Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (2011) s01e00 Episode Script

Data Migration

1 No way You chose me, over the world filled with your happiness? Yuno I want you to stab me.
Become the new God, and return to the second world.
Yuno Mama! You should understand You don't belong here.
So now Let my death, create a place for you.
Diary What should I do? 7/28 4:30 Yukki's not coming out of the illusion world.
7/28 4:40 Yukki's not coming out of the illusion world.
I've got to think of something! 7/28 4:50 Yukki told me to stab him.
I stabbed Yukki.
I understand.
If that's Yukki's wish.
We can win, we just need to kill First to make things work out.
I've killed many people.
But, now you'll be- You're such an idiot, Yukki.
Why? I'm staying here.
Why?! I told you before.
I can't stab you.
Yuno! Diary 7/28 4:50 Yukki told me to stab him.
I stabbed myself.
7/28 5:00 Gasai Yuno commits suicide.
DEAD END I can't stab you.
That's what the future says.
Why would you Hey Kiss me, Yukki.
This is where I belong.
7/28 5:00 Gasai Yuno commits suicide.
DEAD END Diary 7/28 4:50 Yukki told me to stab him.
I stabbed myself.
I had my last kiss with Yukki.
There's now a place for me I'm happy.
So happy 7/28 5:00 Gasai Yuno commits suicide.
DEAD END You've gotten better at kissing again, Yukki Yuno I declare the winner to be First, Amano Yukiiteru! We can't wait.
We'll leap through time immediately, First! Wait! Yuno Yuno!!! What's going on here? No! It's not over yet! We can't end it like this! Don't move, monster! What, Fourth.
You want to die that much? That's enough! Not only did you come from the other world, you're also too arrogant! You're under arrest! No, don't! What What exactly happened? Data Transfer Data Transfer And so, until 3 p.
it's free and easy.
You may rest in your room or go swimming.
Please do not disturb the tourists and residents.
That's all, you may go! What are you day-dreaming about, Yuno? Ah, looks like it's a lack of sleep.
Hoho, the honor student is so excited for summer camp, she can't sleep, eh? S-Something like that.
I always fall asleep immediately.
How can you compare the thick headed Hinata with Yuno? You don't watch your words, do you? How long are you going to rub them?! It was an accident! Incomprehensible, disgusting, nonsense! This is just pure curiosity! Don't talk back! What are you day-dreaming about, Yuno? Ah, looks like it's a lack of sleep.
Hoho, the honor student is so excited for summer camp, she can't sleep, eh? S-Something like that.
It's like this again.
Nothing's gonna happen.
I always fall asleep immediately.
How can you compare the thick headed Hinata with Yuno? I remember that after this You don't watch your words, do you? How long are you going to rub them?! Oh-hoh! It's really full! Amazing-- Stop it, Yuno! I'm not letting you off so easily today! It's so full-- Keep it down, noisy troublemakers.
Who'd look at the chests of three ugly women? Have some self-awareness you guys.
Who are you to say that to us, stupid Ouji? There's a suitable rope here.
There's a suitable rock here, too.
And then, there's the deep blue sea behind us.
Stop it! Sensei, SENSEI! Let's preserve him in salt.
Oh dear, there's rubbish here! e After we come to the seaside.
e We dig a hole.
e Kosaka-kun is soon buried in the sand.
What's wrong? Eh? What's wrong, Gasai-san? Ah It's nothing.
I just mistook you for someone else.
For someone else? For whom? Whom? For whom Hey! This is too much! Once I get out of here, I'll dump you guys into the sea! To actually use violence against girls, how useless.
Who is this kid? You're being very impolite to the assistant of the future world's greatest detective.
This child is my assistant.
He's helping me with my detective work.
My name is Houjou Resiuke, stupid Ouji-san.
Th-This brat I'll kill you! You seem to not understand your situation.
Idio- Stop it! Hah my Prince.
We must get this person into our cult.
That's right, Orin-chan.
We must fulfill Omekata-sama's love! Since we're at it, I can't understand Tsubaki Ojou-sama's taste.
Someone help me please! Kosaka Ouji-sama, huh.
Someone help me please!! My life will be ending soon.
The Second World escaped destruction, as Amano Yukiteru become God.
If we cannot decide upon the next God soon, we will end up like the First World.
This Third World will also step onto the path that leads towards destruction.
But using the Mirai Nikki to decide on a successor is no longer a viable option.
That's why I said that calling me back doesn't change anything.
Furthermore, I'm from the Second World.
Thus, I would like you to become the next God.
No! Why? I don't want to.
Have you lost your interest in this throne of god? I'm grateful for you allowing me to stay in this world.
But they are two different matters.
I see.
I'm happy with my life now, I'm sorry.
It's that time to breast-feed.
Cya! It's great! Yuno onee-chan is strong! Let's celebrate with a hi-five! Yay! I quit! Is the loser giving up? Oh? He's running away.
A break, break! I'm hungry.
Shall we take a break too? Let's take a break.
What kind of shop is this? Rather than souvenirs these look more like merchandise to me.
Since we're here, let's go in and take a look.
Uwaah! What's with all these eyeball characters? This kind of woodcarve what bad taste.
Not so loud, Hinata.
Don't you know? Hinata onee-chan.
He often appears in the news.
Is it the Eyeball Masked Hero? I don't know why, but the police call him the Twelfth, right? Rather than the Eyeball Masked Hero, this looks more like a eyeball sack.
Why are you buying things that can't be eaten? You're actually buying something? Idiot, I'm buying these for supper.
Eh? Dear customer.
We have a special item for you.
Oh! Really? What is it? This way, please.
The police should catch him soon.
The young boy there! May I interupt for a second? Welcome! Please come in.
I'll keep your things.
Here here, this way now! What? It's dark.
This is our VIP room.
Only for special guests.
Here here, please come in.
Are you serious? Am I supposed to sit there? I wonder what will come out.
I've admired you for a long time.
My Prince.
Are you for real? What is it, Oji-san? I must say that you all have misunderstood him.
He is Ah, no, He is always fighting against the evil of this world! Huh? For the sake of protecting the kind.
Hiding in the darkness, preventing crimes from happening.
He is such a person.
Who knows how he really is? No crime can escape his big eyes.
Tadadadam! The wheezing bike! e e The soldier of love! e When he flashes his glowing fist of steel, e and slams down the hammer of justice! Don't punch! Don't go! e e Everybody's buddy! e A clean and pure example! e The 12th man! e 12th, 12th, 12th!! He's doing a good job.
They say he's the buddy of Justice.
But I can guess that can be a little exaggerated.
But when he was speeding to chase after the robber, he did knock into someone's bicycle.
Huh? He'd also chased after a old granny for over 10 km.
I think he should die.
What?! If we saw someone dressed like that out in the streets, we would normally call the police, right? Even though he's cool? Saying that it's for justice for others like that is all just for self-satisfaction.
I-It's not like that! That's so disgusting.
NO! What now? Should we go back? I guess so.
Wanna play poker back in the room? I brought them with me! Justice is always lonely.
Wha are you doin? Checking mail? No, it's a diary.
I'm decorating a girl's memories.
Let me see.
Rub Hinata's breasts so that they'll continue to grow.
Though I'm kind of worried that they will sag one day.
But I'm still a little excited.
I hope that Hinata's breasts will grow up well.
Bigger day by day! What is this De-le-ting them.
Ahh! That's terrible! Shut up! Are you writing a girl's diary, too? Hmm? Why is there only timestamps and locations? Is there a special meaning? Is there one? I don't know either.
Today is June 27.
By rights, your life should end tomorrow.
As we didn't start the game of Mirai Nikki, I did have some strength left.
So I have some time, just not a lot.
So you have to decide on the next God quickly, then.
John Bacchus.
Do you have an idea? I've thought up of a new game.
Hooo? I've named it the Mirai Great Poverty! Let's hear it.
The rich can predict under the rich.
(?) The rich can predict under the commoners.
(?) A game based on imaginary commoners.
(?) (TL: I have no idea what he's talking about) Mmm.
What stage is it at now? We are at the society Uwaah! No! That guy is always thinking about a game that benefits himself the most.
I've been defiled! What do I do now? Nothing good happens at summer camp.
You've just gotten what you deserve.
That's not the case, I'm sure! Well, I can get a good night sleep tonight.
Is that school still in renovations? Yuno wanted to go to that school, right? Yeah.
Me too! Because of a baffling explosion two years ago The police and the media thought that it was a terrorist attack.
And it just settled at that.
Bye-bye everyone! See you later! Yeah! See you! Bye-bye! When that accident happened, I have no idea why but my parents were there.
But my memory about it is a blur.
I can't remember why I was there.
So does that police officer there.
After that accident, my parents returned to their happy relationship.
We became a real family.
I was really happy.
There was no uneasiness at all.
But, why do I feel as if I've forgotten something important.
Gasai Yeah.
Yeah, it's just as you've said.
You're running out of time? Why? That person's strength is weakening.
But isn't he God? It's not that.
I just feel like I've forgotten something.
Uh? Observer? Right now, including Gasai Yuno as the 12th diary holder, there has been nothing unusual about them.
Thanks for your hard work, Observer.
Please continue with your mission.
It's strange.
I sense a twist in the law of cause and effect Must be my imagination.
Well, putting that aside what are you gonna do about the next god? I've thought up a new game.
You're here again? You don't welcome me? Say it.
A survival game that puts life and death at stake! And it's name is Mirai oh! Wahuu! Is this guy more dense than the John Bacchus in the Parallel World? In the end.
In the end should we really decide on the next God? Wh-What are you saying?! If there is no God, this world will cease to exist! Being destroyed is also part of destiny.
Eh? God too, is bound by the Heavens above.
If only God disappears, is that not an ending, too? I don't know.
I always feel a little strange.
Heh? The "me" in other worlds? The most important person to me I don't know.
Who is that? Where is that person? What should I do? Time? What do you mean by the time is almost up? When Deus loses his power What's that? Someone has trespassed into the forbidden zone.
That's ridiculous! Don't tell me Where is this place? Walk forward? Who? Who are you? I must go.
I need to reach there fast! I must meet that person! STOP RIGHT THERE!! You are forbidden to take another step.
Who are you? I'm sorry, but please go back.
W-Wait! This should be the first time, probably, that I'm meeting you.
Who are you? I'm not obliged to save your life.
But it was me who made him bear such a huge responsibility.
If it's possible to meet him, go and save him.
Him? Hurry! If you get your memory back safely Say hi for me properly, all right? What are you doing? No matter how carefree you are there should be a limit! Where are you going? Gasai-san.
Akise-kun? I'm really sorry, but the area ahead is not somewhere you should set forth on.
No matter what, I must go over there.
I need to! Why? Because there's a person I want to meet.
And who is that person? That I don't know You don't know? I don't remember.
But, he's someone very important to me.
That's what I feel.
It's a pity, but the person ahead is not the person you seek.
Heh? That person does not exist in this world.
Why would you say that? Who knows? But even if he's right ahead, he has no plans to see you.
Why? This has nothing to do with you, Akise-kun! Of course it does.
Heh? The other you has killed a lot of innocent people.
Heh? There was a game.
In that game you can only survive by killing the other players.
But, in your selfishness you didn't spare even those who had nothing to do with it.
You're lying.
You lied to him in order to make him yours And even killed him in the end.
You're lying! As I see it, you're crazy if you think I'd let you pass, you may go berserk again.
That kind of thing Even then he chose to save you.
To me, the you who lived happily without knowing that is someone I cannot forgive! I see.
But even so, I'm going.
You want to go no matter what? Then I'll kill you.
I'm going.
Is that so? Then I'll cut your head off and toss it out of the laws of cause and effect.
I have a personal grudge anyway.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not interested in how you think.
I just want to meet him.
Second Say hello for me.
Take this! Why is this happening? Oh no! Is it overloaded? I've finally caught you! Let me go! This is not the time to be doing this! We can't let her pass! Is this the place? There's a slot.
The blade is glowing.
Akise Yuno Yuno! Stop struggling.
No way! Oh! Wait.
What are you doing now? Leave it, let them meet.
W-Why? For that single longing that supported her through three parallel worlds, that spirit of hers may be what we call fate.
You were the one talking to me, right? That's right.
I heard your call.
Yes, that's part of me.
Yuno, I have a lot to tell you.
A lot of things to say.
She's crying.
When she was sealed, Second's memories flowed into her.
She echoes those feelings and this changed her heart.
Yuno, can you do me a favor? What is it? I hope that, Yuno can inherit my master's memories.
There are a lot of tragic and sad memories, but I can't bear to let it disappear just like that.
It is unnecessary to you, no, cruel even.
Murmur, it's okay, I want that.
Thank you.
Murmur These are the memories of the other you.
Please, take it.
Ten thousand years have probably passed since I became God.
Hey, Yukiteru! I've read this manga for over ten thousand times already.
I'm so tired of it.
I want something else to play with.
Why not create something with your powers as God already? Creating a world without Yuno is meaningless.
It doesn't change anything even if you're down.
The Second and Third Worlds are separated.
Just create a women here if you want.
You'll understand it when you find someone you like, Murmur.
You're the only person here And I like you.
That's not the kind of "like" I'm talking about.
7/28 4:30 [Sakurami Jr.
High] Yuno's father protected the third world Yuno.
He's hurt.
A women who seems to be Yuno's mother is protecting her, too.
7/28 4:57 [Sakurami Jr.
High] Yuno's dead.
Diary I wonder what happened to the Third World's Yuno after that.
Does she have a happy life? Though, she will never know how much I worry for her.
It's all in the distant past now.
All I have is this last Diary entry.
Diary 7/28 4:30 [Sakurami Jr.
High] Yuno's father protected the third world Yuno.
He's hurt.
A women who seems to be Yuno's mother is protecting her, too.
7/28 4:57 [Sakurami Jr.
High] Yuno's dead.
7/28 [empty world] Yuno comes to see me.
What? The diary Did Yunos' future somehow change? Yuno?! Isn't this ridiculous.
She's too reckless.
Yukki?! Yukki! Yuno! Yukki! Yuno, how did Yukki, let's leave that for later! Our promise! Promise? A promise long long ago! What was it? To see the stars together! Right? Yukki!