Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

The Mime

‎[sigh of relief] That was close.
‎What you did for Alya
‎was very cool, Marinette
‎You think?
‎I'd have liked to do more but
‎She didn't wait long
‎to tell me the big news.
‎Hide, Tikki, quick.
‎Girl, you will not believe
‎what just happened to me!
‎Ladybug saved some workers
‎from a villain.
‎Millions of reporters
‎were waiting to interview her.
‎And that's when it happened!
‎That was super
‎Cool, right?
‎Ladybug knows me. My blog!
‎She thinks it's awesome,
‎Yeah, that's awesome.
‎Let me grab my laptop.
‎You're right, Tikki.
‎I think it made her a little happy.
‎-Can I see the video?
‎-OK, but fast.
‎[she squeals]
‎You thought I was going to drop it.
‎[Tikki] Video deleted!
‎Tell me I didn't just do that.
‎You didn't just do that.
‎OK, you did.
‎At least you didn't drop it.
‎I really screwed up this time.
‎Alya's gonna kill me.
‎It's not the end of the world.
‎Alya will understand.
‎She is your best friend.
‎You're right.
‎[cheerful muttering]
‎-On second thoughts
‎-Who are you talking to?
‎To to a pigeon.
‎Say hello to Alya, Jacques.
‎Say bye-bye, Jacques. Come down.
‎What's the name of the play is,
‎Mr. Haprele?
‎It's called, "The Mime's
‎Extraordinary Adventures"
‎starring the most talented
‎awesome actor and mime.
‎Come on now
‎My father!
‎Give it up for Fred Haprele.
‎Thank you. Thank you, Mylene.
‎Well, congratulations.
‎She must be very proud.
‎All I need is my hat
‎to complete my costume.
‎Here it is.
‎Thank you, Marinette,
‎saving me at the last minute.
‎[Marinette giggles]
‎I don't think
‎Mylene was exaggerating at all.
‎Thank you.
‎I fixed the tear in it.
‎I also sewed the pocket
‎on the inside.
‎That's perfect.
‎Thanks to you,
‎I'll have my good luck charm
‎with me all the time.
‎A photo of my daughter.
‎Oh, dad.
‎[phone rings]
‎-I had to get my hat.
‎I know.
‎The bus leaves in half an hour.
‎I'll be there.
‎That was the play's director.
‎She's nervous about the premiere.
‎She's ready to blow a fuse.
‎I better get going.
‎-See you tonight, girls.
‎-We can't wait.
‎Love you, dad.
‎What's his excuse this time?
‎He said had to get his hat
‎from a repair shop.
‎Well, he's a convincing actor.
‎Actually, he is a great actor,
‎but he makes excuses for being late
‎For falling asleep during rehearsals.
‎for leaving early,
‎for missing parts of his costume.
‎Come on, Sarah,
‎when are you going to wake up?
‎But it's up to you
‎if you want the show to suffer.
‎Look, you're his understudy.
‎Be ready to replace him
‎just in case, okay?
‎I won't let you down, Sarah.
‎[he chuckles]
‎Thanks, I gotta go.
‎I want to change before the show.
‎[phone rings]
‎Hey, that's my ringtone.
‎[Marinette giggles nervously]
‎It's my mom, I'll call her back.
‎Mylene, you wanna see a cool video?
‎You wouldn't want her to be late
‎for her dad's show.
‎Marinette's right, I gotta go.
‎OK, I'll go with you
‎and show you on the way.
‎Wait, your bag's open.
‎All good. See ya.
‎[sigh of relief]
‎[phone rings]
‎Sarah, I'm early. I'm around the corner.
‎No, it's Chris.
‎Sarah asked me to call you
‎about a location change.
‎The bus is picking us up
‎in 10 minutes at the Louvre.
‎That's on the other side of town.
‎Yes, but it's closer
‎to the Eiffel Tower.
‎Well OK.
‎Luckily, I'll just make it on time.
‎Thanks for telling me.
‎Sure, see you there.
‎[Alya] I'm off this way.
‎OK, see you.
‎Wait, I have to show you
‎my awesome vid
‎Where's my phone?
‎You stole Alya's phone?
‎I I borrowed it.
‎Look, all I need to do is
‎transform into Ladybug
‎and film myself doing
‎the exact same thing.
‎Then I'll give it back.
‎I don't know.
‎Maybe it's better to come clean now.
‎You might be digging a bigger hole.
‎I can handle this.
‎Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.
‎[phone vibrates]
‎-Hi, Mylene.
‎Alya's phone?
‎Got it. The silly girl dropped it.
‎Hi, Alya. You're on speaker-phone?
‎OK, I'll give it to you at the show.
‎See ya.
‎Don't look at me like that.
‎It'll all work out,
‎I think.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎We have to go for dress rehearsals.
‎Wait any longer and you'll be
‎jeopardising the production.
‎You're right, Chris. Let's go.
‎You'll take Fred's place.
‎I definitely won't let you down.
‎Where are they?
‎Excuse me, have you seen a bus
‎with a poster on it for "The Mime"?
‎[phone vibrates]
‎He's got a nerve calling now.
‎I wouldn't give him the time of day.
‎-You never turned up.
‎I'm on time at the Louvre.
‎What? Why would we meet there?
‎I-I thought
‎the meeting place changed.
‎Fred, I don't want to hear
‎you lame excuses.
‎-But Chris
‎-I don't care.
‎It's not just this excuse,
‎there's always an excuse.
‎[she sighs]
‎An actor who misses his premiere.
‎Now that's a tragedy.
‎Go, my evil Akuma.
‎Let's hand this actor
‎the role of a lifetime!
‎Okey-dokey, here we go.
‎[cat meows]
‎Hey! No!
‎Get away!
‎That is so gross.
‎Cats are nothing but trouble.
‎[sobbing] What did I do?
‎You're going to be
‎so disappointed in me.
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎I'm giving you the power
‎to make whatever you gesture
‎come to life.
‎Destroy this premiere performance.
‎You may be a mime
‎but they can't silence you!
‎However, in return,
‎you must bring me back Ladybug's
‎and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
‎So, shall we get on with the show?
‎[dramatic music]
‎[he gasps and screams]
‎[siren wails]
‎[she gasps]
‎Are you OK?
‎Looks like Mylene's dad's hat.
‎[she gasps]
‎Mr Haprele?
‎If you're ticked off.
‎We can talk about it.
‎Or not.
‎[arrows whistle]
‎I'm sure he'll understand, sir.
‎My dad's flaking, isn't he?
‎Let me guess,
‎something came up.
‎Yes, but he reserved
‎the best seats in the house.
‎As usual, the best money can buy.
‎Get out and hide.
‎I'll cover you.
‎[romantic music]
‎[arrows whistle]
‎We've gotta transform now.
‎I thought I was a spectator,
‎not a performer.
‎-What about the show?
‎-No time.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Grab her Miraculous, her earrings, now!
‎[rope creaks]
‎Keep your hands to yourself.
‎It's OK, I've got this.
‎My pleasure, Cat Noir.
‎Apparently, not seeing is believing.
‎We can't let him go like that.
‎[car door opens and shuts]
‎[car starts]
‎No, wait!
‎-There, I did it.
‎-I wish you did.
‎When he started miming the car,
‎the bars disappeared.
‎Hey, wait.
‎Nice ride
‎but I'd have made it a convertible.
‎[car accelerates]
‎He's one of the actors
‎and he's after that bus.
‎Where is he going?
‎We've gotta stop him.
‎-Hit the brakes.
‎-What brakes?
‎[tires screech]
‎Not bad for driving an invisible car
‎but they'll never believe
‎we saved their lives.
‎[motorbike revs up]
‎He's off again.
‎We've got to catch up with the bus.
‎What are you doing?
‎Good thing you have friends
‎in high places.
‎-Hold on.
‎-I could've done this.
‎-We're the Cat and Bug team.
‎-Bug and Cat team.
‎Drop me off there.
‎Get ready.
‎-Where's the Akuma?
‎-In his hat.
‎-How do you know?
‎-I have hidden talents.
‎[engine accelerates]
‎[dramatic music]
‎[sword clinks]
‎-Distract him.
‎[he gasps] Fred?
‎The Miraculous. Grab her earring!
‎-Grab his hat.
‎-Look out!
‎[chainsaw whirrs]
‎-We have to get them to safety.
‎-Can I lend a paw?
‎Yeah, cover me.
‎Hurry up, Milady.
‎What's happening?
‎An actor has been akumatised,
‎and he seems to have it in
‎for your troupe.
‎[arrows whistle]
‎Stay inside.
‎We'll get this under control.
‎I know why he's after us.
‎I stole his role
‎but he can have it back,
‎I don't care anymore.
‎Just keep us safe.
‎What do you mean?
‎You didn't steal it, he lost it.
‎Not exactly,
‎I have to tell you something.
‎His Miraculous, I want his ring!
‎I don't know why you're so violent
‎but I don't think Mylene would approve.
‎That's what I call "silent but deadly".
‎Lucky charm!
‎A shoe box? Great.
‎There better be explosive boots in there.
‎Of course,
‎we have to make him really angry.
‎Blow his fuse!
‎Isn't he angry enough?
‎You're good at annoying people.
‎Do your thing.
‎That is true.
‎Gotta borrow these.
‎A box, a magnifying glass,
‎some light, and voilà!
‎A homemade projector. Hey, Mime!
‎Nice poster, don't you think?
‎Yes! Remember he can only mime
‎one thing at a time.
‎So he's cornered.
‎Good thinking, Milady.
‎No more evil-doing for you, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise.
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[he gasps] Yes!
‎What happened? How did I get here?
‎I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
‎I'm sorry too.
‎I was so desperate to perform
‎that I lied to you.
‎[bleeping] Your earrings.
‎Better get going.
‎Shame, I could have been
‎your date to the play.
‎-Just you and me.
‎-Thanks, but I have other plans.
‎The show's not over yet, Ladybug.
‎You just wait.
‎There's still a last act to come
‎when you least expect it.
‎Got it!
‎[Adrien] Hey.
‎You're here, cool.
‎I thought I'd end up alone.
‎[Alya] Did you bring my phone?
‎I don't know which I liked more,
‎the show or Adrien.
‎Give him a call
‎and ask him out to a movie.
‎Speaking of calling
‎I've something to tell you.
‎I accidentally erased
‎your Ladybug video,
‎then I dropped your phone in a bin,
‎and now it stinks,
‎like really really bad
‎and I'm sorry, so so sorry.
‎I know that video meant a lot.
‎I'm a lame friend.
‎[she giggles] Chillax, lady.
‎If anyone knows
‎about your legendary clumsiness,
‎it's me, your BFF.
‎So You're not angry?
‎Well you should have come clean
‎and told me, but no, we're cool.
‎Besides, I'd already uploaded it
‎to my blog.
‎I'm so lucky
‎to have a friend like you.
‎So you probably don't care
‎about my surprise.
‎Screw up or no screw up,
‎you know I love surprises.
‎Ok. You see that theatre?
‎There's something inside for you,
‎on the stage.
‎Hello, Alya right?
‎Last time, I was in a hurry.
‎I've got more time now
‎if you want to interview me.
‎[she gasps] No? Seriously?
‎Do I? Do I!
‎Have a seat.
‎You don't know me but FYI, this is like
‎Alya's lucky to have you
‎as a friend too.
‎-Well? Show me!
‎-Only after I've put it on my blog.
‎-I'm not gonna lose this video.
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