Midsummer Night (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


- [gentle music playing]
- [door closes]
What's going on?
- I don't quite know how to say it.
- Yeah?
[sighs] I'm not prying or meaning to, uh
but as this is proving to be
an evening of big confessions.
- [inhales sharply] Okay?
- Well
So I think you're the best in the world.
But Hanne, my
sister, I've seen her with someone.
She's unfaithful.
I thought you should know.
I'm sorry for it.
I didn't want to say,
but you're getting married
Yeah, I know that.
- You know already?
- Mm-hmm.
- You you know that Hanne's unfaithful?
- Yeah.
- Does Hanne know that you know?
- No.
- She hasn't told you?
- No.
- Have you told her?
- No.
I don't get it.
She cheated on you,
and you have done nothing about it.
You need to tell her.
It's insane that she can act this way,
and you've done nothing about it.
[sighs] Sorry,
but you totally don't deserve that.
She doesn't deserve you.
[Darius sighs]
It's so unfair.
[Helena sighs]
[sighs, chuckles]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[sighs] Sod it.
Enough, enough.
All is done.
[exhales deeply]
[guests singing downstairs]
That's it.
[in Norwegian] Working night and day
In an eternal rat race ♪
But what then is left ♪
Of the sweet life, my friend? ♪
[laughs, in English] Come join us!
Here comes the chorus!
Lying on an ocean rock
And simply just existing ♪
And feeling the warm sunshine
In the gentle breeze ♪
That is what I call a taste of honey ♪
[Jannike, in English] You know.
[in Norwegian] And knowing that
There isn't a single thing you need ♪
And feeling the joy
Of everything around you ♪
That is what I call ♪
A taste of honey ♪
[song ends]
[gentle music playing]
[Johannes clears throat]
[guests singing in distance]
[in English] I'm sorry.
No, it it's me who's got to, uh
I was so incredibly naive.
I'm sorry all the same.
We must We need to communicate better.
Whatever happens,
we must make sure that we never stop that.
Do you hear?
[grunts] I promise.
Are you coming?
- They're waiting for you.
- [Johannes sighs]
I'm not sure I'm quite ready yet.
No, but maybe you could have a word
with Håkan and Sara.
[Johannes] What can I say?
Well, uh
saying sorry wouldn't be out of place.
[sombre music playing]
[breeze blowing gently]
[guests chatting and laughing]
Shall we try it? Maybe together?
[chatter dies down]
Oh. Oh?
Yup. [sighs]
[sombre music fades]
I'm sorry.
I, uh, apologise to you all.
But most of all
to the both of you.
I'm an idiot. I behaved like an idiot.
And I hope you both can forgive me.
- Sorry.
- God, that
Uh, that's all right.
Yes, yes. Don't worry about it.
We understand that you're kind of
in the middle of a process.
No, no. You don't need to understand me.
And, uh
Don't, uh don't do that.
It's a mess.
And I
I'm not very proud of it. Um
It's just that
there's a reason
Okay, many reasons
why I got quite bananas, and
One reason is that I see you two,
and it constantly reminds me
of my own limitations.
I'm good at some things
but may not be the best at others.
I'm not the best at telling those
those I love that I love them.
And I'm no world champion in hugging,
embracing, or showing my feelings.
Or kissing in public.
[Håkan laughs]
No, I'm hopelessly shy. [inhales sharply]
And I've always been sceptical
of those who [sighs]
sing, play the guitar,
and organise pentathlons.
I wish I could be more like you, Håkan.
That's why it hurts so much
when I can't do it.
I don't stand a chance. I
[sighs deeply]
[softly] I can't do it.
In the centre of all the chaos,
you two got the worst of it.
And and you, Carina.
- [Håkan playing gentle melody]
- [Johannes sighs]
[Sara laughs]
[Håkan vocalising]
[others join in]
[scattered laughter]
La, la, la, la, la, la
We love you, Dad ♪
La, la, la, la, la, la
We dig you, Dad ♪
La, la, la, la, la, la
We love you, Dad ♪
- [Håkan] To Johannes!
- [Helena] Dad!
[all] Cheers!
[Johannes] You know what?
I think we should make a toast
to Håkan and Sara.
Sara and Håkan, thank you
for all you've brought to the party today.
- It's amazing. Thank you so much. Cheers.
- [Håkan] Thanks, Johannes.
[Darius] Cheers.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
[all] Cheers!
[gentle music playing]
[Hanne chuckles]
So, can I entice anyone
with some sausages from my grill?
- [Robert] Yes?
- Yeah.
[indistinct, excited chatter]
[Carina sighs]
So glad that I'm here today.
I love you both, and I really wanted
to be part of the celebration.
You were always so kind to me.
Even after it ended between us.
I've missed you.
[gentle string music playing]
And, Johannes, there are an infinite
amount of ways to show your love.
Driving us around,
gathering us up from the station,
collecting us from parties,
start up the grill,
changing fuses, helping us move.
[Carina chuckles]
[Lysander] You protect your tribe.
It's wonderful.
[woman] Have you had this conversation
with your father?
It wasn't his fault.
He thought I was doing fine.
It's not like my mother hit me
or anything, so
Leaving a little child on her own,
letting her fend for herself
through the nights,
and the days as well, for years on end
is not responsible parenting.
And it is a tremendous
psychological burden for a child.
Your mother could've asked for some help.
I mean, that's not her concern, but
But how about you?
Do you ask for help when you need it?
I don't like it when others
when other people see me as a victim.
Do you think that's why you don't speak
to your father
about all of these matters, really?
I can't imagine if I had said,
how he would have coped with it.
I mean, if I had told him
how awful that was with Mum.
You're very considerate
towards others' feelings?
Yeah, but what was he gonna do
with it, then?
What if I suddenly came and said, uh
"Papa, when I was a little girl,
my mother didn't protect
or look after me."
"And I would rather live with you."
"That's what I wanted, most of all."
"But I didn't dare ask
'cause I was afraid she'd be angry."
"And I didn't like
to impose on your new family."
Couldn't that be a good way
to start a conversation?
[string music building]
[Lysander]protect your tribe.
It's wonderful.
- Wow.
- [Darius] Always good.
You know, according to ancient folklore,
the Midsummer Night is a magical night.
They say that if you place seven blooms
under your pillow,
then your future spouse will appear
to you as you are dreaming.
- That's lovely.
- [Darius] Mm-hmm.
But I think
there's a bit too much going on.
Didn't know this was gonna be
the party from hell.
Mum and Dad and all of it.
I feel completely blindsided.
I had no idea that things were so
Then now, a divorce?
[Darius] Mm-hmm.
[Hanne sighs]
Are you sure you still want
to join this family? [chuckles, sighs]
There is one thing I wonder about.
[Hanne] Yeah?
Why am I not enough?
What do you mean?
Why do you need more than me?
- [Hanne] More?
- Yeah, I know.
I saw you at the hotel.
With Lucas.
Why, Hanne?
[Hanne] Uh
What for?
You what?
- Why haven't you said?
- Is it my fault, now?
Why haven't you said?
[Darius sighs]
[Hanne crying softly]
Um, why don't you just end it?
Because I love you.
- I don't know.
- Why haven't you said anything?
I mean, it was only that one night.
- It was just the one night.
- Oh, for crying out loud!
[sobs, sniffles] I don't know
why I did it.
I felt so mixed up,
and then I just panicked.
I was I was scared.
- You were scared?
- [Hanne] Yes.
- Scared of what?
- I was so scared and tried to avoid it.
What if you were wrong?
And found out
that I wasn't good enough for you?
And maybe I'd lose my freedom or
Um [sniffles]
I'm sorry.
Don't know what to say. I
I love you.
[sobs softly]
[sombre music playing]
- Here.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- [Robert] Do you want a sausage?
- [Helena] Hmm?
- Sausage?
- [Helena chuckles] Sure.
Bun or a wrap?
Um, bun.
All out.
- A wrap, then.
- Yeah.
It's good to see you grin.
Didn't I?
Nah, I Not really that much today.
Well, not all of today
has really been much fun, I guess.
No, that's a good point. Ketchup?
No, I don't like tomato.
- [chuckles] Okay.
- [laughs]
It will be fun again soon.
In a few weeks or months or
There was a comedian who once said,
"Tragedy plus time equals comedy."
- One could say that. [laughs]
- [Robert] Yeah.
[gasps, coughs]
- Too hot.
- Very hot? Burning, yeah?
- Should we go to the hammock?
- Hmm?
Do you want to sit in the hammock?
[Robert] The hammock? Very Yeah.
- That's pretty inelegant. But fine.
- [laughs] Let's go.
- Yes, I'd love to.
- Good. Mm.
- Try blowing on it.
- Straight from the grill.
- Yes, that is how hot dogs work.
- [Helena laughs]
[gentle music playing]
[both laugh]
- Oof.
- [both laugh]
Do you actually like our family?
It is spirited.
And you? Looking forward to the nuptials?
It'll be nice, won't it?
I mean, Hanne's always a success.
- As you probably have seen.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Can I have a drink?
Yeah, absolutely.
- Still do shifts at the burger place?
- Nah.
Um, nah.
It was to try to get my student loan down.
[Helena] Yeah?
Um, I quit right after you quit, actually.
I had so much respect for you.
You were so easygoing and thoughtful.
You always brought
the best out of freaky people like me.
No, you were a natural.
- Such a natural talent for burgers.
- [Robert] Yeah.
Is that really a compliment?
Yeah, I think so. Absolutely.
[both chuckle]
Thank you.
You were or you are very kind.
[softly] Thank you.
Do you know when you'll get married?
- Have you a flame?
- [quietly] No.
There was someone.
Do I know them?
- Yeah.
- I know her?
Go on, then.
It's you.
No, but really.
[laughs] Tell me now.
[Robert inhales sharply]
It is you.
Ever since you charged
into that job interview,
20 minutes late, six years ago.
Just as I was about to throw you out,
you smiled that 1,000-watt smile at me
and told me
that your bike chain had come off.
Which was a lie.
[Helena exhales]
From that moment, I reckon.
I'm sorry. It is embarrassing? Or
- A little.
- Yeah, yeah. I understand.
- Sorry.
- No, no. Don't be sorry.
It's totally fine.
But why didn't you say?
I thought I was being really clear.
- No.
- [Robert] No?
Not even a message?
Yeah. I wrote you a message.
But I didn't send it.
I didn't have the guts to send it.
I had it
I read it and thought, "Today is the day.
I shall send it when I'm on my way home."
That day, you left your job.
I couldn't send it then.
Thought it was way too intense
and desperate.
Do you still have that message?
Yes, I I have.
I have it in my my draft box.
I read it from time to time.
Send it.
- [Robert] Now?
- Yeah.
[message alert chimes]
[gentle string music playing]
[Tabur] Are you morally superior
because she's unfaithful and you're not?
Are you planning to punish her?
Planning to leave her?
Or will you choose another path,
one which is much harder?
To look within yourself and find out
if you are strong enough to forgive.
To forgive and then move on.
The choice is yours.
Choose which man you want to be.
[music building]
[indistinct chatter]
[music fades out]
[taps loudly]
[chatter dies down]
[sighs] So
I realise that today has had
some surprising twists and turns.
And it's not my intention to ruin
the mood on, well, Midsummer Night.
But I
I feel there is something
that I need to say to you all.
[dramatic music playing]
[crying] I am
I am an immature little kid who
[sighs]hurt the man
who I love the most in the whole world.
I'm incredibly sorry.
I am so sorry for having ruined this.
Do you want me?
- My darling, I
- Do you want me?
- But
- Answer?
Yeah. [sobs]
And are you ready
to move on if I am ready to?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
So we should follow through
with the plan and get married.
You want that?
Are you absolutely certain?
Of course! [laughs]
- Okay.
- [whimpers]
You and me?
You and me.
- Us.
- [whimpers, sniffles]
Okay. Let's get married.
[romantic string music playing]
Dear bride and groom.
You are standing here today, together,
now to be married.
By entering into marriage,
you promise each other unity and support
in all areas of your lives.
In good times and bad.
But you promise each other more.
Promising to love each other
for the rest of your life
is the toughest promise
you can make to a person.
It requires you to set high goals
for your life together.
And it requires you to genuinely want
to reach towards those goals.
Knowing you both,
I am sure that you will.
[Hanne laughs]
You will go the extra distance.
By entering this marriage,
you will join as one.
But you will continue as two equal
and independent human beings.
There is no contradiction
between love and unity, on one hand,
and freedom and independence,
on the other.
Because love means that you always show
respect for each other.
And this includes loving
and living with each other's inadequacies.
So, I'll ask you first
[Hanne laughs]
Darius, will you take Hanne,
who is standing by your side,
to be your spouse?
[Lysander] And so, I'll ask you, Hanne.
Will you take Darius, who is standing
here by your side, to be your spouse?
[crying softly] Yes.
[music swells]
As a symbol of the promise
you have now agreed with each other,
I ask you both to exchange
the rings you already have on.
[Hanne laughs]
[Lysander] And put them on once again.
[both chuckle]
[Lysander] Since you now,
in the presence of witnesses,
promised each other
to live together in matrimony,
I hereby declare you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[all laugh]
[guests cheering]
[Tabur] Ah, that's my son.
[Darius] Aw, my gosh.
- [Helena] Congratulations.
- [Hanne] Aw!
- [Petro chuckles]
- [Tabur] You've finally done it.
- [Hanne] Aw!
- [Carina] Congratulations.
[indistinct, excited chatter]
[Håkan singing "För Kärlekens Skull"
in Swedish]
[Hanne] Thank you. You too. [sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Jannike] That was amazing. Aw.
- Thank you.
[Darius takes a deep breath]
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
So proud.
Can you see the man you are now?
Thank you.
- Ah.
- [Jannike] Oh!
[Lysander laughs]
[sighs deeply]
Darius is the luckiest man
in the world to marry the one that I love.
[softly] Yeah.
- [Helena] Hanne.
- Yes, I, uh
- [sighs] I need to talk to you.
- I need to talk to you too.
I've been an idiot.
Sorry. And I wanted to explain it.
[sighs] I love you, Hanne.
I love you too. [laughs]
- [Jannike] Hanne, I need a hug too.
- [Hanne] Yes.
- [both laugh]
- Oh, congratulations!
So glad it's you. [laughs]
- Oh!
- [Johannes] Seriously. Congratulations.
[Hanne] Oh!
[indistinct, excited chatter continues]
["För Kärlekens Skull"
by Ted Gärdestad playing]
Check your inbox, yeah?
[Elin] Congratulations.
[Helena sighs]
[Helena laughs]
[Robert exhales]
[Sara laughs]
- [Håkan] Love you.
- [Sara] I love you.
[both laugh]
- ["För Kärlekens Skull" continues playing]
- [all cheer]
[Sara exclaims]
[Darius cheers]
[takes a deep breath] Do you know
why we have the Midsummer bonfire?
["För Kärlekens Skull" fades]
For warding off the evil spirits.
I am always going to love you.
You know that, right?
I know it.
[laughs] "Ditto"?
[both laugh]
[gentle music playing]
Are you still here?
Is it all right if I stay for a few days?
[Johannes sighs deeply]
[gentle music fades]
[Carina sighs]
["Moving On" by Hannah Storm playing]
Losin' time ♪
As I wonder why ♪
I'm still afraid of change ♪
See the sky ♪
How the colours move ♪
- They never stay the same ♪
- [chuckles softly]
Neither do I ♪
- Just wait until you see me ♪
- [sighs]
Dancin' like a bird ♪
- So I'm movin' on ♪
- [gasps, laughing]
- Stand on my own two feet ♪
- [panting]
And I'll prove them wrong ♪
I will be proud of me ♪
'Cause I'm moving ♪
Lovin' the feeling ♪
I'm not gonna lose that high ♪
Movin' on ♪
Don't get me wrong ♪
I'm movin' on ♪
On the edge ♪
Of the mountain
That I used to find so scary ♪
Looking back ♪
All I saw was clouds ♪
But now I see so clearly ♪
And I feel so free ♪
No holding me ♪
I'm dancin' like a bird ♪
So I'm movin' on ♪
Stand on my own two feet ♪
And I'll prove them wrong ♪
I will be proud of me ♪
'Cause I'm moving ♪
Lovin' the feeling ♪
I'm not gonna lose that high ♪
Movin' on ♪
Don't get me wrong ♪
I'm movin' on ♪
Ooh, yеah ♪
Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
'Cause I'm movin' ♪
Lovin' the feeling ♪
- I'm not gonna lose ♪
- [song fades out]
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