Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e22 Episode Script


‎"Dear diary, guess what?
‎"I nearly transformed back
‎"revealing my true identity to Cat Noir."
‎Weren't you meeting Alya after school
‎to research your term paper?
‎Oh no, I'm late again!
‎[bell rings]
‎[lively music]
‎[video game music]
‎[she gasps]
‎-What's that noise?
‎-Hide, Tikki.
‎[video game music]
‎[Kim] Come on, Max.
‎[Kim] Use the kitty paw.
‎What's going on?
‎[she hushes her]
‎Try-outs for the Paris Ultimate
‎Mecha Strike 3 Tournament.
‎The school sends
‎the 2 students with the highest scores.
‎Actually, the try-outs are for a partner
‎to team up with Max.
‎Why Max?
‎[Kim] Cus he's unbeatable.
‎He's got the highest APM over anyone.
‎-Actions per minute.
‎This tournament is his life.
‎He's been grinding all year.
‎[Max sighs]
‎[Miss Bustier] Adrien's in the lead.
‎[Kim] What happened, Max?
‎[Max sighs]
‎Awesome job, we'll make a killer combo.
‎Let me get this straight.
‎If someone beats Max's score,
‎they'll team up with Adrien?
‎No-one can beat Max,
‎or rather Max and Adrien.
‎It's a slam dunk, they're our dream team.
‎[Marinette squeals]
‎I see where you're going with this.
‎[excitedly] Just imagine
‎teaming with Adrien.
‎Are you insane, girl?
‎This is about stepping up
‎and representing,
‎not snuggling up and snogging.
‎This is serious business.
‎Seriously, Alya,
‎you think I'd go through with it?
‎I think we have our champions
‎[Marinette] Wait!
‎[nervously] Is it too late to try out?
‎Well, the library is closing
‎in 5 minutes but
‎[determined sigh]
‎[Alya sighs]
‎Oh boy.
‎[excitedly] Adrien's joypad.
‎Is she serious? There's no way.
‎Unless the player
‎has a particular motivation.
‎The rules are elementary.
‎You battle each other's robot
‎Please Every time you win,
‎you loot his items and gain XP,
‎which upgrades your mech'.
‎I'm not a newb' thanks.
‎[video game music]
‎[he sighs] Sounds like you know enough.
‎Let's see if it's enough.
‎[Kim] This'll be fun.
‎[Scoffing] Seriously?
‎How can you spend
‎so much time in front of a screen?
‎I know. As if.
‎[Kim] Come on, Max. You can do it.
‎And now, quarter circle
‎plus kick and flying hyper-storm.
‎Triple-hit combo,
‎Marinette style, boo-ya!
‎[Marinette cheers] I win.
‎What? I can't believe it.
‎She she beat him.
‎Beat him? She pulverised him.
‎The king's been knocked off his throne.
‎[Kim] Max, come on.
‎I accept this defeat.
‎I relinquish my position.
‎Congratulations, Marinette,
‎and Adrien.
‎Max, wait.
‎[sad music]
‎Look, I'm fine. I lost fair and square,
‎but if you don't mind,
‎I'd like some solitude.
‎So, Marinette and Adrien
‎will represent the school
‎at the Ultimate Mecha Strike 3 Tournament.
‎Good luck.
‎I guess I'll be coming over to practice
‎with my new partner.
‎See you later.
‎[dreamily] See ya.
‎[romantic music]
‎You gotta win.
‎You'll be representing the school,
‎not just hanging out with Adrien.
‎[Max] This is a travesty,
‎an unequivocal travesty.
‎[Hawk Moth] A competition,
‎I know you like that, my little Akumas.
‎Where there's a winner, there's a loser.
‎[mysterious music]
‎Fly away, my little Akuma,
‎and evilise him.
‎[dramatic music]
‎I should be the one
‎going to that tournament.
‎I worked so hard for it.
‎This is inconceivable.
‎Gamer, I am Hawk Moth.
‎I'll help you win
‎the tournament of your life,
‎but in return, you must help me
‎achieve my high score.
‎Absolutely, Hawk Moth.
‎Game on!
‎Now they'll see who's
‎the greatest gamer in Paris.
‎[evil growling]
‎[dramatic music]
‎[he cackles]
‎[excitedly] Training with Adrien, Adrien!
‎There are other ways
‎to spend time with Adrien.
‎What do you mean?
‎You know Max wanted
‎to be in that tournament.
‎He's been training all year.
‎You're right.
‎All I could think of was Adrien.
‎Hey, Adrien's coming to my house.
‎[gasping] Adrien's coming to my house!
‎This is a total disaster. I have to
‎clean my room!
‎[dramatic music]
‎That's what
‎I've been trying to tell you.
‎All this is not
‎[dramatic music]
‎Calm down, Marinette,
‎you still have time.
‎He won't show up right now.
‎[bell rings]
‎[mother] Marinette!
‎Someone's here to see you.
‎[panicking] Coming!
‎Marinette and I are finalists
‎in the Paris Ultimate
‎Mecha Strike 3 tournament.
‎No way!
‎Well, she did learn from the best.
‎Tom style, boo-ya!
‎She never told us
‎about this tournament.
‎We were paired up today.
‎You two are a pair?
‎I'm not surprised.
‎She talks a lot about you.
‎[Marinette] Mom!
‎[nervously] Come up, Adrien.
‎Very nice to meet you.
‎[romantic music]
‎[endearing sighs]
‎[woman] Bye, see you next week.
‎Gamer, it's time to get to the next level
‎and show everyone who's best.
‎No time like the present.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[video game music]
‎[they giggle]
‎-No, you go.
‎[nervous giggles]
‎-Your parents seem nice.
‎-Yeah, they are but sometimes
‎[she gasps]
‎[she shrieks]
‎Sometimes what?
‎Everything OK?
‎Just in case you were hungry
‎No, thanks, we're training.
‎Well, maybe you can use a few tips,
‎dad style.
‎Thanks, but no thanks.
‎[irritated] Papa.
‎Sometimes they're a little nosey.
‎[endearing sighs]
‎[nervous giggle]
‎Where were we?
‎I'll soon be at level 2.
‎My skills are indisputable.
‎[dramatic music]
‎I am unstoppable!
‎[he cackles]
‎[dramatic music]
‎[gamer cackles]
‎[Adrien growls]
‎Wow! We won again thanks to you.
‎Yeah Yes, we did.
‎We? That was practically all you.
‎You're amazing, Marinette.
‎I guess you wouldn't even need me.
‎I'm so lame compared to you.
‎[hesitantly] No, no I
‎No, you're so good.
‎I mean I'm the one who's not good.
‎I mean I'm lucky, that's all.
‎Anyone want cookies,
‎hot from the oven?
‎[Adrien gasps] We're trying to work.
‎[he groans]
‎Actually, you know what?
‎I've got a secret.
‎This is why I win.
‎Are you messing with me?
‎Try playing a match with it.
‎[door opens]
‎How about a salmon and spinach pie?
‎Tell me what you think.
‎[Marinette groans]
‎A little snack wouldn't hurt.
‎[she hesitates and chuckles]
‎I'm really sorry.
‎I can't get anything done
‎with my parents around.
‎[gulping] It's OK.
‎Your dad makes great pies.
‎[hesitating] Yeah so shall we go back?
‎Let's see if it works.
‎[dramatic music]
‎Is this a publicity stunt
‎for the tournament?
‎[gamer] Well, well
‎let's see who's victorious this time.
‎It doesn't look like it.
‎Look out!
‎We'd better get outta here.
‎How does he know my name?
‎He really did want
‎to be in the tournament.
‎Time to transform.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎[lively music]
‎[she groans]
‎Game over.
‎Not yet.
‎Here comes a new challenger.
‎Cat Noir, hey!
‎Over here!
‎[she gasps]
‎I heard you
‎really ticked off the final boss.
‎It doesn't give him extra
‎points to transform everyone.
‎Wait, I left Adrien at the park.
‎We have to go back.
‎[he hesitates]
‎Don't worry, he's not in danger.
‎He'll be fine. You'll be safe here.
‎I'll take care of everything.
‎Arch, leap and do a barrel-roll.
‎He's always so over the top.
‎If ever there was a game to win,
‎this is it.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[lively music]
‎[lively music continues]
‎[dramatic music]
‎Get away from here, as far as you can!
‎[screams] Hurry!
‎[Cat Noir] Hey, tin can, over here!
‎My calculations indicate
‎that your system's about to crash.
‎[she yells]
‎[gamer groans]
‎You're the one crashing, robot.
‎[he yells]
‎He's a robot from Ultimate Mecha Strike.
‎I know. And it's nearly at level 3,
‎4 is the highest.
‎-Wait, you know that game?
‎-Of course.
‎See? You and me, it was meant to be.
‎[she sighs]
‎I think our problem got
‎a whole lot bigger.
‎[cheerfully] Level 3.
‎[he cackles]
‎If you want to be the most
‎powerful robot,
‎you must capture Ladybug
‎and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
‎Then it really will be game over.
‎Those Miraculouses are mine.
‎[dramatic music]
‎We have to stop him
‎before he destroys Paris.
‎[lively music]
‎Where's Clunky got to?
‎[they yell]
‎[he cackles]
‎Attack him with your Cataclysm power,
‎It might shock him.
‎My pleasure. Two can play this game.
‎[lively music]
‎[he yells]
‎[agonising cry] No!
‎Smack-down, Cat Noir.
‎Cat Noir style, boo-ya!
‎Check out that loot!
‎System crash, Gamer!
‎[he cackles]
‎You've forgotten the rules.
‎I saved my last level.
‎[Ladybug sighs]
‎Not the old spawn point glitch again.
‎Did you see him press his glasses?
‎I bet the Akuma's in there.
‎[Marinette] We've levelled up too.
‎I don't have long left.
‎[lively music]
‎I'll man it, you shoot.
‎-Why do you get to man it?
‎-Wanna flip for it?
‎OK, you man it, I'll fire.
‎Look out. Here he comes.
‎Don't let it go to your head.
‎Hawk booster!
‎[worried cry]
‎[he cackles]
‎[lively music]
‎Round 2, Gamer.
‎[he growls]
‎Force-field, Cat Noir!
‎Got it! Force-field activated.
‎[lively music]
‎He's powerful.
‎He took out our force-field.
‎We'll have to do without.
‎Laser wall!
‎[Ladybug] Ladyhelix!
‎[Cat Noir] Kitty-punch!
‎[bombs whistle]
‎[Cat Noir] Ear thunder!
‎-He's anticipating our attacks.
‎-Watch out!
‎[lively music]
‎[Ladybug groans]
‎[he cackles]
‎Today, I'll be victorious.
‎[lively music]
‎[Cat Noir roars]
‎I am the strongest player in the world.
‎How do we beat him
‎if we can't catch him?
‎We have to jam the system.
‎Gamer Crusher!
‎[lively music]
‎We must get inside.
‎Go. You're boss.
‎Take control, I'll be right back.
‎Right back? Where you going?
‎It's just us two, Gamer.
‎Lucky charm!
‎[lively music]
‎Graffiti? Spray-paint? Arts and crafts?
‎[dramatic music]
‎[lively music]
‎[she hums]
‎[he growls]
‎You won't get away with this.
‎Game over, Gamer.
‎Game over for you too, Akuma.
‎[lively music]
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[sighs of relief]
‎What am I doing here?
‎Such pitiful insolence!
‎The moment you challenged me
‎was the moment you sealed your fate!
‎This battle is not yet over.
‎After all you've done,
‎now you want to pull out?
‎But I feel so bad for Max.
‎And well it just wouldn't be right.
‎You're doing the right thing,
‎but you don't get the chance
‎to play with Adrien every day.
‎Max I thought about this a lot
‎I think you should be playing tonight.
‎Don't get me wrong, I love gaming,
‎but it's not my heart and soul.
‎This is your baby.
‎It's your tournament, Max.
‎I won't take that away from you.
‎Dudes, make up your minds.
‎They're waiting for you.
‎I insist.
‎How can I thank you?
‎By winning with her.
‎[she gasps]
‎You're way better than me.
‎You belong on the team.
‎Win it for the school.
‎[Adrien] I know you can do it.
‎Go on, dudes, they're waiting.
‎[Marinette hesitates]
‎No but I
‎Only with you.
‎[cheering] Let's show 'em who's gold!
‎[happy music]
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