Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Lady WiFi

‎Don't blink now, we're live from Paris.
‎[she gasps]
‎[Ladybug squeals]
‎I told you from day one, Tikki,
‎I'm a total klutz.
‎What's done is done.
‎We can't change what happened.
‎We can only move forward.
‎Alya mustn't find out who you are.
‎You know how persistent she can be
‎with her blog dedicated to Ladybug.
‎How do we get it back?
‎I'm not cut out for this Ladybug thing.
‎You are the chosen one, Marinette.
‎It will all work out, trust me.
‎Everyone has a past
‎they can learn from.
‎This'll show you why.
‎An exhibition on the pharaoh Tutankhamun?
‎What's that got to do with Alya?
‎Persuade Alya to go
‎and make sure she brings the book.
‎Tell her you found out
‎something about Ladybug.
‎-At the museum?
‎-You'll see.
‎I don't know
‎how I'm gonna convince Alya
‎to go to an Egyptian exhibit
‎much less convince her
‎that I'm not Ladybug.
‎She will be interested,
‎and so will you. Promise.
‎[Alya] Can you believe it?
‎If I find out
‎who this history book belongs to
‎and I figure out
‎Ladybug's true identity.
‎I'm so on this one.
‎You think you can figure out
‎who Ladybug is
‎from a book
‎every high-school student owns?
‎Yep, ours is the only school
‎that uses that book
‎[she yells]
‎All I gotta do is find out
‎which girl lost her book last week.
‎-There are 43, not counting me.
‎not counting you or me.
‎[she groans]
‎Yesterday, somebody didn't have
‎her textbook in class.
‎I left it at home.
‎You know I always forget stuff.
‎[questioning hum]
‎[she giggles]
‎Just messing with you.
‎I'll only drop you
‎from my investigation
‎when you bring your book to class.
‎[Alya yells]
‎It's not broken.
‎Hey, I'm OK too.
‎Thanks for asking.
‎[Jalil] I'm sorry.
‎You're in the same grade
‎as Alix, right?
‎I'm her brother, Jalil Kubdel.
‎You're into Tutankhamun too?
‎So, again, why are we here?
‎It has something to do
‎with Ladybug?
‎-For reals?
‎Yeah, it's over there.
‎[she hesitates]
‎[Alya gasps]
‎What are the odds
‎that we have the same textbook?
‎Maybe we go to the same school.
‎Wouldn't you know her then?
‎Why bother yourself with ladies
‎when you could be enjoying this?
‎Ladies smell far better
‎than that cheese
‎and they're better looking.
‎Suit yourself, your loss.
‎My only loss is my appetite.
‎Come on. Tell me what it is.
‎No, cuz it wouldn't be
‎a surprise then
‎To you or me.
‎[Jalil] I'm telling you, father,
‎it's in the hieroglyphics.
‎Excuse me.
‎There, as you know,
‎the one with the sceptre is
‎Tutankhamun 1.
‎Opposite, is Nefertiti, his princess,
‎with 100 mummies beside them.
‎She died before him.
‎The Sun God, Ra,
‎took her as his Goddess.
‎Yes, I know all that.
‎I'm the director
‎of this exhibition, remember?
‎Then you know Tutankhamun wanted
‎to bring her back to life
‎by offering the Sun God a new wife.
‎This illustrates a ritual he devised.
‎Nobody has ever deciphered it,
‎but I have!
‎It's a magic chant
‎to recite to complete the ritual.
‎I'm sure of it!
‎He reminds me of someone else
‎with crazy ideas
‎You might think
‎my Ladybug theories are crazy
‎but you watch, I'll prove you wrong.
‎Jalil, frescoes like these are
‎often illustrations of a legend.
‎They call it a legend for a reason.
‎That's what everyone thinks
‎but I know it's real.
‎I can prove it.
‎How are you going to do that?
‎I need to get my hands on
‎Tutankhamun's sceptre
‎and recite the spell.
‎Are you serious?
‎Don't even think of touching it.
‎I'd lose my job on the spot.
‎It's a priceless, historical object,
‎not a toy.
‎Dad, we have to try out the spell.
‎What if he had found out
‎how to bring people back to life?
‎Jalil, that's enough.
‎Get your head out of those scrolls,
‎and focus on the real world
‎this one.
‎There's nothing wrong
‎with living out a fantasy,
‎especially when
‎I can make it a reality.
‎Fly away, my evil Akuma,
‎and transform that young man.
‎[confused sigh]
‎[she squeals]
‎Put that down.
‎I'll show you what
‎I found out about Ladybug.
‎About time.
‎This better be blog worthy.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[Hawk Moth] Pharaoh,
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎I have endowed you
‎with the power of the ancient gods.
‎You must do me a favour
‎in return for this gift.
‎My precious Nefertiti
‎will come back to life
‎This thing's making my eyes hurt.
‎Look closely. It is in there
‎Hey, you.
‎Tut, give me time.
‎[man whimpers]
‎Alya, hide!
‎Get out of here, faster.
‎I gotta transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Coming to you live, viewers.
‎I'm here before
‎Ladybug or Cat Noir. It's insane.
‎I love the face changes.
‎They'd suit you.
‎Time to transform.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[alarm rings]
‎You know that's stealing?
‎I'm taking back
‎what rightfully belongs to me.
‎Maybe, if you were the real Pharaoh,
‎which you're not.
‎Look at Ladybug go.
‎If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.
‎Ladybug waved at me. No way.
‎[Ladybug screams]
‎Sekhmet, give me your strength!
‎How nice of you
‎to hold the door open.
‎Enjoy your coffin.
‎This is crazy. Keep your eyes peeled.
‎[Pharaoh] Your face
‎Fate has placed you on my path.
‎Come with me!
‎Hey, hands off the threads.
‎I can walk myself.
‎[she groans]
‎[Marinette] Let her go.
‎Hiding behind an innocent bystander?
‎-You're weak.
‎-I'm more powerful than you.
‎Don't forget all the latest
‎behind the scenes are on my blog.
‎That Alya is one brave chick.
‎If by brave you mean
‎bossy, feisty, and bold,
‎yep, that's her.
‎Come on, get us outta here, Cat Noir.
‎How are we going to find them?
‎Alya's live stream on her blog.
‎Go ahead.
‎I'll join you when
‎my Miraculous is charged up.
‎Hurry, It'll take both of us
‎to defeat him.
‎On to the next phase.
‎Anubis, bring me mummies!
‎[mummies groan]
‎Soon, we will be together again,
‎my Nefertiti, my long lost love.
‎This'll be a major scoop.
‎Excuse me, Pharaoh,
‎but what exactly is going on?
‎I'm going to carry out the sacred spell,
‎to bring Nefertiti back.
‎Oh gotcha.
‎You mean the spell on the papyrus?
‎Correct. The 100 mummies
‎and the offering.
‎What offering?
‎To persuade the sun god Ra
‎to give me back my sweet princess.
‎I must give a pure soul in return.
‎Dude, that's hard to come by.
‎I've already found her.
‎You look so much like her.
‎Say what?
‎[he cackles]
‎Hold on, Alya.
‎[she yells]
‎Oh no, I ran right into
‎one of those time bubbles.
‎[slow motion]
‎I've got to get out of this.
‎Ladybug, this is Alya.
‎I'm the sacrificial offering
‎for the Sun God.
‎Hold on, Alya.
‎[slow motion]
‎I'm nearly there.
‎[Plagg] Do you really think
‎this mumbo jumbo with the sun
‎and mummies is gonna work?
‎[Plagg burps]
‎You have no respect.
‎Your batteries are charged enough.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Thanks for waiting.
‎No problem.
‎We must find the Akuma and free it
‎before he sacrifices her.
‎I can't see her or Pharaoh.
‎Over there.
‎[Alya struggles]
‎Hey, back up.
‎Who's that goddess chick
‎with black spots on your papyrus?
‎Ladybug, my sworn enemy.
‎My nemesis kept me from carrying out
‎my ritual 5000 years ago,
‎but she won't stop Nefertiti
‎from coming back to me this time.
‎Did you say Ladybug
‎5000 years ago?
‎Everyone does have a past
‎they can learn from.
‎Well, you don't look a day over 3000.
‎Now you know why
‎I'm so much wiser than you.
‎Oh sacred Ra,
‎God of the Sun,
‎I, Pharaoh, offer to thee,
‎a pure soul,
‎This sacrifice
‎for the return of Nefertiti.
‎I bow to you
‎and present this gift with my mummies.
‎We pray to you the safe return
‎of Princess Nefertiti.
‎Awaken, Nefertiti!
‎Awaken, Nefertiti!
‎Awaken Nefertiti.
‎We must save her.
‎If he completes the ritual
‎Alya will be gone, forever.
‎What should we do?
‎Hold back the mummies.
‎I'll take on the Pharaoh.
‎Why do I have to deal with them
‎while you go calmly around the back?
‎I'm the only one
‎who can capture his Akuma.
‎And you're the bravest.
‎I'll just pretend you really think that.
‎Awaken, Nefertiti. Awaken.
‎Awaken, Nefertiti. Awaken.
‎Awaken, Nefertiti. Awaken.
‎Hey, you bunch of bandages.
‎Shall we wrap this up?
‎Cat Noir!
‎Seize him!
‎Is that really as fast as you can go?
‎[mummies groan]
‎Wait, this looks like a trap!
‎Horus, give me your wings!
‎[dramatic music]
‎Peeps, you've just witnessed
‎another feat from Ladybug.
‎Thanks for saving me.
‎Oh, you're welcome,
‎but it's not over yet, not until
‎Not until Ladybug destroys
‎the pendant with the Akuma,
‎and turns everything back to normal.
‎I pay attention.
‎[she gasps]
‎The pendant Good eye.
‎[Ayla screams]
‎[he roars]
‎[sigh of relief]
‎Way to go, Ladybug!
‎You're not going to win
‎this time, Ladybug!
‎Help me, Ladybug!
‎Crush that insect!
‎[Alya yells]
‎What the
‎Cat Noir, this way.
‎[Cat Noir giggles]
‎We have to save Alya before
‎she reaches the circle of darkness.
‎[Pharaoh] You won't stop me
‎from bringing Nefertiti back.
‎I'll finish you.
‎Anubis, bring me mummies!
‎Horus, give me your wings!
‎[Pharaoh cackles]
‎[Ladybug screams]
‎Cat Noir, the pendant.
‎That's where the Akuma is.
‎Sekhmet, give me your strength!
‎It's over.
‎Ladybug, save me!
‎Ra, God of the Sun,
‎accept this humble offering
‎and return the princess to me!
‎Lucky charm!
‎A Ladybug outfit?
‎That's our last hope?
‎[questioning sigh]
‎This offering isn't good enough
‎for Nefertiti.
‎Hey, thanks a lot.
‎Too late, Ladybug,
‎the ritual has begun.
‎Set Alya free
‎and sacrifice me instead.
‎Wouldn't that be the sweetest
‎revenge 5000 years later?
‎I'm the one who kept
‎Nefertiti from you all these years.
‎It's true that you'd make
‎a much more precious offering
‎than this mortal.
‎Horus, give me wings!
‎Excuse you, but I make
‎excellent sacrificing material.
‎Take her Miraculous, the earrings!
‎You win, Pharaoh.
‎[he gasps]
‎You want my Miraculous?
‎-Go get it.
‎-Get it!
‎A toy?
‎You tricked me!
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎What happened?
‎Thanks, Ladybug,
‎but I still gotta ask
‎how old are you really?
‎Much older than a high-school
‎student, that's for sure.
‎Don't you wanna know
‎how old I am?
‎In a sec, it looks like
‎I'll find out for myself.
‎[he gasps]
‎[Alya giggles]
‎[Alya] Where have you been?
‎You won't believe this,
‎I got mummified.
‎Hope you weren't trying
‎to swap me for Nefertiti. Creepy.
‎What? You were almost sacrificed?
‎Without you, I'd never have found out
‎that Ladybug's 5000 years old.
‎Hey, what are friends for?
‎[Alya] I still don't get it.
‎Why did she have
‎a 10th-grade history book?
‎She She probably had to find out
‎what's been going on
‎for the past 50 centuries.
‎You're probably right.
‎It's tough staying in the loop.
‎Hey, Ladybug's textbook, it's gone.
‎[Marinette giggles]
‎You might have gotten away this time
‎but I assure you, Ladybug,
‎someday, wherever you are,
‎I will have your Miraculous,
‎and you'll be nothing,
‎nothing at all!
‎I don't get it.
‎I know I'm not 5000 years old.
‎So who exactly was
‎that Ladybug in the papyrus?
‎Kwamis like me and superheroes
‎like you have always existed.
‎So that wasn't you
‎on the papyrus, either?
‎-What do you think?
‎-You don't look 5000 years old.
‎[Tikki chuckles]
‎Well, I'm not. I'm older than that.
‎I'm the Kwami who has watched over
‎every Ladybug since the beginning.
‎You must have known much less klutzy
‎Ladybugs than me, right?
‎Every Ladybug is different.
‎Yeah, that's what I thought.
‎Marinette, you are different,
‎but different as in surprising,
‎unpredictable and endearing,
‎and very talented.
‎-You learn fast.
‎[they giggle]
‎[lively music]
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