Midsummer Night (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


["The Four Seasons, Opus No. 8"
by Antonio Vivaldi plays]
[Carina] Go! Håkan, Håkan, Håkan!
- [Håkan] Use your buttocks!
- [Sara] Yes!
- [team straining]
- [Carina] All right! All right! Håkan!
[grunts] Pull with all your might!
- Almost there. Come on.
- [Johannes grunts]
- [groans]
- [Lysander] Let's go. Go, go!
Together! Yes!
[Sara grunts] Yeah, that's it! That's it!
[Johannes] Come on!
[Håkan] My legs, my legs!
[classical music swells]
[team groans]
- [team cheering]
- [Tabur] Yes!
[Darius] Whoo!
- [laughing]
- [Darius grunts]
Say it.
Just say it, please.
Rip off the wretched plaster.
Do it! Say it!
[Håkan]for our last game,
which is Norwegian drunk!
- [Sara] Yay!
- [Robert] Yay!
[group cheering and laughing]
[Robert] Come on! Come on!
[teams cheering]
[indistinct, excited chatter]
[Jannike] Come on.
[group shouting indistinctly]
[Sara] Go, go, go, go!
- Uh
- [Johannes] Right.
[Sara] Johannes, come on!
[classical music swells]
[teams cheering]
[Darius] Go, go, go, go!
Right! You got this! You got this!
Come on, come on, come on!
You got this one!
[Darius] Don't give up! Let's go!
[Helena] You got it, Dad!
[grunts, panting]
Come on! Come on! Get up!
Are you all right, Johannes?
- [Darius] We're not finished.
- [Carina] Johannes?
- That's old age for you. I mean
- That's exactly it.
What do you mean by that?
- "What do you mean by that?"
- I'm just kidding, old man.
I'm so fucking sick
of your silly little jokes.
I'm so fucking sick of hopping around
like some stupid fucking frog.
I'm so fucking sick
of decorating phallic poles
and singing meaningless
Swedish fucking drinking songs!
- Johannes, what the hell?
- Don't you "Johannes" me!
I'm not picking up girls who could've been
in kindergarten with my daughters.
I'm not the one trying to pretend
to be 30 years younger than you are.
- That's enough, Johannes
- [Johannes] Hey?
- "Enough"?
- Yeah.
[Johannes] Says you.
have you got any clue why you're here
this evening? Have you? [scoffs]
[scoffs] Do you actually want
to know what you're doing here?
Because Carina wanted
to share with you all
This is truly one of her better ideas.
Could be her very best.
[quietly] No.
My wife asked you to come here today
[sighs]'cause we're getting a divorce.
[sombre music playing]
[Johannes] How did you put it?
That we were gonna celebrate how long
we've been together, to celebrate the joy.
We've made it to 30 years.
And we're going to eat herring,
the strawberry cake,
hop in a sack race, and sing,
"Hopp fallerallan lej, hallelujah."
- "This toast is for Carina. Say hooray."
- Johannes
[Johannes] "Shame on those who won't."
"Raise a glass to Carina."
"Hooray, hooray."
"So very perfect."
[sighs, clears throat]
[softly] Ah
Why have you said nothing?
- [Carina] I mean, I tried, but
- May I ask what you were thinking? Huh?
- Dear Hanne
- [Hanne] No, don't "dear Hanne" me.
I mean, can we please talk
about this a little later?
Why are you doing this now?
Is it 'cause you
Yeah, it's 'cause then you might
not have to deal with how we will take it.
- Or how we're feeling.
- You weren't meant to find out like this.
- This wasn't supposed to happen like this.
- How, then?
When we're all in a better state.
Different circumstances.
- I really don't know.
- [Hanne] You don't know.
But can't you see,
there's such a positive side?
How is this positive? Positive?
- Hanne
- You, shut up!
Hanne, that is enough now!
[sombre music playing]
Johannes and I
And, so we we've had a fantastic life.
And to be honest, although we've had
fantastic times over the years
But it's over now.
[sighs] And next year,
I'll be sixty-five
Why not turn 65 and be with Dad, Mum?
Can't you try to fix this?
No, I mean Sweetheart.
You're not a child anymore, are you?
You're an adult now.
Håkan, I'm just so, so
I apologise for everything
that Johannes said.
I very much hope that you feel
and know how important you are
for the family, for us,
and for for the girls and
- Should I fire up the grill?
- Good idea.
- [Carina sniffles]
- A very, very good idea.
[both chuckle]
[Jannike inhales sharply]
I like you. And Johannes.
I have no idea what's going on.
I don't want to know the details
or what you and him have done, but
But but I adore those boys of mine.
And I love 'em.
Have loved seeing them grow up
to be good, decent human beings.
And now, my son
is getting married to your daughter.
So I think it's just a little mystifying,
the timing, considering.
I mean, you've been married
for 30 years, and
Well, as I said,
it's not really any of my business, so
But you need to swear, along with me,
that we will make sure
this wedding is the warmest,
truthful, most tender,
beautiful celebration
any of us has ever seen.
- Can you promise?
- [softly] Yeah.
Yeah, I will promise you that.
Then I'll go grab me a sausage.
- Oh, Jesus Christ. [sighs]
- You are impressive.
You know what I think?
I think you're fantastic.
You haven't done anything wrong.
You're following your heart.
Yes, it would be a good
idea to follow your head too.
Yes, but you do too.
Trust me. You do.
- [Lysander] Hey.
- [Elin] Hi.
- [Lysander] You okay? See you.
- [Elin sighs]
Do you think Lysander
will break the news of his diagnosis?
No, I don't think so.
I think he just wanted to be here.
So thank you for inviting him too.
Thank you for knowing
without telling anyone.
[chuckles softly]
Are you coming?
I think I might need
a couple of minutes to myself.
[sombre music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[softly] God.
[Petro] Here.
[Johannes] Thank you. Thanks.
Has everyone gone home?
[Petro] No. No one, I think.
[Johannes] I thought I ruined the party.
Just about. [sighs]
[Johannes] Well
I had no idea
you two were nearly on the verge.
Yeah, it's quite new to me as well.
I mean, I screwed up with your mother,
but with this marriage, I was certain
I was going to be able to handle it.
You did really well for a while.
Thirty years.
With Mum, it was about three.
New personal record.
- [Petro chuckles]
- [sighs] How's your mum doing?
It's not been easy.
- No?
- She, uh, is at Lovisenberg.
- Lovisenberg?
- Yeah. Psychiatric ward.
It's not her first time in there, Papa.
I had no idea.
There's many things you don't know.
How are you?
- With the Mum situation?
- Well, yeah. Also you.
Well, I think I have placed Mum
somewhere so far inside me.
A place where I can understand her.
Be not so angry all the time.
So, that's nice.
And yourself?
That is a little longer process, I think.
Or rather, I know it is.
I mean, there's a lot to clean up.
I remember when your mum had you.
It was three o'clock
in the morning, Aker Hospital.
You were a beautiful baby.
So quiet.
It was lovely.
And you liked it
when I sang lullabies for you.
They always made you fall asleep.
With a little smile on your lips.
When our little joy
Came into this world ♪
All the heaven's stars were bright ♪
- Right. Ah, yeah.
- Yeah. Ta-da.
[gentle music playing]
- [Håkan] Where is the wine?
- [Sara] There, to the left.
Sorry for all the drama.
- How are you?
- Fine.
How about you?
Well [sighs]
Do you think I'm too much?
[Sara sighs]
You are you.
I adore it.
And I'm sorry.
Or rather, sorry that you found out
about the pregnancy in that way.
That wasn't the idea.
I did a test two days ago.
And so, just to be sure,
I took another one.
You don't ever want to be a father?
Don't think so.
Uh, so you're not really sure?
I'll be over 60
when the child begins school.
We'll be turning up
to parent-teacher meetings,
and everyone will be thinking,
"Look at that grandpa.
Why's he here in the building?"
But parent and teacher meetings?
- But it's not
- I'm too old to be a father.
If we're having a baby, I want
to be around when our child grows up.
Of course. And you're going to
'cause you'll live till you're 100, right?
I'm so happy with you, Sara.
I couldn't ask
for anything anything more.
I want to keep it that way.
Just us two the boat and
the ocean and
[quietly] Yeah, okay, okay.
What's "okay, okay"?
What the hell? I mean
But but but
what's that supposed to mean, Sara?
- We talked. We agreed on this.
- You can't get angry! You're angry?
- No
- [Sara] No.
Because I really don't need this from you.
[both sigh]
What do you want?
Ah, um
What should I say?
I think you're trying to say
that it's between no baby.
Uh, or an end to me and you.
Yes, but that's how it is.
I may want children,
but I'm not willing to have
just anyone's child.
So if I'm going to have children,
it's you I want them with.
Because I love you, okay?
[sighs] We're a team.
Us two are the team,
and we're the best team there is.
So for us to do this
Well, you know,
we're going to do it with such style.
And it's not about who can do
the most sit-ups or about age.
No, it's about me wanting
to have children with the best father.
I want to have my family with
well, with someone
who is going to be there for me.
[sighs] I don't want
to have to choose anything else.
[takes a deep breath]
[quietly] Yeah.
[in Swedish] Here's the first
Sing "hup-fol-de-rol-la-ley" ♪
Here's the first
Sing "hup-fol-de-rol-la-ley" ♪
He who doesn't drink the first
Shall never, ever quench his thirst ♪
Here's the first! ♪
Sing "hup-fol-de-rol-la-ley" ♪
- [in English] Hey!
- Hey!
- [all laughing]
- Cheers!
It's terrible.
I think that's the best I can do.
[man] Why don't you go
and get your guitar, Håkan?
Are you sure?
- Nah
- Whoa!
Keep going, keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going, keep going
I'm going to get it.
[indistinct, excited chatter]
- Hi! I don't think we've been introduced.
- Uh, no.
- Håkan.
- Pleasure.
Will you have one?
Yeah, thanks.
No, thank you.
- Thanks for what?
- For all the singing and playing and
Oh. That is absolutely not a problem.
No problem at all. I love Midsummer.
- Yeah.
- Maybe a little too much.
Nah, no such thing as too much Midsummer.
Absolutely not.
I love it too. I think that
I'm certain my grandpa taught me
all the drinking songs.
Do you know all of them?
- Yeah.
- Nah.
Okay. Let's try this one.
[in Swedish] Inside our belly, there ♪
Desire may grow ♪
Come on, my dear
If you need me, I'll be here ♪
Let there be herring, a feast
Let there be spirits, not least ♪
Let us drink all that can be drunk
Come, joy of my heart ♪
- [in English] Impressive.
- No problem.
[both laugh]
Are you sleeping over
in the dormitory tonight?
No, absolutely not.
- Not? What?
- Nah, nah. No.
They told me that was the only choice.
I mean, I just assumed that was
where they put all the childless singles.
Yeah, but then perhaps you're not?
- Oh, yes, I am.
- Right.
- I mean, single.
- [chuckles] Precisely.
And I don't have any children.
I see.
So where is your top-secret hideout?
Nah, so anyway, I, uh
I was in that mouldy old dorm last year,
and I am never doing that again.
So I'll stay on my boat On my boat.
Ah! The one you came here in.
Hmm, that's her.
- She's the love of my life.
- So what's the kind of boat?
She's a Storebro.
- Storebro.
- Storebro?
Means bigger. Thirty-four feet.
Called a royal cruiser.
It's more like a concept than a boat.
It was built in Småland, by hand.
What's special about this one
is that it has double water tanks.
And it's got two cabins,
both fore and aft.
And they use
a very special type of mahogany.
- What?
- It's unlikely that boats are your thing.
- Oh, well, oh No, no, yeah, I
- I'll shut up now.
Well, no. I don't know
anything about boats
but it's nice to hear you talk about it.
It's very um
You're sweet.
Thank you.
You think I can come
with you another time?
I can bring wine.
Wine sounds great.
[both laugh]
Okay, let me think about
what wine I should get for you.
Would it perhaps
would it, uh be a Gewürztraminer?
I just think it reminds me
of us both, really.
For the following reasons.
It's very mellow and silky.
Like tea with honey.
But then it's still got temperament
as well.
- Because there's, well, sweet spices
- Temperament, interesting
- And pepper
- How old are you?
When I was your age, let's think
the only two wines I knew
with certainty were red and white.
[chuckles] But it's I I am a sommelier.
- Hang on. What? You're a real sommelier?
- Yes. Yes, I'm a sommelier.
- When are we getting engaged?
- [both laugh]
[Carina] Have you seen Johannes?
[Carina] I remember when you were little,
you stood up on the roof,
shouting to all below
- "Life, I delight in this day!"
- "I delight in this day!"
[both laugh]
I mean, who does that?
You do.
You could always put me
in a good mood, found ways to energise.
And then, after Papa died,
it was as if something changed,
something happened
Some pieces simply vanished.
And then, today, when I see you with Sara,
It's like I'm seeing
that little boy again.
My little brother.
It's nice.
[gentle music playing]
I'm sorry that I lost my temper
and I told you like that.
- Have you met someone?
- What? Uh, no.
- Is it Mum, then?
- No.
No, but it takes two to tango.
- You know that one?
- Yeah.
I think your mum has felt a little alone
dancing the tango for a while.
I think I might need time
for me to take it in, you know.
Yeah. It's not just you who needs time.
- Who will I celebrate Christmas with?
- Christmas?
I'm sure we can keep
celebrating Christmas.
As usual, I bet you will eat all
the crackling before Christmas Eve anyway.
[both chuckle]
- You'll eat it as well.
- Yes.
We'll see who's first.
[Helena chuckles]
Yeah? How's things?
Things are good.
My job's fun. Course, it's boring.
- Yeah?
- But I will take my exams.
That's a good idea.
- Yeah.
- Very good.
And love?
Much the same, I suppose.
- Secret boy?
- Mm-hmm.
Remember to get on with it.
It's easy to lose your love
before you even know it.
- One whole milk latte with double shot.
- Yes.
[shop bell rings]
Oh my.
What's wrong?
The man of my dreams just walked in.
Hi! Can I help?
Yeah, uh I'll have a
may I have a small black coffee?
So, we have two alternatives.
One from Honduras,
and another one from Kenya.
- Hmm.
- The Honduras one is fruity and sweet.
While the one
from Kenya is a little more intense.
- A little.
- Great. I'll take the one from Honduras.
Er, but I'd love to taste
the Kenyan blend as well.
- [laughs]
- Maybe you could grind me up a bag?
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
- It's really nice here.
- Thanks.
I actually went to high school nearby.
If you'd been around then,
I'd have come in here every day.
[chuckles] Did you drink coffee
in high school, then?
Of course. Doesn't everyone?
Cappuccino, latte
Yeah, but not some intense coffee
from Kenya?
[both laugh]
No, can't say I did.
Although I have actually been to Kenya.
- You can take me along next time.
- [laughs] Sure.
Here's your latte?
Back in your old neighbourhood, then?
It's a little funny, really.
My friend absolutely insisted
on meeting me here.
- That's nice.
- [Darius] Yeah.
- Is that one for me?
- Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
- [giggles]
- Yeah? Yes?
- Yeah?
Well, how much is it?
- Yeah, um, exactly.
- [Darius chuckles]
That'll be Um, the one
from Kenya as well.
Yeah, thank you.
- That will be 190.
- [Darius] Yes.
- I'm sorry. I'm not all here today.
- [Darius] No, no.
- You'd be the one paying it.
- Yeah. [laughs]
[giggling] So I'm here Tuesdays
and Thursdays.
[chuckles] Right.
- That's nice. Thank you.
- [Helena] You're very welcome.
- Hey! Hey, you.
- Hey!
So good to see you.
- You got coffee and everything?
- [Darius] Yeah, I texted you.
[Hanne] No problem.
I just wanted you to meet my sister.
- Helena?
- [Darius] Yeah.
This is Darius.
Sister? Yeah. Yeah, we had a chat
- Yeah. Hello, hi.
- Hi.
Would you mind getting
an oat latte for me, please?
[tense music plays]
- [music fades]
- Yup.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [dramatic string music playing]
That was a bit much.
Yeah, yeah. I know it. Yeah.
I must speak to you.
I need to tell you about Hanne.
And me.
There's something you need to know.
[Darius] Okay.
[dramatic string music building]
[dramatic string music ends]
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