Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e15 Episode Script

The Birth of Ladybug, Part 2

‎I want that absolute power, Nooroo.
‎I must have those Miraculous.
‎But nobody knows where they are.
‎I found you though, my little Nooroo.
‎Your Miraculous,
‎remind me of its powers again.
‎The moth brooch allows you
‎to give someone a superpower
‎and to make them your follower.
‎And, when it comes
‎to luring superheroes,
‎what could be better
‎than creating supervillains?
‎But master, the Miraculous
‎aren't meant for evil purposes.
‎I must have this absolute power!
‎Your Miraculous is in my control.
‎I am your master now!
‎And you must obey me.
‎Yes, master.
‎dark wings, rise!
‎From this day on,
‎I shall be known as Hawk Moth.
‎[evil cackling]
‎Master, master.
‎[chanting] Master, master
‎Chanting it's part of the treatment.
‎Master, master.
‎Thank you for coming.
‎See you next week.
‎Master, the Moth Miraculous,
‎I felt its aura.
‎I thought it was lost forever.
‎But master, it's a negative aura.
‎I fear it's in the hands of a dark power.
‎We must find Nooroo and his Miraculous.
‎If it's in the wrong hands,
‎there's no telling what evil
‎will come upon the world.
‎Time to transform! Wayzz
‎[bones crack]
‎[he groans]
‎Master, be reasonable, you are
‎Still young, I'm only 186.
‎But you're right, Wayzz.
‎I can no longer do it alone.
‎We'll need some help.
‎[alarm rings] Marinette!
‎Your alarm's going off.
‎You'll be late for your first day.
‎Got it, mom.
‎-I bet Chloe is in my class again.
‎-Four years in a row?
‎-Is that possible?
‎-Definitely. Lucky me.
‎Don't say that.
‎It's the start of a new year.
‎I'm sure everything will be just fine.
‎[he hums French national anthem]
‎Dad, these are so awesome!
‎Glad you like 'em.
‎Thanks, dad, they'll love them.
‎You're the best.
‎We're the best.
‎Thanks to your amazing designs.
‎See you tonight.
‎[bell tinkles]
‎[she yelps]
‎[horn beeps]
‎[she groans]
‎Thank you, miss. What a disaster.
‎I'm no stranger to disaster.
‎Besides, there's still a few left.
‎[bell rings] No, I'm late!
‎Have a nice day, sir.
‎[school bell rings]
‎Thank you very much, young lady.
‎Nino, why don't you sit
‎at the front this year?
‎Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
‎Here we go again.
‎That's my seat.
‎But Chloe, this has always been my seat.
‎Not anymore. New school year, new seats.
‎So go and sit beside
‎that new girl over there?
‎-Adrien's arriving today,
‎and since that's his seat,
‎this is going to be my seat. Get it?
‎Who's Adrien?
‎Can you believe
‎she doesn't know who he is?
‎What planet do you live on?
‎He's only a famous model.
‎And I am his best friend. He adores me.
‎Go on, move.
‎Who elected you Queen of Seats?
‎Look, Sabrina,
‎we've got a little do-gooder this year.
‎What you gonna do,
‎shoot beams at me with your glasses?
‎Wouldn't you like to know?
‎Sorry, sorry, sorry.
‎Everyone got a seat?
‎[Alya] Chillax, girl. No biggie.
‎I wish I could handle Chloe like you do.
‎You mean like Majestia.
‎"All that is necessary
‎"for the triumph of evil is
‎that good people do nothing."
‎That girl over there is evil,
‎and we're the good people.
‎-We can't let her get away with it.
‎-Easier said than done.
‎She likes to make my life miserable.
‎Because you let her, girl.
‎You need more confidence.
‎For those who don't know me,
‎I'm Miss Bustier.
‎I'll be your teacher this year.
‎He should be here by now.
‎[car approaches]
‎[car tires screech]
‎Adrien, please reconsider.
‎You know what your father wants.
‎This is what I want to do.
‎[old man groans]
‎Thank you, young man.
‎I want to go to school
‎like everybody else.
‎What's wrong with that?
‎Please don't tell father.
‎[bell rings] If you who have PE,
‎meet Mr. D'Argencourt at the stadium.
‎The rest can go to the library.
‎[Ivan] Kim!
‎-Ivan, what are you doing?
‎-It's Kim!
‎I'm so gonna
‎Go to the principal's office.
‎Negative emotions. This is perfect.
‎Just what I need.
‎Anger, sadness
‎Burn a hole into his heart,
‎my horrible Akuma.
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise him!
‎[door opens]
‎Hasn't anyone ever taught you to knock?
‎Go on, out you go. Let's try it again.
‎[he groans]
‎[Mr. Damocles] Go on, knock.
‎Stoneheart, I am Hawk Moth.
‎I give you the power to seek revenge.
‎OK, Hawk Moth.
‎Well, come on in.
‎[Alya] Come on.
‎[banging] Did you hear that?
‎[roaring] Kim!
‎Hello, police? Get me the army!
‎What's going on? He had Ivan's voice?
‎It's as if he's been transformed
‎into a real-life supervillain.
‎GPS, check, battery, check,
‎I'm so outta here.
‎Where are you going?
‎When there's a supervillain,
‎a superhero's not far behind.
‎I'm not missing this.
‎Who was 1st President of the 5th Republic?
‎People think it was De Gaulle
‎but it was René Coty
‎before the first elections.
‎Excellent, Adrien.
‎Give me a minute would you, Nathalie?
‎Yes, sir.
‎You are not going to school.
‎I've already told you.
‎I want you here
‎so I can keep an eye on you
‎not in that dangerous world.
‎It's not dangerous.
‎I'm always stuck here.
‎Why can't I go out and make friends?
‎You're not everyone else,
‎you're my son.
‎We can stop for today if
‎[he gasps]
‎[police sirens]
‎[Roger] Ready?
‎[Roger] Fire!
‎I hate first days at school.
‎What's this doing here?
‎Help, it's a giant bug!
‎A mouse a bug-mouse.
‎Everything's OK. Don't be scared!
‎Bug-mouse talks!
‎No way. Like the genie in the lamp.
‎I met him once, so he grants wishes,
‎I'm way more personable.
‎Plagg, nice to meet you.
‎[chomping] Don't touch that!
‎Come back here.
‎It's so shiny. Can you eat this?
‎[chomping] No, you can't. What about this?
‎Marinette, I know everything
‎seems a bit strange
‎OK, if you feel safer.
‎What are you?
‎How do you know my name?
‎I'm a Kwami, and my name is Tikki.
‎Now, just let me explain.
‎I still don't know why you're here.
‎I'm a Kwami. I grant powers.
‎Yours is the power of destruction. Got it?
‎Good. Got anything to eat? I'm starving.
‎My dad's pranking me, right?
‎Wait, he has no sense of humour.
‎He must never know I exist
‎or anyone for that matter.
‎Mom! Dad!
‎No, no, no.
‎I'm your friend, Marinette.
‎You must trust me.
‎You're the only one
‎who can stop Stoneheart.
‎Do you think they'll be up to it, master?
‎I only got it wrong once.
‎It will not happen again.
‎At least I hope not.
‎This has to be a mistake.
‎The only superpower
‎I could have is super-awkwardness.
‎I know. Alya would know.
‎I think she would. She loves superheroes.
‎She'd totally be up for it. Ask her.
‎Marinette, you're the chosen one.
‎I'm stuck here. I can't even go to school.
‎What good's a superhero
‎imprisoned in his own house?
‎No good.
‎That's why it's all going to change,
‎if you're willing to change.
‎OK, so all I do
‎is break the object
‎where that thingy is?
‎It's called an Akuma,
‎which you must capture.
‎Got it. Capture it.
‎What's that charm thing?
‎Your lucky charm, it's your super-power.
‎This is all going too fast.
‎I won't be able to pull this off.
‎Trust yourself, Marinette.
‎Just say "Spots on".
‎Spots on?
‎What's happening?
‎"Claws out", that's how you transform.
‎Got it.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Wait, I haven't finished
‎Too cool.
‎How does this thing come off?
‎Tikki? If you can hear me,
‎I want my normal clothes back.
‎I'm not going anywhere.
‎[Sabine] Marinette, did you get home OK?
‎Yeah, mom, just super.
‎Marinette? You in here?
‎[Sabine] Tom, we'd better call the school.
‎OK, I have special powers.
‎And apparently this amazing
‎super yoyo thingy.
‎[she yells]
‎I'm getting the hang of this.
‎[they groan]
‎-Hey, nice of you to drop in.
‎-Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose.
‎I bet you're the partner
‎my Kwami told me about.
‎I'm Cat Noir.
‎Yeah, Cat Noir And you?
‎Madly clumsy, I'm so clumsy.
‎No sweat, Clumsy-girl. I'm learning too.
‎-Wait, where are you going?
‎-To save Paris, right?
‎[she sighs]
‎Trust yourself, trust yourself.
‎[she yells]
‎[thudding] Kim!
‎So, who's the wuss now?
‎[Rose screams]
‎It's not nice to pick on
‎people smaller than you.
‎I guess you're talking about yourself.
‎Everything's going to plan.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous
‎have been activated.
‎Here they come to save the day
‎and now my supervillain will destroy them.
‎Where are you, partner?
‎I can't.
‎I'm not going to be able to do it.
‎[Alya gasps]
‎What are you waiting for?
‎The world is watching!
‎Animal cruelty? How shameful.
‎Sorry I took so long.
‎It's cool, Wonderbug.
‎Let's kick his rocky behind.
‎Wait. He gets bigger with every attack.
‎-We have to do something different.
‎I don't know.
‎Let's use our powers.
‎Apparently, I destroy whatever I touch.
‎I don't need a superpower for that.
‎[Ladybug] No, don't!
‎Cool, it's just you and me.
‎Time to rumble, soon-to-be rubble.
‎I guess I only get one shot
‎to use my power.
‎And you only have 5 minutes
‎before you change back.
‎Didn't your Kwami explain?
‎I guess I was too excited.
‎Well, up to me?
‎Lucky charm!
‎[Cat Noir sarcastically] Super power.
‎My Kwami said I must break the object
‎where the Akuma is hiding.
‎He's made out of stone.
‎His hand, it's closed.
‎He never opens it.
‎It's like Russian dolls,
‎the object is hidden in his fist.
‎What's your plan?
‎[Ladybug] Don't resist, trust me.
‎[yelling] This girl's crazy!
‎[Ladybug] Catch me if you can.
‎And now
‎Alya, the tap!
‎This girl is awesome.
‎She's crazy awesome.
‎What's going on? What am I doing here?
‎You were incredible, MissBug Lady.
‎You did it.
‎We both did it.
‎Pound it!
‎You should go.
‎Our identities must remain secret.
‎Farewell, milady,
‎let's do this again soon.
‎Not too soon I hope.
‎"You haven't got the guts
‎to tell Mylene you love her. Wuss!"
‎Kim wrote it. He makes fun of me.
‎You shouldn't get so upset about this.
‎There's no shame
‎in telling someone you love them.
‎How do you know my name, Miss?
‎Uncanny, amazing, spectacular.
‎Will you be protecting Paris?
‎How did you get your powers?
‎Super awesome.
‎I did it, Tikki.
‎You see, you were up to it.
‎[Sabine] Marinette, dinner!
‎Ladybug, her name is Ladybug.
‎[revolted] What is this?
‎Seriously? My personal chef made it.
‎If you expect me to get my energy back,
‎I need to eat something more delicate.
‎OK, what?
‎[Sabine] Oh my!
‎Camembert cheese, fantastic.
‎All he eats is camembert.
‎which means I'll smell like stinky cheese.
‎Plagg, what's going on? We defeated him.
‎Did you capture the akuma?
‎What's that got to do
‎with the other Stonebeings?
‎He'll use the Stonebeings as his army.
‎So that means this is all my fault?
‎I knew it.
‎I'm not cut out to be a superhero.
‎I'll keep messing up.
‎Keep calm. It was your first time.
‎You'll capture Stoneheart's Akuma
‎and do it successfully.
‎I can't. I told you, I'm clumsy.
‎I create disaster all the time.
‎I'll make things worse for everyone.
‎Cat Noir's better off alone, I'm quitting.
‎I can't do anything without Ladybug?
‎Only Ladybug can capture Akumas
‎and repair damage
‎caused by a supervillain.
‎If Cat Noir can't capture
‎the Akumas, find another Ladybug.
‎I'm not cut out to be Ladybug.
‎I'm sorry, Tikki.
‎No, don't
‎I'm really sorry, Tikki.
‎Ivan has a sensitive heart.
‎It won't be long
‎before anger and sadness strike again.
‎and the Stonebeings will come alive.
‎Then we'll see how long
‎you remain hidden, Ladybug.
‎Once I have your Miraculous,
‎you will be powerless against me.
‎absolute power!
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