Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e11 Episode Script


‎Agent Smith, it's too dangerous.
‎We must evacuate!
‎You're suggesting we run Officer Jones?
‎After it devoured my family, my friends,
‎even my beloved dog, Sniffles?
‎Never! I won't run I no longer fear it.
‎I'm going to face it
‎[shrieking] Cut!
‎Sorry, Mylene.
‎Mylene, that's like the 10th take,
‎and it's only the 1st scene.
‎[Alix] 14th actually, but who's counting?
‎I'm sorry.
‎I'm gonna do better
‎on the next take, I promise.
‎[he sighs]
‎[Rose] Anyone want tea?
‎You're in the special forces.
‎You don't get freaked out.
‎I know but
‎that monster mask
‎is so realistic and scary.
‎Just big old me, Mylene.
‎Nothing to be scared of.
‎He doesn't even need a mask.
‎What a bratty snob.
‎Put the mask back on.
‎You're playing a monster.
‎Mylene, we need you to stay in character.
‎I need to sing my happy song.
‎It always makes me feel better.
‎And the Oscar for
‎best pathetic scaredy-cat,
‎afraid of its own shadow goes to
‎[cackling] Mylene!
‎Chloe, seriously?
‎Yeah, so what?
‎Anyone going after her?
‎Mylene, wait!
‎Don't listen to them. It's easy to judge
‎when they're not in front of the camera.
‎You're awesome.
‎Come back, I'll roar more quietly.
‎Here, it's from my favourite band,
‎The Zombie Skull Crushers.
‎That's really sweet of you, Ivan,
‎but they're right,
‎I can't act to save my life.
‎[sobbing] Excuse me.
‎[sobbing continues]
‎[evil voice] A film shoot Oh yes.
‎So many emotions,
‎some fake, yet others very very real.
‎Fly away, my evil Akuma,
‎and overpower this young,
‎misunderstood artist.
‎Epic, Chloe, just epic!
‎What do we do without our lead actress?
‎Who needs her? She was totally lame.
‎[Ivan] You're lame!
‎Mylene's crying her eyes out
‎thanks to you.
‎[Chloe] Me, lame?
‎Hey, everyone chill out.
‎You're right.
‎[whispering] Chloe is lame.
‎But fighting won't bring Mylene back.
‎I'm the producer and I'll do all I can
‎to finish filming tonight.
‎The deadline
‎for the Short Film Festival is
‎tomorrow in precisely 26 hours,
‎15 minutes and
‎13 seconds from now.
‎Thank you, Max.
‎We still have editing, post-sound,
‎Who's gonna take Mylene's part?
‎Me, of course.
‎You haven't read the script.
‎Of course I have
‎The first scene anyway.
‎It ends with a kiss
‎between Agent Smith and Officer Jones.
‎[she shrieks]
‎You wrote that?
‎Hold up.
‎I didn't write that.
‎I wrote it. It was just a little tweak
‎to move the story forward.
‎What? You edited my script
‎without even telling me?
‎That's low!
‎[she growls] You mean our script.
‎[he sighs]
‎-Thanks, Rose.
‎Who cares who wrote what?
‎We've got to film this thing right?
‎She's right.
‎We can only use the school until 6pm sharp
‎which leaves us 9 hours, 12 minutes
‎and 12 seconds, 11, 10, 9, 8
‎[Max counts down]
‎Adrien and Chloe kissing
‎cannot happen No way!
‎It makes no sense story-wise anyway.
‎The main character's
‎Hold on.
‎We can't just let Mylene leave.
‎It's wrong.
‎We all chose her to play
‎the lead female role
‎and we're all in this movie together.
‎She needs our support.
‎I'm gonna find her and bring her back.
‎Always trying to save the day,
‎aren't you, Marinette?
‎Good luck finding the filthy hole
‎that scaredy-cat's hiding in.
‎[Marinette growls]
‎Why are you so intimidated
‎and scared all the time?
‎[evil voice] Horrificator, I am Hawk Moth.
‎Up until now, you have felt fear.
‎From now on, you will cause fear.
‎And after you've shown them
‎how they make you feel,
‎you'll do something for me in return.
‎[evil voice] Yes, Hawk Moth.
‎[Marinette] Mylene!
‎[she gasps]
‎[she sighs]
‎[Alya] Marinette!
‎Did you find Mylene?
‎You'd better come ASAP.
‎There's some serious lip-puckering
‎about to get going on.
‎Time for you to use
‎your scare tactics, Horrificator
‎and thrive!
‎Marinette, what gives?
‎We're in the middle of a shoot
‎and I'm the director, FYI.
‎I say "cut," no-one else, comprende?
‎And I'm the producer.
‎Mylene's supposed to be the star.
‎We're out of time.
‎And for what I can see, Mylene is MIA.
‎From the top.
‎Here we go again.
‎Agent Smith doesn't need
‎a man in her life.
‎Sniffles just got munched on.
‎Do you wanna finish this film or not?
‎Let's make Agent Smith a nurse instead.
‎That'll fix everything.
‎Sorry, but how exactly?
‎I don't know
‎but I'll look amazing in a uniform.
‎We're not rewriting
‎the script again!
‎"Alya" is not going on those credits!
‎[Chloe] Nobody cares!
‎[Ayla] What?
‎Everyone calm down.
‎This movie's a team effort.
‎Your nurse idea is perfect, Chloe.
‎Of course it is because it's mine.
‎But Chloe, you don't have a uniform.
‎Which is why
‎that idea was never believable.
‎You should go to the nurse's office
‎and try on some uniforms.
‎[fingers click] Kim, Max, come!
‎You've been promoted
‎to wardrobe and bodyguard.
‎Nice going, Miss Producer,
‎now we have no lead again.
‎Yeah, but now we've got rid of Chloe.
‎And now what?
‎We go find Mylene. She's here somewhere.
‎I told you, tick-toc, there's no time.
‎-We need a lead, now!
‎-Marinette can do it.
‎What? No! I can't act. I'm the producer.
‎But you wanna kiss Adrien, don't you?
‎[she sighs]
‎Yes, but not like this.
‎A nurse's uniform, how brilliant am I?
‎Even that dimwit,
‎Marinette, liked the idea.
‎I'm only doing this as a favour.
‎When Mylene returns
‎she'll have her role back.
‎Of course she will, chill out.
‎And just think, after tonight,
‎you'll finally have kissed Adrien.
‎[Marinette squeals]
‎Hey, wait a minute.
‎Marinette never likes my ideas,
‎I think you've all been duped.
‎You guys take care of the uniform
‎just in case.
‎-Did you hear something?
‎-No, what?
‎Totally unbelievable.
‎What's that?
‎I said
‎It's got to be believable.
‎Don't worry. You'll do fine.
‎Ready to roll? Camera
‎What did I say about people saying "cut"?
‎Well played, Marinette.
‎All that speech on working together,
‎Then you stab me in the back!
‎Your stupid movie won't get
‎into the festival if I'm not in it
‎because my daddy
‎is one of the judges!
‎[horrific screaming]
‎Did you hear that?
‎If this is one of your silly ploys
‎to get rid of me
‎you can forget it, besides
‎[horrific screaming]
‎I definitely heard that.
‎We'd better scope this out.
‎A snack for the road?
‎Where are you?
‎I saw the same pink goo in the bathroom.
‎That's Kim's.
‎We should tell Principle Damocles
‎what's going on.
‎Nino, come on, stop filming.
‎No way. This is just getting good.
‎Looks like it's time
‎to bring in the alter ego.
‎Yo, Adrien, where you going?
‎I left Officer Jones's jacket.
‎She'll probably wear it in all the scenes.
‎Time to transform, Plagg.
‎What are you doing?
‎[he gasps]
‎They'll think I've disappeared too.
‎[Plagg] And you say I stink of camembert.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[knocking] Mr Damocles? Sir?
‎[Rose] Even Principle Damocles is missing.
‎Time to transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎I mean, Marinette.
‎Oh on. This is Marinette's phone.
‎Quick, check the windows.
‎We're trapped. I'm calling daddy.
‎Dudes, phones never work in horror movies.
‎-No bars.
‎-No coverage.
‎Told you so. Boo-ya!
‎Is everything OK?
‎Ladybug in my movie, this is legit.
‎And on my Ladyblog.
‎We've got to evacuate the building, OK?
‎That's easier said than done.
‎Double legit!
‎I tried to cut through it
‎but it's totally indestructible.
‎So we're trapped inside for now.
‎Stay put and try to relax.
‎Let's take a stroll.
‎We know Hawk Moth's taken
‎another victim in this school.
‎There's one way to get rid of
‎this goo and free everyone
‎capture that Akuma.
‎I love it when you read my mind.
‎We'd better find this thing first
‎and its prisoners.
‎Wow, you did it again.
‎Don't mind me.
‎Finding missing peeps,
‎solving a mystery,
‎with Cat Noir and Ladybug!
‎This movie's gonna be so swank.
‎Stay together, right behind us.
‎You too, Spielberg.
‎[he squeals]
‎Absorb their fear,
‎Horrificator, feed on it!
‎It will give you strength.
‎And soon enough,
‎you'll be giving me strength too.
‎We're better off on our own
‎than with the others.
‎Why stay with them
‎when we can hide on our own?
‎Anyone recognise that shoe?
‎That's Adrien's shoe.
‎That's weird, there's no pink slime.
‎Yes, there is.
‎Everybody, run!
‎So awesome.
‎[she chuckles]
‎[disgusted sigh]
‎What's your name, Drool-ator?
‎Cat's aren't afraid
‎of slimy toads like you.
‎We'd better find that Akuma.
‎I see nothing but miles of slime.
‎Fear, it's fear
‎that gives it its strength.
‎[she screams]
‎[fearful cries]
‎It's taken Nath' and Alix.
‎The more people are scared of it
‎the more powerful it gets.
‎By defeating fear, we defeat it.
‎First we've got to get out
‎of this sticky situation
‎before it dries.
‎[she squeals]
‎Did you see how it left Ivan alone?
‎Yeah, what's that all about?
‎I think the monster is Mylene.
‎Where are Sabrina and Chloe?
‎We'll find them
‎If we can find a way out.
‎It's a good thing
‎I come up with brilliant ideas.
‎No-one's gonna get through that barricade.
‎We can relax
‎and let them do the hard work.
‎[Sabrina yelps]
‎We're too late.
‎But look,
‎we can track the monster.
‎[Nino giggles]
‎Oh, yeah, I'm so amped!
‎-Turn you amp down, will you?
‎-My bad.
‎Their fear will make you powerful enough
‎to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎Get their Miraculouses!
‎Anybody here?
‎Ladybug, it's me,
‎Chloe Bourgeois!
‎Don't worry, we'll get you out.
‎Well hurry up already!
‎Is everyone here?
‎[muffled] Yes!
‎-Mr Damocles?
‎-Alix? Nathaniel?
‎Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
‎[relieved sigh]
‎What about Marinette?
‎Yeah, we've got everyone.
‎They won't budge.
‎Get us out!
‎Calm down. We'll get you out.
‎OK, now this is getting scary.
‎Lucky Charm!
‎Guitar strings, are you kidding me?
‎Guitar, music Mylene's song.
‎That's it. Enough is enough.
‎OK, we're all going to sing.
‎Sing? So that's your plan.
‎The only way is to get
‎your fear under control.
‎Do you all know Smelly Wolf?
‎Seriously? Smelly Wolf?
‎Care to join us?
‎OK, everyone,
‎1, 2, 3, 4,
‎[calm growl]
‎Wow, it's working.
‎[excited squeaks]
‎That's the button I gave Mylene.
‎That's where the Akuma is.
‎No more evil-doing for you, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎Pound it!
‎[Nino] Awesome.
‎You don't scare me, Ladybug!
‎I'll destroy you in the end,
‎someday, somehow I'll destroy you!
‎What do you think, Mr Mayor?
‎Off the hook right?
‎We didn't make the cut.
‎He said the monster
‎was a horrible replica, no joke!
‎Don't worry,
‎this is how all movie directors start.
‎Yeah, even if that final kiss
‎wasn't quite what we expected.
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