Midnight, Texas (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

No More Mr. Nice Kai

- Previously on "Midnight, Texas" - No! I went to see Kai last night.
- You're human.
- Let's just say demons took a lot from me, and I've dedicated my life to settling the score.
I wouldn't mind having the demon ripped out of me.
I love you just the way you are.
- I'm Celeste.
- You're a Dark Witch.
Either let the curse run its course, or - Embrace the darkness.
- I have to leave Midnight, - and I have to do it alone.
- But I love you.
Kai and I have been together for a long time, but that does not mean that I want this to end.
- I found this in Lyric's room.
- She's gone.
It's monster energy.
Whatever it is, you can tell me.
I know Kai is stockpiling supernatural powers.
- I saw them.
- No.
He locks them away for safekeeping.
The energy that he extracts, it's like toxic waste.
Once he removes it, he can't just throw it away.
- It's dangerous.
- And you know that? Or is that what he told you? - He could be playing you.
- No, I have been sleeping next to the man for 12 years.
He can't play me.
Lyric told me she killed Sequoia to protect Kai.
And all the visions Sequoia showed me pointed a finger at Kai keeping vials.
- If they're just waste - Manfred, I know Kai.
He would never put anyone in danger.
You need to trust me.
Do you trust me? Creek, you're here.
- I can come back, I - No, no.
Come in.
Hi, Creek, um I will let you two catch up.
I'm so sorry.
What what are you doing here? What am I Your voicemail said that it was an emergency.
- What? - I kept trying to call, but couldn't get through.
I was so worried.
What what voicemail? I didn't call.
Creek, please come home.
I need you.
It's an emergency.
What, what is that face? That wasn't me.
Who would mess with us like this? Manfred, I've had weak moments too, okay? You don't have to cover.
What am I covering for? Damn, I was supposed to meet up with Lem and Olivia.
Oh, but, I never mind.
I should just grab the rest of my stuff - and head back, anyway.
- No, no, no.
They miss you, Lem and Olivia, they miss you.
You should come with me to Home Cookin'.
Well, I've missed them too, a lot.
Shall we? - Hey! - Oh! - What you got there? - It's from Celeste.
The butterfly signifies metamorphosis.
That'll be me tonight, spreading my wings.
What's in it? Everything I need to pledge my loyalty to the Children of Theophilus.
It's a ritual in a box.
Kind of neat, right? Yeah, what's a butterfly need with a knife? I'm not so sure about this, Feej.
Dark Magic always has a price.
Losing you is worse than any price I could pay.
The pledge is the only thing that keeps the curse from killing you.
You know, I hate that you have to do this for me.
It's for us.
I am a little scared, but I'm also kind of excited.
What if the idea of a Dark Witch was perpetuated to keep some of us from realizing our full potential? I'm light and dark.
It's time I accept all of myself.
Then I will too.
Thank you.
Monte Cristo, who knew? It's lunch and dessert! - It's good to have you back.
- It's good to be back.
Mm, sorry, you were saying about Patience.
I think Kai sold her a bill of goods, that he's keeping the monster powers contained because they're toxic, but I know they can be recycled.
I found this in Lyric's room.
It contained something that made her invisible.
She cloaked herself with it before she killed Sequoia - to protect Kai.
- To protect Kai from what? Sequoia's visions were all about getting me to the vials.
They're Kai's secret.
The powers can be weaponized, and he's lying about it to his wife.
What makes you think Patience isn't lying to you? Fiji performed an intention spell on Patience.
Her intentions are pure.
She believes Kai's whole righteous healer act.
Meanwhile, he adds to his arsenal and he disarms the most powerful players in Midnight.
- I can't argue with that.
- Yes.
But "disarm" is a bit strong.
I went to Kai voluntarily.
So did Rev.
He cured your demon cancer.
Kai's been nothing but an asset to Midnight.
Well, if he's such an asset, I say we put him to the test.
What if Lem goes and asks for his powers back? If Kai has no ulterior motive, he'll give them back.
If he's hiding something, he won't.
I'm ready.
Baby, your hands are giving me flashbacks to the Middle Ages.
That bar must be rowdy.
What's wrong? What is it? I'm hiding something from you.
A few weeks ago, I got jumped outside the bar by some demons, and I fought back.
At first, it was self-defense, but I wanted more.
I'm demon-hunting again.
Is that it? You scared me.
You're not mad? Baby, this is what you were made for.
I'm not mad; I'm proud.
You've had a change of heart.
Well, maybe I'm older and wiser.
Thank you.
It feels good.
I feel like I've found my place again.
I was just worried you'd be upset.
I fight my demon half every day.
You aren't doing anything wrong.
Human or vampire.
It's for you to decide.
Not anymore.
I made this decision without you last time.
Never again.
I know I gave you a hard time about becoming human.
But after my dad's, I don't care.
Whatever form you take, you'll still be you, and that is the only good thing in the world that I am sure of.
At your father's, when you were under his spell, I never felt so helpless.
I do want my powers back.
Right or wrong, it's who I am, but children won't be possible as a vampire.
That door closes.
If we want a family someday, then we'll foster or adopt.
There are kids with no one.
I used to be one.
Are you saying that you're willing to be married to a vampire again? If that vampire is you, yes.
Another Frito-pie pizza for you, Mr.
Thank you.
So are you on that all-pizza diet? Thank you.
Care to partake in my last meal? Oh, I brought you some food.
What was left.
Kai, what's wrong? You're sleeping with him.
I I don't know what you're talking about.
Manfred, it's me.
I miss you today, darling.
I miss your smell.
You thought you were calling Manfred, but you called me.
That's not me.
That's not me! - I didn't leave that message! - Oh, you didn't leave that message.
What do you take me for? You think I don't see you two together - all the time, flirting? - Oh, I'm not allowed to have a friend? You you have a lot of friends.
- Friends? - Yeah, yes.
You think it makes me feel good, sitting at home, while you're off in Tulum with your holistic harem? What are you talking about? Those trips were helping to build our future.
They were for us! For us? Here, here, come look at this.
There is no outgoing call to you.
Yeah, a call log can be edited.
And if you can't admit guilt, please just drop it.
You really think I'd do this? I don't know what you would do anymore.
What is that supposed to mean? You're sleeping with a married woman, and we broke up, like, five minutes ago.
I guess I just didn't think you were that guy.
I'm not that guy.
You just you left, and I made some out-of-character choices.
I don't get why you can't just own up to it.
You tied one on last night, left me a voicemail, and when I showed up, you regretted it.
No, I would never do that.
I care way too much about you.
Do you care about Patience? Listen, I really wasn't doing well after us.
And and Patience was there for me.
We didn't want it to become anything.
What are you doing here? Nice to see you too.
I got your text.
You said to pick you up.
I didn't send a text.
Well, I didn't imagine it so Why are you so upset? Am I too close to home? Are you afraid what your husband will think? Is that why you're here, to get a reaction? Ooh, forgot Theophilus.
Can you bring him from the box? Yeah.
Is this your ancestor? Dude's ripped.
O triumphant and great Theophilus, My intention to You, My Lord, is to dedicate myself onto the sacred path that You have opened for me.
I surrender to you, O honorable Lord.
No, Feej, wait! Are you okay? Fiji, Fiji.
Your hair.
You know what I want to do? Right right now? Are you sure? There's only one way to see if the curse is broken.
I'm afraid I have a case of buyer's remorse.
I want my powers back.
Look, I'm sorry to say, but that's why I do a thorough evaluation before performing these services, because the removal is permanent.
I understand that it's bad for business if word gets out that you can get refunds, - But I give you my word - You're not listening.
There's no going back.
Removing supernatural energy, it's like dropping an atom bomb.
Once that energy is released, it's out there, so even if I wanted to give your powers back, I couldn't.
Olivia, I didn't get the vial.
Kai lied.
I'm on my way to Manfred.
Okay, bye.
- Hey, Mr.
- Are you okay? I crashed into a paving stone, got thrown off.
Broke my phone.
All right, let's get you cleaned up.
Ah, thanks.
I don't get it, why are you so secretive? I'm secretive? Any time I ask you a question about your past, you dodge it.
Why are you doing this? Why put your life in danger to hunt demons? Can you just do your thing, please? Stop, stop, no! Help me! No, please, stop! No, please! Stop, stop! Mama.
I'm so sorry.
You suffered so much.
At least it brought me to you.
You can't blame me for moving on.
You left! I didn't do it on a whim! Why can't you see that after my own brother turned out to be a serial killer that you chasing me with a knife was too much? I know it was.
It was just hard for me to accept that I'd lost you, because that man chasing you wasn't me.
I was sick.
You were sick because you saved Midnight.
I know it's not fair, but I needed to break free.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm mostly just mad at myself because I made this big, ballsy move to Austin, and then, the minute I got your call, I was just so desperate for you to miss me the way that I missed you, and I just dropped everything.
I miss you too.
Are you okay? What happened? I can come back at a better time.
No, uh You look upset.
Come in.
Um Kai knows about us.
What? - How? - He had this voicemail.
It was meant to be from me to you.
It was uncanny how much it sounded like me, but it wasn't me.
I never left that message.
Two fake voicemails, both to people who'd be hurt by us.
- It can't be a coincidence.
- Not in Midnight.
- There was another voicemail? - It's why I came back.
I got this frantic message from Manfred.
But I never called her.
Whatever this is, it's bound to get worse.
And you being a piece in this puzzle scares me.
- Me too.
- Let's get you out of here.
I knew I shouldn't have come back.
Don't worry, we'll be out of town soon.
How did we get turned around? We've been going in a straight line.
I don't know, maybe some kids messed with the sign? We're going back to town again.
Turn around.
We can't leave.
We're trapped.
Mom, I put gas in it.
I'm not lying.
Why why are you yelling? Why are you yelling at me Lady, you're kid's doing the best he can slinging pizzas.
When I was his age, I was gun-for-hire.
So quit your bitching, and come get your kid.
Manfred's still not home, and my phone's acting up.
It was just working.
I was just using it.
And I'm sure that's totally unrelated.
What's wrong? I just cheated on my partner of a thousand years.
That's what's wrong.
What kind of angel am I? Leaving the fold, I did that for love.
But this is a darker fall.
The kingdom of Heaven's never felt so far away.
And for what? You may be confused, but I felt love.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I think the curse is broken.
Otherwise, I would have died a thousand deaths after what we just did.
Hey, the power's out.
We should go check on everyone.
Knock yourself out.
You okay? I just carved a hole in my chest.
If it ain't a bellini and a bath, I ain't down.
You're right.
- You've had a big night.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
I love you.
I know.
I don't know another way to describe it.
A magic loop is keeping us stuck in town.
Well, maybe it's a spell or an illusion that's making people think that.
But it's not just the loop.
There's no cell service.
It's a blackout.
And fake voicemails.
Someone's screwing with us.
You look decidedly human.
Kai refuse to give your power back? He lied, said they couldn't be recycled.
- Then he got angry.
- Not surprised.
I'm telling you, he's behind all this.
He's got a stockpile of monster powers.
He could pull off a lot of tricks.
Well, we need to get in there and get your power back.
Yes, and Kai draws his power from that creepy-ass head.
That's his Achilles'.
So I'm thinking He took our powers.
Let's take his.
That's Kai's office.
That's where the head is.
I'll need those angel hands of yours.
Last time I touched it, it kind of knocked me on my ass.
Who's down for a break-in? - I'm down.
- Always.
Walker, it's me.
I am sorry about earlier, but I need your help.
There's a demon in Midnight.
Sayonara, Chuy.
Where'd you get a Rubik's Cube that messes with people? Would you believe me if I said Amazon? I just love games, don't you? I saw what you did from my porch, the little light trick in Kai's office.
- Oh, yeah.
- Who are you? Basil.
- What are you? - I'm a demigod, a trickster, to be exact.
I get into human business, stir the pot, create some chaos.
Like in Native American folklore.
Tricksters were kind of lovable.
Yeah, because they never met me.
No, I'm a big, fat sadist.
Emotional suffering is my jam.
I know people's secrets, perks of being omniscient.
Title of my autobiography: "Secrets That Ruin Lives.
" Let's say I send a message to this guy's ex-girlfriend, luring her back to town.
Thanks to my knack for timing, she shows up at his door just in time to see him macking on a married chick.
I tinker.
I toss bread crumbs.
Secrets become known.
Humans are exposed for the gluttonous, sex-crazed monster babies that they are, and voilà: friends and lovers start killing each other.
So, basically, you're a reality show producer.
Why come to a little town like Midnight? Because of the energy, duh.
I love the shock on people's faces when they realize that I'm the puppet master and they're my pawns, my little playthings.
And what makes you think I won't tell your playthings what you've been up to? Because you stopped giving a damn about these people an hour ago.
I know you don't believe me, but I'm going to find a way to prove to you that that message wasn't from me.
Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you, but I felt a tear in my back.
Can you do some of your woo-woo? Look, maybe when the power's back.
Right now Oh, please, man.
I'm desperate, I'm desperate.
Okay, okay.
- Come on.
- Ooh! Hi, I'm sorry.
I thought that you left town with Manfred.
Could I talk to you in private? All right.
Great, thanks.
- Meet back at the pawn shop? - Yeah.
It's in there.
- You okay? - Yeah.
That's not happening.
Whatever spell's on this thing, it's tethered here.
Maybe it's like King Arthur's sword.
Only Kai can move it.
Joe, I'm going to surveil the diner for that demon.
Where are you? Watch this.
I'm still protective of Manfred, and given your situation, you should know that he doesn't deserve to be messed with.
Well, I'm not messing with him.
He's he's one of my greatest joys.
I really do care about him very much.
But do you love him? Because I do.
Are you two thinking about getting Come in.
I'm sorry, I need to excuse myself.
Oh, um, why don't I come with you? No, no, no, it's an emergency.
I have to go.
The jukebox should be right here.
They must have moved it to hide the vials.
What are you doing here? He wants his powers back.
The writing carved into the skin, it's definitely Syriac.
The guy really pissed somebody off.
- Yeah.
- Can you translate? Syriac's ancient.
I'm a bit rusty.
But I have some reference books back at the pawn shop.
- Got it, let's go.
- Wait.
Let me try something first.
Manfred? Why would Manfred be in my office? I know you have ancestor body parts, but mm-mm, man, that sounds next level.
No, thank you.
Looks like you're short a head.
Yeah, yeah.
How'd you guys do? Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
Oh, hell yes! Welcome back.
I never thought I'd be so happy to see those big blue eyes again.
Our disembodied head, it's alive.
Oh, joy.
Well, FYI, someone moved the jukebox.
But Patience got us the vial.
I don't know where that leaves her when Kai finds out.
Creek was supposed to be on Patience.
Where's Creek? I'm going into the hotel.
We'll go with you.
Joe, look out! He's a demon! Stop! He's my husband.
Who the hell is this? This is Walker.
We hunt together.
I can't imagine why you wouldn't want me to know about him.
Take it easy, Chuy.
Calm down.
Chuy, come on, breathe.
Hey, everyone, get inside.
It is not safe out here.
Lock the door.
- Get inside, come on, come on.
- Just look at me.
Just breathe.
Look at me.
- What the hell? - Give me a minute.
Oh, God, this martini is everything.
Finally, banging a bartender's good for something.
- I thought you were home.
- No.
- We got to get inside.
- Chuy might blow a fuse.
Well, I can take care of myself.
No, I know you can, but it's safer inside.
- You burned me! - You spilled my drink.
Your drink? This is what I was worried about.
It's that Dark Witch stuff.
You're not you anymore.
Oh, honey, I'm more me than I've ever been.
If you could look inside me, see what I saw, feel what I felt and still hide this from me, it's no wonder your fallen.
You don't belong with God.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You weren't just hunting together, were you? Chuy, Chuy, no! Stop! Enough! Creek? You're looking for Creek? I was just looking for Kai.
Get in that room, lock the door.
I'll come for you when it's safe.
All right.
Please, Chuy, we can come back from this.
Please come back to me.
No, no, no, no, no! You're letting him go! - Stay out of this.
- Why are you letting him go? - I can talk him down.
- Look around you.
If we hadn't been here, this would have been a massacre! People could die, all right? He needs be put down.
Go find your husband.
Hey, hey, everyone, I'm so sorry.
What what the hell is wrong with you people? We came to Midnight to realize our dreams, and it's been one nightmare after another.
And you, how would you feel if I reached into your life and snuffed out everything you love? - Kai, Kai.
- No, no, no.
Get out! All of you, get out! And never step foot in here again.
And you, you stay the hell away from my wife! All right, come on, Kai.
I'm sorry.
Mwah, bravo, Midnight! I haven't had this much fun since the Donner party.
Doesn't include you guys.
You gave me nothing to play with.
- Wait, wait, wait! - No, no, no, no, no.
You were my favorite toy.
Oh, your life is a dumpster fire.
Thank you.
And this handsome man-peach! Oh, hey, hey! You are so damaged.
Never change.
Oh, Midnight, I wish I could stay and chat, but I got a congressional hearing I got to skip off to.
Hey, let's do this again, shall we? Yo, what the hell just happened? My life's a dumpster fire? And, Lem, why did you stop me? It hit me.
He's a trickster, a demigod.
You can't kill him.
They manipulate and kill for sport.
I crossed paths with one during the Mexican-American War, and I hoped I never would again.
How do we make sure he never comes back? We don't give him a reason to come back.
Tricksters feed off turmoil.
That's why he was bored with us.
We have no secrets.
If we don't want him to come back, we live our lives cards up with love for each other.
Y'all going to keep me prisoner? I'd prefer we come to an agreement, that you let Joe take care of Chuy.
- Did you check the basement? - Everywhere.
I'm telling you, we swept the entire hotel, - nothing.
- Maybe she got out before us.
- Hey, is everyone okay? - Have you seen Creek? Yeah, yeah, she took off in her car.
No, she wouldn't just leave.
Well, why not? She did before.
It's self-preservation.
Midnight is nothing but bad memories for her.
There's more to it than that.
You know what Lem said about not keeping secrets? He's right.
I've been having an affair with Patience, and Creek saw.
- Man.
- That's oh Okay.
Bobo, I'm so sorry.
I was horrible.
It was the Dark Magic.
You were right.
I was just struggling to harness it.
It's so new to me.
Please forgive me.
Hi, you've reached Creek.
Leave me a message.
Creek, listen.
I I know I'm to blame for you leaving, so I'm sorry.
But just just let me know when you're home.
I love you.
Manfred? No! - I love you too.
- No! I'm so sorry.
Who did this to you?