Midnight, Texas (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Last Temptation of Midnight

1 Previously on "Midnight, Texas" What you and I have has an expiration date; I don't want to be turned.
The veil between hell and Midnight is fraying.
- Fiji - There's a demon in my house, clawin' me.
You think that you're gonna stop hell from swallowing this town.
It's the veil.
I can't keep fighting it.
Let's get you out of here.
Come on.
- You're not alone.
- I kind of am.
My family is all gone.
And you are still in Midnight.
I'm here because of her.
I need to be alone.
You had a place in Midnight.
Turns out I didn't.
[demonic voice] I will be your faithful servant until you rise.
Good morning.
I will be your faithful servant until you rise.
I will be your faithful servant Now, if I can offer anything You can.
[intense music] Oh, God.
Wrong deity.
- [claw slices] - [choking] [dramatic music] Don't be afraid.
Your death will not be in vain.
Your sacrifice will give him life.
The gates of hell will open, and he will rise in Midnight.
[light rock music] [man singing indistinctly over radio] Well, I'm not gonna lie to you, Manny.
I'm disappointed.
You're also dead.
You don't get a vote.
They're counting on you.
Joe wants me to lead.
Well, I'm leading by example, leaving that hell hole.
And Creek? How about her? She doesn't want me there.
She deserves better than Looks like I'm quitting.
Now I'm worried.
[sighs] I don't see ghosts every four seconds like in Midnight; it'll be fine.
No, it won't be fine.
You gotta go back.
It's your destiny.
Before I died, I got a vision.
I should have told you, but I just kept chickening out.
And then Joe beat me to it.
So this whole, "You'll be safe in Midnight," that was all a lie? Had to get you there somehow.
You know, I really wish you weren't tethered to this RV so I could kick your dead ass out of it.
[ominous music] [heartbeat thudding] [sighs] We're good.
I said enough.
I'm good.
Lots to leech today.
Well, there's a lot going on.
- The veil and - Chuy and Joe and Manfred taking off.
You can't be surprised Manfred bailed.
I am.
I thought he'd stick around.
I didn't trust him.
You don't trust anybody.
Isn't that what you love about me? I'm off.
[light rock music playing over radio] - Thanks.
- [murmurs] I know this is a stupid question, but how are you doing? My stupid answer is, I'm hanging in.
- I'm sorry about the psychic.
- Don't be.
I ended it.
Manfred did what I wanted.
Creek, isolating yourself - isn't the best - I'm not.
I'm crashing at Fiji's.
Well, if you need anything, find me.
You hear about Manfred? It's a shame.
I thought more of him.
[dramatic music] You're a vegetarian.
I've been anemic.
Nothing to do with the veil? Honestly, I don't know.
How's Lemuel? Hungrier than usual.
[growling] Fiji! You know my name! Okay? So who are you? Why don't you just introduce yourself? - Soon.
- No! Just leave me alone.
Just stop touching me, stop calling me.
Just stop.
[pounding on door] Janice.
I'm sorry.
Are you busy? No, no.
I'm not.
How are you? - How's Martin? - Oh, he's fine.
- Getting a little sick of me.
- Why? Oh, I'm not doing too well, Fiji.
I've been real sad, and I've been just having these dark thoughts.
And you've helped me before, so I thought Well, first things first.
Let's settle your thoughts.
Just calm your mind.
[sighs] I am so grateful.
No, I'm the one who's grateful.
I've been pretty out of sorts myself lately.
You coming over here, it's a sign.
A reminder, you know, that the only way to true peace of mind is helping others.
I've just been so, um Just been so caught up in my stuff lately, I forgot that.
For depression, ashwagandha.
Gonna do some warm milk and, uh, a little honey, and you'll be good as new.
[chuckles] You're looking pretty lousy.
Go back.
It's destined.
No, right now, my destiny is Vegas.
Some in-person consults and drinking.
Lots of drinking.
What'd I expect? This is exactly who I raised you to be.
[eerie music] [echoing laughter] Got ya! What is he doing? Look at that kid.
- Playing by himself.
- What the heck? Maybe he should go find some real friends.
Oh, my gosh.
So dumb.
- Look at him.
- Ha, loser.
- What's that? - What is he even doing? Go home, creep.
Maybe he should find some real friends.
Who is he playing with? [laughter] So stupid.
There's an old gypsy curse used on folks with cruel tongues.
A few choice words and pop! Your tongue shrivels like a black wad of gum.
I suggest you run off now.
Toss it here.
Manny, get inside.
Right now.
Bye, guys.
You sweet, weird kid.
You gotta quit playing with spirits.
You're too strong and too little.
Give it a rest for now.
Especially when you're in public.
Folks will think you're crazy.
Not everyone can see what we see.
- Mom can't.
- Yep.
When's she coming back? [sighs] [clears throat] She's not, and it's not because she doesn't love you.
She's trying to do what she thinks is best.
She wants you to be with someone who gets what it's like being able to talk to the living and the dead.
I understand.
I can help you.
But no more hanging out with dead kids.
I live here now? Yeah.
It's nice, huh? And fun! The best part when the going gets tough, we live in a house with wheels.
We can go wherever we want.
[engine hissing] No, no.
Everything dies.
[brakes squeal] [engine backfires and hisses] [softly] No, no.
No, no, no [panting] [screams] I feel so much better.
[chuckles] Let me get the Oh, what beautiful knives.
Oh, they're athames.
- They're ritual Wiccan tools.
- Well That stone matches the color of my kitchen remodel.
It's powerful.
You know, maybe maybe another time? Yeah, Martin's always getting on me about my impulse buying.
I'm gonna get you some more herbs for your tea.
I'll be right back.
[sighs] [door opens, closes] Janice? [suspenseful music] Janice, what are you doing? It needs me to die.
Janice! Ah, no! Give it back! No, give it back! It needs me to die! - Ah! Give it back! - Calm down.
Take it easy.
- Janice! - What's happening to her? - I don't know.
Janice? Janice? - I have to die! [panting] - Come on.
- [grunts] Well, didn't that help things? You think this is funny? It's not.
I don't have water, food Pills? There was a gas station a ways back.
- Four hours ago.
- Then I better get walking.
I've been hearing this voice.
Well, it's in my head.
It tells me it needs me to die.
That everything will be better if I just die.
This voice, is it deep, evil, demonic sounding? It is.
But I don't know why I listen to it.
It's better you leave Midnight.
- Until - Until the voice is gone, until Midnight is safe.
[door opens] Janice? Oh, it's Martin.
Janice, just please take care of yourself.
Joe said, as the veil frays, evil energy would seep out.
Energy that would tap into our darker impulses.
That's not what Janice felt.
It's not what I felt either.
Janice and I heard a specific voice.
It's a demon.
- It never asked you to - No! No, not yet, anyway.
But it is getting louder, stronger, and I think it is feeding on death to do so.
That would explain the deceased animals I find out front every morning.
But why pick on Janice? 'Cause she's vulnerable.
She's been sad.
Her oldest moved away.
Her mom passed.
So there's a demon who's got a thing for death and Fiji and a veil to hell, making evil run amok, and any one of us can be affected.
And I'm done.
You know, coming after me, that's one thing.
But critters and Janice, they can't even put up a fight.
It's just mean.
And I'm putting a stop to it.
Almost as good as my collection.
Not that any of these will help in a supernatural fight.
[sighs] These might.
- Silver? - For vampires and weretigers.
You don't think Joe took Chuy out of town because he saw the veil's effect.
And Chuy isn't the only one.
I saw the Rev eating meat.
- He doesn't.
- Exactly.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe Manfred had the right idea.
Nah, I'm staying.
Midnight's home.
[gun clicks] [sighs] [dramatic music] As the crow flies.
[panting, coughing] [tense music] Father, you want me to take a look at the engine? Oh, the engine's fine.
I just need a bigger truck.
Ah! [screaming] [strangled gasps] Uh-huh.
- [heartbeat thudding] - When's the drop dead date? Let me get back to you.
Job offer.
San Diego.
You want to take a road trip? Too sunny.
I'll pass.
Salad for you.
A for-appearances-only beverage for you.
Thank you.
How is it, being back at work? [laughs] I thought it would take my mind off of all of it, but it's not.
Dad left town and gave me the deed to the house, but the thought of going back there makes me want to vomit.
I'm so sorry.
If you really are sorry, if you meant what you said, there is something that I need.
[sighs] Can you leech it away? The pain? You can do that, right? It doesn't work that way.
How does it work? It's complicated.
I'm sorry, Creek, but Lem can't help you.
Sorry, I I didn't mean to make things uncomfortable.
It's not you.
If you need anything else You had no right answering for me.
It's Creek we're talking about.
So you're jealous of Creek.
So you're saying it's nothing? Leeching between us? Just no big thing? I thought it was more until I learned you were leaving me.
Not anytime soon.
I mean, I'm sorry I mentioned it.
I want to ask you a favor.
When you unilaterally decide that we're done I know I'm gonna wake up one evening and you'll be gone.
No warning, no note.
I'd leave a note.
Do more, Olivia.
I'm asking nicely.
[coughing, gasping] [vomits, coughs] Manny Where's my gin and tonic? [scoffs] Since when do you drink? Might as well fall off the wagon the day you die.
[laughs] Last time I had a drink was the day your mom dropped you at my RV.
I remember that day.
You sure about this? Compared to the poison they give you, gin and tonic's a soda pop.
Here's to it.
[laughs] There there are other treatments.
I can I can get more money.
Cancer's in my liver.
It's in my brain.
It's not the end I'd write, but we've seen worse.
[sighs] Don't look so sad.
I'm picking my exit.
I'm good with it.
I'm not.
[sighs] - You mind? - Try one of the white ones.
They're fun.
[laughs] There you go.
[sighs] [sighs] There's no turning back.
We've had a good run, you and I.
I'm thankful for my time with you.
I'm gonna miss you.
Oh, let's hope you do.
[laughs] I don't want to be tethered to this world.
In limbo.
Spirits need to move on.
You know that.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.
Manny Grandma? Manny! Get up! [coughs] What? Listen to me.
The day I died, I got a vision.
One of those that don't come around too often.
A clear view of a moment in the future.
It was Midnight in flames, folks dying all around, and you in the center.
The only one to stop it.
You didn't happen to see how? No.
I'm sorry.
But, Manny, remember when you were little.
You're powerful.
Spirits will listen to you.
I should have taught you to use that power, not to hide it.
Now you need to be a better man than I raised you to be.
You need to go back.
If I don't, they all die? Then I don't have a choice, do I? Why are you smiling? I'm probably gonna die.
Oh, hell.
Everyone dies eventually.
It's how you live.
That's the only thing you got a say over.
You live for the folks you love.
For me, that was you, Manny.
[chuckles] You sweet, weird kid.
You're you're tethered to the RV.
Not anymore.
I did what I was here to do.
Now I get to move on.
- [engine rumbling] - And so do you.
Your ride's here.
- Grandma.
- We said good-bye during the cancer year.
Hey! I appreciate you stopping.
You're a long ways from nowhere.
I'm heading west.
Exactly where I need to go.
[tense music] [groaning softly] [eerie whooshing noises] [grunts, gasping] [suspenseful music] So, um, are you religious? I have faith.
Not like those fools on the radio.
Paradise isn't heaven.
They're looking in the wrong direction.
Yeah, well, the other direction's hell.
[laughs] You say potato.
[chuckles] Oh, a new world's gonna emerge out of the ashes of the old one.
A world where we find pleasure in pain, joy in suffering.
That's an interesting faith.
Oh, it's more than faith.
I am here to help him rise.
The one who will usher in the beginning of the end.
And let me guess, this is all going down in Midnight, Texas, right? How did you know? [exhales] I just know.
I also know that you're only telling me this because you're planning to kill me and rip my face off.
You do have a nice face.
[both grunting] Ah, ah! No! [thrilling music] [screams, roaring] [grunts] [demonic voice] Get back here! How many dead crows is that? Five, and if one is a bad omen We're so screwed.
- Are you scared? - Yeah, I'd be stupid not to be.
Mean and cruel as humans are, I'm trained and experienced.
I can get the upper hand.
Supernaturals, not so much.
Well, that's why you've got me.
[sighs] Oh That's nice.
[heartbeat thudding, blood rushing] - [skin sizzles] - [shouts] - [gasps] - Biting is not on the menu.
I wasn't gonna bite, but I'm sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
[dramatic music] No more undue influence.
Not from the veil, not from the demon.
Everything you feel is what you should.
No more, no less.
[tense music] [grunts] [panting] Any ideas, Grandma? Oh, this sucks.
[retches, coughs] [phone buzzing] Who do I know in Kentucky? Inquiring Mind.
Fiji, it's Manfred.
- Manfred! - I'm on my way back, but I'm not alone.
A supernatural is on his way to Midnight.
And he's gonna make an offering so a demon rises.
- This offering dead? - For sure dead.
The demon that we saw when we exorcised your house, it feeds on death.
I'm not the only one hearing it.
Janice from down the street, it talked to her, got her to try to kill herself.
She was an easy target since she was already sad.
How's Creek doing? [phone buzzes] [buzzing stops] Why don't you go to bed? I'm not tired.
Or you're keeping an eye on me.
And what if I am? I still feel your fangs in my neck.
I am hungrier than usual, but is it just supernaturals? Hmm, like I said, humans don't scare me.
Are you saying I scare you? - You're acting odd.
- Well, maybe I'm angry.
And hurt.
Is who I am so distasteful to you that you'd rather end what we have than be like me? I never said that.
But I think life should end.
It means pain ends.
Memories end.
It's the natural order of things.
Doesn't mean my feelings for you are any different.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stop aging? Live forever? Nope.
Then why are you with me? Is it just the leeching? That I get rid of your pain when it gets too much? Maybe I should go.
- Or are you with me - Ah! Because you like being a little afraid? No, remember, I've got trust issues.
[both shouting] Ahh, what did you do? Nothing.
It's about an inch from piercing your heart.
It's a warning shot.
The next time, it will be for real.
You shouldn't have done that.
[growls, grunts] [suspenseful music] [mechanisms whirring] I need to die.
It needs me to die.
It'll be better if I die.
It needs me to die.
Everything will be better.
Oh, God.
Don't don't do this.
- [screams] - Creek, Creek! - I need to die! - Don't do this.
- It's okay.
I'm here.
- Let me go! I need to die! - It's okay.
- Hold her still.
I need to die.
What you're feeling isn't real.
There's a demon making you think that.
Ahh! Let me go! - It's okay.
- I need - [moans] - This'll make you immune to it.
[both panting] Oh, God.
- You okay? - I don't know.
I don't know why I just did that.
Don't worry.
It can't get to you.
Not anymore.
You came back.
Yeah, I came back.
We we gotta get to the others.
We gotta get them the potion.
Creek's not the only one who's acting out of character.
[wood splinters] [floorboard creaking] [both grunt] - Hey, you.
- Cut looks good.
Safer too.
I want you out of my apartment.
I thought it was our apartment.
Not feeling the "us" at the moment.
- [grunts] - [gunshots] Ahh! I'm hurt.
It's as if you were waiting for me to get Physical? Yep.
I don't know why you don't want this.
Because I don't.
[both grunting] [thrilling music] I only want to turn you because I love you.
No, you're this way because there's a veil to hell - getting to you! - [growls] Ahh! [shouts] [grunting] - [grunts] - Once you turn, you'll like it.
- Trust me! - I'll trust you if you get the hell out, like I asked! [both grunting] Ahh! Does it matter to you I'm asking you not to? Right now? No.
[grunts] [hisses] - Lem! - [growls] Stop! Oh Oh Olivia, I'm so Back off! [somber piano music] You're here.
And, uh, if we could just table whatever happened here, there's something we need to deal with now.
Follow me.
I give you these bodies as an offering.
Let the lives sacrificed nourish you.
This ain't anywhere near okay.
Protect this town from his wickedness.
You will rise again.
There isn't gonna be a funeral pyre or a human sacrifice or whatever the hell you think this is.
- You're Fiji.
- You don't talk to her! When he rises, you will be his.
Whose? Who are you talking about? Colconnar.
He's chosen you.
- Colcannar? That's his name? - Fiji, don't listen - Fiji - What is it? I hear him.
[asphalt cracking] Everyone, get back! - Ahh! - Ahh! - Fiji! - [screams] No! - Let her go.
- It won't be long now.
- No, help me! - He will rise.
- And he will take you as his.
- Let me go! Spirits who he hurt, help me.
Don't let this monster kill anyone else.
End this.
Drag him back to hell.
Toss him in there! [Fiji wailing] You can't stop this.
You're too late.
Kill me, but he will rise! [whooshing] How'd you do that? Old trick I used to do.
But it didn't stop him.
The sacrifice was made.
[door clicks open] Rev feels better after that potion you gave him.
You doing okay? No.
It won't be long till I lay eyes on this Colconnar.
I know his name now.
And I know he's coming for me.
Then you should also know there's no way in hell I'm letting this thing get anywhere near you.
I promise, Fij.
- [knock at door] - [door opens] Hey.
It's weird, not seeing your RV out there.
Broke down in the desert.
I left it there.
And your grandma? Xylda, um Xylda moved on.
Which is how it's supposed to be.
Are you okay? It depends how you define okay.
I still see ghosts everywhere.
I ran out of pills, so the headaches are intense, but I'm trying to go without.
Why did you come back? - Naked truth? - [chuckles] Um What you and I started, it's, um I never felt that with anyone.
And I I get that a lot's happened, and I get that you need time to process, and I'll give you that time.
But when, or if, you ever feel ready to pick up where we left off, well you know where I live.
Besides, my RV's dead, and Midnight's as close to a home as I've ever had, so I figure, if the veil to hell is opening, might as well stay, fight for it.
What if something happens to you? Xylda said we're all gonna die.
It's how we live that matters.
So, um That's that's okay with you? Yeah.
It's okay.
Welcome home.