Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

The Evillustrator

‎-Ready, dad?
‎-As much as I'll ever be.
‎Happy career day, my darlings.
‎[Dad] My day begins
‎at 4 am every morning
‎because the bakery opens at 7.
‎but every day's different.
‎One day someone might order
‎an Eiffel Tower cake and the next
‎Hi, father, it's me.
‎It's parents' career day, remember?
‎I was hoping you'd show up.
‎Call me back.
‎-You OK?
‎-Yeah, whatever. Nothing new.
‎[he sighs sadly]
‎[Dad] Marinette will come round
‎to pass out some fresh croissants.
‎Thank you, Mr. Dupain.
‎Now, let's meet Alya's mom.
‎She's head-chef at Le Grand Paris hotel
‎owned by Mayor Bourgeois.
‎[she sighs]
‎It's beautiful.
‎Look, don't touch.
‎[Mayor] Put it away, Chloe.
‎It could get in the wrong hands.
‎How many croissants would your dad
‎have to sell to buy one of these?
‎What am I saying?
‎He'd have to sell the whole store.
‎If you're so rich,
‎you don't need free croissants.
‎[she groans] Jealous.
‎Is that camembert?
‎[he gasps]
‎That's not camembert,
‎but it is very shiny.
‎I like shiny.
‎I have no dishes to share
‎but maybe Mr. Bourgeois will invite you all
‎to the hotel for lunch.
‎[policeman chuckles]
‎[Plagg giggles]
‎[Plagg giggles]
‎[she squeals]
‎Do you ever not trip up?
‎[Marinette groans]
‎[Plagg struggles]
‎Next is Sabrina's father, a policeman,
‎Officer Roger.
‎I've been a police officer for 15 years,
‎and I believe that everyone
‎is innocent until proven guilty.
‎My bracelet, it's gone!
‎I had it a second ago.
‎You, you stole it!
‎What are you talking about?
‎You tripped on my bag
‎so you could steal it.
‎You're a policeman, arrest her.
‎[angrily] My daughter is not a thief.
‎Hold on, Miss Bourgeois.
‎We don't accuse without proof.
‎Everyone calm down.
‎Maybe you simply misplaced it.
‎You're calling me a liar?
‎Roger, I demand you search this girl.
‎[Chloe chuckles]
‎[teacher] Please, everybody.
‎Need I remind you
‎that as mayor, I am your superior?
‎But it's against the law.
‎I can't just go
‎OK, then you're fired.
‎Mayor, you can't be serious.
‎Over a missing bracelet?
‎This is my daughter's bracelet.
‎You're incompetent, and you're fired.
‎Get out!
‎[he sighs sadly]
‎[Chloe] Let's call Ladybug.
‎She'll actually do something.
‎[she sighs]
‎Parent-child relationships
‎can be so complicated
‎and a perfect breeding-ground for stress.
‎When there's no more law and order,
‎there's only chaos left.
‎Fly away, my evil little Akuma,
‎and take control of this policeman.
‎He expects me to break the law?
‎That's just criminal.
‎[Hawk Moth] Rogercop,
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎This city needs a true, ruthless,
‎righter of wrongs
‎and that is where you come in.
‎Yes, sir.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎must be destroyed if you want retribution.
‎You will seize their Miraculouses for me.
‎Do we have an agreement?
‎Don't even think of going
‎near my daughter's bag!
‎Do you know who I am?
‎Gentlemen, this is a school.
‎Think of the children.
‎I'm sure the bracelet is
‎around here somewhere.
‎It probably just rolled out of her bag.
‎I'd try and get as far away
‎as possible from that brat too.
‎Hey, Nino's been filming everything.
‎We can see what really happened.
‎[accelerated voice]
‎[Marinette] There you have it.
‎Sabrina was holding it.
‎Yes, but I gave it back straight after.
‎Chloe, take a look in your BFF's bag.
‎Are you saying I'm a thief?
‎Chloe's the one calling people thieves.
‎I'm going by what's on the video.
‎[irritated groan]
‎Yes, I sketched it,
‎but I didn't do anything else.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎[she gasps]
‎What? What for?
‎Well, I suppose
‎I did but you can't arrest me.
‎Who are you any anyway?
‎You don't look like a policeman.
‎[whistle blows]
‎[she gasps]
‎[Mayor] Give me the tape.
‎I'll have it analysed.
‎-No, it's my camera.
‎-Do you know who I am?
‎[Plagg struggles] I'm the Mayor!
‎[Mayor] Where's the principle?
‎I want to see him now!
‎I won't bother you with the story,
‎it's a long, boring
‎Yes you will, and fast.
‎We have a big problem.
‎If by big you're referring to my hard abs,
‎thanks for noticing.
‎[whirring and stomping]
‎[Cat Noir] Now we have a bigger problem.
‎Hey! You can't just walk in here.
‎Well, I'm the authority here.
‎[he sighs]
‎[whistle blows]
‎[yelling] Wait.
‎I can't control my arms.
‎Why can't I transform?
‎The bracelet will get absorbed
‎with me and damage your powers.
‎[irritated groan]
‎[evil cackling]
‎Soon, Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎will show up to meet their doom.
‎See, Chloe? I tripped on the bag,
‎Sabrina held the bracelet
‎and Nathaniel sketched it.
‎We are all suspects.
‎What's that supposed to mean?
‎I didn't swipe it.
‎And neither did I
‎but Chloe could accuse
‎anyone and everyone.
‎Fine, since you're a suspect,
‎you'll let me search your bag.
‎Ok, but only if search everyone else's
‎No-one's rummaging in my bag.
‎Marinette, let the adults handle this.
‎She called me a thief.
‎I'm just defending myself.
‎You're also accusing your friends
‎like Chloe's doing.
‎I'm Chloe's BFF.
‎I wouldn't steal from her.
‎What about Adrien?
‎He's in 4 seconds of that video.
‎And we haven't seen him since.
‎Not Adrien.
‎Why would he steal a bracelet?
‎If anyone's guilty, it's one of us.
‎Are you accusing us?
‎I want an attorney.
‎[Dad] Marinette, stop.
‎[Max] We should search the parents.
‎That's your dad?
‎-Hello, may I help you?
‎I think he already left.
‎Yes I mean no.
‎I don't know.
‎[Mayor shouting] Mr. Principle,
‎find out who stole it ASAP!
‎[Mayor] Or your job is on the line.
‎My Daughter has been treated
‎with disrespect.
‎I was only defending myself.
‎My dad's right,
‎I accused everyone in the process.
‎I don't think any of us took it.
‎You'll find a way to make it right.
‎Yeah, well, right now,
‎I've gotta transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎I thought it was camembert.
‎Anyone can make a mistake.
‎You're always thinking
‎with your stomach Wait.
‎A bit of pepper
‎[Plagg sniffs]
‎[he sneezes loudly]
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎I'm warning you,
‎if you don't find it by this evening,
‎I'll cut off all funding for the school.
‎But how am I supposed to
‎[they gasp]
‎Didn't anyone ever teach you to knock?
‎[Gasping] Look who's talking.
‎You can't accuse everyone
‎of every little wrong-doing!
‎[caretaker whimpers]
‎[sigh of relief]
‎Mr. Rogercop, I need your help.
‎[he gasps]
‎[she gasps] Hey, come back.
‎[thudding footsteps]
‎[she yells]
‎[she struggles]
‎[she squeals]
‎You can add bodily harm
‎to the charges.
‎[he groans]
‎you're Sabrina's dad and a good cop.
‎Don't let the evil person
‎who gave you these powers
‎make an evil cop out of you.
‎Don't listen to her.
‎Take their Miraculouses!
‎Their powers belong to me!
‎[she screams]
‎Mr. Rogercop!
‎I've got a serious problem,
‎worse than a bad hair day.
‎[Cat Noir] Chloe, no!
‎[ladybird pants]
‎I bet you missed me.
‎[they yell]
‎[she huffs]
‎I know that Marinette stole my bracelet.
‎She must be arrested.
‎[Chloe] Hello, are you listening to me?
‎Thanks for the lasso, Lassy.
‎Where are you going?
‎Who's going to drive this car?
‎Did I thank you for the lift?
‎Nice shoes.
‎I could use a pair like that.
‎[Ladybug screams]
‎Grab onto me.
‎[Ladybug screams]
‎No, Ladybug!
‎What have you done?
‎Snatch his Miraculous!
‎[Hawk Moth] His ring!
‎[Cat Noir yells]
‎[struggling] Nice day for a swim.
‎[he whimpers]
‎[sigh of relief]
‎Well, hey. I'm head over heels
‎to see you, milady.
‎[he groans]
‎You're welcome. You owe me one.
‎Sure but I'll take credit for that.
‎[Ladybug] There's no point
‎running after him.
‎He's way out of reach now.
‎Well, if it's the mayor he wants
‎He'll be heading for the city hall.
‎Do I sense a plan?
‎Call all available police forces ASAP.
‎That's an order!
‎[fearful cries]
‎These handcuffs won't change my mind.
‎Don't you dare lay a finger
‎on my little girl.
‎[mocking laugh]
‎Let's go get 'em.
‎[he grunts]
‎[helicopters whir]
‎So now we're the nation's
‎most wanted felons?
‎We haven't done anything.
‎You can't accuse someone
‎without proof.
‎We should defend ourselves in court.
‎Not while Rogercop's
‎the Chief of Justice.
‎How many times have we saved Paris?
‎We're still saving Paris.
‎[Cat Noir pants]
‎Something about Paris
‎just makes you wanna dance.
‎So you won't be joining me?
‎[door creaks]
‎[whispering loudly]
‎Go, Ladybug, go!
‎[she groans]
‎You've got justice and revenge
‎all mixed up, Rogercop.
‎Lucky charm!
‎Oven mitts?
‎What am I supposed to do with these?
‎[she whimpers]
‎Fabulous, so wretchedly fabulous!
‎OK, show's over.
‎Sorry, no encore tonight.
‎[policemen groan]
‎[Ladybug groans]
‎[angrily] Hey, my hair!
‎Stop shooting like an idiot.
‎You're supposed to seize
‎their Miraculouses!
‎The Akuma must be in his whistle.
‎We've got to get to it.
‎[they gasp]
‎Whenever you're ready milady.
‎[she sighs]
‎I have an idea,
‎but I need something like a ring.
‎Where am I gonna get a ring?
‎Ladybug, over there.
‎That's Chloe's bracelet.
‎Exactly what I need.
‎Fend off Rogercop as long as you can.
‎Whenever you're ready.
‎[he groans]
‎[he chuckles]
‎Do more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[she cheers]
‎[he gasps and laughs]
‎[gasping] What am I doing up here?
‎[together] Pount it!
‎As Rogercop would say,
‎Justice has prevailed in Paris.
‎I'd stick around
‎but you'd see me without my mask
‎and you wouldn't be able to resist me.
‎I doubt it,
‎but I'll take your word for it.
‎[she chuckles]
‎You may have eluded me this time,
‎but one of these days,
‎I'll be ruling the world,
‎and you and Cat Noir
‎won't be a part of it!
‎[Roger] I think this belongs to you.
‎My bag mymy bracelet.
‎But how?
‎Roger you found the bracelet?
‎It was in Chloe's bag all along.
‎It must have fallen
‎into a side-pocket
‎when that girl tripped.
‎Roger, I apologize for being accusatory
‎and for firing you for no good reason.
‎I think Officer Roger
‎has proven his worth.
‎You'd be wrong not to keep him.
‎Of course, Ladybug,
‎you're absolutely right.
‎And it's actually Lieutenant Roger now.
‎Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
‎I'm proud to be on the force
‎and I vow to uphold my belief
‎that everyone is innocent
‎until proven guilty.
‎[earing bleeps]
‎Very good, a valuable lesson learnt,
‎right Chloe?
‎[she groans] Yes, daddy.
‎Lesson learnt.
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