Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

The Bubbler

‎You have one day to work
‎on a fashion piece of your own design.
‎In ten hours, your presentation
‎will be judged
‎by the great fashion designer
‎Gabriel Agreste,
‎the father of our student Adrien.
‎Adrien will model the winning design.
‎And now, this year's theme: derby hats.
‎Derby hats?
‎[Marinette] Derby hat?
‎Derby hat? Derby hat?
‎I don't have any derby hat design.
‎I've got top hats, caps, two-horned hats.
‎A beret? I'm your girl.
‎A sombrero? No problemo. But a derby?
‎It won't even matter,
‎I'll probably make a fool of myself,
‎trip on my derby, collapse on Mr. Agreste,
‎give him a concussion
‎and Adrien will hate me.
‎I'll never be a great fashion designer.
‎My life is over!
‎For a derby hat?
‎Let me see your sketch pad.
‎There must be something in here.
‎Forget it, I'll probably mess
‎everything up in the end.
‎[Adrien] Wow, Alya! Awesome designs.
‎I didn't know you had such skills.
‎Thanks, but I can't take the credit.
‎These sick designs belong to Marinette.
‎Off the chain, right?
‎You're super talented.
‎You have a good chance of winning.
‎Well um yeah, I like designs that
‎go upwards?
‎[they gasp]
‎While stopping?
‎I mean thanks?
‎Sure. Good luck, maybe I'll be wearing
‎your derby at father's next photo shoot.
‎You gotta get a grip next time.
‎Did you hear?
‎He thinks you can win.
‎Did you hear how impressed Adrien was?
‎Of course I heard.
‎Her? Win the contest? As if.
‎Adrien will convince his father
‎to award me the winner.
‎I'm sure he will, Chloe.
‎You're a born champion.
‎Yours is sure to be the best.
‎Yeah, it is.
‎As soon as I can get my hands
‎on this sketch pad.
‎[Alya] Nine hours until show time.
‎Yikes! I'm off to my secret garden
‎of inspiration.
‎I'm okay, I'm okay.
‎The time has come for us
‎to find our next victim,
‎my wicked little Akumas,
‎and to prey upon Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎Their Miraculouses must be mine.
‎It's hard to be creative under pressure.
‎You save the world under pressure.
‎Designing a hat is a piece of cake.
‎A cake derby hat,
‎stylish and tasty.
‎[pigeons coo]
‎[Mr. Ramier] Happy day, happy day.
‎Splendid is the afternoon.
‎Edgar, you fancy one.
‎Fantastic. Dazzling performance.
‎Scram, winged rats.
‎How many times do you need
‎to be told Mr. Ramier?
‎No feeding the pigeons!
‎It's forbidden.
‎They'll leave their waste everywhere!
‎Who's going to feed my poor pigeons?
‎Mr. Ramier, you're banned
‎from every park in Paris.
‎Leave or I'll call the authorities.
‎Wait, I'm the authorities.
‎Get out!
‎I almost feel sorry for that man.
‎[Tikki] What a unique character.
‎He was like a human bird.
‎All he needed was a feather jacket
‎to complete the look.
‎A feather jacket?
‎Nice thinking, Tikki.
‎The feeling of injustice.
‎Such easy prey for my Akuma.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilize him.
‎Mr. Pigeon, I'm Hawk Moth.
‎Neither this police officer
‎nor any other park keeper
‎should stop you from taking care
‎of your friends.
‎What would Paris be without pigeons?
‎What would pigeons be without you?
‎[evil laugh]
‎[he yells]
‎[mad cooing]
‎-That's a derby.
‎-Thanks, Tikki.
‎We're so awesome!
‎Sorry, you're so awesome.
‎When are we you going to make the hat?
‎And ruin these nails? Of course not.
‎Daddy will pay someone.
‎-What are you looking for?
‎-A feather.
‎I don't have a feather for the hat.
‎It has to have one.
‎Sorry, Mr. Officer, Sir.
‎[he yells]
‎Come on, can't we go any faster?
‎[Driver] Sorry, we have a situation.
‎You need to get off.
‎This is weird.
‎[car horns]
‎[he coos]
‎[he coos]
‎[Marinette] Paris needs us.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[loud cooing]
‎This is weirder than weird.
‎Birds of a feather flock together.
‎[he sneezes]
‎I'm allergic to feathers.
‎-That's helpful.
‎-Tell me about it.
‎[he begins to sneeze]
‎There's another problem.
‎The park keepers are vanishing.
‎What? We have to track down Mr. Pigeon.
‎But how?
‎I don't know where we can find him
‎but he can find us.
‎Act natural or he'll never show up.
‎What? I am acting natural.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎Job well done, buddy-boy.
‎Pigeons will reign supreme.
‎Power to the pigeons!
‎[triumphant cooing]
‎Where is he?
‎He should have been here by now.
‎[Adrien sneezes]
‎What the
‎[he sneezes]
‎[Cat Noir]
‎Where's that bird brain Mr. Pigeon?
‎He's gotta be here.
‎If you want to give Paris
‎to the pigeons for good,
‎you must rid the city of those two pests.
‎I feel like birdseed all of a sudden.
‎[they both gasp]
‎Any bright ideas?
‎You're the cat,
‎don't you eat these things?
‎[Mr. Pigeon coos]
‎Chirpy day! I'm so ruthless.
‎[Hawk Moth] Excellent.
‎Take their Miraculouses.
‎Your Miraculouses. Give them to me
‎or face the wrath of my feathered friends.
‎On the count of three,
‎my pigeons will open fire.
‎You can save your sorry skins
‎by handing me your Miraculous. One, two
‎Cat Noir, the bars.
‎[he gasps]
‎[Cat Noir]
‎Well, well, the pigeon is a chicken.
‎Me? I'm not flying away.
‎I'm just killing two birds with one stone.
‎[he coos]
‎[flapping and yelling]
‎[they gasp]
‎[mocking yell]
‎[mocking cooing]
‎Merry Christmas!
‎I'm not done with you yet.
‎[mad cooing]
‎I've got to go
‎before my identity is revealed.
‎You wouldn't want
‎to let the cat out the bag.
‎Ha, ha, very funny.
‎Ladybug, Cat Noir,
‎I'm in great danger of losing money
‎if my guests leave Paris.
‎Get rid of those pigeons.
‎Before we do, I have an urgent need.
‎An urgent need? I see.
‎Head to the Royal Suite.
‎There's paper in there.
‎Perhaps you'd prefer a litter tray?
‎No need for litter.
‎But could I have some camembert?
‎Sorry, emergency.
‎-How do you like your camembert?
‎-Unpasteurized Saint-Claquos.
‎[Plagg screams]
‎The exhaustion. My poor aching body.
‎I can't move a muscle.
‎[Adrien] You wanna bet?
‎My gooeyness
‎Eat up, Ladybug needs help.
‎I can get a much better view from up here.
‎They're flying in the same direction.
‎Better follow them.
‎[Elevator beeps]
‎-Ready when you are.
‎-Let's go.
‎That's where Mr. Pigeon keeps
‎the park keepers.
‎The Grand Palais.
‎[he begins to sneeze]
‎My pigeon radar is on alert.
‎Either your radar's on the brink
‎or the park keepers are unattended.
‎Let's set the cat among the pigeons.
‎Hold up, kitty. It's too easy.
‎I've got a plan.
‎[Mr. Pigeon] Perfect timing.
‎We're ready to greet them.
‎They're going to fall right into my trap.
‎It won't be long
‎before you get your Miraculouses.
‎I can't wait, my dear Pigeon.
‎[Ladybug] If we destroy that bird call,
‎we'll capture the Akuma.
‎You open the window,
‎I grab him and you snag the bird call.
‎Early bird gets the worm.
‎[he sneezes loudly]
‎So much for the element of surprise.
‎[yelling and cooing]
‎Diddle-dee-dee, come closer.
‎I have a bone to "peck" with you.
‎I'd be honored.
‎[Agent] Get us out of here.
‎[evil giggle]
‎Lucky charm!
‎A coin? What am I supposed
‎to do with that?
‎You can't buy yourself out of here.
‎Cat Noir!
‎[Ladybug] Snack time, pigeons.
‎My bird call. No!
‎Cat Noir, grab it.
‎[he sneezes]
‎[desperate cooing]
‎No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilize.
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎What happened? Where am I?
‎Pound it.
‎Wretched pigeons, wretched Ladybug!
‎I'll destroy every one of you.
‎[he roars]
‎I have less than an hour.
‎[busy signal rings]
‎Where is that girl?
‎Hello, Mr. Damocles,
‎I am Mr. Agreste's assistant.
‎Hello Miss.
‎Pardon me, but where is Mr. Agreste?
‎Hello Mr. Agreste, welcome to our school.
‎There's Mr. Agreste. He's coming this way.
‎They have poured their hearts
‎and souls into their projects.
‎Where have you been? You got your hat?
‎Yep, here.
‎[she gasps]
‎-But it's the same as Chloe's.
‎Hi, Mr. Agreste, I'm Chloe Bourgeois.
‎You know my father, the Mayor.
‎That thieving little brat!
‎-Shall I take care of it?
‎-I think I can handle this.
‎No fair!
‎Marinette copied my design.
‎It's scandalous!
‎I apologize for the situation.
‎But I can prove
‎that this derby hat is mine.
‎Everything is handmade
‎from the embroidery
‎to the weaving and the stitching.
‎Done by myself.
‎And there's an element
‎that only a true designer knows about.
‎I signed mine.
‎[Chloe cries]
‎Thank you, thank you, thank you.
‎Awesome job, Marinette.
‎[he starts to sneeze]
‎[he sneezes loudly]
‎I'm allergic to feathers.
‎[he sneezes]
‎[he sneezes]
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