Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Dark Cupid

‎the prince breaks the spell
‎by kissing the princess.
‎Who can tell us why?
‎Because only love can conquer hate.
‎[Mrs. Bustier] Correct.
‎[Max continues]
‎this is only true in 87% of cases.
‎Thank you, Max.
‎Adrien, I hope that's about my lesson.
‎What did I just say?
‎The prince breaks the spell by
‎kissing the princess
‎because love conquers hate.
‎Very good.
‎[bell rings]
‎Happy Valentine's day.
‎I'll meet you outside.
‎[Adrien sighs]
‎[he groans]
‎[he sighs]
‎[she chuckles]
‎Hi, Adrien. Sign here, please.
‎You know I hate signing autographs.
‎That's not what this is.
‎It's a petition
‎against cruelty to hamsters.
‎Have you seen the sweaters
‎they're forced to wear?
‎[he sighs]
‎[they gasp]
‎[Chloe giggles]
‎Well, well, Marinette,
‎looking for something to eat?
‎Maybe she's looking
‎for better clothes.
‎[they giggle]
‎[she growls]
‎Ignore them.
‎They're not worth it.
‎You're right.
‎"Your hair is dark as night,
‎Your pretty bluebell eyes.
‎I wonder who you are
‎Beneath that strong disguise.
‎Every day we see each other,
‎I hope that you'll be mine.
‎Together our love could be so true,
‎Please be my Valentine."
‎Wow, now that's a love poem.
‎Who could it be to?
‎"Hair dark as night",
‎"Bluebell eyes"?
‎Well you.
‎No way.
‎There are plenty of girls at school
‎with dark hair and blue eyes.
‎Yes, but bluebell eyes?
‎What does he mean by "strong disguise"?
‎[Tikki sighs]
‎This is poetry.
‎He means who you are deep down.
‎He wants to get to know you.
‎He's talking about you.
‎[she squeals with delight]
‎Pinch me.
‎Not literally!
‎[Tikki giggles]
‎Operation Valentine's Day
‎is commencing.
‎According to my research
‎of shopping sites,
‎this jewel was ranked
‎highest in popularity.
‎Perfect. I'll hit a homerun
‎with this one.
‎Love is like baseball, right?
‎You need a strategy.
‎And if you aim right,
‎it's a homerun.
‎-Great metaphor, Kim.
‎-Meta who?
‎Wow, sparkly. Is that for me?
‎No, Alya,
‎it's for someone else, it's
‎Shh! Keep quiet.
‎Scoop! Kim's got a crush.
‎Who's the lucky lady?
‎It's gorgeous, Kim. She'll be ecstatic.
‎She's still gotta accept it.
‎-What if she says no?
‎-She won't.
‎No way, don't hold back.
‎Go for it. No regrets!
‎Operation Valentine's Day
‎is underway.
‎Her route is in yellow, yours is in red.
‎If you run at 10mph,
‎you'll have a 4-minute lead on her.
‎Wait here. It's the 3rd
‎most romantic spot in Paris.
‎-Go, go!
‎-Thanks, guys.
‎I know someone who's good
‎at giving advice,
‎but who can't take any.
‎Let's go.
‎You're right. It's time I told him.
‎Say what?
‎I'm gonna tell him my true feelings.
‎Well, I'll write them,
‎on a card.
‎[they giggle]
‎[admiring sighs]
‎Wow, he's so cute.
‎Keep dreaming, girls,
‎but the boy is mine.
‎"To Chloe, the most awesome girl
‎in the world,
‎and the love of my life"
‎signed Adrien.
‎[Chloe] She's not crying enough.
‎"Dear Adrien"
‎I'm no good at this
‎love-letter writing thing.
‎I sound like a dorkasaurus.
‎[she whines]
‎Only when you say
‎words like "dorkasaurus".
‎Relax, Marinette, I'm teasing.
‎Think of Adrien
‎and speak from the heart.
‎[she gasps]
‎Adrien's letter.
‎Why didn't I think of that before?
‎I'll answer his poem.
‎[Alya] Marinette?
‎Check it out!
‎It's perfect.
‎Oh, thank you, thank you.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎[Ayla gasps excitedly]
‎Don't forget to sign it.
‎[Alya] It's a good omen.
‎Ladybugs are good luck,
‎especially in the love department.
‎Yeah, you of all people
‎should know about ladybugs.
‎Wh-Why do you say that?
‎"The ladybug is a symbol of love,
‎guiding hearts on the paths of devotion."
‎It's on my blog. Didn't you read it?
‎Yes, of course.
‎[sigh of relief]
‎So, she's got eyes, arms, legs
‎Big deal.
‎How can you be in love with Ladybug?
‎You don't even know who she is.
‎You know nothing about love.
‎Sure I do. I love cheddar, Swiss
‎and I love camembert.
‎[he sighs]
‎The poor boy's frustrated
‎because he can't finish the poem
‎for his masked sweetheart.
‎I don't need a poem.
‎I can tell her to her face.
‎I love you.
‎That's gross.
‎You're making me lose my appetite.
‎[Chloe] That's right,
‎in a 24-carat frame.
‎Deliver it to Le Grand Paris Hotel
‎and bill it to daddy.
‎I mean Mr. Bourgeois.
‎What are you doing here?
‎You you
‎[he coughs]
‎Will you be my Valentine?
‎[bell rings]
‎[he sighs]
‎Don't move.
‎[she laughs]
‎Wait till people see this.
‎No offence, Kim, my heart's saved
‎for someone more awesome.
‎Don't you just hate
‎how harsh love can be?
‎[she laughs]
‎[he sighs]
‎[he sobs]
‎Valentine's Day,
‎the day of love and the day of fools.
‎So many delusions,
‎so much disappointment.
‎My evil Akumas,
‎you are going to have
‎such a field-day.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise him.
‎Dark Cupid, I am Hawk Moth.
‎I can give you the power
‎to shoot your arrows,
‎pierce love and impale friendships.
‎But, there's something
‎you must do for me in return.
‎No love affair
‎or friendship will escape my fury.
‎No-one will love again!
‎[arrow whistles]
‎[she shrieks]
‎Stupid flowers.
‎Get off me!
‎[he cackles]
‎Soon, Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎will show up to meet their doom.
‎[evil laugh]
‎Candy-apples, girls?
‎Thanks, dad.
‎Come on, do it
‎before you chicken out.
‎[they cheer]
‎I did it.
‎Since when did she start texting us?
‎[questioning sigh]
‎[they gasp]
‎[Alya] What a witch!
‎And I was the one
‎who told Kim to do it.
‎I didn't know he was talking about her.
‎I hope Adrien doesn't do that to you.
‎[she gasps]
‎I mean
‎What have I done?
‎Girl, calm down.
‎I was joking kind of.
‎Adrien would never do that.
‎What is that?
‎All hearts must be destroyed!
‎Hey, seriously?
‎You're not my BFF. You're a joke!
‎Adrien will laugh his head off
‎at your lame attempt at poetry.
‎[Ayla cackles]
‎What did he do to her?
‎I've seen that jewel before.
‎It's Kim's pin.
‎He's been akumatised.
‎This is not good.
‎We've gotta find him fast.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[Chloe groans]
‎I never said 18-carat gold.
‎The tones will never match
‎my 24-carat toilet.
‎[Chloe] Idiots!
‎[he huffs]
‎[bow stretches]
‎-Stop, Kim.
‎I'm not Kim,
‎I'm Dark Cupid. I'll never stop.
‎If I can't have love then no-one can.
‎OK, I get it. Chloe burned you.
‎You don't have to take it out
‎on all of Paris.
‎Yes I do.
‎I won't stop till all hearts are crushed.
‎Say adios to your loved ones,
‎now you'll hate them.
‎[she screams]
‎If you want to continue
‎destroying love,
‎bring me Ladybug's Miraculous.
‎or I'll remove your powers.
‎[Cat Noir] Fallen for me already?
‎-I need to talk to you.
‎-It's gotta wait
‎[he hushes her]
‎I swore I'd tell you
‎as soon as I saw you.
‎Ladybug, I-I Look out!
‎[arrow whistles]
‎[she gasps]
‎Cat Noir?
‎Ladybug, I
‎I loathe you!
‎Cat Noir, snap out of it.
‎You're nothing to me, Ladybug,
‎I hate you.
‎[he shrieks]
‎Ladybug, it's about time.
‎Where have you been?
‎Offer to help him
‎in return for Ladybug's Miraculous.
‎I can help you crush Ladybug
‎but you must give me her Miraculous.
‎No problem.
‎[he cackles]
‎Yes yes.
‎Once I have Ladybug's Miraculous,
‎taking Cat Noir's will be
‎child's play!
‎You have to leave.
‎Kim's turned into Dark Cupid.
‎He can't find you here.
‎Me? But how could he have
‎a vendetta against me?
‎Who doesn't?
‎It's because of this.
‎Everyone would love to have it.
‎That's Adrien,
‎a super-hot guy in my class,
‎and rich too.
‎He's hot for me, of course.
‎Not according to the poem.
‎[Sabrina shrieks]
‎It's alive!
‎[Chloe screams]
‎[Marinette] Chloe, run!
‎Well, well, Ladybug.
‎I don't want to fight you.
‎That friendliness is so revolting.
‎You're not my friend.
‎[he yells]
‎Why are you so full of hate?
‎Because hate conquers all.
‎I hate to burst your bubble,
‎but hate doesn't conquer all,
‎love does.
‎[she gasps]
‎You're just buying time.
‎I'll do better than that.
‎[he gasps]
‎Come on, kitty-kitty, just a peck.
‎[he yells]
‎Get back, you savage.
‎Here, kitty-kitty, come here.
‎[he cackles]
‎You can't outrun me.
‎[she screams]
‎[they scream]
‎Happy Valentine's Day, Chloe.
‎Now you'll get what you deserve.
‎[Chloe] My hair!
‎There's nothing worse
‎than a bad-hair day.
‎First, Ladybug wrinkles my jacket,
‎second, you totally ruined my hair.
‎Go ahead and change me.
‎This day can't get any worse.
‎I don't need to waste
‎my arrow on you.
‎Your heart is so dark and shrivelled
‎there's no room for love.
‎[he laughs]
‎How dare you?
‎Why are you just standing there?
‎Help me up!
‎You think I'd help someone
‎as stuck up as you?
‎Wait till people see this.
‎[she cackles]
‎[she groans]
‎No, no!
‎I'm not looking forward to it either.
‎I can't believe I'm doing this.
‎[he whimpers]
‎How you gonna fight
‎both of us now, bug-eyes?
‎I often wonder what
‎my cataclysm will do to someone.
‎Lucky charm!
‎A candy-apple?
‎What am I supposed to do with this?
‎Think, Ladybug.
‎I've a Valentine's gift for you.
‎[they roar]
‎Looks like you're in a sticky situation.
‎[he groans]
‎And now for the pussycat.
‎Cat Noir, her Miraculous.
‎With pleasure.
‎Finally, I'll find out who you are.
‎Your secret will be out of the bag.
‎[romantic music]
‎[he gasps]
‎Wh-What am I doing here?
‎No time, the quiver pin, Cat Noir, now!
‎[he yells]
‎[Ladybug] Grab the pin!
‎-No !
‎-Sorry, need that.
‎Happy Valentine's Day.
‎You shouldn't have Woops.
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise.
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎What the heck am I doing?
‎What the heck are you doing?
‎[Sabrina] I-I have no idea.
‎[they sob]
‎Wait, I gotta tell you something.
‎Look, the kiss
‎I had to break the spell.
‎What? A kiss? What kiss?
‎I just wanted to say
‎Your ring's flashing.
‎Yours too.
‎[she giggles]
‎We're about to turn into pumpkins.
‎And I'd rather not see that.
‎[he roars]
‎Blasted Ladybug!
‎Blasted Valentine's Day!
‎Hey, there's your chance
‎to get your card back.
‎-That was before.
‎-Before what?
‎I realised that even with
‎all this hate, love still wins.
‎If I wanna win-over Adrien,
‎he needs to know the truth.
‎This is a big day.
‎[Plagg laughs]
‎Can you believe all the horrible,
‎thoughtless things you said?
‎You think it's funny?
‎[Plagg] What's the big deal?
‎You've got so many cards
‎from all these lady-fans,
‎just take your pick.
‎[mysterious music]
‎Someone answered my poem?
‎But I threw it away.
‎"Your hair shines like the sun,
‎Your eyes are gorgeous green,
‎I look at you and wonder,
‎Your innermost thoughts and dreams.
‎Your Valentine, I will be,
‎Our love will be so true,
‎Together for eternity,
‎My heart belongs to you."
‎Anyone who writes
‎as sickeningly sweet as you
‎must be your soulmate.
‎It isn't signed.
‎Could it have come from Ladybug?
‎Oh, please.
‎What? You don't remember?
‎Did you sign it or not?
‎I don't know.
‎The ladybug came while I was writing.
‎Then you were yapping about your blog.
‎It's all a blur.
‎[she giggles]
‎I don't believe you.
‎The girl didn't even sign it!
‎I love you,
‎but sometimes, you seriously bug.
‎You know that, right?
‎[they giggle]
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