Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e16 Episode Script


‎I know how upsetting and scary this is
‎but don't worry,
‎we've got 2 superheroes
‎looking out for Paris.
‎We have to show them we're not scared
‎because we trust them.
‎But what if Ladybug fails?
‎Then, I'd come and save you.
‎Superbaker to the rescue!
‎[she giggles]
‎Thanks, Superdad.
‎[clock chimes] What's he doing?
‎You didn't see him leave?
‎If anything happens to him,
‎you'll be responsible!
‎[Plagg] You're a strange kid.
‎Who'd want to be at school
‎when he could stay at home?
‎You don't get it. I've had enough
‎of being shut up at home.
‎I wanna make friends,
‎go to a normal school like everyone else.
‎[Plagg groans] I think I'm feeling weak.
‎You know what's strange?
‎You eating this smelly camembert cheese
‎and that I have to smell like it 24/7.
‎That's strange.
‎If you want to transform into a superhero,
‎then stinky cheese is the deal, my friend.
‎"Ladyblog: bringing you all the news
‎about the coolest superhero, Ladybug."
‎How awesome is that?
‎Check out the number of views.
‎But why do you trust Ladybug so much?
‎All these Stonebeings
‎She'll handle them.
‎What if she's not cut out
‎to be a superhero like people think?
‎What're you talkin' about?
‎Oh, wait.
‎I know what this is about.
‎You're scared, but don't be.
‎I've seen her with my own two eyes,
‎Ladybug is a true superheroine.
‎She'll protect us all.
‎I believe in her.
‎[Alix] You don't remember?
‎[Juleka] You went totally ballistic.
‎It was so cool.
‎You were out to crush me.
‎Sorry, I wasn't myself.
‎Once a monster, always a monster.
‎Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
‎[evil voice]
‎Yes, feel the burn of those words.
‎Lose your temper, Ivan.
‎Your Akuma awaits you.
‎[dull ring]
‎[Nathalie] Adrien!
‎Your father will be furious.
‎[Adrien] Say you were too late,
‎How could you say that?
‎You're the Stoneheart.
‎[sarcatic] So I'm the one
‎who broke Sabrina's dad's arm?
‎Just because your footage
‎of those lame heroes was on TV,
‎you don't have to get
‎so high and mighty.
‎You little
‎Look out, she's angry.
‎She's going to split her underwear
‎and turn into a huge monster.
‎[Adrien] Hey, Chloe.
‎Adrikins, you came!
‎[excited chattering] I know him!
‎[excited muttering] He's so handsome!
‎I'll handle it.
‎You should tell Mylene how you feel.
‎I don't know what you're talking about.
‎Come on, I saw how you look at her.
‎No, no negative emotions.
‎What I mean is be positive.
‎I'm sure she likes you too.
‎[whispering] Go talk to her.
‎I'm no good with words.
‎Who needs words?
‎You could draw her a picture,
‎send her flowers
‎I could write her a song?
‎That's a great idea.
‎Who wouldn't want
‎a love song written for her?
‎Go for it, Ivan, and stay positive.
‎[he chuckles]
‎The negative emotions are fading.
‎Can I have your autograph?
‎Can I have an autograph? I'm a huge fan.
‎This is your seat, Adrikins.
‎I saved it for you,
‎right in front of me.
‎Thanks, Chloe.
‎Hey Adrien.
‎[suspiciously] You're friends with Chloe?
‎Hey, what's that all about?
‎The brats who sat here yesterday
‎need some attitude adjustment.
‎I'm just commanding
‎a bit of respect, that's all.
‎Think that's really necessary?
‎You've got a lot to learn
‎about school culture, Adrikins.
‎Watch the master.
‎Alya, wouldn't you like to be a superhero
‎and fight monsters and villains?
‎Totally. I'm not scared of anyone. Why?
‎No reason.
‎[Alya gasps]
‎What are you doing?
‎OK, I get it.
‎Good job, you 3. Very funny.
‎No, no. I was trying to take it off.
‎You're friends with Chloe, right?
‎Why do people keep saying that?
‎See what I mean about respect?
‎I know I've seen him somewhere before.
‎[gasping] Of course.
‎He's the son of fave' designer,
‎Gabriel Agreste!
‎Daddy's boy,
‎teen supermodel and Chloe's buddy?
‎[scoffing] Forget it.
‎Why not tell her it was Chloe?
‎I've known Chloe since I was a kid.
‎She's not perfect
‎but I can't throw her under the bus.
‎She's my only friend.
‎I'm Nino. It's time for you to make
‎some new friends.
‎I'm going to be late.
‎[she shrieks] Ivan
‎you scared me.
‎I made this for you.
‎[heavy metal music]
‎[singing loudly] Mylene, be serene!
‎[higher pitch] Be serene!
‎[evil voice] Yes
‎I've been waiting for this.
‎You know the way, evil Akuma.
‎Track down your prey.
‎Fly away, and evilise him!
‎This is your 2nd chance,
‎Stoneheart and now you have extra help.
‎No-one will stop you
‎capturing your loved one,
‎but I'll need something in return.
‎[Miss Bustier] Agreste, Adrien?
‎You say present.
‎-Bourgeois, Chloe?
‎Bruel, Ivan?
‎[roaring] Present!
‎[roaring] Mylene?
‎Let go of me, Ivan.
‎I'm not Ivan anymore. I'm Stoneheart.
‎Why are you doing this?
‎So you and I can be together, forever!
‎[Chloe whimpers]
‎Daddy, the monster is back.
‎Please, my hair.
‎[Mylene] Put us down, Ivan.
‎Let's follow him.
‎Oh no, you go.
‎I'm finding a place to hide.
‎You're gonna miss Ladybug in action.
‎You and Ladybug will be
‎better off without me.
‎If you say so.
‎Wait, your bag.
‎My first day and I didn't
‎make it past roll call.
‎A day off? I like the sound of that.
‎No, no. We've got homework to do.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎You've no idea who you're dealing with.
‎My daddy, the mayor, will bring in
‎the army and the entire cavalry.
‎Don't forget the superheroes!
‎[Cat Noir] Oh no, my bad.
‎Super-incompetent, you mean.
‎You wanted the cavalry?
‎Here it is!
‎[Mylene] No!
‎Seize him!
‎[Mylene] Watch out!
‎[Mylene] Ivan,
‎where are we going?
‎To deliver a message.
‎We'll be brought together forever.
‎This lovey-dovey stuff makes me sick.
‎Don't worry, little monster,
‎I'll take care of you too.
‎I need help.
‎What's she waiting for?
‎[Alya screams]
‎Let go, you rock-head!
‎-I need Ladybug.
‎-I knew you'd come around.
‎I'm still not sure I'm up for this
‎but Alya's in danger.
‎I can't do nothing.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎You can't stay here. It's too dangerous.
‎Cat Noir, extend it!
‎[Ladybug] Sorry I was late.
‎Have I ever told you
‎you turn my world upside down?
‎You're quite a joker.
‎But your timing needs work.
‎We gotta go.
‎Aren't we gonna take care of them?
‎No, if we want to save them all
‎then we go to the source
‎that one.
‎I demand my daughter's safe return.
‎You're welcome to her!
‎[she screams]
‎I promise to be nice, be polite and
‎-I didn't promise.
‎My little princess.
‎We're clear to attack!
‎Wait, don't attack. You'll make it worse.
‎I've a new plan.
‎Leave it to the pros.
‎You already failed once.
‎He's right.
‎Had I captured the Akuma the 1st time,
‎this wouldn't have happened.
‎I knew I wasn't the one for this job.
‎No. He's wrong.
‎Without you, she wouldn't be here.
‎Without us, they won't make it.
‎We'll prove it.
‎Trust me on this, OK?
‎[coughing and spluttering]
‎[weak groan]
‎People of Paris,
‎listen carefully
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎Hawk moth?
‎[evil voice] Ladybug, Cat Noir,
‎You've done enough damage
‎to these innocent people.
‎Nice try, but we know who the bad guy is.
‎Let's not reverse the roles.
‎You turned these
‎innocent victims into villains.
‎Hawk Moth, no matter how long it takes,
‎we will find you
‎and you'll hand us your Miraculous!
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎[Hawk Moth groans]
‎[Ladybug yells]
‎Let me make this promise.
‎Whoever wants to harm you,
‎Cat Noir and I will do
‎all we can to keep you safe.
‎Whoever she is beneath that mask
‎I love that girl.
‎That's the problem with superheroes,
‎they're too heroic!
‎Stoneheart, they're trying to take
‎your loved one away.
‎Snatch their Miraculouses,
‎they'll be powerless against you.
‎OK, Hawk Moth.
‎[Mylene] Help me!
‎You'll never take Mylene from me!
‎[Stoneheart] Come to me, my Stonebeings!
‎We're surrounded.
‎What now? We can't attack him.
‎But we know where the Akuma is.
‎[Cat Noir] In the fist he's got Mylene in.
‎So, he's in love with her
‎That's it!
‎We don't separate them,
‎we bring them closer together.
‎They're made each other,
‎they just don't know it.
‎I don't get it,
‎but I guess I better trust you.
‎Something tells me
‎this is how it'll be in future.
‎[helicopters hum]
‎Help! I'm scared of heights!
‎It'll be alright!
‎[Stoneheart roars]
‎How will you get them even closer?
‎By using our powers!
‎Lucky charm!
‎A parachute?
‎What do I do with this?
‎[Cat Noir yells]
‎You know what you're doing?
‎We'll find out soon enough.
‎His hand get ready!
‎[she yells]
‎Home run!
‎No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎[he yells]
‎[they yell]
‎Cat Noir, take care of Ivan!
‎[sigh of relief]
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[Cat noir amazed] Are you seeing this?
‎Yeah, it's beautiful and amazing, it's
‎This is just the beginning, Ladybug.
‎You may have won this battle
‎but I will win the war!
‎I will get your Miraculouses,
‎I will get the absolute power,
‎and then, my secret dream will come true!
‎I think you two need to talk.
‎It may help if you read
‎the lyrics to Ivan's song.
‎It's beautiful.
‎It's a shame you can't hear them
‎when you scream
‎I mean sing.
‎It was scary, wasn't it?
‎Is that why you left?
‎I'm sorry. I'll be gentle.
‎They're made for each other.
‎Like us two.
‎[bleeping] See that?
‎Time to split. See you soon, Cat Noir.
‎Can't wait, Milady.
‎By the time I biked to the Eiffel Tower,
‎it was all over. I'm way bummed.
‎You'll get your scoop eventually.
‎You're right. next target,
‎"Ladybug: An Exclusive Interview."
‎Sounds exciting.
‎Oh, wait, even better,
‎"Finding out
‎who's really under that mask!"
‎Good luck with that one.
‎Yes, Father.
‎Thank you, Nathalie,
‎Thank you, father.
‎No, wait.
‎[Chloe] You're in
‎the wrong seat.
‎Go on, get lost.
‎All that's necessary
‎for the triumph of evil
‎is that good people do nothing.
‎What's that supposed to mean?
‎It means I'm not putting up
‎with your crud anymore,
‎neither is anyone else.
‎So take your attitude and go and get lost.
‎Good job.
‎You wanna make friends, right?
‎Talk to Marinette about the gum.
‎What should I say?
‎Just be yourself.
‎[she huffs]
‎I just want you to know
‎I was only trying to get the gum off,
‎I swear.
‎I've never been to school before.
‎I've never had friends.
‎It's all sort of new to me.
‎[romantic music]
‎[thunder rumbles]
‎[romantic music]
‎See you tomorrow.
‎[romantic music]
‎[stammering] See you tomorrow
‎[chuckling] Why am I stammering?
‎Hey. I think I might have an idea.
‎First day of school
‎and we already have two love-birds.
‎[puffing] Whatever, she's just a friend.
‎A friend.
‎[romantic music]
‎[Waizze] Excellent choice, master.
‎Those two are made for each other.
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