Midnight, Texas (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Drown The Sadness In Chardonnay

1 Previously on "Midnight, Texas" Your father hired me.
Do you know why my dad is having me followed? - We need more lime.
- Ow.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Kai's a very good man.
That trip was supposed to be a romantic getaway, but instead, he took Lyric and Sequoia.
Well, no relationship is perfect, huh? I found out there's a curse on my family.
Anyone I find real love with dies.
I'm so sorry, Bobo.
It's only until I figure out what to do about this curse.
I see you found Kai's ancestor.
It's where Kai gets all of his juju from.
Do you ever wish Lem wasn't a vampire? In my previous life, I wanted kids.
But having a child may be a way of healing the past.
All I want is a stocking with my name on it Hanging next to a stocking with your name on it [GASPS] She just kicked.
A girl? Oh, yeah.
You're outnumbered.
Well I'm okay with that.
Carried away Hey, Lem.
Looks like you need a refill.
It's Olivia.
My psychic connection is getting stronger.
I just saw her dreams for the first time, - and it was - Scary? Sexy? Both? It was something I could never give her.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [EXHALES DEEPLY] [SIGHS] Lem, what are you doing? No! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Lem? Good morning.
You're human now because I had a weird dream? I could feel your desire for a child.
Something I could never give you as a vampire.
But then I realized that with Kai, there was a way.
Are you sure you're ready for this? To be human again? To be mortal? It's a big change.
Yes, I'm ready.
[INTENSE MUSIC] [GASPS] How could you make a decision like this without talking to me first? We are married, Lem.
We're supposed to make decisions together, remember? 'Cause I knew you'd say "no.
" Of course, I'd say "no.
" Lem, we work because you're a vampire and I am a really messed up human.
We work because we love each other.
[SOFT MUSIC] After Mary, I knew you wanted a family.
Now I want that too.
- [SIGHS] - I want everything with you.
Good morning.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] Well, there goes my happy.
Kai? Yeah, he uh, he and the girls are back.
If you're unhappy, why do you stay with him? Kai and I have been together for a long time.
We help a lot of people through our work.
And sometimes when your life is so entwined with someone's sometimes it's easier to just stay stuck I get it.
I think.
But that does not mean that I want this to end.
Get that dog out of my restaurant, Fiji.
This is not a dog, it's Bobo.
[DOG BARKS] And he's staying with me.
You you know what? Hmm? I don't wanna know.
I'm guessing this is curse-related? I really want to pet him, but it feels wrong, right? I think it's fine.
I'm just desperate.
Bobo's safe as a dog, but it's temporary.
I mean, I've tried everything.
But, eventually, the curse always wins.
We can help.
We'll find something.
You can't.
This has something to do with my lineage.
And the problem is, my books are useless when I have no idea what this curse is even about.
Maybe another witch could help? Well, it is a family curse.
You got any other witchy relatives? Not that I know of.
You know, back in the Salem days, there was an underground witch network, where witches could share knowledge without being discovered.
Maybe something like that still exists today? I'm talking 'bout peace of mind I could probably look into Take my time I'm getting the good sign Draggin' the line, draggin' the line Draggin' the line What's going on? I went to see Kai last night.
Goddess give me strength.
First the Rev and now you? What the hell is happening? Well, I am happy for you, man.
Must be amazing to stand in the sunlight after all these years.
Yeah, I became a vampire to gain freedom, and it was a prison in its own way.
You don't feel vulnerable? Why would you give up your power just like that? Sometimes there are more important things.
Madonna, could I please have a strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I've been wanting to try this since the '50s.
This is interesting.
"The Delilahs: Witches Helping Witches.
" This does look like the right place.
Submit post.
"Need help.
My family was cursed by Dark Witches, and now my true love is destined to die a violent death.
How do I stop it? Help.
" [DRAMATIC MUSIC] "You don't belong here.
" They kicked me out.
I thought women were supposed to help each other.
[SIGHS] You got any bright ideas? [DEVICE BEEPING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Honey, I am home.
The mall? Definitely human.
Yeah, I went a little crazy.
But there was a sale so I didn't know I was pregnant.
Not now, but soon.
You know, I was thinking I could build us a house.
There's a lot for sale down the road.
Okay just stop.
I thought this was what you wanted.
Uh, actually, it's not.
Lem, it was easy to fantasize about having a family together, because up until last night, it was impossible.
But now it is possible.
Except you know my childhood wasn't exactly pool parties and Sunday suppers.
But that doesn't mean you can't be a great parent.
[SCOFFS] Doesn't it? My mom got sick and died when I was nine.
My father abandoned me with an evil stepmother.
What the hell do I know about family? You rarely talk about your mother.
Because [SIGHS] I can't.
I can't be a mom.
I can't Show a child what love looks like.
That's not true.
You may be human now But I am still broken.
[MOANING] Are you sure we should be doing this in the hotel? Oh, Kai's meditating.
He won't even notice we're gone.
What happened? Oh, my [SOBBING] I tried to save her.
She's gone.
[WHIMPERING] [SOBBING] [SOBBING] Did you have any idea she was depressed, suicidal? Well, obviously not, or I would have helped her.
That's what I do.
This is hard on all of us.
[WEEPING] Oh, poor Lyric.
They were like sisters.
I'll get her something to calm down while we wait for the paramedics.
I don't I don't understand why she'd do this.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
Well, maybe she can tell us.
No, she's not here.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] What was that all about? Who cut your tongue out? Kai.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] What the hell was that? He gave up immortality to make your dreams come true.
That's pretty romantic, if you ask me.
It is.
And I'm gonna go lock up, okay? Okay.
I'm gonna top off.
Madonna, your phone is ringing.
"Charity Security?" [DRAMATIC MUSIC] How long have you been working for my father? Olivia I can explain.
I'm done talking.
[GROANING] [REPUBLICA'S "READY TO GO"] Who the hell are you? Real name's Simone Davis.
I enlisted when I was 18.
I dreamed of being Special Ops [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [CRACKING] Land mine ended my career.
That's when things got dark.
[GRUNTS] Your father heard my story.
[GRUNTING] Offered me a job at Charity Private Securities, a new lease on life.
Baby, I'm ready to go Baby, I'm ready to go [GROANS] Why'd he hire you? [GASPS] It was just surveillance at first, but it escalated.
He wanted your blood.
My blood? Why? You can ask him yourself.
The address is in there.
He's close.
Look, it was just a job at first.
I didn't know that I was gonna fall in love with this crazy-ass town.
I trusted you.
I'm sorry.
If I ever see you again, I will kill you.
Cut it out.
Oh, hi, sweetie.
I hope you don't mind, I let myself in.
I was getting dirt on my Chanels.
Uh Oh, that's enough of that, Lassie.
[BARKING MUTED] You're a witch.
Who are you? Put the pistols down, cowgirl.
I keep tabs on the "Witches Helping Witches" site, always on the lookout for sisters like you.
I'm Celeste.
- Hi, oh.
- Mwah.
Well, they kicked me off the site.
They were so rude.
That's the Delilahs.
They think that we're catty, but they're the real bitches.
Wait, who are the Delilahs? No one's taught you your witch history? Wow, you really do live in flyover country.
Sorry, did you just come here to insult me? No, I came because I know what you're going through.
I'm cursed too.
But it's a family curse.
I don't know you.
Sit, please.
All witches are descended from an original witch.
Delilah the "good witches," or Theophilus.
You and me.
We're sisters.
Uh, no.
I am definitely a good witch.
A a Delilah.
No, sweetie, you're not.
That's why they kicked you out of that group.
That's why you're cursed.
You're a Dark Witch.
And cheers to that.
What's going on? Madonna's a traitor.
She's been working for my father.
Our Madonna? Yep, he hired her to spy on me.
She gave him my blood.
For what? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out, and when I do, I'm gonna kill him.
I should have done it a long time ago.
Wait, it could be the human side of me talking, but maybe you should cool off first.
Perhaps you should leech me? Oh, you can't anymore.
Sequoia was upset about something, and she tried to leave town but before she could, something killed her.
Something she couldn't see.
Another killer ghost? It seems like a ghost, but it doesn't make any sense.
Why frame it as a suicide? Cover up a murder? Which is not a ghostly MO.
They like their presence to be known.
What's that for? Becoming human gift for Lem.
Since he got himself healed, we're down a fighter.
Figured I'd give him a new way to battle evil.
Something or someone cut out Sequoia's tongue so she couldn't talk to me.
And she didn't want Kai to know she was still around.
What if Kai killed her? It doesn't make sense.
Kai is not invisible.
[LOUD CREAK] Did you hear that? Yeah.
Someone's here.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] That was not a ghost.
[BING CROSBY'S "WHITE CHRISTMAS"] Of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Does your father always celebrate Christmas at this time of year? [SCOFFS] Where the treetops glisten And children listen What's wrong? Who's that girl? It's me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What do you mean that girl is you? She looks exactly like me when I was nine, the year my mom died and everything went to hell.
This is weird, even for us.
- Uh-huh.
- What do you wanna do? Used to know Help her.
Where the treetops glisten Hi.
And children listen [EXHALES DEEPLY] Are you okay? Sleigh bells in the snow Is anyone hurting you? Daddy.
Dreaming of a [DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS] Sweetheart, why don't you go and get some Christmas cookies? Livy.
It's so good to see you.
[GRUNTS] Don't you dare call me that.
And don't act like this is normal.
Like we're normal.
You infiltrate my town.
You hire someone to befriend me and spy on me.
You take my blood? Livy, I can explain.
What the hell is going on here? What is she? Everything okay out there? Philip, you didn't tell me we were expecting guests.
What a lovely surprise.
I'm Jean Charity.
I'm Olivia.
That's my daughter's name.
[PEACEFUL MUSIC] Who wants eggnog? It's actually an art installation.
Yes, Midnight is the new Marfa.
[LAUGHS] Enjoy.
[SIGHS] This is such a nightmare.
I'm still so shaken up about Sequoia.
How could I not see that she needed help? Don't blame yourself.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] People have their secrets.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] ["SILENT NIGHT" PLAYING] Are they real? They're living, breathing manifestations created from my memory.
You know, when I found out what your stepmother and those men did to you, I was devastated.
The guilt was overbearing.
But by then, it was too late.
You ran away, and you didn't wanna have anything to do with me.
So you hired people to spy on me.
I had all the money in the world and anything that I ever desired at my disposal except for the one thing that I really wanted: you and your mother back.
So I found another way: watching you in Midnight.
I learned that magic was real, so I found a spell that would make my wish come true.
With your blood and your mother's ashes, I was able to recreate this one last happy memory, a magical diorama of this one perfect moment.
You can't rewrite history.
Livy, I know that I've made mistakes, but isn't this what you've always wanted, to have all of us back together again? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Daddy, look what Mama got me.
Look at that.
Ballet shoes.
You gonna put 'em on? Okay, go ahead.
["SILENT NIGHT" CONTINUES] Livy, would you like to help us open presents? Christ our savior is born Olivia, wait.
We should go.
You came here to kill your father, not drink eggnog with ghosts of Christmas past.
I'm worried you're getting sucked in.
I know, it's warped.
I just want to talk to my mom.
Five minutes.
Shepherds quake at the sight Kai's in a session.
As long as you keep an eye on him, he can't hurt anyone.
I'm gonna check out his office, see if I can find evidence he killed Sequoia.
Be careful, Manfred.
If you're right and he can absorb powers, who knows what he's capable of? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [DEVICE BEEPS] [PATSY CLINE'S "THREE CIGARETTES IN AN ASHTRAY"] My love and I In a small café Then a stranger came along And everything went wrong Now there's three cigarettes In the ashtray I watched her take him from me It wasn't Kai.
Yeah, duh.
Lyric, where are you? - [THUD] - [CRASHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CRASHING] [CRASHING] I thought Sequoia was like your sister? And I thought she was a true believer, but she was going to betray Kai.
Sequoia was afraid of Kai.
Why aren't you? Kai said he's not going to hurt anyone, so I had to protect him.
[GRUNTS] [GROANING] And I know you're screwing his wife! [CHOKING] [GROANING] [SCREAMS] [GASPING] That's right, dear, drown the sadness in chardonnay.
I don't get it.
I don't understand how I could be a Dark Witch.
I have always practiced magic with good intentions.
Well, good intentions only get in the way, dear.
Wait till you see what you can do when you stop worrying about the consequences.
Consequences? That's just a nice word for "people getting hurt.
" Hmm.
I was like you once, afraid of what I was truly capable of.
I know you can feel it, all that untapped power.
But to become your full self, you have to let go of your fears, embrace the Darkness.
I'm a powerful witch the way that I am.
Well, your furry little friend here says otherwise.
[LAUGHS] But you can change that.
You know how to break the curse? Of course I do.
That's why I'm here.
Just pledge yourself to the Darkness, officially join your Brothers and Sisters of Theophilus, and then your lover here will be saved.
Now, doesn't that sounds fabulous? No, it does not sound fabulous.
I could never pledge myself to the Darkness.
Well, if you're not willing to do what it takes, then you can kiss him good-bye.
Is that what you want? I just want the man that I love back.
[GASPS] The curse.
Don't worry, he's in a protective cloaking spell.
Dark Magic, of course.
He'll be safe for 48 hours.
Consider it a freebie.
But you have a decision to make: either let the curse run its course, or Embrace the Darkness.
That's right.
Call me when you're ready.
She's amazing, isn't she? Well, she has a great mother.
[ACOUSTIC "AWAY IN A MANGER"] My mom died when I was young.
Sometimes I wonder if she'd be disappointed in who I am now.
I don't think I became the person she wanted me to be.
When I first had my daughter, I wanted her to play the violin, like I did as a girl.
But she hated it.
Then she found ballet.
And she's absolutely breathtaking.
What I'm trying to say is that she isn't who I'd hoped she'd be.
She's so much better than I imagined.
- Daddy? - Yep.
I don't feel good.
I think you just had too many gingerbread cookies.
You keep decorating that cake, and Daddy will be right back, okay? Okay.
Blood for my daughter, blood for my wife, to keep the memory alive.
I wish this could be real.
Let's go.
While meeting your family has been wonderful, it's time to go.
Your father just fed his blood to Olivia? Are you all right? Yeah.
I can't go.
It's Christmas.
So I'm safe for another 48 hours? 46 1/2.
Lem? Feej, we've got a problem.
Olivia and I went to confront her father, who turns out, is living in a memory he recreated with Dark Magic, and Olivia's fallen under the spell.
Oh, my Goddess, the one day you're human.
Don't remind me.
I think her father's trying to [GRUNTS] Sorry, Lem, but no one's going to ruin my Christmas.
[GASPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] What did you do to her? He was investigating Sequoia's murder.
Her murder? Sequoia killed herself.
No, she didn't.
I was finally able to contact Sequoia's ghost.
She led me to Lyric, Who confessed to killing her before she tried to kill me too.
Why would she do something so awful? She said she was trying to protect you, Kai.
Why would she say that? I don't know.
Olivia, you can break this spell.
You just have to want to.
You know, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I'd have my daughter back.
You can have your fantasy, but let Olivia go.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
I never planned it to happen, but she's under the spell now.
If I end it, they'll all go away, and I have no intention of letting them go again.
I finally have a chance to right all my wrongs, to change the past.
And If you try anything, anything at all, I will kill you.
How 'bout a Christmas carol? Oh, yes.
"Jingle Bells"? Mm-hmm.
Dun-dun-dun-dashing through the snow ALL: In a one-horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Laughing all the way Ha, ha, ha [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Madonna? M-Madonna.
Are you okay? Yeah.
What the hell happened in here? It's a long story.
We're looking for Lem and Olivia.
They went to go confront her father, and now they're in trouble.
- What kind of trouble? - Dark Magic.
I think Olivia's father made a Mirage Enchantment.
It allows you to recreate the memory of a loved one.
I think that I have a spell that can reverse it.
But Olivia fell under the spell, and if we don't stop it, she could be trapped there forever.
Follow me.
I know where they are.
- Merry Christmas.
[GRUNTS] What the hell is going on here? [EXCITING MUSIC] [GRUNTING] Ho, ho, ho.
Madonna, thank goodness.
Can you take this thing off me? Yes, I'm gonna get you out of here.
Olivia's still under the spell.
Fiji's working on that.
- You okay? - Thank you.
Who wants dessert? [GRUNTING] Memories belong No! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Blood for blood.
Olivia, stop.
- Mmm.
- Listen to me.
When I first leeched you, I had never felt so much pain inside someone, and I told myself I would do anything to make that pain go away.
Vampire, human, I'm your family, not this delusion.
You don't understand.
I'm finally where I belong.
Blood for blood.
Flame for flame.
[GROANS] How much longer, Feej? My Light Magic, it's not strong enough.
I know Celeste got in your head.
But remember who you are.
You're Fiji Cavanaugh.
What if that's not enough? I have to embrace the Darkness.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [SCREAMING] [GASPS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GASPS] What happened to me? [GASPS] What the hell am I wearing? [LAUGHS] Come here.
- [SIGHS] - You're okay.
[MOANS] No, I'm not.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Daddy! No, I can't lose you.
[GASPING] [PANTING] That felt good.
Let me see your hands.
[CRYING] [SOLEMN MUSIC] If you could be a father to a fake daughter, why couldn't you be a father to me? When your mother died, I was broken.
- [SCOFFS] - I couldn't be a good father.
I needed you to protect me.
I need you to tell me everything was gonna be okay.
I can be there for you now.
- No.
- Livy, please stay with me.
All we have is each other.
My entire life, I have let anger and pain protect me because I never wanted to feel as alone in this world as you made me feel.
You! But I have to let go because I'm I'm not alone anymore.
Why don't you just kill me? That's why you came here, right, to put me out of my misery? Please.
I'm just gonna return the favor.
I can't believe I got sucked into my dad's spell.
Family can have that kind of hold on you.
For a long time, I couldn't see myself any other way than broken.
But But the past is the past.
Well, I love you, past, present, and future.
And I love you.
[LAUGHS] You're my family now.
[LAUGHS] Do you feel different? Well, I don't feel evil, if that's what you're asking.
I'm still afraid of it, but Dark Magic saved Lem and Olivia tonight.
Maybe it could save us too.
That was an emergency.
And this isn't? If you were in my shoes, you wouldn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to save me.
Bobo You are my family.
Let me save you.
I don't want you to change who you are for me.
And I won't.
But I am done being afraid.
I'm taking control now.
All right.
[LAUGHS] I found this in Lyric's room.
Lyric didn't always have the power to become invisible.
She drank this, and it gave her that power.
That iridescent glow.
It's monster energy.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Sequoia discovered Kai's secret.
That's what she was trying to tell me.
What kind of secret would be worth killing somebody over? I think I know how to find out.
[BUTTONS CLICKING] [JUKEBOX WHIRRING] [PATSY CLINE'S "THREE CIGARETTES IN AN ASHTRAY"] Two cigarettes In an ashtray My love and I In a small café Then a stranger came along And everything went wrong