Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e08 Episode Script


‎because I have a secret.
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎Oh, Super-Nathan, you're my hero.
‎It was nothing.
‎- I love you.
‎- I love you too.
‎What are you drawing?
‎This is why you are failing science.
‎I'm sorry.
‎Go to the principal's office
‎and show him that chicken scratch!
‎Then you'll be really sorry.
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎Look Sabrina,
‎it's him as a superhero.
‎Look who he's saving,
‎It's Marinette.
‎He's totally crushing
‎on you, Marinette.
‎Give me that.
‎Enough, Nathaniel, go!
‎[evil voice]
‎Artists can be so emotional.
‎I love it.
‎Fly to him, my little Akuma.
‎Draw him into our evil web.
‎Evillustrator, I'm your friend
‎and patron of the arts.
‎I'm here to offer you support
‎but I don't give this power for free.
‎I've some items that need retrieving.
‎Just tell me what you want.
‎The next particle physics
‎presentation group is
‎Nino, Adrien, and Alya.
‎So lucky.
‎And Sabrina, Chloe, and Marinette.
‎So unlucky.
‎Can't you add her to another group?
‎We work better on our own.
‎This is a group presentation,
‎not pairs. Deal with it.
‎[bell rings]
‎I hate dealing with it.
‎Could we trade groups?
‎And deal with
‎that twosome of terror? Sorry.
‎But I promise to talk all about you.
‎You're the best!
‎[Chloe] Forget it, Sabrina.
‎I've no time for dumb projects.
‎Besides, now you have Marinette
‎to help you.
‎OK, that's fine.
‎We'll do the work. Don't worry.
‎Is everything OK?
‎It's fine, Marinette.
‎Why can't you help with the project?
‎None of your business, nosey.
‎Actually, since I'm part of
‎this group, it is.
‎It's OK. You and I will do
‎all the research and the writing
‎then Chloe can present it.
‎That way it's equal.
‎That's not equal at all.
‎Is that how you two work?
‎Yeah, ever since grade school
‎when I started doing Chloe's homework.
‎We've been BFFs ever since.
‎You got a problem with that?
‎Come on, Sabrina.
‎Sabrina, Chloe's
‎taking advantage of you.
‎You don't have to do what she says.
‎That's not how a best friend acts.
‎[Chloe] Not only am I
‎Sabrina's best friend,
‎I'm her only friend.
‎So she better do what I say,
‎cuz without me, she has nothing.
‎I'd rather have no friends
‎than be friends with you.
‎Whatever. I've more important things
‎to do.
‎My hair's a mess and Jean-Claude
‎promised to work his magic.
‎I can't believe you stood up to Chloe.
‎It was so amazing.
‎Well yeah
‎What are friends for?
‎I'm super excited to hang out with you
‎and have a new friend
‎who helps with the project
‎We'll have the best time together.
‎We'll do the presentation
‎and tell the truth about Chloe, OK?
‎Sounds great.
‎Yay! I'll see you
‎in the library, bestie.
‎[Chloe huffs]
‎What do you mean you're not doing it?
‎Marinette's right. I-I'm not your slave.
‎I never actually said that.
‎But Marinette didn't buy
‎a super cute beret.
‎And I did.
‎Perhaps I could lend it to you.
‎Are you trying to bribe her
‎into staying your friend
‎with a hat?
‎A really, really adorable hat.
‎That would look fantastic on me.
‎No, excuse me,
‎but you are trying to steal
‎my friend from me
‎with homework!
‎My hair!
‎[violent blowing]
‎[violent blowing]
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[Chloe] No, not the hair!
‎Time to transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[frightened screaming]
‎No! Stop!
‎Run and hide!
‎[Ladybug squeals]
‎I got wind you were being blown away
‎by a hairy situation.
‎Fewer puns, more action!
‎[Ladybug yells]
‎That guy looks pretty sketchy.
‎[they groan]
‎Where did he go?
‎I don't know
‎but he sure illustrates his point.
‎[Cat Noir] Chloe, this Evillustrator,
‎he's targeting you specifically.
‎Any idea why?
‎No, everyone adores me.
‎Yeah, because you're so adorable.
‎Yay! Ladybug said I'm adorable.
‎I totally need a picture of us together.
‎[Ladybug huffs]
‎That was unpleasant.
‎I look great, but your smile's wonky.
‎Let's take another.
‎[Ladybug groans]
‎Sorry, I'm a little camera shy.
‎- Someone's got a fan.
‎- Yeah, great.
‎What's the deal?
‎Why are you acting weird?
‎You gotta admit that
‎having her worship you is awesome.
‎I'm over this. Let's go.
‎Are you kidding?
‎What if he attacks her again?
‎Fine, you stay. Later.
‎What do you mean, later?
‎You want to protect her,
‎so you don't need me.
‎So later!
‎Ladybug, text me, OK?
‎[cry of pain]
‎Sorry, Tikki, Chloe just fires up
‎this little red bug.
‎Well, simmer down.
‎A hot head won't get you anywhere.
‎It's hard to keep my cool
‎especially in school.
‎Oh my gosh, Sabrina, the project!
‎Look like you have a new BFF.
‎[she groans]
‎[worried cry]
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎It's you from the library.
‎What are you doing here?
‎I wanted to see you.
‎But why did you attack Chloe?
‎Chloe is cruel and selfish.
‎Can't argue with that.
‎Are you going to hurt me?
‎You? You're Marinette.
‎You're beautiful, sweet and perfect.
‎I could never hurt you.
‎Wow, that's very flattering
‎Thank you.
‎I just came to ask
‎It's my birthday today and
‎would you wanna come to my party?
‎Oh actually
‎it's not really the best night.
‎I've got a presentation to work on
‎and I have to call my friend
‎so we can meet and
‎Please. It'll just be you and I.
‎[romantic music]
‎Oh, my gosh.
‎You like it?
‎I love it.
‎So much that I'll be at your party
‎on one condition.
‎Anything for you.
‎You can't hurt Chloe anymore.
‎I can't bear violence.
‎For you, and only you.
‎Meet you next to Notre-Dame
‎at sunset.
‎[she sighs]
‎What are you thinking, Marinette?
‎I'm thinking
‎poor Nathaniel has a crush on me,
‎and his alter ego, the Evillustrator,
‎is gonna get crushed by Ladybug.
‎But how is Ladybug going to
‎crush this crush
‎when you're going on the date
‎with him as Marinette?
‎Maybe some cool cat needs
‎to crash the party.
‎[Chloe whines]
‎Sabrina is so selfish
‎making me do this project myself.
‎My brain hurts.
‎[she gasps]
‎Cat Noir, are you any good
‎at particle physics?
‎This cat's got
‎particle physics in the bag.
‎Sit, kitty.
‎Now, make it sounds
‎purr-fect for my presentation.
‎[she gasps]
‎See that? I made a cat joke.
‎I can be funny.
‎Yeah hilarious.
‎[phone rings]
‎You can't just fly off
‎and then make cat calls, Ladybug.
‎What about you?
‎[he chuckles]
‎It'll be a cinch.
‎You're out of danger.
‎So, see ya Later.
‎Later? What about my presentation?
‎[she growls]
‎you scared me.
‎Sorry, I was just waiting for you.
‎Did you get my messages?
‎Yes Yes I did.
‎And I was totally going to call you.
‎You were?
‎I knew you would Eventually.
‎So I did your geography homework.
‎You didn't have to.
‎Since you're my new best friend,
‎it's the least I can do.
‎Thanks but I can't accept it.
‎[she sighs]
‎OK, but just this once.
‎So, you wanna work on
‎the project tonight?
‎I'm so sorry Sabrina.
‎I've something really important to do.
‎Something important, really?
‎That's fascinating.
‎You know who else uses that excuse?
‎Chloe. I'm beginning to see
‎how similar you two are.
‎You expect me to do all the work,
‎like she did. Right?
‎NoI-I don't, really. It's just
‎I can't believe I did
‎your geography homework for you.
‎[she sighs]
‎I thought I was going to have to
‎save you from her claws.
‎Get it? Claws.
‎I haven't even introduced myself.
‎I'm Cat Noir.
‎Yeah, I know.
‎You save the day all the time
‎and stuff. I'm Marinette.
‎Why are you here?
‎That birthday-boy date
‎of yours is bad news.
‎[she mimics him]
‎But you're safe with me.
‎That puts my mind at ease.
‎But I am going to need help.
‎Care to assist a superhero?
‎What about Ladybug?
‎Aren't you a duo?
‎She's busy.
‎[she mimics him]
‎So you get to be my Ladybug.
‎[sigh of repulsion]
‎Cat Noir and I
‎fighting crime together? Amazing.
‎What do I do?
‎Just get his pencil away from him.
‎I'll take care of the rest.
‎[she giggles]
‎I just want Marinette to love me.
‎And I want the Miraculous. So get it!
‎Or else
‎OK, I will, I will.
‎Happy birthday.
‎[she giggles]
‎Thanks for accepting to come.
‎- It's so beautiful.
‎- You like it?
‎Well hold on.
‎I'm just getting started.
‎[he groans]
‎Come on, you've gotta be kidding.
‎I didn't mean to startle you.
‎I can't draw in the dark.
‎You're so talented.
‎So why would you want
‎to use your power to hurt people.
‎Not all people, just Chloe.
‎And I won't do it again.
‎You were true to your promise
‎so I'll be true to mine.
‎I actually draw a little too.
‎I'm not as good as you, of course.
‎I'm sure you're great.
‎Can I draw you something special
‎for your birthday?
‎That would be amazing.
‎[he gasps]
‎Marinette, give my pencil back.
‎I need to draw something now.
‎No I'm keeping it.
‎Cat Noir, now!
‎You're working with him?
‎I'm so stupid.
‎I thought you liked me
‎but you're just like Chloe.
‎Teasing me, mocking me,
‎leading me on!
‎Come on, seriously?
‎Why is everyone
‎comparing me to Chloe?
‎And I'm taking back my promise.
‎Chloe's going to get
‎a lesson she'll never forget.
‎We've been penned in, literally.
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎Cat Noir, put your stick like this,
‎then extend it.
‎- Great thinking.
‎- Yeah, I'm a genius.
‎Gotta go.
‎A superhero's work is never done.
‎Damsels in distress,
‎ladies in waiting
‎I've more saving to do.
‎You can thank me later.
‎Me thank him?
‎He should be thanking me.
‎We'd still be trapped
‎if it wasn't for me.
‎Speaking of which
‎He needs help saving Chloe.
‎I'm so sorry, Miss,
‎but after what happened
‎in the Library,
‎I couldn't work on my project.
‎It would have been too traumatic.
‎Just look what it's done to my hair.
‎[sobbing suddenly stops]
‎Who's going to believe that?
‎Even a stupid hairdryer
‎couldn't make me look bad.
‎[door rumbles]
‎Cat Noir, is that you?
‎[she gasps]
‎[she screams]
‎Chloe, where are you?
‎Are you hiding?
‎That is so cute.
‎You're playing hide and seek.
‎In the closet?
‎[she screams]
‎[he chuckles]
‎[she screams]
‎I win, Chloe. I found you.
‎My designer dresses, my heels
‎You're a monster!
‎You like to walk all over people
‎but you don't like it
‎when others trample on you,
‎do you, Chloe?
‎Do you?
‎[she screams]
‎Oops, broke your heel,
‎better watch your ankles.
‎Look what the cat dragged in.
‎No cat dragged me anywhere,
‎Cat Noir.
‎I flew in all on my own.
‎What was the secret mission?
‎If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret.
‎This is what's known as
‎the final showdown.
‎The thing is if you knew her,
‎you wouldn't bother saving her.
‎She's the real baddie!
‎It's not true. Everybody adores me.
‎Look out!
‎[she whimpers]
‎The light
‎- He can't draw in the dark.
‎- Got it.
‎Here, kitty,
‎a ball and chain to play with.
‎Sadly, those who get in my way
‎get erased.
‎[he yells]
‎[she gasps]
‎[she whimpers]
‎[ring bleeps]
‎No, no, no!
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎Cat Noir's Miraculous,
‎take it, take it now!
‎Before you go,
‎you have something I want.
‎this cat doesn't have 9 lives.
‎Lucky charm!
‎A bouncy ball?
‎Just try and stop me with that,
‎little lady.
‎[she sighs]
‎[bouncing and smashing]
‎[he yells]
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[he gasps]
‎Where am I?
‎Their Miraculouses were
‎practically mine, and they will be!
‎Once I have them all in my grasp,
‎I will have absolute power!
‎What happened when Ladybug
‎and Cat Noir turned up?
‎throwing balls around.
‎[she giggles]
‎I hope you had a good time
‎taking care of that thing
‎I'm really sorry, Sabrina,
‎but I can meet you today
‎to work on the project.
‎Too late. Chloe and I are
‎doing the project together.
‎You mean you're doing it.
‎Of course,
‎after all she's been through.
‎[Marinette groans]
‎Nice new beret.
‎I know. Chloe lent it to me.
‎She really is my BFF.
‎Your geography homework's ready.
‎[she sighs]
‎Hey, I heard about
‎your adventures with Cat Noir.
‎- Were you scared?
‎- Me, scared?
‎It was a dream
‎I mean you're a dream
‎I mean in your dreams.
‎This is a nightmare.
‎So what about Cat Noir,
‎was he awesome?
‎Sure, yeah,
‎but not as awesome as you,
‎because you're
‎the most awesome of awesome.
‎So that's a yes?
‎[bell rings]
‎Do you realise
‎you just blabbered on to Adrien
‎about how you think he's awesome?
‎He touched me.
‎I'll never wash my jacket again.
‎Girl, you have got to get
‎better control of your emotions.
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