Midsomer Murders (1997) s20e01 Episode Script

The Ghost of Causton Abbey

A curse! A curse upon this place! For all eternity! A curse! No! No! Emani, it's time.
- Okay.
- Now.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
So, I hope by now that you've had a chance to sample this little guy, an India pale ale with a lot of hops thrown in.
I'm really proud to be launching this product and I'm delighted to tell you that we've just got our first major order from a supermarket.
Cursed Brew IPA will be on your shelves from Monday.
I'd like to thank my husband, Paul, for all your incredible support on this journey.
And my little sister, Faiza.
You know, in the last three years, we've gone from a home brew kit to an award-winning brewery on a historic site.
I'm really excited about the next chapter, and I hope you are too! Thank you! Yeah, I forgot to mention that there will be a brewery tour with Faiza in the next ten minutes Okay, scruglets, time for bed.
Say night night to Daddy.
Goodnight, kids.
See ya later, alright? Thanks, Mum.
Available to pre-order soon.
Thank you! Thanking you for your support? You made the beer.
You should be up there with her.
No, she can do all the talking.
People seem to like what they're tasting.
That's all I need.
No attendance from the Oxford branch.
Very disappointing.
It's their loss.
Yes, well, I shall be e-mailing their president on Monday.
Old Badger Botherer or Golden Hopportunity.
I'm starting to regret buying you that real ale kit.
Two halves of Old Badger Botherer please.
Coming up.
There's no notes, I'm afraid.
Free samples from your other site.
It's good stuff.
That's an entirely separate event.
Their craft beer has to be given away.
This is real ale.
I was always thought real ale and craft beer were the same thing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, so this is probably my favorite place in the world.
I love experimenting with new flavors down here, perfecting a recipe.
I know Emani said earlier that we've thrown a lot of hops at our latest beer, but it's actually the timing of the hops that makes all the difference.
I'll explain more about that in a minute, but first, I wanted to show you these.
They were found during the excavations.
It's amazing to think that beer has been brewed here for over 500 years.
Okay, so if you'd like to follow me.
Okay, so back to the barrels.
Sorry, just a sec.
Don't bother will all that.
We've got the cleaners coming tomorrow.
Mum's coming to let them in early.
Where's Emani? Probably in bed.
Well, I need to speak to her.
Yeah well, she's out of it, so I think you should wait 'til tomorrow.
I've seen what's in the brew room.
She will speak to me now.
She's had a drink.
I said wait until tomorrow.
No! No! No! I was here yesterday.
They were doing a free beer tasting.
I wouldn't sample their current batch, sir.
Do we know who he is? Well, the owners think that it's local writer Adam Osoba.
He's been working with them on a book about home brewing.
They've ID'ed him from his signet ring and his bag's been found, but the actual body What? Oh, they didn't tell you? It's not just a drowning.
Looks like he's been boiled to death.
It's a kettle vat, apparently.
It was on it's boil cycle overnight.
Perhaps he was drunk, toppled in.
I wondered that, but then we found drops of blood down there, and the lady that found him said that the hatch on the vat had been pulled closed.
Somebody shut him in there and let him boil.
It's medieval.
Yeah, I know.
No, literally.
Death by boiling was used to execute poisoners in the Middle Ages.
It's what this place is famous for.
The curse of Brother Jozef.
The what? One of the monks who lived here was accused of poisoning people with his beer.
They boiled him alive in his own cauldron and he cursed the place.
Legend has it that anyone who drinks beer here will come to a bad end.
Did you seriously just use the phrase legend has it? Whoever did this has gone to lot of trouble to mimic that legend.
Well, it would explain the monk costume, at least.
All the bar staff were wearing them, but one of them was stolen.
Is this his bag? It seems to be.
In it we found his driving license plus keys, phone and two of these.
God, it's the boiler suit brigade.
Well, we're gonna need your help with the press release.
What press release? Well, news of this could devastate our business.
We need to be in control of the narrative.
Emani! What? It's horrific.
The poor man.
You sure it wasn't an accident? This was deliberate.
Did he have any family? Wife? Girlfriend? He never mentioned anyone, but you know, then it was business relationship.
We had maybe five or six meetings about the book.
This is your home brew guide? Yeah.
Well no, it's more of a lifestyle book, actually.
I worked in PR before I bought this place and one of my clients recommended him.
He ghost wrote her autobiography.
Who was that? Sylvia Reynolds.
She's a stage actress.
So, ghost writing was Adam's thing.
Sports stars, actors, enough fame to land a publishing deal, not enough talent to write it, that kind of thing.
What time did your event finish last night? About 11-ish.
It finished at midnight.
You just don't remember anything after 11.
It was a booze up in brewery.
I must have put myself to bed.
Can you think of anyone who might have wanted to hurt Adam? Not Adam, no.
Meaning? A man is found dead dressed as a monk in our vat.
It's hard not to see this as an attack on our business.
Oh come on, he wouldn't go that far.
Who? There's this guy who works on the council called Russell Grundy.
He runs the Causton Real-Ale Society.
He's not a fan of what we do.
I think I've come across him.
He's a nasty, petty, sexist little man.
He kept us out of his good beer guide.
He scheduled his Real-Ale Festival to clash with our launch and he used his position on the council to stop us from expanding the brewery.
That's a very long way from murder.
I'm just telling you what I know.
Hello, you must be our new pathologist.
Hello? I'm DCI John Barnaby.
I was hoping for an estimated time of death.
Are you a smoker? Heavy drinker? No.
Then I give you another 30 years.
You are Cam's replacement, aren't you? Fleur Perkins.
I don't know who Cam is, but he or she obviously wasn't good on boundaries.
This is my time to do my job, and I won't be whipped up into hasty conclusions.
I wasn't trying to whip you up.
I'm just after a rough estimate.
Then you can have one this afternoon.
We'll be into dental record territory for the formal ID, I can tell you that much.
Boiled human flesh isn't something I work with every day.
So, I'll need to consult a specialist and possibly a cookbook.
I was up early for my training.
I'm a fitness instructor, you see.
Mainly chair-based movements for the over 60s.
Now I'm not usually superstitious, but as soon as I saw him, I thought, well, I knew they were tempting fate, making fun of Brother Jozef like that.
She came round to help us with the clearing, and then we could have a lie in.
That's what I've just said.
No, it isn't.
You're telling him some fairy story.
He just needs the facts, Mum.
And I'm giving him the facts.
Patronizing sod.
He cursed this place.
Did either of you know the victim? No.
I've seen him every day this month.
Have you? I saw him yesterday morning.
Gave him a jaffa cake.
I live in a very nice retirement complex and Adam was helping one of the old boys with his memoir.
They've been sitting in the residence lounge for weeks with one of those dictaphones.
What was this resident's name? Keith Grundy.
He's led what you might call a colorful life.
He was part of an east end gang in the 60s.
Very nasty lot.
What did you say his surname was? Grundy, Keith Grundy.
Wouldn't happen to have a son called Russell, would he? So, Emani's pointing the finger at Russell, but it was his father that Adam was spending his time with.
No obvious motive, though.
People don't kill over real ale.
Fleur should have a time of death for us by this afternoon.
Fleur? Oh, right, the new pathologist.
What's she like? Oh, she makes quite an impression.
You'll like her.
Perhaps we should have a little dinner to get to know one another.
Dinner? Yeah, I could do that.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's not.
You answered their questions, yeah? You kept it together.
Then it's gonna be okay.
The police are everywhere.
It's finished.
You don't know that.
She has ruined everything.
Stay here, I'll go.
Nothing very personal.
No photos out.
Single man, living alone.
Even so.
Ah, looks like my fridge at uni.
Even then, I drank better beer.
Hi, you've reached Adam Osoba.
Please leave a message.
Adam, it's Dave Reed.
I've been here half an hour wondering where you are.
Give me a call.
Saturday, 12:01 p.
When the tech guys go through Adam's mobile, get them to see if there's a Dave Reed in there.
Will do, sir.
Take a look at this.
Looks like this was broken quite recently, but when I ran the address, nothing came up.
So, he had a break-in but didn't report it? Why? DCI Barnaby and you are? Get off me! Nice work, Winter.
Tissue? Kwame Asante and you live in Manchester, yes? I didn't do anything wrong.
Just another innocent man throwing himself in the river.
I ran because I had to.
I met the guy who lives here, Adam someone, at a bar last night.
Ended up staying.
I'm married with a kid.
I can't afford to get mixed up in anything.
Bit late for that, I'm afraid.
We're investigating Adam Osoba's murder.
He's dead? And you have keys to his house, why? Like I said, I came back with him.
And after we, you know, he went out.
Said there was something he needed to do.
You're saying that Adam left you, a man he hardly knew, alone in his house and when he went AWOL, you just hung around? Look, my family think I'm away for a conference.
I need to know they're not gonna get a knock on the door.
The more you cooperate, the less chance there is of that happening.
There's a guest house up the road.
I suggest you stay there until I tell you otherwise.
So, this is where Adam Osoba was spending most of his time.
What'd you manage to find out about Keith Grundy? He was connected to the Kenton gang.
Racketeering, forgery, extortion.
He was rumored to be involved in the murder of a dealer, Charlie Allen.
DCI Barnaby, hi, I'm Jenny Moss.
I spoke to you on the phone? He's just through here.
Ronnie, Reggie, shush.
Sorry, they like to sound tough, but they are pussycats, really, aren't you? Just like our own Mr.
This is DCI Barnaby and DS Winter.
I don't touch coppers.
I always found they bruise easy.
We need to speak to you about Adam Osoba.
He was killed at the Causton Abbey Brewery last night.
What do you mean, killed? My kids are there.
They're staying with my ex.
Paul Taylor? Yeah.
God, sorry.
Excuse me.
So, my little writer friend turns up dead and you're wondering whether I did it.
Well, guess what? I didn't.
You wanna ask questions about Adam, you should speak to Jenny.
He was in and out of her place all the time.
Really? Night and day.
Lucky boy.
Some men can't resist a nurse.
Tell me about this book he was writing for you.
It's about a terrifying criminal who turned himself around to become the saint and the member of the British Empire that you see before you.
Are you aware of my charitable work? I am, but I imagine that wasn't the focus of the book.
Was Adam in contact with your old associates? No comment.
Was he digging around in things that made you nervous? No comment.
Things you did but never served time for.
Nurse! Nurse! I'm unwell.
Having an affair with Adam? I thought he was gay.
I'm dyslexic.
He was helping me write a memoir for my kids for when they're older and stop graffiti-ing around the place.
We're you paying him? What? No.
No, it was just a small project.
He was being nice.
Has Keith Grundy had any unusual visitors in the past few weeks? No, not from what I can remember.
His son, Russell.
He visits quite a lot and Toby, his grandson helps out in the garden.
Right, that's my relief cover so I can, can go pick up the kids? Of course.
Blood found under those steps is a match for your victim.
An altercation, then? Possibly.
He's in such a state, it's hard to tell.
Hold on.
Are you one of those? Those what? A fainter.
You've got the look of a fainter about you.
Tell me now and I'll get you a chair.
I'm fine, thank you.
Death was caused by scalding.
The epidermis and dermis have split, leading to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.
Essentially, he's a piece of boiled meat.
It's only his clothes holding him together.
Time of death? Best I can do is between 11 p.
and two a.
, but that's rough, okay? In terms of formal ID, he's had dental work done, but it was a while ago and he isn't registered with a dentist 'round here.
I'll keep looking.
Anything else? I'll call you if there is.
Oh, I was wondering, actually.
Do you have any plans for dinner? Are you now? With my wife, obviously, and my sergeant.
Will there be wine? There can be.
I'm there.
You've got to stop doing this.
It's my weekend.
It's not a case of whose weekend it is.
I don't want my kids around a crime scene.
She's here now.
Let them go.
I've got a migraine, anyway.
Finn, Tilda, it's time to go with your mum.
Faz, are you okay? Can't believe it happened in the brew room.
He won't tell me anything.
It's not like you to be coy.
Why won't you tell us what she's like? Because you can find out for yourselves.
Get the door, would you, Winter? Yes, sir.
Sorry I'm late.
I was removing a chain saw from a chest cavity.
I wish these farmers wouldn't drink.
Paddie! I am so sorry.
He's not usually like this.
Still got his testicles, that's your problem.
Told you, just your type.
Very funny.
If he's aggressive, you need to think about castration.
Oh, but he's not aggressive.
We've had him for a year and he's never There are all sorts of health benefits.
Ian, my boyfriend's a vet.
I'll get him to give you a call.
Corkscrew? Right, thank you.
It should be all done by Friday.
Love you, too.
We have to be able to find someone who knew him well.
No family, no evidence of a serious relationship.
He was everyone's acquaintance, nobody's friend.
Clearly made an impression on our killer.
Someone was willing to inflict massive pain on him.
To echo the Brother Jozef legend.
I have to assume so for now.
Have you run a check on Kwame Asante? I'm not buying his one night stand story.
Me neither, but nothing came back.
No previous.
We did find the guy on the answer phone, though.
He's a journalist.
Adam called him to say that he had a story, but wouldn't give him any details.
They were due to meet yesterday morning for Adam to bring evidence.
Our ghostwriter was selling a story.
A secret about one of his clients? I also tracked down some of Keith Grundy's old gang, but none of them would admit to having concert without him.
Of course they won't.
Get the team listening to Adam's interviews with Keith.
But there's hours of this stuff.
Better get going on it, then.
And what about this actress Adam wrote a book for, Sylvia Reynolds? Have we got an address for her? Should do, she was at the launch party.
We've managed to speak to most of the guests.
But none of them remember seeing Adam.
One did say that they saw a light moving around in the woods behind the abbey.
Get a search team up there.
I'm gonna talk to Russell Grundy.
The real ale nut? Yes, but not because of that.
His name's come up in the door to doors.
A neighbor saw him arguing with Adam in the street.
Darn right I argued with the man.
Have you read his book? Not yet.
He showed me the first draft.
All very distasteful.
My father is a leading lie to the prison reform movement.
That's what Mr.
Osoba was employed to write about, but instead, it's for the most salacious details of his criminal past, almost reveling in it.
It's your father's memoir.
Surely, the emphasis is up to him.
A book is an immortal thing.
It could damage my family for generations.
My son Toby is on track for a top university.
He's ambitious.
How would it look for him if some grubby tabloid digs this up in years to come? When I met you at the beer festival, you were very hostile towards the Causton Abbey Brewery.
They make tasteless pop and call it beer and expect you to drink it off a packing crate they're calling a table.
The owner thinks that Adam's murder was an attempt to discredit them.
That's preposterous.
I've opposed them, certainly, but only within the letter of the law.
Wasn't anywhere near the place.
I didn't ask if you were.
Any news from the search team? There are dozens of footprints in the grounds, it's right away.
Take a while to process.
Oh, hello.
You better come in.
Do come through.
I thought you were the press.
'Cause once they find out I'm connected to poor Adam, they'll be camped outside.
Oh, do you like that? That's my Ophelia.
Stratford 1978.
And here you see my Lady MacBeth.
Would I have seen you in anything on the TV? I prefer the stage.
So much more creative freedom, although I'm preparing a new role at the moment, Lady Bracknell and the director's told me there's a film adaptation in the offing.
I hate Hollywood, obviously, but they're desperate for me to do it.
Had you had any contact with Adam since he wrote your memoir? Not at all.
That's what made him such a good ghost.
He knew when to disappear.
And besides, it was my book.
He was just an editor.
How does confidentiality work with these things? If Adam discovered something during the writing process that you didn't want made public? Well, then it wouldn't go in.
My gosh, you're after a motive.
I'm simply asking the question.
You think I might have played some devilish part in this? How wonderful! But no.
You are aware of Brother Jozef's curse? I was going to have a sage cleansing ritual, just in case.
I'm sure that won't be necessary.
Oh, don't you dismiss it so lightly.
There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio.
It's Jamie.
From Adam's notes, you can tell he was more than an editor.
He wrote it for her.
Good at keeping secrets, wasn't he? Imagine having a book in the best seller chart and not being able to tell anyone you wrote it.
Winter? Fleur's been trying to get ahold of us.
She said there's a problem.
Might have been slightly out with time of death.
By how much? About three years.
Our body definitely died late Saturday night, early Sunday, but I've tracked down the dental records.
They're not for Adam Osoba.
They're a match for some bloke called Adam DuMont.
He's a journalism lecturer.
He went missing from his home in Manchester in May, 2013.
His car was found parked at a local suicide spot.
They never found a body or a note.
Was declared dead 18 months later with an open verdict.
He's been living under a false identity.
Looks like it.
Your ghost writer was literally a ghost.
DuMont was reported missing by his civil partner of seven years, Kwame Asante.
They were in it together.
He faked his own death.
Satnavs from yours and Adam's cars.
Same destination programmed in on the same day last month.
A caravan site in the Cotswolds.
You met up with him, didn't you? You've always known that he was alive.
It was all Adam's idea.
We were in so much debt.
Our relationship had broken down.
We needed a way out.
So you reported him missing, played the grieving husband and collected the life insurance.
Why did you meet up with him last month? We had prepaid mobiles in case of an emergency.
Suddenly, he called me on it.
Said he wanted to come back to life.
So, you came here to stop him? I needed him to understand.
I mean, I've got a new husband.
We've adopted a child.
If I had to pay back the life insurance So, how did he think this resurrection was gonna work? I couldn't get a clear answer out of him.
He just kept promising I'd be okay.
He said he didn't have money, but he had the leverage.
Leverage? I don't know.
His plan to come back to life would have destroyed your new family.
It's much more convenient for you if he's dead, isn't it? Where were you between 11 o'clock on Saturday night and two o'clock Sunday morning? I told you.
I was at his house.
Look, everything else is true.
He said he needed to go out for an hour.
The last time I saw Adam, he was alive.
Get Manchester involved.
We need every laptop and phone removed from his house.
His new husband's gonna get a shock.
When you spoke to Russell Grundy, did he say if he'd been to the launch party? Couldn't pay him to go to it, apparently.
Well, that was uniform.
One of the bar staff saw him in the abbey grounds that night and we just had the DNA back from Adam's house.
And it's Russell's? As good as.
Oh, Mr.
Counselor Grundy.
Could we have a word in private? You can have one here.
Anything you want to ask me, you can ask in front of these gentlemen.
Were you or your son in a relationship with Adam Osoba? I beg your pardon? Excuse me.
How dare you? On what possible basis? DNA found all over Adam's house, including the bedroom, is a familial match for your father.
Keith has no siblings and neither do you, so it can only belong to either you or your son.
Then it's Toby's obviously, but not for that reason.
Good God.
My son is a budding entrepreneur.
He's done odd jobs for everyone around here.
That must have included Adam.
I shall be lodging a formal complaint with the chief constable.
I'm afraid we haven't finished.
You said you weren't anywhere near the abbey on Saturday night, but we've got a witness who saw you on the grounds at 10:30.
What I said, in fact, was that I hadn't attended the launch.
I was simply outside the abbey to monitor things.
To monitor what, precisely? You saw for yourself our real ale festival had a very disappointing turnout.
I suspected some of our members might have betrayed us.
Now, assuming you're finished, I'm late for a meeting.
This was two weekends ago? Wanted to know how much for a re-paint.
Had you met him before that? No, he'd seen one of my flyers.
Stick 'em through all the doors around here.
Very enterprising.
Saving for university? Yes, that's the plan.
Was this already broken? I don't think so.
But then we never looked 'round this room properly.
This woman showed up, having a go at him.
Did you recognize her? Yeah, it was one of the sisters from the brewery.
I dunno which one, but she sounded drunk.
And what was she saying? Well, he sent me to look at the garden, so I didn't hear much, but she was properly laying into him.
Sounded like she was giving him the sack.
I never should have employed him in the first place.
The book was months behind schedule.
I needed someone passionate or someone who liked beer, at least.
Adam didn't like beer? Well, I don't think he drank alcohol at all.
It's a bit early for that, isn't it, sir? I think I know what Adam was doing in the brew room.
Kwame confirmed it.
Adam was teetotal all his life, so why would a non-drinker take beer from a brewery? I dunno.
Think about what we do know.
Adam was due to meet a journalist and he promised him evidence, so maybe that's what he was doing in the brew room.
Maybe these beers are the evidence.
He had cheap ale in his fridge, didn't he? Mmm.
Now, if I'm right Huh.
That one's clearly lighter.
You think they're mislabeling? If we test these against the cheap stuff from Adam's fridge, I bet one of them will be a match.
I can see a newspaper buying that.
Local brewery bottles up cut price ale and sells it on as the posh stuff.
Question is, did the brewery know that Adam was on to them? We didn't want to do it, but Russell managed to stall our planning commission and we just couldn't expand production in time to meet our orders.
So, you made up the difference with cut-price beer? How many bottles on supermarket shelves actually contain your product? About 50-50.
You said you done 10%.
People won't know the difference.
It's like wine.
If it comes in a nice bottle and it's expensive, it tastes better.
The whole point was to make something we could be proud of.
No, Faiza.
The whole point was to get it on the shelves and start building a brand.
So, I suppose we'll have to pay some kind of fine or something? That's out of my hands.
I'm more interested in what Adam knew.
What's Adam got to do with this? We believe that he was providing evidence of your fraud to a journalist.
You weren't aware of that? Adam found out about the beer a few weeks ago, but, he wouldn't sell us out.
It wasn't in his interests.
It wasn't until you sacked him.
If he's gone to the press, it's because of you.
I've got to take this.
Despite a friendship spanning three decades, Sylvia Reynolds pulled no punches in her assessment of fellow actress Jemima Chaplin.
She refers to her as a talentless facelift and said that she only got her parts 'cause she was married to a director.
With friends like Sylvia In an audio file obtained by this newspaper, Ms.
Reynolds, 68, said that only blind ambition or actually being blind could explain Jemima's decision to marry such an unfortunate looking man.
I assume they don't mention where they got this audio file? Just says a person trusted by Sylvia Reynolds.
Well, it has to be Adam, surely.
He told Kwame he didn't have any money, but he had leverage.
Perhaps this was it.
So, he gets the dirt on people.
Sylvia's comments, their beer scam and then what? Blackmail? Or go straight to the press.
It's the ultimate ghost writing sin, isn't it? Selling off secrets to the highest bidder.
Any luck with the newspaper? No, they won't reveal their source.
However, they did say that they never received a physical recording.
The audio was sent on e-mail.
So why is one of the Sylvia tapes missing? Look, it goes from volume 16, 12th of May straight to volume 18.
Presumably that's the one with the character assassination.
Maybe Adam hid it somewhere for insurance? Perhaps.
Have the team listened to these? Not yet, we've asked them to prioritize Keith and there's something in his recordings.
It's from last week.
Adam was asking about Charlie Allen, that old associate that vanished in the 70s.
They never found Charlie's body, did they? But you're seen making one's who've told the police you knew where it was.
Adam, when I tell you to be careful, you should listen.
Charlie, he was a terrible listener.
Nasty business, that, eh? We need to know if Adam made contact with that informant.
I'll put a call into Wandsworth.
Find out who Keith Grundy was sharing a cell with.
Do it on the way.
We need to speak to Sylvia Reynolds.
Bring that paper.
Oh! Oh, Jen, Jen.
Do you mind, love? Is everything alright? Fine, just busy.
Actually, Keith, next time you feel like gossiping about me to the police, try to remember I've got two kids.
Come on, I didn't mean anything by it.
Anyway, Adam was always in and out of your place.
He came around twice.
And that's what I saw.
Are you alright, or is it your time of the month, eh? Yeah, maybe it is.
Hey, Jen, Jen.
Jenny! My program's about to start.
Jenny! Oh, it was the wine talking.
Pinot always makes me so indiscreet.
But you did make these comments to Adam on tape? And he promised he'd keep it to himself.
He's made me look dreadful.
People will forget about it soon enough.
Well, Jemima's husband won't forget and he's the one that cast me in my new role.
He called this morning.
It seems my services as Lady Bracknell are no longer required.
The recording Adam made of your conversation has gone missing.
Would you know anything about that? I assume he gave it to whichever gutter journalist bought the story.
What time did you leave the launch party? Oh, 10:30.
I was in bed by 11.
Can anyone confirm that? That I was in bed? Sadly not.
Oh, thank God.
It's my agent.
I have been calling you all day.
Well, the police are here.
They're just leaving.
Yes, I know, but this was meant to be my comeback, my ticket to Hollywood, I Sylvia, has Toby Grundy been doing some work for you? What? Out there, clearing the garden.
Hang on.
I'm so sorry, but I have to take this call.
Do you mind? Thank you, thank you.
For 500 pounds? Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out last time.
Breathe in.
Well done, now we're going Charlie, he was a terrible listener.
Nasty business, that, eh? What? I told him to stay away from things that didn't concern him and it was good advice.
Sounded more like a threat.
Then you're too sensitive.
But Charlie Allen was killed by the Kenton gang.
Oh, was he? You know he was and you know where he was buried.
Did Adam find out about that before he died? I have no idea what you're talking about.
And I am a very busy man.
Granddad, Dad says if they're gonna keep questioning you, you need a solicitor.
Tell him to calm down.
Anyway, we're finished here.
Isn't that right, Inspector? For now.
It's a nice little earner you've got going, all these odd jobs.
Have you done some work for Sylvia Reynolds? Yes, I did her cellar.
She said you did her garden.
It were a deal for both.
I think she paid you 500 pounds to do another job for her.
Hey, hold on now.
Did Sylvia Reynolds pay you to steal a tape from Adam Osoba? Excuse me? He doesn't have to answer that.
No comment.
That would explain the broken window, wouldn't it, Toby and your DNA being all over the place.
Okay, look, I No comment.
No comment.
Good lad.
You still chawing through the memoirs? I'm starting to see double.
Well, you can't expect yourself to read everything Adam's ever written.
Besides, there's a little girl upstairs demanding a story.
Apparently, Mummy just can't do the voices like Daddy can.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Once upon a time, there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who lived in a cottage near the forest.
One day, Little Red Riding Hood asked if she could go to visit her grandmother, as it had been awhile since they had seen each other.
Hello? Little Red Riding Hood waved goodbye.
Remember, said her mother, go straight to Grandma's house.
Don't stop in the woods.
But Little Red Riding Hood didn't listen to her mother and strayed from the path.
By the time she reached Grandma's house, darkness had fallen.
And all the creatures of the forest were sleeping, all except for the big, bad wolf.
When Little Red Riding Hood entered the cottage, she hardly recognized her grandmother.
Grandma, what big ears you have.
All the better to hear you with, said the wolf.
Grandma, what big eyes you have.
All the better to see you with, said the wolf.
Hello? Grandma, what big teeth you have.
What the All the better to eat you with, roared the wolf.
I was on my way to work.
Thought she'd collapsed.
When did you last see Emani? When I went to bed, about 10 o'clock.
Did Emani come to bed? No.
I don't know.
I sleep in the spare room if I have an early start or If she'd been drinking, I'd sleep in the spare room then.
Your wife drank a lot? Not every day.
But once she did, she couldn't stop.
She'd end up wandering around the grounds at three in the morning with a bottle in her hand.
That must have put a strain on your relationship.
We were reasonably happy, if that's what you're gettin' at.
Emani was your second wife? You were married to Jenny Moss before? Yeah.
How were things between you all? Civil.
What happened to your hands? You serious? I'm a builder.
We pick up scratches.
Who else was here overnight? Emani's sister? I don't know where she is.
I haven't seen her since yesterday.
But you have told her? She's not answering her phone.
There's no answer, sir.
Her car's gone.
Winter? Looks like it's been trashed.
Put an all unit call out for Faiza Jindal.
What was Emani's relationship like with Faiza? They were sisters.
They loved each other and they tore strips off each other.
They'd had a disagreement, though.
Paul? They argued about the business all the time.
Sweetheart, are you okay? Not now, Mum.
But it's awful.
I'm so sorry.
Are you? What? You hated Emani, just like you hated Jenny when I was married to her.
I didn't hate them.
Oh, just forget it.
That's not who he is.
He's upset.
Find out what he was wearing yesterday and get it over to the lab.
Tell them it's urgent.
I'm not going to ask what cause of death is.
And I try not to make assumptions, but yes, that'll do it.
You've got recent bruising on the arms and legs, suggesting a struggle and on this particular occasion, the stench of alcohol isn't me.
How long do you think she's been there, approximately? Eight, maybe 10 hours.
So, killed between 10 p.
and midnight.
Sir? One of the neighbors thinks that they saw a torch in the abbey grounds last night.
The same thing as the night Adam died.
What time was this? They wasn't sure, maybe around nine.
We need our search team to cover this whole area.
Have you seen this? In memoriam, executed on this site, Brother Jozef 1539.
These are drag marks, aren't they? Yes and there's blood over there.
I suspect she was killed nearby then dragged here.
So somebody was making a point.
She was deliberately left at the site where Brother Jozef was killed.
Give me hand.
I've never seen anything quite like this before.
I think I have.
They're brewing tools from the monks who founded this place.
Brother Jozef again.
This can't be about a monk from the 16th century.
There must be some link between Emani and Adam.
Why kill a brewery owner and her writer-for-hire? Perhaps we're looking for logic where there isn't any.
Whoever did this is clearly unhinged.
Or trying to appear unhinged.
I wanted to apologize for earlier.
I was out of order.
Don't worry about it.
Even so.
Was there a rota like this for the night that Adam was killed? Yeah, it was on the door.
I assumed you'd taken it for evidence.
Who drew it up? Emani did.
Why? I'll be in touch if there's anything else.
I don't think it's in the evidence room.
I know it's not, but someone's taken it, haven't they? Get the tech team to find the original on Emani's computer.
If somebody was on duty the night Adam was killed, we need to know who.
Time of death was closer to 10 p.
than midnight and the liver's worth noting.
Cirrhosis, stage two.
She was an alcoholic.
What's that cut on her arm? She had it bandaged under her clothes.
Fresh bruises on her arms and legs plus older ones and several healed and semi-healed fractures, probably sustained in the last three or four years.
So, what are we saying? There could be other explanations, but I'd say these injuries are consistent with long-term domestic abuse.
I'd be speaking to her husband.
We will be.
If anyone can tell us what he's really like, it's going to be his ex-wife.
Oh, Keith is in the lounge.
Just been giving him his pain meds.
We're not looking for Keith.
We were hoping to speak to you.
Oh, right.
Well, is everything alright? Jenny, is it okay for Finn to open one present? Oh, hi.
I didn't hear the door.
What's wrong? She was calling me, but I didn't answer.
What time was this? I'm not sure.
Probably around 8:30.
It was an hour or so after I came here and then my phone died.
Were you here all night? Needed to get away.
We've seen your living room.
What happened? I don't know.
I lost it.
You did all that? What did you do to it? We had an e-mail from the supermarket.
They know.
They've canceled the entire order.
You never agreed to substituting the cheap beer, did you? Of course not.
That was my product.
It's the only thing that I've ever been any good at, but Emani knew best.
What do you mean? She could never let me have anything.
Always had to bulldoze her way in.
Did you have a row with your sister yesterday? I told her that I wished we'd never gone into business together and I meant it and I still mean it, but She was my sister.
What sort of a husband was Paul? Does he have a temper? If you're asking if he was violent, then the answer is no.
There's plenty I could accuse him of, but being a wife beater is not one of 'em.
He loved Emani.
That was clear even to me.
Were you aware that Emani had a problem with alcohol? I thought that she probably did.
It wasn't obvious, but my mum was an alcoholic, so I know the signs.
And how were things between you and Emani? Not great.
But she was married to the father of my kids, so we made it work.
Can you take me through your movements last night? I was here, on shift.
I had dinner with Faiza about 8:30.
Then I was in and out of resident's flats.
I took Keith's dogs for a walk just after ten.
Where was Faiza at that time? In my flat.
So, you couldn't actually see her, then? She was in my flat.
I'd have seen if she'd have gone out.
Thank you.
Over here.
What is it? I found something.
Sir, there's been an urgent call from uniform at the abbey.
They think part of the abbey wall collapsed, sir, but these rocks have been disturbed more recently.
Somebody's moved them.
They're right.
You can still see the tool marks on this one.
Hmm, they've definitely been moved since the place was searched last Sunday.
Give me the torch a second.
There's some kind of tunnel back here.
Caved in.
Someone's been trying to get access.
Seems like it was buried in the wall and then exposed when the tunnel collapsed.
How long do you think it's been down here? Well, it's fairly intact.
Get forensics on it.
Will do.
What is this place? I think it's a cell.
Back when the abbey was built.
Well, that doesn't look very medieval.
Someone's had a workshop down here.
And I think we know what they were making.
Wow, there must be thousands here.
But this place has been in use since then.
Sir? At the beer festival on Saturday, Toby Grundy was giving out all his change in two pound coins.
That proves nothing.
Dad, they've got my tocs, the DNA That's enough of that.
That old equipment isn't yours, is it? It's your granddad's.
Well, he hasn't used it for years.
He asked me to move it out of there.
So you thought you'd have a go yourself.
Let's keep this in perspective.
We're talking about a tiny number of coins.
I put a stop to it the second I found out.
We're also talking about human remains.
What? Our forensic team are examining a skull found in the rubble.
Okay, look, I never saw anything like that.
How long have you know about this little forgery operation, Counselor Grundy? Since the entrance caved in.
Toby needed help moving the rocks.
That's the real reason you were at the abbey on the night of the launch.
You were trying to get rid of the evidence.
And last night? Were you up in the abbey grounds again with a torch? Evidently you know that I was.
So you admit that you were in the exact location where Emani Taylor was murdered last night.
Emani? What? I didn't know anyone had been murdered.
I was there, but only briefly.
I was forced to abandon things because Oh, oh dear.
I left because I heard a woman make noise.
What sort of noise? I thought she was being amorous, but perhaps I was mistaken.
Oh my God, Dad.
What time was this? About 10:15.
But look, whatever else happened up there last night, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement in respect with Toby.
I'd be careful where you're going with that.
I'm simply saying he's not some yob.
He's going to university.
He's running his own business.
Now that's right, isn't it, Toby? No job too big or small.
Even stealing a tape to order for Sylvia Reynolds.
Toby? I needed the money.
What on Earth for? Because I'm not going to university.
What are you going to do? I'm gettin' away from you! I've tried to tell you this, but you don't listen.
How can you? Your head is so far up your own backside you can't hear when a woman's being murdered? Ronnie, Reggie.
Hey, they're a bit ornery with people they don't know and coppers they do.
We need to ask you some Yeah, Russell called.
It wasn't the boy's fault.
He was just messing about.
So you admit that the equipment belongs to you? The entire operation is mine.
My uncle showed me the place when I was a kid.
Nobody else knows about it, and then, when I had my accident, I couldn't get down there anymore.
When was this? Oh, 2000, and then when those posers took over the abbey, I asked Toby to shift the stuff.
Turns out, he takes after his old granddad.
I'm actually more interested in the human remains that were found down there.
We believe they're male.
Don't know what you're on about.
A man's body was concealed down there in a place which by your own admission, nobody else knew existed.
And you told a fellow prisoner that you knew where Charlie Allen was buried.
No, no, no.
Can't be Charlie, you're making it up.
But if it was Charlie, would he be down there because you buried him personally, or because you simply provided the site? Neither.
And if Adam found out about this from one of your old associates in the Kenton gang, what would have happened to you? It's not Charlie! Why? Because you know he's buried somewhere else? No.
Because I never knew what happened to him.
I made it up.
You made it up? Yeah, there was a guy called Charlie Allen, obviously, and he was killed and it probably was the Kentons but they would never have told me about it.
So what exactly was your involvement with the Kentons? I knew them, some of them.
I was a gopher, an errand boy.
I used to pick up their kids from school.
You were their babysitter? Well, I wanted to do more, but it never worked out.
What about the rumors? All the crimes you never served time for? Prison is a very frightening place.
What were you doing between around 10 and 11 last night? Not much.
I was here.
Ask Jenny.
She saw you? She popped in about 10:15 to collect the dogs and then drop 'em back half an hour later.
Listen, are we, we don't have to tell Toby about this, do we? Tell him what? That I was never part of the scene with the Kentons? He likes the stories, eh? What Keith says matches what the other residents said.
They saw Jenny walking his dogs and heard them barking.
Nobody remembers seeing Faiza coming or going.
Emani's phone records have just come in.
But one number's been calling her a lot.
Day and night.
Does it say who it's registered to? Yeah.
Tell me now, my lord.
Why do you keep alone? Of sorriest fancies your companions making.
Using those thoughts which should indeed have died.
With them they think on.
Things without all remedy should be without regard.
What's done is done.
What's done is done.
What's done is done.
What if it is the curse of Brother Jozef? I could be next.
What's going on with all your pictures? I can't stand to see them.
Not now.
My agent thinks we can ride it out, but It's over.
You knew it was coming.
I beg your pardon? You knew that Adam was going to the press long before the story broke.
Why else would you pay Toby Grundy to break into his house? I obviously don't know where you're getting this from.
From Toby.
He's confessed to stealing the recordings.
Adam was blackmailing you, wasn't he? He said I could match whatever the newspaper was willing to pay or he'd sell it.
I was all for paying.
But I was persuaded not to.
By Emani? We know she used to be your publicist.
You called her the night before the story ran.
Well, she said she could stop it.
She gave me her word.
But she didn't, did she? You must have been furious.
It's an unfortunate situation, isn't it? Adam sold a story that threatened your career and Emani's bad advice let it happen.
Now they're both dead.
Oh that's rather dramatic.
It's true.
Oh! For goodness sake.
I wasn't even in Causton last night.
He's a London cosmetic surgeon.
And for the sake of discretion, he said he could see me in his office before it opened this morning.
I stayed at the Langham overnight.
And will the hotel confirm that? They know me there.
I'm not vain, you understand.
But that article said I was 68.
I've only just had my 62nd birthday.
How did the killer know that Adam would be in the brew room and that Emani would be in the abbey grounds? Followed them? Lured them there? You've really narrowed it down, then? Helpful, thank you.
Full post-mortem for Emani.
I keep meaning to give you this.
I told my boyfriend about Paddie and his aggression problem.
He doesn't have a problem.
It's a 20 minute operation.
He said he'd do you a discount.
Fleur speaking.
Saved by the bell.
She's right about this lot, though.
We can't even be certain if Adam and Emani's deaths are connected.
Have you found that rota on Emani's laptop? Yeah, yeah here it is.
Saturday 16th, Emani.
She was due to be in the brew room on the night Adam died.
You'd only get rid of this if you wanted to hide that fact.
Have you spoken to the So the question isn't how did the killer know that Adam would be there that night, it's who did the killer expect to be there? You think Emani was the intended victim both times? And Adam was just collateral damage.
Sorry to interrupt your speculation with a fact, but have you spoken to the husband? Because that was the lab.
They've got his jumper under a microscope and there are tiny specks of Emani's blood all over it.
Your wife has unexplained injuries, bruises, cuts, broken bones that have never been treated.
What does that sound like to you, Paul? Doesn't mean anything.
You have no alibi for your wife's murder or for Adam Osoba's, and microscopic traces of your wife's blood were found on your clothing.
No, no, I loved my wife.
Then why is her blood all over your jumper? And those cuts on your hands, they're not from the building site, are they? No.
They're from Emani, trying to fight you off.
It was Emani, but it's not what you think.
She had a problem when she drank.
She was a different person.
She only ever did it when she was drunk.
The next morning, she'd be so ashamed, in tears.
She couldn't remember any of it.
Does anyone else know about this? I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.
So the blood on your jumper? She threw a vase at me.
Big piece of glass came off.
She came at me with it.
I got it off her, but she cut her arm.
Paul, did you kill your wife in self-defense? I didn't, I swear I didn't.
But she wasn't in bed with me when Adam was killed.
I don't know where she was, neither did she.
She was drunk after the party? I found her collapsed on the office floor the next morning.
She had a complete blackout about where she'd been, what she'd done.
There were cuts on her arms, blood.
We thought she'd fallen over and then when Adam was found You were afraid it was her.
Well, we just didn't know.
She asked me to hide her clothes.
Where are they? Under concrete at one of my sites.
Now, that's a sob story.
Emani's the one with the broken bones.
I don't know.
They could be drunken injuries.
So you seriously think Emani murdered Adam, boiled him in a vat of beer and then couldn't remember it? No, but I think Paul was frightened enough of her to believe it.
So, what? Then he kills her because he thinks she's a murderer? I don't see it.
Pull up those statements from the residents at the care home again.
About Faiza? They just said they didn't see her.
No, about her walking Keith's dogs through the gardens last night.
Didn't they say the dogs were barking? Yeah, a couple said the barking made them look up and that's when they saw Jenny.
But this was 10 o'clock.
It was dark.
Those dogs wag their tails for Jenny.
They only bark at people they don't know.
It must have been Jenny walking them.
Keith saw her.
Or did he? I've already been through this once.
I need you to tell me exactly what happened.
I was in here reading.
She lets herself in and takes the dogs out.
Alright, Keith.
Come on Ronnie, Reggie, walkies.
Go on lads, off you go.
Thanks, Jenny.
So you didn't actually see Jenny.
Did she come in here to give you your pain meds or anything? No.
And I'm not on pain meds.
Well, she said that you were.
Does Jenny give you injections for anything? No.
Do you know where she is now? Yeah, she's at her kid's party at the village hall.
She lied about where she was when Emani was killed and she lied about administering drugs.
So what was she doing with that needle in her office, then? Have you looked at the memoir she was working on with Adam? Well, there's not much to look at.
It's just a collection of facts, favorite film, favorite music, favorite food.
She said she was writing it for when her children are older, but they're all things you'd know about your mother already.
Unless Jenny.
What? Look, I know you have a job to do, but I'm trying to keep things normal for my children.
We've got 20 kids turning up any minute.
We need to speak to your ex-wife.
Can you take the kids into the kitchen for me? What does he want? Please, Faiza.
Finny, shall we go grab a sandwich from the kitchen, yeah? Come on, darling.
Come on, you too, Tilda.
It might be better if we talk on our own.
You can say what you want in front of Paul.
It concerns your health.
What? Maybe we should go outside.
What's he talking about Jen? I was gonna tell you after Finn's birthday.
Tell me what? I'm not well.
What's wrong? I'm not well, Paul.
It's the same thing that my sister had, but it's spread.
How long? Years? Months? Not years.
You were worried about your children's future, weren't you, Jenny? You said your own mother was an alcoholic.
What's her mother got to do with it? Because I know what it's like to live that life.
To be little and scared and not know what you've done wrong.
I would never let any harm come to our children.
So why is Matilda wetting the bed? And Finn coming home with bruises on him, talking about Emani being all whopperly and shouting? She was never any threat to them.
When she drove them back to my house last week, she had alcohol on her breath.
How do you think I can let a woman like that raise my children? What are you saying? You'd seen the brewery rota.
You knew that Emani would be in there on Saturday night.
I knew it was a time when she'd be drunk.
Come on, Jen, no! What's going on? Can you just look after Finn and Matilda please? Paul? Just keep them in the kitchen with Mum, please.
But it went wrong, didn't it? Because it wasn't Emani who walked in.
It was Adam.
He's the only other person who knew about the cancer.
I told him everything and we were writing the book all about Emani and her drinking.
Jenny? Adam, no, no.
No, don't come up here.
You can't tell anybody I was here, okay? Not yet.
He knew why you were there.
It was obvious.
No, it's not what you think.
No, give me the knife.
I told him to back off, but he just kept coming for the knife.
No! And then, we were struggling.
I was just trying to get away.
And then he was falling and, and he was in the vat.
This was not an accident.
When Adam's body was found, boiled to death, the lid of that vat was closed.
You shut him in there.
He was never gonna survive that.
I just, I panicked.
You came back for a second try though, didn't you? With that thing.
You were still determined to kill Emani, weren't you? You wanted to make it look like the murders were connected.
So you tried to link them to Brother Jozef's curse.
I didn't know what else to do.
You said nobody else knew about your diagnosis, but that isn't true.
You had help.
No, I did it on my own.
You killed on your own.
But somebody helped you to fabricate an alibi.
Who was walking Keith's dogs? It was Faiza, wasn't it? No, Paul.
She was staying with you last night.
She hated her sister even more than you do! It wasn't Faiza.
Well, then who was it? My boy, I'm so sorry.
You made excuses for Emani over and over again.
But I saw the bruises on you and on Finn.
I couldn't stand by.
Alright, Keith.
Come on Ronnie, Reggie.
Thanks, Jenny.
I'm your mother.
You helped to kill my wife! Mum, Mum? Paul.
Hey, let's go and practice blowing out your candles before your friends come.
This is the last birthday I'll ever get to spend with my kids.
Two minutes.
Thank you.
Come on Finn.
Come on three.
So, as you can see over here, the line of the window I'm amazed a few bones under some ruins get this much attention.
Not any old bones.
Brother Jozef.
If you're going to stick around here, you'll have to learn the legends.
Yeah, we've got a headless horseman, a faceless phantom.
A bollock-less dog? Never! He helped to solve the case, didn't you boy? The least I can do is protect your manhood.
Well, I thought we could go for a beer.
You know what? I might prefer a glass of wine.