Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e04 Episode Script


‎Well? With or without?
‎[hesitantly] With?
‎You're sure it's not better without?
‎Either way, you look perfect.
‎It's not every day you celebrate
‎your 20th wedding anniversary.
‎[father] Marinette! Can you come here?
‎Well what?
‎My moustache, I groomed it.
‎Is it too short? Should I shave it off?
‎Is it crooked?
‎You look perfect, dad
‎Except for one thing.
‎Thanks, sweetheart.
‎No problem, dad.
‎You're going to be late.
‎Mrs. Chamack is coming to pick up
‎her Eiffel Tower cake
‎in 30 minutes. I'm depending on you.
‎Yeah, yeah, no sweat, piece of cake.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎Married 20 years
‎pretty cool isn't it, Tikki?
‎Time flies when you're having fun.
‎Not when you're doing homework.
‎[Tikki chuckles]
‎They're Marinette's parents,
‎a chick I hang out with.
‎Yes, I remember.
‎They make the best bread in Paris.
‎Couldn't you have made
‎more effort to dress nicely?
‎What d'you mean? I took off my cap.
‎But this is a special day.
‎Well, it's only a birthday.
‎[he tuts] No
‎This is a special birthday.
‎This family heirloom was made
‎by an ancestor many years ago.
‎It's been passed down
‎through the generations,
‎on the fifteenth birthday, and today,
‎it's your turn to inherit it.
‎It's sweet, but I've already got a watch,
‎synched to my phone.
‎Sometimes, there's more to things
‎than meets the eye.
‎Let's just say our ancestor was
‎ahead of his time.
‎Of course, I'd understand
‎if you'd rather me buy you
‎a new pair of rollerblades.
‎No, dad, I'm stoked.
‎It's awesome, thank you.
‎[her phone rings]
‎Are your friends waiting?
‎Yeah, but I don't want
‎to bail on you, it's cool.
‎No, no, go ahead.
‎Now take good care of it.
‎Come on, Marinette, you can do it.
‎Just remember the formula.
‎Think, Marinette.
‎I might be able to if you weren't
‎distracting me.
‎Hey, Alya. What's up?
‎The what?
‎The bet between Alix and Kim?
‎No, of course I didn't forget.
‎I've made the banner.
‎I know everyone's counting on me.
‎In five minutes?
‎No sweat. I'm on my way already.
‎Be right there.
‎But you have to wait for Mrs. Chamack.
‎I've 20 minutes before she arrives.
‎I told them I'd do the banner.
‎They're counting on me.
‎Besides, Adrien will be there.
‎You'll never make it to Trocadéro
‎in five minutes, it's too far.
‎Not too far for Ladybug.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎That's beautiful.
‎Impressive, Marinette.
‎You've picked the wrong side.
‎Alix hasn't even shown up.
‎Probably too chicken
‎to race an athlete like me.
‎[Alix] Spoke too soon, Kim.
‎Your ridiculous bets are over.
‎I'm gonna leave you in the dust, meathead.
‎You're no match for me.
‎My neck's bigger than your thigh.
‎Is that a good thing?
‎Let's review the official rules.
‎Two laps around the fountains,
‎approximately 500 yards.
‎The first over the line is the victor.
‎If Kim wins, Alix will relinquish
‎her rollerblades to him.
‎If Alix wins,
‎Kim will be prohibited
‎from making any dares
‎for the rest of the school year.
‎We're through with those stupid dares.
‎-Yeah, that's right!
‎-No more dares!
‎On your marks.
‎Get set
‎Hold up!
‎[he groans, the crowd giggles]
‎Forfeiting already?
‎Hold on to this, Alya.
‎I don't want to drop it.
‎Hold on, girl. I can't. I
‎Guard it with your life.
‎It's a family heirloom.
‎Marinette, take this.
‎I gotta record the race for my blog.
‎On your marks.
‎Get set.
‎But she asked you to look after it.
‎I've gotta hold the banner.
‎Need any help?
‎Wh? Yep, thanks,
‎Gotta be careful,
‎even if you are amazing
‎At holding things in your hands.
‎Last lap.
‎Amazing at holding things?
‎Adrikins? Whatcha got there?
‎Some super-old case or something?
‎Careful, it's Alix's.
‎If it's Alix's, it's probably worthless.
‎Give it back to Adrien, Chloé.
‎I call a rematch.
‎That false start threw me off.
‎Did you do this?
‎I had to record the race,
‎so I gave it to Marinette.
‎She had the banner
‎so she gave it to Adrien.
‎Then Chloé snatched it and dropped it.
‎Then you skated over it.
‎My old man gave me this for my birthday.
‎This watch is totally a family heirloom.
‎It was an accident.
‎We didn't mean any harm.
‎As if I totally had nothing
‎to do with this.
‎You're all to blame!
‎[she sobs]
‎Alix, wait!
‎-Marinette, what about the cake?
‎-There's still time. Hide.
‎[evil voice] Such disappointment,
‎frustration, and negativity.
‎How it fills my heart with exhilaration.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma and evilize her.
‎Bon appetit.
‎[phone rings]
‎It's Mrs. Chamack.
‎-I know you do.
‎My daughter's home.
‎She must be upstairs.
‎I'll phone her now.
‎Maybe we could fix it.
‎This watch was sick, one of a kind.
‎It can't be fixed!
‎There has to be a way
‎to get it back to how it was.
‎Like, how?
‎Go back in time and change the future?
‎When you figure out how, lemme know!
‎[phone rings]
‎Oh no, this can't be good.
‎Hello, dad.
‎Timebreaker, I'm Hawk Moth.
‎I'm granting you the power to retaliate
‎against the people who've wronged you,
‎and to go back in time
‎to restore the future.
‎But you must do me a favor in return
‎when the time is right.
‎You got it, Hawk Moth.
‎I gotta go. Can't keep her waiting.
‎She was listening to music.
‎Stop, Alix! What are you doing?
‎The name's Timebreaker now.
‎I'm going back in time to save my watch,
‎using you punks to do it.
‎Go back in time?
‎What did you do? Why is he fading?
‎I needed his energy.
‎He was a pain anyway with all those bets.
‎He deserves to disappear forever,
‎and so do you.
‎We've got to transform, now.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Time out, Timebreaker.
‎Please, help me.
‎I'm messed up, please, please,
‎Sweet, Rose,
‎always thinking of others before yourself.
‎One minute.
‎I gotta destroy her Akuma
‎before everyone disappears.
‎Where's is that Cat?
‎Time to transform.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[she cackles]
‎One and a half minutes.
‎You won't be able to stop me
‎where I'm going, Ladybug.
‎Lemme guess,
‎we're playing tag and you're it?
‎Don't let her touch you.
‎Missed me. Just a second too late.
‎Well she wastes no time, does she?
‎The more people she freezes,
‎the more minutes she gets
‎to go back in time.
‎Those kids are goners
‎if we don't get that Akuma.
‎Keep your hands to yourself.
‎[Hawk Moth] Now, Timebreaker,
‎grab her Miraculous,
‎her earring!
‎Cat Noir, No!
‎Wow, six minutes in one go.
‎Musta been those nine lives.
‎Gotta go, the past is waiting.
‎Timebreaker, the Miraculous!
‎Take his ring before he disappears!
‎Go ahead and try.
‎Chill out, Hawk Moth, I have a sick plan.
‎[Ladybug squeals]
‎Wh-What just happened?
‎Go, Alix, yeah!
‎We've gone back in time, haven't we?
‎Watcha got there?
‎Careful, it's Alix's.
‎What is this?
‎Some super-old case or something?
‎If it's Alix's, it's probably worthless.
‎Give it back to Adrien, Chloé.
‎My watch!
‎Chloé, put the watch down!
‎Ladybug, this time it's your fault!
‎I need more energy.
‎I've gotta go further back in time.
‎Ladybug, it's all Ladybug's fault!
‎[evil voice] Could this be possible?
‎Do I see double vision in my future?
‎Or should I say "double villain"?
‎Fly away, my devilish Akuma,
‎and join this troubled soul.
‎Everyone, get out of here!
‎Don't let her touch you!
‎Time to transform.
‎[Marinette] Who are you?
‎I don't have time to explain,
‎but I'm you,
‎from a few minutes in the future.
‎She's right.
‎I can feel it.
‎She is you from the future.
‎I know it seems unbelievable
‎but trust me.
‎I mean trust yourself.
‎And dad's gonna call me,
‎I mean you, in two minutes.
‎He won't be happy because Mrs. Chamack
‎is waiting at the bakery.
‎The cake But I I still have
‎Time? That's what I thought.
‎She'll be early.
‎Just leave now and take care of the cake.
‎Don't worry, Ladybug can handle this.
‎How do I get myself
‎into these crazy situations?
‎Cat Noir, I can't explain now
‎but we've gotta capture
‎Timebreaker's Akuma.
‎Your life depends on it.
‎Which life? I've got nine.
‎I'm serious!
‎The Akuma's in her rollerblades.
‎[Ladybug] We've gotta release it.
‎Am I seeing double?
‎Another thing
‎I don't have time to explain.
‎The energy from these two
‎will be enough for us to go farther back.
‎I want my watch back. Let's do it.
‎Whatever you do, don't let them touch you.
‎Get the Miraculous, Timebreaker!
‎If we were faster,
‎they'd be no match for us.
‎Then let's stock up on more energy first.
‎Then we'll destroy them.
‎Oh, hold on, here she comes now.
‎It's fine, thanks.
‎It's all good.
‎Sorry again for making you wait.
‎[Tikki] Mission accomplished.
‎You mean Mission 1 accomplished.
‎Time for Mission 2.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎We've got enough speed.
‎Let's go hardcore on Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎Once we get their energy,
‎we'll have enough to go back together.
‎And get our watch!
‎I thought we were chasing them.
‎[they yell]
‎Hey, need a hand?
‎They're insane on their rollerblades.
‎Unstoppable on the ground.
‎So what if they're not on the ground?
‎Two Ladybugs? I'm in heaven.
‎We'd better go back now.
‎There'll be less of them.
‎I'm down.
‎Don't fail me this time!
‎[together] They're planning
‎to go back in time again.
‎[together] Lucky charm!
‎[together] Any ideas?
‎While you figure it out,
‎I'll try to buy some time.
‎Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
‎Of course.
‎Let's freeze her.
‎[panicked cries]
‎We're going too fast! We can't stop!
‎[they yell]
‎[they yell]
‎[together] No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎[together] Time to de-evilize!
‎[together] Gotcha.
‎[together] Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎[together] Miraculous ladybug!
‎[together] Pound it.
‎Here, I think this is yours.
‎How did you fix it? Thank you.
‎I shouldn't have given it
‎to someone else to look after.
‎It was my responsibility, my bad.
‎Responsibility isn't something
‎to be taken lightly. I should know.
‎You're totally right.
‎I'll be more careful next time.
‎Thanks, Ladybug.
‎I was getting used to having
‎two Ladybugs around.
‎Now you're going
‎to get used to no Ladybugs around.
‎I gotta split before I change back.
‎She'll fall for me someday.
‎It's just a matter of time.
‎You slipped by me this time,
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir,
‎but one day, past, present, or future,
‎you will be destroyed,
‎and I'll have your Miraculouses!
‎I will be unstoppable!
‎[he cackles]
‎Hey! So
‎did you have a nice anniversary?
‎[father] We sure did.
‎Although, it was a close call.
‎Yeah. I'm sorry that I kept her waiting.
‎Next time, please wait in the bakery,
‎not in your room listening to music.
‎Got it. I won't screw up next time.
‎Good, cuz mom's right,
‎there's only one Marinette,
‎and we're counting on her.
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