Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e23 Episode Script

Guitar Villain

‎[Italian accent]
‎Look at the camera.
‎[Italian accent]
‎Say spaghetti!
‎I'm gonna be in a photo with Adrien.
‎Right cus it's a class photo
‎and you're in class with Adrien.
‎Amazing, isn't it?
‎Oh my gosh.
‎What if we're in the same row together?
‎Girl, you're too funny.
‎Just smile and whatever happens,
‎don't forget to breathe.
‎At least you know
‎you'll be in the photo.
‎No Juleka, I'm telling you,
‎you're not jinxed.
‎This time it'll work out.
‎I can feel it right here.
‎What's this about being jinxed?
‎Ever since I was little,
‎every time someone takes
‎a photo of me
‎something always goes very wrong.
‎You're wrong, Juleka, you'll see.
‎Sure. We'll do all we can
‎to make sure it goes right.
‎Don't forget to smile.
‎Thank you, kids,
‎you've been wonderful.
‎OK, time to flash
‎your pearly whites.
‎You, sit on the front bench.
‎Quickly please.
‎I've 16 other classes to shoot.
‎Look Sabrina,
‎they're up front in the baby seats.
‎Go on, rug rats,
‎don't forget to take your thumbs
‎out of your mouths.
‎Next row
‎You, you, you, you and you.
‎Go sit in the rear bench.
‎Wait just a minute.
‎I should be in the middle row,
‎next to Adrien,
‎in the centre, look,
‎we're the same size.
‎No, go stand in the back row
‎behind the rest.
‎How dare you put me behind the rest?
‎-Do you know who my father is?
‎-Is he a photographer?
‎I really need an assistant.
‎Now hurry up or I'll put you
‎up front with "the babies".
‎[she groans]
‎You boys, go stand in the middle.
‎It's no big deal, Chloe.
‎As long as
‎we're all on the same photo.
‎You guys are awesome.
‎Now stop squirming
‎and let's get this photo shot.
‎Excuse me, sir.
‎You forgot Juleka.
‎Sorry, my bad.
‎Go stand in the middle,
‎next to that blond boy.
‎You'll be right in the centre.
‎All eyes will be on you.
‎No more jinxed class photos.
‎This isn't right.
‎Something's wrong.
‎Course it's not working.
‎I'm in the wrong spot.
‎You move over here, will ya?
‎Let's see.
‎Excuse me, do we have a problem?
‎[he sighs]
‎It doesn't matter where I put him,
‎it throws the picture out of whack.
‎My spot is unacceptable!
‎That's right, Juleka.
‎Don't let her push you out the way.
‎Miss Bourgeois, behave yourself.
‎Nobody asked you, loudmouth.
‎This isn't gym class, Chlo'.
‎You, over here
‎You, here.. and you here.
‎There, perfect.
‎No it isn't.
‎It's not perfect at all.
‎I'm totally not next to Adrien.
‎Chloe, we still have
‎16 classes to photograph.
‎Go ahead, Vincent.
‎Say spaghetti.
‎I don't believe it.
‎I'm sorry,
‎I have to fetch another battery.
‎Nobody move!
‎-Can I go to the bathroom?
‎-Yes, Juleka, but hurry.
‎Miss Bustier, he said nobody move.
‎It's an emergency, Sir.
‎Make sure she
‎doesn't come back.
‎Miss Bustier,
‎I need to go too.
‎[she chuckles]
‎We're back in business.
‎[Chloe giggles]
‎What are you doing?
‎Where's Juleka?
‎How did you get here?
‎Who cares?
‎At last I'm in the right spot.
‎Flash me your best smiles.
‎It's the last time we're doing this.
‎[Chloe giggles]
‎Thanks, kids.
‎Wait, please, sir,
‎we have to re-do the photo.
‎-Because Juleka's not in it.
‎Jula who?
‎Juleka, the tall one
‎with purple streaks.
‎Yeah. Where'd she go?
‎Didn't she go to the bathroom?
‎Mr. Damocles,
‎don't we need to be go to lunch?
‎And aren't you paying
‎the photographer by the hour?
‎Yes, no time to re-take it.
‎Class, move along. Hurry up.
‎OK, lunch break.
‎Juleka? Jule
‎Poor, sweet Juleka.
‎I missed the photo, didn't I?
‎Yeah, one of Chloe's tricks.
‎Why should I expect it
‎to be different?
‎Nobody ever hears me or sees me.
‎I'm invisible even in photos.
‎Don't say that, Juleka.
‎It's not true.
‎Forget it.
‎As long as Chloe's in the picture,
‎she'll find a way
‎to keep me out of it.
‎No, wait, Juleka!
‎Really, Rose, forget it.
‎Forget me.
‎Poor girl,
‎feeling so lonely and ignored.
‎How terrible it must be
‎to feel you don't even exist.
‎Come here, my little friend.
‎Fly away, my evil Akuma,
‎and give this transparent soul
‎a voice and a vision!
‎Juleka's been locked
‎in the bathroom.
‎She really does have
‎the "class photo jinx".
‎Of course, I should have known
‎Chloe was behind this.
‎We have to break the curse, Rose.
‎-We can ask the photographer.
‎-He won't want to.
‎Unless If the photo disappeared,
‎they'll have to shoot another one
‎with Juleka.
‎You're a genius.
‎But why would the photo disappear?
‎You find Juleka,
‎I'll take care of the rest.
‎She's not ruining
‎my photo next to Adrien.
‎Think of something, fast.
‎Reflekta, I am Hawk Moth.
‎From now on,
‎you will be the only one people see.
‎No-one will ever ignore you again.
‎However, you must do me a favour
‎in return when the time comes.
‎Yes, Hawk Moth.
‎the camera stays
‎in the principal's office
‎during lunch break.
‎I refuse to be part of this.
‎There's no time.
‎We must break the "class photo jinx"
‎before the photographer leaves.
‎There must be
‎another way, Marinette.
‎[footsteps approach]
‎I knew this wasn't a good idea.
‎What? Who? Who are you?
‎Nobody has ever noticed me,
‎but those days are over.
‎From now on,
‎everybody will notice me,
‎because everyone will look like me.
‎Time to get a new look.
‎Soon there'll be nothing
‎but Reflektas everywhere.
‎No need to panic.
‎Who doesn't love
‎an extreme makeover?
‎Nobody leaves here!
‎Soon, all of Paris will
‎look like me,
‎including Miss Chloe Bourgeois.
‎It won't be long before Ladybug
‎and Cat Noir show up to show their face.
‎Chloe Bourgeois?
‎Have you seen Chloe Bourgeois?
‎Time to transform.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎It's blocked.
‎Yo, check it!
‎Cat Noir's gonna save us.
‎OK, change of plan.
‎Help us, Cat Noir.
‎I can't stand being in this body.
‎Much better!
‎I hate cats.
‎My ring, my Miraculous it's gone.
‎His Miraculous,
‎you should have taken it
‎before you transformed him!
‎Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
‎[she cackles]
‎Where is Chloe Bourgeois!
‎I know you're in here, Marinette.
‎Come out, now!
‎Hide, Tikki.
‎Caught red handed,
‎Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
‎The principal will love
‎my video of you snooping around.
‎[Sabrina giggles]
‎Stop or the photo disappears,
‎which would be a shame.
‎You look so good next to Adrien.
‎-Hand it over, Chloe.
‎Give me that card.
‎Give me back my phone.
‎Give it me or I'll keep your phone.
‎You can keep it,
‎I'll buy another one.
‎[Reflekta shouts]
‎Chloe! Where are you?
‎What was that?
‎Don't just stand there, go get her!
‎Where's that pea-brain?
‎There you are, at last.
‎Chloe Bourgeois!
‎Who are you?
‎Take a good look,
‎I'm your future face.
‎What in the
‎Do you realise
‎how much my outfit cost?
‎You should thank me.
‎You look much better like this.
‎[Marinette gasps]
‎Time to transform, Tikki.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎You won't get rid of me
‎by locking me in the bathroom.
‎[Ladybug gasps]
‎Juleka, stop this now!
‎I'm not the Juleka
‎nobody notices anymore.
‎Now, I am the unmistakable Reflekta!
‎Before you transform Ladybug,
‎take her Miraculous, the earrings.
‎I'm sure you'll love
‎your new image, Ladybug.
‎Thanks, but no thanks.
‎I prefer the one I've got.
‎You sure? Ask Cat Noir.
‎I'm sure he loves his new look.
‎My powers might be gone
‎but I can't stand by and do nothing.
‎Who invented these things?
‎If you want
‎your faces back, listen.
‎Heard of safety in numbers?
‎Soon, like everyone else,
‎you'll look just like me!
‎But first,
‎I'm going to take
‎your earrings as a trophy.
‎Time to face off!
‎Catch her!
‎[Mob yells]
‎You're no match for me, Ladybug.
‎This will all be over soon for you!
‎Are you going to help us?
‎We want our faces back.
‎Don't worry, I'll figure it out.
‎Yeah, these shoes kill, milady.
‎Cat Noir?
‎Excuse us. Out of the way.
‎Cat Noir is it really you?
‎Of course.
‎Can't you tell by my swagger?
‎Am I still the cat's meow?
‎I don't know what to say.
‎How about a thank you?
‎Sorry Cat Noir, but you
‎you just don't look yourself.
‎But thank you.
‎You're welcome.
‎In case you forgot,
‎we've gotta de-akumatise Reflekta.
‎We? Your powers are gone.
‎Are you gonna throw
‎your shoes at her?
‎[she giggles]
‎Who just saved you?
‎I have to find Reflekta.
‎You'd slow me down.
‎Maybe, but you know
‎sometimes I do have ideas.
‎Ok, yeah, sorry And?
‎Taking on Reflekta
‎face to face isn't the best idea
‎unless you want a facelift too.
‎You're right.
‎And that gives me an idea.
‎Where we headed?
‎To the TV station.
‎Here goes.
‎Watch your nails.
‎Your jokes are so lame.
‎You haven't just lost your body,
‎you've lost
‎your sense of humour too.
‎[French accordion music]
‎Everybody must look like me.
‎Even you, Mr. Mayor.
‎You're no match for Ladybug.
‎Now why would you say that
‎when she's just given away
‎her secrets?
‎Ladybug will save us.
‎Ladybug won't be saving anybody.
‎Don't let Ladybug
‎get away this time
‎or I'll remove your powers!
‎[Cat Noir]
‎And cut.
‎[Cat Noir]
‎Got it.
‎Sorry but isn't your plan
‎a bit complicated?
‎It's not my real plan.
‎The real plan is
‎now that Reflekta knows
‎we're at the TV station,
‎she'll come to get us.
‎And fall into our claws.
‎You mean, into your nails.
‎[Marinette giggles]
‎Still not funny.
‎The Akuma has to be
‎in her bracelet.
‎Check mate, Reflekta.
‎This isn't the real one.
‎I'm sorry.
‎She promised she'd change me back
‎if I tricked you.
‎Mayor Bourgeois?
‎Look out!
‎I've already been changed
‎so I'm safe.
‎Thanks, Cat Noir.
‎Go ahead, use that charm of yours.
‎Lucky charm!
‎A camera?
‎Cat Noir,
‎Turn off the lights, quick.
‎Over here, Reflekta.
‎No more evil-doing for you,
‎little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎-You were awesome, Cat Noir.
‎-And with those shoes on too.
‎They should be illegal.
‎Where where am I?
‎Pound it!
‎Could you take this girl
‎back to school, please?
‎Yes, of course, Ladybug.
‎Thank you.
‎See you later, Cat Noir.
‎Bug out.
‎You might have pulled
‎it off today, Ladybug,
‎but everything isn't always
‎as it seems.
‎Watch out Ladybug,
‎I'll destroy you
‎when you least expect it.
‎You were right, Tikki.
‎Stealing this was wrong.
‎You won't erase the photo?
‎No, I've got another idea
‎which I think you'll approve of.
‎That's my girl.
‎Here, you can have this back.
‎Hey, you dropped this.
‎[he sighs]
‎I know you're busy
‎but a girl wasn't
‎in the photo you took.
‎Can we do it again?
‎Well I'm already running late,
‎with everything
‎that's been going on and
‎Mr. Damocles.
‎I understand but
‎could you do it after school?
‎We could do it in the park.
‎We want an awesome photo
‎by the best photographer.
‎Well, when you put it that way,
‎OK, we're all good here.
‎This was a good idea, Marinette.
‎Thanks, Adrien.
‎Like I'd want to be part
‎of their stupid photo anyway.
‎Ridiculous utterly ridiculous.
‎The "class photo curse" is broken.
‎Thank you, Marinette.
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