Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e19 Episode Script

Kung Food

‎[Mrs. Bustier]
‎You will all get hands-on experience
‎with a job at the hotel.
‎[she sighs]
‎You'll be graded on your effort
‎which will affect
‎whether you pass or fail.
‎[Adrien gasps awkwardly]
‎Do you have Marinette
‎and Alya on your list?
‎Doesn't look like it.
‎I bet I know who helped daddy
‎make the assignments.
‎She gets to spend
‎an entire day with Adrien.
‎This is gonna be
‎the worst day ever.
‎There must be an oversight.
‎Thank you, sweetie.
‎Yes, Alya, you'll be
‎sorting trash at the dumpster.
‎And Marinette,
‎who will be
‎[excited cry]
‎[rock music]
‎Hey, that's
‎Excuse me, this is a luxury hotel,
‎[Fang snarls]
‎not a zoo.
‎That's Jagged Stone,
‎the rock star.
‎He's sold millions of albums,
‎he's very famous and he's very rich.
‎Mr. Stone,
‎welcome to the Grand Paris Hotel.
‎I am Major Bourgeois,
‎owner of this establishment,
‎the most luxurious in all of Paris.
‎How might we serve you?
‎How d'you think?
‎I'm not here to admire your lobby.
‎Jagged wants
‎your most luxurious suite.
‎Fang better get a real bathtub,
‎not a tiny water hole
‎like the hotel across the street.
‎We have everything you need,
‎Mrs. Fang,
‎even a state-of-the-art
‎fitness centre.
‎Fang is my crocodile.
‎[Fang pants]
‎Mr. Stone, we have all you require
‎for your F-Fang.
‎Would he enjoy a bubble bath?
‎Crocodiles don't like bubble baths,
‎it dries their scales out.
‎No, not him again.
‎Remember me, Mr. Stone?
‎Vincent Asa.
‎Just one photo
‎to show everyone we're best buds.
‎Please, I'm your biggest fan.
‎I know. You've been
‎to my last 36 shows
‎but we are not friends.
‎There, look into the lens.
‎[camera clicks]
‎Didn't you hear him?
‎You still haven't got it, have you?
‎No photos!
‎Good reflexes.
‎Don't let me see you
‎near Mr. Stone again.
‎Next time you won't get
‎your camera back.
‎[angry sigh]
‎I sense brewing anger
‎and frustration
‎perfect fodder
‎for my evil little Akumas.
‎It won't be long, now.
‎[mysterious music]
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise him!
‎[dramatic music]
‎Pixelator, I am Hawk Moth.
‎I'm giving you the power to capture
‎your hero's smile, forever,
‎but in return, you'll need to do
‎some capturing for me as well.
‎Yes, Hawk Moth.
‎Yes, yes.
‎[exhausted sigh]
‎Mr. Bourgeois, you haven't told Marinette
‎what she'll be doing.
‎Yes, of course, Marinette
‎I've got a job for you already.
‎Gofer, what's that?
‎I'm guessing
‎it's as bad as trash duty.
‎Mr. Stone needs a new pair
‎of shades for tonight's gig.
‎Red, white and blue,
‎with two Eiffel Towers.
‎-Can you get that?
‎-Of course we can.
‎Marinette is our gofer,
‎she'll take care of it.
‎[she gasps]
‎It's an employee who "goes for"
‎anything a customer needs,
‎anything at all!
‎So go ahead,
‎go for it.
‎[nervous giggle]
‎These should do.
‎Now I can get back
‎and hang with Adrien.
‎And Chloe.
‎These aren't even close
‎to what Mr. Stone wants.
‎What do you mean?
‎There's some red and white,
‎and 2 Eiffel towers.
‎I'm just saying it's better
‎to do it right the first time.
‎-Where are the Eiffel Towers?
‎This is a joke, right?
‎Are you trying to ruin my career?
‎But Mr. Stone,
‎the glasses you want don't exist.
‎Do I look like I care?
‎Just get me those sunglasses!
‎[she sighs]
‎Now I'll have to spend
‎even more time away from Adrien.
‎That's what I tried telling you,
‎just do it right the first time.
‎Yeah, you're right Tikki.
‎I get it now.
‎Those sunglasses exist somewhere,
‎get creative.
‎Of course.
‎Failed as a gofer already?
‎Not surprised.
‎Don't let the door hit you
‎on the way out.
‎Excuse me, sir, can I help you?
‎Look into the lens.
‎Photo finished.
‎Look what the cat dragged in.
‎Let me handle this, Adrien.
‎Watch and learn.
‎Excuse me!
‎You can't be a guest at this hotel.
‎My father only allows in
‎important celebrities, like me.
‎Well, then, I'm Pixelator,
‎your number one fan.
‎? You're flattering me.
‎Keep going.
‎A photo of you, sweet Miss?
‎Chloe, of course.
‎Look out!
‎Look into the lens, Miss.
‎-What the?
‎-What just happened?
‎I think we've been like digitised.
‎What do you mean digitised?
‎I don't know
‎but I don't think it's good.
‎Well, I can fix this.
‎Leave it to me.
‎But they're pink.
‎They won't be after.
‎These will be the most amazing
‎or the ugliest pair of shades
‎in shades' history.
‎Mrs. Bustier is grading me
‎on effort, right?
‎Don't worry,
‎I'm sure Jagged will love them.
‎Or hate them.
‎[Chloe huffs]
‎I still can't get through.
‎How can there be no reception?
‎[phone bleeps]
‎It just goes on forever.
‎No door, no walls, nothing.
‎You mean we're stuck here
‎Just us two?
‎No, there's gotta be a way out.
‎[Chloe sighs]
‎I hope.
‎Adrien? Chloe?
‎[she groans]
‎I bet they've gone somewhere fun.
‎And now I'm here all alone
‎without Adrien.
‎Snap out of it.
‎Let's just focus on getting
‎Mr. Stone his glasses, OK?
‎-Jagged Stone?
‎Look into the lens.
‎I'll get them to Mr. Stone.
‎Can't you deliver them now?
‎He's resting.
‎Who likes having
‎his belly scratched?
‎Daddy's little Fang?
‎OK, no problem,
‎Just trying to do
‎the job right this time.
‎-Got it.
‎-Thank you.
‎I hope Mr. Stone likes them.
‎Hard work always pays off.
‎Who are you?
‎Look into the lens.
‎Time to transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Hey there,
‎time for your photo shoot.
‎How did you get in here?
‎What photo shoot?
‎Fang, attack!
‎See you later, alligator.
‎What? Fang? Fang!
‎Who are you?
‎I'm Pixelator,
‎your biggest fan, Mr. Stone.
‎Can I call you Jagged?
‎-I want to immortalize you, Jagged.
‎I'll be your one and only fan.
‎You will belong to me for eternity.
‎Now, look into the lens.
‎So you're Ladybug.
‎I've heard such pathetic
‎things about you.
‎Look into the lens.
‎[he groans]
‎[she gasps]
‎[Jagged Stone yells]
‎[angry groan]
‎Where did they go?
‎If you want Jagged,
‎you must find Ladybug.
‎I don't have time
‎to deal with this Ladybug.
‎Yes you do.
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎OK, OK.
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎of Ladybug with her Miraculous.
‎[Hawk Moth]
‎I can't stay here, I'm performing.
‎You'll get to do your gig.
‎You'll even wear awesome shades.
‎[She chuckles]
‎While I catch Pixelator, stay here.
‎No-one would think to look here.
‎Ladybug, is this safe?
‎This is a school.
‎Yes, Pixelator would never imagine
‎his idol would hang out at school.
‎I mean isn't school awesome?
‎This is ridiculous.
‎I don't have time for this.
‎First, I get hijacked
‎by this crazed fan,
‎then, I'm attacked
‎by a super-weirdo
‎Wait, what do you know
‎about this crazed fan?
‎He's come to every one
‎of my shows this year.
‎He's sent me stacks of letters,
‎gone through my trash,
‎he even followed my mother
‎to her weekly bingo night.
‎-How creepy.
‎-Not really.
‎It's just a bunch
‎of elderly ladies having fun.
‎[She groans]
‎Vincent Asa.
‎Got his address.
‎You're not leaving me here, are you?
‎I mean
‎isn't school awesome?
‎Daddy! Daddy!
‎Plagg, I've gotta find
‎some way to transform.
‎Come on, what's the rush?
‎[Angry sigh]
‎Fine, if you insist.
‎At least find me some cheese.
‎I'm gonna see
‎if there's a way out.
‎Don't go anywhere,
‎could be dangerous.
‎Not scared, are you?
‎? As if. No way.
‎[He chuckles]
‎The Champs-Elysées perfect.
‎May the photo shoot begin.
‎This isn't creepy at all.
‎[Chloe screams]
‎What are you two doing in there?
‎Ladybug, remember me?
‎Your biggest fan.
‎Please get us out of here.
‎It's terrible in here.
‎I mean
‎only when you're not around.
‎Over here, Ladybug.
‎Help, Ladybug.
‎What happened?
‎It's terrible.
‎This man, he took a photo of us
‎and we ended up trapped in here.
‎While innocently strolling
‎the Champs-Elysées.
‎I sure hope
‎Cat Noir's there already.
‎Excuse me, sir. Sir?
‎Care for an interview
‎to spread the villain's voice?
‎[he cackles]
‎This is terrible.
‎I've gotta do what Pixelator says.
‎Surely you can't be serious?
‎It's dangerous out there.
‎Who cares?
‎Jagged Stone can't turn down
‎a TV appearance.
‎Imagine what it would do
‎for my career?
‎Got an itchy trigger finger, eh?
‎I was expecting you, Ladybug.
‎Look into the lens.
‎[He chuckles]
‎I have a proposition to make.
‎If you free those innocent people,
‎I'll organise a photo shoot
‎with Jagged Stone.
‎No! Don't listen to her.
‎She's trying to trick you.
‎Why should I believe you?
‎You have no choice.
‎I'm the only one
‎who knows where Jagged is.
‎How about I free half now
‎and the rest
‎after the photo shoot? Deal?
‎OK, deal.
‎[Under her breath]
‎Yeah, right.
‎[Nino gasps]
‎You scared me.
‎Fill in for me, will you?
‎What do you think
‎I have been doing?
‎I think someone's been akumatised.
‎The question is,
‎where's the Akuma?
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎I kept my part of the deal,
‎now bring me Jagged!
‎Pixelator, I know your Akuma's
‎inside your glasses!
‎Stop wasting time.
‎Yeah, go, Cat Noir!
‎Thanks for dropping in.
‎Not very handy, I see.
‎What about our deal?
‎Capture them!
‎I want their Miraculous!
‎[he yells]
‎No, not again.
‎When the cat's away,
‎the mice will play.
‎Ready to become immortalised?
‎Can't wait to live it up.
‎Look into the lens.
‎Hey, Pixelator,
‎I heard you wanted my photo.
‎It's about time you showed up.
‎Get out of here, Mr. Stone!
‎It's me you wanted
‎all this time, right?
‎Well, here I am, in the flesh.
‎Look into the lens.
‎Wait, wrong side.
‎This isn't my best angle.
‎No, wait, the lightings wrong.
‎Does my nose look big?
‎This is better.
‎Hurry up, already!
‎Lucky charm!
‎A powder compact?
‎-I think I'm ready.
‎-Stop moving!
‎Look into the lens!
‎Don't do it, Mr. Stone!
‎Come on,
‎open your eyes.
‎Batter up!
‎How did
‎Next time, I assure you,
‎it won't be a photo finish.
‎I won't stop Ladybug.
‎I'll destroy you!
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎What happened?
‎Where am I?
‎Pound it!
‎Thank you for this
‎work-experience day, Mr. Bourgeois.
‎I'm sure we'll all remember it
‎for a long time.
‎So will I.
‎[Discreet coughing]
‎I almost forgot.
‎Jagged Stone's giving
‎a concert tonight.
‎I'm giving tickets to those
‎who showed the most effort.
‎Ri diculous! Utterly ridiculous!
‎Good evening, Paris!
‎It's my first live concert ever.
‎It's amazing!
‎Yeah, amazing.
‎This song is for
‎the girl who saved my life,
‎this one's for you, Ladybug.
‎[Piano music]
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