uh Since he flew? No.
Could be he's lying low.
Rev said that's Joe's scared that they'd come after him.
Who's "they"? [DARK MUSIC] Can I help you? Oh, I'm counting on it, Padre.
I'm looking for a man.
I think he's hiding here in Midnight.
If I did know him, he would be a parishioner, and I could not disclose any information.
You know, once a man of the cloth realizes who I am, they cooperate without much fuss.
[SHOUTS] But there's always an exception.
Where is he? [DISTANT VOICES] It's taken me a lifetime to find a home where I'm accepted, so I worry.
[INDISTINCT VOICE] Speak to you! I was wrong about you.
You're not a man of the cloth.
Not human.
Not animal.
You're nothing.
Ah! [TENSE MUSIC] You got to be kidding me.
[LINE RINGING] - Hello? - This may be nothing, but there's someone eyeing your shop.
It's Bowie.
We're screwed.
She's ancient.
She's way more powerful than I am.
Calm down.
You don't think I'd come here without a plan, do you? [SHOUTS] Joseph, where are you? [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] She's heading to the Gas & Go.
We're safe for now.
Bowie's not coming this way.
Good, because the two of us hiding in a closet is making my head explode.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] We can get out of the panic room.
Did you go through my stuff? Not all of it.
Get over to Olivia's as soon as you can, and whatever you do, avoid Bowie.
What if I don't? Eternal damnation? Angels can read minds, so she'd use what I just told you to find and kill Chuy and me.
Well, in that case, I'll try to avoid her.
Should we tell Creek? Madonna? No.
Angels guard humans.
She won't harm them.
The less they know, the better.
And what about supernaturals? Oh, she hates supernaturals.
I'll be there when I can.
- How you doing, Lem? - I'm up during the day.
That's how I'm doing.
Left a message for Emilio to join us.
Bobo's coming.
He's just locking up.
- Same security as up here? - Yeah.
I upgraded recently since the bombing.
So, the closet's a panic room inside of an apartment that's one big panic room? That's how we like it.
- Hey.
All right, I closed the shop.
So what's the big emergency? Uh, you're here too? Why? Wait, why are we here? Chuy! Hi! Why are you back, man? What's going on? I'll explain everything as soon as the others get here.
Grandma? Where the hell are you? What? Grandma, I need your help.
And I truly hate that I'm about to ask this.
[CLEARS THROAT] Why'd you hide? I didn't.
I was going for a walk, decided against it.
Joseph Strong.
You know him? Not well.
Seems nice.
But I just moved here.
Do you mind if I ask you some questions? Sure.
Come on in.
What are you? A fortune teller? I prefer medium.
Even the Great Bernardo.
And you are? Looking for Joseph Strong.
And I'm getting impatient.
[OVERLAPPING VOICES] Ugh! Ugh, what's wrong with you? - I don't know what you mean.
- Your head.
I take pills.
Sometimes actually, no, a lot of times, I hear voices, see things, some of which turns out aren't really there.
I can't always tell what's real and what's not.
Now is one of those times.
It's real.
Oh, I hate this town.
Well, at least it worked.
I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna try to forget that ever happened.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] Sorry I'm late.
She came to my RV.
- She didn't get in your head? - She did, but my grandma was already in there.
She couldn't read much.
It was too crowded, too confusing.
- As is this.
- The Rev still isn't picking up, and I'm done waiting.
Chuy and I need your help.
There's an angel named Bowie in Midnight, and she's hunting me.
An angel? We're scared of an angel? Well, angels not only protect humans, they also kill demons.
Bowie only liked the killing part of the job.
You know her? Yeah, she's a mentor and a friend.
I walked away from that life without a word and I'm sure she's still angry and hurt and wants me dead.
So she's mad because you left? Leaving the fold, being fallen, she might've forgiven that.
But it's who I fell in love with she can't forgive.
A man? [CHUCKLES] No, not a man.
Um A demon.
The first time I saw him was in this marketplace, haggling with some pretty sketchy guys.
Silk Road traders.
I wanted this porcelain.
They asked for more than I had, so I left.
And I followed.
Saw the traders beating the crap out of him.
So, I showed a little wing and scared them off.
I went to help Chuy up and saw that he was covered in black blood.
- Demon blood.
- They not only beat him they also stole his sandals.
I asked him why didn't he just tear them apart, and he said maybe they needed the sandals more than he did.
And that changed everything.
Bowie told us we were superior, that demons were evil, and angels killing demons was doing a service Chuy disproved all of it.
I still can't get over it.
You're a demon? Half-demon.
My mom was human.
Parents were another forbidden love? It wasn't love.
My mom and I were close.
She taught me to control my demonic side.
She said that our connection would keep me strong.
Now I have this connection to keep me strong.
Yeah, but you should've told us.
They're telling us now.
Yeah, now there's an angry angel in Midnight.
They're immortal.
Fiji's right.
This shouldn't be the first time we're hearing about this.
Look, Joe saved Creek.
I'm willing to return the favor.
So, angels how do we deal with them? Well, they're tough.
Angels can read your mind, use your secrets against you.
And immortal.
Almost immortal.
Humans can't kill an angel, and I'm not tough enough to take on an angel like Bowie.
But demons can, right? Oh, that that is not an option.
Last time he changed, it took three years to get him back.
If Chuy turns, we're all in danger.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Okay, if we can't kill her, maybe we can send her somewhere else, where there are demons who can take care of her.
The exorcism at my house the mirror acted as a portal.
And we saw over to the other side of the veil.
What if we created a portal and trapped her on the other side of the veil? Are you suggesting we send an angel to hell? - Will that work? - I think it just might.
So Bowie she can read everything inside your head? All angels can.
Wait you can read our thoughts? Only if I choose to, which I don't.
I won't abuse that power.
I haven't used it in centuries.
But Bowie she won't hesitate to use what she reads to get her way or humiliate you.
Sounds like a lovely person.
If you'll excuse me.
There's just so many secrets floating around here.
I can hardly keep up.
Not everyone can be an open book like you.
Oh, I have my secrets.
They just can't come back to hurt anyone but me.
You don't know that.
Do you have more secrets? Mm nothing as huge.
Just small stuff.
Like what? Like I miss my family.
Not what they believe in.
Not the violence.
I miss Thanksgiving.
I miss my mom.
That's got to be hard.
And I love you.
I got to get going [STAMMERING] The portal.
I got to get going on [ZAPPING] Not sure electricity's gonna stop them.
Well, I have to do something.
Angels are mean and powerful.
And they're not fans of vampires.
I'm growing tired of all the secrets.
I have a hidden armory.
I'm good with secrets.
Any you want to tell me? No.
I mean, it's not exactly a secret, but what you and I have has an expiration date.
I'm not sure what you mean.
That you stay like this, and I'll get old.
And that can't work indefinitely.
So when the time comes, I'll leave.
Not anytime soon, but eventually.
There are other options.
This doesn't have to end.
[SCOFFS] Yes, it does.
I don't want to be turned.
We can enjoy this while it lasts.
- Is that a, uh - Finger.
Belonged to an ancient relative of mine, Uncle Roland.
Legend is he pushed a demon back to hell with it.
Soon as he touched the demon, his finger fell off.
You certainly have a colorful past.
I used to think they were just stories my grandma made up.
The Great Bernardo clan, and the evil they battled.
You ever think it's not a coincidence you're here in Midnight right as the veil frays? It's a coincidence or really bad luck.
I think it's something else.
[SLOW COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] Madonna, you've wiped down that counter five times already.
- Oh, have I? - Yeah.
You're hovering.
You're working a double shift your first day back, and you're going on eight hours, no break.
I'll take a break.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [MAN GROANING] [DARK MUSIC] Rev, can you hear me? Okay.
Madonna? I need Where is Midnight? Don't let her touch you.
[GASPS] Saw you in the fortune teller's mind.
When the veil starts to tear, a hero will rise.
He will lead an army to fight the evil that emerges and seal the veil forever.
Oh, we should call this person.
A man with the gift of vision, who can bridge the worlds between the living and the dead.
Why are you looking at me? You're joking.
All the signs point to you, meaning now you are leading the move against Bowie.
That's a pretty big leap from one plan to stopping the apocalypse.
Well, I believe it's you.
Then you're insane.
[PHONE RINGS] Creek, you okay? No, not really.
She's sad.
Oh, yeah, just a tad depressed.
Where's Joseph? - I don't know.
- You have 30 minutes to find out, and then I'm gonna start killing people.
I-I thought angels didn't hurt humans.
Yeah, not normally, but today has been a very frustrating day.
Hey, tell him that you love him.
I love you.
Creek, you're gonna be all right.
It's gonna be her body I toss out first.
Bring Joseph! - What do you want me to do? - I want you to surrender.
Maybe I'm selfish, but I want another century or two with you.
And I think Manfred's our best shot at that.
Okay? Just so we're clear, we're doing whatever it takes to get Creek back.
I understand.
Creek, get me a drink.
I'll get it.
You leave her alone.
I know where you got the money to pay for this place, so sit down and shut up.
Creek, get me a drink.
Hey, you know, at least your mind is off of it, right? What with your dad and your evil kid brother.
I know what you think: that you let it happen, that you had blinders on.
But the truth is you did.
You really dropped the ball there.
Stop it! She's been through enough.
Has she? You think she's had enough? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that she can take a little bit more.
Hey, Creek, you want to hear what it sounded like when your brother's neck snapped? - [ALL GASP AND MURMUR] - No! Just having fun.
[SIGHS] You're fallen, too, aren't you? Yeah.
I had some anger issues.
You want me? I'm here! And there's why.
Oh, you know when you've waited so long for something and it finally happens? It's so much sweeter than you ever imagined.
Since when do you harm humans? Since you started hiding behind them, Joe.
[LAUGHS] Oh, but I'm like you now.
A soldier without a country.
I left, too.
All the restrictions and the rules just got to be a little bit too much.
Joe, do you remember on this very ground - you and I - Come on.
Battling demons before you betrayed me? I didn't betray you.
I fell in love.
[LAUGHS] Everything you were, you threw away because of a demon? I wasn't who you thought I was [WHISPERING] Hurry.
Who you wanted me to be.
Please, Bowie, I'm asking you: don't do this.
Aww, you want compassion? Mercy? That's not how I roll.
[CHUCKLES] - Good.
- I am so angry, Joe, and when I'm angry, I want to kill things! Now! [ROARING EXPLOSION] [GRUNTS, BREATHING HEAVILY] Ancestors, I summon you.
What's your problem? Why are you looking at me? - You'll be safe - Well, I believe in [LAUGHS] You totally think that you're gonna stop hell from swallowing this town whole.
You have a really inflated sense of self.
Hey, Creek, come meet your superhero.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah, she knows the truth about you.
Please don't.
You're a scam artist.
I mean, yeah, you see ghosts, but how are you helpful? You're not! Oh, and your girlfriend? Oh, she's pissed.
I mean, what is the point of screwing the town psychic if he's not even gonna give you a heads up that you're living with a serial killer? You failed [GRUNTS] [DRAMATIC ROCK MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] - I'm sorry I hurt you.
- You humiliated me.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] This isn't about you.
No! No.
Isn't it? [SHOUTS] My top student, someone I bragged about, runs off with a demon! And I'd do it again.
Ever see an angel die? It really is something.
[GROWLING] Chuy, no! [ROARS] You left me for that? - [SNARLING] - Get off me! I don't know much about demons, but I'm thinking We got to go.
- Come on! - [GASPS] - How do we stop him? - We don't.
You run.
Bowie's gone.
[GROWLING] It would be wise for us to get inside now.
Goddess, Lem, you can't come in! The dead can't enter! I forgot.
It's time for you to come back to me.
Get inside! Now! - I'll try leeching him.
Please don't make me have to.
[SNARLING] It would destroy me.
You said our connection would keep you strong.
Please! Okay.
[GENTLE FOLK MUSIC] You're not alone I'm with you Hey.
I should get home.
I'll walk you over.
It's right across the street.
You should stay in case someone needs you.
Take tomorrow off.
I really think you should go to the ER.
Those ribs could be broken.
It's okay.
Even if they are, they'll reset next full moon.
The transformation can fix things.
- Feeling better? - No.
But it doesn't matter.
You're still here.
Let's get you home.
You're not alone Stop by the studio later.
We should talk.
I am so sorry.
You up for going home? No, but I need our bed.
Well, hey, at least now we know we're not the only mixed couple in Midnight.
I know a lot of new things after today.
You're not alone [DARK MUSIC] If Chuy is only half demon, then what happens when the veil opens? That.
You still believe I can do something to fix this? Yes.
I think you're gonna lead an army and seal the veil forever.
I don't lead armies.
I see dead soldiers after it's too late.
I couldn't stop Bowie.
I couldn't stop Chuy.
You arrived in Midnight exactly when we needed you.
You were here the first time the veil opened, right? You saw it? So you need to believe that I'm the one, because if I'm not, then this happens, and Midnight's screwed.
And you're still here.
The man who was after you he's no longer a threat, and you are still in Midnight.
You, of all people, should get why.
It's her.
I'm here because of her.
- Hey, you need help? - [GASPS] What I need's peace and quiet! I miss our quiet little town where nothing happened, ever.
Now everything's so exhausting! Hey, I'll clean up, and you can get some rest.
I'll stay on the porch.
You get scared, you feel a little demonic presence, I'm right out here.
You'd be willing to do that? Well, yeah.
I'm happy to.
I'll take you up on that.
We've got to go.
It's the veil.
I can't keep fighting it.
Let's get you out of here.
Come on.
I thought you'd be asleep.
I couldn't sleep.
I'm sorry.
I never would've said any of those things to you.
They were mean.
They were unfair.
And they were right.
I see a lot of things that that I don't want to see, and they're not always things that can help.
I know that.
But I want to help you.
Can I help you now? Yeah.
You were right.
Um, I need time.
I don't really know who I am without being a sister or a daughter who I am not in relation to someone else.
Um, do I go to school? Do I want to write? What's next for me? That's something that I I need to be alone to figure out.
Uh O-okay.
So hm.
This is this is over? [SIGHS] You asked how you could help.
Yeah, I did.
And I get it.
Whatever you need.
You're really amazing.
Yeah, yeah, you too.
Um take the bedroom if you want to sleep.
I'll just take the the couch.
[LIGHT MUSIC] [LIGHT WESTERN MUSIC] What the hell you doing? - What I do best.
- Which is? I bail.
It's what I do.
Manny, you were setting roots.
You liked it here.
You had a place in Midnight.
Turns out, I didn't.