Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

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1 Huh? That's odd He won't wake up.
Come on, wake up Wake up, already! Daddy Mommy Sto— Help Amano 4/21 15:03 [Sakurami Middle School, classroom] There have been many crimes in the area recently, so be careful on your way home.
That's all for today.
Class representative? Stand.
Is it open today? It's all ours.
But we're short some people.
No biggie.
We just gotta grab a few extras.
Hey, Amano.
You up for— Don't bother.
Why? He's really antisocial.
He won't come.
Why is he always fiddling with his cell phone? Playing games? No, I heard he keeps a diary.
Gasai, would you take these handouts to the faculty lounge? Ah, sure.
And also, I'll need your help in the library.
All right.
4/21 15:30 [School, class 2-B] \h\hHomeroom ends.
4/21 15:31 [School, class 2-B] \h\hIjima looks for people to play basketball.
4/21 15:32 [School, class 2-B] \h\hHiyama asked Gasai Yuno to deliver handouts.
\h\hShe's also helping out in the library.
I'm always an observer.
In elementary school, people would invite me to play with them, but after always turning them down, I became the way I am now.
\h\hHiyama asked Gasai Yuno to deliver handouts.
She's also helping out in the library.
4/21 15:43 [Going home] \h\hA cat fell off the wall.
4/21 15:45 [Going home] \h\hThat stone sits in my path, as always.
I'll turn right today.
Since I never had anything to do, I started to keep a diary.
It was comfortable being an observer, simply transcribing what I saw.
Amano Yukki, I'm at the office tonight and tomorrow night.
—Mom I do have friends, of course.
Imaginary ones, though.
Is that you, Yukiteru? Just a moment, if you would.
I am in the process of adjusting causality.
Are you up to something again? The world needs the occasional jolt.
Not when your jolt results in a war breaking out.
Don't say that.
The next game will be quite entertaining.
This is Deus Ex Machina, Lord of Space-Time.
Essentially, he's the god who rules space and time.
Writing in your diary again? Is there really that much to write about? Y-Yeah I just note time and location, and describe what I observe.
4/21 15:52 [My room] Deus appears.
Deus is up to something.
Hey, you're messing up my bed, Muru Muru! Idiot.
S-Stop that.
Your entries are too random.
That's true It's just an arbitrary diary, without any real purpose.
Hmm I don't have any dreams, any goals All I have is my diary and this imaginary world.
Are you lonely? Not really.
But, would you change yourself, given the chance? Very well.
I shall give you the future.
A text? This will lead to your future.
It's from my phone.
What are you up to now? An entertaining game.
It's all in my head, anyway.
Please! Open the door! Someone, please! No Not like this Why? What's this? "April 22, 6:59 During my daily routine, I managed to score a double bull's-eye.
" "7:05, home.
The news had a story about a killer on the loose.
It happened nearby, and the killer is believed to have escaped through our school" Wait.
Why are there entries for today? Did I write them in my sleep? Whatever A double bull's-eye Today's my lucky day! In other news Sakurami City Serial Murders Early this morning, a woman's body was discovered in an alley, with multiple stab wounds.
Police believe that the murder is possibly related to other killings occurring in the Sakurami area, and have established an investigative task force.
Further, the killer is believed to have escaped through Sakurami Middle School grounds, Another murder using a route suggesting familiarity with the school building.
It matches No way.
4/22 6:59 [My room] During my daily routine, I managed to score a double bull's-eye.
4/22 7:05 [Home] The news had a story about a killer on the loose.
It happened nearby.
And the killer is believed to have escaped through our school.
4/22 7:45 [Going to school] This is unusual.
I ran into Kousaka and Shiraishi on my way to school.
Just a coincidence.
It has to be.
"This is unusual.
I ran into Kousaka and Shiraishi on my way to school.
" 'Sup? Hey.
Kousaka and Shiraishi! Why today? Aren't you on the track team? Don't you have morning practice?! What's with all these coincidences today? "4/22, 9:30.
School, class 2-B.
There's a surprise test in math.
" Test This can't be just a coincidence.
Wait a minute These are the answers, right here.
A-Are they correct? Yo! How'd you do, Yukiteru? Same as always.
I can't compete with you, Kousaka.
What a killjoy "12:32, classroom.
Kousaka bugs me again during lunch.
" "14:05, Home Economics.
Satonaka cuts her hand, and goes to the nurse's office.
" This diary is "16:12, going home.
Some detectives are asking questions around school.
" They're investigating the serial killer I heard about on TV.
This is Yes, a diary that tells your future.
How? You aren't real! How do you know my future? Deus, you're just an imaginary god, in my mind Is it not possible for a god to reside within your imagination? There you have it.
However, this diary that tells your future has a disadvantage.
The Future Diary and its keeper are one.
Should your Future Diary be destroyed, your future will end, as well.
In other words, you will die.
My Future Diary Everything I've seen No, everything that I will see and write, in the future, is already transcribed.
A diary that indiscriminately tells the future Don't you think Yukiteru's getting a little cocky? He looks so sure of himself.
Yeah, it's starting to tick me off.
2nd Place 491 points Gasai Yuno 1st Place 500 points Amano Yukiteru Top Scores We should teach him a lesson.
Let's jump him.
Huh? He should have showed up by now.
"14:12, behind the school.
I was jumped by several classmates, the ones who hate me.
" Those fools.
I just have to make sure my future isn't destroyed.
It's like getting a cheat sheet to the rest of my life.
I win! I totally win life! Is it him? | S | i | g | n | U | p Quiz Mr.
Hiyama! What's up with question number three? We never covered this! Really? I thought we went over it the other day.
It doesn't matter what's on the quiz.
Because I know the future! Man, you're no help If you're mad, why don't you try reading my mind? But wait! It won't be that easy She just looked at me Why? Uh, Gasai We're in the middle of a test.
I'm exercising my brain.
There won't be any problems.
Just don't get too carried away.
Gasai Yuno She's a good student, and she's pretty.
Everyone at school looks up to her.
It can't be How This is 4/28 18:00 [Going home] Someone is following me.
4/28 18:21 [In the building] I am cornered by the serial killer and murdered.
DEAD END "Dead End"? What is this? Th-This future is It's your future, naturally.
Gasai Yuno That's your future.
Wh-What do you mean? Just as I thought.
4/28 18:00 [School shoe locker] Gasai Yuno is following me.
4/28 18:02 [Going Home] I run away, but Gasai Yuno keeps following me.
4/28 18:09 [In town] I escape into a side alley.
I think I lost her.
4/28 18:15 [In town] I have a feeling that I'm being followed again.
Is it Gasai Yuno? 4/28 18:20 [Building] I guess I'll hide inside this building.
14/28 18:25 [In the building] I am cornered by the serial killer and murdered.
DEAD END The future changed again? Why?! "18:09, in town.
Gasai Yuno cuts me off.
" Stop running away! How did she get ahead of me? Think! What's going on? What is this? I should be the only one who's capable of this! The only one But It can't be.
It can't be Haven't you noticed, Yukki? It can't be You're a diary user too?! She's gonna kill me.
Right! M-My darts I don't think so.
You aren't going to stab me.
You won't stab me.
That's what the future says.
The future? Besides, you have it all wrong, Yukki.
He's here.
Who is he? The serial killer from the news The third diary user, Third.
Third? I saw that he was going to kill you, by looking into your future.
This is my Future Diary.
4/28 17:50 Yukki went back for his recorder.
Ah 4/28 18:00 Yukki discovers my clay sculpture.
He's realized the truth.
4/28 18:10 Yukki takes a side alley.
Third is targeting him.
I've gotta save him! 4/28 18:20 Yukki dies on the 14th floor.
At 18:20, you die on the 14th floor of this building.
What? All of these entries are about me My diary is the Yukiteru Diary.
It tells me your future in ten-minute intervals.
It's a Future Diary of Love.
Ten-minute intervals? That means she's been writing about me in her diary every ten minutes? What a crazy stalker! So, your future belongs to me.
Hey! What are you— Like I said, if you get off on the 14th floor, you'll die.
That would make you the first to be eliminated from the Survival Game.
Survival Game? All the Future Diary users are trying to kill each other off.
Just like he is.
What is she talking about? You were too obvious about using your diary, Yukki.
He must've figured out what you were up to.
The roof Wait, what can we do from up here?! He has a Future Diary too So it doesn't matter where we run.
See? Doesn't it feel a lot nicer to be out in the open? She's insane.
If I stay with her, I'll die.
I'm a dead man! We'll fight him here.
Are you serious?! I have a plan.
My darts? That dart will determine your future.
Well? Is it your lucky day? No one's here.
Where are they hiding? I've only got one shot.
When he tries to use his Future Diary The Future Diary is a weapon, but it's also a weakness.
Because the diary and its keeper are one.
Where'd they go?! In other words, if I can destroy his diary Bulls-eye! That's it? Man, how boring.
Yukki, wanna grab something to eat? Your mom won't be home tonight, right? What's going on here, Deus? Why are there other people with Future Diaries? I don't recall ever saying that there was only one Diary holder.
Deus Now, calm down.
I explained everything at the start.
This is a game Our first victory, First.
First? So you are the infamous First? I heard the news.
You killed the serial killer.
Are they the other Diary users? That's Yuno? Now that everyone is here, let me properly explain this Survival Game.
First are the diaries you possess.
They are known as the Future Diaries.
Originally, they were ordinary diaries, but since time has been distorted, you may read entries written up to 90 days into the future.
May I interrupt for a moment? What is it, Tenth? I've seen this diary rewrite itself multiple times.
How do you explain this? The future will change, according to the keepers' actions.
For example, say the diary foresees that a future accident will injure you.
When the time comes, the keeper will act to prevent it, changing both outcome and future.
By avoiding the foretold accident, you have altered the future in which you were injured.
And further entries in your diary will thus be rewritten.
Wait a minute! I didn't do anything, but my entries changed.
My diary said that Third would kill me.
You aren't the only ones who can change your future.
That is precisely what makes this a Survival Game.
Once there is a confirmation that one diary keeper will kill another, a death sentence will be passed.
That will trigger the Dead End warning.
So we're trying to kill each other, but we don't even know what everyone looks like.
You must use the information from your diary to reveal their identities.
So identifying your opponents is the first step.
Making your identity known would be a fatal misstep.
Identify your foes, and attempt to trigger Dead End warnings.
Should you receive a notification, do what you must to avoid your Dead End.
That is how the Survival Game works.
You were meant to die back there.
However, you've turned the tables, and eliminated the killer.
A miracle of miracles! First may well be the one to kill everyone else and survive.
I suspect that you may have the best chance.
I wasn't the one who made this miracle happen Now, the last person standing, at this Survival Game's conclusion, will succeed me, as the god who rules time and space.
Life or death.
Only eleven remain.
Kill before you are killed, and ascend to the throne of God.
Which means the greatest obstacle is First.
Have a nice day, First.
You'd better not die before I come for you.
Good luck, First.
Wait Your fear is quite obvious.
Dealing with someone who performs miracles will be a hassle.
Y-You've got it wrong It wasn't me! Fear not.
I will protect you.
Aw, poor thing Wait! That concludes this meeting.
What's going on here? It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll keep you safe.
Okay, Yukki? Future Diary My heart is dying Hesitation is now our last inhibition I tremble from the voice I hear from you, the only one I trusted with my rescue Simply praying for a miracle will empower all this tragedy In the depths of darkness screams, pain, wrath and malice last forever That's the chosen blood teller I don't want to cry now I don't want to see more of this My burning love connected one day I wish you'd come for me so I could weep That's what I chase, and nobody could stop me Is this the future? Is it a dream? Where can I find out? This is all a test, a gate, that leads past the present I could break down the gate, or open it What shall I do? Muru Muru's Behind the Scenes of Future Diary Third's Identity Hiyama Takao Edition There you go, Third.
You've been chosen as one of twelve Future Diary keepers! A witness Yeah! You won't leave here alive.
Listen— You should learn to listen to others.
Why would you kill yourself before the Survival Game's even begun? This is the murder log you've been keeping, the Murder Diary.
I borrowed it and did a little tinkering.
Why do you have this? Are you surprised? Destroy all evidence! You can use this to see the future— Will you just listen to me?! Moral of the story Paranoia is a pain.
I suppose it was Third's fate to lose first.
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