Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e20 Episode Script

The Puppeteer

‎[Rock music]
‎So, what do you think of my new album?
‎Can you feel it, Bob? Isn't it killer?
‎Not bad, Jagged, not bad,
‎but if you really want
‎to make something killer,
‎let's talk about this duet with Mr XY.
‎No way, he's not a rocker.
‎He's a baby. I bet he doesn't even shave.
‎This "baby" just pushed you
‎off the No 1 spot.
‎And? Doesn't make him
‎a true musician like me.
‎Penny thinks everything I do is killer.
‎Penny's your agent but I'm your real boss.
‎or rep a No 2 rock star.
‎Get real.
‎You have to modernise your music,
‎change your look, get a new style.
‎You wanna talk real?
‎I'm a genuine rock 'n' roller, Bob,
‎That's what people love about me.
‎Isn't that right, Fang? Yeah.
‎The artwork you did for my album
‎is a waste of my time.
‎Seriously, Bob? What is this trash?
‎It looks like a perfume ad.
‎That's what people want these days.
‎Well I don't.
‎My album covers exude the smell
‎of sweat and leather.
‎If your next album doesn't rank
‎No 1 in the charts,
‎it'll be your last
‎with Bob Roth Records!
‎I'd rather do nothing
‎than sing a pathetic duet with
‎a baby-faced nobody.
‎Jagged and I had an idea.
‎Its concept is modern
‎but it also respects
‎Jagged's own "rugged" style.
‎The girl who made
‎these glasses has real talent.
‎She gets my style.
‎She'll design the cover of my new album.
‎A schoolgirl?
‎See? That's just it.
‎She's the same age
‎as the target audience.
‎Here's her address.
‎[he groans]
‎OK. But think about that duet
‎with Mr XY.
‎Find that girl, Bob!
‎let me get this straight.
‎You want me to design
‎the album cover for Jagged Stone?
‎My all-time favourite singer?
‎That's right, requested
‎by Jagged himself.
‎I brought a few visuals
‎so you can get an idea.
‎This doesn't seem like Jagged,
‎more like a perfume ad.
‎It's the direction
‎of his new image, more modern.
‎I was thinking more
‎Don't think.
‎This is what is selling these days.
‎We're in a hurry, we need a proposal
‎by the end of the day.
‎You up to it?
‎Yeah, OK.
‎[Bob] See you later then.
‎[Tom] My daughter, famous designer.
‎You're gonna kill it, Marinette style!
‎[electronic music]
‎[she groans]
‎Why does Jagged Stone want
‎to change his style?
‎XY's music is so cold
‎and lifeless, repetitive, mundane
‎The total opposite of Jagged's.
‎And what I've just done is
‎so not my style, either.
‎So why're you doing it, then?
‎That's what I was asked to do.
‎Follow your gut feeling,
‎do something that's really you.
‎But you heard what Mr Roth said,
‎"This is what's selling these days".
‎Yeah, but Jagged Stone wanted you
‎because of your style.
‎[groaning] The pressure I can't deal
‎Marinette, superhero,
‎defender of the innocent,
‎fighter of all the rights,
‎can't deal with the pressure?
‎[electronic music]
‎What happened to the raw
‎impulsive artistry that make this?
‎Yeah, about that Mr Roth told me
‎She represents our target audience.
‎Her modern concept is
‎exactly what you need.
‎It looks like the cover of that YZ guy.
‎Don't listen to Bob.
‎Can you do another one Jagged-style?
‎Yeah, sure
‎But I don't know if
‎You're my girl, Marinette, remember,
‎raw, impulsive artistry.
‎-We're all done here, Bob.
‎-No, we are
‎[Bob whimpers]
‎Just do your best.
‎We are not
‎Me? Old school? A has been?
‎Why you little perfume ad!
‎He's stealing my catchphrases!
‎He can't say that!
‎He's an insult to rock, and me!
‎[rock music]
‎I feel a disharmonious soul,
‎an angry discord.
‎ideal prey for my evil Akumas
‎Go find that Jagged Stone
‎and rock his world!
‎[rock music]
‎Guitar Villain, I am Hawk Moth.
‎I'm giving you and your crocodile
‎the power to show the whole world
‎that you are the No 1 rocker.
‎Just make sure you get me
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir's
‎Miraculouses in return.
‎Yeah, let's rock.
‎Hey, Marinette. Hey, hi.
‎What's going on?
‎I mean, how's up? I mean
‎[she sighs]
‎There you are.
‎Amazing Chloe has a surprise for you.
‎She knows you're a fan of Jagged Stone.
‎I am.
‎So you get a private meeting
‎with your favourite star.
‎He's staying right here in daddy's hotel.
‎Is Chloe the best? Is Chloe the best?
‎Did you hear that?
‎Chloe speaking in the 3rd person?
‎Totally annoying.
‎No, the part where Adrien likes
‎Jagged just like me.
‎Now I definitely can't
‎mess up the artwork.
‎So now what?
‎I'm going to design
‎Jagged Stone's album my way
‎and no one else's.
‎Way to go. Follow your instinct.
‎[questioning sigh]
‎Talking bag,
‎new technology imported from Japan.
‎You and I like the same kind
‎of music, isn't that awesome?
‎I thought you liked Mr XY.
‎Of course. Don't you?
‎Not really.
‎Well, neither do I.
‎See? We have the same great taste.
‎A duet with Mr XY
‎will prove that Jagged's still
‎From now on,
‎you can call me Guitar Villain.
‎I'll never do a duet with Mr XY.
‎In fact, soon,
‎there won't even be a Mr XY.
‎Rockin' Riff Baby!
‎[rock music]
‎Soon, there'll be nothing
‎but Guitar Villain fans.
‎The one and only rocker.
‎Such symphony to my ears.
‎It won't be long before
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir show up
‎to meet their doom.
‎Hurry, Adrien. Get me outta here.
‎[she gasps]
‎Yeah, Guitar Villain.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Rockin' Riff, baby!
‎[Rock music]
‎Rockin' Riff, baby!
‎[rock music]
‎Hey, Jagged, try and rock my world.
‎The name's Guitar Villain, pussycat.
‎Awesome Solo!
‎Awesome Solo!
‎Welcome to my fan club.
‎[rock music]
‎[she gasps]
‎Do see what I see, Tikki?
‎If you see a dragon, then yes I do.
‎I've gotta transform.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Cat Noir, you OK?
‎Good to see you, milady.
‎Cat Noir, your stick!
‎[he yells]
‎[he chuckles]
‎You're wasting my time.
‎I've got a concert to get to.
‎We've gotta follow him.
‎His power comes from his guitar.
‎We've gotta stop him from playing.
‎I won't let you do this solo.
‎[electronic music]
‎You're an insult to the music world, XY!
‎An hologram?
‎Where's the real XY?
‎He's not here.
‎The concert's not till tonight.
‎I'm just setting up the special effects.
‎Awesome Solo!
‎[rock music]
‎Where's Mr XY? Answer me!
‎On TV. He's at the TV station.
‎Rockin' Riff Baby!
‎[gasping] You again?
‎To the TV studios, Fang.
‎He'll get there before us!
‎We'd better make sure
‎he doesn't find XY.
‎how can I help?
‎Ladybug says we're in danger.
‎Mr XY, we have to leave now.
‎What the heck?
‎Ladybug said you're not safe.
‎Hit the credits.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Where's that studio?
‎[Receptionist] Third floor.
‎[frustrated sigh]
‎Awesome Solo!
‎[Alec] Everything will be fine.
‎It's just a precaution.
‎We must get you to safety.
‎What's he gonna do,
‎blow me away with his "evil guitar solo"?
‎We'll catch him,
‎and get you to the Eiffel Tower
‎in time for your live concert.
‎[puffing] Who cares?
‎My roadies can project my image.
‎Live concerts are so 10-minutes-ago.
‎Good job, Fang.
‎I've found you at last, XY.
‎Ready for the show?
‎Dude, are you Jagged Stone?
‎Was Jagged Stone
‎Now I'm Guitar Villain!
‎[he laughs] Don't worry,
‎you don't deserve to become
‎one of my fans.
‎I've got something special
‎in store for you
‎something with a little rock 'n' roll!
‎[Cat Noir] Back to square one.
‎We're in for quite a concert. You ready?
‎To Rock 'n' Riff, baby!
‎[rock music]
‎Hello, Paris!
‎You said your music is
‎the only killer music around,
‎is that right?
‎I-I d-didn't mean it.
‎Listen, Mr Guitar
‎we cando the duet your style.
‎Too late. I'm going to show you
‎what killer music really is.
‎Ultimate Solo!
‎[rock music] Stop, please.
‎Talk about being
‎between a rock and a hard place.
‎Easy, easy, nice dragon.
‎Enough already,
‎we've got a stuffed kitty to rescue.
‎[Cat Noir]
‎Well, the bug mastered the dragon.
‎How d'you like the concert?
‎Still think your music is
‎the only killer music?
‎N-No. Please don't.
‎-Awesome Solo
‎-Not so fast!
‎[dragon roars] My dragon?
‎Ladybug, Cat Noir, hurry!
‎Nice job.
‎Too late.
‎Nothing can stop Guitar Villain.
‎Rockin' Riff Baby!
‎We only rock to the real Jagged Stone.
‎The Akuma must be in his guitar.
‎How we gonna get to that?
‎[Ladybug] Let's go backstage.
‎Where did they go?
‎You OK?
‎Too bad.
‎They're gonna miss the final song.
‎[cackling] Solo!
‎Are you scared?
‎Or is it too awesome for you?
‎Please, Mr Guitar Villain.
‎Lucky charm!
‎-Extreme fixing gel?
‎-You plan on doing his hair?
‎[rock music]
‎Actually, yes!
‎Go get him, Cat Noir!
‎Maybe you haven't heard it properly.
‎Awesome Solo!
‎[he groans]
‎[he screams]
‎I can't see! Where are my fans?
‎don't forget me!
‎[he squeals]
‎Music's over, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Rock 'n' Roll!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎What's he doing here?
‎He came to tell you that
‎you've underestimated his music
‎This guy's crazy!
‎Thank you.
‎How about an autograph, Jagged?
‎I still have work to do. Bug out!
‎[they gasp]
‎Don't do your victory dance
‎just yet, because one day,
‎I'll play you my favourite music,
‎the anthem of your defeat,
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir!
‎[rock music]
‎Jagged Stone will love it.
‎I hope so, it's 100% Marinette.
‎It's my awesome solo!
‎[Tikki] Rock 'n' Roll!
‎Yeah, this is it.
‎You did it, girl.
‎I can almost smell
‎the leather and sweat
‎radiating off of this design.
‎[he sniffs]
‎You actually are smelling it.
‎I made a scented sticker
‎for your album.
‎I want it. I gotta have it.
‎It's authentic. It's original.
‎It'sso jagged.
‎No, you can't. It's not what
‎Fine, then I'm outta here.
‎I'm sure another record company
‎would be perfectly happy
‎with a No 2 chart-topper.
‎[Bob huffs]
‎[excited squealing]
‎I've just designed the cover
‎for Jagged Stone's new album.
‎I'm so proud of you, Marinette
‎Hey, Marinette.
‎I'm a huge fan of Jagged Stone's
‎and I saw you designed
‎his album cover.
‎I-I did. Crazy, isn't it?
‎I wanted to ask if
‎I could get it autographed?
‎O-OK, sure I'll ask him.
‎No actually, I meant you.
‎If you wouldn't mind.
‎Awesome! Thanks, Marinette.
‎Did I imagine it or did you sign
‎an autograph for Adrien?
‎I can't feel my legs.
‎Hold me up. I'm gonna fall over.
‎Is he still around?
‎It's OK, he's gone. You can fall over.
‎This is the happiest day of my life.
‎[Marinette] Rock 'n' Roll!
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