Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e14 Episode Script

The Birth of Ladybug, Part 1

‎[she gasps]
‎you don't look well.
‎I need you to take me to a doctor.
‎But where will I find
‎a doctor for kwamis?
‎I know a healer.
‎I'll tell you where to go.
‎What will I tell him?
‎You're a secret.
‎He'll ask questions.
‎And I know someone else
‎who'll ask a lot of questions,
‎my teacher,
‎about why I'm late again.
‎Tikki, can I take you to the healer
‎right after school?
‎Thank you.
‎exothermic redox chemical reaction
‎between a fuel and an oxidant,
‎usually atmospheric oxygen.
‎He's so gorgeous,
‎and with a heart of gold.
‎I'm going to write him a letter
‎professing my adoration
‎and utmost respect.
‎Marinette, what's your excuse this time?
‎Locked yourself
‎in the bathroom again?
‎No, of course not.
‎I had to take my dog to the vet,
‎because he ate a wool sweater.
‎Thank you, Rose,
‎the class doesn't need
‎extra refreshing.
‎I thought someone had
‎a tuna sandwich,
‎but it turns out
‎it's Rose's perfume.
‎Ate a sweater?
‎Using your phone
‎during school hours is forbidden.
‎Take your things
‎and go to the principal's office.
‎Watch what happens when you play
‎with flammable substances
‎in a chemistry lab.
‎To make sure you remember,
‎I'll quiz you on lab safety,
‎You two are made for each other.
‎You're both always late.
‎As he missed class, it'd be sweet
‎if some lady could lend him
‎her notes so he can get up to speed?
‎You're right
‎Oh, you mean for me
‎to give him my notes?
‎No, I can't, I
‎Your excuses don't work on me.
‎[Tikki sneezes]
‎I think I'm getting sick.
‎Then don't breathe on him.
‎[she sighs]
‎[Tikki sneezes]
‎I'm not feeling too good.
‎Don't worry, Tikki,
‎it'll just take
‎[Tikki groans]
‎You OK? Nothing broken?
‎Yeah I'm fine.
‎what's Prince Ali doing today?
‎A toy drive
‎at the Children's Hospital.
‎What kind of stuffed animal is this?
‎Who left this here?
‎The prince will never have seen
‎one like this before.
‎And when he sees me,
‎Prince Ali will forget
‎all about those sick kids.
‎Did I hear you say Prince Ali?
‎Not to you.
‎Prince Ali's staying
‎at Chloe's dad's hotel.
‎The only hotel fit for a prince
‎and I'll be the first to meet him.
‎Please, could you give him
‎a special letter?
‎No prob.
‎That is so sweet of you
‎to do that for me.
‎You thought I was serious?
‎You think I want to
‎get anywhere near this fish funk?
‎[Marinette] Tikki?
‎Chloe, wait up! That's my
‎Not anymore. Finders keepers.
‎Now there's a broken-hearted
‎princess if ever I saw one.
‎Every rose has its thorns.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise her!
‎Princess Fragrance, I am Hawk Moth.
‎Your perfume is now
‎your secret weapon.
‎No-one will be able to resist it,
‎especially Prince Ali.
‎All I want from you,
‎are Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
‎I'm coming, my prince.
‎Hello, I'm in Chloe's class.
‎I really have to see her.
‎Are you a friend?
‎A friend of Chloe's?
‎You must be kidding.
‎I mean, we're in the same class.
‎If you're not a friend,
‎then I can't.
‎Yes, I'm a friend of Chloe's.
‎We're BFFs.
‎Chloe doesn't have any friends.
‎Does that mean
‎you're not letting me in?
‎Got a pizza for Chloe Bourgeois.
‎It's usually sushi.
‎Top floor, imperial suite.
‎Yes, yes, yes.
‎[lift beeps]
‎Here's a gift for the sick children,
‎It's nothing, really.
‎Stop flattering me.
‎There, that's better.
‎[lift beeps]
‎Don't get that peasant food near me.
‎Wait! It has truffles
‎and caviar on it,
‎for spoilt brats like you.
‎I've come to see Prince Ali.
‎What is going on today?
‎Do you have an appointment?
‎No need. I'm his princess.
‎And I'm a monkey's uncle.
‎That's no way so speak
‎to a princess!
‎At your service, Princess Fragrance.
‎A thousand times better.
‎where is my wonderful Prince Charming?
‎We can't keep him waiting.
‎In honour of your presence
‎here in Paris, Your Highness,
‎I've taken it on myself
‎to organise a fireworks display
‎on the Seine River.
‎They will be displayed
‎from this barge.
‎Thank you
‎How do we say in your language?
‎Totally awesome!
‎We'll see if it fits in
‎with his schedule.
‎We have little time for festivities.
‎His Highness
‎has many responsibilities.
‎[Chloe coughs]
‎[Chloe hums]
‎Prince Ali, allow me to introduce you
‎to my own princess. Chloe.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎Prince, I've brought you
‎a special stuffed toy
‎for the sick children.
‎I've never seen one like this.
‎It's very kind of you.
‎You're flattering me.
‎It is so kind of me though,
‎isn't it?
‎Yes, I say that.
‎You did not hear me?
‎[cameras click]
‎Nadia Chamack, don't be bemused
‎Anything to say
‎about your official Parisian visit?
‎[Prince Ali]
‎I'm happy to be here.
‎Prince Ali, where is
‎that smell coming from?
‎Like rotten fish.
‎What? That's not me.
‎It is me!
‎At your service, princess fragrance.
‎Who are you?
‎I'm Princess Fragrance.
‎I've come just for you.
‎In just a spritz,
‎you'll be my Prince Ali.
‎This is bad.
‎What or who is that? Plagg?
‎There's trouble in Paris.
‎I'm still chewing.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Prince, this way.
‎We're safe.
‎It's a reinforced door.
‎So much chaos.
‎How is one supposed to stick
‎to a schedule around here?
‎What is that?
‎Get back!
‎My prince, my prince,
‎smell the fragrance of my eternal love.
‎[vacuum cleaner]
‎[Princess Fragrance]
‎Who are you?
‎Looks like you're powerless now.
‎There are two of them now. Run!
‎You can't escape my perfume.
‎[Princess Fragrance]
‎Get them.
‎At your service, Princess Fragrance.
‎He's under the spell.
‎Shut the door.
‎-But it's your father.
‎-Who cares?
‎Shut it now!
‎At your service.
‎Come into my arms,
‎my sweet prince.
‎[Cat Noir gags]
‎Can we get some fresh air in here?
‎No-one will take my prince away!
‎Emergency evacuation.
‎Everybody down.
‎It's much too dangerous
‎for the prince.
‎[Cat Noir]
‎You're right
‎safety first.
‎[cry of joy]
‎My prince!
‎Tikki, please be OK.
‎Can we open the windows?
‎This fish smell
‎is even too much for a cat.
‎[Tikki sneezes]
‎We've 9 minutes
‎to get to the hospital,
‎we're on a strict schedule.
‎No way we can go
‎go to the hospital now.
‎We gotta get Prince Ali
‎out of Paris.
‎My prince, fancy seeing you here,
‎what luck.
‎The windows!
‎I'll take you to the Pont des Arts
‎where we'll seal our love.
‎Cat Noir is down.
‎It won't be long
‎before Ladybug shows up too
‎and meets her doom.
‎[evil laugh]
‎No. Where's Tikki?
‎Tikki, I was so worried.
‎You're worse than I thought.
‎We need to get help.
‎We have no time.
‎You need to transform.
‎I'll be OK.
‎I'm not making
‎the same mistake twice.
‎We've got to get you
‎to the healer, now.
‎[Chinese gong rings]
‎Is she gonna be OK?
‎One who burns with impatience
‎can never eat hot porridge.
‎What has this got to do with eating?
‎Silence, please.
‎Reading energies
‎What type of cat did you say?
‎rare hairless flying species
‎from the Kingdom of Atchoo.
‎I won one in a zoo tap-dancing
‎contest when I was in Atchoo.
‎I see, unusual.
‎Yes, yes, very.
‎[gong rings]
‎We are finished.
‎Your cat's health has been restored.
‎[Tikki mumbles]
‎Thank you so much.
‎You're a real magician, sir.
‎How did you do that?
‎Ancient Chinese secret.
‎Just like yours.
‎Tikki, I'm so sorry.
‎You were so sick and
‎I don't know
‎what I'd do without you.
‎You wouldn't be Ladybug, for one.
‎I know, but I mean
‎Tikki, you're more
‎than just my kwami to me.
‎I know.
‎The Pont des Arts bridge,
‎That's where they're headed.
‎I heard it in the car.
‎Hurry, we've no time to lose.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎I can't wait for us
‎to be together forever.
‎Servant, love padlock, please.
‎This will lock our love forever,
‎my prince.
‎At your service, Princess Fragrance.
‎[Princess Fragrance]
‎My padlock!
‎Not so fast,
‎royal pains in the neck.
‎[angry growling]
‎[Hawk Moth] Use Cat Noir
‎to get Ladybug's Miraculous.
‎Servants, attack!
‎And take her earrings!
‎Snap out of it, Cat Noir.
‎It's me, Ladybug.
‎Give me your Miraculous.
‎Who needs a padlock
‎to secure our love
‎when I can put everyone
‎under my spell
‎and make Paris our kingdom?
‎I'd better do something
‎before this whole thing
‎blows up in my face.
‎Watch what happens when you play
‎with flammable substances
‎Can't hit me.
‎Nice of you to drop in.
‎Give me you Miraculous.
‎[loud explosion]
‎This city's not for us.
‎Too many people want to bother us.
‎Let's go far away from here,
‎my prince, very far.
‎Leaving so soon?
‎The party just got started!
‎You? You are ruining everything!
‎So now I'll ruin you!
‎Lucky charm!
‎A balloon?
‎What do I do with this?
‎You can't escape, Ladybug
‎It's over!
‎What the?
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎What am I doing here?
‎And where's Ladybug?
‎The schedule's a complete disaster.
‎We're going to be late
‎for everything.
‎Where's the Prince?
‎Wait a minute where am I?
‎[Prince Ali]
‎How did I get here?
‎[Rose gasps]
‎Prince Ali?
‎And who are you?
‎Never mind, I'll leave you
‎with your biggest fan.
‎Bug out!
‎You know how you're always helping
‎sick children?
‎I want you to know
‎that you are the most
‎kind-hearted person
‎I have ever met.
‎Prince Ali!
‎You're safe.
‎Aren't you glad I'm safe too?
‎Shall we continue
‎where we left off?
‎No, thank you.
‎I have a special event
‎at the hospital with Miss Rose.
‎Let us go quickly
‎before my chaperone locates me.
‎Bye, Chloe.
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