Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e24 Episode Script

Simon Says

‎[Marinette] Here I am, milady.
‎Glad to see you, Cat Noir.
‎Of course you are, I'm the cat's meow.
‎[she chuckles]
‎- He shouldn't say that.
‎- No?
‎This is no time to goof around, Cat Noir.
‎We've gotta capture
‎the baddies' Akumas before
‎Actually, what do the baddies want?
‎We want to win.
‎Yeah, but win what?
‎I dunno. What do they usually want?
‎Lady Wi-Fi wanted to reveal
‎Ladybug's identity.
‎Evillustrator wanted revenge
‎on a girl for mocking him.
‎Then, there was Rogercop
‎But the evil Hawk Moth
‎who makes them bad
‎wants to take Ladybug's
‎and Cat Noir's jewels,
‎their Miraculouses.
‎And what would happen
‎if he did take them?
‎The bad guys would win.
‎I know.
‎I know what the bad guys want.
‎We want the Miraculous,
‎then we'll win, forever and ever!
‎I'm gonna get your Miraculous,
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎You you..
‎You'll be super-duper sorry.
‎You won't get our Miraculouses.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir have won again!
‎No fair. You always win.
‎[she cries]
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir always win.
‎And the bad guys always lose.
‎But you never let me play
‎with Ladybug and Cat Noir!
‎Don't cry.
‎Of course you can play with them.
‎I'll even let you borrow one of them.
‎[Mrs. Chamack] I'm back.
‎Have you been good?
‎Mommy! Marinette didn't let me win.
‎She didn't play fair and square.
‎Manon, you can't always expect to win.
‎Yes you can.
‎Ladybug and Cat Noir always win.
‎Well, you're right there
‎but they're superheroes.
‎You'll win next time, Manon.
‎Now give the doll back to Marinette.
‎[angrily] No! I wanna keep her!
‎I told her she could borrow it.
‎That's sweet of you,
‎but she already has so many toys
‎I wouldn't know where to put it.
‎[she gasps] No!
‎Look what you've done.
‎Give it to me.
‎[Manon sobs]
‎[mother sighs] I'm sorry, Marinette.
‎It's nothing. I can sew it up again.
‎It's no problem.
‎Thank goodness.
‎Come on, Manon, say goodbye.
‎I want that doll!
‎No. You can play with it here, next time.
‎Come on, Manon,
‎be a good girl and say goodbye.
‎[sulkily] Goodbye.
‎[phone rings]
‎Hi, Alec.
‎Didn't I leave it for you
‎on my desk at the station?
‎I left my bag up there, Mommy.
‎Go quickly.
‎It's not there?
‎I think our heroes are in need
‎of a little TLC.
‎Manon, what?
‎I left my bag.
‎Can I have Ladybug?
‎[she sighs] You heard what your mom said.
‎She won't know if I hide it.
‎Sorry, but I have to sew her up.
‎Pretty please.
‎Please, please, not the baby-doll eyes.
‎[she whimpers]
‎[sighing] Ok, you can borrow Lady Wi-Fi.
‎Can I have the Ladybug doll?
‎Hold on, Alec.
‎Hurry, Manon!
‎[mother] We have to stop by the station!
‎Coming, Mommy!
‎She sure had you wrapped
‎around her little finger.
‎What? No she
‎[she groans]
‎You know, Tikki,
‎I can't say no to those
‎[Tikki] Baby-doll eyes?
‎Just be glad no baddies have them.
‎You'd be rendered powerless.
‎[Manon] Here I am, baddy.
‎[pretend fighting]
‎[triumphantly] I saved Paris again!
‎No! No fair!
‎You always win!
‎Sorry, Alec, it must be in the studio.
‎No sweat.
‎Can you watch Manon?
‎I won't be lon
‎Where are you hiding,
‎[she gasps]
‎This is one of Marinette's dolls.
‎You took it, after I specifically
‎told you not to.
‎But, but Marinette wanted me to have it.
‎You disobeyed me.
‎I told you they were to stay there.
‎You won't need it anymore.
‎No, Mommy, please don't.
‎I'm not happy about this.
‎Wait for me here.
‎[frustrated sigh]
‎[she huffs]
‎I didn't steal that doll!
‎I want that doll!
‎[satisfied sigh]
‎What could be more pure
‎than an innocent child's emotions,
‎especially anger?
‎I love it.
‎Fly away, evil Akuma,
‎and commiserate
‎with this frustrated child.
‎[he cackles]
‎[dramatic music]
‎The movie starts soon.
‎Or we can buy your book
‎and go to the next one.
‎Either way.
‎[she gasps] Marinette, 9 o'clock.
‎There isn't one at 9.
‎Not that 9 o'clock, this 9 o'clock.
‎Come on!
‎[she squeals]
‎[Marinette] Sorry.
‎[evil voice] Puppeteer, I'm Hawk Moth.
‎From now on, you can control anyone.
‎Even Ladybug and Cat Noir?
‎Yes, as long as you possess their dolls.
‎And I can win?
‎Yes, you will be able to win.
‎But in return,
‎you must do something for me.
‎Bring you their Miraculouses.
‎I know!
‎What a smart little girl you are.
‎Wanna play a game?
‎I gotta get
‎those Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls.
‎I want those dolls!
‎[dramatic music]
‎I'm sure I left it here.
‎Where is it?
‎[dramatic music]
‎Here it is.
‎Sorry, Alec.
‎Here's the file you need.
‎I wonder where he gets off.
‎Maybe he's going to the same movie.
‎How cool would that be?
‎But wait!
‎Then he might think
‎we're following him, like stalkers.
‎Me? A stalker?
‎Although I would follow him.
‎I wouldn't really stalk him.
‎[groaning] Who am I kidding?
‎[Alya giggles] Who are you talking to?
‎He's waving.
‎Oh no, now what are we gonna do?
‎Wave back.
‎OK, Lady Wi-Fi,
‎come to life!
‎What's going on?
‎[lively music]
‎gimme those Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls!
‎Lady Wi-Fi?
‎No! I'm Puppeteer.
‎And I want those dolls, now!
‎Puppeteer? The dolls?
‎I don't have them, they're at home.
‎Why do you want them, Puppeteer?
‎Because you said I could have them.
‎Then mommy said "No!"
‎So giv'em to me now!
‎Or you'll be super-duper sorry.
‎I want Ladybug
‎and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
‎To win forever and ever.
‎Manon, this isn't a game!
‎Excuse me, Sir.
‎There's a a cat loose on the train.
‎What? Thanks kiddo.
‎[Plagg] Cat?
‎Plagg, We have to transform.
‎Just when we'd lost your bodyguard.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎What about the movie?
‎The buttery popcorn!
‎Tikki, I have to transform.
‎That was Lady Wi-Fi.
‎Did she say anything?
‎I'm not sure,
‎but her voice belonged to
‎a girl I babysit.
‎It's as if she was controlling my friend,
‎I mean Lady Wi-Fi, from a distance.
‎This is so weird.
‎What was all that about dolls?
‎I've got some dolls
‎she likes to play with.
‎Your dolls? OK, where do you live?
‎- 12, rue Gotlib.
‎- I'll take care of it.
‎I don't like the idea of Cat Noir
‎rummaging around in my room.
‎Just say the words.
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎[Ladybug] Hey, kitty!
‎Up here!
‎[Ladybug] Puppeteer! Such a shame.
‎It's really not nice to steal
‎from your babysitter.
‎Breaking and entering are grounds
‎for a time out.
‎I'll get your Miraculouses,
‎you goodie-two-shoeses.
‎There's only one goodie-two-shoes here,
‎and I'm not her.
‎Remember how
‎we defeated her last time?
‎Take out the Wi-Fi.
‎[Cat Noir] Gotcha.
‎[she yells]
‎[Hawk Moth] Nice move, Puppeteer.
‎Good girl.
‎[Hawk Moth] Now take her Miraculous!
‎[dramatic music]
‎[she yells]
‎[she gasps and groans]
‎Looks like you've lost your signal, Wi-Fi
‎Where's the Akuma?
‎I want those dolls, Lady Wi-Fi!
‎[she gasps]
‎[she groans]
‎- Did you get her Akuma?
‎- She didn't have one.
‎How come?
‎She's controlled by Puppeteer,
‎she must have it.
‎Right. Lady Wi-Fi's just a puppet.
‎Tell me you got my doll.
‎Sorry only this one.
‎We better find her
‎before she takes control of me.
‎Your ring.
‎You're about to turn back.
‎Don't let her make me her puppet.
‎I like to be in command.
‎You mean second in command.
‎Call me when you're back in business.
‎[phone rings]
‎Yes? What? Ladybug?
‎Where are you?
‎At the TV station.
‎Is Manon there?
‎Yes, she's playing downstairs.
‎Yes, just don't move.
‎I'll be right there.
‎I'm gonna use these dolls
‎to beat Ladybug fair and square.
‎[Plagg] What? I'm savouring my cheese.
‎Can you savour it faster?
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎She's still here.
‎I need you all outside.
‎No, I want to find my daughter.
‎I'll bring her back, Mrs. Chamack.
‎It'll help me more if I know you're safe.
‎come to life!
‎[dramatic music]
‎[he gasps]
‎[he growls]
‎Rogercop, come to life!
‎At the TV station.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[she gasps]
‎I'm OK. I'm not a puppet.
‎Let's find the Akuma
‎before that changes.
‎On three.
‎One two
‎Cat Noir, come to life!
‎[dramatic music]
‎Cat Noir, no!
‎Use Cat Noir to seize Ladybug's doll.
‎Then you'll have won everything
‎and Ladybug will be defeated.
‎[together] Gimme that ladybug doll!
‎I'm gonna get your Miraculous!
‎Not so fast, rug rat.
‎The Akuma must be in there.
‎[she yells]
‎Stop her!
‎[he groans]
‎Sorry, Cat Noir.
‎One against five.
‎That's not very fair and square.
‎This is the moment I've been waiting for.
‎Your time is up, Ladybug.
‎You're doomed!
‎The Ladybug doll!
‎Get it!
‎[lively music]
‎Thanks, Evillustrator. Now, the doll.
‎Is this what you want? Say pretty please.
‎The doll. She got away with it.
‎Get her!
‎[dramatic music]
‎Where did she go?
‎First I have to get rid of them,
‎then Puppeteer.
‎[lively music]
‎If you want this doll so badly,
‎come and get it.
‎[she yells]
‎I'm faster than you.
‎You're going to lose, Ladybug.
‎[dramatic music]
‎[child gasps]
‎Gimme that doll. It's mine!
‎[child screams]
‎I'll get you Ladybug.
‎You'll be super-duper sorry.
‎Now you're alone
‎[she gasps]
‎Where is she?
‎Now I'm the winner.
‎Drop that doll, Manon!
‎I'm not Manon, I'm Puppeteer.
‎Luck charm!
‎A power strip?
‎[Puppeteer] You've lost, Ladybug!
‎There may be 4 of you,
‎but I'm twice as dangerous.
‎[he roars]
‎[he yells]
‎[he gasps]
‎[Rogercop groans]
‎Come to li
‎[dramatic music]
‎No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎[she gasps]
‎What happened?
‎You were a puppet
‎but you didn't do anything foolish.
‎Good, and Ladybug,
‎FYI, you can pull
‎my heart strings any day.
‎I liked you better
‎when you sounded like a 5-year-old.
‎[angrily] No!
‎This cannot be happening!
‎[he groans angrily]
‎[gasping] Manon!
‎Thank you, Ladybug. Thank you.
‎It's time I bug out.
‎[Marinette] I'm sorry about what happened,
‎Mrs. Chamack.
‎I shouldn't have given her
‎the doll after you said no.
‎Manon can be pretty persuasive.
‎Yeah, with her
‎Baby-doll eyes? Yes, I know.
‎See you later, then. Kiss, Manon.
‎Bye, mommy.
‎See you later, Mrs. Chamack.
‎I wanna play with Ladybug and Cat Noir.
‎[she sighs]
‎I've a better idea.
‎Why don't we go to the zoo?
‎But I want to play with the dolls.
‎Pretty please.
‎Don't even try it, Manon.
‎I love the zoo.
‎I'm ready.
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