Midsomer Murders (1997) s20e02 Episode Script

Death of the Small Coppers

- Morning.
Hi, there.
Where's Mahesh? He's supposed to be here by now.
His car's here.
I'll check the summer house.
Tin, tin's fine.
Oh! Hey, you, give me back my gold! [GASPING] Oh no, not you, Mrs.
Willis, it's Hey, you, give me back my gold.
- [CHUCKLES] - [LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] When was the Ponte Vechhio built? It first appeared in a document in 996 ad.
Come on, come on, Leo.
Details, details.
One more.
How small is an atom? - Very.
- Leo, how small? Really rather titchy.
- What are you playing at? - Can we just go? No, every second counts.
How small is an atom? .
00000001 of a millimeter in diameter.
We can do some more on a walk.
Time to make your mom proud.
[LIGHT MUSIC] Victim: Mahesh Sidana.
Head of the local school.
The wife found the body.
He'd been collecting butterflies.
Circulus? It's an IQ society.
A membership club for people of high intelligence.
It was founded here in the village.
They use the school during the holidays.
Maybe we should join, sir.
I'm a bit of a legend at pop quizzes.
Really? Circulus exams are a little more demanding than a pop quiz, Winter.
[MUFFLED TALKING] Well, that's odd.
Someone's lost a butterfly.
I think you'll find the butterfly's quite attractive, too.
[CLEARS THROAT] Hey, you two.
All set? I think so.
You know it's a waste of time, don't you? There are those who thought who think differently.
Of course, sir.
Test me.
Latin name for small coppers.
Lycaena phlaeas.
And one.
[CHUCKLING] Bye! Mary's virgin explanation made Joseph suspect upstairs neighbors.
And why wouldn't they? Hi Oh.
You're studying the exam again? Eddie, will you never learn? I just did, I have learned.
I've learned so much my head's gonna explode.
[MIMICKING BOOMING] [CAMERA CLICKING] Who in their right mind chooses to be surrounded by death? What about Mr.
Sidana? Popped his clogs.
Any idea how he popped them? An earth auger drill bit powered through the pericardial cavity might have had something to do with it.
Paint's still slightly tacky.
Painted pre-porridge presumably.
There's no sign of forced entry.
So, either the doors were unlocked or the killer had a key.
Signs of a struggle.
This might've been useful.
Ethyl acetate.
He was asphyxiated.
It's used in killing jars.
That's what you keep butterflies in.
You douse a bit cotton ball and drop it in there, too.
It kills without marking.
I had no idea you were an expert.
Did it in Biology.
See, it's not just pop quizzes.
Should we call it one-nil to me? [LIGHT MUSIC] We did the one where you take a dead frog, stick electrodes in it and make his legs kick.
[LAUGHING] Weird things, butterflies, according to my fella.
Nature's proof of reincarnation.
Why kill someone in the manner of a caught butterfly? Notice any thing in particular? The black edging, copper orange wings.
It's the butterfly from the poster.
A Small Copper, I believe.
One-all? [MUFFLED TALKING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Welcome to Circulus.
In this, our 20th anniversary year.
In which time our community has come far and you are all welcome to join us.
Or try to.
General knowledge today, mathematics and lateral thinking tomorrow.
Mahesh went collecting in the meadows and I was at an editorial meeting.
I edit the local newspaper.
We have an office in Newton Magna.
So what brought you home? Grady Palmerston rang, he said that Mahesh hadn't turned up to invigilate.
Tell me, would your summer house normally be locked? Absolutely.
He kept the key with him at all times.
Is there a spare? At school in his desk, I think.
Your husband wasn't the only person interested in butterflies.
We saw a young woman in the village.
Penny Kingdom.
Biology teacher.
She runs a lepidoptery group.
Was your husband a part of that? No.
He kept his hobby to himself.
[LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Oh, someone shoved them through the letterbox.
Any idea who? No.
There has been a campaign.
I guess nobody likes a club who won't have them as a member.
Was your husband a member? Yes, a founding member.
So, if this campaign escalated, your husband might have been a target.
A lot of mint in that room, strange, - don't you think? - Not really.
Her husband who was obsessed with butterflies but kept his collection in the summer house.
Mint repels insects.
She's not a fan of insects or maybe her husband.
Very good, two-one.
We'll need background checks on Mrs.
Sidana and look into the butterfly group and Circulus.
I'll take the lepidopterous.
I thought you might.
[LIGHT MUSIC] [TAPPING] Local heads.
Who will you get to replace Mahesh? If I knew that I wouldn't have asked for the list, Celeste.
Find Luke, it's time he pulled his finger out.
I'm meant to be at work.
I'm not going to sack you, am I? [BIRDS CHIRPING] - Morning.
- Morning, Luke.
Pint of Grace Ale? [GLASSES CLANKING] [LIGHT MUSIC] [PENCIL SCRATCHING] Quite a detective finding me here.
Your directions were good.
Sorry to hear about Mahesh.
Anika told Grady, Grady told his wife, and Grady and Celeste told the world.
Sidana was your boss, wasn't he? I gather he wasn't a member of your butterfly group? He liked to trap, kill and pin butterflies.
We believed butterflies are better alive than dead.
I gather some are missing.
Yeah, some Small Coppers.
They normally thrive I this area, but this year none, not one.
I think someone's poisoning the land with pesticides.
And why would someone do that? Because people in Little Crosby don't care about the environment.
They're only interested in someones like you.
Not a fan of Circulus, then? It's everything I hate.
What it represents.
It's divisive, it's aloof, it's a clique, it's a cult.
Yeah, but apart from that.
You wouldn't happen to know anything about anti-Circulus leaflets, would you? Who else was a member of your butterfly group? You said we.
Me and Luke Fawcett, mainly.
He's an English teacher.
Well, was.
He lives in a caravan in the next meadow.
Was? Oh, he was sacked last year.
Who by? Mahesh.
[LIGHT MUSIC] [KNOCKING] Luke! Luke, are you in there? Luke! [DOOR SLAMMING] [DOOR CLANKING] I'm looking for Grady Palmerston.
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.
I'm Palmerston.
About Mahesh? Perhaps we can talk outside.
I have an exam to invigilate.
I have a murder investigation to pursue.
The word invigilate comes from vigilare, to watch over.
I can't do that from outside.
Of course.
Silly me.
I'll just have to stop the exam, then.
Do you have any idea why someone might want to kill Mr.
Sidana? Nope.
Mahesh was too ineffectual to have enemies.
Perhaps he wasn't the ultimate target.
I've seen the leaflets.
Oh, ignorant nonsense.
We're the perfect meritocracy with a global membership.
The people who wish us to fail are barely capable of committing pen to paper, let alone murder.
You see murder as a feat of intelligence, - do you, Mr.
Palmerston? - I see this one as irrelevant.
I should look closer to home if I were you.
Would you now? Why? I own the Courier.
I brought Anika out of premature retirement Mahesh was spitting about it.
Preferred his wife at home cooking.
Are you suggesting Anika Sidana killed her husband? I'm saying Mahesh was dull enough to drive anyone crazy.
A minute ago he was too ineffectual to have enemies.
[CHUCKLES] Are we done? There was a man pacing nervously outside.
That'll be Carlton.
Leo's father.
Miss Kingdom didn't see eye-to-eye with the victim, neither did English teacher Luke Fawcett.
According to Penny, he was sacked and now lives in a caravan close to Troy Vale.
Where the victim went butterfly collecting this morning.
Penny? We should have a word with Mr.
Fawcett, but first I want to find the spare summer house key.
If you can crack this code to Mr.
Sidana's office.
Seeing as you're the clever one.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Window's been broken in.
And there's no sign of a key.
Luke, Grady needs you.
Mahesh has been killed.
Well why does that mean that Grady needs me? He's got you.
But, you're a member, I'm not.
Right, there is that.
I'm a bit busy.
[LIGHT MUSIC] And if you are planning a barbecue this weekend I would hold fire for awhile.
- [CLANKING] - The whole of the region will be covered in cloud for the next couple of days.
- Same go - [CLICKING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [BIRD CAWING] [CREAKING] [CLICKING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [HOOK CREAKING] Anyone here? Hello? [PHONE RINGING] Ginny? Carlton, where are you? School.
It's Leo's first exam.
Well, you're meant to be here! Nothing good ever came out of Circulus.
[LIGHT DRAMATIC MUSIC] It went really good actually.
[MUFFLED TALKING AND LAUGHING] How did it go? Did you answer every question? - It was fine, yeah.
- What came up? Science, maps and hurricanes.
Yes! Come on, now, home.
Excuse me? Do you won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907? Birgitte? No, I don't think it was me.
I thought maybe Rudyard Kipling.
Hey, Winter, Birgitte Poulsen.
From the Copenhagen Police, I've heard a lot.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm flattered.
But why are you here in Midsomer? To join Circulus, of course.
- What about Luke? - I Well, - What? I looked for him and he wasn't at the caravan.
I did eventually find him in the pub.
- In the pub? - Yes.
Why didn't you get him out of there? I know about Circulus from my father.
I thought I might give it a go.
You should've let me know, you could've stayed with us.
I rather like the sound of Eddie's Bed and Breakfast and I didn't want to impose, you are a busy man.
Has someone else been poisoned? Mahesh Sidana perhaps? On the exam documentation he was named as invigilator, and yet Mr.
Palmerson stood in for him.
Inspector Poulsen is a very find detective.
Very fine, indeed.
John couldn't stop talking about you when he came back from Copenhagen.
My wife.
My pleasure.
So this is a family affair, is it? I didn't think it was, no.
Grady Palmerston rang, he needs someone to invigilate a mark.
Apparently someone killed Mahesh Sidana.
[LIGHT MUSIC] I can't stop, come for dinner tonight? - You, too, Jamie.
Eight o'clock.
- Great.
- Lovely.
- Lovely.
See you later.
See ya.
Yeah see you.
What's going on? I have absolutely no idea.
- We have to speak with Luke Fawcett.
- Mhm.
I gather he's in the pub.
Forensics have found a partial fingerprint on the broken window.
Tech team have emailed through Anika's phone records.
They seem to stack up.
Fawcett, DCI Barnaby, DS Winter.
Where were you first thing this morning? Um, um, the caravan and then here.
Is this about Mahesh? Did you see him this morning.
Yes, first thing, about sevenish.
We didn't chat.
Fellow butterfly enthusiasts, fellow teachers, I woulda thought you had a lot in common.
I'm sure you know our history.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Why did he sack you? Because he was a slave to the national curriculum.
I believe in freedom of expression and not limiting peoples to pedantic rules and out-modish principles.
You seem to get on okay here.
Yes, well times change.
Can't be easy losing your job.
I've never been happier.
No, I should thank him.
Did you see anyone else this morning? Only the woman following Mahesh.
- Who was? - I've no idea.
I've never seen her before.
About 40 blondish hair long green coat.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Someone's snooping around.
And you're meant to be here! I have to focus on Leo.
The boy, he needs air.
Not Circulus.
Noticeably our money.
Grady's being a pain.
Could I get an advance? I may be old, but do I look stupid? You'd be doing me a favor.
Giving you a job was doing you a favor.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [LIGHT MUSIC] Oh, Eddie! Is it possible I can have a cup of tea, please? Course.
- Follow me.
- Yes.
How did you find the general knowledge? Oh, so-so, and you? It was tough.
I really need to shine tomorrow.
[SIGHS] Although math has never been my strong suit.
Well, and neither has lateral thinking.
I mean, how are you supposed to prepare for that? Practice.
Listen, you're in a room and there are two ways out.
One is engulfed in flames, the other one is full of lions that haven't eaten for two months.
Which way do you go? - Engulfed in flames.
- Yes.
Oh, that's not good, is it? No.
Mind Neither are hungry lions.
I know, is there a trap door? Oh, I'm afraid not.
[GROANING] I give up.
You go towards the lions because if they haven't eaten for two months, they're already dead.
Oh, that is good, that is very good.
And if you don't get in, you might try a bribe.
From what I've heard, it wouldn't be the first.
Yeah, I have heard that some people pay for advanced knowledge of the questions.
Who did you hear this from? Mostly people who didn't get in.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Uh, how can I help, officers? Actually, it's one of your guests we want to see.
Miss Poulsen.
We need to ask some questions.
Am I suspect? How exciting.
Is this about butterflies? When I was out this morning I saw Mahesh Sidana collecting them, and just now I've seen that Eddie here has a room full of books about them.
[LIGHT MUSIC] Perhaps you'd like to have a word with Mister Rowbotham.
With a thhh.
[LIGHT MUSIC] Butterflies.
It's a hobby of mine.
Which one's your favorite? - Me? - Yeah.
I like the blue ones.
Like the Marsh Fritillary? Absolutely.
Yeah, I love that one.
Golden brown on a black background with a hint of yellow on the underside.
But um, nothing blue.
Not even when it's cold? Not even when it's cold.
Look, I'm new to it, all right? I wanted to join the local lebi-what's-it group.
Oh, I was trying to swaddle by just How well did you know Mr.
Sidana? Well, not very.
Not really at all.
I just run my B and B and do a bit of cabbing on the side.
Oh, our paths never crossed.
How did you know it was Mr.
Sidana you saw in the woods? I'm a detective.
If I want to join an organization I want to know everything about them.
I saw his photograph several times.
How was he killed? I'm not at liberty to say.
Oh, come on, please.
Just that following a phone call from a Mr.
Palmerston Sidana's wife What? [LIGHT MUSIC] You'll have to excuse me.
[LIGHT MUSIC] Anika Sidana told us she was at an editorial meeting in Newton Magna when she received a call from Grady Palmerston.
She went home to find her husband dead, at which point she rang the police.
Grady rang her at 10:03, Mrs.
Sidana rang the police at 10:09, six minutes later.
Newton Magna, as you are about to see, is at least 15 minutes away.
So she couldn't have been at work when she received the call.
Where was she and why did she lie? [BIRD SQUAWKING] [GRASS RUSTLING] [LIGHT MUSIC] [ROPE CREAKING] - Yeah.
- Oh, hello! DCI Barnaby, DS Winter.
- Mrs.
Palmerston? - Yes? I do the diary, home and living, and pets sections.
How can I help? Was there an editorial meeting here this morning? Oh no, we had it last week.
Was Mrs.
Sidana in this morning? Well, not first thing.
She got here about 20 minutes ago.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [COMPUTER BEEPING] Detective Dooda and Sergeant Thingy.
At work today of all days? Oh, I had to get out the house.
It's too many consoling phone calls.
Earlier you told us you were here when Grady Palmerston rang.
But you weren't, were you? Um, I, I, I had just been for a walk.
Why not tell us that earlier? Mahesh and I had a row and I didn't think that it sounded good under the circumstances.
What did you row about? Work.
He hated me doing this job.
A bit unseemly, isn't it? Commissioning an obituary so soon? I didn't.
It just arrived, it doesn't say who from.
What it does say is exactly how your husband was killed.
Hoist onto a wall, drilled like one of his butterflies.
Who would know that? Only us, Mrs.
And the person who killed your husband.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Why send an uncomissioned obituary flaunting the fact that you know what happened? To show off? The tech are checking the IP address.
Wife Anika lied about her movements and said she rowed with her husband.
Then presumably didn't send herself the obituary.
Luke Fawcett has motive against the boss that sacked him.
Eddie Rowbotham? Said that he barely knew Mr.
Sidana but has recently bought a load of stuff on butterflies.
Anyone else? Penny Kingdom knows a lot about butterflies and doesn't like Circulus.
What about Grady Palmerston? I did some digging, by the way.
Used to have publishing interests in Germany, France and Denmark.
He was certainly keen to distance the murder from Circulus but I can't see a motive as yet.
Another suspect.
There was a serial number on the drill bit.
Belongs to equipment purchased by Virginia Welton of Borrowdale Farm.
Welton? D.
S Winter, Causton CID.
[COUGHING] [LIGHT MUSIC] That's definitely not water.
[DOG BARKING] Not for you, Paddy.
Time for my confession.
I'm a police officer.
Detective Sergeant Winter.
Can I please just reach for my warrant card? Hold it to the side, my central vision's smashed.
Peripheral, okay? Oh, why didn't you just say that? Well, you didn't give me a chance.
Do you normally greet your visitors with a shotgun? I thought you were an intruder.
Someone keeps trespassing.
Is that firearm licensed? Yes! It was only a warning shot, I was aiming at the bucket.
Do you want me to prove it? No, no! No.
17 years ago a student called Anders Nisson threw himself of Oresund Bridge in an apparent suicide.
He was a friend of my father, both Circulus members.
Apparent? Anders contacted my father the night before he died.
He wanted to meet.
He said he had uncovered a secret about Circulus but the meeting never happened.
And your father thought he was killed? Yes.
And he tried to look into it but he was forced to leave the group for voicing his suspicions.
So why are you here now? Two reasons.
I came across my father's notebooks and an entry that said the answer is in Little Crosby.
Did he say who was involved? No, but I have my suspicions.
Yeah, skal.
[LIGHT MUSIC] [ENGINE RUMBLING] Carlton's here to see you.
G and Ts? Just leave us, Celeste.
I got your text.
I need time.
You don't have any.
Your tardiness rules Leo out of contention for membership.
The rules explicitly state all application fees have to be cleared through the Circulus account before the exams begin.
Why are you doing this? You know Leo would be an asset to the organization.
Like Jane was.
Even if you did stop her from being in charge of social events.
- She wasn't well.
- I know! And I'm still paying for that.
I can get you the money.
How much do you want? [CHUCKLES] Are you trying to bribe me? I'm trying to appeal to your better nature.
Assuming you've got one.
I think we're done, don't you? [LIGHT CLASSICAL MUSIC] [PHONE BEEPING] Why not tell me all this earlier? 'Cause it's not official police business.
I've taken leave to pursue the matter privately.
You know Grady Palmerston used to have business interests in Denmark? Yes, I know.
Does he know why you're here? No.
I have a different surname to my father.
You said there were two reasons why you came here.
What's the other one? My father died last month.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My mother died when I was quite small, so me and my father were very close.
He had been ill for some time but grief is strange.
Comes at you from odd angles.
I thought I was fine about his death, but then I read his notebooks.
And now I feel compelled to find out what happened to Anders.
Where's Jamie? I'll need to take your drill tool for forensic analysis.
It might've been used in a crime.
Well, if it was, someone took it.
Perhaps that's who I've been hearing.
Does anyone else have access to it? Carlton.
Carlton Scott.
Works for me.
When he turns up.
I'll need his details.
[CLANKING] What was that? [PHONE RINGING] Wait here.
And put that down! [LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Who's there? Police.
[ENGINE RUMBLING] Stop! Oh, perfect.
Maybe I can help.
After tomorrow's exam I'll be marking at Grady Palmerston's.
I can be your mole.
You will be nothing of the sort! Palmerston is the suspect in a murder investigation.
Yeah, possibly two.
John is right.
I couldn't possibly impose on you in any way.
[BABY CRYING] Birgitte, you can use Causton's resources to help with your investigation.
And, of course, your skills might be useful in ours.
You're most kind.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] Paddy! Mommy! [BABY CRYING] [LIGHT MUSIC] I had problems getting a bottle.
The earth auger at Borrowdale Farm is being confirmed as the murder weapon.
Ginny Welton's prints are on it.
So either she's the culprit, or the murderer stole the equipment and wiped it on return.
How far is her farm from the Sidana's house? Same side of the village.
The farmland's been in her family for generations and includes the meadow.
She employs a land surveyor Carlton Scott.
[HORN HONKING] His son's applying to Circulus.
And his wife passed away.
Oh, and guess what.
His fingerprints match the partial one found at the break-in.
How come we've got his fingerprints? He's got form six months ago.
Verbal assault at a school prize giving.
The target of the attack? Mahesh Sidana.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Are you all right, sir? Fine.
I'll speak to him, you speak to Penny Kingdom.
The motorbike registration you clocked, it's hers.
Sorry, we have to go, we've gotta be somewhere.
Indeed you do.
With me.
To explain your verbal assault on Mahesh Sidana.
Jane died after a short illness.
I didn't cope very well and I thought the school could've done more.
I objected to their everyone-deserves-a-prize principle.
I happen to think the best people deserve them.
Meaning Leo.
He should've won every prize.
But like I say, I wasn't coping.
Why does Leo's progress matter so much to you? Jane was a clever one, a brilliant lawyer, who gave up her career to start a family.
Leo was pretty much everything to her.
Pretty much? She missed the stimulus of her former life so she joined Circulus for the social side.
She was keen for Leo to become a member.
Look, can we cut to the chase? I gotta get Leo to this exam.
Of course.
How did you get on with Mr.
Sidana after your altercation? We put the incident behind us, we moved on.
So why did you break into his office? Cut to the chase enough for you? Mahesh was the treasurer.
I've had cashflow issues.
I realized the entrance fee was gonna bounce.
I figured it might become a problem.
So you were robbing his study? I thought Mahesh kept records there.
I wanted to find proof they took bribes.
I wanted something over them in case it got ugly.
And did you find anything? No.
Did you take a key? No.
[SNIFFLING] In here.
They like you.
Whereas you try to run me over.
You may begin.
[LIGHT MUSIC] Congratulations, your father would've been proud.
The Danish woman, do you know her? No.
That's odd.
Seeing as like your husband she's a senior police officer.
I know nothing about drills or meat hooks, I was looking for pesticides.
In the dead of night? Well, I went earlier but the old witch nearly caught me.
She's behind the disappearance of the Small Coppers, I'm sure of it.
Don't be fooled by the blind old bat act, she's as tough as old boots.
That I can believe.
She opposed the butterfly farm, didn't want it on her land.
You still haven't explained why you tried to run me down.
If I'd of wanted to hit you I would've.
Is that meant to be reassuring? [PHONE RINGING] Excuse me.
Yeah, onto it.
Sorry, I've gotta go.
So, something's come up.
[LIGHT MUSIC] 10 seconds.
If you read this question before starting the rest of the exam just write your name at the top of the paper and leave.
You will be given 100%.
[SIGHS] Pens down.
Congratulations, the ordeal is over.
Let the party begin.
Grady knows who Birgitte is.
What is it this time, Inspector? We wanna talk to you about Mahesh Sidana's obituary.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] We traced the IP address, your computer.
Well, I didn't write it.
It's too well written for Celeste.
So, I'm afraid I can't help you.
It describes the exact manner of Mr.
Sidana's death, information privy only to the police, Mrs.
Sidana, and The murderer, yes I get that.
Quite a conundrum, isn't it? Nothing like a mystery to exercise the brain cells, is there? We need you to explain it.
I don't need to explain anything, young man, that's your job.
I'm disappointed you haven't made an arrest yet.
I have my suspicions who the killer might be.
- Do you now? - Yes.
I'll let you puzzle it out.
I think he's the murderer.
But as he pointed out, we have to prove that.
And I intend to.
[MUFFLED TALKING] Think of it as Danish feng shui.
Everything in a place and a place for everything.
Everything was in its place.
Here in England we use the crime board as a place for evidential facts not idle speculation.
We do the same in Denmark.
But you've moved Anika Sidana and Luke Fawcett side-by-side and written affair between them.
Based on what? Your evidence.
Her phone records.
If you look over the last few weeks there's the same number ringing several times after one o'clock in the morning.
Fleur told me this was, what was it? A booty call, love.
The number belongs to Luke Fawcett.
The man her husband sacked.
An affair gives the motive.
Yes, well, very good, I'll pay her a visit.
- Anything else? - Yes, the coffee here is terrible.
[LAUGHING] What about you? One of two things.
Not least Grady Palmerston knows who you are.
I know, I have to be careful.
I may done Right, I'm off.
Help yourself to tea, coffee, gin and tonic.
Great, thanks.
I'm doing the music at the party.
Join us, you'll need a drink after that lot.
Well, thank you, but I really should be getting home.
Well, let yourself whenever.
Have a good night.
Roll the dice blues with me, yeah [LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [PHONE CLICKING] Getting rid already? They've always creeped me out.
They're very popular around here.
Your husband, Penny Kingdom, Luke Fawcett.
How well do you know Mr.
Fawcett? Ah.
Speak on the phone much? Bear in mind you've already lied to me once.
Are the two of you involved? Is that where you really were yesterday morning? With him? Nobody likes admitting to infidelity.
It doesn't sound good, does it? Where were you when your husband was killed? Did you come straight home after you left Mr.
Fawcett? No, no, I went for a walk.
Needed to clear my head.
When did your affair start? After Luke got the sack.
Do you think he could've killed your husband out of revenge? Our affair is his revenge.
And you're okay with that? I'm not proud of it, but Mahesh wasn't a particular imaginative man and Luke is the opposite.
And he was sacked over his approach to education? That's what they said, but who knows.
Mahesh, Luke, Grady, they go back a long way.
I'm a Circulus widow in more ways than one.
- Come in.
- Hi.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] So what are we looking for? Anything that links him to Anders Nisson.
It's Palmerston.
Birgitte, you've gotta go.
[DOOR CLICKING] Now! You're still here? Uh, yes, yes, I've familiarized myself with the answers and made a start.
How's it going? Good, yes, but one of your answers is wrong.
X-rays and photons that's the right answer.
What did you think it was? Good work, Winter.
Much more like it.
Where's Inspector Poulsen? I went to get coffee.
What happened? Oh, it's terrible, isn't it? Winter, really.
Actually, I think I can prove that Grady Palmerston wrote the obituary.
Phrases from his editorials, phrases from the obituary.
They're the same.
Never quite had the wherewithal in both.
But there is a sense in which in both.
And who quotes Plutarch twice? Circumstantial, Winter.
But surely enough to confront him about.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [TICKING] Grady Palmerston! [TICKING] [GROANING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Big house for a small publisher.
Palmerston? Mr.
Palmerston? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BUZZING] [MUFFLED POLICE RADIO] We got a partial on the window balcony.
Ethyl acetate again.
Cause of death: cardiac arrest following repeated and incremental electric shocks.
Overloads the systems, stops the heart.
And set up, the murderer didn't even have to be here.
Murder in absentia.
Clever, or reckless.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] All the questions low brow.
Popular culture, bands, television.
Questions Grady Palmerston wouldn't know the answers to.
A victim of his lofty intelligence in the same way that Mahesh Sidana was made a victim of his obsession.
Eddie was right about bribes.
Palmerston kept a list of donations.
But years ago there seems to be much larger amounts.
40,000 pounds.
75,000 euros, dozens of them.
Explains the house, but what were the payments for? Can you go over everything on the computer? Of course.
Any link to Anders Nisson's death yet? No.
Perhaps we'll never know.
Celeste Palmerston's here.
Champagne? Uh, no, thank you.
Be a darling, I don't want to ruin my nails.
Can you talk me through your movements this evening? Sure.
I left your wife here and I went to the party.
My wife was here on her own? Yes, why? Do you think she did it? No, I don't.
Well, Grady was going to come along later, make a speech.
He came home to write it.
Your husband's computer was on.
Seems he was looking over financial transactions relating to Circulus.
- Do you know about them? - Haven't a clue.
Did you husband know that Eddie Rowbotham thought bribes had been taken? Of course, he just told Eddie to shut up and concentrate on his tutorials.
What tutorials? With Mahesh.
Rowbotham said that he rarely crossed paths with Mr.
Rubbish, he'd been cramming with him for months.
Anyone had odd or unusual dealings with your husband recently? Carlton Scott came by last night, I don't know what that was about.
What about today? Did your husband seem troubled at all? No.
Oh, he went to school early to meet someone.
Who? He didn't' say.
I'm gonna have a swim.
Hold this! Oh! [GIGGLES] Oh, Geronimo! [SPLASHING] People respond to grief in different ways, Winter.
Celebration not normally being one of them.
Are we going to announce Grady Palmerston's death? No, I think a stealth approach might be more productive.
[LIGHT JAZZ MUSIC] Crosby Courier.
I think your Miss Kingdom wasn't a fan of Circulus.
She's not mine or a fan.
How was maths and lateral thinking? Well, it's hard to tell, really.
I got the riddle one right, though, you know the one about the fork in the road.
- Did you wanna hear it? - No.
No, I can't stand riddles.
Apart from why you told me that you didn't know Mr.
Sidana when you had tutorials with him.
Because it stopped.
So? Mahesh lost patience with me and he refused to tutor me anymore.
Said I'd never pass in a month of Sundays.
And how did that make you feel? Ashamed.
What about angry? No, just ashamed.
Leaving so soon? Not really my thing.
You mentioned earlier doing the break-in so you could have something over Grady if things turned ugly.
I told you I didn't find anything.
Did things turn ugly anyway? You went to see Grady Palmerston last night.
What about? An administrative confusion.
It's resolved now, we moved on.
Like you said you did with Mahesh Sidana? Exactly.
Didn't expect to see you in the enemy camp.
This is my local.
I'm not gonna sit at home because of that lot.
Though I doubt I'll stay for the duration.
Unless you are.
Yeah, I might do.
Catch you later then? On your own tonight? Looks that way.
Tell me, Grady, chairman, Mahesh, treasurer.
What do you do? Crosswords.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] So why is Penny here? It's her local.
Crawling with people she disapproves of? Strange, don't you think.
Not as strange as you doing a crossword when you're working.
Baby ran in circles around clueless inspectors, seven letters.
Baby ran, clueless inspector.
Barnaby? Doesn't count, I've already got it.
It's three all.
Grady said he'd leave us to puzzle it out.
He's true to his word.
Something's been bothering me about the obituary, though.
We thought Grady Palmerston wrote it and we thought he was the murderer as a result, but And he's clearly not.
So the obituary's meant to frame him.
Which it did.
So whoever wrote it studied his language like you in order to point the finger in his direction knowing that we would trace the IP address.
So why frame someone and then kill them? Exactly.
And the answer is? No idea.
I think I'll stick around for a bit.
Be careful, Winter.
- No, you.
Come on, once.
That's twice! I should probably go.
- I'll say goodbye.
- I won that so I should slap you.
I'll close my eyes while you go.
I enjoyed tonight.
More than I have for awhile.
Me, too.
I don't.
Ah, she's gorgeous, isn't she? [LIGHT MUSIC] [SIGHS] That's the rest of us done for, isn't it? That, I shouldn't.
Because of work and Of course.
I'm sorry.
- Friends? - Sure.
[SIGHS] Try this.
Murderer, a prodigal Samaritan on the road to Emmaus.
How many letters? I'm better if I get the letters.
[DOORBELL RINGING] Hi, hello, thank you.
I think I found a link to Denmark.
But also something else.
I was going through all the exam papers, dozens of them, with this.
The right answer.
And then this.
You're not gonna get any marks for that one.
I've checked the internet, an engineer who worked for one Europe's leading car manufactures.
So this isn't the answer to that question.
No, it's the chemical composition of an engine oil.
I think they use the exams to trade on secrets.
Industrial espionage.
Question is, who knew about it? Luke.
The prodigal son, the good Samaritan and Jesus on the road to Emmaus only appeared in one gospel: Luke.
[BANGING] Did you finish the crossword? It's Grady's idea of a joke presumably.
Is it? We checked the constitution.
In the even of the death of chairman the running Circulus passes to the next surviving founding member.
Luke did business Circulus of which there was originally four.
Recently three.
- Mahesh Sidana.
- Dead.
- Grady Palmerston.
- Dead.
And you.
May we come in? We'd like to search your caravan.
- What for? - Their summer house key or anything that might link you to a murder weapon taken from Borrowdale Farm.
Did you say Grady's dead? Or electrical equipment used to, yes, we did, kill Grady Palmerston.
No, you can't come in.
I think we can.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What's in there? Junk.
It's just full of junk.
No, you've no right.
Any differences I had with Grady were ideological and not psychopathic.
I wouldn't kill over it.
Grady Palmerston thought you would.
He knew of your affair with Anika Sidana and thought you wanted revenge for your sacking.
Well, the great Grady thought wrong.
Fawcett, in the past 36 hours your lover's husband and the only obstacle to you taking over Circulus have both been killed.
Maybe that just means I'm next.
Why would you be next? Wouldn't have anything to do with trading secrets internationally, would it? - That was nothing to do with me.
- You knew about it.
And disapproved.
Was Mahesh Sidana involved? He banked the money.
Did you fall out with him as well? We had our issues.
Can you account for your movements yesterday evening? I was here until I went to the pub.
Much like the day before.
I'm a creature of habit.
Like seeing Mrs.
She didn't go straight to her house after your latest tryst.
Perhaps you did.
You followed Mahesh into his summer house.
You could've done the same with Grady Palmerston.
Trust me, I didn't.
You're a hard man to trust.
Penny Kingdom thinks that you share her concern for the plight of the Small Coppers, when, in fact, you're hoarding them here.
What's she gonna say when we tell her? She'll be gutted.
It was her idea to hide them here in the first place.
[LIGHT DRAMATIC MUSIC] Any Small Coppers in there? You know there aren't.
Because they're all in Luke Fawcett's caravan where you lured, trapped and captured them.
To protect them.
By imprisoning them? It's no different to Mehesh Sidana.
A world of difference.
We're trying to protect their longterm future.
Ginny Welton has plans to use the meadowlands for crops, that's why she's hired Carlton to oversee it.
It's her land, she can do what she wants.
If she does, she'll wipe out Small Coppers and others.
You care an awful lot about butterflies, don't you? Nature's proof of reincarnation? Absolutely.
Symbolic of rebirth that life goes on, it's important.
You weren't looking for pesticides on her farm, were you? You were planting them.
Your posters spread the word that a species has disappeared and then you were gonna mysteriously locate the pesticides on Mrs.
Welton's farm that mighta killed them.
Creating a public outcry.
Quite the campaigner, aren't you? You said you were putting up posters the morning Mahesh Sidana was killed.
That's right.
We've driven round the village, we found five.
Not very many, is it? Grady ripped the others down.
Tit-for-tat for me leafleting about Circulus.
Grady Palmerston is dead.
And He recently paid you a visit.
When and what did he want? Yesterday.
It was private.
At some point yesterday Grady Palmerston went from being someone to frame to someone to kill.
Something changed, perhaps in your meeting.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He wasn't happy about me leafleting, he was flexing his muscles, that's all.
You teach Set One Biology and the brilliant Leo Scott is down in Set Two with a different teacher.
Why? Biology's not his forte.
[SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Now what? According to the original Circulus membership list, the four founding members were M.
Sidana, G.
Palmerston, L.
Fawcett and the V.
V for Virginia, married name, Astergaard.
Grady's boss in Denmark.
She divorced, returned to the U.
And reverted to her family name, Welton.
So she could be your link, not Grady.
With your permission I would like to visit her.
Of course.
And take Winter, I gather she can get trigger-happy.
Where are you going? Penny Kingdom said Grady Palmerston was trying to flex his muscles.
She's not a member of Circulus so he couldn't get at her that way, but he did own a newspaper.
[PHONE BUZZING] [LIGHT DRAMATIC MUSIC] Something come up? I can go on my own if you want.
Yeah, maybe that'd be good.
I'll ring Mrs.
Welton, let her know that you're coming.
Thank you.
Yes, it's absolutely fine.
I'll be waiting.
Grady Palmerston penned crosswords and editorials, did he write anything else? Well he owned the newspaper, he could write what he wanted.
Did he have anything over Penny Kingdom? Something to do with a student.
Leo Scott by any chance? He's not in her class and his father told me the school could've done more.
Oh, the school did loads after Jane died.
The school asked Penny to be there for Leo.
She spent a lot of time with him.
Organized a grief counselor, all of that.
So what went wrong? It was more what went right.
Carlton was grieving, he was lonely and vulnerable.
Penny felt for him, he was attracted to her.
They started a relationship.
Until Carlton's grief turned to guilt and he ended it.
Was this relationship public knowledge? Mahesh was the only one that knew.
So, Penny becomes a thorn in Circulus's side.
She organized a petition putting pressure on Mahesh not to let the school be used for Circulus exams.
- It didn't work? - Nearly did.
Close enough for Grady to want vengeance.
He twisted Mahesh's arm to let her go by the end of the term.
And your husband told Grady about Penny's affair with Carlton Scott.
How did you find out? Grady could be vindictive.
Treacherous teacher abused position to seduce grieving father.
Was this going to run? Possibly next week.
Grady wanted to speak to her first.
Old news, though, isn't it? Not around here.
It's gossip.
It's gold dust.
Professionally that could ruin her reputation.
[LIGHT MUSIC] You have your father's eyes.
And his notebooks.
Come inside.
I have something for you.
You don't seem surprised to see me.
Grady followed your father's obsession with a with an interest that bordered on paranoia.
We all knew he wasn't gonna let it go.
You mean the four original founding members.
What happened to Anders Nisson? Your father was right.
In the light of Grady's death there's no need to hide the truth.
Anders uncovered that Grady was using Circulus as a front for introducing contacts and exchanging information all over Europe.
Did Grady Palmerston kill Anders? Grady arranged for them to meet.
They rowed and he pushed him off the bridge.
He admitted it and we all agreed to cover it up.
- Why? - Oh, we were all implicated, we all know about the espionage.
He said he'd take us all down with him.
When your father suspected I gave up Circulus altogether.
Mahesh took a backseat and Luke disappeared into his own world.
Other things ended as well.
Your father talked about you such a lot.
I want you to have this.
[LIGHT EMOTIONAL MUSIC] He always hoped the two halves might rejoin.
Perhaps now.
I have to take you to the police station.
And you'll have to make a statement about your involvement.
Of course.
That's what your father would've wanted.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Miss Kingdom? [LEAVES RUSTLING] I know why Grady came to see you yesterday, I've seen his article.
Was he going to publish it or just use it to silence you? Publish it if I contested the sacking that was coming my way.
The old charmer.
But now your job is safe and the article won't be published.
I'm a Biology teacher, I believe in life, not death.
Two people you were in conflict with have been killed.
[SIGHS] So? - I was going to leave anyway.
- Really? I've already been applying for jobs.
Grady was always banging on about how I don't fit in here.
He was right, maybe I'm the problem.
Trying to change people that don't want to be changed.
Carlton Scott? Does it matter? It might matter very much.
How strong were your feelings for each other? My feelings were very strong.
And his? According to Leo they were.
He said it was nice to do stuff and see his father smile again.
Reborn, even.
Grief comes at people from all angles.
Did you tell Carlton about Grady's article? I left him a message, I had to warn him in case.
What are you looking for? My phone.
Must've lost it last night.
[GRUNTING] [LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Who else was in the pub late on? Leo, Luke, Eddie, Jamie.
Did anything happen? Anything that could've upset anyone? I kissed Jamie.
And who witnessed that? Anyone who happened to be looking.
[PHONE RINGING] [GRUNTING] [FOOTSTEPS THUDDING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Who's there? I think someone has targeted, is targeting, people connected to you.
Hello? Why? I think because they care for you and your relationship with someone else.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] And they want to be a family again.
- Out.
- Where would he go? A favorite place, think! I know.
You think you're clever, don't you? Stealing Penny from my dad? I haven't! Try this one.
- This what? - Riddle! - I hate riddles.
- Tough.
If you get right within five minutes, you live.
If not, lover boy gets cupid's arrow.
You come to a fork in the road.
Two people stand there, one is an angel that will always tell the truth, one is a devil that will always lie.
One road leads to life, and one road leads to death.
[GROANING] You have to ask one of them a question that would determine the way to life.
Only you don't know which one you're asking.
The angel or the devil? What is the only question you can ask to determine the correct answer? [BEEPING] Five minutes.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Meet me at Frampton Woods.
There's a clearing in the middle.
I don't understand, what's going on? You ask the angel, no, no, wait, wait, wait, hang on a sec.
You ask the devil I told you, you don't know which one you're asking.
I think he went to the school and stole a key.
What, you're saying Leo has something to do with this? Did it not occur to you what your actions were doing to him? What are you talking about? Your son suffered the trauma of losing his mother, but in the fallout from that there was a support system there for him.
Someone who eased not just his pain, but yours.
You ask either one which way, no, no, no, no, no, no wait.
Two minutes.
Come on, every second counts.
Why are you doing this? I was Leo's friend, that's all.
You were more than that, you were part of a family.
And then you two were taken away and replaced by Circulus and intelligence.
I thought that's what his mother would've wanted.
She might've wanted an outlet for her son's emotions, too, don't you think? But you blocked that, you sent Leo down a different route entirely.
Some butterfly effect.
What happens to a caterpillar that can't be reborn? It eats itself and dies.
- Leo! - No, no, no, stay there! You stay! This fires the crossbow! Let him down, Leo.
Leo, please.
Please don't do this.
It's a bit late.
- It's not! - It is! What took you so long, Dad? Why couldn't you see that Penny was the answer? Why does everyone I love always leave me? - I did what I thought was best.
- I did what I was told.
I stuck to the rules, I did what you wanted.
I was biding my time hoping you'd see Penny again.
And protecting that possibility.
I don't understand.
Mahesh, Grady? I heard Mahesh warning you about Circulus.
Threatening you.
Breaking into his office was easy.
I saw the email to Grady.
Plotting he was gonna sack, you would've had to leave.
So you taught him a lesson? I turned him into one of his dead butterflies.
And then you tried to pin it on Grady, but what changed? I saw the article on Grady's computer.
About them.
It was so unfair.
You wouldn't of stood a chance.
I just want you to be happy again, Dad.
And no one, no one is gonna take that away from me.
Leo, please, you gotta stop this.
No, I can't! Rules are rules, remember? Rules are rules! He has to answer the question, he has 30 seconds.
What question? You see, you come to a fork in the road, two people are standing there.
One is an angel that will always tell the truth, and one is a devil that will always lie.
One road leads to life, one road leads to death.
You have to ask one of them a question to determine the routes to life.
You don't know which one you're asking, though.
Well, what is the only question you can to ascertain the correct answer? I really don't mind if you take this one, sir.
Not a problem.
Leo, don't do this.
10! No, please don't! If I was to ask the other one which way to go, what would they say? And then you do the opposite.
- Yes? - Yes? That's that.
It has to be him that to answer details.
Details! Five! Okay, if I was to ask the other one which way to go what would they say.
[BEEPING] And then you do the opposite! You're too late.
No, Jamie! - [GUN BANGING] - [SCREAMING] [HEAVY BREATHING] Don't take me! - No! - It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
I stood by and did nothing when one life was lost.
I wasn't gonna let that happen again.
I'm so proud, I did it for you, I was.
I did it for you, I did.
Come on, better get a wiggle on it if you're gonna beat the traffic.
Charge this one to us, Eddie.
What, plus tip? Only 10%.
Oh, come on, John, 15! Eddie's a bonafide Circulus member now, you passed.
[LAUGHING] - Oh, sorry! - [BARKING] So, it is.
Well done, Eddie.
Thank you for everything.
I learned more about my family than I ever dreamt.
Thank you.
Let me know how everyone gets on.
Thank you for letting me stay last night.
You're welcome.
And you must come to Copenhagen soon so you can bring some more aperitifs.
I'll start lining my stomach immediately.
[LIGHT MUSIC] I wonder if they've got pop quizzes in Denmark.
Just saying.
Question one, what happens next time you go AWOL? Well, there's no answer to that question, sir, because it won't happen again.
10 points.