Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e17 Episode Script


‎"Leo, your heart's gonna roar."
‎Wow, roar.
‎FYI, Marinette's never gonna
‎fall in love with a statue.
‎You know I'm no good with the ladies,
‎especially this one all of a sudden.
‎Do I go up to her and crack a joke?
‎Shoot her a compliment?
‎Invite her to the zoo? Play it serious?
‎Nino, you're over-thinking this.
‎Invite her to the zoo? Seriously?
‎Well, they have a cool new exhibit.
‎Listen, just be yourself, man.
‎Easy for you to say,
‎Mr. Front-Cover-Teen-Model.
‎I'm not that cool.
‎You're cool too, dude,
‎or you wouldn't be my best bud.
‎Invite her to the zoo.
‎She'll say yes, I promise.
‎What if I act like a moron
‎or she kisses me or thinks I'm lame?
‎OK, I got your back.
‎[students chatter]
‎-He's such a
‎-Smart, hot, swave spell-binder.
‎All the above.
‎-So sorry right, Nino?
‎[together] -Sorry.
‎Sorry about that.
‎How could we make it up to you?
‎Any ideas, Nino?
‎[Nino murmurs]
‎How about we all check out the zoo?
‎They have a new
‎T-T-They've got a new panther.
‎Awesome idea, right, Marinette?
‎You love animals.
‎Yeah, I'm really into zoonimals.
‎I mean anizools, I mean zoonimals.
‎Cool, say after school, four o'clock?
‎Nino, sound good?
‎Cool, four o'clock.
‎Four! Four o'clock.
‎[dazed] Yeah.
‎Earth to Marinette.
‎Do you realise the guy
‎you're crazy about asked you out?
‎[dazed] Yeah.
‎Wait What? No!
‎Not like this. Not today.
‎I haven't washed my hair.
‎I'm not wearing my lucky socks.
‎Help me Alya.
‎I can't do this alone.
‎How did you do that?
‎-Like I said, just be yourself.
‎Sure If I could be yourself.
‎Myself don't work that way.
‎Don't be ridiculous, of course you can.
‎When you're alone with Marinette
‎What? Alone?
‎No, dude, you're coming too.
‎You can't leave me alone, no way.
‎OK, Nino. What are friends for?
‎I can hear you.
‎but I don't think I can do it.
‎Of course you can. Just be yourself.
‎Remember the last time I did that?
‎Just be yourself, Marinette.
‎[nervous giggle]
‎Hey! What are you doing in here?
‎Get out!
‎Fine, just be yourself
‎but look where you're going.
‎Where are you, love of my life?
‎How can he be the love of your life
‎if you can't even talk to him?
‎Tikki, stay hidden.
‎I'm gonna talk to him.
‎You'll see. I will talk to him.
‎There they are.
‎Hi, Marinette.
‎False alarm.
‎Hi, Kim, Max, what are you doing?
‎We heard the new panther's here.
‎I wanna see who's strongest.
‎Wanna come?
‎I mean,
‎thanks but no thanks.
‎I'm waiting for someone. Go ahead.
‎OK. Maybe see you later.
‎Yeah, later.
‎Where's Adrien?
‎Hey, Nino. Isn't Adrien with you?
‎Say you'll be better off
‎We'll be better off without me.
‎This is turning out to be
‎more interesting than I thought.
‎Turn up the volume.
‎Without him, I mean.
‎We don't need him to hang out at the zoo.
‎Of course we do, dum
‎I mean, wasn't he meant to come?
‎Do you wanna wait?
‎-Not yet.
‎You're right. We'll wait.
‎Look what Daddy's brought you.
‎Only the finest for my baby.
‎Wow! Look at the size
‎of that piece of meat.
‎Typical diet for a feline
‎requiring the strength to run at 60mph.
‎60mph? Is that all?
‎I thought they ran faster than that.
‎I bet I could beat it.
‎No human could compete with my panther.
‎Yeah? Where did your cat come
‎at the county athletics?
‎I came first.
‎You can't compare yourself
‎to my panther, kiddo.
‎No need.
‎I'm obviously the better looking one.
‎Hey, kitty. How about a little race?
‎Last one's a rotten egg.
‎Let's see. With a 6ft per second wind
‎and the sun at 45 degrees
‎You wouldn't be a rotten egg,
‎you'd be lunch.
‎Your friend's right. Now leave.
‎She needs to eat in peace.
‎You're stressing her out.
‎Stressed out are we, Miss Panthy?
‎It's a wild animal, dude.
‎Leave now
‎or I'll have you kicked out of the zoo.
‎[mockingly] Come on, Max.
‎Let's leave that poor kitty alone
‎with its angry babysitter.
‎[evil voice]
‎Unleashing the animal in each of us.
‎I like that idea.
‎Go ahead, my little evil Akuma,
‎fly off and take control
‎of that zoo keeper.
‎He's sure taking his time, isn't he?
‎He's not coming, is he?
‎Yes, he is
‎but first I wanted to
‎tell you that I
‎I love a girl
‎but don't know how to tell her.
‎What are you doing?
‎You do? Well, I can help you with that.
‎You could?
‎[mockingly] Can't wait to hear it.
‎Can't wait to hear
‎about this lucky girl.
‎[nervously] Yeah.
‎-It's youuu
‎[Nino] uuur
‎your best friend Alya.
‎Alya? Awesome.
‎No! No! It's not awesome.
‎Say what! Seriously?
‎You didn't even ask me!
‎No way. Nino's like a brother to me.
‎-He'll be so sad.
‎-What did you say?
‎I said
‎it'll be sad not to tell her.
‎I am Hawk Moth.
‎I offer you the power to seek revenge
‎for a small price.
‎[evil voice] Yes, Hawk Moth.
‎Hey, kiddo, still up for a race?
‎Go ahead, I'll give you a head start.
‎He's mine.
‎[screaming] He's coming!
‎[Nino screams]
‎[elephant trumpets]
‎We'd better ditch this place.
‎Why didn't you listen to Alya?
‎I couldn't help it.
‎I didn't want Nino to be sad.
‎We'll deal with that later.
‎It's time to transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎We've got to do something.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎You lost, kiddo.
‎What do you think of panthers now?
‎[whimpering] That panthers are the best.
‎What do you think about ladybugs?
‎And another black cat?
‎I think I'm higher on the food chain.
‎Animan, take their jewels.
‎their Miraculouses.
‎Bring them to me!
‎If you value your life,
‎get out of here now.
‎Cat Noir,
‎the Akuma must be inside his bracelet.
‎You hold him. I'll grab the bracelet.
‎[roaring] Attack!
‎We need to get them back in their cages.
‎I'm sure they won't put up a fight.
‎We'd better split up.
‎What the?
‎Stay put, you'll be safe.
‎Hey, what's up?
‎[Ladybug] There are too many.
‎We can't capture them all.
‎What are we gonna do?
‎Back to plan A.
‎If we can destroy his bracelet,
‎I can capture the Akuma.
‎-Everything will go back to normal.
‎-Good idea.
‎-But it's unbreakable.
‎-He didn't break it.
‎-How did he get away?
‎-I don't know.
‎We'd better find Kim
‎I mean that boy, before he does.
‎Over there.
‎[Kim whimpers]
‎It's down to the two of us, kiddo.
‎[Animan] And then there was one.
‎You're not getting away this time.
‎hide in the first place you come to.
‎You'll never get me.
‎[eagle screams]
‎-Now we know how it got away.
‎-Where's Kim?
‎Good job, kitty.
‎[sobbing] Help! Rescue me, please.
‎It's OK. Come this way.
‎He's safe here.
‎Panthers can't open doors.
‎But what if he morphs
‎into a smaller animal, like a mouse?
‎but we have an advantage over him.
‎We know where to find his prey.
‎He'll sniff him eventually
‎but it's bought us some time.
‎[bear groans]
‎[he screams]
‎We must stop Animan
‎before Paris becomes a jungle.
‎[Ladybug] Follow me.
‎Hi, mo madam.
‎But you're
‎You're Ladybug.
‎Yeah, exactly.
‎You're safe here.
‎Can I borrow this?
‎Come on, Cat Noir.
‎Lock the doors and windows.
‎We'll do the rest. You'll be safe.
‎Thanks, da sir,
‎for all your help.
‎You're welcome, Ladybug.
‎And voilà.
‎What's that stuff?
‎Air freshener. It'll cover our scents.
‎Thanks, I always wanted
‎to smell like an ocean breeze.
‎Could we capture him in this?
‎Only until he turns into something bigger.
‎[she gasps]
‎Would that be big enough?
‎Yes, but how do we get him inside?
‎He's coming.
‎[eagle screams]
‎It's working. He's sniffing out Kim.
‎[he giggles]
‎Follow me.
‎[eagle screams]
‎A ladybug? Smart choice.
‎Couldn't he have chosen a slower animal?
‎Where's the button for the doors?
‎Of course,
‎there's no key.
‎Take his Miraculous, the ring, the ring!
‎The transformations are tiring him out.
‎It'll be easier to get his Akuma.
‎It's not exactly a cage but it'll do.
‎I don't think he can "bear"
‎to listen to that noise.
‎You're too much to bear.
‎Now we wait.
‎Ready to free the Akuma?
‎It's working.
‎Since when do extinct animals count?
‎T-Rex might be extinct
‎but it's still an animal.
‎I know some other animals that will soon
‎be extinct, the cat and the ladybug!
‎Lucky charm!
‎A car jack?
‎Too bad he doesn't have a flat tire.
‎Look how small his front arms are.
‎So he can't play basketball.
‎What are you getting at?
‎Climb on top of him
‎where he can't get you.
‎While you're distracting him
‎I'll floor him.
‎Sounds like a plan.
‎I can be very distracting.
‎[she groans]
‎[Cat Noir] It's gonna be tight.
‎[Cat Noir yells]
‎It's weird we didn't need this.
‎What does it mean?
‎I guess it means we rock as a team.
‎I know what to do.
‎Enjoy your meal!
‎You'll pay for this!
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎-Pound it?
‎That was a wild ride.
‎[they chuckle]
‎Better take off.
‎See you next time, Cat Noir.
‎-What happened to me?
‎-Everything's OK.
‎Go back to the zoo
‎to check on your animals.
‎You ruined everything, Ladybug.
‎This is not how it was supposed to end!
‎But, I promise you,
‎one day it will be me
‎at the top of the food chain
‎and you'll be nothing!
‎[phone rings]
‎No, I forgot about Alya.
‎She's gonna be so mad.
‎Imagine if she knew
‎you shut her up in the cage with Nino.
‎[phone continues]
‎Yeah, she'd kill me.
‎Guess I'll take mad.
‎Listen Alya, I'm sorry about earlier.
‎I shouldn't have told Nino
‎I'd set up a date.
‎I wasn't thinking.
‎I'll explain everything to him
‎so don't worry.
‎Do you forgive me?
‎[they giggle]
‎Thanks, Nino.
‎Do you want one?
‎What's he doing here?
‎Ladybug shut us
‎in the same cage all afternoon.
‎Turns out, we've tons in common.
‎You know, the girl I've a crush on
‎Oh, yeah.
‎Actually, it was you.
‎That's what I thought
‎but after being with Alya,
‎We don't have to give her all the details.
‎My bad.
‎The funniest part
‎was that Nino was being coached
‎-by Adrien.
‎-Adrien was there?
‎Yeah, lol.
‎Alya tells me
‎you're crushin' on some dude.
‎He doesn't know who,
‎pinkie swear because
‎I don't make decisions for other people.
‎If you want I can make it happen.
‎-That is if I know the dude.
‎Fine, forget I said anything.
‎But if I can help
‎[Alya] Nino!
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