Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e21 Episode Script

The Gamer

‎Welcome to my home.
‎My name is Marinette.
‎[in Chinese]
‎[in poor Chinese]
‎Welcome to my home.
‎My name is Marinette.
‎No, that's not right.
‎[in Chinese]
‎Welcome to my home.
‎My name is Marinette.
‎Good job, Marinette.
‎I'm so nervous.
‎Do you think he'll like them?
‎Of course, they're fine.
‎They can't be "fine"
‎they have to be perfect.
‎My mom's uncle is
‎a famous Chinese chef.
‎He's very particular
‎so things have to be just right.
‎[doorbell rings]
‎That's him.
‎Hide, Tikki.
‎[in Chinese]
‎Welcome, Mari. You're at 'nette's.
‎Welcome to Marinette's.
‎You're Chinese.
‎No, no, in Mandarin.
‎[in poor Chinese]
‎Welcome to my ho home
‎Welcome to my home.
‎My name is Marinette.
‎This is so lame.
‎[app in Chinese]
‎[app groans]
‎[app groans]
‎Alya, help me.
‎I don't know what to do
‎with my mom's uncle.
‎I don't think I can pull this off.
‎[call disconnects]
‎You're amazing. What solution?
‎Hey, Marinette.
‎What What are you
‎Alya said you need someone
‎who speaks Chinese.
‎Here I am,
‎translator at your service.
‎No? I mean, yes!
‎[phone alert]
‎Where's Alya?
‎[Adrien in Chinese]
‎Is this your first time in Paris?
‎[in Chinese]
‎No, but I last visited 30 years ago.
‎[in Chinese]
‎You speak perfect Chinese.
‎[in Chinese]
‎Thanks, Cheng Sifu.
‎[in English]
‎My English very bad.
‎I didn't think you spoke English.
‎Me neither.
‎No, not good. My English not good.
‎Cheng Sifu!
‎I'm honoured
‎to have you on our final show.
‎You'll have the chance to defeat
‎all of the chefs
‎who have competed this far.
‎[Adrien speaks Chinese]
‎Shall I come with you?
‎No, thank you, Adrien.
‎Cooking needs no words.
‎Thanks, Adrien.
‎Sorry for bothering you for nothing.
‎I thought
‎he couldn't speak English.
‎No problem.
‎It was awesome to practice
‎my Chinese with the Sifu.
‎The Sifu?
‎It means "master".
‎He's a great master.
‎Well, look who it is.
‎My favourite person,
‎Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
‎Seriously, does your great uncle
‎expect to win with a soup?
‎It's not even a main dish.
‎Can't he make sushi
‎like everyone else?
‎Japanese people make sushi.
‎Cheng Sifu is Chinese.
‎And he's not "like everyone else."
‎He's the best chef in the world.
‎His soup is legendary.
‎Well, I despise soup.
‎So what?
‎Didn't you know? I'm on the jury.
‎Your uncle will not get my vote.
‎Yeah? He doesn't need
‎your vote to win.
‎The other judges have
‎better taste than you.
‎Silly me. You have no taste.
‎Look at your clothes.
‎Don't talk about me like that!
‎You've made a big mistake.
‎You really stood up for Cheng.
‎He would have appreciated that.
‎I'm not sure.
‎I don't think he likes me.
‎No, you're wrong.
‎No, I swear.
‎He ripped up the bouquet I gave him.
‎Cheng Sifu isn't just a chef,
‎he's an artist.
‎He said he was gonna put
‎flowers in his soup.
‎He improvises
‎on fateful things that happen.
‎The flowers must be yours.
‎So you think
‎he actually likes me?
‎He's shown you great respect,
‎in his own special way.
‎[Chinese music]
‎[Chinese music continues]
‎Mister Cheng?
‎Marinette's looking for you outside.
‎Let's see if the judges
‎enjoy your uncle's soup
‎after this, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
‎Marinette wasn't there.
‎No speak Japanese. See ya.
‎What is this?
‎I don't think it would fare well
‎with our guests.
‎I'll give it 3.
‎Seeing as it seems unappetizing,
‎I'll pass on the tasting
‎but I'll still give it a 0.
‎It's like kissing the singer
‎from the Zombeats Negative 0.
‎I'm sorry, but it's inedible.
‎I give it one 1.
‎I I
‎I don't understand.
‎I never put these ingredients in.
‎Someone sabotage soup.
‎This isn't right.
‎I'm sure this is Chloe's doing.
‎I'd like to say you're wrong
‎but I know her only too well.
‎Uncle Cheng,
‎I'm sure it's not your fault.
‎I'm sure Chloe's behind this.
‎It was actually because of me.
‎I provoked her.
‎Shame is on Celestial Soup.
‎I shall never be
‎World's Greatest Chef.
‎No, uncle Cheng!
‎It's horrible
‎to lose face in China.
‎We'll wait for him downstairs.
‎A great artist was wronged today.
‎I can feel it.
‎I can hear his heart
‎screaming out for revenge.
‎Fly, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise him!
‎Victory never tasted so good.
‎Marinette was right.
‎It was that evil brat!
‎No respect for Cheng Sifu.
‎Kung Food, I am Hawk Moth.
‎Those who tasted your soup
‎will become your servants.
‎The one who wronged you
‎will pay dearly.
‎I will show I am
‎greatest chef in the world!
‎[tummy rumbles]
‎My guts are killing me.
‎I'm feeling quite uncomfortable.
‎You have eaten my soup.
‎You become my servants!
‎At your command, master.
‎Grab the girl!
‎Wait! Calm down.
‎I'm the mayor's daughter, remember?
‎Kung Food make new Brat Soup.
‎But I don't like soup!
‎Soon Ladybug and Cat Noir
‎will show up to meet their doom.
‎Get out! Hurry!
‎-What's that?
‎It tastes good but it's indestructible.
‎We're trapped.
‎My uncle's upstairs.
‎Don't worry. I'll go find him.
‎I'll look for a way out.
‎[Kung Food]
‎I shouldn't have riled up Chloe!
‎I've gotta save my uncle.
‎You'll do it, Marinette,
‎I'm sure you will.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Time to transform.
‎You didn't happen to pick up
‎a little piece
‎of camembert, did you?
‎Cheese comes after the meal.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎-Cat Noir?
‎I don't know about you
‎but I'm hungry.
‎Let's go eat then.
‎Who are those two?
‎They're Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎They've come to stop you.
‎Add them to your recipe!
‎Surprise ingredients?
‎-You, capture them.
‎-Yes, master Kung Food.
‎Brat Soup more powerful
‎with superhero flavour.
‎I will not eat your soup!
‎Foolish girl. You are not eating soup.
‎You are soup!
‎Help! Let me down.
‎Don't worry.
‎You will be let down soon.
‎It's jammed.
‎Seafood Appetisers.
‎Jagged Stone!
‎Seafood? This "scampi" happenin'.
‎Can you carry a "tune-a"?
‎Look out!
‎That's not very rock 'n' roll.
‎Rock is one thing, soup is another.
‎When I'm done with you,
‎you'll be mince-meat.
‎[he groans]
‎Good job.
‎No time to lose.
‎Chloe may be the main dish.
‎We better not wait to find out.
‎Let me out!
‎This Brat Soup will be
‎Kung Food's masterpiece.
‎Must you tie me up
‎above this foul liquid?
‎My clothes will stink.
‎Soup not greasy at all.
‎Soup very well-balanced.
‎[he cackles]
‎-Bad sous-chef!
‎You, do me justice!
‎Yes, master.
‎Ladybug, come on.
‎It's just you and me together.
‎We could go places.
‎Yeah, like up.
‎Yeah, we've nowhere to go but up.
‎You spoke too soon.
‎The electricity between us
‎caused a short-circuit.
‎You wish. More like us getting
‎ourselves into a sticky mess.
‎[lift beeps]
‎Royal hotpot,
‎with its giant smoked sausages.
‎Looks like a food-fight.
‎I prefer my sausages with mash.
‎Welcome to the world-famous
‎Suite 36 of this hotel.
‎If we're not careful,
‎we'll be the mash.
‎You're no competition, Ladybug.
‎Time to pick up the bill, Kung Food.
‎Grab Cat Noir's Miraculous.
‎His ring, bring it to me.
‎Do it now!
‎Wrong superhero, Bourgeois!
‎I bet you don't know how to do this.
‎Really, Ladybug?
‎Nice work, Milady.
‎Shall we go find the head chef?
‎Pea-brain! Useless!
‎My recipe not perfect
‎without those two.
‎Capture them! And don't mess up,
‎or you end up in soup.
‎Yes, master.
‎My hair is ruined.
‎Do you know
‎how long it took to style it?
‎That won't be a problem soon.
‎Ladybug, help me!
‎We're almost there.
‎This fighting has made me hungry.
‎[lift beeps]
‎Watch this spectacular demonstration
‎of the famous Flying Cakes.
‎Our guests seem to have
‎a few tricks up their sleeves
‎but how will they fair
‎against the Stinky Cheese Bomb?
‎These cheese stings your eyes.
‎[Alec laughs]
‎You're no match for my Hey!
‎It's about time
‎for second course.
‎[Chloe whimpers]
‎Temperature is just right.
‎Time to add main ingredient.
‎No, no, no, no!
‎Ladybug? What took you so long?
‎Wait till I tell everyone
‎No! My Brat Soup
‎will be so flavourless.
‎You're more honourable than this,
‎Cheng Sifu.
‎I am not Cheng Sifu. I am Kung Food,
‎the greatest chef in world!
‎Nobody will stop me
‎from finishing my Brat Soup!
‎Get back, Chloe.
‎I take care of you two myself!
‎Cat Noir,
‎the Akuma must be in his hat.
‎Try to grab it.
‎It burns!
‎Like it spicy?
‎Lucky charm!
‎A check?
‎It's gonna be a steep one.
‎Think you can beat me
‎with a piece of paper?
‎You've been trying to defeat us
‎with sausages and cheese
‎without any luck.
‎Cat Noir, destroy his bag.
‎Got it.
‎Your days are over, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎This evil dinner was almost perfect.
‎Revenge is a dish
‎that's best served cold
‎so watch yourself because
‎I'll be ready to strike again!
‎Could you teach me
‎how to make Celestial Soup?
‎With pleasure, Marinette.
‎Cooking needs no words.
‎Seriously? Still making soup?
‎I told you I hate soup.
‎Do you think
‎the jury will approve?
‎Didn't your father
‎kick you off the jury?
‎No, he didn't.
‎I I I resigned.
‎I think Cheng and Marinette
‎have it covered.
‎Let's let the real jury decide.
‎Utterly ridiculous!
‎Thank you
‎but no longer Celestial Soup,
‎now called Marinette Soup.
‎[in Chinese]
‎Thank you.
‎You're welcome.
‎Come stand next to your uncle,
‎the World's Greatest Chef.
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