Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

The Pharaoh

‎[peaceful music]
‎[Mrs. Bustier]
‎Is Marinette still in the girls' room?
‎I don't know, Miss.
‎[bell rings]
‎I want you to read chapter three
‎of "France: The First Thousand Years".
‎Then answer this simple questionnaire.
‎See to it that Marinette receives it.
‎Have you seen Marinette?
‎Chloe's Ladybug?
‎Marinette, ring me ASAP.
‎We gotta talk.
‎- Nino, wait!
‎- Yeah?
‎Come, I need your help.
‎- So
‎- Shhh.
‎[she sighs]
‎I hate when she goes AWOL.
‎Where is that girl?
‎Adrien's the exact same way.
‎You get sly when Mr. Control-Freak
‎is your Daddy-o.
‎[phone rings]
‎[TV announcer]
‎I think I've just sniffed out
‎who the real Ladybug is!
‎[Nino sighs]
‎Chloe? Seriously?
‎She's too self-absorbed
‎to save the world.
‎You are cray-cray, Lady.
‎[Alya] I am so not, you'll see.
‎Time flies when you're saving
‎the world. Day's already over.
‎I missed an entire half a day of school
‎and of seeing Adrien!
‎Whoever is behind all this
‎is keeping us on our toes.
‎[she giggles]
‎You don't have any toes.
‎Alya brought back your schoolbag.
‎- Hey, mom.
‎- You seem so forgetful these days.
‎You need some extra exercise
‎for that growing brain of yours.
‎Good idea, mom. I'll start tomorrow.
‎Ladybug saved Paris from destruction,
‎but who's gonna save me
‎from my homework?
‎What's this?
‎"Call me, I know
‎who the real ladybug is."
‎No way. You think she knows?
‎I doubt it. Alya always jumps
‎to conclusions too fast.
‎But just in case.
‎No worries. I got it covered.
‎Dang. No signal.
‎Sorry, Miss.
‎Cell tower maintenance.
‎No signal for the next hour.
‎Try again later.
‎Let's finish your homework.
‎[she sighs]
‎Hey there. Hi.
‎You look totally fab. No, not you.
‎It's still a month from Halloween.
‎If she's a superhero,
‎then I'm the Wizard of Oz.
‎I'm telling you she's Ladybug.
‎Can you prove it?
‎What time is it?
‎School starts in
‎An hour ago!
‎Don't mess up your lines.
‎[he groans and giggles]
‎[he stutters]
‎Ladybug! Look over there.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎What kind of lame joke is this?
‎Wh-What I meant was
‎did you see Ladybug yesterday?
‎Isn't she amazing?
‎I wonder who she really is.
‎Up too late DJing, Nino?
‎Obviously, you didn't get
‎your beauty sleep.
‎[camera click]
‎Alya's looking in your locker.
‎That's a lie, I so was not.
‎Give it back!
‎[he giggles]
‎Who's the little liar now?
‎She's guilty of invasion
‎of privacy. I have proof!
‎What? All I did
‎was take a measly photo.
‎I'm sorry, there's no policy
‎on invasion of privacy.
‎Then breaking and entering.
‎I didn't break into her locker.
‎It was open.
‎Nothing was stolen?
‎Only my very soul.
‎My locker is my secret garden.
‎He who enters uninvited
‎burglarizes my inner being.
‎Right. An hour of detention, Alya.
‎Are my ears failing me?
‎One miserable hour of detention
‎to a heinous criminal?
‎The rules state
‎that any student guilty of theft
‎shall be suspended one week.
‎Yes, but she hardly stole
‎I'm not sure that my father would agree.
‎now let's not bother your father,
‎the Honorable Mayor,
‎with a minor locker situation.
‎[he hesitates]
‎What I mean is
‎[clearing his throat]
‎You're suspended for a week.
‎That is so unfair, I'm gonna
‎protest this on the school blog.
‎[Chloe hums]
‎The school blog is suspended as well.
‎She's no superhero!
‎She's super-psycho!
‎[evil voice]
‎School life
‎Such a science experiment.
‎A Petri dish of cultivating secrets,
‎lies and betrayal.
‎A thriving vivarium
‎for my evil little Akumas.
‎Fly way, my little Akuma
‎and evilize her.
‎I'm late, I'm so, so late.
‎[Marinette pants]
‎[Alya pants]
‎[Alya sighs]
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎Lady Wifi,
‎I heard that you're seeking
‎to unmask Ladybug.
‎I'd like to help you
‎if you help me, too.
‎I'll expose the lies of anyone
‎who covers up the truth.
‎Sign me up.
‎-Where is she?
‎-She's been suspended.
‎would you come late discreetly?
‎What happened?
‎Accused of breaking
‎into Chloe's locker
‎I mean Ladybug's locker.
‎Marinette, go to the principal's office!
‎[she sighs]
‎What are you talking about?
‎Alya says Chloe is Ladybug, bro.
‎She is crazy.
‎Mr. Damocles?
‎[she gasps]
‎Oh no, Alya.
‎Time to transform.
‎You're going to fight your best friend.
‎No, I'm gonna save my best friend.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[lively music]
‎[Damocles yells]
‎[Mrs. Bustier]
‎Everyone go directly home, now.
‎Don't forget to read chapters 4 and 5.
‎If Chloe is Ladybug,
‎Lady Wifi is gonna head
‎for her house.
‎It also means
‎you have a crush on Chloe.
‎[Plagg giggles]
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[lively music]
‎[Chloe yells]
‎What? This can't be.
‎Who's being sneaky now?
‎Oh, Ladybug but
‎You don't actually believe
‎she's the real Ladybug.
‎Yeah, of course not.
‎Who would believe
‎she's the original Ladybug?
‎She's just a diehard fan.
‎A copy cat.
‎[phone rings]
‎[she yells]
‎Well, hello there, Ladybug.
‎[Chloe yells]
‎We've got Wifi.
‎Well, well, so my hunch
‎was correcto-mundo.
‎Think again, people.
‎[Lady Wifi] The real Ladybug is
‎Chloe Bourgeois, everyone.
‎Who are you?
‎I thought you were Ladybug.
‎Sorry to bust your news story.
‎Next time double-check your facts.
‎You'll be sorry.
‎[Chloe yells]
‎Alya's been disconnected.
‎I'm Lady Wifi.
‎Newsflash. Ladybug,
‎let's find out who you really are.
‎Follow me.
‎[Cat Noir] What's the plan?
‎Her powers come from her phone.
‎In the basement, there's no service.
‎[Cat Noir]
‎No service, no power. Nice one.
‎We have to go lower.
‎[Lady Wifi] I've got you, Ladybug.
‎[she groans]
‎Get ready.
‎What do you do
‎when you're not Ladybug?
‎[she sighs]
‎We're a bit busy right now.
‎[fast footsteps]
‎She's back in the hotel.
‎[Cat Noir] She locked the doors.
‎You realize we might know
‎each other in real life?
‎[Ladybug] I doubt it. It's locked.
‎[Cat Noir] Not this one.
‎[Ladybug] Get ready for an ambush.
‎One, two, three!
‎So much for the ambush.
‎[Ladybug] Follow me.
‎Where is she hiding?
‎And what's up with all these phones?
‎How now brown cow?
‎I thought it was you she was after.
‎[he groans]
‎[Lady Wifi] You can't get me.
‎Yes, I can.
‎No, no, no.
‎Hold on in there, Ladybug!
‎Of course, the service elevator.
‎[she groans]
‎Why doesn't it come off?
‎Because it's magic?
‎[Cat Noir]
‎You're out of minutes, Lady Wifi.
‎How romantic.
‎Tomcat's come to save his lovebug.
‎I am not his lovebug.
‎We'll come back to that later.
‎[Plagg shivers]
‎Oh, my ring.
‎[Plagg pants]
‎So chilly in here.
‎Where is it? I could use help.
‎[Lady Wifi]
‎What am I gonna do with both of you?
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎Get her to use her lucky charm.
‎She'll switch back,
‎her identity will be revealed
‎and the Miraculous will be mine.
‎If you don't get him out fast,
‎he'll soon be slush.
‎[she cackles]
‎Good luck with your cat-popsicle.
‎I have other news to cover.
‎[police sirens]
‎[Mayor] Come on!
‎[phone rings]
‎[they gasp]
‎[Lady Wifi]
‎What's up, peeps?
‎[banging and panting]
‎I'll get you out, Cat Noir.
‎Take your time.
‎Ladybug is about to drop the bomb
‎on her real identity.
‎Lucky charm!
‎This better be some lucky box.
‎Of course, the microwaves.
‎Gotcha. Gotcha!
‎Come on, micro-thingies,
‎jam the signal.
‎[she gasps]
‎You OK, Cat Noir?
‎You used your lucky charm.
‎[Cat Noir] Zap open the door.
‎We can't, the microwave's busted.
‎Here's what we'll do.
‎Got it.
‎What is she up to?
‎Don't let my Miraculous get away.
‎I'll jam the wifi antenna.
‎Good luck.
‎[elevator beeps]
‎Here you are.
‎Nice idea, kitty-cat
‎but I won't let you
‎cut me off so easily.
‎[he groans]
‎Hurry, Cat Noir.
‎Lost the signal.
‎Give me that phone!
‎[evil laugh]
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilize!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎Pound it!
‎Ladybug, wow and Cat Noir!
‎Can I get a quick interview?
‎I'll grab my phone.
‎Gotta go.
‎You've only got a minute.
‎So No, where did they go?
‎Stay. I won't tell anyone
‎who you are, cat's honor.
‎Nobody must know who we really are,
‎not even us.
‎[he sighs]
‎[Tikki sighs]
‎That was close.
‎Tell me about it.
‎[comic music]
‎You were about to know
‎who your love is.
‎What were you thinking?
‎That's the thing.
‎I wasn't thinking. I followed my heart.
‎Your mask will fall one day, Ladybug.
‎Then you'll have to hand over
‎your precious Miraculous.
‎Is that true? You're gonna tell him?
‎Is that what your heart says?
‎Your heart tells you one thing,
‎but a superhero listens to her head.
‎[Alya] Got it!
‎My new smartphone puts
‎the old one to shame.
‎Just look at these pics.
‎What's with all these photos
‎of Adrien?
‎Well with a mask and a costume
‎doesn't he look like Cat Noir?
‎Are you out of your mind?
‎He's tons more legit than Cat Noir.
‎I happen to think
‎that Cat Noir is pretty slick.
‎Stop taking photos of Adrien
‎unless you give them to me.
‎-Give it back!
‎Come on, what if you drop it?
‎You're so clumsy.
‎[they giggle]
‎[cheerful music]
‎[lively music]
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