Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Mr. Pigeon

‎[Tikki] Invite him to a movie, then.
‎[Marinette] Right, Tikki.
‎Imagine that.
‎Hey, Adrien. Would you like to
‎Exactly. I can't help it.
‎Every time I see him,
‎I get all clammy and I feel like fainting.
‎So you have to be blindfolded
‎to have a normal conversation with him?
‎Pretty much.
‎There is a simple solution.
‎It's called a phone.
‎You just need his number.
‎I know who'll have it.
‎I'm sure you've outdone yourself, Theo.
‎It was my honor.
‎I can't wait to meet Ladybug.
‎I hope she signs my photo.
‎I used it as the inspiration
‎for the statue.
‎It's nearly time.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎should already be here by now.
‎We know improv's not your bag,
‎so stick to this script.
‎The teachers say
‎I don't sound natural when I read
‎Then memorize it. It's pretty simple.
‎You can do it.
‎Just don't improvise, got it?
‎Forget it. It's never gonna work.
‎Too late.
‎It's dialing.
‎[Ayla giggles]
‎It's gone to voicemail.
‎Leave a message. Don't improv'.
‎Hello, Adrien's voicemail
‎This is Marinette who
‎has a message
‎for you, of course,
‎because it's your phone, so
‎[she giggles]
‎Call me, see you later, bye.
‎What did you expect?
‎"Hey, hot stuff. It's Marinette.
‎"I'd ask you out
‎"but I've got such a crush on you
‎that the only way to talk to you
‎"is over this stupid phone."
‎Pretty ridiculous, right?
‎Hit 2! Hit 2!
‎[she sobs]
‎It's not as bad as you think.
‎Ok, it's bad,
‎but you had to tell him one day,
‎some way or another.
‎Think of it this way, no more secrets.
‎The voicemail recorded
‎my whole conversation.
‎-Big deal.
‎-I called him hot stuff.
‎He can't hear that message, Alya.
‎If he does, I'll die of shame.
‎OK, I've an idea.
‎If his phone went to voicemail,
‎it means he's busy.
‎That means you can get to it
‎before he does.
‎I wonder where he'd be?
‎Of course. He's got fencing after school.
‎That's why he didn't pick up.
‎It ends in 22.5 minutes.
‎You're insane.
‎You know that, right?
‎I gotta get a drink. Be right back.
‎You pig!
‎[he burps]
‎You have one new message.
‎Move please,
‎so I can check my voicemail.
‎I don't recognize this number.
‎Oh no, we're late!
‎Time to transform, Plagg.
‎[excited yelling]
‎Hey, everybody.
‎They're unveiling Ladybug
‎and Cat Noir sculptures today.
‎I totally spaced.
‎Me too.
‎You never mentioned
‎going to the unveiling.
‎I'm not, I mean I am
‎I mean, I forgot?
‎Listen, about Adrien's cell phone
‎What if we go after?
‎After the ceremony,
‎his fencing training will be over,
‎and he'll have his phone back by then.
‎Shoot. I gotta cover this event
‎for the Ladyblog.
‎I'm sorry, Marinette.
‎Don't sweat it. I can manage
‎I think.
‎-You sure?
‎-Yes, yes, I'm sure.
‎Cool, good luck.
‎Stay out of trouble.
‎And don't improv'.
‎[car horn]
‎Isn't Ladybug supposed to be
‎at the unveiling?
‎Yes, but Marinette needs to be
‎at the school first.
‎But it is a ceremony in your honor.
‎And it's my honor that's at stake.
‎I'll be in and out in 5 minutes.
‎We can be at the ceremony in no time.
‎Excuse me Cat Noir,
‎but Ladybug's not here.
‎Don't worry. She'll be here soon.
‎I can handle it for now.
‎I'm the one in charge anyway.
‎I wanted to ask her to sign this photo.
‎She's amazing.
‎She's so brave
‎And smart
‎The way she saves everyone.
‎Perhaps we should commence.
‎It might bring her here faster.
‎Just a minute more, Mayor Bourgeois.
‎She is going to come. I can feel it.
‎In there.
‎[Tikki] Oh boy.
‎Which one's his?
‎Call him. His phone will ring.
‎Nice, Tikki.
‎[phone rings]
‎It's only proper for Paris
‎to pay homage to those who protect us.
‎[Mayor] Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎Can I get some photos?
‎[Tikki] Hurry, they're finishing up.
‎[phone rings]
‎Here it is.
‎It's locked!
‎These statues are amazing
‎but one thing's off.
‎I'm actually taller than her.
‎Ladybug didn't show. I just wanted to
‎express my adoration for her.
‎Let her know that everything I had
‎went into her statue..
‎If she took time to get to know me,
‎she'd see how much we have in common,
‎our devotion to the things we love.
‎Hey, don't mean to burst your bubble,
‎but you know, Ladybug and I,
‎we're a thing, you know.
‎-Yeah, we're like this.
‎What does Ladybug see in him?
‎[phone bleeps]
‎They're coming. Forget it.
‎I haven't erased it yet.
‎We're out of time.
‎We have to get to the ceremony.
‎That was rough.
‎[Cat Noir whistles]
‎"A thing"?
‎You don't even take love seriously
‎calling it "a thing".
‎You don't deserve her.
‎I do!
‎[evil voice] Disappointed by Ladybug
‎and jealous of Cat Noir,
‎the perfect formula for disaster.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilize him.
‎Hello, Copycat,
‎I'm Hawk Moth.
‎Once you get rid of Cat Noir,
‎you can take his place,
‎and Ladybug will be yours forever.
‎The very thought of it makes me purr.
‎Where is it?
‎What are you looking at me for?
‎I didn't eat it, I swear.
‎How do you listen to messages?
‎[phone rings]
‎Adrien's looking for his phone.
‎What if he tracks it?
‎He'll figure out I stole it
‎and I'll spend my life in jail
‎and I'll never get to go
‎to the movies with Adrien.
‎You need to get your priorities in order.
‎I know.
‎Some days it feels impossible
‎to balance being Marinette
‎and being Ladybug.
‎It must still be at the gym.
‎Don't mind me.
‎Just stealing this painting.
‎Go about your business.
‎[alarm rings]
‎I gotta get this on camera.
‎The "cat's meow"?
‎Not only is he a fake,
‎he's a terrible fake.
‎Of course Adrien owns
‎a super-expensive hi-tech smartphone.
‎I can't even figure out how it works.
‎It would help
‎if you took off those silly mittens.
‎And risk leaving finger prints? No way.
‎[phone rings]
‎Almost. I haven't erased the message
‎yet but I'm working on it now.
‎Yes No
‎I mean
‎I was planning to give it back.
‎Where are you? I could use some help.
‎I'm waiting for details
‎on the Cat Noir robbery.
‎What? Somebody robbed Cat Noir?
‎No, girl. Didn't you hear?
‎Cat Noir came in and stole the Mona Lisa,
‎Cat Noir is a lot of things,
‎but he's no thief.
‎Time to transform.
‎Tikki, Spots on!
‎Easy, tigers, you've got the wrong cat.
‎That thief's an impostor.
‎I'm the real Cat Noir.
‎Let me check it out.
‎I have a knack for finding clues,
‎you know, animal instincts.
‎Of course. Come with me.
‎Thanks for your help.
‎Hey. I'm the real Cat Noir.
‎I'm way slicker than that guy.
‎Kitty's in the slammer,
‎I repeat, kitty's in the slammer.
‎Mr. Mayor, this is ridiculous.
‎I'm sure there's a simple explanation.
‎Kitty's in the slammer, Ladybug.
‎Don't think you're gonna
‎Now, now, leave it to the experts.
‎We've got it under control.
‎Thanks for the hospitality
‎but I gotta split.
‎So, I'll say this one more time.
‎You've got the wrong cat!
‎If he's so innocent,
‎why is he running away?
‎If you were wrongly imprisoned,
‎wouldn't you?
‎[police sirens]
‎Requesting assistance.
‎We're in pursuit of the suspect.
‎Cat Noir, what's going on?
‎Stop calling me Bugaboo. This is serious.
‎I'm gonna find the culprit
‎and save my tail.
‎I'll get back to
‎[police sirens]
‎Aren't you gonna go after him?
‎I'll leave it to the experts.
‎Come on, let's get him.
‎[adrien whistles]
‎If you want my opinion,
‎I'd say the thief was akumatized.
‎That I figured.
‎See that lollypop stick?
‎The sculptor.
‎How did I not see that jealousy coming?
‎Yours or his?
‎[sarcastic laugh] So funny.
‎Gotcha, Copycat.
‎Cat Noir, where are you?
‎I've found his den.
‎-My copycat.
‎I'm not getting you.
‎If you'd been there this morning,
‎you'd know.
‎Well, tell me where you are.
‎No. This is between me and him.
‎I got myself into this mess,
‎so I'm gonna get myself out of it.
‎Cat? Cat!
‎"Cat's in the bag!"?
‎I don't get what Ladybug sees in you,
‎a fool who so easily falls into my trap.
‎Looking for this?
‎Which one shall I pick up?
‎My one or my one.
‎Ladybug, hurry, I've caught
‎the imposter at Theo's workshop.
‎I'll be there in 30 seconds.
‎Don't come here, Ladybug, it's a trap!
‎Too late, Cat, Ladybug's on her way,
‎which was my plan all along.
‎She won't be duped. She knows me too well.
‎I know you well, too. And, from now on,
‎she'll love me, not you!
‎Love me?
‎You're right. She loves me.
‎That's why she'll be able
‎to reveal your true identity.
‎Copycat, stop the small talk
‎and get me Cat Noir's Miraculous!
‎[he groans]
‎There you are.
‎Cat Noir, he really looks like you.
‎That's because I am me.
‎-Where's his Akuma?
‎-Inside his ring of course.
‎Grab it.
‎Ladybug's doing all the work for us,
‎what sweet irony.
‎He even has the same powers as you.
‎Simply amazing, isn't it?
‎If you don't believe I'm Cat Noir,
‎ask him about our love for each other.
‎Have I ever lied to you, Bugagoo?
‎I hope you didn't tell him about us.
‎That we're you know
‎We made a secret promise.
‎Yes Of course.
‎We never made a promise,
‎I love you, Ladybug.
‎I'm way better than this mangy alley cat!
‎Sorry, liars are losers.
‎Cat Noir may annoy me,
‎but he's never lied to me.
‎Thanks for the compliment I think.
‎Do it now, take his Miraculous!
‎If I can't have you then nobody will.
‎Let's wrap this up.
‎Lucky Charm!
‎A spoon?
‎What am I supposed to do with this?
‎Excellent job, Milady.
‎Where's his Akuma?
‎Photo in his pocket. Let's make it snappy.
‎[cackling] You're going
‎to change back before me.
‎He's pretty good.
‎Don't rub it in.
‎I told you I was better than him.
‎But I'm better than both of you.
‎-Hey, it's me.
‎-He's lying. I'm the real one.
‎Now you're both annoying me.
‎Show me your ring.
‎How many pads do you have left?
‎Cat Noir, scratch attack!
‎Gladly. I love a good cat fight.
‎Time to go Akuma fishing.
‎No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilize!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎Nice catch.
‎I'm glad you could tell
‎the real Cat from the fake.
‎Once I figured out
‎which cat really loved me,
‎it was a no-brainer.
‎Better help him out.
‎His crush just got crushed.
‎That makes two of us.
‎What am I doing here?
‎Sorry I couldn't make it
‎this morning, Theo.
‎Can you sign it for me?
‎Of course I can.
‎You've got some real artistry here.
‎You really captured my essence.
‎Thank you, Ladybug.
‎And don't worry,
‎I know about you and Cat Noir, it's OK.
‎Didn't find it.
‎I'm gonna tell him I found his phone.
‎That'd be a good way to start
‎a conversation, wouldn't it?
‎Then I'll ask him out.
‎That's my girl.
‎[Nino] Maybe you dropped it.
‎Then whoever has it
‎found it in the locker room.
‎[Alya whispers] Do it now.
‎I had it during fencing practice.
‎What in the?
‎I already looked in here.
‎You need some time off.
‎I know, let's go to the movies.
‎Hey, dudes,
‎mind if a few friends tag along?
‎Sure thing!
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