Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e03 Episode Script


‎[crowd chants] Mireille!
‎[crowd chants] Aurore! Aurore!
‎Come on, Manon. Give that back.
‎But I want to be a fashion designer too.
‎Manon, please.
‎It's not finished.
‎You're going to ruin it.
‎[Manon giggles]
‎[she groans]
‎I'm voting for Mireille. She's the best.
‎Hey, my phone.
‎[Manon giggles]
‎[frustrated groan]
‎Why did I agree to do this again?
‎[Tikki squeaks]
‎Stay low, Tikki.
‎Don't worry.
‎If you can handle Manon for a day,
‎any villain here on out will be
‎a piece of cake.
‎[doorbell rings]
‎-[Marinette] Alya?
‎-Hey, I got a huge scoop.
‎Guess who's on a photo shoot in the park?
‎Now? Adrien is in the park right now?
‎As we speak.
‎Oh gosh. What
‎What am I going to say to him?
‎The same thing as usual
‎-I I. Wh
‎-Stop it.
‎Who's she?
‎I forgot about this little detail.
‎And who's she?
‎Manon, my mom's friend's daughter.
‎I'm babysitting all day.
‎[she gasps]
‎Oh no, I can't go out.
‎Let me guess,
‎another you-couldn't-say-no favor?
‎No I just couldn't
‎say no.
‎Look, no problem.
‎I'll look after your little detail.
‎[Manon giggles]
‎Thanks, but I'm responsible for her.
‎Besides, I couldn't do that to you,
‎an absolute angel.
‎[Manon giggles]
‎Manon, put that down!
‎[she groans]
‎Come back.
‎[crashing and giggling]
‎[crashing and giggling continues]
‎You're a pushover, Marinette.
‎I babysit my sisters all the time,
‎which makes me an expert
‎in dealing with "angels".
‎Who are you anyway?
‎I'm a mythical unicorn
‎from the world of Reespa,
‎as a totally fabulous human girl.
‎I grant magical wishes
‎but only to little monkeys who behave.
‎[she giggles] No you're not
‎are you?
‎[they both giggle]
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎OK, let's all go to the park.
‎[Manon] Yay.
‎[cheerfully] OK.
‎[cheers and applause]
‎She crushed you. Better luck next time.
‎[she groans]
‎What's the big deal?
‎You only lost by half a million votes.
‎[evil voice]
‎The vibrations are so strong
‎I can feel
‎the imminent anger and sadness
‎the moment of weakness of my next victim,
‎such easy prey for my Akuma.
‎[angry sighs]
‎[elevator beeps]
‎[angrily] I should have won.
‎I had the talent, the star looks,
‎But she took everything away from me.
‎They took everything away from me!
‎[she squeals]
‎[evil voice] So correct you are.
‎You should have won, yes.
‎[angrily] I should have won, yes!
‎Stormy Weather,
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎I give you the power to seek revenge
‎on them as my Weathergirl.
‎All you have to do
‎is bring me the Miraculous.
‎Can you do that?
‎That's my Weathergirl.
‎Show the world
‎who the best Weathergirl really is.
‎[camera clicks]
‎Come on.
‎We'll stroll over there, real cool,
‎as if we just happened to be passing by.
‎-Then what?
‎I'll invite him for a smoothie
‎after the shoot.
‎Then, we'll get married
‎and live in a beautiful house,
‎have kids, a dog, maybe a cat
‎No, forget the cat.
‎A hamster, I love hamsters.
‎[she giggles]
‎Let's start with "passing by"
‎and see if we can get to that smoothie.
‎[she giggles]
‎Magnifico, super.
‎I want to see hunger in your eyes.
‎Remember cool, just be cool.
‎[Alya] We couldn't be more invisible.
‎OK, let's start over.
‎[Marinette gasps and giggles]
‎[photographer chuckles]
‎Did you see that? He waved at me.
‎Yeah, I saw it too.
‎Pretty normal
‎since we're in the same class.
‎[Marinette giggles nervously]
‎[elevator beeps]
‎[elevator beeps]
‎[wicked laughing]
‎I am Stormy Weather,
‎the only Weathergirl
‎who always gets the forecast right.
‎And, unfortunately for you,
‎there's a freak icy front moving in,
‎right now!
‎Somebody get me out of here!
‎Help! Help!
‎[photographer] Bravo, that's it.
‎Gimme ze smile
‎of when mamma brings spaghetti.
‎OK, now
‎Oh no, mamma dropped ze spaghetti.
‎Now, eat ze spaghetti off ze floor.
‎Yes, you're angry.
‎[photographer] Show me angry Yes, yes.
‎Marinette, I want a balloon
‎with Mireille on it.
‎Can I? Can I?
‎[he groans] Silenzio!
‎Come on.
‎Come on, I'll get you that balloon.
‎No, I wanna go with Marinette.
‎I'll deal with it. I am her babysitter.
‎But what about Adrien?
‎[crowd cheers] Mireille, Mireille!
‎[she cackles]
‎Where's Mireille?
‎[frustrated groan]
‎For all of you who voted for Mireille,
‎I'd advise you to move indoors.
‎It's going to get very blustery.
‎Oh wait too late.
‎[blustering wind]
‎[crowd gasps and screams]
‎Come on. Let's go back.
‎I wanna go on the merry-go-round.
‎No, no, not right now.
‎I've gotta get back to Adrien.
‎You promised.
‎You aren't going to break
‎your promise, are you?
‎Oh please, not the baby-doll eyes.
‎You know I can't say no to
‎[caring sigh]
‎[Manon giggles]
‎[angry groan]
‎[child sobs]
‎Here's a new one.
‎[camera clicks]
‎No, no.
‎Ze boy haz eaten too much spaghetti.
‎We needz more energy more romance.
‎We needz
‎a girl.
‎You, I need an extra.
‎Who? Me?
‎Si, to pose wiz Mr. Adrien.
‎You don't want me. I
‎I'm having an allergic reaction
‎to this apple.
‎[speaking with a lisp]
‎I know jutht the perthon.
‎[puffing and panting]
‎They need an extra
‎to pose with Adrien.
‎What? Seriously?
‎Is that boy your boyfriend?
‎What? No I mean, yes No.
‎Go on. What're you waiting for?
‎But what about Manon?
‎You take care of Prince Charming,
‎I'll take care of Miss Unicorn.
‎You don't know how to control her anyway.
‎No way! Marinette's my babysitter.
‎Trust me.
‎Unicorns unite.
‎Let's go to Reespa
‎and find some sad village kids
‎and grant them those wishes. Yee-haw!
‎[Manon giggles]
‎Time to transform.
‎Tikki, spots on! Yeah!
‎[crowd screams]
‎[he gasps]
‎Plagg? Plagg!
‎I'm not here. I'm sleeping.
‎[excited cry]
‎[he sighs]
‎For your information,
‎I can smell camembert in my sleep.
‎It's one of my many talents.
‎Great, but there's no time
‎to talk cheese.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Why did I leave Manon?
‎I should have never done that.
‎No, Alya's right.
‎She's in good hands. I must trust her.
‎I'll get you out of here!
‎Let's wire-cut this icy cake.
‎[she groans]
‎Or not On to plan B.
‎Don't worry. It will be OK.
‎Where's Marinette?
‎She hasn't forgotten you, Manon.
‎How did you know my name?
‎I I Marinette told me.
‎She's coming right back, OK?
‎[Ladybug chuckles]
‎Hey, Ice Queen.
‎What's with all the terrorizing?
‎Why don't you pick on someone
‎your own temperature?
‎My name is not Ice Queen,
‎it's Stormy Weather!
‎Listen, I'm feline
‎more generous than usual, today.
‎So cool down, and we'll call it quits. 'K?
‎[blustering wind]
‎[Cat Noir yells]
‎I thought cats
‎always landed on their feet.
‎Why thanks, M'Ladybug,
‎but I had it covered.
‎[she gasps]
‎No time for your childish charm,
‎Cat Noir, but you're welcome.
‎We should be expecting lightning storms,
‎like, right now!
‎[thunder rumbles]
‎[they scream]
‎[they groan]
‎[they gasp]
‎You've just won yourself a catfight.
‎Black Ice!
‎[car alarms bleep]
‎[she screams]
‎[she gasps]
‎[she groans]
‎[blustering wind continues]
‎[car alarms bleep]
‎[car alarms bleep]
‎A little Cat Noir
‎will take the wind out of her sails.
‎[he groans]
‎Wow, kitty-kitty, think before you leap.
‎-You've got a plan?
‎-Just follow my lead.
‎Not you again.
‎[blustering wind]
‎[they scream]
‎[they groan]
‎[bus bell rings]
‎[bus bell dies out]
‎[he groans]
‎[she giggles]
‎[Alya sings] Lemonade crunchy ice,
‎hit it once, hit it twice. Freeze!
‎Hey, no fair. You always win
‎[ice cracks]
‎What was that?
‎It's the big Goblin King.
‎He ate too much and split his shirt.
‎[she roars]
‎Wanna hear a story?
‎You've shown them all
‎who the real winner is, my Weathergirl,
‎but now is the time for you
‎to fulfil your part of the agreement,
‎and here's my plan.
‎Maybe she's got anger issues.
‎Or she failed her driving test.
‎But I look so good in a swimsuit.
‎The cat suit will do, thanks.
‎At least now we know where to find her.
‎Hey. That girl reminds me of someone.
‎It's her.
‎The Akuma must be in her parasol.
‎[they roar]
‎It's a recording.
‎[they gasp]
‎This is all going
‎wonderfully according to plan.
‎Soon their Miraculous will be mine.
‎[Hawk Moth] Bring them to me!
‎[Cat Noir]
‎Frosty the Snowgirl's getting away.
‎Do I hear a damsel in distress?
‎Some of us don't have night vision.
‎No need to bug out. Just trust me.
‎Then the cyclops monster picked
‎the princess up and said,
‎"Look into my eye."
‎[Manon giggles]
‎Then she stuck a finger right in it.
‎As soon as she took a bite
‎of the cursed potato,
‎the poor princess
‎fell into a deep, deep sleep.
‎[they gasp]
‎[fearfully] Hurry up, Ladybug.
‎[Ladybug] OK, I think I can manage to
‎[Cat Noir] Duck!
‎I'll follow your lead on this one
‎You airheads, you fell right into my trap.
‎The time is now. Bring me the Miraculous!
‎There's no way out! Party's over, fools.
‎We're just
‎[he chuckles]
‎We're just getting started, Stormy.
‎Lucky charm!
‎A bath towel? What do I do with this?
‎Great. We're about to be obliterated
‎but at least we'll be dry.
‎Just hold your whiskers.
‎So what's the plan?
‎My arm's starting to get cramp.
‎See that sign? Check it out.
‎Hey, Coldilocks,
‎is that all you've got?
‎[she squeals]
‎Get out of here, you nasty bug.
‎No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilize!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous, Ladybug!
‎And after defeating
‎the three-headed dragon
‎with taekwondo
‎the princess kissed
‎her Prince Charming and
‎They lived happily ever after?
‎[hesitantly] Sure
‎until they had little monkeys
‎like you who drove them crazy.
‎[Manon chuckles]
‎[she gasps] What am I doing up here?
‎[together] Pound it.
‎Someday, your Miraculous will be all mine.
‎I don't care how many enemies I need
‎to throw at you to win,
‎but I will be victorious!
‎Hey, there's the photographer
‎and Adrien waiting for you.
‎It's not too late?
‎Come on, Marinette,
‎you saved Manon
‎and the whole world for that matter.
‎Have some fun.
‎[Manon] Marinette!
‎I know what your secret is.
‎Wh What secret?
‎Ladybug is your best friend.
‎That's how you always know
‎what the other one's gonna do.
‎[relieved sigh]
‎Can I have a lollipop? Can I?
‎-Can I? Can I?
‎-No, Manon. I've something to do.
‎Alya, you'll watch her, yeah?
‎I'm ready for the photo shoot.
‎Wait. Who iz zat angel?
‎[photographer giggles] Angel magnifico.
‎[Marinette sighs]
‎[photographer giggles]
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