Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e12 Episode Script


‎And yet again, I hope I have time
‎to finish my magic box.
‎What's it for?
‎To lock up my diary and secrets.
‎Every secret?
‎You write everything in there?
‎Well yeah. Why?
‎First, what if someone finds out
‎you're Ladybug?
‎And two, what if
‎someone finds out your ladybag?
‎Not gonna happen. Try it.
‎It works.
‎Look at Chloe.
‎acting as if she were the mayor.
‎Which reminds me,
‎class elections are tomorrow!
‎What's bad about that?
‎Chloe is running for class rep,
‎the person who cares about herself
‎more than students.
‎Well, maybe you should run.
‎I totally would
‎but I've enough to do
‎with Ladybug and my schoolwork.
‎But if you believe in something,
‎you have to try.
‎It's better to fail trying
‎than not trying.
‎Don't underestimate yourself.
‎I'm gonna be late for school, again.
‎See? This is what I'm talking about.
‎[teacher] Chloe is running
‎for class representative.
‎Sabrina will be her deputy.
‎Any other candidates?
‎- Yes, Kim?
‎- N-Nothing.
‎I'm sorry. I
‎The bus
‎Dry throat.
‎Chloe is running again.
‎She's been class rep
‎since kindergarten.
‎[gasping] Why don't you run?
‎You'd be an awesome rep.
‎No can do. My blog is a full-time job.
‎[teacher] Alright,
‎I'll give you
‎until the end of lunch to decide.
‎[Chloe] Or I'll tell everyone.
‎What did Chloe say this time?
‎She offered to go on a date you?
‎She said she'd tell everyone
‎I'm afraid of spiders.
‎She said I'd get kicked out
‎of Scrapbooking Club.
‎And you know I love all that
‎colourful paper and gluing.
‎I don't care about running.
‎What's your excuse?
‎[hesitantly] Well, I'm really busy.
‎With what, oversleeping?
‎Well, no butwell
‎I guess I would run if no one else did.
‎Do any new candidates
‎want to run against Chloe?
‎[sigh] No.
‎Chloe and Sabrina are the only candidates,
‎so there's no vote. Chloe, Sabrina
‎I'll run!
‎Wonderful! Develop your campaign
‎and have a speech ready
‎for tomorrow when we vote.
‎Let's hear the scoop on your campaign.
‎How are you gonna represent?
‎I have no idea.
‎I can't believe I raised my hand.
‎Way to go, Marinette.
‎You spoke from the heart.
‎It was truly authentic.
‎[gasping] Oh thanks.
‎When you win, can we get new chairs?
‎Ours are so hard I can't think.
‎Maybe pink ones!
‎Could we listen to music in the library?
‎[mumbling] You know I you know.
‎[nervous laugh] Sure, Juleka.
‎Can Marinette count on your vote?
‎Sure, depending on her speech.
‎Better get cracking then.
‎I've watched how my daddy wins elections.
‎I'm going to follow in his footsteps.
‎I know just how to win.
‎By having the best campaign?
‎The secret to winning
‎is ruining your opponent's reputation.
‎Softer chairs
‎music in library,
‎whatever Juleka said.
‎I'm writing down all the issues.
‎I just have to get it all in my speech.
‎I'm proud of you. I'm sure you'll win.
‎You'll be an awesome rep.
‎They're relying on me to defeat Chloe,
‎even Adrian, do you realise that?
‎[phone vibrates]
‎- Why?
‎Chloe invited everyone
‎to her campaign launch.
‎She's got Jagged Stone coming.
‎Seriously? Jagged Stone my favourite star.
‎I love him!
‎[groaning] As does everyone else.
‎Not if I have anything to say about it.
‎Meet you there.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[bell rings]
‎I'm going in, Chloe.
‎[bell rings]
‎- Hello.
‎- Hi, there.
‎Marinette borrowed my math book
‎but I need it back.
‎She isn't here.
‎I've got customers to attend to.
‎Go on up if you don't mind.
‎I'd be glad to, thanks.
‎Wow, Mr. D'Argencourt.
‎You're on fire. That was some attack.
‎It ought to be. This manoeuvre
‎was developed by my ancestor,
‎- Darkblade.
‎- Darkblade?
‎Darkblade conquered Paris
‎and ruled over it with an iron fist
‎until he was overthrown
‎by a wealthy Frenchman
‎who used gold to buy
‎the loyalties of the people.
‎Par le fer.
‎- Get back here.
‎Here endeth the lesson.
‎[evil voice] A loser and an utter failure,
‎the perfect candidate
‎to lobby my own campaign.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Fly away, my evil little Akuma,
‎and take control of this defeated fighter.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Mr. D'Argencourt, someone said
‎"You're stuck in the dark ages."
‎What do you have to say to that?
‎Poisonous wretch.
‎Stop thou venomous questions?
‎Be gone, you pain in the neck!
‎[dramatic music]
‎[Hawk Moth] Darkblade,
‎in return for these powers,
‎capture Ladybug's
‎and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
‎When the flag of mine ancestors
‎flies once again upon City Hall,
‎then to thee I shall be indebted.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Anything y-you'd like to say
‎about your transformation
‎- into a
‎- Darkblade,
‎the Lord of Paris.
‎Thou shalt become mine knights.
‎Soon mine army shalt be
‎immense and unstoppable.
‎We shalt take City Hall
‎and reclaim the throne
‎from Bourgeois, the usurper.
‎[Plagg] That's some medieval madness.
‎Time to transform.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[lively music]
‎What a great beast
‎to join our conquest.
‎Let us to battle, knights!
‎The people chose Bourgeois over you.
‎Thy peoples matter not to me.
‎D'Argencourt was defeated,
‎not Darkblade.
‎Wait I have one just like this.
‎How about a ball of yarn?
‎Or a screwdriver.
‎[gasping] How about her diary!
‎Welcome all,
‎to the launch
‎of Chloe's electoral campaign.
‎And a special thank you
‎to world-famous popstar
‎Jagged Stone for endorsing her
‎If you vote for me,
‎you'll get free tickets
‎to Jagged's next concert.
‎[she screams]
‎[angrily] You got an autograph?
‎Yeah. Got you one, too.
‎Sorry, couldn't help myself.
‎No, I'm not falling for it.
‎But I'll forgive you if you vote for me.
‎How did I not see that coming?
‎Take him.
‎Not a minute to be wasted.
‎City Hall awaits us!
‎City Hall?
‎You go first. I'll catch up.
‎What took you?
‎You better have her diary.
‎I did sorta.
‎What's that?
‎When I grabbed the diary,
‎this crazy box closed on my hand.
‎And I'm supposed to believe you?
‎[angry sigh] Why do I bother?
‎Do you realise you're being bribed?
‎Concert tickets are awesome,
‎but they won't solve our problems.
‎What's your campaign then?
‎Well I'm
‎I think cushions are
‎more realistic than new chairs.
‎Your cushion could be pink.
‎I'll see about music in the library,
‎using headphones.
‎You actually sound like a class rep.
‎Too bad you have no chance of winning.
‎A word?
‎My diary! What were you?
‎If you don't pull out,
‎all your secrets will be revealed.
‎Don't! I mean What secrets?
‎We'll find out,
‎as soon as I get my hands on a chainsaw.
‎Oh ye, oh ye!
‎Darkblade shalt speak now.
‎Listen or be imprisoned!
‎my flag shalt fly over thy kingdom.
‎Bourgeois, pathetic knave,
‎come hither and do battle!
‎What did he say?
‎Basically, he's gonna bust you up.
‎Ask my secretary for an appointment.
‎[cackling] Bow down to Darkblade
‎or feel the wrath of mine sword!
‎Take him!
‎Do you only know heavy metal?
‎[Cat Noir laughs]
‎Ouch. Cat Noir, hurry.
‎[knights groan]
‎Nice warmup.
‎Is that the sound of crazed fans?
‎I can get them under control.
‎[awful singing]
‎Behold, a minstrel.
‎Guys, guys, I know you love me,
‎but no reason to fight over it.
‎Are you the usurper's champion?
‎Say what?
‎- No!
‎- What are we gonna do?
‎- The doors, quickly!
‎- The doors, quickly!
‎- Quit, Chloe.
‎- Quit, Chloe.
‎Kneel before thy flag of Darkblade.
‎Bow down before mine eyes.
‎Cloe, what should we do?
‎What would a class rep do?
‎Well, if you vote for me
‎I'll give you an answer tomorrow.
‎But we can't wait that long.
‎Then tough luck. Ask someone else.
‎[lively music] Tikki, we need to talk.
‎What are you going to do?
‎Cat Noir needs Ladybug,
‎but the students need me too.
‎Trust your instincts.
‎Lock the doors
‎and the windows.
‎Nino, Juleka, Rose,
‎Mylene, Alya come with me.
‎Good job, girl.
‎Now there's a future class rep
‎in the making.
‎Well, I was going to say
‎the exact same thing.
‎Sabrina, Ivan, Kim,
‎go and lock the doors.
‎Barricade the entrance.
‎[Nino] Hurry.
‎- I hope Cat Noir's OK.
‎- Time to retreat.
‎Sir, we have to go.
‎This way.
‎I'll catch up.
‎I'll close all the windows.
‎They should be safe now.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[lively music]
‎Back off, tin cans.
‎Cat Noir, over here.
‎Sorry, I was busy
‎doing damage control inside.
‎I was managing just fine
‎but it's always nice to see you.
‎Column formation!
‎Cursed colourful acrobats.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Why the roof?
‎- Some of them anyway.
‎- The flag.
‎Once mine coat of arms flies here,
‎I shalt reign supreme.
‎- The Akuma's in his sword.
‎- How do we get it?
‎By getting close to him.
‎[she roars]
‎[she screams]
‎Cat Noir!
‎Don't let him get his banner!
‎Villains. Thou impress me not.
‎By the blade of darkness, I declare
‎all peoples of this kingdom
‎are henceforth mine!
‎[dramatic music]
‎Bow to King Darkblade!
‎[dramatic music]
‎[dramatic music]
‎[dramatic music continues]
‎Soon thou shalt join my army,
‎you venomous insect.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Soon Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎will meet their doom.
‎We'll be turned into knights.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Lucky charm!
‎[lively music]
‎[confused] OK?
‎[questioning sigh]
‎Let's hope he's ticklish.
‎Not this time.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[she roars]
‎No more evil-doing for you, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎[lively music]
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[confused sigh]
‎[he gasps] Gotta take off. See ya.
‎Our duel is not over, my dear Ladybug.
‎At the end of our battle,
‎I will rule!
‎[dramatic music]
‎[lively music]
‎Great job.
‎You proved you can be
‎both Ladybug and class rep.
‎It wasn't easy
‎but I'm glad I tried,
‎If I hadn't
‎I'd never have known I could do it!
‎Where were you?
‎- Hiding under a rock?
‎- Very funny.
‎I got transformed into a knight.
‎So did I. What a 'knightmare".
‎Now this is all over,
‎I want my personal items back.
‎What are you talking about?
‎Yes, please take it off.
‎Thank you.
‎Got an explanation, Chloe?
‎Then how did you know
‎my diary was in here?
‎Well I
‎Sabrina told me. It was all her idea.
‎So uncool.
‎Now we know nobody will vote for Chloe.
‎You're gonna be our new class rep.
‎Not so fast.
‎See? She's undependable.
‎She's already giving up.
‎No, I'm not. I want to be voted in fairly
‎not because
‎you don't want to vote for Chloe
‎but because you believe in me.
‎I won't make promises I can't keep,
‎I won't get you everything you want,
‎but I am resourceful,
‎and I know how to prioritise.
‎I'm good at listening and multi-tasking.
‎Representing you all is what I believe in
‎and I believe in myself.
‎So vote for Marinette
‎for class representative.
‎What are you doing?
‎Are you out of your mind?
‎[groaning] What are you good for?
‎By majority vote,
‎Marinette is the new class representative
‎and Alya will be her deputy.
‎You'll be able to do your blog
‎and be deputy.
‎We can do anything
‎if we put our minds to it.
‎I'm with you, girl.
‎[happy music]
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